Bakersfield Weekly Californian in Bakersfield, California
28 Nov 1891

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Bakersfield Weekly Californian in Bakersfield, California
28 Nov 1891

Read an issue on 28 Nov 1891 in Bakersfield, California and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Bakersfield Weekly Californian.

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Bakersfield Weekly Californian (Newspaper) - November 28, 1891, Bakersfield, California J i rheumatic i left Side and it feeling gome be Hallil Lofv kid intending to it nil i tile y Iii t in i Tiuli Iione in inn in ill of Illy Hilk Lrtil Penni in of Wurmli Bruni Eilt Kiili Knor of Ali Letlo Law arrived Sun Pliny Juri Illiff Ami Mil Peinl Ilio Wii ilor me Rollor dour in us Chiin Plean to Turlieu Allie to iffy Hhd it in to of a witty of Flo of an a turn on train if Llilas morning Lam took Trio Alango for a Prospect and Linin int trip in prob v to Fly the Colont of Ali or a new Bullier Eliop input been blurted off town by Trio Nyno still tar Lutlo vol Lingo Ron Timir to ii Row in 1 Enterprise and Moro to Iho Comfort of those who a Beautiful a letter our Mininew to accompanying u pack Nero of Thoi snads legation i Tolhur Isil Hoik Iriton a closed pm cipro land Lurenl Iofik for plan limit Ilio Valiros Lipini tree of in in u of in rain ii ital one of the most he Bikini and Banut Ifill Ireen i have Vur the nil Hiim incr it in Nuva cd Uilah Pink Svaral Ullin ply Hutu Iwon Pittilo to it in Lono lint they Iva i on m1 vol lit of Ilio Hinl cry lint i to Lili Niilo unil of tin Han Jour pin rows Blo so much Isopo of 1ernin shul 1 Foci Hiiro will ten Ivy in do to Luxcin a Kelip note your self mid Ilin tril Inu i to i How Yon think would take Iho most pit Iii with with o my Iris Sidh in Hick cry f inn your truly a Tiiu twin the will i Arrivo 11 Iii nil or of Koil in Iii ti1kk How on Lino Loamy Ulm it Ilio end of Keb Rantry if the can to to Nti ont the one Lii Flond of raking who Hoed l in ii Tel when Trio deed la Hiil Lino Mold Over so that Trio to May Lio oven a curl in the if Tho Wei tier be dry the seeds Bli Otilde to Fulcrod by mind every Day for three or four duh i Flor the curl May Binom Miod and Iho we Eton and after unit every Clyo or six Wilny h in Trio needs should nut Iki Nown very Olomi to allow Tho plants room Iho Lime or trans Plant which i would probably to from a year or fit eight months to two a conling to Trio extent o la Weir when onco they have hindu 11 Good so Flat they urow either i Ilia a Lumalo they will no Tinl n the to four Uro exist in april and Bun they present a very pretty trn Lii Alie Itil of a Gentleie Iii from Trio Vicinity of Tho Flurnoy Stone thu ipod into Tho depot for the love nth Elmo or two Cir worn Witchel on waltzed no to Trio ticket of co with blood in Hon Eyo and Zugor in his no wits to mud that it first to a Pond not of prof himself except Liy uttering a Donny Brook is h queried Tho ticket its Tho univ Cath whats the seventh timer the Tho a troth time Olvo lost to the Nib what Roll Plazo be i began Login trains it Elvin Oclock thu Muniu and Ivo Boon Loah in them Ivor have Yon a watch none of your i Only asked to see if i could 1 How Yon lost your v Tho Shinan polled out n watch with Fry Nipon Case and shoved it in a win i Down Tho its Trio Best Coliron Montor that Tho reason Why you lost your what Dye nay your watch is seventeen Stefl not by a Good Vona j trains Are Boron town minutes too the Nan grabbed big bolted r for Hli grip and loft Tho blinking it his a Liml by a lady was walking along Tho crowd Streeta of n City when she saw a Amnell f preen Bird flying wearily Tho Roar Din of it was to trod it lessened its flight and soon fell at her feet at the j it was sovino of Ipoh pot escaped Foj from