Bakersfield Weekly Californian in Bakersfield, California
17 Oct 1891

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Bakersfield Weekly Californian in Bakersfield, California
17 Oct 1891

Read an issue on 17 Oct 1891 in Bakersfield, California and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Bakersfield Weekly Californian.

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Bakersfield Weekly Californian (Newspaper) - October 17, 1891, Bakersfield, California It us Nelly under stood Tow to non had of the Lerf Al intake definite Thi the fade ration and j in Ftp m soon As a i Avitable room can be the ladle who have taken the matter in Schand have been disappointed some a what at the Lack of interest manifested ire to the our port to grow out of a tvs understanding of the nature of the if r the Iroff Ibby bakes Fileti 1 f r and the pm Judice there is nmn Tig the Tempo no work it never by tie indies to make Temperance or prohibition the leading feature of Tho but to meet a growing demand Thorn in for some place of Public resort other than an open Saloon or n hotel to Bow Tow do All Watere in Trio Hon ont purpose of every True woman and Shew not arbitrary an to no one can deny the necessity of some place being open free from the contaminating of the Street and the Young Nikii Are constantly coming and going in our Community Thoy Are far from Home and tha influences of Homo life they Are actually adrift when they reach us and not a helping hand is not a door except Tho Saloon is open to receive but aside from the moral Side of the ques there is a business View to take of men arc coming to this Tato to make Homes for their Fain i Many of them Are from Eastern town Ami cities where Public libraries mid other Means of information Uro und the question with them in not always where can i Mako the most Money but where can i Mauro the Bent for Ray boys Are there no Public spirited men in this City who cannot Sec that a step towards these things in Worth More than Tho amassing of Dol Lars and cents who will take hold of this matter Tho ladles of thu unlit Are not seeking to Advance their own interests but arc willing to full in with any measures or Mentis which Hoo Iii How Many of Nur men Aro willing to contribute towards this one step upward toward a tit tar moral condition to can add nothing stronger to our argument than the Fol lowing from an address delivered recently before a Largo audience in one of the rapidly growing cities of Tho new it is applicable Here and we earnestly Hope that every word May sink deep into each heart that reads ambitious Hoys arc coming from their Eastern Homes into your Western their lodgings Are often the very no no no no no the employer asks no Nuest lans about earnings or bus Ness is Busi churches Are not Homes Are not perhaps they can not in the nature of the yet it would to a Dodson a now and then o Young Man who is thus situated to and the crop All destroyed by Tho hop get an invitation to or to Siw Iid an Louse there is no profit of evening somewhere whore to could thu above is applicable to Tho fruit look into Tho face of somebody who growing yet on this cared for but i will Tell Yon end especially the risks Are not to Grout us with Furm crops Gener trully86 far some of them have paid Well right there in u meaning it is not Best to Rhet All your egos in on their Lei Leio tired of to flail Tomt Vitato Mode to Sulphur cured fruit profitable t specially farming is As a Rale some what if one grows Only one thing and if that fails either from piss of crop or Low prices or no Price at unless to is pretty Well the inc Toner has a for a Farmer thought he could Lay up wealth for old age by growing he i unable worker and worked himself and team nearly to death and cultivating seventy five acres of Pota climate and soil was Fine and Tho result was a Good but at no time since Thoy were fit to Harvest could he make wages marketing in do the Best to could with them a would Loose still More Money marketing therefore the potatoes were left in the ground and Are now making an Effort to grow a second As feed is scarce his landlord forces him to dig and As per his third for cow this sinking More he will probably have to Clear the ground As potatoes Are rather a bad Weed for crops coming after the hop grower is a specialist and his ups and if to places his entire dependence on Are As great As in outside Speculator on Tho Chicago Board of Trade or a Dabbler in mining stocks in Hun tin specialist in Stock considers himself pretty yet to is not always on the Safe