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Bakersfield Weekly Californian Newspaper Archives Sep 12 1891, Page 1

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Bakersfield Weekly Californian (Newspaper) - September 12, 1891, Bakersfield, California 1 37 Kern the Mukk 121 Price 5 established published every saturday morning 1imuhiiktt and cite of a cipher records broken j where is i Iii Aloiv Trio races yesterday the direct j from tin highest tit Tinl Owem seems to paced it mile in mid tin1 stallion i know tin1 director trotted a mile Iii Kraeh of ills hiding hire i of to Linin Ikumi tin1 ree Ordi one l terms co by j advertising rates Ordinary Bich vertical Inchon each vertical inc two publications 150 1 76 inc four j 00 vertical inc by the Nua rur 4 00 lab ver Tiwi such five the Fialo each vertical Inchild the year 00 1joo each vertical the fractional Paru of Inch chased Mace 25 per cent double column double the ogres Legal limit local 10 cent a flu elem known by the Money required in Advance for All official on we will show von the Way to do in von i inv in our dry goods department dispatch has Licon received slating that is aboard theron Dell and i expects to disembark in san j if pressed by the Insi ships he May land in i Imperial and Condell sailed North and Iare to he pursued by cruisers of the 1 no warship will it sea a Templ his capture we Lhnn u Marine i or Ucucu o Ici Igne of Mexico or the United i he i renew gov if he lands in Mexico will eminent vef Wal Alog went Tishov on one of the month Kii islands and is n fast the worlds record for pacing stallions Lias been j broken by Hoy Wilkes at the track a time by i Parlers 14 for he mile tic bus dropped us Petely Mil in ii i copy of a go Oil tills wits kindly furnished for publication on the edition is now exhausted and so Many inquiries arc made for that to Lake pleasure i publishing it a Rich s ll10 it is com vein of very Rich Gold i bearing Piiru in the i Workings of the old Mck Cadney mine it Mil Faunl your letter of inquiry concerning Nair locality bus Lieen received and 1 take pleasure in giving Yon the Hare facts you request my experience hero for the past four Veals having been entirely with the diarist of practical question of making a Start on Small feel somewhat to answer your i flip two Colon which mentioned no Abni to r lorely n Gootel Elm of icing Lush mid Farmers from Illinois und India throughout i county no very similar Toth of your own county in Hugl and an Uncertain social statin Uirl stir Fly Lucyt tent to every conic Unity and excludes of Ninny forms of social enjoying Coinon to older native or Pioneer califor Laii Het Imelli to Timve in ii overburdened with la glow or inti ii Theno a receive the hospitality Tomt tin const we no allowing the lightest and latest of i thrum consist ing t i m j total Superior Indue Lulu i treasurer and tax Colmor Alvon any figured India persian mulls and Indian lace piques in plaid and striped India Silks in novel silk brocaded Gingham in Light Oriental lace embroidered and a vast assortment of other fancy and Staple goods in our clothing a1 Mol Ollir Coats and v Light weight silk Iio Atill i ii Ull Sci Oil District Thylil Fourtly Llam Rirl Ciminel Al Willllr full Llali Milivo i chairman Fine Straw hats and Light fell troops in Lorraine and in Austria in intense Lodies of troops were set in motion yesterday it being the Date la cd for the Long of Sicri Ginny and Tafese Inovel Nevils inv watered Wilb feverish addition by the military men of j chinese Nniro ported it Lethang and the populace show no mercy to White churches Ami schools owned and conducted by european Mission Aries have been looted and death in a Royal con sort John doll nos Hii hand of the in Wren died suddenly of Bakersfield full Han Lute president of the California Krtil now general manager of the fruit shipping Linn of Strong says his concern is going to ship one bundled carloads of fruit from a commencing russian naval season for one to come who in a col have Ishii issued by Hie for the is in october or so Tomt Hussun Licet to concentrate in i he i my have time to look about und become Inin Lher with the needs of his humic and have an immense naval Brentwood ids of Kurult planting and general farm Wirk i begins in Juii Minry and he Milt not make the in tvs my Slack of i san help Omalior the supposing that be can come Here mid l town of in can Iii Csolti farm us be mid his ancestors Farmed on co univ was by lire loss lust ill rfcs of Illinois or elsewhere he West and East in i Imine glint must bring Bis Roll Loi Mol Corto with Hill nil stay