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Bakersfield Weekly Californian Newspaper Archives Nov 21 1891, Page 1

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Bakersfield Weekly Californian (Newspaper) - November 21, 1891, Bakersfield, California V 47 Kern Price 5 cent established published every saturday morning and Walker m Ono terms 00 i Kix months advertising rates ohdinai1y Kerh vertical Kuril Vert Lenl Kerh Verl Lral Knell Vert Lenl Knanh Vort Lenl Trio Quarter Knob vertical Tho Hull be Kulli vertical Tho fractional in Runof Inch can Neil nil ii 00 i no 1 it i of 7 00 of Fiaoo an per cent double double Tho usurps ult Al limit 10 cunts a known by the Money required la Advance Tor All official Ulik Anil decor Der Ani Licitr the Rolf under Shcraft trim hirer and tax collector Voywn 1 Ckner Llowell l a Van Ray llim11 ill ill hair Vivier Mae Malmo Limity 1hynjcliiii Iii in ii in Rel Iliili Iii her Ulm Dahl rect Iminta lne i til in Termi kill Ali Dexl rect Imi Larinan Jirik Tyks i Tiik first judicial Mcneil Fri find nor Quiniin a Narrero and Chalk mor Elmili Nellil i Leiliwin nil Anil sixth Uli Ummil Willil Lilia Shinil it Vullah still mid 1hi limn sic Oil Chat Vonil and Knirr Liilo third Mui Lanoy Kii Lirah Jymm and nor fifth Ami Jyh Liivia Mill Kurt Mali Allyl Mirml 1 Pattok nov at Biak Olla cd Over Hie Korn Vul Lcy Clicker c1oiuiam Pattok nov at Law Over Kern Vii Llcy mid 2h Shock Sun r t attorn by at 1iak Kern Olla cd in Laltee nineteenth at san we Montgomery attorn by at Law Che Tvr Avenue near court h Mattoi Ixko at 1 Olleo 111 Oil Mellown linkers a lain Hannib Tuitt Pattok nov Kikin it hic Clyl attention to flip us Ollieu in the Weir mullein it hits opened in the Odd Fellows Entrance on Wall a Choice line of samples Kylir Vilnit hip in left Neil this in the Best of and a perfect fit Call Neil dec Pyle a Nursery seedless in sin frail Trees of every Shade Trees Anil ornamental Liru wiry parties Lilic Ndler to ii Niit vineyards and or can Nix will land ii to their int Crent to fro me when Hie Iii soil opens 1 shall Haven lie pot Iki Sito the isl Orl Wilf 3ve i 3e3 Kiwi All t Illel Ollk to Krill kit Lutu a Arroll nov at next Milnor it of Kern vol Liy notary inlillc1 Jefferds Bell land Khz talk inn Visalia pertaining to Iho Lilii sikh written Itam Hli Owlick of Lenorn Mienl i Jim summer Cesmat and i j Siml Lii wagons Neil in Lille Reilly for hav and Grain for horses kept of the week or very Best Blacksmith Wagon and buggy contest Ullic and in Roll Al sell Cal Mahon of Klups Alyth Lii in my line will coi Ault their own by calling on p next Cermath Mokry rough and dressed of All a in the Conr of Olllie Furll Len old in y f society notices skin Kun Makto every in Odd yellow a a slated on or it Hihun Trio full of tic Moon of each Mitzi can of a Meeth hid Iret and third tuesday evening of each b aker8kikl1i in con every Montony Kevin k of every Weil Dunlay r la Lugo Lalli Oit u in me that Vee Oil and fourth Ines Orlay ave lillith Iowa to Muni Kryn Ivory saturday Ivory Llo Ulav i i mkk1 j i Kirn and third in Tiknys in Eneli Iii Ritli old follow Illy Hyllan Ani Roveil Liu null Leo Lulu h Kuinz Lull to pm Kukli Leilli reel near i Rory do and bit Hon Keri Lenra on clip Ter aim Ami aim i ill a 111 inn Croiter Avenue Ami win direct up 1iiybioian ani1 wih Okon ill Eide of Oil pro Over Hal 9 to 12 is Toft ulv t h Okli Russon in mall and by ornery of the la Jeenii and of Tho Royal of and la Ember of thu Lyrl Lull my local i an Odd follow shakes la kinds of building material full Linn of i run k and stoves ranges stoves c Lisier acc Vivod is ill Iii Tim i Tim lire Iciek of Winch is Guiv sintered Lor fill cup yen Wheeli sell client for Linn tin inferior stove Chin lie Boi Iyll Lor o our line of Heaters is Well Sisior cd Nul we entry every and Sliwi cull and exit nine before no extra Char us tar setting up stoves or Dinkelspiel the Universal sole agents for Buckeye bungles and Dandy Lul Wollor cultivators and nil modern farming and Vineyard relieve that cough Bennetts cough Lictus Yllic mighty Llyn scr ill pull from tinnrtim1 roil it of u Kiik lilt Iii Nini if Rice 35 so per bottle in Kaukl Only 1jy chemists to the Kern Valley pharmacy a Kluh byh Macli Opi Kislev Modi cinc my be obtained any or com Tir and m he a 1 St a the a g