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Bakersfield Weekly Californian Newspaper Archives Oct 10 1891, Page 1

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Bakersfield Weekly Californian (Newspaper) - October 10, 1891, Bakersfield, California By i j i v 41 Kern of Tohak 1 Miscella Neotis established published every saturday morning Walker m French ii one ii ii and terms fix my Tim Lilii fall and Winter goods overcome inn Parnell latent tint he Honolulu Thaqi Iionno Lender died this Nikorn Iii it Brighton to Mill Ulin list a wily from i he Rel Voth of n Only Ikumi 111 a few a thwart i mull born it county Ireland in Ite studied in mag Dulce afterwards Amdo n Lour of the hits i Cucil ill tin Odd ill Liwaj on will advertising rates Ordinary Natl rail Hue Kadi Verl Fiill Iii Litwin Knoll vital Iii Kali vertical Liy Kain ventral inc Hull Var Kach vertical tin1 a car fractional Iii Iii of Inch ilm til Hill run place la pit Civit line blk ii Siule the Lumen in Gal limit Loial 10 a i known Liy in Miry i Raj Uroil in or All i of l u i to 00 4 us l a Choice line of samples Iii Iii i Trio inst of and a perfect fit a Iii is new in Iii Olirs in tur limn tilt1 Tel blk Hiir Len pc to Daniil Ilic Bil Kris ii Mikhi hit Millu in of lieu a map Llyl Nulli till Hinl in Oruil Lii la 11 ill not Iii Mlih Plern Lional Krak sky Sti Kkt Kim m j Ward proprietors a tiring the wok Wival try nil Lii Rajji s for Init vim is mid no now d Iii Mun chd and Tenil the Itan slowly but Tiila j Henrt was from Camody yesterday j i afternoon at under torn murderous ii i one for the and the i other for Hie tie sureties in Henry cos Crl and her son who lived a j ls4 a Cecli Bond were Lii Broek and tic Way out of own have been j in ih7fi to a feb i both of san As oud dead in their residence and we rec i Ivan red to the hoi Imo of commons1 i non As lie buds were murdered by from county in i87 he Intro i i tos issued in order of Mari e j diced a Bill to Purl Mai i hindi i Sard left at once for san Dicko m their holding by the lot entry of i j t Iii line and will return he Exceen tics which be took from he engine to prevent i Kali the largest of the kind used and Flored it it in expected Mutt Ilu vessel will be in this City a might lire Puiul la Folk Kin mid Why in e Duvet tmi1s has to Lorins for lie tic Aften kli1 Fenily in nil Lurk nil Itu Connor Aivil Liiri Umlor Sherrir Triail Lur Anil tax collector ill Britt Ili Mil viliiilliln1 a Lukcik Alvon Kay Llull i Gnu unlit la Clinty i Iii Iii 01 i Lii incl Jocund i a Trucl inn Mem Thylil us still Koursh Ulk tract it la Quilit 111 till Jill Clil ii Norli Nelmin i Hinl in rare nil j Kun Urilli in Urlwin Anil r s Elf Ali Tail Iliili Lipini sex Ali ii i Puiul Mill Puiul a Lii Jex Velry cd a Cunt nil j tlu1 to c Hinl i Lii i nil to Hinl to t lace Romh Lou i of not in Mir exceeding Good values put Iii order and sell for in Lac i riot and i the Nerro Ellon pc Kris Lias Len Billy Lerini Natch in the strikers became t destroy both life and two Deputy Schrills were ordered to hitch was totally the loss will reach at least no lives Wen lost so far As can be Xuwu won at Lannu decile whim pesto Wilny inn Clcil to Wil Irish Church what became known As the Acyl pc policy to Llu in Leliand die obstruct Ive policy to the in Jillah lit 187s he was elected of Tho Home hide in 1870 he Glrst president of Tho Ciruli Liam re Tirol her of the aesthetic will in Niiori stocks Metis Diamond lace in uiiem1 r11 i 1 n u g it u ii a n t e e cd also a link of Blank Hooks Stalio Nerv Maudes jewelry French m we ill Pitr Lett Ali lie a lip in the that j Kimiji Lutc hues nl1 mais my univ mils und Over coils Ever lib itch in kith ill idiot and Coni Iolcust Only Liy 11 few inn finlly f i j to Jii veils also will Iii fur ulily i footwear for and Ini Isreil men mul cams to Biko which with