with than until pub Llu which u manifesting n now Onolfi of All Moelm Leiila and Soomil departments Are Well filled us but Iii i Inch of room for Row material part we ship mall Lois of Poun if grit ii fruit to the Ami they cry while und by full sell for more1 at the fruit stands in Erst Lelia Tolian they do in Chicago or or Acom hex Ali ils Anil a Lull m still Ami Al Tim Mill be nonet cult wort third Suin Aoud Mijla Iio Fourtly James and filth Tonj Jib slight pm and will Lynnton acne Blid in our hardware i ice die Sis and ice Cream water Lemon fruit jurors and fruit Lawn mowers and Lawn and a Light airy vehicle to drive j in fact anything and everything to make life pleasant the heated Spanish san intent brings advices of War in the Caroline the natives have risen against the Spanish who tire it suffering at the j the Bead of All Yiirs and have Defeated tin j regular there Timve been a thousand people wore rendered heavy losses on both less by the great lire Here and there is j to prevent Inglis unify i a Walton and martial Law has Lieen september Kay of Tiilman enmity yesterday til rented Dalton gain in wheat i while the Board of 01 stale i to especially us Itoi ird nine the county assess regards bronchial or ii Tarreal mint Rolls and la cd the i am salts Lucil that this Valley nil Unmil More j than lust an increase of a ult i own or inc Over leu Pir cent on Lite Henle and a months of the year univ very dry and trim Over three per cent on of exceedingly equable the Hoard of in raising the assessment Roll of Kern county live lung bus added to the Groin Nikii to ibis Interior the ii Rev j Dally Neckin in coming Over the Low coast Range of is robbed California imports butter when of jmj will thrive on her pasture the year round eggs and chickens when can Hatch chickens in december and Corn when she can raise two of com every the palmy Ilys of the town lots dilator Tiro we Hope for Over and doctors Are left stranded on til shores of boil Thorn California by Thoi Wii Cosof the receding Wyllo of in intense future san and it Ley Dean j on suspicion of their Lieng concerned i i at Jak office Over the Kern Alley at Law go of Kiliam Ohl run Over Kern Valley a j8 Illora Rian and j8 v at Bak j of lace in Salt ii Kern rooms 27 Anil we mint Guiry at of Chester Avenue near Ilour last Robin by near month Twenty seven cargoes of wheat were elea Ivd aggregating folded i a flurry on Wall Rumor in is us Neil to be made t for the to Iii fuel Lac railway to Iliouch strongly attorney Thomas attorney at Law t i Odd fellow b mire robber is reported Here that Soberl Cunningham Ruih sur rounded the Ceres Mill million in the const rangt1 of a few Miles from and is confident that they Bakers a strict attorney Avin a strict Atto a special Allan ton Keven fluid probate1 and civil of lace the Kern i to in Mahon Mai Tiu courts of the Blonti heal estate agents kith a Fullil Malm to cd k Taylor notary wkly Kuril All per to lung to real estate Attesi ill Ili Bolij lands o attorney at Tea Clippa j All Oil Jefferds Bell Genera Anil Landoni curare Nelly attended Rilands written l ats show limit it Lover Vincnt Unda Content Atli Laylus i Ireland society notices Chester in Kern Volley i Banc Cau Hal Mictl or of the Mii in Olik i Morkan h a Uio the Mill i Recti Cymry Kkt every Wedis Cliday at till 1ltpvllnv to Tats w huts More we keep a Large Stock of Fure drugs be Les everything else usually kept in a Wiist class drug store our store is open Day and m Ami we Are prepared to Rill i denied by president has caused a great commotion on Wall new submarine Xuwu september new Cable was of hired yes i Torday and my Stagis sent Over it in controlled by French capitalists and works in connection with the Wesley Russia and is reported j that Tussia has purchased nil the j j canal Bonds to be Hud in Market in1 i tending to cast its influence in favor of i the French burned in mid j Hill Ash Islip Cam Hock bound for san fran i Cisco was burned at the Crow being taken Oil by n dynamite Wii Iti the dynamite factory near Here blew tip last Naglit and so far us known teen men were european War i is stated that i War is near at band and thai the in Shlien troops Are ready to invade i Pennsylvania Skinner was chosen permanent chair Man of the democratic stale con an italian for must have meant san Deyoung comm Tachl suicide in the the state nto of its penetrating und cite it Iii chs Liere Ullh Force enough to lie Infix Shang and prevent thronged with mid the hotels Uvnell Tovery Vul Lahley in regard to any111 space in the great exposition building i to the with is already this promises to inc