Stock specialist gives his experience As follows to bought a Bunch of steers in the Ira Ninn for mostly iwo rowed at 8 per he fed them Worth of Hay during the Winter and sold them in the Spring fur less than he paid for Tiu season before he had cleared on a similar he is considering which of his two Fine ranches he would sell to my uru if he had had Only one ranch he would have had the pleasure of starting Over Guiu without any it is much the same with the wheat it takes All Tho profits on one Good crop to pay the losses on two or three poor ones and four or Iive poor crops with one total failure generally brings a round one Man in about fifty succeeds fairly Well with poultry As a Only about one in goo can make it pay regularly through a series of in there is no one thing that is absolutely a year 01 Mckinl Kisil the new Tariff Law of fully 1890 our Pool to com tue my Titan want about Triumph of wild him ii und Ali liar Tiu Trio time bos always been on the mile of american it hits Alre acl demonstrated the falsity of the Ante election charges against the new even As it proved the opponents of Protection in the time of Webster and Greeley to to false prophets of in answer to the cd naga that the Mckinley Law would Cut Down our foreign wealth Neil Are relative As menu i every one Mast have Learned Liy in wit Many a limn who Twenty dollars a Werk pretty can remember the to taif win n Nemi ruin with half that sum a Cut Jan us it tuft the historian in run imitated m it part no hip party of the country ii wan i Willous but in Treitli Livi nmn nil of Gold carried Ltd Ilia Nuli him Illk hum und but at lust or Recti Inifi imm Eiml received an appropriate As snort m Tho first ills no Thor inquired hurry nov Nave Yon Ninde out did Yin net much Money the figures of our exports and imports Good i no for the first year of its existence lire Rich i Helmli with Pru larger than Ever before in our a pipe in Pic Gunuf it to Curry me instead of being a chinese the Riuli lilt ii ugh of our imports for the first nine j uni months of the Laws existence Cama in did you if flight of it orb tha Stork is a remarkably plot Areina Bardi its snowy body contrasting with the Bright red teak and legs and Black Quill feathers of make it m the flight is magnify bolder and Twute buoyant than that of a like most Large its Powers of flight show Best when it is at a great when we were on the Baste in Saxon a pair passed Fly inn though Liskh above we could clearly the Mack Pinion feathers and us we watched the powerful beat of the wide Irwi Ihns Weinra we thought of the Angels in vision who and Wingk ilk the Jour miscellaneous fur lilo i and 8bk of my Loii i Niv How free of against per for the corresponding period of Tho year be this in Spito of the abnormally Largo importations of tin plates during the entire and notwithstanding that the free sugar clause did not take effect till april there can be no doubt that next year the percentage of from goods will be ranch that the new Law would depress prices of farm produce is answered by a substantial and uniform Rise in All Tho Farmer and thu me Kinley prices hum Bug on which the free traders undo to Victory last november has been liter ally annihilated by the Market almost everything the Fanner buys a cheaper than before the Law wan your free trader will the Mckinley Tariff did nut bring a the Good prices of Furm nor reduce the prices of manufactured thu former was caused by the failure of in Europe and the latter by the Low Price of raw i Don t know but 1 think when we Mettle up i Khali have As much an thirty turn know Luff a with mate and n third stole tiny finn the stronger to Jive to while lie was con tented with tin ration that Hijii been allotted him and n Anise in a Nib bling Koine Rich Gnu on his it intervals Morith Filin of it to ills Mapan which could not Rench science monthly Silas Ito ilex Wax a hard work ing ii Rother Amos was a con firmed invalid three or four times a had Nice Lex of expecting to a Kwityn managed to he Wax really and Many thought him to twin considerable while Amos was Nick and expect ing to it i Linned that the Strong Silas did actually die very a messenger curried the and news to his sister a grim who lived in a Distant part of the she heard the Kun with some in taint Silas be its Slio said in reply answered the 1 mean Silas hum is nil its j i signs that in in North Carolina Garnet crystals Aro Comet tics come though not Fine enough for weigh As much As Twenty pounds each and May be Cut into dishes or cups three to six inches tons of them