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Bakersfield Weekly Californian Newspaper Archives Nov 28 1891, Page 1

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Bakersfield Weekly Californian (Newspaper) - November 28, 1891, Bakersfield, California M Noi 48 Kern november Price established published every saturday morning Yuri Ushii and Olio terms 12 00 is i Mollaum ii 00 advertising rates ord1kahy inc i a Ortlon inc Cine kaon vertical Kach vertical Emht lieu Kali vertical Knob vortical inc Bily the Quarter Kach vertical the half Kach vortical the year few Toual Parta of Inch Cha Racil nil place 25 Jar cent double double the figures Toga limit in Cal 10 con a known by Tho Money required in Advance for All 00 i i 00 4 00 7 00 1200 official Superior clerk and Koc Oriler lie lir under treasurer and tax tulle re District a shool Corm to Hurt Public Aill Surveyor county Rev Biclie Iio Aill i first Dusl Elci Etc come Lull rect Ili lid ill shot to Lirah Iichi District k it Conklin Inck Nril Luwell or vhf Lentino or Linker Alvon Kuy Elk Hullit liar Roll inc Kells Mil Pinardo Lennet Jos Tiili Kutait none Milieu Morgan Walker has opened in lie Odd Fellows Entrance on Wall a Choice line of samples Kab Marhu tile intent novelties in the Jerst of workmanship and a perfect fit Hnot cull and sue Al Fly Liunila legion Auu Ihmi Suim Oulu us a Minim Knott he Kintli still Anil Hill limn fill Nellil 11 Nixon Fli Iii Hisiu seventh Aetna and n at Biak Odlee Over the Kern Valley Obj scr Ockham at Olics Over Kern Vii Ley and a lilo Cut Han t at Biak Cru Ollre in Haiti h nineteenth Atto Kinky at Han we Mont Koury rooms and Atto Kinky at Chester Avenue mar to girl lakers Thomas attorn by at Law 1 Mil of in Odd Fellows a lv1n District Atto Kinky kicks h pee jul attention Given to land probate and Irilli Ollre in the Pyle a Nursery Thompson seedless Lin sin fruit Trees of every Slinde Trees Mill Orna Mcneal Swirn Lilicy in Liis intending to Plant Vonc Yanlo Anil or flu Irish will find it to their interest to see me before when tiny Ioapo opens i a Lull have a drool of Hie 1okt a per e t Cesmat livery end need Sumner Iju in Spring waiion8 him Kiulin Borscs he ways ready for hav and Grain for notary Kuril All in Tiltins pit talk Luik to heal stale Atlen Deil Ili Lilic kinds a f attorn by at door wed of Kein vol Liy non re ill Lilia Jefferds Bell land a state and Al Salon mutters to the rare fully alte did Illanes will Lorn Plata showing end Etlou of lands contest ally Dalls d i Rimini Anil Al Larrell Cal horses kept by to week or tic Surv Best rough and of All shingles All kinds of building a full Lino of Slock Likibi he rubik Anil stoves ranges stoves recon Vail a full line of Bench company Louis the lir Baek of which is guaranteed for Fine on we can sell cheaper than an inferior stove can lie lion Ghl for our Lino of a Katers is Well assorted and we carry every and shape Call and examine before making no extra charge for setting up stoves or Din Kel Spiel the Universal sole agents for Buckeye Studebaker buggies and Dandy Luitweiler cultivators and nil modern farming and Vineyard relieve that cough a Price g5 5o per bottle Mahon a in Ilio courts of Fly i ill Lyhl Iny Letl society notices a Umnik to a kits ill old be lunch Sumner loik1b ii every thursday at 7m f pro till i a stated incest links on thursday of or next proceeding the full of the Moon of each Michigan Leo Ion of Mihalk too Tho first and re tuesday evenings of each uaker8kjkli Ujj meets every monday Kern Likie of every i Akkila x every tuesday Vio Dii Avo parlor jux meets at their Hall Tho Lui Tuiuli and fourth tuesday evenings of Encl Sis ters inv Ltd to Atten Kern Lodzuk every saturday u8tick every monday Murl Liburt meth Karat and third fridays in each month in Fellows physicians physician anti has moved blot ecu into h Rogers Oll Leeon Klught cent Street near i Rory drug anibur1kon Rubl Donee on Chester it Ceu 20th and Tome in fish Che Tfir Avenue and Pajtli it ret up physician and Suh Okon ill cases of Nino and office Over