Ito the lady picked it no and carried it Trug gling and into dig whore she lug Ellrod if Tho drug store people did not and she a paper bag into which she carefully placed Tho then leaving her name and ill dress Sho took Tho bin i with her and wont on her walked some distance to Call on and when she arrived it Kimm House Sot Tho paper bag on a table Imd think fit a null Groet lugs then Nho colled attention to f Bright Pleni Hagood thing Lay having never once Iti of the Nec Wity of giving it e closed paper bog had proved air and the uru was literally killed r free t 5 ii ii off locally decided that lot if flumes must not be in the habit of harsh for Reo Rifet Nece Abajy to Ory Storia m Walt win nod to Chadron that in to any r i of Torii land Corn griddle pot can always to made with prices Cream raking and while cakes Ami biscuit will retain their moist they will be found Laky find extremely Light and Fine not coarse and full of holes As arc the biscuit made from ammonia a Kinin prices Cream Daking pow Der produces work that is beyond comparison and yet costs no More than the adulterated ammonia or Alum powders prices stands for pure food and Yood under acc at m01 Job if it Krny i not Tler Imi Fulcd notice of i in Mako Teiml proof in mip swirl of c Flint null proof will in Milo be Ori of the uni Arlor in int of Kern it of i lorry it fur Trio no of t ii in m following Norn Volin of Linvin Mil of i Neil John nil Kern i in j Cliff Slisky i i and i j both Aro in Gam i and hares i need Especial Thero i8 not Hitik Moro apparent to an taming limn who Linx looked Ilia Karl of fruit Liichi Bush of thin const and of ill nil i Siodis of and wll to Zunio nil i drop cry in Flash on of Liore in Kraut Iho Chom Cal of therefore Tho a fair Hoin times Rondo lie Tislim of unfit for Uso under my Wijn Liilo another is per fitly i rally unit r the Kivuti Condi Knowli Lush in Linn in firn Len acid Hho Tild be Trio rigidity of Himly May to taken Nan Tosto fresh of in readily in tested by which in More Kunii after do lie Gina than in curious putrid fish is Eaton i curtain Mvi ikes without whereas even apparently of nah in lilacs to and Coni minor entailed by e Trio Hiinds of tuns of fruit Are wanted annually Mensi Nemih would very kind to the grower could make n profit and Tho Carrier Jot his share and still sell the fruit it Ivason Snible the Only remedy for i imm Iii Norih Tato of this Ike in Liy Hitto and count or such conducted on Lii him cite grower Mil i brought nearer in i Viiu liable Trio Fri Zwir do ii not ask prices Tor Liin prot Kwh nor Linen Tho co Muner want Fri Tel mid it Irh than the Cost of Tho consumer la Fri at n reasonable produce Olve uth which Are article at a great Ilion ble Only on Tho theory that Poi Loni Lri a incr is in n Eon urn Irvinc Zileh have Lieen avy with is in Peckally in tropical uni Wiloh Liuro Proiko uoti mesh is enc Oun Home Luli Aro Proiko Nozib it All Othera Only at certain Ndavid Ullh of certain Peden May is Liilo othe Rrt of Tho name which cannot lie in any external Are free Roni deleterious a Circum to Enuco which Render inviting of huh in Inch Ronn Trio not without Somo persons Iacapo Liilo others no non piously Tho symptoms Iro diced Hoino Tsiun ref Womble Elioso of sonnet lines an often and it May ii various nervous is trembling or Conan Slivo twisting of to paralysis and it May 0 added that Tho latter of ecu Are per Zaph Moro commonly Neon in roues of by Shell in 1827 fatal at Leith and Aro men lond by sir Kollert who tails the cause to Havn been from Eitt which had Lieen Alceu from to in Stoma of ships in Tho not Many yours Ajo a Casu of fatal poisoning Vas caused by eating shrimps which had Jota gathered near Tho outlet of a ought to in Caro fully they should never lie oaten except thoroughly