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Bakersfield Weekly Californian Newspaper Archives Nov 5 1892, Page 8

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Bakersfield Weekly Californian (Newspaper) - November 5, 1892, Bakersfield, California 8 the weekly Bakersfield november 5 Mary had a Little Myrv Imil it Little Wonso vim White nil Over he followed her ton shool one Day inc teachers name so then ills Tinoher kicked him out for the theres no Protection for you Here if x Lew Trade then Mary ill ii her acc Lnu Iris and and a fold in plainly non Ken sen your she Imd n mate Tyrh feeding there and from his close proximity he heard thin lie Insil Lihn Down Bun Catli i he Tell school was out for no kit ills re hot Lilmond was boiling Oer and spoiling for n when drover closed the school that she Ali Akered to see the Lamb from Tontti the Steps Tonko drover on the lie struck him fail tic Luw the a relive Tonii and nil ills free Trade fallacies went in the thin shh full of dirt ills eyes Hill he i plainly see the Ivy i never saw i before Wool rowers go Ini ii unclaimed wanderers what he saw and heard and there lint of unclaimed in the Posto Allce for the week and uni k William John c t t mint Kate m i i j ii miss Ollie win we w Charles k Joseph Joe o Klch Nril t a u Thoni i Lewis Leorne k a Tele j j Lgeorge in tar a Mckay mrs Richard John Ben a Lotie Juan Rafael Canncey her Allan j j mrs w a Only Nineteen More Days until the will you be in la Horn tic Orent Register and the 2 Loi Ift to out Lii any of these tic apply cart must Call for unclaimed giving Tho Date of the if not called for within one they will in1 sent to the dead Wash now the Monte two doors cast of rank of the Coz Iest restaurant in the private rooms and Entrance for fresh Eastern oysters Frozen and in always on children cry for pitchers Castoria Tan torn Hob Well adapted to children hint 1 Iaconi Nind Ila big Wiur to any ill South Oxford y t fast Ora in my and find it specially Odu Tuu Alk 1037 to new from inv Tel know Helgn i can nay that pm Tori is u most excellent Medicine for Dreu Eldredge b Cantor la promotes and overcomes sour and thus Tho child is rendered Hen Liliy and sleep Cantor in contains to morphine or other it takes to secure it seems to be in accordance with the eternal illness of things that the cold j spell should come in tie latter Days of the concealed political at trios plur hits much to do wit i said a prominent Man the other the Campaign of education Anil thought has super ceded the ago of there will never lie another Campaign of Cannon and he was that thing has reigned for thirty and hit1 generation hits inn Lovely room in Hamors fled there piled up a Hundred or so Torch list urls of to those who desire procured this year by one of the 1 w they have never been never will the cold fuels sober second thought makes this atmosphere about the candidate am the regulation hum him to face the Stern of the aspirant for tie Price of to drink with a bold and wit i a decent respect for the opinions of Man special arrangements for open Day and to the unders Kinod Havlir been restored to health by simple a Flor Millering for several years with a severe ining and that dread disease is anxious to make known toffs fellow mid Rirs the Means he will cheer copy of the pc scrap lion which they will finl a sure cure lit onion Tisani All Throat and ii iii m he Hopes All sufferers will try his As it Ivalu those Ileal Liik the which will Cost them and May prove a bless will please Edward new to the Gibbons 623 Kearny of san established in Forth treatment of sexual and him anal hitch As syphilis in All its but Inai and i lost manhood the sick and i afflicted should not fall to Call upon i the doctor has travelled extensively in and inspected thoroughly the various hospitals obtaining a great Deal of valuable inform which he is competent to impart to those in need of his the doctor cures when try will no charge unless be elects a persons at a div Tance tired at a strictly All letters answered 111 Plain Call