Are crushed to make Emery and Tho Sand paper culled Gurnet land uni k at i Motel pc w ii Itkov to leks that ill 11 bled notice o Hii Iti Littlon la make dual Truol la support of Hla Aud that Iteld Truol will made be fore k cot Iklin judge of i on tit n Pmj hid following to 1 and of i Tallinn i Uriv Militi n land Ofick i t Idiku Kiriy ii Ivan i hat i us i 1 i Iii ill Ril in Lii to Iii pc Filiai i la of Iii Al to limit Mill Lull la fun i t irk ill Kern it n i tinhw1 l of me iia Inin to prove hint cultivation of Kiowa ii kid a Lallum Skoll and l Taylor Allol Kiru Corner nineteenth Street and Chester Kern county Call Forn a Delip Cirilo bring to a professional burglar i want to see if he can break nto this Spring York i l land Safe to follow As a specially in Rural Tho hop Ima Tiess in flue when they sell at or above 0 Cunto a but when in to 10 cents or lower there with ii ohm it a Dollar a Pound Yon what is Tho Saloon is thu Pool room is the concert Hull is Tho gambling Den is Tho Brothel is open and human spiders Are at every Corner to entrap Thoy have Woven the but the Law will protect do in the so far that it is Well to heed a fur the specialist who a shit the right soil and climate and who Nigado it does not mutter Whit mixed these was the reluctant l there will be Gilill Erencia of j hut i a beloved opinion on that in motion it in entirely u o Silus t Kim mix a Good Deal More like distinct from the one now under illsitns1 companion which is the falsity of Tinc Hargis and predictions Tom my Kinley t Tuny he thu the Tho influence of the dog the Baccarat or All of them com which unused envia ble condition of the american it does not affect the Validity of Nur pres ent if prices of Furm Broil next Are nut Inwer because of the a react Anil they Are not if our Trade with Utler National is Moru growing Tynin before Trio Law was and it if prices of manufactured products Are not higher than they were us her the old and Thoy Are in either or All of these cases the free trader Pretari rated pro ill piously in the Campaign hint fall that in i tie Lill Fil in with improvements and peo la in the old Days Alten water was car ried around on carts Tho Price per barrel was that proc did nut seem with cheap now the eight in tin Rigi Hennier in ii out one third of n Iii i pit barrels for Lin tent and at that rate the City makes l in Pant the irn lits jut of thera profile mid of other Itil still Hihi remains into Scheil Revo nne nearly the rate of Proult will rapidly in Renao in the inasmuch an n threat Deal of piping ints i n Ibeme in Advance of Pup Libi Tum in nine ski Pirih will henceforth i hold on positive guarantee form or Mimcy or any Tho Gem Rativo or after or Yout null ii Hildro an Ami in i Impf Ralu Ilca Luif i loin Zalim Lilic no Voik it nocturnal weak of Iowa Rand i mix a Lickli ii Mil Crucil often Lurillo old nun Anil Virlio u of Jului for Hunt liar null i scr int of a write in a Lvell Fri Ivory of duo inter Tor Fum the him Liiv k a euro in not i Lii ivc Minoui Tillhof from Ohl and f whith cured addrow the Saphro Medicine 1auiriu san of pick at 1 complaint Havi Nii Hhan a Nikki at thl Oll co fun Tyrlik i him wll Liim la Iirilli for Homin Uail Ili Nril Al ill upon Ihu Noti kill ii t ii it w ii ill Ken with a View to Tom Cill Atlon if Mill the mild part Len Are Liere by 8uininoutil to upping no Ihlen Atli Xou hit till Dikiy of i a clock to i mid fur Luli tent Llumi Al ick cd to la Calciu Foro the of Finly Chr of Kuril it of 10 Oclock land mini i nil the in ii Kiln Ilvin thai t1ik sell Lar la Hal nol Lexol Mikic Illint in Iimori Insil Mill proof will tit finnly it kith no nil r William innit Liui m Lor swi ft1 and Lull Lnu Iklo to upon Ami of Al Lull Imai nil of h Kirn a magnificently furnished foul with All the Moder rates per Lay and John the Pioneer Bank of Kerk county Elk Chart the and the Only in let insist i Jile rather hum ii div a pages you say Tho Law furnishes n Saloon a specially of to get my and a Pallaci Nijiu to and generally arrest and a police court to con until h01180i1 has Hud Vlot and a Juu Guto sentence him and a jail to Jug that is wll the Law do you Woi Lei i you wonder that the rum crop ripens into such a Harvest of hell i do unclaimed letters a steady income with no disastrous fluctuations a either cups or apri cots Aud peaches have struck the speculative they Are no longer Safe for a steady and As dried t the demand for them is being spoiled by i the Sulphur ing apoe Lilly when of Lluc Lamoil in Ilura Nimat Liik in Tom wrongly the Man who started and upheld the Sulphur