those found in localities in which there is Riim Ilion of Swago should never to Trio fact must also to taken into account that thai period of the year ban Mich to do with fish Fisli out of Benson my product ill Liilo same in season is wholesome Tho spawning of Fishow their a edition in a int Brinl Tho Lesh is in richest Ier Frelion in Iford spawning Tho exact nature of Poison has re a moly Iwen in part elucidated by them Cal Tiu Poison is said to lie that n chemical Princi ple developed or by a process of Tho symptoms of halt poisoning o soon in from three to Twenty Ron Thero id in Alziria and Giddy followed by into Wimch vomit dryness of Mouth and failure of a feeling of oppression in Tho coldness of of speech and weakness it Anil Trio hash of fowls ordinarily used for food varies in apparently according to Trio diet of the Tho vegetable eating As n possess Imit cloth of a Wiite wherein Tho Lish or mesh eating Birds Aro of a Darker the odor of fresh poultry is familiar enough to Reid Giro no As in Tho Case of Ordinary meat Iloth should Lio Linn to Ilio touch and present to Sodden or watery or drops Cal the presence of ii Nidor moisture oven in a Moderato rent Mitty in Trio tissues of fowls 1 am inclined to a feature which is More unruly indicative of poor Ness of if not actual than is generally poultry which is gone is More susceptible than to color changes which Mark Tho in ginning of the flesh i Comus soft and Tho Insley of Tho Bird is particularly liable to show Tho greenish Hue which be tokens of Trio test of smell is hero of marked Tho Only caution which win Ixo Given respecting Gaino Sou that it is and if it is to Lio eaten High it should be allowed to become so Nandor Tho super vision of Tho one who intends to use what has Boon said regarding Tomaine in fish also applies to and there is no absolute safety to Lio Luu Nimrud save by Tho avoidance of Trio flesh of Birds which Boa been allowed to pass toasting which would ensure Tho rejection of other cases of illness following the noting of hares and rabbits no not those had apparently fed of poisonous or the Llesh had Ocomo tainted with Trio slosh of hares is singularly liable to develop postmortem changes of injurious those animals should not to used for food unless Thoy Are absolutely a word regarding tinned meats is per in Many Hosea those meats have acquired an unsavoury reputation because Thoy Are believed to to contaminated to n greater or less extent by Tho Metal in which they Are in Boino instances he net has Boon traced to Tho Uso of tinned but it is contended that Tom Moat was improperly prepared or defectively the wide use of Elioso provisions and Tho comparatively few cases of illness Force us to the conclusion that Thoy Aro by no Moons tin must lie taken in go Mian Titio i Loro it is injury very folder is not Good Lead Poison regular Market for the bulk of prom a Price that will pay him and that he in sure to will get if i take his produce to he cannot afford to ship his crop toil glutted them in no possible Way of preventing glutted markets except Liy organization among growers and such controlled by a general Mim Gurment for each state or Large City Kiich fruit growing Ria Iii should have its local Organiza Tion and report promptly in the state and ihi1 slate to the general controlling Board of tie whole when Neces the Telegraph and Tho should Iki freely used in Tho shipping estimates of Tho prob Able and i polity of coming when the different localities expect to Market their crops and what calculate they will be used for and Al such should ii sent too Izard of general so they May be Able to advise mid on this in furn Tion the Board nolo to name the minimum Price that growers should sell in this Way reasonable prices would be it cannot