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Bakersfield Weekly Californian Newspaper Archives Nov 5 1892, Page 6

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Bakersfield Weekly Californian (Newspaper) - November 5, 1892, Bakersfield, California The weekly november it is taken out to sea and scattered Over the of a modern sex twin Init of the treat the or iii mint twin Hon Ilyf from twin Liow Trio idea of Hilf to Soa with Glt got on the con Yon know nothing of the deck of Tho saw go ship is Broad and clean the Dock House or Saloon Small but Monifo Ruthlo on Tho Bridge a fresh Breczko is blowing the sunlight sparkles brightly on the ruffled surface of the and Yon can realize that this Lino is carrying a thousand tons f London sludge Cut to vet such is the the idea that the mud barges of thu county which take out the precipitated portion of London Yew ago to Tho Barrow Art simply dirty dredges is quite a mis they lire powerful twin screw worked by two sets of triple exp Vinsion and fitted with three Large kept and absolutely Freo from nuisance to even to Tho seamen on they ran make Hoo trips out to sea in every Twenty live steaming about ten As a mutter of they thus dispose of i Odd tons of sludge to u week the is precipitated by Treut ing the sex Ngu with and of ii in six Lingo cages eith ill Uris to Mali As Sticks and dead rats and in Tho great Rushing which Drain this rubbish is in Rutton it who rate of Bon thing like a Hundred tons a week Mien the Idi ick River of sewn go is stirred in tanks with More correctly in tin proportion of Ithone 8jj grains to Tho Tho Al rect no the Lime is to precipitate matter in sus pension mid solution and also to Deodor you ii my Miiko u smelling i Ottly with Yon if you with plenty of Lime ii out you will hardly need Bui walking on along the top of Tho Twenty seven Ivill Wida which is probably to become Beautiful Boulevard Foj one comes to Tho sulphate of Iron where ions at a tiny arc arid after Dis solved in twin proper proportion As directed by Tho chemist in iils it Way to the Swift River of sow Jig lint then comes a pause in the Rivers Neinl it is admitted through the that a building with a number of Iron to a set of covered precipitating where it can leisurely meditate after its wild rustling from hero in its Bud the Lime and in casting Down the solid can take full mid the Clear portion of Tho liquid fit the called the effluent is let off Over the head of a Wall at the end of thu chamber to a Channel Tho other Side gathering Speed it rushes to a from which at Ulah tide it to inf i to the sludge passes through pipes from the Bottoms of urn precipitating Cham Bers to another whence it is lumped to the tanks in Tho sludge ships Anil conveyed to the effect on the River is most Satis on Tho testimony of Tho bar Igor i inter it is Ciganer now than it has been for Sozio while thud the chemist at Tho Barking out fall joyfully maintains it has per of which it has not rejoiced in for twine summon but thu clean foreshore and Tho Scott of sea Weed at and Tho much purer looking water in Tho thames Are proofs to Tho uninitiated of Tho Success of the new that system in Only now getting into full working Tho county coun cil Havu added two Moro ships to thu making now live in All and they Aro conveying some tons of sludge out to sen every four ships Are Konsti iii by it work Day and and one lakes its turn of a rest week for and affording a lighter time for the thesis an mid slip on regular being except Twenty four hours in every seven when they Aro allowed off the ground of the steam is Ilio Barrow some Miles beyond Len Nore the deep is an Nii Skod the nth bound vessels taking a course considerably to Tho left and southward ships far to thu the Channel Lias been by the and no Captain May commence discharging until to has passed Tho North knot Tho discharge is quickly tilt Ictor by opening valves in Tho vessels Bottom Tho principle being much the same As that used on Tho self emptying Lifeboat is but an adaptation of Tho Law that water hulls its own the Bottom of Tho tanks being built on a Lovel with the the valves Aro easily opened from the mid to Jii Wilc is their action that Tho whole thousand tons can to discharged in seven generally the time is Tho vessel perhaps steaming ton Miles Wyllo empty ing Hor strange Tho White Wake of the ship is gulls hover Over and then among the tumbling Waves and Tho fresh Brouzos Tho sludge in Tho mind can hardly grasp Tho fact that a Hundred million Gallons of sow ago pour Down the huge Drain to Barking Twenty four but if we think for a moment that this immense 11 ass of sludge but for Tho have been discharged into the thames Between Gravesend and London Hing backward and Forward and thai this would be on month utter we May begin to have Conception of the Benefit Why to to say Mother oar lev 1 dont it certainly is not everybody knows that the Earth is a harpers Notick Inezi Kiev Tii Atagun eral election will to held throughout the county of state of on november Klufi Hicen Hundred and when the following of ulcers will be twit nine a Lector of president hint Dent of the United one representative to of the United from the seventh congressional one member of the Assembly of the state of California from Assembly Dis Otic of in and for Kern Ramiy for Tho i expired term ending january vice Onrshc Reirin and for Kern one county clerk mid recorder in and for Kern one