Scott Bouse blowing himself into atoms with dynamite and badly wrecking the too much september u party of Young people were out sail ing Here today the boat and june Kennedy and jell Stewart were i was shot the train robbed near is resting Ami there is every Hope Thill he will visitors Are not yet ice melted to see six of Clieh Ijiro Iii Avo full Luisiii Minn Khin la dub every in Tiok a j every monday mum Hurt a kits j hint Hind in Kwh ninth in follow supposed murder passing Ler n prominent was found dead in his bed this the indications Are that be was the victim of foil gone mrs Robert Hay Hamiltons theatrical com he nation bus a poor Plaj and poorer Sarah Ivul act will appear at the opera House Here o the 1jth in Vardous master a Good Seploc Glicr Fornias Orange crop this season will lie about labor i among Bis physicians and j Han hip Lembur the it is reported unit n i Observance of Day stage or special messenger Catholic presumably was marked by a partial us spin i has sounded lie College of cardinals inline he and a procession with Ion the election of n my italian men in and tends thai a Large majority of unit body is determined to select an when a Tope shall again u1 destructive i the finest air in the history of the slate agricultural Schooner san the Schooner Hose Sparks Cupul cd this morning Oft 1olnt the cargo is almost u total All of the Crew escaped except one Sailor who with an editor i1 a september editor of the new York mall and Kex who has been Here for some time and Hull Rcd uht Roke of yes remained unconscious and died closing september Dalton nil Holley Dean Timve Lieen fully Identa led As the Ceres train Iii Vemont made by them from the line of the Rol Liery to arrest is fully Lay new Lould n a physical wreck Ami in All probably by will never again operate on Wall Jules Grevy sept Emlick of the French lied Here Cullar As Agurci in our family came be with a predisposition to but never since we came have any of or any of the Circle of which we have been troubled by form of any 1hcre am two principal colonies near ii kit mix and the Mountain some nine Miles from hand in either of these Enn lie bought for from Viiu to per Civ on Long land outside of these from one to ten Miles from can lie had for from to a Fotti per according to Dlf dance and lock As to work horses Are Worth from in to although household farming implements Are from oods mid her Here d go Hig than in the it will hardly bring owing to excessive Iny to relight a curious on the headwaters of Indian Boul six Miles above it Cmith into the a Tiu and nearly mites North of major hams and Fontaine found to inv in n Lii Mcstone Mountain n few the tint mom in about Twenty und twelve feet with wide opening in the fact of the then to roof rapidly toward the floor fora Doht Ancleaf Trent feet or i until in explorer forced to crawl in Ortler to get into tit by of feet wide und Lifton feet Cave Cadgwith thin inner Bow other aperture a or Uvo Nues lending from it Cun found except Cernoks lit Obj roof which evidently open to themig the floor of Trio Chuin Ber in with the dust of Ohleh next which suddenly of out about one Hundred feet Tell the Cost of building rates much higher Hern than with is nil vet by the mildness of the climate which renders a much lets expensive House cup mlle in a Lull Wood Ami gasoline Are the Only fuels Wood Rulh from Jim to per and hut Little fuel in a few Trees growing along n ditch Bank May be w trimmed us to Supply plenty of fuel for family oranges Muy lie grown hero in the but the will in not adapted to on the within a Adluh of Twenty live Alluh from Ink knew deep on one mid nor Ltd Cloud with Tho a hightest dlstur5 thousands of hats make it Trio nil aside from them there never to Timve been other but the room which opens to Light of Day Linn a Enn never lie the roof is a cd with Minoko Here and project ing ledges kindling Wood jul l aim urn Royln the Center to Cedar set about two feet in wifi run Rcd at thu foot and branching arms it the resemble a t when Trio explorers first 11 circular Mounds were und want of Neconer too each one Tel fill Kern Valley pharmacy one of the partners can always he found at our Toro in ic33 Day was Polisc Rcd by n Large ill Lull Lal and Federal Olla pcs closed mid a con physicians i Ardizzi i Corn crop is a total Twenty thousand acres of Corn were ruined by Frost last night around and the crop in Wahnish and Olmstead coun l in practically in general merchandise a clothing House gone san ol1veb and l Over bake held Hoil Ilenise on uie iter near 26tb up physician and Hij Kokon of nose and Hueni Ribco 0 to la