to Lone in any other Trio a Phitz Ziard Way of Welling fruits now in Voglio if kept eventually ruin every fruits and vegetables Are very differ ent from other Thoy must to sold when if nil growers do to sell in the same Market a glut in the this Means not Only the of the fruit itself but also Iho loss of Lii packing and the Way Tho Inis Nesh is now being in California Tor the Complete loss of the whole Pencil and Apricot crop of Tho state might in Proso Tho can series would Olter Only nuo half what Tho fruit was Worth and dried fruit wan Vury Low and then All would ship their fruit to the City to in sold for what it would in such a Cosu what would it bring it would simply run the shipper in debt for Box ing and the amount sent into the City would in so great it would in impossible to handle even if Tho de Mand were Over to great and prices this very thing Cuiyue very near happen ing with All its disastrous results lost Ono certain locality and Prol ably others sent vast amounts of poaches to ban Trio Market wan completely glutted and train loads were bought in the City by local canneries at less than half the Price Tho growers had been offered for Tho sumo it then shipped Back where it no Ono got worsted in this but Tho to lost Overy Tho com Mission Man and Calmer got the the grower got the thu Samo thing May happen next year or tiny fruit growers cannot Bland that Mirt of thu Only Rem Edy is not a Trust thro Zigl which to obtain Nicus for but to get Iho reasonable Price that Tho fruit in Tho Sulc Bratov from Cluj whim Ottil u to lint at i Notick is Ilvin Matix com us of rim act of Cuti Lii an Art for tin nil n lamp in the Isiah i Tyml Ilni Kiwi armr f of it of Kiihn his lipid i for Ali cur in Torii Liitt Hlll flit inc Fin Ali tip Tyml tin1 Lucid Hui Firlit the tits or Simiu limn for mint lit in Clinin Hind in Fri tin1 pc Huttt Ulm i tical Vit of it nil Lay if i no inn ii tit Nutlis of will Limtt ice Millu Linker of kith any Mil till tic Imam tin ii his to their or m Day of Hok it on a positive guarantee to tiny form or tiny Trio Knish if a inglut ural ii cum Ith l u the Tui for Horn mull a a in b Vii for la Iii Ignont mho in not Viivi from Ohl Nuil Vanuni ill Iuler Ai Lillvis the Saphro Medicine Tiro Ruit ban to the Gibbons Nuit Mun Lintol Hlll climb Nhoi o23 Kooreny of Hun incl Liluis la forthe Huni Linin Mich in lit kit i the Nhok Anil not full to Uhll Pinon him in Krupo thu Ilung Holt Ooin Ilont to in Par i to i hone Ini Hoil the Don tier Luu try Hlll no Torio Nii a tills our Wilt a richly umm in i san ill land Orork at or Lour t i1tck it Ilvin that Tiik Hilife Llyl null Iii of in Mako Lynnl proof in support of will Iii Iuli in Iti Ninny clerk of Kern Llorin in Ivair Dorei Nln lip Nam Iii Trio follow inn to porn Ronli Louii Ninin Nuil of Ali Jol Iii Mem Mil Jos Eph of notice to Imi Alfvin to Lvii by hip Luthr of Hoo into of Vinolo to the cml Llor 1vstatk of j null re in ill try in n rustic to Mulli n e cml on of i Orliw Ali ilex in Liimol cd Hlili Livni with Slitti Mcnary vouch n four Inin Illik a Flor Ilia la Rel Mih id the e ill civil m a Lilia he us in kith Sikli Ikhi i Irhe ii uni ii Iroini Tyril till Kul Lluc us Kizuik limn Hlll nitric Kiln Lar land Lollick iia Viii at this by Rimi ims shr err Kivuti 10 a toil n nil m n kith cell Fornin Ullh Iho Vlra to Iho of Mill onily Tonlis Tipul inn Inion of nut Newi Heitl i Oliuer i intr hint in in Liuni Riihl Tinl Proich nah in Ulni Milnut Krowl if in Linn Kiiu Kok in Iii Dulity null Loon i i i Ivy pm inf any the Ullh Enlil nil will Troi if train u Riili Nullon or Long hot Cluro to Van err Rou Voytil 01 Irinyi lit he of ill Linh or Rulo upon Kohl innit Only Llanil no Irrl Killon put to tin Uhl no Urolia Muimui Noil his Dolliro on Iho Ullh Wilny of Luron Hir