or write address san aim2ltf a strictly fun Lily posse i us nil modern ghee Pelto the Best Rioch very obtain them and make Eldredge manufacturing s k x there was a Row among the the other ii was not a Large enough one to do any lasting there were u few Black Jtb and Home bleeding hut no funerals follow to favor a More respectable state of it gotten so that women Are timid and fear to remain at Home this is a sad Slat and one that the men should regulate by u Little exhibition of run lie this sort of protect ion is a Man dressed i overalls Tyml heavy with faded hut and Bony hands is not to he feared unless Inis such a Imin will not steal and will work if lie has work to u is he More primp gentlemanly who tries to dress smokes circa cats and Gamble when he Lias a no socials with the soiled doves if the chinese Ina Ter by living Oll their Sham Elui and Burg its dents at a proper distribution of and a Little liar shot would lie the proper treatment for such tired there is no apparent fear expressed i the countenance of wiil lilo loot in regard to ids lie would Wager As he has done that to say he would not shave it Oil until Ime Veland was in unit Case he would have a Mist Auto to Long that it would make a chinese lint Are lllll1 not sue i Liels a Little on tie order hut there is a whole lot of Tun in it for theother and it is n healthy exorcist1 to insolvency in pointy of state of in the matter of ii an insolvent order of adjudication of it Ilni ii Leil in this court his Sehe Drle and inventory in from which it appears that he is an insolvent the mild Ihk is hereby declared to be the slurp la of the Stifil county of is Lier Ehy appointed receiver and directed to take Possession of All the real and the said said in solvent except such As Lime be by Law exempt irom and of All his Hooks of account and and to keep and care for and dispose of the same until the appointment of an Assignee of Bis and that said tile a Bond is such receiver in the sum of to be approved i it the in de of tills and Lake Ibe proper oath of Ottyce As such All ii sons Are forbidden to pay any a Tufts to the Sahl insolvent or to deliver imy property to such insolvent to or to any corporation or association for his and thesal debtor is hereby forbidden to Transfer or de liver Liny property until the further order of this except As herein it in further ordered Linn All the creditors of iii to debtor be and appear before Rne of i he Superior court of the county of in open at the court Shooni of Sahl in the county of Kern on t he 1th Day of at 10 Oclock of that to prove their debts Ami choose one or More assignees of the estate of said it is further Iid end that the order be pub in Tiik a newspaper of published in the county of As often As the said paper is published before the said Day set for the meet iii of i and it that in Hie meantime i All Agi iltis the mild insolvent 1 a Widne of sup prior court dated Imp a True copy Rcv All lots under the projected Kern River consolidated o particulars at Drury drug dealer in and having had 30 years experience at i guarantee All work to be done Bone cd Illus Leet la1vg will Cut dry or Green a it will Cut dry or Green a Rustle and i Ireen Cut books will double the number of Inako them More Ier i carry the hens safely through the in Liin id and put them in i to inv Whitn i n i Ull your i i inks fus r t in in y Oiler Foi feel Ireen j and use to kill the and on ill Ninaku Frlj r Cut More Iho for coital menu and 1toatck and Deil Crick Lepors and French Nixt Kunth a m j i clash meals i ii cents to Kozonis i tonts in also i wholesale depot for foreign and Domestic liquors wines and lager Beer delivered to Annlies apr if j agents and bottlers of the celebrated Buffalo Beer i the Best brew in the cigars the family Trade is respectfully solicit i Corner l and opera school books and school supplies Yankee notion novels am news Wall paper and ceiling firearms and Domestic and and cda7cd Axle i agent for the a attn grease i v Best in the i Cutlass intr two boxes of ony Othor effected by