auditor in and fur Kern one treasurer and tax collector in and Mir Kern one District attorney in and fur Kern one Coroner and 1ulillc administrator in and for Kern one Surveyor in and for Kern one in and for supervisor ils Wirfel Kern one in and for supervisor District Kern me in and for supervisor Dis Trolet Kern two the Ien Rvin first judicial Toivari Fulp in Kern two constables in first judicial town Phlp in Kern two Justl Cosof the Pence in second Judi Cial township in Kern two constables in second judicial town ship in kith two justices of the Scace in third Judi Cial township in Kern two constables in third jul Clyl town ship in Kern two justices of Tho Leacu in fourth Judi Cial township in Kern two constables in fourth judicial town ship in Kern two justices of the Vivace in the Filli judicial township in Kern two constables iii the fifth judicial township in Kern two justices of the Ince of the sixth judicial township in Kern two constables in sixth judicial town ship in Kern two of seventh i judicial i Udo Cal township in kith two constr Iblis in seventh township in Kern two justices of the Vivace in eighth Judi Cial township in Kern two iii eighth Jinil Iclal town ship in Kern two justices of the Pence in ninth Judi Cial township in Kern in no non judicial town in Kern and the qut Slinn of Luiss Unicof the of Kern county in the aggregate of for the purposes hit Snafter Tolt a county 00 for furnishing the i aunty 10 for erecting a county Hospital 00 for furnishing the county fur Bull Luu tin Annex Louk court House in in used fora Hall of uce ords Al for the Hull of records for the construct Inai Nalii mice and election must he held at sew House on h Ink Init Collis ballot j a Lection must tic held at Parks warehouse on Chester Ihk cinch it ballot election must be held at bikers fled athletic club till Dong on k Ihk cinch Wilmot Robert ballot election must lie held at Mcke Hays build ing on Chester Kuks Villa Frank ballot John election must be held in Evans Hall in Kern hav Laii Jacob a stick Tullot John election must be held at modules basis irks in Hollot James elect Lii must be held it the residence of inspectors ballot John election must be yield in women Hull in ii it a Hinds inspect atsed judges Hobert Lla lot clerks Robert Stephen a Lection must be held at hot Springs ballot a Lection be held Al Rusl West ii ballot Bert clerks Viii a Lection must he held it school House in town of in ballot a Lection must iks held at Central Mike Ballul clerks Andrew Walter election must to yield at the Panknin school Taxil Bill King ballot clerk Jasper Etc inn must be held lit Cautle lil school Cotton Wood Isaac Frank ballot clerks Lem James a Lection must be held it residence of iii iii Alfred d Jesse ballot a Lection must lie held it Vine lamp school judges ballot clerks Fleetion must be hed at to Senle school j mixes clerks ballot clerks election must be held it Hnit guns warehouse at Coso ballot clerks Kle Cilenti must be held it residence of Jenness no Annetie nam i Vii John Del ballot clerks John cd cons i election met Henl at new River school Jim Ilal lol Albert i a Lection must Lii held no Len Bravo school land i rep Truf Road within he 00 will lie submitted to stud voted upon by the ka8t Ikenn Wicki Nikki Liu lot clerks Harry electors of the non which a Lection must be held at Ashers opera House the ballots shall be for the i in town of Bonds and the issuance of j and the question of the establishment and u county High school in Kern the expense of Kern will be j submitted to and voted upon by the i electors of the said upon which a tics ton the Lin Lynh lie for ii mfg 11 shone Ami against in Only Lith also at until Ile Cllon amendments to the Constitution of Thi submitted by Iho lure it its lust reign Lar session numbered As hereinafter specified will be voted Iiron Liv the of Snail namely Sennoto Amiul Merit Idikah i James i ballot i clerk Stulley i i Ecton Musl be held no increase lug legislative session to one Liui idol Assembly Constitution tit Ameni Luent limiting debts of j townships boards of education and school ills ion years Revenue except by n two thirds semite co Stilu Timil in creasing duties and con of and removing on pay of clerks in state i Assembly am ailment Milliner in which in of ulcer of the Lute inv incur n and Prohl Lelm legislature i from appropriating Money to Jiny if Wise semite Anun Dimmit j manner in which elites containing More than1 thirty live Hundred May Frame ii nil adopt Kaen shall voted upon sepia rotely from the by it the next general election to he held on the j eighth Day of a i Ench ballot used at such election con printed the words Senate constitutional amendment Ink so increasing legislative session to one Hundred no i Assembly consult it Lonny amendment i debts of yes i Low boards of Educ nation and school to a years Revenue no except by n t we thirds i Senate constitutional amendment i increasing duties and j yes i of lieutenant governor and Liml Letlon on Puy of clerks Insani Elini Assembly amendment t Minner in which i officer of the v state May in Eire a nud pro1 Hihl Lim from appropriate ing Money to pay if otherwise incised i i yes ennui amendment in which cities More hum Llila Lytle Hundred in Hiim times May Tram and adopt it said election the follow i Mit nets of the by Hie legislature at its ast regular will lie voted upon by Hie lectors of mild namely act to ascertain