ing treatment in the committed a Blunder against the dried i fruit interests of this people do do not wont their sulphuric sul x and fruit Tho j drugs May be useful in medicines but us a daily food Thoy Are not upon Here tha Triumph of in Mckinley Tariff is in the lately concluded arrange ments for reciprocal Trade with Spain and her possessions and with Germany if reciprocity with country in reciprocity with another country a also wrote the Clever linger in the May no thu whole army of twee trailer took up Anil Are still repeating sen it soon took the form of a direct assertion that thu reciprocity clause of the new measure was applicable to Tho countries of South America and in this form has served Tom purposes of the dishonest As will the Unthank no water service in Many inc Timm and in extreme distances Aro i Refore nearly Complete and Perina u u w my n j u w bail Kelli Loonry Kun j 1 a lunar w ii jul win i slim t ice Klure Vilii Llo tort k Mill we t j v Jan ii to Octal a toy of Luoie thu ii Ihu Ilia no o nor Wuh mint cull Lor Nult Lyneil of the k not called o they will Bement to the Lottor o Anta nut their Baring twelve inn nth spent in the auit Vallun colonies in the years 18701 1 had More opportunities than wore pleas ant of studying the Hattte of these a is Well Are not a but an absolute pest in they Imreh in myriads Bud destroy everything in their in Justice to the 1 am How to admit that i have found them useful in worn ways than for in i Hong let an opossum skin Rug from a 1 Goon became painfully aware of the fact that u literally swarmed with peas and other in vain did 1 exhaust my Stock of even turpentine seemed to have no effect beyond inertia sing the reckless activity of these irritating at lost in despair i threw my ring Down on an ant Hill in loss than half hour every Hob and objectionable parasite was but the Rug was full of i therefore Hung u on a my mob and us soon As the Anta found they were suspended they hastened to leave the Rug and descended by the both Best they 1 had killed a Snake in tas mania and wished to clean and Blooah the which i intended to have mounted As n 1 left the body near an in a few hours there was vestige of flesh on the the inn soon did the Olla in the most Beautiful feature of Vert a Waitr Centennial Celebration at Bennington was Tuv triumphal h mass it least thirty Flo feet in its lofty Turret was n throne and National occupied by Ullie of Robed just top of the were 198 Clad in with flowing who 9 Pongs Hoccom panned by a Lep Radii pawed beneath the flow these the Arm Arches with bearing in b emblazoned in Gold the various of the at the banquet r pts brie Tadly were and were served in part by 800 women in Wonju and plur treated fruit is not As Good and never will a a Good As the natural dried it has Goniu so for now that nothing but a Strong National Law will save Tho dried fruit Trio peo ple buy it once because it looks Nice but they find it no Good and buy it no if it was really Good it would sell even if Quito if Tho peach and Apricot had never been Sulphur their consumption would now be enor Aud these fruits would now be among the safest its Ono Lulf of the Nice looking dried peaches and apricots now stint to the Market Ore dried when Lulf with 110 sweetness in them Aud Mituru cited through and through with a harsh poisonous Mineral acid and Ore totally unlit for Many Well posted men think that or Anges prunes and raisins Are being too largely the Apple in Tho Best Coil and climate and rightly Carod for gives Promise of remaining permanently the most profitable of All especially Winter it is hardly Possi ble for this line to to overdone on this the Luul Etlou in which they can be grown Are too but where climate and soil Are adapted Thoy Are among the safest crops and a failure is so far with summer Landau nmn apples it is they can be grown Novaly Sulphur has also injured the dried or evaporated Apple a Large number of con Sumers now i canned apples instead of the of dried prunes and All other fruits not sulph ured the consumption is con stantly Tiu demand for such As Are sulph ured is constantly growing the Day is near at hand when Little will be taken any the Man who places his dependence of such dried apricots and apples of this coast will have a broken Reed to ing free Trade Dot Mikyu p most recently milled by for us ready thu Mckinley to tilt act has secured special favors fur american products from two important european coun in our lout shh us can be found a synopsis of the treaty with the successful Nojun Patlon of which