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Bakersfield Weekly Californian Newspaper Archives Nov 14 1891, Page 1

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Bakersfield Weekly Californian (Newspaper) - November 14, 1891, Bakersfield, California 1 v t r 1 v r november Price Elul Llred published every saturday morning and Olio tbrm5i do i six Moullo advertising rates of binary Bach vortical incl Ono publication Kach vertical inc two publications j if coh vertical its Kach vertical inc four go Kach vertical inc by Tho Quarter Bach vortical by Trio half year a Vor each vertical inc by Tho fractional parti of Inch charged full place pts cent q double double the figures Legal limit local 10 Centa Muncs known the Money Reid red in Advance Tot All official Superior Uteri and under treasurer and tax collector District thigh fair to minty Rogers Board of Walker my has opened in the Odd Fellows Entrance on Wall a Choice line of samples embracing the Lalit novelties in the Best of workmanship and a perfect fit French h Ilott Call and Lee a ttbht10k of the Public 18 re spot a fully called to the fact that that hotel has been thoroughly and it is now prep to accommodate travellers better than table la Par Best aged the Best French Cook in the Esthera part of the a Good nue cigars and imported French Winea is a minor attraction to Thea popular nineteenth Street stoves we in pc received n full line of Bench it company a prominent Man Tho Well known Dein Dratle is lying it the Point of tto was attacked with Maloui Bowel iniiiji1ixliit neveral Days Guti and Haa gradually been Retting phys Oldanti say Cihiy Iii Ihnn m of a Call Dornlan one Over the Center n wealthy upon a to his Boyl Inoda Hotow did Here Miili Lenzv thin a shirt Stock to 4i80 this morning a ohm by conc Al sort Mahdi Jub ticks of the Kent judicial bum nor mid in could Arcone and n Cholno third Carrera and Only for lion and Al Fly inn Kington and Bonham hex Tell and wll Flo id a Venth and q1h const Cona fal Chlu third Trust Nolan and Mullaney fourth James fifth olm Brook and Jef Davia birth and with Englon Huv Euth Gonna and professional Pyle a Nursery Thompson Seef less Raisin Frt Iii Trees of every Shade Trees and ornamental Sam Mary per los intending to Plant flu Onardi Anil or will Al edit to their interest to ceo to before when the Scanson opens i shall Hove a depot opposite the Post 3d 3mc x to a o i oct wet Rooma for a certain length of Centi Beds 24 International Kearney Street ban Ward oar a and j1m pet the Mart convenient to the land All and places of meals 28 free coach to and from the Octif French nineteenth m the fire Nick of which is Guarni Steed for fifteen which i we can soil cheaper than in inferior stove can be bought Tor Russia getting Huw iia Una Nereu Btl the Force in nil naval a urdu fullest cup City nil All Kirste is a icing no tic to the work on Tho new in vol All private i tvs own i Tsoh into Ilic Hor Lviv Inkon of Hergt of Ivy Tho win to die in Ledw i he Oil cd president of Lonett to re turn to the pm Mary of adoption and in nil will return he Mcelfi hint in to grow inn Neil Ami to die in our line of British Steamer Novi tin known British wan burned it sea lust All of the passengers and Crew Perl nod Paris of the Vowel have but nothing to the name of Tho at Biak of Loco Over Tho Kern Valley Chester oor1iam at Law offices Over Kern Valley and 28 Block san t a1ikrnattohney at Hak Kern of lace in Zaltek tu9kaattornby at ban rooms 87 and actor nov at la of i Chester Avenue near court Cesmat and feed Sumner Spring Waco no and Saddle hones always ready Lor Hay and Grain for kept do the week or the very Belt t1kstoia88 m p a Ceuta to Sonau cents to Abo wholesale depot for of Otelin and Domestic wines and lager Beer delivered to families a lift Gap hotel Eugene a Law i xhu31ab Bolce in Odd Fellows Bakers a Lvin pay District Atto Kinky Kirk a special Rattei Tuou Kieu to fond probate and civil office in Trio Tay ight notary Kern or to Mung to heal Rattei Edcil lands a special attorney at Tcha Chloia h is Well assorted null we carry every size and shape Call und examine before making no extra charge for setting up stoves or Dinkelspiel Universal Irlish clock Ploub Are now will they meet in1 co urn Farnsworth a Youmg min about during Alto Maitlon shot in Iii Cal Ilia heart Anil then oyo Lonis at 10the Hill la War it help ranking is a gun slip of Iho third claw waa yesterday caught by a Cyclone i the the vessel was twisted half capsized and sunk in what Ceon cd a few so far m heard seventy live Llew wore Quaker Chy Nott Johnsons immense clothing at orc look after Midnight and despite All of the Lar Linen burned completely to the Najj Lycus but it least a Quarter of a million went up in co Lone on a Cyclone in a penal settlement in the Interior of no qty were borne were crushed by falling Wallsend others wore dashed to by he terrible Force of Tho Napa Usei some naia planing Tull left burned hero last loss about by Turo were including Icv Evill racers and 135 of two horses and one cow Wettje Csir loss on the lire u tril Lovec of Hajj Ixo ii Fieo Enlon in 11 proven of weeded from Tho province of Hall la id follow the