Otlet the Oen for Sale by dealers finest Quality of specs and eyeglasses and Rogers genuine Cesmat livery and Send Riest Sumner attest Tomkil in for Scott Ong to moot Llie tin1 i Winter f j held linvt1 in the of i Allie Ruvii Ami Why not Ali tuly Tiluy Litimo Nunulu tin Ellort it ii set and Here is we afro Alliey will Lutzo it is not n sult or it us an it us not tit nil probity in Leto social inter and its Tine of thin informs a cannot fail to Hirenge popular if Trio Nashio win Only of or run itt without a the Ninsi in Tiu tint1 Tirls will i lie the Krliu Piil fact Ruth of the j Zoccani Oruil iii ills will u1 Niv Rii Ali inc j Tho will lit it will ii Iivo very no tile fair Lias Juhr title Tittl tit to is u temporary of it a conch to i Tive in Fusil new life into in people of they hive learn Neil t hat one tiling twin lit1 done Well us unit if the proper up lilt is there is no question How lint hint the Worth will pass no oink Tiu line hid Bakers loll tin1 it is at lit1 lie ail of Tho Valley nil it is Nellve with i yen sri Nohle men Anil All heeled with Pride for Bluit they have done Ami what they propose to tin in the the Lino of inn Reh now is on want municipal Lime Rule Ami u City of Loci Ranbir meeting Plourd of Kern Isiria Hoard met at Al Lien j in the matter of Issue of county the following Resolution is on motion it appears to this Board that it in to Vole of All the school for who has a High shoo for Kern not for Jit when you in that it Ivi in ires n Mai Lorils votes cast to obtain u Kern everyone school and county interests it heart Livors the of u school where the higher to rates arc there is Many will neglect in at the voters of Kern do not iii fit such Allim port tint matter As it will not to an expensive us the building Nan lit mad suitable for such a school until such time us if Nesity Houct hints the candidate who Nies us dial Iho iii lying this and that to every body he Meeth in order to secure Voles will Bear he is playing a Ctm thence game that ought to my la Salilo to a Rimnal we know of one democratic Saiid Letite in Kern county who is playing that very and of course to is be pull no to la Nup Josed to have most of the thut Lui Micun has Given him imperatively necessary ibid a univ a new Lisp ital and a Hull of records for said county lie built at and flirt her Thiol a sum is needed for and mods within the tie Ordinary Revenue of the county not still Lent for Sutti purposes the Lime when the same is now is by the Hoard of super Karu ordered thai at the general Clellon to lie hem in Salt county and i state on Hie i Teihlli Ila of there j Sirull be Suhm tied Lollie null led electors of Sahl of Italy the of the Issei Aimee of the i Bonds of tie said Ami the a bonded indebtedness of said Nunly to the i amount of one Hundred and tidy thousand Dol i said i Odds to he in Sam of not than i one Hundred dollars nor More than one Tho ii Vii in dollars having not More than Twenty i run and hearing interest no the rate of or cent per payable t ninth in the proceeds of said Bonds to he used in for the purposes hereinafter i county 00 for Iurii isling the county for Ere Clim a county Hospital ii j for furnishing hit county o for Bill Liik an Annex to the court i for n la allow Liee ords ii j for furnishing the Hall of w for the Luisiii Leurinee and i repair of roads within the county iii and the county clerk of said county is hereby directed to Iila Coupon the ballots to be at i mild Lien Cral tin one for the issuance o f never fails the permanent Eures for opium and Tolia Ueo Yon Are put under no you can have nil the whisky or morphine you wish Anil we furnish it no injury to the no no had no loss of Lime from if you live in Eity you fan ree Elve Tiva Tinnel at Home or room and Board Are furnished at the Institute if desired Anil All strictly to ladles and the Tohnee remedy fan in All eases be applied at is sent to any at dress on in Seipt of consult Aljimi Ctol and Home treat Merit for iii Una or mor j Phene habits for j Walion and Saddle horses always Leady for Hay and Grain