nil express the 111 of the people of the sent of cell Fornin ipod Hie Mih acc of election of United states second an act to provide for Tho issuance Mil Stile of Stolte Bonds 10 or cute a fund for the nil furnishing by the Board of Lute blur bar of n gun Cronl Kerry Mil pass engr depot to the City and county of i Sun lock Calcii sinking fund for the i iii intent of sold and nov Dlug for the Uli Ishlon of ibis act to n vote of the third acl to ascertain and express the will of the people of the Senle of ill Fornili ipod Hie subject of requiring in for act to provide for Tho payment of funded indebtedness of the state of cell Fornin my to contract n funded debt for hint purpose Kuril act shall in voted upon sign Riecl in Civ from eral elec Iho by at Tho next Gen Lohu held on thu Clif Atli Dimof Knell ballot used no such election must Eon printed the words for Iho election of United suites senators by direct vote of Tho Anil list the election of fruited slates senators by direct vote of Tui for the san Fiat Cusco Depol against the san Francisco a opt for in Eilun Lionel every voter to or abu1 to read any Nee Lnu of the Constitution in air knit llah against i educational ing every voter to by aide to write Nimio and read any Section of Tui Cost Tullon la inc Kiik refund Tui refund Tho in Leni Miliny whereof chair Man of i he Hoard of supervisors of Kern stale of Havu Hereunto set my liquid i and caused the soil of mild Hurd to to Here unto till led this 17lh div of k 110 us chill Rynn of the attest 1ac k clerk of said polling places and officers of it is ordered and thu following a Lull con Ali into the hoards of election and Polluk places of Respo Tolvo proc nth of Kern at Tho general election to to hold no vember Ruck Lect Canyon inspectors James judges James Lla lot Alex i election must be held at John Nar hoes Resi inspectors ballot clerks John j Klec Loii must be held it House it Kors sin i san Kmim Hii j i Lla lot election must be held it residence i hit it Sun j inspectors Judkis Jim eur Lla lot clerks Kle Coflin most be held it at Ollice of Jewett and cd minus Sam Juif Ges ballot election must be held at Cuin ilnits Valley school Tikia Civila Insp Clors Hollot Henry election must to held t Teh Schipa school ballot clerks uus clerics Klec Loii must be held no Cullen the Sci tool Ink Init la Liol Chicks John clerks a Lection must la held it Mon in school judges ballot clerks mias a Lection Musi be held it slut licks store in a Kink inspectors James judges Ilal lol Cir of clerks John Jerry Kle Eliou inns be hold it keen school Kast ballot clerks election must be held it pm Lac Bensons Ollice in to kit judges John ballot election b held school Houise in Tom Thomas Eugene in allot David election must i held it risk i at 1 october having been a Tekei a1 ibis Ollice by Josef Brenner against William his heirs and Legal repro Sumii in for abandon ing ills Homestead entry no dated december upon than Elj township ii Range m West in kith with a View to the cancellation of sold the mild parties Are hereby summoned to appear it ibis Olliie on i Dikiy of ill Oclon 10 respond Ami furnish pcs Timon concerning snid Nlle Geil test Moziy intake before the county clerk it Bend Valley school i i december it Liioi Loek fall Winter a cordial invitation is extended to our friends and patrons to Call and inspect the extensive assortment of fall and Winter goods we have placed on our storm striped plaid Plain ooo3ds heavy Fine ladies shot new brocaded velvets and new cloaks and wraps in All the latest new trimmings in All shades and our clothing department has received a monster Stock of boots and shoes Dinkelspiel Bros Oil Best and safest Oil th3e3 sole agents for Thompsons celebrated Glove fitting Standard patterns and Margoni Francesco kid at such prices and terms that purchasers can better afford to buy them than to take unimproved and wait for the Trees and vines to vineyards that will we have Orchards ail give this Oil a trial and you will use no come into bearing next year that pay for themselves in two years we take care of the property for you until you wish to take Small guaranteed to cure bilious sick Lei Lauho and 40 in each Price for Sixlo by picture 70 and Sample Tiloso Smith new thin company under the direct management of the Hunt of the Hunt fruit packing of Bantu and intend Ihk Cim Daniel in allot i clerks Waller Klc Clion limit be held at munks i Woody i j Alex Carter Hollot j clerks election must be held it Woody school mans i inside actors j Lla lot Corban a Lection must beheld at Wolkos Kam hymn in 1hlllp James ballot Clor Hjohn a Lection mint to held it John Keiths build ing on front a Cannery in Bakersfield in the Lur the Market for the fruit is and to crease of get the Benefit of address Kern county improve Merit Bakersfield perfect i Lio Tancho will be cold an a whole or sub is now divided into two South half uned As a first Russ Inilla Liiko and or Sam Ahu Panuk of Kili and Hun Mno water on Tho children cry for pitchers have u Complete assortment of All kinds of fruit and ornamental such no mum and Orange and a Larke Stock of Sultana and Thompsons seedless also White Adriatic our Stock la Home grown nud very if you intend planting an Orchard Tho coming it will pay you to place your order As we Are giving very Low Ralyn of All Early our resident of will receive your ocll5w Lonu

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