ends and 1jthnnil k dm1 parlor and bedroom suits Wall picture a till line ill 1jahkkt8 Anil ill Linn acc Siml to none in Raoul Librn a Alonya in Rill Norih i kick lower than Marble Yard i ally Leilh of on a Nihil Siml Nilu to ulvi1 me contractor and builder in Vav Nineteen ill Oil Lac hours 10 to is to i Anil i in Money to loan we Auk Ilski Allah to it Wittik fir Liny Iii Hiitt tit Lxvi it i or Tun a slim Hiromi thu u of Tail to will with he Ferenee ulv Iii ii n 328 Montgomery Strucel Han drawing claim making Asti a Job work promptly to a upon Bonitti Olllie Kern Valley a Lotak Chester a in a Lii Vollov in not ardizz1 1n affairs in Astron in Ion quid of National Foi rps in Iranon in acc Nylon have Rel rat Chic porn la and is primp bring to moot o dictators troops so Ioulia to lick really his that Tho Northern Roll no of minus Gierash and Othor roving in will soon to Hoard from in the cd lors Roar and that thin my idler Nir present Tco Plo one rally no Supor Lilik Lenati nals and no freely con Kiihul nud fodder for its i inti and Otic of tools to Rola Lions of Tho victims at a customs equals this announce is Olfson by later information that 1500 rebels Are up in firms in armed with repenting lilies and loaded with hatred for nil for whose destruction they Aro continually Yelling Liko a parcel of general merchandise liquor 1iefl labor furnished to contractors Ohio Khz labor Funk had Rou Kini Lri of work incl Iling Brick holy fur Koivu to a Frank Ai Oft Lee Ullh Fook new Chinatown sum Kern Cal i torn everything to Tulip pleasure in Iii Iouin that to have finished opening our immense and personally selected Slock of comprising the following Complete Lingo grocer Btu Plo und 1rovisloiih winos Anil import and doing tic Poliac Cigar and in All popular brands Sliff Ami builders hard Ware tin Iranilda and Agate warn Ornis and ammunition arc Kory and glassware l Willow Ware drugs und Patent infill Clook youths d i Lillens Lio oui and shoes Tho newest ily Loa Wilry in Tho latest styles j indies and inns Sci shoos and in All fancy goods and notions ladies dress in All the new and Icahn i i ill fabrics gents furnishing goods Bals and of the newest Woolway Skerpon Honda fulls Skof Blip clips for Mien As Stock halt of All kiikk1 khkk1 Wool Etc to ii Polo living at a distance to would any that our Fitch allies for slip plug Gomila by rail Are by any other House in to our Are u us by Tho our Are in the Clown proximity to Trio Anc any Oiler can shipped at cd fittest notice and without Clargo for Dray age Anil hark in Iii Lioi Fick at Mici Tibt riots in a Mohl serious Volt broke out november 10th near Koo one of Trio treaty Tho role la my for a full and marched i Force upon sacked Iho town everything burned a mini or of ii ouch to to killed vend in Rhomb and at last aim pcs Wero listing after the labors prop Ratony to Knik other stage robbers san Kedral Rand jury bus returned indictments liar Tiht con Eliiah Howard and John of being accessory to Ilic recent age lob cry near howards in Wii hot recently while resisting a it if understood that Rico Hub ironed evidence confessed the fatal Komi fatal we Liskum be Weon in Parson Gors Irani ii look place if Lilleh i Iii Hern on Board of Ono wan a detachment if cavalry with Kivo Nix Lior sob and Kiv ural railway of Hylls Wero killed and a number f pcs Sondors severely the Accident Wii duo to no Lert if out of the Woodland jailor of the county a Kizik bin butial Oil nah High disco Orcil that blood a second trial or murder and one who was san longed to 100 Days in Tho county nil for Trio were mibs Wolfrum is Al out years ivc fact Fig it Inchcl Sandy ii sub and weighs about Iki i Tymond in about five feet 11 i life in height and in he wig lit is about 1k5 pounds and to b nil chilis Ion Cidro Liilian was pro Prosi dolby so Creavy in Lilno his and formally received nil accredited representative of Ileus int court Chick were exc Linned Ami Hope Ful expressions of Friendly Helali Riib sex will they land ran Steamer Ilio de Janeiro sailed from Hong Kong today with 400 passengers for this who will not to legally entitled to land under their claim of returning unless Tom present Laws arc Bald of Madura Kan flair Inlo manager of the Hank of who is Siil to to Ono Hundred Iho Iund dollars Bli Ort in bin was arrested hero