for manhood nerve the wonderful remedy Esnold with a to cure nil nervous Sulci id weak of Itrato nightly All drains and loss of Power of Tho generative organs in either caused Over Youthful or sex opium or stimulants which Load to Consun Inton and put up convenient to carry in Vest is Pei Parka rely Maili Fifer to with every order we Flat he verb and Avtar or lilt to refund circular free manufactured by the manhood restorative new Cut by mail or express on receipt of aim Resh the Solo Edward Southern kept 01 Tho Reuk or Verv Best the i Lew Muffi idly oitos1tb most of kick goods ifs St Choice fresh groceries provisions also dry oooo clothing hoots and s1i01cs Ladi Sand ints Dakss ill ods and kinds of farming real estate i filings 3dd final proofs mate of just Cindi Lanai and country property for Sale Miles cure company 321 Ellis Ellof Chester Avenue i French ii 1 i attknt10s of Tiik is Kkt Skoti land Lully Cullell to tin incl Llma Llilas Lyniol 1ms Boon nil it s now Piru Siirid i ump t Sisum Viii Iai i to Croni Toiliili Iru Viktos Linn Tiu of Athan i we ill Leo 811 is 1ikkh1y Lilvin that Tiik i it Tatj Kre Ipili iii Llie Mill icon iii i 0 a sup Pineil Ullh i a Kiiru i incl Krinch him Lnier will Partlon Lola la Popi Ilner Bakersfield Cal we build you a Home Kirn Ami i tin int Aiti Linsi Hie i of la Nils Kirin Ami h iii Hur Oid Crail unit nullii1 i us Kiili Leklin if i in inn i Sui i Ekil Lini Silviu Liy it ropy ugh fur Ludiry the ilnti1 if null Lorl Nii in Ilu Korli Coli Only skiis i ninth i kith i mainly Korn Vii Lluy Hil Iliin Pili los nil in Sulila n Iio Tuo in Lii cd Immurs no Hie Jim Bounly of Sulila Ileal latin Siml Len of Salil Mil lir to lie by Len no oils Ali Wirtl unit Liy Ilia the i iii ii tie a limn Tini Ilove Ritoli Illon was Liy i in 1 Liy i he Fullis Wiik Vole i Foni Imine Lle if mid Annil clerk Hiilis of Kern unit ill the a Eneriel Eul latin to lie Liell ill Snail to minty nil Unte tin Llie Sulli ony u quiere will lie Kiihul theil in the vote to Mill ele Tum Llie Tonii of Hie Lisit Finio at ii lion Lii in tie sum n to lie Usnel for the Peel Lloil in the fore Sii alter Klinl Riiman of null pack Audi clerk of Mem it stick settler has tiled notice of her intention to Inieke to Linin Ninf in us Piort of her Mill unit Mitil Jirong will he mile in minty clerk of Kern in county on Liee Ember Vul for the new of of Nevi ii in of t 10 Hal she mimes Llie prove her i Yontl Nitoiu res Kleine mul evil Vallun of Koltl Sii Innel Julio of Murk la swell of John la Ihnn of Diin Lel Len iii of land of Ohk at i Sej Delnor i notice is he Kohv that Tiik seller bus Floetl not co of Bis intention to make Liimol proof in support of his Ami that Salt proof will lie made he Titi Superior Kern at link i on i Hon Jamie Iro Eplion for Tho of nil of ne11 be t i u in and of of Sec t k is m to mimes the following witnesses lop Rove his cont autos Resl Talenco upon and of Salt Fletcher Fri iii thurs on and Tom Allol Kern so Iron land Okki i at Jolick is 1ik1ikiiy Mukh that the settler Hiis died not co of capital authorized Sling to the system provides the moans for Small Stockli oilers to build a Linn on easy Purine its it it very Low Vitte of his iii Ivilou to make 11 Mil proof in support of i the third his that said proof will be made be i fore of the Superior i court of Kern us i on i Alt list entry for the being i lot 1 and j of m lie names the Rollo Ului witnesses to prove his j him Simions Reslip Einice and of i said diaries Philip Roll Rcd Seii ind All of Laker Hield Kern Fries is now open for shares and Lav the foundation apply to the Secretary for a few for u that our every Thant olt usually the Bakersfield will deliver Hilek it or sunnier in quantities Over per nil plaster for win ilk we keep a Hurire Stock of 11uk lie of Nihil in n Riik medicines May he Olioli Alneil Day or mul we Are prepared to 111 shiite or special messed incr orders us All Kern Val lev pharmacy Tolo Mihono Obj Yunich opt Wylte a Iju ill owl Rimini Uultt in Telephone 8

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