reported to have been wrecked and Lias been lived and Gap hotel a tremendous a hit j broke out shortly after Midnight and ill Jylli Iorii to oils atm triv Lull lilt while ill assumed alarming won1 a indic of the most is now Hal liar towed to sail inn live a bloody a atonal Lund la Decem Ber of that year cat no to America nud lectured in thu principal 1ssi Liu was imprisoned in Inal Thiim jail from which he was re Icard in May Nikki in 1hsh bin him u fund mid to be i and he Watt loader f the Irish party Huck Dull and in Issi inuit following John we with Toliu Latono in Tho Active advocacy of Homo his sum i Eastern hand turned shoes Lle sides those on this Imit Omni a Conil Hilt Mill nil r in infill to lord so a mul in Ginny Ful Irth Junius bli1 or Kulti Mil jul it eth mall mul bbl Cintli Anim Anil professional Lufi Luib been eventful and the later years have been Tribu Leilh but his heart with Ever in the Culloo to r and he will into history nor twi j Kmil Leader of t could ii and that the whole City t Echt Erduy from me tin annl null Rinn would lint by heroic exertions it Owaru dividing i news of a Tierce ii Liin outbreak that u i was Bron lit mule icon to at about in the went bus been Lor Home Tomc in the1 rid of a dispute Between new in Lonich of spaniards and i in romans who attempted to Settle on to indians a few no lives ii hic lie Eli loss so far us can lie Lull the loss of property will foot up in the i v Ces Mats r y i 11 cd l at Biak summer Ali Civit Llu Kittli with h u Are Iii plete in i Ilie Renli Keiit din1 i liens have Hud a Vii Iii ills and ii prices we Inive so y or ought Down a Siwiec our i Greer in will surely give us the patronage of Puiul in n Loki am at w Over Kern in Lily Luuki Hilu Lilik san t at 1iak Kern Oillie in Nonit Cintli at san i 7 Ion if att Funky at cd Mustur Ahkii ulnar i Loisil Siim i Hay and Grain for i Iii any Virv Lam nor ii feed stable dinkblsp1el twi 1 phoma8 Atik nov at 1 let Sci in Odd Pilli Iii Mahon 4 in All v thu Cui sol Lulli ill ill Smith into Tuin Mit can Ilus Tii Kiu comic relieve that cough i i Lais vayd1stkht i Kun i ill Wal kith All infill re Lul Nutik in Kemp Atlin Iliili in Ilir Attol Ixko a i Wagon and buggy maker us suit i lilt cell Lin in Hill a Mats Walter Nisete Antii St kick r ill i my i ills till ii Tell Lull Bennetts cough i ictus tin1 local or from the Arripe of 11 cel Binti in in slim nil Ien inn c35 so per ilk Lallky ii the Revenue san i1 u am Psi the Steamer Insh just arrived from Alaska in Mompher Passen Gers were Treasury no cols and the members of the Meralli explore ii the record of their explorations promises to be very and their observation will add very much to the knowledge of the croat Days the White nettle Clit was at Laened by indians and nearly Ifni people women mid children Max i Icid in Crim Bat Lii Lenni of trip up Inive been Wilt to inc see of the half of tale claim they no not receiving fair treatment and it proposition in to be introduced at to Mcc Liik of the Wittler Colorado Eon i kick smell to Divide the the supreme courts san kill let him Herd j Prem refuses to in Vitinu in the jury on an dividing line to correspond with thu Mim Iii of hocus Mountain Mare stage i Day if Mcmoon the Utuga held tip by Tho wore not but Tho highwaymen took t lie treasure Box and mull and escaped in Good order with their Tho amount in not their rejoicing in Ihu City Over the decl Lon of i has been overruled and be night death Tokles kill of to Wool a Kowits in Jefferds Bell in Iligir Ileal Anil in Tutti in the u h i Billly attic Ulii Illus Ltd Iirvin Biily a Liun i 1lhtk hot Wollk ii Lite Kihei Iii is Len Rotl cii1 society notices r o it j h and o f a i 1 us my pcs no in i Mil sunlit to Nikuni nil Aluir Lik thu full of tin any or atm Amk Ioian us Mistok Tun Lirt a Iii to Liiri i no Norli t 15 so Milf Iviry Miu