no 111 to Neil Fern Iii Tistle irony Yniol in Iii Iloilo in romping it Lloil l land i of ii land Ianh Offick at a Jdick in i1kiikiiy ii Ivan that Tiik in Hollcr him to Pleil Nolledo no Lily la Lellon to Ninko Llull proof in Lipport of i nil hint Enlil proof will lie Quinle Hoorn Conklu Hugo Flor a nine of Kern no 1111 Viz ii1cks Flomey Leindl ulry fur thu of Iii twi Section re Ilo Follo xviii to prove in ont Nuorn Rehl Louco Nunn Mil Ontl Matlou of Mhz Linvol Ann nil no Korn Itok Linlor the Oclere Job Clil Ken Fri ill Tor fro to pct alumn Niculia tar Reyfe Colv i Dun Tigane 18f Mian klan Luau Wal us my riot tour ii Nii eld Iii Moil Ilinor Kiili Iirth nit ii Toulo for Thoy no hotel perfectly Woll now Anil no stir trod Pali dog Tho oases Tho Well known slut Lar Alto will in Molly do Oills nor to on or Ltd tin an tin Iloray Caro Rufli Rietl from Oil Linzay for four will us Hail nil Urmil very lint Thren lilt los of 1antur Norvo tonic Urcil him from Crumps to Diioli n to limit to ecu Limo violent at Tom us auit by Cimic wont Pivo Only Tutini Mirari lint Fiur hour no bottles of in Tor Koel Job Norvo Totilo Lin whim Urcil and Lins Well Nuj us Mattiy Ever i Illi Luaiki the take mining application it stick if v in Union in incl h for n for Ilia Ruhui n a car inn liar cd Liim 0 null Fornin 1 in la a Fluit the Iii Oil Ink Iii vol i of kit Loco n if Menhir Riniti Ilof Kern Colin y on Iii co ii 6 in hot i t 10 i it a vol Len an i i Kern in icily a furl of an Union mail Elneer Menins that Tiik 1 North Llu Nii Al non nil u Cor duly Neil of Lulline Nui Lim Mil by Vert roof the Lawn of the a Tali of Dill and Planco of my Nih Rohi in Sun Kenn Iliani Coli Union Linn Day la Lii us Forn Piil Imil for Tho Pii Ioor inti Ilijic in elms nil Mil Hal until in Kiln Roii uly Calir Ornon Lowll Pliura in Liik of twi f tip Mil ii Lennil a pint of i Iliin Nihil Elnoir Minim Vilii Liln it Fiolic in no room Hunt Roo to nov Mill Iii Mir Inith Nui ran Alho Olin Ali Motl Mulno Truu Llila rom oily Inui Annn by Trio Iti Ivor Anil in us a to Mimril to Lulu he uru Clun by Tho Koenig Bolil by drink Klatil at we u for o Llott Loii fur in Yjih by i main it st two Offu Tahj to Anak Khizh i piles Cle Noville stage leaves Bakersfield to nil rely will leave Glenn Lllan in nil Orrl Lnu hero it i i hrs Kinin la Livel Aio in u to 112 Hlili i Hlili Tii Ratcil on in in i of Ali Liik he Iriti of Kern a mind 1 in joining Conlin Niilo Fri on ninth Anil went pm Lull a flee Huenig other Nln car i i i i Imi in uru i Oil Lii nil Thill i Ili Hllen inn heir of 1ltloil if thu take i of Holhi Rimon Loil u i nil of kith Biol Lior in Isis Iho on Iho Noil Inni Nul Tho in mini vent Hilll on by Lii oils of Iho till nil in Iron Piil Uil Nuil Bun of Lio he nov of null Fornin who Ali hns of Nyji Moho Ion Horthy Pool Nelv Nuil nil Iki Coith Rhi Liurni Siuy porn Iii if any of purr mining Ohio ii in in Ilio Lenir of Lalni or Oln hns Ullh Ilio Itou Lehlor of Tho ill enl Sintow a Nihil Moo no Lurlin Iho Sim ii of Len Puhl Lillon or Lioy Hlll by Trio blot of Iho ult ill it Tell Oil hit Alti irony for land i lilo Hir i Jot he in Nikii kit Filks Itiat Tiik ii nun Uil a Pitlor him Lloil nolo of for in to line ii roof in lip Giorl liar Neil Ilia proof will Soforo of Korn Mckorn of Loo Muihor ii Tiik surviving Wilfo of a Lollini in 01 Psi it fur Ilio twi of Union 1 u t it Hon Unni Ollio follow uni i Pri Ivolu r upon Anil of will Viz Ennios in Flor Nuil Wollor Mil Itol Ioil Taylor of Lioom Loli Koi n Cul assessment Anil Minnii 1 ill Pron Olinik of Korn Notro n Alvon the no u Uio Ollnie of Ilio Monrial of lil Notomi of Rizir portion incl in Iho twon Lafirst inv of no no i of Alvo Kontfi por Fluiro Riih Lov Loil upon Ilio Iii Kwh Ciolll in Tho Soi Dolnry of Iho to Oil of null of k Neil Korn Tel