Lakera Obice ii to 12 12 to 6 and 7 to Orau uate in u Cine Oil Humery of Lilliee Iii Una virally and of the Koyuk Collirene of Why Lilain and member of the Lull medical 1 Anil Odd ill in w nineteenth Iii Iii 10 to 12 2 to 4 and fit Money to loan we Auk to non tuck Iii Iii or any Nikii Siut lit Lowe it 1ar Lien Pavlus Lurge of Diiullo Nell will Pleam d with pc Veronee Given if re John Merrill 328 Montgomery Street Ham of Pooh Han Amer tid m i a Qujette Blacksmith Wagon and buggy painting Horski Ioveino of Kunhs i in my line will Nii Hull Ali Crown Inui Ixon by Roll Llibron Liioi no Cut a Kamath my Kiev hums w idyll Mill n ji11nithii dih1 Iii Iraj us Hui o parlor and bedroom suits Wall picture undertaken a Lino of Cah kith and ill line second to none in Southern u a Luyn in it lakh Marble Yard i All no on Annil and Miido to give me Mil Delorr or contractor and builder drawing plans and making Kuti match a Job work promptly attended to Hopon month of the Kern limit Noil labor furnished Send Lor to contractors full nil Vlahou fungi Haiku Koit kind of work including Brick help for give to a Frank Ollre with Fanok new Beni Vetts cough Lictus tin mighty lion Uvrl part Nimrod from lie Orlgia Cuil re Dow of it Knull Kli Puiul Jernine fuel Auk Only Ity chemists to Tho Valley pharmacy Kitty Medicine Miry to obtain eco Day or us estate agents s Uli eater in Kerr Valley 3ranlt build Tab ardizz1 in general merchandise sum everything so Likin in unit to Sihvo in Micil opening our immense rho nully bile Rawl by Cyk of the following Complete la Noel grocer a Tuple and 1rovmioiih and and Ilo Mentec Tolic Algara and in nil popular Brand Al Iclef and ill Clerfi hardware tin Gunile Anil Bukato worn Anim and Oro Kory wooden and Willow Winro Cligh and Pilunt Noil cinch youth mid in Lam in Echt a Tyler Lenth unil child Riib Boota and Bloies Hulich nil Init sch Hli Oor Neil in All Ilio no West dry Gooda Luncy Good and notion Lanioh Drew in All Tho now and Cason lilo Fabrica Good Italy and of the of wont to always keep on hand n full hunk of tip Palph for Huch As Stock of All Rise i 8ukki Klo to people Lavini at a ill turn to would my Whitt nor fat Imilieh for whipping Gootel by rail arc by any of her Hong in Tho our get Xlyn Are u us by Tho our Wurr Honwah Are in to Tho an any order run to a hippie us hip non Lohl Zoliro ind for Aire unil we Makk in Flint Lack at Iii Ekht Tuta Happy lint in tic la Nelly on Shibi Toyli Dukch i Lillon in Lirot Liilo Murk Noruk tilt Iii Muziii in Tho Nett for Throo Jon Sci at the la rat Trio jury new Udud Lior let 10 on raid to n blah Ricourt bore Trio new nil Tui cd to a Lickli i Iii it fully been a frightful Han Rumor ii in Lori Lulion to blah inor Liik hint Ilin ii Sullivan Linin Ishii in Ryslik tettion by it unil cil reporter showed hint there no hindu Ion whatever for lie till Vita wont to his Nini in lie la old 1 n hotel shortly after Midnight and t 0 Oclock Teilh he Wum Hill regarding the dead new Lindy of Lorenee arrived in City Stihl igbo and Wim Inken to the a Lith a uie hotel Ilorene had Nule huh Homo for the Pnat thirty who with earled ii Ondon the Deneb of her i Iii replied drivel Iii ineral scr Hoh Lake place at Wirob and that the body he interred i Tho family vault at Florence willed for Home proceeding Trio Ovid Enid i to Conini Ivalinn in regard i the kill Init of Ilio Iii lure of Hie Loro raid to to the Fitzl Xanti Introit Koivik on to oilily i Loro Khutor with Ilio Amei Iurii con til l and re filth Aro Onwu Ilid Willi tue it b that the Pofi Ilion Ilio chilian Polico oin any a learn in Ilio Tho Olieo Olalo that they did not to i indigo Lenro in it Cir efforts for the pros Orvn on of 1 1 in troublesome san Uris today sued Iho metro Bulilan nil Ity of Paliv for for Rory Iron Endo Rcd in Iron Trio Liomel of it Street Railroad Orry wits re Molly Czuni Liioi before Iho Rand in relation to Tho iter a Viii Lii Oro pre Monteil Uku Riihl it Mckloy tid Samuel Iii boy for Tho in of the unit Lime re built in dishonest a Kiwi to Wiwi Lon with created Here today