hit night and charged with a Light convicted of an attempt to Iii Dor Bis fourth wife last was to Day sentenced to Ono year in the county Jinil and to pay a line of f badly Cut with a Kan a Fulton Brawl huh Inori inf Tigue was blabbed with a Knafo i Tobb i lie Abdomen am loft Ami May lie accuses Krank a who was Morrow May be Han ruin air h in circulation today to the of incl that lulled Hankh dam Trucl judge Morrow in about to be appointed to Hiiro cd the into judge and that Superior Van elect of will be appointed Ilo rows such Chobor in the our Wilto can uror which has left Ilin has been ordered Hack to san and will Stop at Honolulu on lier a piece of John fort at in spors constructed by John Crown and his in being taken Lown to ii on the grounds it Chicago chinese May is beginning to Dawn upon the chinese mind that the foreign Licet of War Mips Horn Means and accordingly Tho govern ment in exercising More Diligence in the capture and of Tho insurgents ending their plans Are be coming two of the loading rebels Bavo been beheaded at Chang and null airs of others have been subjected to those icon Learly Diulio Lical tortures so readily evolved by Tho inc irions Chi the Glenn county governor mar Liam today instructed Altor Noy in Nurul Hart to lie Gin suit to test Trio legality brought in any county that Tho attorney general May designate and that Tho proceedings to of such character As Shal test the Binl propositions involved be fore going to Iho expense of inquiring into to of Trio formation of Ilonis it is directed that the Stilt in emperor William is roiled that Tho amp crop will to decidedly Pacillo in in the tone of ids speech tomorrow at opening the while Netho same time to will sturdily uphold lie ability of Germany to protect and defend Imperial Tho husband san Mary Cotter who with i Monlay Loul to non War Lor killing Oll cur will or nimbly Ronnin in Juil us 0io is a Lorly nimble to Wilch was to cd in i he bum of Hurrah for Palo Alto i Rob Olvid to Avo Oil 1nlo Alto Ono More Chance to Bont Inheh Lillion record Lic Foro his i oink Nunt from the and Broil kit him out thin Ninon Long to his last Trio old Cami Mignor was n brillo but Heo Meil to Liefl and wont in to Mak ing Ilio Milo and winning lie null Lou to Ion in san exam ibis morning publishes u Izreo column Story which in Brief in As follows one of lie wealthiest fruit growers in Solano has got him a South american on do Tho province which Atrul vhf see Edo from is now with for Aulon two Tho people of ten have Lonu been in favor of Stob Letlon for in their present they tire ton weak to Tho or in fact with their Iwuh Miira there is gentle Dali Iau Between them and do they Cal Ink the final on a combat the objections that a Gotori Ummat might forcibly present tic wedding wholesale horrible Toho of Ikiria Onisik it centres mint in Hen Dornon county Tirb Junt Nomo to it Hoeum Tomt four Cuttle drovers want to Ilio 11 on to of Ono Hogan to collect loony duo to pc inn raid to and no Money Junt then und United for More this they when Kenn upon n plan to brim re Tho Urco Imlah and also take n deadly to invited Tho Lour drovers to remain for Tipper and during Tho Nicol produced Homo while urn Whin Koy of Wilch nil hib incr Tel Tho Debauch continued fur into the and Ono by one Tho men fell into u a Lucia from which there was no the next morning the four Wero found stretched out upon the floor of Tho Throe of Thorn already Send and Trio fourth Gono Piibe Okogun in under Liy Ninny lie in Conchi Dorceil to to partially the wrong one new Latch Tlell Lodsky Miu a Linton wife of u Saddler i n Nihof Lii minty Cut the Throat of Bur three killing them instantly and thru Cut her own to front but May the Pope of 1opo has fully recovered his it is that to i Iii not reached a decision of Trio Pica lion of Whol Lior or no to will leave lint unit hero if no Roo Hon to believe Liat Hie Idna of removal Lias been a great Limo is and 1orry a on lob dry Kooda House on Iho North Side of Broad Way it icon Ivan Lin Zvonko and Morgan a Greet burned ult to this morn ing involving n loss of Over a million West winds prevail 000 and the Tiro Iwuh now robbed to Tho oust Nido of in this Block arc situated Tho Largo dry go Oil House of Crawford and the Freeman unions a Vornle changes Moon Tako Plaro there will no