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Bakersfield Weekly Californian Newspaper Archives Nov 5 1892, Page 7

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Bakersfield Weekly Californian (Newspaper) - November 5, 1892, Bakersfield, California The weekly november a the interment of har to Ltd ill 11 tier jury Road Poison october the Broome tobacco fac Paul Kurnes dry goods House and several other establishments were destroyed by lire this Crawley and one of his Jos Eph were caught by the fall ing Walls and instantly fire and loss of october House of Corr Petign at Goel Mersdorf was burned last the lire spread with Sulci rapidity that Many of the 500 prison ers had to jump for their twelve Are known to have been burned to death and Many others Are the fire fiend at october Colliery is five miners have already perished in the another j husky october h re broke out last night in the Exten Sive establishment of the Brooklyn cooperage company and destroyed that Gunter Cru Cible Eide sons cooperage Llu Sells machine Colgate store houses and Sta and a number of Small the loss in variously estimated at from to the last of october the funeral train bearing the remains of Harrison readied Here on sched ule tile in accordance with the presidents were very immediately upon the arrival of the train Tho casket was borne by the pallbearers to the in wait and after the funeral party had been conducted to the the cortege moved to the when All had been seated the hymn Lead Light was rendered by the and Hay Harrisons Pas Tor during the latter years of her Resi Dence in Liis delivered a Short in a passage of scripture was and the pastor made a Brief and at the grave a Short passage of scripture was read and a prayer was and the casket was lowered into the the service occupied but a few there was almost a Complete cessation of business and Many Industrial establishments sus Pended operations for the Railroad to Khz october at 7 Oclock this morning two freight trains on the big four railway came together with a fearful crash on a Bridge Over the Wabash River near this and both the engines and a cars went to the Bottom of the River Over one Hundred feet it is believed several persons were Engineer Westly Allison was killed and two other trainmen were seriously the Bruner jury san october after noon today the jury in the Brunei Case were brought into upon being asked if they had reached a ver the Foreman answered in the and stated that there was no possibility of their doing judge Wallus thereupon thanked them for their services and discharged the jury had been out just four a Poison i october Neil in Cream has confessed that from 1870 to i when to was arrested in he made practice of poisoning Diso Lute girls in his numerous he Wero hurried without suspicion on Tho part of anybody that they bad died unnatural j fraud and october formerly Consul for the United states was today convicted of fraud and perjury and sentenced to imprisonment at hard labor for eighteen Slyder was arrested in july inst on a charge of embezzling the proceeds of in estate which he received from an american to be handed Over to heirs in election of traffic san october new executive committee of the traffic association held a Short meeting this morning and elected the following offi cers Barry Baldwin first Hobert Watt second Baker Isaac Upham Thomas As traffic Man was elected originally for two he Lias still Over a year to Blaze in october lire last night destroyed eleven blocks persons lost their the loss amounts Chicago athletic club build ing a successful train robbery in Ala Downs in this four lives in the to getting Dawn very october civil service commission report to the attorney general for criminal prosecution under the Law for soliciting Politi Cal contribution in the Case of Samuel treasurer of the Republican state committee of new whom they accuse of sending circulars of solicitation to clerks in government specific offences Are charged and documents in each Case accompany the the circulars name no particular but request contribution for legitimate and necessary expenses of the Campaign As each one May choose to arrest of an express october warrant Lias been applied for by my superintendent of Wells Fargo express for arrest of Oscar superintendent of the same charging that Fitch has pm Money belonging to the com Ami it is alleged that speculations extended Over several years and amount to about Fitch collected Money which san Francisco storekeepers paid for transportation of parcels and it is charged that every month he was accustomed to turning in a Little less than he re a brute in the october Bur Echo Peralt leading member of a Tough gang in vist was to Day sentenced to six months imprison ment in the county jail and to pay a Fine of for an assault upon a 7yearold girl last he is now under Bonds of to appear for trial in the Superior court on a charge of making a similar assault upon a married woman wrecked ship san october wreck of the ship Joseph which went ashore lust week at fort Wes sold at auction in the Mer chants Exchange at Oclock this afternoon to a ship Chandler of this for the Spinney i was bound to this port from new and with her cargo of general Mer november Beautiful new Homo of the Chicago athletic on Michigan Avenue Between Washington and Madison was destroyed by Early