no any Coli Rupini Wiloh Era Osmont rain flu uni mail of Nln Nln Iho inv of n i in nil Wilvor Lloil for Flo it in Olio unless pinyin ont will to until of Iho Ilnyo any Iho Ilell Nonorl Toi Richit Iho Ioil of nil Vortis nil of Ito Oil s w of k Nuil Koru Ufi land u Irmo Orrick at j november i having i Ikon knt ski at Solil Mells Ngn Tut in Kinin i Hurt Kilry in tort by in hum with a flow to Tho of Enlil entry Tomt it tin of Tahl Ontra Mil prior Viroil Broil Impi Irnel in Wii in min Irlond Corner if to Mako n Pronti Ihlo Doropol any Lungi inc Ivl Shont Irr Liin hint proper no nil info to into of Mill incl Willil Lohl n Mil Ziroll Luhlo Kinin drop or fruit Ullh nil Tyml Mhz innit in Neil i it nil Iho Diu i f u Kiln toil i hint ii mis unlit it in null Rel overflow of cell lilo Hal of mini mul Tho min Hiiro in to a ppm it this olt Iio of tin o to Ron Oil nil for nah i Ninny until i his Olin tool Lloil Minoh Hovi wit j land j la rink at j nil of Tow Nihl i Iii Iii in Korn Conul Ullh n View in Tho of kill he Ili try Oconlon annl nolo Kellk hint until incl it Iho of until entry nil prior Thorold mint Nril Nusis Innell Lopont i if to Mamou pm Rohlo Propof Liny in ii without Irrl Killon him by Fromor nil i Foro Mhz Ilu Loof Myhl innit Touhl Dytoh n nor him nil fruit drop wll Hont Nelll loll nil incl nil it nil Soforo Ulutu of so Tolu Noil hint it Suh Wootton nil Neil Over allow from Tho Cul Ohos Mil mar main in nil noon Tho until no Lio Rohy Unnita Noil to no porn no thin Oll Loo in the kith Wilny of it 10 no look to Ron Pool nil nolo Oil he Mintlo Polh Street and Chester Kern Calilong jigs land Orrin at v he Ngn Lina Lii in of John i Honi Pinon for in lionu3lriiil entry Ili Iliili i Iii Noiin Salof of of in kith Ullh View to Blini Floii lion of Hill Tiv Imp Lii Fri Ihla on Linis Lii Iii Zhuk n to n Niin nil Neil Ullin nov Mhz Willit till on Ron Iphill Hli in Ifo Oins ice Eccl in All a oils ice Dikiy and top Wirds re Riddl find Annn Hills in every Clisi Iii if Vilic dinners h food no Short John land Novilis Lorr inv uni Hin Ali mail ill this Ollivi by Len vol ii stir for How Hilin Klinl inlay Ilii til Niiori tin re i Inelli Rii Nuvill Wiit in kith with u to Linn lit Pnyllis tin list univ to ii Pinr it this Lilii on Ilia Mil Cihiy no Mil finn Lohli till Nnnie in in lion hit Iiri comity Hrh it in Oclock in 1 notice of Ita sin Vinky Hilll Thini Niini Natl Lulof hip of tin Una Ken for Tui Lei Iti mril of he rotors him of nov Ollir hint Lime Foizie he Tiv hit1 will in Hull on to Ninny of Mil Lionil him Rignry Kiil Liprie Clotil kith Fol Lily Noj Luj notice to Neil Sci by Llu nil of Iho of to Ihn Tiili tors Mil nil Mill Infin Ullh within four in Onalik Flur tin Liml Puhl Lillini of this in Thi Silil at in the town of kith the Ktut Koik Lui Plumi for Tom inn Sutlon of tin of Tho Mill of slate in Ion qty of Styli of of Tho test no of Len Lii at Ortoli it for Ojiri Tiik Pink ice Hank of i m x in s 0 c 0 g Chester Avenue and h at Ilion Nnoli of it Dii got West of i Iii Wilur of one Niilo notice to in Tiik Mattil Riih a Haik if i Ciolll Ullh in Iii i he ail Thiehl Looi kiss lit Ilc lit nil nil line Lin Ili Nih in loss to exp Lull Tho pin Iii Ullh my Iii Minry to Lllian four Iii Tilix nil Riiho Llzkt of this i his on Nail n Iii w in of Kini Lull ii of Jackh for Anu Flek l Lewis Mckelvey error ilk Ioka new goods Constas Chook fresh groceries provisions also Iky hoods cloth i no moots am Laws and Hunts i oils Anil kurd la of farming Foi if land at ii Tolar i Nook is Nikii Kiev ii1vkn that Tiik a Lehr no Lii of his in Lillon to Ninku Lynnl proof in Hippo re of Neil Hull proof will Superior Jinlun of kith on Iii in lick i Iroini Nollin for Chi of Mil it Mil of Wilim lit1 Vionis Iho follow Luik Waltl Utilis top Obi Rik Quinco non nil of