w u Anil 7 to ii i wbk Birdson Uka Duatt in m Calno unit surgery idol Tho Why Nuru member of lilo Brit lib used lot Iti imn 1 mul Odd Kellott in nineteenth be Houtie ii to w l to 4 and in in 7 in i torn Flavin Ai clot Leinon Market a licit have fulled for for some Lime l hey have been yet hoped to pull Bill a Lully were forced i to Hie the Imnel Ness occurred Here yes people the Parade Here yen kept Day wan not Olmer cd As courts and Hanks but otherwise there was nothing to indicate a Day with Gen Ernly Oliser cd with u Parade in us morning and Many wan n Puri la and speech making Here Ysler Money re Auk Ohki Akkeli to everything we Lake in shut to Timve Linia hed o Jedi Waif our innit inc and by Leclede mock of Tho follow Imp comp leu Lii in Procor a triple and Iroll Hoim wines and und do Mcclac Tolmac Coo ii fur Ted in nil brands Bhelt mid builders hardware tin in the divine san Sipic Makr australian Stu mar Mir Lima has arrived with Madame Hornhardt and her All in Good health and they wen1 met outside the bends Liy her son and ills Awlern Lith three to four carloads of two cur louds of about four carloads of and live of dried Fultn Are now tic average the cast from in Ingle Ami gute Ware i Woollen und Willow were drugs Ami potent you Lii in the latest Mylen to Edilh Ami child rom axils and he idea j ladles and Jibbes oboes and in All lilo no went i loj dry Unicy Ito Oil Anil notions Lailios dross in Ull the now unil Gueho Niblo fun Blob Searles and gents furl bhang goods bats and of the newest n Kwh hop for Bimini Stock liw bus Licen to m Coli France 328 Montgomery riikkl1 Wool Klc with and it in Kyle cd that a Hills factory comp Olsi will lie judge Sawyer Han circuit judge Hawyer died suddenly last while ids death Wii Hashik he Bud Lieen Milter ing from a complication of diseases i until his Constitution was thoroughly Sawyer judge in the ninth judicial circuit court was appointed by Irani during term As Wax i Able lawyer and a judge of great now the average dully shipments to the funeral in to take Pluet tomorrow w with in reference Given if re John Merrill it 1 in from to lentil the pm Congo Cha Pacific business College 320 Pott sin Chou Raholp to iwo ple living at n distance we would Sny that our for whipping foods i by a Niue unequal de by any other House in thu our goods Are to us by the on warehouses Are in the closest proximity to pm mid any order be shipped at the shorten notice and without Exinia Lirui for dry Ami Makk Iii Illola Letb at no Witron rim Mirl of u Dyne Ului exp won Hert in u Noth Liik of the liar Lii my wet ii Wuh Uhi ii children cry for pitchers severe violent ruin storm Ever known in him mountains hour Rcd cyst crony after it rallied nearly All Duy but for three in the the Ilowit pour tiny Pru Loim William Hamilton Worth of i he will Mir no which wow Uhn tit nil we Nhel borne Ami Donu to Gln but nothing material Trio Broil i on than Ilio few Iron to no insisted on with greater Pertinacity or with More crap urls by British writers in referring to our higher than that the expense of living is much greater hero than in although All who know enough about Tho subject to be More than Mere re Peaters of other mens assertions know that except in Tho matter of rent and the Cost of living Ettli such com urls Anil luxuries As wage earners com Mand in this country is substantially Tho Samo As in other and that it is Only where persons or families Are in such u posit Lou Tomt they require two or More servants that n marked Economy results from living in the Economy of living on the continent of commences this question of economical living was reduced to a redact to and absurd in by Isno the manager of a Cotton Mill in who wrote As follows to Tho Manchester guardian of the Hindoo Workman Prosperity under Low wages a worker Hure Ean Iii to More Tolian u worker in Lancashire if so a spinner with ills Twenty 16 Twentyfive Rui Hwy Pur month is letter Oil than in English spinner with Bis thirty to forty shillings per Tho native if to in to be can live on Iivo to seven Niph per keeping his wife Anil thus saving twelve to i flown rupees per in Ubo it lug lit yrs he retires front i Mill a landed Propri the greater portion of our Liuvao earned close on Twenty rupees this Many us High us Twenty four re out of that they if they save twelve and sixteen or per Imph Ami the purchasing Power of a in this country is equal to two shillings English whereas in Lancashire u takes a Weaver All Bis time to make both ends und instead of it bit of Luud and u Bungalow up in his own country where to can sit under his own Vino and log what has