this shortly after 2 Oclock the officers saw the Lames issuing from one of the windows on fourth five minutes later the entire Interior of the handsome Structure was a mass of the building when completed would have been the finest athletic club Bous Jii the world and probably the most magnificent of any its contemplated Cost was the loss on the building is estimated at from to probably As heavy loss As that upon the club been inflicted upon the Panorama of Chicago by a lire one door South of the athletic Liis immense Cyclorama costs and a ton of water Lias been thrown amongst its fragile just what the loss would be Burr declines to but Shook ills head when 000 was the Western Bank note company building on the Cor Ner North was protected by a lire but several lines of Hose were run onto the Stra Leture and two leads placed on the roof where they played Toad Vantage on the burning the Max Well building in the rear of the burned the first three floors being filled with Wall paper and material and the upper occupied by the Waterbury clock was Only saved by a nine Inch i attempted j november Julius i the hungarian was shot at last night As he set in a dining car of a train a shot distance from Bidin the shot passed through a window at his right hand and entered the Back of his the train was stopped and men sent Back to the spot at which the shot wan but no Trace of the Man who did the firing could be successful train november a Clever train robbery occurred last night on the East Virginia and Georgia seven Miles North of the South bound express train stopped at the just below when the Rob Bers got they went into express car and messenger Rogers promptly yielded up the mail agent was equally accommodating and gave up a number of registered the robbers then pulled the Bell Cord and the train slowed up when they jumped disappearing in the there were two of them and they were a posse is in preparing for new november Dent Noel of the Crescent City ath Letic club of new who is in this said today that Mitchell will Post a forfeit of to meet Cor Bett at new Orleans for the purse Oll Fred by that he rioting against Royality at Grenada in heavy purses for Sufler Arp in opium november Adlai accompanied by his Law James arrived it the Palmer House last the vice presidential candidate Lias been West and South within the past two and in his general fatigued appearance he shows Tomt the Campaign Lias been he will remain in the City until the election is speaking of his meetings in tie he said i dont making Al Lowance for partisan that Many republicans would venture to predict any break in the solid South if also says that Hall is willing to Post a j Ntuli witnessed those vast Assem forfeit of to Light Fitzsimmons for the purse uttered by the suicide of the Arctic november about ii Oclock tills morning Lieuten ant Frederick the famous Arctic was picked up on the Street in an unconscious be Side him Lay an empty laudanum Bot the patrol Wagon was called and removed him to the police where lie since Case of wages and tiie intelligent interest Dis played in the issues before the As for West i have been in consultation with the political orders and the result of my Consulta Tion is to convince me that the state will go democratic by a larger Mii Jor Ity than it did in in the East the leaders feel sanguine As to though of course our opponents arc straining every nerve to carry the the same May be said of now it is probably a Jackson to Challenge Wilkie pointed Ami Iii civil Anmina Piso was a of Macedonia for one year lie Drew for his outfit from the pub Lic Treasury Esterces or dial not want the Money for that purpose everything required by a proconsul was supplied to him by Trio Piso simply took i to Money for and Lent it out in Romo at i Ign versus was charged by Cicero with having robbed Sicily of in to lire besides Many valuable works of he practically admitted his guilt by retiring from to oui without attempting any Cic when governor of Tho poor province of form himself Hinricher in Ono year by and be was perhaps the Only proconsul who Ever banded Over his surplus to Tho there can be no doubt that Cicero and Tho younger Pliny received Large sums from their clients while Elioso clients Wero still Babns is not Likely to have secured the argument pro Basho for a Intro and Tho gratitude of Sicily for Tho prosecution of Verres undoubtedly took a very substantial apart from All such it is re corded that both Cicero and Tho younger Pliny received legacies from clients to Trio amount of Bibb of tolls us on Tho authority of that several of Trio richest senators nil a in come of 11 computing the stated provision of Corn and Chandise was valued at newspaper manufacturing x i a movement is on foot to Combine All the paper manufacturers of English capitalists Are behind it and it is said Liat the combination will soon beef it understood an Export duty on Spence will be demanded As a retaliatory tax for the me Kin Ley to Refl in Wood bearing sea october minister of Marine who has been preparing the Canadian counter Case to be subject to the Hehring sea arbitration in answer to the american leaves for new tomorrow to consult the leading British before the Pliml documents Are judge Spearer october a Pioneer of this died last he held the position of Superior and county judge ships for a number of he leaves