by the Ino Overy of a Hysle Mallo robbing Cheino that certain clerks in the stores n Al Dorado Street carry intr n for two Tho stores have ecu mail us of about Al Foo Worth of oods in Iho boldest manner esterday a trunk was taken boldly tit of one store by the front Way and Oad cd on a it was taken ton in lying i oink whore it was discovered o contain today three Jiorge Harry alias Lien Olin and Thorp were arrested am barged with Viator a Chni Fri toy web arrested Ntuli he told every the Young men under arrest re Well a great ban Milan from Hong Kong and Yolia Lonia arrived this bringing be tall of the great which Iii urged in Japan on the lat Oll Leial up to november the How that people were killed in his various Doht Letb where the Earth Itzake and ii s estimated that houses Wen totally having Xci in Sumcad by and were Jorj Kwlly Alnut mop tru Reid tired working for Tho is Neh and list to Rouni lie Arlington hotel thin morning do from hid various cities seeking Ilio next nation no Aro Citrine title working it huh aloof their the National com Matteo a tails this after no Complete Cunt Ash of he committee bus Vixen and i int Lii canvass that bus Beon i Nihil i not succeeded in Nany of the members to a a Cyclone strikes a Achsa ust received Washington re Kirtma that n Cyclone and water Pou live Hurtick that that so Vera in Mich were and that met Crol tall was on the storm has Ulto truck thin Elty making almost communal cation with Wuh Hington is Cut Oil just a a water new Asa result the big Brink in Tho conduit in Kim new York a Turnoy by which four men were drool i in on the verge of a water famine there is scarcely enough in i bldg Way reset vol to with i Gre Nunt Over twelve or ii f tee the Boodler in trembling expo Tanc Tho decision Tho Chise of Elwool charged wit bribery and Nolfo Gunco in we Coji cited to to rendered this in to 3 Iho a Tipeti court has Given no indication Aslo ii decision i Liik Rand Rod by Tho fire three tvs Mph and one child we burned to Lihi Early thin morning by Liv in he lil Hoine Lead All lire escapes Cut the in the Hoel Ere com kled to lower themselves u ground from the Slov win a now England 10 Bisl nose portion of this town was timed last revolution in Iyub ust Boon received hero Ilia a Rcv Philion is broken out in Ito do Janeiro i Oil 10 object being Iho overthrow of a inter dispatch says hint Ponseca has vol do fair appropriation Oon Situ Klinc court has decide in the that hit Tho fair appropriation is co Stilu to Lake Ihn it find Loeup Nln Hlatt for incr Cri Lonce in which he was As rating that to had received Money from United Stales n candidate for lie denied mils unit ii did nut understand the on Cross examination hint in received ttr0 from it do from on san for t6tl and from i in Nick of the Nonoy was for bin services in hut didst von know Ihal slow was for Blanford do you there is More hum a Strong Stirp Oclon that he created a lilo a sen the from Ith Tiok of unexciting weather stain but no indication of none about now until the 1aelhc a Royal patient George of Vii lox passed a Good he slept and is progressing toward died in John Nold ticket lid crat the Railroad ii dead suddenly this Poi id the Woof run k who killed Youni j lol in a few weeks Joe Lilc Ilitch led that to saw Adams Cluni Kliing ill Ian Wiliom he had ii red la Olumn ladled in Iii Salt of Adams to prevent it lick As the peacemaker ame near Adams he dont Viool any Adams turned and lint him Witter the in the water main was rep red isl and the City is Gulu led with plenty of a prominent new meld is wanted to join i for san Learly esl crony Clisholm Fth discovered lying upon her in dying from Tho Ella ctr of n Over dose of taken with til Cidne Fred who Ooms in Tho got up tills inborn no it the Vetial hour and proceeded to is work having forgotten an i in Octant letter which he had written lid left in the pocket of Mother 10 returned to his when to entered tin hot the saw a Light in the Dum of and it a icing Road Daylight he thought that it was t and entered the As soon w to did