the eng Uliuli Weaver to look Forward to but the workhouse and a Wilt of Corduroy with brass the horror of in English working any a it should to is Worth about so Tomt the greater portion of our weavers have earned close on for the work referred also Tomt the tuxes wrung from the poor Hindoo for famine re Lief and insurance has increased from in to in the Oscal year an american work Nimau unless he lives in some of our larger to die in his own an Lish work Numen looks Forward to death in a und if the Hindoo expect to die in ills the famine they do and it Only scuds he development or irrigating facilities to make the Foothills flue Orange in the natural for Liny crop such in Whent not n the on the Foothills the Are but ill he Mountain valleys irrigation u in in Tho con n North of Kern and in Northern Kern n crop May lie raised about three Sci sont out of we Are m lies from Hun 1raii Loco and 1iih from in the Homo Market the demand for produce and Small frills exceeds the u Mound with ills it we Tom but they uncovered a of Stii dutch Over wry what once Hud been wac key two sad Irons of ant Lent it Roll of human hair tied in u Utlek Gold Husk about the of an c with n steel and Uli Jive mar Kaleil i Stock Hall in in Jrees in till we ship directly from to Chicago und new und i might ruin he Good Cal Ccle o ills idler if i were to Tell you tin no trial or nulls realised by Hie inn vim is irrigation Pigiet Cable exec under the Colony thu Ihm most important of nil things conic Cuci with land in any part of cult Forvil i is the subject concerning Wulc most ignorance exists in Trio Iii i 1 will explain somewhat in Iclal Low irrigation is Curli having us source in i snows of he sierras uni ashes the from Vourlou minis i Long us Hanks Ennis Are col Ilmic cd extending in either a Litlo from leu to forty these Ennis ut1 maintained acid controlled lock Compi Inch composed of Cpl lulls Mil land Inch Ofstos Schiill Lucil to a Cerlan amount of Wule Lund ii inv be bought with or with of wider in the former 11 Kiiko to tie land owner in his assess ment on ills water shares for the mall Kiln Isicc of the in the he Lund owner i Uyi no much Inch Tor the use of the Pliml in the Colin sch in Only sold under the Lutter but other lands outside of these May be bought with Witter or Small i girls of fruit the plan of buying the water in the one Gici cruelly but for it Mirul Furini Liik und larger Rune cd it in the file Able to own the water a water right Nihls from to Mii Irviv to the value of land in Uund unit is not under u which i ingot in rented by water for is while Lund not u stones throw but under in it with Tho urn Dunt water Hipply and lilo Ehi Tumlim with which it May in that dive to mid h in Bat a huh will Luwi thin Nunly in Iii of any in the htuti1 in Nigri King in Ami Iliouch Tho Tenderfoot run her May it Lloret Riihl he drown out Alfalfa or Young or Awny Dakh he will a Iii learn to wrap Al Nikta o Elerk of the Milt loft if dry and in dead of two or a u Rule u Man Wou lil not to rails work Dono by their of lift and Foo Tiric thu t to or they Roann Ionee upon curly they my naturally told of the Csc Ijohn week county i Murti Laker und Rodoro Noim turns to Tho Cave and fou ill of the in oudh had been in old shovel lying in the no How it it would to 1 with Knou Gli wan show that in Tho Ilist Liole three or four feet in Dent Nestor in ii Aluir in the floor of the two icel Pielow i to surface in rth Uii u layer of Law so put and these covered then Laid and covered u layer of after which ill mounded Over thu nothing of Vishio wan found by la Tiht but what Impf Indian Wicker work Iny Thuro were Homo did re Ami picket knives rusted i there Aro no Spring a in that and water in tha Crook month or two in in u Long do Surnoc from Wlms the Overland Hugo rout did Naniho Nubelo Mupi Emulon that game to or forty yearn indians Cave to Loru plunder taken or another from Overland r there Are no of Jovery Hong to ii time Ione n in u pity unit Tho in to uncover nil sign of what May cloned thu be Organ and Relief him Irinca tax is and the English work Lingroen should Noj o thu country but to in where ills still lower will toy inn Nua own Fig the in India being lower Tuan in Tomt will not match Tho to but it is the Best of in Tomt county growers nil it Ranii Nuj til it Tiv it 7s july und Flo in its Trowt Toni this county in Tomt Itsel ban Tomt Holpp Ninny into fun i if ii Ieni and keen Lou when last occurred our Load to lieu n after a Twenty Fine fruit vow a a Tell no Nam Trio Ern very Gowl lain May Lay in Tow Mic Are
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