a three sous and a the plug ullies at new new october and Godfrey Are in excellent condition for their fight before the Coney Island athletic dub and a rattling Mill is Camminette getting at a Largo and enthusiastic meeting of of this held in the marys Vullo opera House last evening no usual Cabinet november usual Cabinet meeting was not held to the president wishing to remain by and no business of urgency required a convocation of the several members called Dur ing the among them being attorn Ney eneral Miller and Secretary j Charles i Steamer on a Van november the United states coast Survey Steamer Jedney is in a dangerous position on the reef at Portier nothing Lias been heard from her since when the tug Active tried unsuccessfully to pull her but us the weather has been Calm it is Likely her Posi Tion has been disturbed since strike of the building new november a Gigantic strike of All the building trades in sympathy with the striking electric wire took place it is believed that by tomorrow work in the various departments of the build ing Trade in this City will be at a am tug november steam pipe on Tho Rubb burst Early this Mornini severely burning William Michael Waters and Edward they were removed to the Hospital where they died of their fire and loss of rioting at u k Ana i november fail ure of the Queen to come Here to in november the Columbus and Isabella Inonu teen Hundred people saw Peter Jackmen has caused intense son spar four easy rounds with John great sums had been spent in prepare Mcvay at the Academy of music last ing for the Royal party and the excuse Parson Davies says that Jack found in the Kings illness did not son Witch allege satisfy the last night the peo ple gathered in the streets in Jim the Monument after holding i Short began to pillage in the neigh Trio Royal Tribune was burned and the covering was torn from the the Lionso of the local conservative Leader was stoned and an attempt made to fire most of the crowd went provided with pistols and horns which they had in tended to use when the ministers arrived from but the latter hav ing Learned of Tho rioting have not started from the crowds Are still rioting throughout the the triumphal Arches have been torn Down and the of Lees have been people arc shouting Long Livo the re the Polius Pic i mobs repeatedly and Many have been opium heavy seizure of san november customs officers made a valuable Seiz ure of opium on the Steamer Oregon from Portland this sixteen Hundred and forty valued at were found in cases marked j playing Sontag sentenced for november Soni convicted of complicity in the cold train was today sentenced i to life imprisonment by judge attorney Culdwell immediately gave j notice f Godfrey new Defeated Godfrey in fifteen rounds lust the Hachita Jacobs was a visitor to los Angeles the Early part of this the Garlock who Are the next largest land owners to Tobert have put on Sis six horse teams for dry the Brick work is now compiled on the new 1uuly building and the Interior is being done As Fust As the lower Story will be ready for occupancy by january the Hachita turned out in full Force to attend lie District fair and some Havo not yet most All who have been heard to express speak highly of Tho Pavilion exhibit and the hospitable treatment which they whose prognostications on Tho weather have been accepted next to the signal service of Austin Young As being perfectly a predicts a great rainstorm on or about november with continuous Rains throughout in de Cember there will he no watch How tills comes out for a weather i i Whoso great Brick to j Tel of three stories now looms up upon the Circum ambient air of 5000 feet Alti will certainly begin operations for the flour Mill next and be ready for the Harvest in Pauly will use the engine for the Mill in the daytime and at without generate years ago was the Home of the the november j stage from Chico arrived this it was stopped by Deputy collector who ha1 reasons to think unit among the chinese aboard was smuggled opium secreted in a trunk of one of the who refuses to it was found Svitlik cans of the con Traband which is now in the hands of Roland Faulkner november it was announced today that Ito land Faulkner of Trio a Yarton University of will accept the position of Secretary to the United states commissioners to the International monetary conference in new Steamer Quizar a rough november the Wilheln Linn arrived in me buy Simc Ami Ai Mio putting out the it will Genera enough electricity to Light the Low fancy which eight yen she had a fearfully rough Voy age and was two Days and eight hours behind a rough sea constantly boarded four of her Crew were seriously Edwin Booth in bad november Edwin Tho left Here to Day for new he is not improved in and Hail to be supported by Mountain lion and the grisly Bej is Soninlaw and daughter from the hotel to his november burling ing lighted with lire of the ton and Missouri Railroad depot and the ticket sales for the candidates hotel it has been Granger and Cole and two guests Are supposed to have perished As they were not seen to leave the building and cannot be a wholesale november Kight coloured convicted of the murder of James Hill near aspic re for the cd Tojiu Church have reached a figure beyond Tho expectations of the most if All Como who hold the House will not be half Large enough to