so he found unsold neatly dressed and lying on the in n unconscious with in in pay Lilal marked Yang by her to tried to arouse but could not and then to called to neighbors and wont fora doctors Dickey and Tately responded Ami Liao Licini work no with her All but they hold out in of recovery Oll sold Osl her husband about three years Mil has been grieving for him Ever Oll shold died hits Norneng at i a Groat Trio Lill of George n for the nerd roof Georgc Irth Olast in this com mend in lie Huper Lor court this Hix y jurors have been am will let boor no the i Cory of the proc Sutlon is that in i was murdered in Hie rear of Tho Oda factory by Ousley did George All col inn was afterwards killed in Stock Tot in a Row Ovca a and Ousley Hod in the county jail Otille made a confession of the de scribing How Hall was knocked fron no Side of the stable to Iho other by Maddox and Collins How to hindu ii Chork in his Throat to Stop his and put Straw Over his Hod and then riot lire to Domngo Agu Riihl i to h Tho sul rough t by miss Carter and Albert urn Eddio Meyer against the Southern a cd Lac ital Road will come shortly in the Hup Cavior ont bore Hast want Fin the stage Coutil Nung Tho and i Vitra with Cro Holtig tin rally Ovid track in Tho an Englin Donlun into the overturning i with the Down an embark All Hie include Init Iho were More or less i Jurci and had Amin Row orca Pyfrom Telegraph company Are nip Day extending their Wixs toward ban land will open i Olleo at Hutn Ana bout Katti Day and Complete Tho rough line the lust part of his Elly hits i welded Large us and is Good Hon to believe unit it will be tilled Pming the the King Lush ill is unloading n of gloss and Clemonl Fisun hol ill at the elect Rio nil Road Dispany a rapidly Exie uding to licit and will soon cover the major incl of Hie an Inlo resting Ucisik n Holn to Hnry a pot Annio a Young unearthed a Gold Chain and locket taken from the Tody of George Dull who with murdered Ere july 15th of hint Tho place Oliero the watch atm found in near the Ard of John of lie Marysville bag who recently Urchin used the place and moved to place imn Bont two blocks from i to Scono of the about 10 Oclock lust atm Arvut about fifteen Neil Ufa from High City n knights Tuuling a Largo my and con lots including Ivr culy Boven head of Homes and one i nildred and Tucny tons of Hay and Lefly to ii of Hurley woo destroyed by a Windmill was also iliac tic who owned the sell Liin loss at fully the in poorly wan partly am Tho weal he re Piort this morning hitch lint1 in Earlori portions of Tho country Lola run i six Shappi and the in Point and Ilio Lowyn Over North Pakola where it is foil above Tho slander san Llott Wooi Blunder in enl was renamed hib in Orchik a number of Lobol fled in Rotan to Lleah general reputation to political to flip Ollcott unit Wax the Lulf Itier a Iho clone of Hie Hei Ialo children cry for pitchers Castor la if n Klc Lenl a Calsel has Ichii of the Barge in of Anthony of whom Kentish Liol in a i Loon Row on May 211th he unwind jury will hold another meet no at 11 Oclock this Allcie and has Kentor Haliford to lie is Inland he hns promised to appear s n Agni ill High for the acc ton of four or five each sixteen stories to count in the Titi regale Over wore Inken Oul monday night an order tvs pith had by Tho City Council do acct no the commissioner of buildings nol 0 for any buildings to exceed 12 stories in height until the Contin Ilco on Jinil Dongs report upon question of the Klinl Tallinn of Tho Leight of today Tho implication of he Milnrt font depose company for n permit to Erc ctn 13ulory the Houth West Corner o Dearborn Street Wax thin to Cost thai will bring to n head the agitation Over High Lull Singh which has Beon Gong on for a year or a Kish new j the it is Hill used 1 comfortable Fortune to his widow to was earning a salary of i week the family Home on 1ark a is free from All ileum France am lie had insurance fora Largo Amoun on his Tho profits from tin mighty Dodge alone wore to it is said that Klor of Inch Lirot