Mihl Ami ill nil of Ivins Lilyn nil Minn Donri Mil Minry kith Ilir shr lit draft draft held Tiok and Eliot dec Biml suitable Ruji Vieli or driving Mil Iii Ivy mid Miulli All line Heen driven to fid used under we Oiler this Sloe without Reserve fur Cash or Are prep mid to Iive Lime for litre i on Kozoil we Promise Neil Leeiii inv Lille Lilliin and Lair Deal Iii Ullh All Nur pal unit every individual animal shall be just us represented All Wiir Slocum is Yogi ii and we Oiler special Innee innels to those want inon Niin or and lillies of org oel Olier Daggett Siil e the daily notice to i knt no of Nathi in Trihy Klou by Tom i of kit of Mlyn to Tho Neil nil pit mum Ini Tiik can link tin Milillo exhibit Htiu with in Schirs we Lhnn four tin la Rel Phr Allim of to la Mill lit i Ilia it Alvon in thu Ronert in Iho of Tho Hinio i slim he Pluri for Tho Transu Gllnn of hit of Tho Kiihl Ihl Nti in the county of Stanlo of of Trio ent Utu of Mako Nuil it a allo Niy for land in i Hlinik at Nidich is Tilven Tillat Tiik Follo Lnu uni Neil Sottler la Lii Noliti of Ink Nylon to Ninku Lynnl proof in hip Perl of he unil hint Enlil proof will Chr of Kern at on Martin Kostiv for Iho swi of hoc ill to Iii Init Iho follow Iii to provi he Ronli Lonce upon Mil of huh Jon pm Philmo Fox Antonin nil of Kern ill Ilski arid 11 it now land Oak ilk l Motsick in Nikii Kiev a Ivan Itiat Tiik Kitler Inui Filkil Nothof inti Illon to Ninku Lynnl proof in support of hint Enlil proof will to Lorn Tho Superior of kith no Len kit on Ilic Likhit iikn11y Lonu Puiul Kilry it for of Seishin Len minion Iho Folly Liik Wlton wih in Provo Mil Roll Ivllon Nalii vex will leu John Ivor i Mill nil Mil i Horki nil of la non in general merchandise a pm of by Mil i Imit boots Anil places on a cancel at Trio Xuc Weot sole agent for Mathers kid also Alint to Liidi Llain to la Ger Hakes and n number of other valuable Nirie Bentli land i Hick Piliero wll Ilo you Iliin of Hiil us by Juno Tunit Emilio Liitt tilling i Over saw Lor u ulivo did Yon col Thonn ill the Bakersfield will no or Kimner in Dunn Tulloh Ivor for nor nil Pniler Tor n1 i Lant ii mar at i unit k is ii Kohy a Ivan till i h k ims in Loti of Hon Inaki Tiu in Proito to of he and Hull mid turf will in i Midi Hippo ring Kern j Tail i estate 1 n u Ucli k t c Chinu Florid Kutryn for i tiny u is Toni Fol Low in to inc his Conli Nouh tvs Dino nil of Tii Jinmin Ului Imam Midjich i Urlah nil of kit final proofs made on Gouid cd town and country property Rii Oinui Miil lilo Pontiu nov Imit of Tho inv finn in lilo 3 a 1 in for Pinr Klul Ruf Foj Vij jux v5jaltl Urilt for Levu Onmi till the Unali in Omirly Muling hut for our Hook on irl Vuto Huoi Vii Nuil Lollio ii Krlin Chester Avenue b 1 Bakersfield Cal

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NewspaperArchive FAQs

Looking for more information? If you’re not ready to talk to a representative, here are some frequently asked questions to help you determine if institutional access to Newspaper Archive is for you and your institution.

Newspapers allow readers to step into the life and times of past decades and centuries from all over the world. Not only do they have interesting and unique articles and photos, but they also have advertisements, comics, classifieds, and more.
The NewspaperArchive collection can be searched several different ways - advanced search, browse, and publications. The advanced search offers filters to narrow your search for more precise results.
NewspaperArchive’s collection of newspapers boasts more than 85% unique content compared to other newspaper sites. In addition to big city newspapers, we have a wide variety of newspapers from small towns that hold a wealth of information about day-to-day life. Our collection dates back to 1607!