Hopes of having this Sedotal Jie Opla have already Boon injured by jumping from Trio hotel win Tho Nohh on this Block in it in commuted will aggregate no liven but Tho he Bloke Ipoh the Lar onion by i Drolc exertions have to far tic cooked in preventing Trio Firo from spreading beyond thou two Many people in Trio hotel and in the stories of the Othor buildings Scro rescued from their bods in a half fire at morning at Ilio town was aroused by the cry of lire and Humes Woro noon issuing from the Centre of a solid Block of Woollen As soon As the Alp r m was Given everybody commenced throw ing their personal Al feels into Tho hut strange to Only a French bakery and u chinese laundry burned and those right in the Middle of Iho without injuring Tho adjoining kor body declares hint this is the Luckiest town la the stale oven if tills is the fourth incendiary us Tonit to self into exceedingly lint water by reason of a correspondence with a miss Ulillah of Smith in quite old As Well us Onle Lich and in also a Man of but did not deter him from playing the role of a Tiro avoid widower and writing pathetic in Ono of which with a most vivid air of truth to described his Angel Wile Anil Darling Chil Dren is occur ing Ono grave on the Hill to bolter carry out has deceit be had ills Lolly a addressed to Thorn ton at ton Miles from his 11 is in Lio Orgia might still have been in ignorance of his deceit and to not sent Hor a Imin Pohlel descriptive of the beauties of Holubo the Nonio of Thornton did not in Iho i but she discovered unit Tho Beau ties of Ilio Homo of Bmith As de scribed in Ilio Book Scro very Liko Tho descriptions to is undo i Hornton Hud Given her in Trio Loit Cro that to had sent her suspicions being aroused Sho wrote to Tho postmaster at Almira and from him Lens cd that Smith always got the Thornton then Sho wrote direct to Smith it his ranch and Tho looters Fulling into the hands of Thora was a whole much Lull of fill immediately in Iho in Ono of his Lei tors Hinitch Elliis Thornton wrote that he should go Kust for a be cause All or nearly All Tho Pacific coast women Wora exceedingly mercenary and it is Suid that miss Itil Luh will bring a suit for heavy at Tho Smith factory Tho old Man is trying very hard to explain Shingh to Tho irate another count or san daughter of the Well known of Plain Luwi recently wont to Helena for a there Riiho Mot an individual represent ing himself to to count von Tho girl and Trio alleged count Aro reported to have fallen in love at la rat sight and plighted their Tho Nutler came to Ilio of the Stern Parent who at onco and emphatically ordered Rogon Stcin to cease his attentions to Trio Trio titled Lover then challenged Kobo Nhkum to a to we lab the latter has Rospo Dud by swearing out warrants for i to arrest of his for throats against his la Grippe Many of tie towns and villages of soul Horn France ii Eliza in again it its i Hordoan and Vicinity the disease id j ocular la Novoro and Many in this City Many deaths shirt Bong two years in the san t no Schooner Nicoline arrived toting Aba onto of Over two yours in ii an Arctic Tho Schooner which been reported wrecked and All on Board lost had a Sacro experience in the foe Anabil Nghin very a mall cargo of and too store of Bon caught lira to numbing and Ilio son in Ilia Tho went into the carrying a Firo inn flirt and Tolian cromn1 of and than Crown Tedis san heavy damage Tho Sonmor Australia which arrived from Honolulu this it is Lour cd that two in Glumon named Bloom and Douglass who reached the Island recently in a yacht from wore arrested for attempting to smuggle sovereigns into the they wore tried and discharged and have now retained counsel to bring hulls against the hawaiian government in dam Ages for each wreck on the the Schooner Muollo bound from Chicago to with acne goof while trying to run into the har Bor struck Tho Tho Craw took to the rigging and four were rescued by the life saving Tho Cook and one Lii trn ii blown we Liln Ilic Light two san hoist Prosi dont und Jill Ohio Secretary of Iho electric Light Wero put tip Iii Ilia stand today when the Ken Wood slander suit wan they both testified that Ken threatened to who ill Gionco with the City Council i Oniu the old electric Light company when Secretary cd wards was Lille Solo also Toh