accommodate supper will be served at the Summit under the new management of and a Good Good music and cd count lunch is the Hep Balcun so often alluded to by correspondents from this warship november advices from where the British warship Howe is state that two compartments Are full of and hat it is doubtful if she can get off the the amount was about a thou congressman Kent lust j curried out their programme and Light that Slyder Hud been guilty of other reaching Back for a number of ryders wife became involved in the Case through swearing falsely at her husbands with the object of Clearing was but since him been it being evident that she acted under compulsion of her Ryder was a Veteran of the american civil War and had an excellent record up to Tho time Tho crimes wore children cry for pitchers Al such time As govern Kami but in the course of in issued a Challenge to his j were yesterday sentenced to Miry by Trio authorities it came to John Imvris mid defied him to meet him in a joint debate on Tho mining either in tills City or Nevada City or any other place in the District that Davis might be hanged i paid All Trio Bills which they contracted or Brown ilor Tho democratic club murder and san Johnson and her 10yearold son Wero found dead in their Homo this the boy had been shot three times and Trio Mother two revolvers Wero and it is posed that Johnson first killed the boy and then took her own she was in destitute Hildebrand san november i Henry a grocery Mun who was mysteriously shot by two men in his store lust Friday died last there is no clue to a Small november morn ing a Tiro damaged the new building of the Chicago athletic club to the extent of and the Chicago fire Panor Ama bul Dlug with its Hundred Strong is still in i arrears for and from i out appearances will remain so for an 1 inc Lonale but in they have let the free Trade idea run away with and their great cry is for cheap they May to taking this plan to bring it making it for nothing us a the political Outlook was never judging from tills and adjoining precincts the Peoples party is almost the democrats Are Fust falling into line and Declar ing themselves for Borg Bender and other thu Ochipa and other Mountain precincts will be classed in the doubtful list n Market report november very Sec Jan my woman suffrage in november the Bill granting suffrage to working miss Mary who was brought hero from Chicago by flip a Meri can federation of labor to organize Tho working women of new bus just returned from a hero she bus succeeded in organizing u Union of bind Ery and pressroom president Josephine of Trio Albany ii Luniak ers has been hindu proc Turess of Tho Union of bindery miss Kenney ims gone to Boston to organize Trio shoo and slip reports Tomt thu bindery girls Union which Slio organized in new York is growing every there in every direction now for miss Kenney to organize Tho ing during lie Lato hot Ami soil lie found difficult to get girls tout tend to but now Tomt it Over Trio meetings Aro better in Trio meantime miss Klimey Lias been industriously making Trio acquaintance of working girls at their she Lias a Good Deal of personal Klio was told before so Cuttno hero t lint it was hard to got new York girls to form hut ways she 1ms found nothing to disc Onugu her now York Tho marriage of Connie Gilchrist with Trio Eurl of Orkney is Only Ono among thu Many which Havo taken place in con Ned Ion with stagehand in thu first ii ice to have Kuto who married the Earl of Euston for for Trio Earl will to Trio next Shiku of Vanulm married to colonel my far removed from Tom earldom of Cowley Dolly wild we to the Marquis of Kiln Samry Belle now countess of Clu Curty toss Nollido nor Rod to tin Hubert dnncojnbi1 miss Cuniglio married to Tho then there was mks who Reco veil in lieu of being undo h and miss Phyllis Broughton received fur a Lilc of that Nair Arimo Crimcy in gelling Comizio h Jitsu Fol Lovci Tom of Louisa urn Titi countess of of Lviv Hijii in Loii of of miss Fiir Reti con it of of Citty of Maria of and Ali Iii not least Mollon Duchess of London so mule when it Bucu Niu a Fud in Washington during thu Luht so Shiou of Congress for Tho ladies from the different status to obtain for Wear if possible Somo jewel which should to Wilisti Nativo of their native the of senator of wanted very much to find hoi Iio Stone native to her own state which should outshine the Montana colonel Frank Par of Wullus a Veteran scout and newspaper found for her a Beautiful specimen of Tho Washington a precious Uto Iio which bus Only recently been discovered in Trio Tato of Washington and has never been found outside its Tho which is worn As a linger is about Tho size of a Pua and regular in lib groundwork is a Cloud translucent through which puss innumerable and very Fine lines of untre Vonau children cry for pitchers Keeley ilium it women Wuh passed by t to House by a vote of 110 to today Reading the monthly subscription Ruu for memberships is reduced to per Mont i for town members and 1 per month for country new members joining hereafter will pay thu original rate for the first drunkenness opium habit tobacco neurasthenia cured Tho Only Branch Southern California of Tho de Keeley inst Tui k of is to cited at treated and Tom established twelve years time no sex Fieri Mon

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