liars and sinter do not Clun any part of Hie hut will Lavu i All to the although Iho act died without n a Kuhnl mayor of wan cd to death Riihl night by a Well know Farmer named cull ii the Fence Ixta can the two owned by Tho two caught air Ami the Alldren people went Over t see the 1hllllnsh about in in course of Tho con Vernal Ion that minuet jul Len Alldren Drew a knife who Tho wet news at the coroners it quest today said was fully 12 Inelli and Tho Exma Yoi will the result democratic political Foro Knuth new Wassili Igloi a huh Rolirod from Iii lust to Mullai will Tiu Iho ii out t of 8 out until Flor Tho till Lolik has Hogun hut when it Dios Lio will to to Larod of Siml i to thrown of Liln unit Iho vote of hid of Joweph will to Ikon Folio Texas Asp ran More nil Kiln Liap Iko ii tiled in the Scarle will Caw both on the ground Tomt the instr Nikont win not properly Altos cd film Tomt the Lohli Tor Wuh not of i pow Montney one of Tho nil who no Rof Llyod Iii Iofel a nuclei Mil id Tollof of Earth unto Han a the of 111 to hold this evening at 10 Jpn Nopo Consul for the do Pink measures for the Uffe Rore in the recent Roi Guetl to mine funds 11 re plot of further Linlor Mitton y dipl Niph other co Tirse As mi8r3 to nip hot and ban Amerl Cim Stark Hes Plu arrived Librn lib from j Lohier Una in the Harbor of when to rat Shock of Tii Iko Una a few Days Volcano broke out it sea add the w Vna caught in Tho midst of huge a f loll let the wept und the Puteh in the Crow waa by i Tig to Tho rigging and the Selp Luth Foro the wind and it took Loura to move out of the boiling o Muko Muttera about Harty seconds a tracks of Tut itch would heave up he Ren and completely 80 powerful waa Tho Amell Ipi to Crew could endure it and Holic Only with outre Nice borne to men were overpowered and hau41 10 held up by their info cod Florida ban Login Clinent hint Silhi Bulu to Bong exit Mmel to City Haa led in Clun in the part of the Qiu ill cum til uie Olulo a we Mac Citron in now on Ith rom Iorli Lionil to taken to Viiar Unildo officer Anil a Fevold will to i acid thai j Njaro fruit a to its or but it will destroy accidental san the trial rank Adams for the murder of Johnon the defendant wan Plao cd on Trio aund and testified to inti i tumbled and shot Whilo running away senator Monny Mcneny died today at Lac old Oulu ammonia in baking before tiie american Olio loft Chicago to Llie a Dill of the ust Neon the report in your Beau of i he discussion at the Ngonu meeting of the american cite relative to the Paev of per Lionato of a Monla in Bakli this Ropbert in incomplete and it oct in Many and Ai in or which precipitated the do with read by to and was bits my own i desire certain Correct Lori in truth and for the Bou Eilt of the la Nui Nowr of you readers to Quot ton is one of Groat the pm scr is Rood before related that ammonia in bake he Dor is retained in the bread bus of its fall Nulty to the be Yihua of opinion a Tho ainu Xhilon was against thai Cir Hountha of Ammon Liv f with Tho Only Osco Pipiou of who is now Aii Osinloye Effii baking powder coup any curio Nap of ammonia in of the other parties having taken part in to worn professor of thunk of who is path silent of the society and highest in pleading by proc prior Mcmurt Trio Only Small of amino new used in mutter How Small the 1ui Doull Noto to dosed Wjt Boi spy Consan when taking1 my Fortisi of Iho Brooklyn Board of prof visor of chemistry i Island Elk owls i take a Tolve gift in but is already strongly opposed to the urn Carbonato in baking Al Chardon volunteered Only i question a lither Tho flour Orpi Almonth was of Good q Wiloh a augured him by wan Tho Bent and Tho flour f v professor Millet was not or your article is misleading l it gives the of agree with those made by lug that ammo Iila l my cause for Ito this i silent Flo and was i years chemist of the new to of the baking powder referred to is the Toyal ask company of new1 ploy funds that is their much adv there known undo in our i
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