is due entirely and solely to Tom now Tariff it will give us a virtual monopoly of the Trade of Cuba and Porto As in the Case of the other treaties before con banners will got the most important part of the Tho other country Whoso doors Hare been pried open by the Mckinley Law is since 1883 american port has been excluded from that the United states minister to William Walter has succeeded in having that restriction our government has remonstrated and negotiated and tried in every Way to accomplish this end for eight but All in vain till the Mckinley Law was then Germany listened to Light ninth of All the bout sugar imported into Tho United Huntes Tomu from Gor Man tha Init Ort foot up nearly for last it comes in free under Tho Mckinley of helps pointed out to the Iii Man government that unless it removed Trio restrictions from american the by Tho terms of thu now Tariff could after the 1st of next Reli Poso a duty of our Inu that was what brought Germany to her senses with sugar from in Tail and Culm Coin lug in and a duty on a Armani she readily saw that Hor stiga Trade with us would he so Sho removed thu embargo on american pork thereby opening 11 far men Worth a so the Absurdity of thu Chiryu that european countries Are excluded from the application of the reciprocity provision has been in to Faas the Trade in products embraced to that to Tea and influence an nation a nor Tiu to Tui extent to reciprocity clause is applicable to thu important confusions doubt less can be forced by it from Many other european lean Why Lluvia to the though a very pro i lit lick fish and widely hns to Nany enemies and is so helpless to de end itself when Young and that in Chance of escaping extinction rests i most wholly upon its cultivation and Are by artificial this fact us come to he so generally recognized n recent times that All nations on whose Horea this delicious Bivalve grows have legislated on its behalf and made Many per Inonu for increasing its n of All that has been done for there is still a curious diversity of opinion As to its nature and whether it is hermaphroditic r bisexual has been warmly each Contention having Earnest adhere Drakes tie Anoia wan frequently at and among other anecdotes relates one old him by lady Salisbury of a House Leeper on going around with a pointed out a portrait As Cathe Rine de nit Tor of Venus de Medici London Suici Nln Nic o for All tha i unnatural and 1 a certain Stirn far the Debelll 1 ulling wonk cum Peculiar n i feel in recommending it to my All 17 Hom or Hillve Khun Auk Nti to the Legal Small Laullon will nothing cleans like hot live it is sure death to a boiler will be found a paying invest tit your the butter tester is coming into Gen eral use in the this is a cheap instrument by which the Dairy Man can Tell with exactness the a mount of butter in 100 pounds of milk of one this enables hint to Weed out the poor in dairies without some Way to test the available butter fat in tha milk of each about on half of the Herd does not pity for their shoot tha if they raid your fruit Trees and Gar they often take leaving or the Birds which habitually feed on fruits and needs Are of no particular value w Iua oot destroy the common red headed Lunet u the worst Bird in this Ita Imit and Young should be destroyed at All also the English ail a in Wewt u said no Oriental ruler at he which did not Ooi Delait thin Yew and will Warr an unit Murt surely our Ead of being punished tha Man waived what Tod to a of Atko i a protective Tariff will not euro nil tha Ilia of thu body politic nil wins Novor sex inc Tell or twi Gnu to do but for the euro or prevention of to of tha it is nil Ith Viriya will be in Ebson Giitl it until thu labor of the world it lift my to n common Pinna of Comfort and Albion to the hunk Bank court of Tiik county i of Ali Etc of Allnut for Ciurlik m Ulim Xirau Silil in Tho he Perlor court of hit of Slit of Aud Tho uni Mihalut Flud la Tate comply of Kirli ii Tom Orllo of clerk of null court the of thu him of f California mind a nil Ili to porn Lulck you arc la Rusty Riviau Lrol in he Nitsui Foi Klit Aifa Luht you by the alms Inanod Iila Lut 111 in Trio he Perlor court of the county of Ken Rita turf and Noaim War thu coins lain ill til within Tun Day i exc Lindic of the Dikiy of Kurt Eccl it tar Uii you of Ihl ruin Miuki if Imp mud within thin count if Kurud within thirty tin Kiili it Loii in Liroi Ikhil to of Vilii a Udo built and Dirou of Ilion Totire Dumol Liik in Oom Lunf Anil now i slut nut it Wiuli upon the Tiruhi Ulsan full unto provide plan