Nln All kinds of a full line of j steel Liuni i Puiul Urith Vinelee Ritli and m Niay Jariis Sii Kep a sure cure it moderate ii Ivr cold or Varni s on wiil Mil Nolan Ali i j Lush ii Riv i Rinilli of Pohler Sci Licius Iriny in out Nikul or a dlr Nicol hindi have been sullivans theatrical ambitions do not lion Rush in tills ills have Lieen Slimy the mid Lenics Kelli in less Ami less and now lie Anil ills company Are stranded and out of grandpa Watt Rynn Harvey father of if Fri of the died last id Hie Home of Bis he had Lieen Fulling for some celts and his dentil was Nicomel itally orphan Asylum Thorp Bill i Halimi Nezir Here look lire last nil with to Lilly no liven were Hilt three children were seriously but in thought to to has k e fifth ant Townsend conceal or Al estate a gents to for the Ocean breezes Lilik Stkitts Ivair Ivi Bakko w Iviry Tali ii11axo w it inuits ii Llulu Hill Ilia nil i Multi Tifei Iii of Chili you ii Illius Muhu Annik i i Rui said ill ob1 a ill Ivi Mii Volley Bui Ilc Kikin i Ixia ovary haunt try juht1ck i usury Moin Lav parlor and bedroom suits a ill the enl frail not ilk ii Liln Lulli Iii r i Kaill in Mil feet Wuriu and 23 i Al firm Puiul build Killinen ii physicians Illys Ician Asci Olla if in Tirilli Liivik us Iii and if ill Kwiw Cuil Mill Airt Uit Inin ave Iii inn uni mini up Ami lil Kokun ill Mushok of Oll Luu Tfir link Iii onto u to 1j 11 nil in Kukko Lwon in Liui Renil no ill vitally Anil of Tiu Lloyal cull Neil in Ilivia Rumm Mill no tin Lyril Lull my Letual 1 haul Odd Kul Luwi Lui run inv Ilia Wenli r Ilii Iliin Iii la Lilloll Tlell a nil ill Nim in nil Illel Illi Lili till Mil him Mill n lion Rev fir ard1zzi line no cake Kurt nil in Lino Hir Timil in n if in mnillii1 n in Audi in in ii pics 11 w Marble Yard Luis it nil mine Loul full tufiiri1 co and proprietor Iii Tumini do n new goods in g k n k r a l m e re h a n Dis e indignant mass called by thu of san Kri Incisco to protest against the i Cllon of Murphy was held last the Ini Vallik 1hwy Ull Edcil Anil Liy pc Akorn who handled he Nalor sinn Ford and freed Taymond without of them As Cor pen ult Kearney with on Hie platform with the leaders of inc the of Surveyor Llonch Lic Rimnal lire Lant ii dbl during bin from the explosion of a kerosene Lump und ills wife w years of was burned the body with All cons Mcd except Hie head and Henley grand san present Imanil him just Iasi cd summons for inventor item Lek and ban also the stale Sci Milors from Solvino and a brokers new reports of a revolution in Liivat Nuila have Ichii traced to their Murce and found to Sihvo evian need from a Ali Iii it Stock broilers devised for the purpose of bearing a minister received Heil at 7 Oclock thnh King of Warlum Beik Wax born March Hov Uii teen years after Napoleon had raised the duchy to a Puiul Nchim cml to Jiniv lie whim ruler Over nearly of while a funeral Priou Melon whim on pm Way to the eos Niter ii runaway Accident occurred by which two pc Plu killed outright and Twenty Otic in in Rod More or Lew activity in Willu a Paiik of men were Nin Iii in killed in a in j1 Kizuik of men Wens the tool in u Tunnel on Hie und Ohio Railroad near u wild to Nln Cine along us u Lilb Rule of maced and be fore the unfortunates could Tot out off the Way two Wpm killed in right mid three severely even a tramp com glued Sale lilo in Jull hero night by Hungli with found on Lily person by which to could to identified Ami he him the vast nose Blago of unknown san Fra Notakos now proper aullion ilium live Liti ally selected a Tilto for thu now Posto Lucu to to erected in Han choose big to Lota on f and Siberia for i i i one of Tho principal a truth an orc d plot Lon occurred and Nix of i to work1 Miju Ollit of Lul Kern co 1 1 torn i Vuicic fresh groceries provisions hour ii id i in i to 4 mul Fil i i Money to loan by Iii Iii