greatest excl Prevalus throughout but Elf but Ito Scon compelled i Are momentarily sex 11 Al Omen t pre in i is the Trio government in trying to the insurrectionary element fid ii punishment for past in i will result in civil la the time All foreigners no in cd Trento the Behr no set notary Ili Jefferds Bell general land cd Tab Anil a Losalla matters pertaining to the Laid office care fully attended Blanks properly or Ellen plats howl us Eon Dillon of nov Crimont hands contest Ald David Oll co ones a Kooms land sol Farrell Cal Mahon a in a Tho court of the Kluh Fullil mr80 society notices Maquette Blacksmith Wagon and buggy maker Carriage painting horseshoeing of All kinds 1 desiring anything in my line will con suit their own interests by calling on shop cesmat8 livery stable w rough and of All o shingles Thesli a Good place to atop Verr a com modal of no Casary Lor co Lorl and Tricca in connection with Tho hotel will be found Good weighing Scales and a splendid livery feed stable where a Good turnout can always had and teams properly taken care 3o e agents for Buckeye Widy Art to Wool growers if you want to keep your sheep Anil Ini Hrc a Good Hayms sheep sure Curt at moderate Hayward site mixes with Eliher cold or warm ens ult Weller and All modern Farmina did Vineyard relieve that cough 1 Bennetts cough Lictus Tho mighty co scr prepared from the original recipe of a English and German 5o pea Settle prepared Only by in Progress and Thero in great exalt a Niento among the an yet no a Cloum trouble him but the police and soldiers arc under Arras and in read Lyhs to suppress Rio Long should it an 0a a Sarlous Opl Demlo of inn ennui in raging in Scotland and Many deaths have Boon High binders at ban Long looked for outbreak of the cd Ilnam occurred thin when members of the two Amulet leg Caius in Tho Melee Foll car Aillinn waa Cowell fatally and two others the Woolen Mills near by were Mineral Tumua on fire and with Only Long badly Han 8lng Buck was found by Oft cow this ing murdered in ten Doii Tadly n Rumult of the High binders an intellectual treat Jacun challenges Blavin to Elmo and place to to agreed stakes to be a chemists to the Kern Valley Faith opposite Medicine May be obtained Day or great excitement exl Sut and n Strong Clort will now lie made to rid Tho City of Thea kind of Homo talk of Lynching id in thu but i Vloy in strengthened Force in Chin town and till Nix he will in Ulolo prevent another 3 Clong u High hinder of thu Kwong our Baa Vuht Vixen Urr voted for the killing of of incur to was us to Tho county followed by a Largo mob who Wero Only kept Hack by the herculean Nortu of n a qum of ii now the Irlish Jaime to of very ii Lelly but Tho result in not yet until fac Loim claim to have won the neat of the into the National lilt candidate ims uen elected to fill porn club Dunk a look of meth s every in Odil Vellot a Eskield 4 Beatea on o Ornot Lull of the Nikon of each a mbr1cak legion of mi8tue a Trio brat and third Tuc iday evening of each Recti every monday Ken of every Bakko Ivory tuesday at their Hull the of each All kinds of building a full line of steel Florong and con r nineteenth and m 191li find k l Abr Najduk every saturday tube ice j ovary monday tour Subt a bits i Flat in each Mouth la phy8ioian8 improve Iho Wool and Vracr Tieb Wool commit upon finh and Townsend san general Lefis Mckelvey of tobit Toht new goods ooh task real estate agents and parlor and bedroom suits Wall picture Cheater in Kern Valley Bank building physician and m to off co into u to Drury pm has moved his off Rogers on Kluth Teenah he a trek j and 1kl Chester Avenue and with Street t Ameo Woojoo 9 u to 6 Anil 7 to 8 it w of Floc n Cook d Wick in Dalles e Bouri 10 to 18 2 to 4 and Money to loan a he 1nriabxd to a Lull line of cab Kab ills one second to none in Southern is always in readiness Ith vib Tuan Marble Yard 1 All kinds of 01 hand a lome fall before purchasing 8 contractor and builder drawing Flautt and making Kostl to aloft Job w3rk promptly Attinoto to shop on Bouth of the Kern Valley u029ii o oho Iob Resh groceries provisions also dry goods clothing hoots and 8hoks Adios and cents dre8h 3oodh Amu All Bond or labor furnished to contractors Nii irk labor fun Buhbe Vor Ai kinds of work including Brick help for give me a Frank oct will Rook of a Senia coital san Kex am intr this morning coins out in a Long a Lolo comr gang attorney general a Rund detective with work ing it disreputable a chemo Shiv inc state More san Cully and Beistor were indicted today by the grand jury and Warnath have been ii Ucol for their fire Damp Torr Flo explosion occurred this inborn Long in the Bustie Hanith Coal ten min ers Are known to have been killed and Many being brought out of Tho mine in a dying the excitement is wives and Nio thers crowd around the Mouth of Trio Shaft und As each body is brought up from Tho Depths below there Are froth out of High mighty South Westerly tiles Are sweeping Over the Hurtt Tali whole districts lira be ing flooded and the losses to banners will by at off Token Lush Trio French Schooner Kbar enl foundered Early this Tho Captain with wife and Sou Wero but the Crow wan lived by Lifeboat