titled that the new elec tric Light company Hod secured a five yearn contract for lighting Tho City it n Price in of cow of the old Coin s charges for the bump Sailor wore Tim Chi Luln is still lashed to Tho hut in sup posed to to fight in a a panic occurred in a jewish theatre in while Chapel dint rid lout evening which narrowly missed resulting in a terrible Tho building Wuh crammed Ullh a Motley when Ono of the spectators missed his lie created such a disturbance that u riot ensued which soon grow into a general fight Anionic Tho of on Niilus of lie Balcony Purl of Tho mid All available Woro freely the Audi ence became frightened mud women a general movement wan made for Tho exits to Tho building and Many women and children Scro knocked luckily the who and been mini succeeded in checking Trio panic and arrested those who had canned hit too Ings express train on the Railroad struck a Wagon which i was Cromp ing Ilio of Tho four two Woro instantly Ono fatally i Tiv Jurod and Iho fool Driver escaped Madura Bald still in Han lion for n writ of Haboos Corpus on Bejaut of Bald into manager of the Dof n net Bank of wait Biilna having decided to stand a Cricket j arrangements Bavo been completed for n game of Cricket at the at Lotio Paik Onthank Belving afternoon Cloven from Ilos Odale and a Butk Ersfeld wickets will to set at 1 the to Niue arc As in Roost a Kelsey Jimos Kavori Erliani and Tho Ali omit and John this is not intended As an exhibition for Tho cricketers Aro out of Pra Clico and even have not Lead i Chance to Ono by All who would Lelce Ness Tho Iii leu Are cordially Alum and ammonia in i Shalt we drive slow pollen breakfast a us Lannoo that troubled Angl finc fifty Yengib ago is now Apt in this that in Tho Broad the Lefiu Oak blog a Groat Deal of Tho pros ont As it is Reye that Alum is a plug Btl Tib for Cream of of tartar in a Story is told that a Largo percentage of Tho baking powr Lorn sold on Tho Market contain Alum or ammonia and Many of contain both Obeso poral Ulous Druga much to moly alarm is text at the wholesale use of Alum in bus cult and to Young children growing persons of weakly Alum Broad eaten noon and evening is the most ibis Tho Small Ivory Maul that do the Alum is costing but two nose the foreign colonies Wero greatly grat hied today by Tom ii Owh that China had paid two Nool Tuelyn or Outra gob by Flotum at children cry for pitchers a tenement tire blurted of Italy Llila inor Nink in a tenement Homo Strund and Nix Are by Llevad to Lwiws porn lied in the among Ulione known to have Boom burned to Doalph Are Hor two children mid Teli Norgor and her two fifty families occupied t moment building and lost their All by the it is feared that Tho deaths will 1m oven greater than trying the san preliminary examination of High Binder Chow Hon Cli Oong who killed officer was held today and to was bound of Virlor trial on heavy storms on land and terrific Northwestern is aging Horo and nil Trallo u Ous Nondon by Fulling vessel men arc very anxious for their Anifla on the and Small Boito in entertained that any vessel caught outside will escape Tho Schooner Itu Cino came to Anchor off this port this morn ing and was saved with great 8ho lost All her Dock Load and her sails were blown to Streetcar travel is almost entirely Hub Pended by reason of the heavy fall of three Conta a while Cream tartar and Tho High Noeo Cream of tartar Baa Load cheap powder to to made of it t Road or wanta to know Boethin Tho corrosive qualities of Alum let touch u piece to Bis tongue1 then Fleet How it acts on the Deli onto Coata of Tho Tho scout lilo american pub in a recent number a list of Alum ammonia which Grout value at Tola f a a condoned hat Flot Opl Oft Olal pm Wuerfl m with it Star to have a g As they Are mentioned Natl two of Tho official reports there in ing hat from Tho Solon to flt u number of such pow Dora m what that wore not found Eastern following in a hat of prominent Vav audrow Oon Tolna an Andrewa conto i Wood Bon Grant baking powder oat met a Lurant baking a Tontai powder fire in few this Moro ing destroyed Cooper a Covi wholesale grocery Homo and building o Whol Wilo the former Low Low coot inv Hanifi of Max but Kisir to wow i i probe Grant sinking c Horo Nieft inking
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