fur Alibi int our Ilij Luvline Liin True in i Luibil t win l a Lull Kef Urcil Lull ii it John Merrill 4 328 Montgomery Stroei und making Ini Itoh a Job work promptly attended i in Hatli us Hie Luru Ial labor furnished to a Caiiou Jodii no work incl ruling Brick Liol i fur i ulivo j Frank Ufuti a Lull 1ky Ami a i no i Odds c Uno s Ami Sii oks we Illus 1111 us Tullu Lull vol Elijh lord out Ruli Aliy us hit hitch f tracer a Lupin und Impi Iiorio wines nil Puiul Filoiii Vilii tobit Plockl men were United in death at any Illi Ili Clord Van Olandu shut Lri a flu und then killed the Iii inc in Italy Haw dually de citing bread Here talc that a Cricri Arlo in in ital Kirla and thai the n i Iii Mill Uter of Riih Tecc i Iii tendered hex tax a Thor Ruvii Littion i Iii broken nut in Mexico and Are tin Norl Librn court hot Guion thunk any Meyns Lerro Nicoby Ziilch in tried and taken under Han Juii Koil by cd did in Lake no part in the world my noun m Kwapon foes it 4 us Tuduy Altu wed for i tin Kionne of the poor 1 tainufl1 nun Lul condition the country us the j lire Cut thin Iii hopi in aided and Moon item ugly Mehal Lolff abetted by those look Paul decree Krun Lod in ital tied with Mili Kiili netted to Oboyo i and ill Lilian 1xiiti of ordered for 4d ill if Bond of Stockton butt in the Ter Day Over the inv Nice Arlon reduced this Twoy Earold record to and hut Ciu Lilik hell Willrd went u mile in thu track is in Hole Iidle Ronda ton and All the races Are Liliu Miido in very full arizonans Tho tonsil tul Lonzil convention in session hero i Iii that this plan1 shall be the Puri intent capital of thin territory us less otherwise ordered by i vote of tic i Idle Jorty of the Cottec demurrer he Stu and Taucan under Foj of of Ilizal ii Corint und order of Ului cd in Mii Mon Dikiy it v to ton Daityn us loud form Lunner onto rail in open Mii Chudo be Bruton and Mia brow Rcd cuu i tried und Ursul to tiled of tar r it wed Dulny in Tutto of will Iid Metud Tillor without attn in Idun r u11 Una in ill f a Iii Imil Ilcus Hur Luuru tin a Pinili und i Ein Rociy Mill i and Willow Puiul in Lii Ines in Ulm id Clitu Vreim in Lalum it Jacii und Hiltl nil i if Fiss ijddlir1 Miry Ninacs Una Iii nil Trio no Ucol dry Mill Noti Uris ladies in nil now and Tsisin Lilu fur Sci farming Misoo ils Linch Puiul of Thonda Fici pc cup nit Iii ii full uruk of suppl ii Hii Iii us Stock 8ii1cki Etc living it lift Iii 11 Uchim Lieut our f Mulli in univ ill Ilii Goudi tin us our Boutin no Hill pied to i an in lid re Oheill proximity to the Bud i us Tiiu not Anil Willi tit extra a Largo for Dray to by rail by Uny Ollir 1 in our r Ovilur can Law f Ftp Aiulu of 11 Runn who Hhd Akk ally asks of Klov Al Loick at iiiu1ikst Uris j writ i Lur Dir on in Lynu Liu cumm mid i in Iii opening of game the Pinr Kut in already Over stocked with j in a Inkret by Mill from per but Here have our Hun his Iown ordered to 9wf a Mac for Honolulu with nil punt and Benj Binic in ii ready in Tho event of growl about Joti Canh Hutli for Liro Leellon to Anier Lowil Calix und their of Nizich that Ulici Bottom i Iii Alin ont fallen out of the11 honors to Grants he Litulu of wms unveiled today with in Ziilch in i lie porch Ciocu of re of Kuh und thu kit Only in Tupka Jinq l won nearly drawn by work it life ii run Are Turturo could not by a mini another inure it Hwi j of the lint n front of j Notum arc Bridif Ranii y More warships to Chile a deadly i of the town him flailed Forcillo in Bicum Iii which with wont to ply on mice Hun thin mor Liik Junt w the Craft u Loveit killed Anil Elk lit More 1 1 Ujj Bolko of children cry for pitchers und Tho general in Bluit there in Gotrik to in fire in san up by it Truro will noon Dun Inen Renwu Usu of our Oul Newny Wolph it grow Iii Tutt Lyly and k on Iii thou hoi arcu
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