Llev with la Romniou Niccum Sarlim of ii fun Liy Reichou of dutaud Nufeh and an no Hollitt Ilia Cam mid nolo by of Kris Una Mill n Tinalu at ind ii Tut to Elevon Inonu he Tiu in Liui of mild tie air Rcd i an will Moru fully a Piir by Rifi Rino to Trio 1ompliilul of Anil you air thingy not Luil that if you fall t ill liar nine Iii hour Bald he Aloiv unlit will apply to Ilia toil for Thill if la Blini shiny a Nihil thu Polit curl of Ilia a ninety of bin Liol Roll fori Ilion loth Wilny of ii Liy Ili Puly in Atlo Nuy Jor notice desert land and Orrick at coup Lalni Hnvlik in ii cult nil it thin of Lect by Toni Iii Julin Lii Irrl Kilry i1m dated upon Ihu of of he Mii Hill Len Usu la Koru with it View to Trio cancellation of mild eur Gibbons land Lam Orph k at Nozick in ii Kohv that Riih fill Luluk Lin Luil by hot Iiah m ire of Elk inti Lluli in Inki Illint to of and thai talk pin of will by Juslain Sujint liar of Kern no on Mivi ill let 1 John a Lull in try for the lit1 Luigi huh Tho following to Innelli Lioun Ronld Oncidi mid Fuhl Thui of or Tiu an liar Mil Juil All no Impi Rullell Stu jul Nii Lii land j of 3 Kearny of Hanks treat mini of sex ill and seminal Ucli lift All the ulily and atoll Tiit no would not full to cull Ihu in Aud Ini Puiul Thoron uhly thu Noliti Ilshik u wat Adcul of a Holcli lie in Connic Tivit i impart to to lion in no Uiol Tho doctor Citrin lieu Ilia Ruu jul Chi he of Lucia a Ell in Ronnii Al a Ilia Nancv lurid at a it Holly All Lucio in Alibi Grid in x i Mako cite Hakh Avenue eighteenth cml 8an a Ifju Call or a Dreim talk my i Dick is Idiku Kiriy Ilvin that Thomas Mol half Mihk Al Lii Neil Levof Hinloi Iliili to Pliml i Fiqiri Cim Kliu la ilk snip Flor court of Kern it huh ii Llic in the 1jlh Tiluy of Nim lit i Ili Nui cult Rii no Lill Hilou for inc n k Kiln Alvr of Ili Tuuu lit we Hun William coid Llla Qiliu Lioci a Kab blur Knill of linkers Ellilu Krtus urls Lull land ovk1cr at into Lily i not ilk in Jiki Chhy Oivin that the kit Lett link in Lull Loti la Iii huh Lut Frillou to make Ali Ute or this la of Liln Anil Thill Kiihl Prool will ii Iilo to Foru Jud of ii us of Karu of Siuty it Niiva nine Ali cd Hill Kilry for the of ill in to in Nice the follow Luk to prove lilt Ronld Ouchi Puu and cultivation of Bald Ahr Nhym my churl Oconnor Anil Fiji Rio nil of Liakim Tild kith Ociot the on k s t Totea Aik your dealer for or Neil circular t Petaluma incubator 8lekplessnkss Cuneo c f am kind to testify 1 tint i acct Juster Koo no Tab tonic with Tuu Bent by Ucucu Tor bully to that u really u Krutul Rule i Tor Matuu Elmr b kit Lurton May i Tho Luu Tiru to let you know Flint my boy Mill Uii Rulif Rihm Mil find Uny of Trio Rimini Al ii hardly u a Lieut Murti toll Uvo it Onmi tha lust that to Tiu it in May no 10 n or 1 Tail Lugo to wow a vory Vililla nil jilt Dou but ill nut mid guv Luni it a Tull Lieut after Bicu Tipy Camo la regular Ami 1 Hail u land land Oak meat notice in Idiku Kiriy ii Ivan that Han Flud not lev of Hir Intuit thou to Ninaku Una Vernof la nip port of liar and that uld Liroff will Una do Dufore Judi a of thu Iii Arlor of Kuril it Lor Trio Haj of i Kim unit he thu Follo Liiv Wieluc Axuk to prove tour Reh Ciunci Aud cultivation of Harild Martin John thin Al nil of r Kuril will ill any photograph i of your Pocky nuked a for Lulu of Trio have Alphous 1 should any i in inured Ivy it lint Liua Tiol of Alp Limiel Hla Lui Vunt Llu Vunt we photo Kris Phi of nil four of and dont four i Pooka make u lit shelf Detroit Tricont cirtaut Jill Oklah int Unold entry in Luvalle Ami void for Tatoli ik77aiul prior Thorold and prior to to if 1kk it Kutruk Thorn old Laud a heavy growth of and Willow the wild Only in invalid for the rack of that the land embraced la Gald entry Bur Iichi upon a natural Klinl ruins water Der incl 11 Imp Loii of thu year and Herti u Alto on mid Hind Iwu of the mini part Lii Nio Hon try to appear it thu Oll co of Thi with Invof nov Iuler it 10 Oclock to in Thind Anil fur Ichih concur Rulu Nold Ihly Elution in Dominion comply ninth a Hullus for to Firat Umu in my life Uty Luu Iury Lina Boun Ritu Rudd sch tit i do to col brute the eve our nil lit Jet of a Ilcau col Ai during Trio Dull a Proui Lunt Bua nebs Mim who udder to land very Little during Tho Tutu a Prius reason it trently gave u Lii go order to Tho Tiram to continue during Tho Dull Naho my Opu Renoo a Towt and Buckow in Trado lire to had plenty of Trade during tha Bun Neua be Sotu but the time now Ovind when to innate to mute Imd Oreata und 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