the write so ship venue of Oln Ngow went Crow Clung to the and with the Iron two Jinks Why All but seven were rescued by the Ulfo saving reported along the read slander the of Lien today Hawley far the Aboul Heair to be if member of a ring and it to repeated various about political matters held with Tho onco told him that Chris Zukley had Pond was to to for a matter of common Rumor that Intsons have been in tried into is our government and England Tot met the Ponta at iwo in the Behr sea matter to closest inquiry Falls to Elle Lujin Cial Detally or inform Loiti probably coloured in Tri new patches received Furdui Satt this Assort that mini and Captain Ohley of the continue to receive Tell Ltd from Iho and Sci toy a Clarca that War in dangerous to san while foil a flight of to talk in a building Hama a treat and broke his f if new boiler explosion at Parade ser Forert morning three men were in Tallif off Olal Brullman Tho brazilian today it ugly the following cablegram from Janeiro in regard to the Stuat Jbv that country continue to deny alarming re Ortii spread thro Tig Xvi rope in regard to threatened to Atton of Trio monarchy and of Public order in lilo de 3 Elro to perfect to by i factory and there a in the other provinces bouncing perfect order it Al for the entente in flout o the Bottom of the Young Man who we morning just after from a la a victim of to won formerly i governor when the election Canio and for that reason to would a sack to Sacramento knowing that Holley would neck for it and that Wou Settle Spring Valley Witer sax ploy of forgo a but made 90010 the Pool rooms and resigned w afterwards to lost Alt of ills fall Iwer and lower until to took to purse snatching Tufa a Viand heirs farming Tea Vino Beh Vicki of a staff of competent i am now ully prepared to do All kinds of Gas Iron or steel a Large Supply of plumbers and a filters material on hand at moderate Well Casino and pumps a specially w a01ntkor Cyclone Eitl Matt on aay my line cheer flatly free William Corner of nineteenth and k we Whf Ardizzi eneral merchandise be Rytting take pleasure in announcing that we have flour leu open Jun our irn Mem personally selected of comp Rilang the following Complete Staple and prov Liloni Walnea and importer and dome Solo and in All popular Branda Shell and Bull Dera hardware i tin Granite and Agate Ware arms ammunition crockery and Tulai aware wooden and Willow Ware and Patent medicines youth and in the latest styles i Genta and Bola and and misses shoes and in All the newest dry fancy goods and notions ladles Drew in the new and a Annable fab loft s and the newest we always keep on Hind Stock of Bupp Lles Lor Sucu u Salt of All 8hkep sheep Wool Etc to people living at a distance we would by that Fth Djea Ihl Poloi goods by Roll Are unequal de by any other House in the of Acx Els Are i hopped to us by the our Are in the Dowst proximity to the and any order Cap be shipped at the shortest notice and without charge in half of i miners miners strike against employment of by Contra Torh has resulted in open the minors Are now thoroughly organized and feeling their Power their ten to every convict Wilt to Trio is Tito Surv outcome of the present condition of the usual Han Jeremiah Cotter wan killed by lout evening at the family residence on fifteenth there have been in stunt Beckeringh Tho couple und Tho wife win insanely weeping Fauntl Cali of course Over the remains of the loved one she Good set Tai Flo urn Veitz Randlon Liv Ery stables caught lire last Prei sum ably from some Castaway and were totally four of tote employees who were sleeping in the barns Wero smothered by the smoke and burned to Dollar of deut Over two Hundred a Lowe saw 1 inquiry the origin of the the the Captain of Fla t Foj of did Here two years brought Frilay agr unit tie Spring a Alliy Wator up Pahy to Leeover Kunc Loii of one Hundred Facret of Lair in Tho Unn Cho Taguim do la Trio land in very valuable to the apr Ting in toy Wonfor com inky and the suit will to Amer can tar ninth an Nual Twan Lon of thu american turf Congress Cormui icel hero this More Tho Rule heretofore adopted by which no Trot Liik three years old and upward be allowed to enter in Raco of Tomii Otic won Sun landed for one will moot again this the Navy Yard Newark was to be Adt Nual Flug Gilp and Lanutti Concord and Yentai my sail Tot Brazil Early next w not positively known that Kave been re curved yet under declare thai in Jcj probable Desu nation of made a Brt Ftp the prisoners in the Cou Tyjai Gilead picked the thing and a Tot j5 at Doug them Han the Young Milkman who waa shot lout saturday r High Binder Chew sing Cheung Ron amuck with his a Volvo and killed of ulcer has Iniel Fareti Al Lingo for the Wane and in gradually Why Sloan a Toniny Lio can Jong to t Pinai wit inst Nuy it tenon seriously injured in ing while Enno ged lure blast in the Bay t my Over from a face Way Waltl them Ifo Ali in Alro Dunck Tele graphs from that Chauny of new York was Yale Rosy in Ltd which he has re the Royal baking Power in m sided about so Hathor co was a California of new nov was room at the Everett tills i had
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