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Bakersfield Weekly Californian Newspaper Archives Nov 5 1892, Page 5

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Bakersfield Weekly Californian (Newspaper) - November 5, 1892, Bakersfield, California The weekly Bakersfield november 5 5 Duhe Cooks f Henry the Kern has a capital of ten million dollars Ami four Hundred acres Ige located in this land is largest irrigating system in produces t All fruits possible to the temperate and Semi Tropic three Hundred Days of Sunshine out of no Fiuty direct from the special inducements terms prices titles Kern a county land sunnier is whooping it up for incur and from present ii Pinr Noces she will to allowed to put on Long when a Ninn says when you ask Lipini to vote for Yon May have bomb but when he he will if the parties who stole the harness from Ivr Sussons Burn thursday night will please return them there will be no a special Premium of Worth of Page Woven wire Stock wan awarded to it Oberts the Best tie Kern City waterworks company been formed and tin work of putting in u Large Appa Rulus is being actively fully the slanderous attack upon Bender the mutter which appeared in the Kern Valley Democrat of lust attacking the integrity of j was a Surprise to Many of his friends and Moi so to that gentleman j and some interested parties communicated will Mclean in order to have n full and Complete understanding of the when Mclean was informed of the she was even More surprised Anil Morti and has sent the following state ment for which is a full and Complete refutation of All the Slan Derous in addition Tiik Iku Itman would say to Tho Many j friends of Mclean in this county that she is not a As tie charges j hut that her husband is at Homo Kern Means with her at and is in the in Joy Ideiil of better health than formally the Delano courier says that her statement middles Are now moving about the county Ero Atn at a rate that discounts ennols but soon All will cease their tramp and Down to solid English settlers and others rent ii Rin information respecting their kind of Trees or vines and time to Plant can obtain it on personal application to Captain Wright of Hose out lowly mention was made in fridays Cau Kozinian of litter of English pug pups at the tie sold the whole lot immediately and they were Only full blooded vote for the refuse to give Bis Sanction to so commendable an it is a and Tho people of Kern county must take some Pride in All Public improve ments which go to enhance the value of real a Dune who has been in this county Only three years is making preparations to ship raisins to Sweden and he has a line and several of his neighbors of the same nationality Are also in this business Secretary of the Kern county land who has been on n visit to returned Home on his return Ferguson visited the commissioners of the worlds Kair at Chicago in tie interests of Kern county in there Are no strings on cover he is the servant of no Corpora Tion or no Traelic he Lias not signed away his he is free to act As huh judgment May and his Success is the Best evidence of Good he will make a Safe the Tribune says that Wellborn pronounces Thuch Lii tie demo cratic town tie has seen on the Koine of the ladies there must have expressed admiration of his Beautiful Pirty hands and hut he still remains the banana haired Texas from High democratic the team chips in speaking of who wan electioneering in that place last says wears the contented look of one has finished his work and is confident of his this is considering that Haralson is a Compau Lively Young jut like he May have Laboured incessantly Anil is read to a talk of us lie into Iliili swum Devoirs unit i hut stir is the idiot let Melaun who Ami signed the letter Neophy of who Ali wus published in the Kern Valley Democrat in its Ismie of october ill the interests of jus leu mid Fin the purpose of def Vitinu in unworthy Ilia Deponio Iii upon oath i that the letter referred to was written us it in the sir Ieuse Keouli Ihnet Nuil never intended for the purposes to which it i 1ms Lieen also 11ml said letter was never returned to the All Daiil nor Htu she Ever seen it Valliant further says that Elf Lulof he rent mentioned been paid and the is also in receipt of Fin Nee uni from Irmler which bus verified its Correct leaving a balance of but Whiteh has also been paid in deponent further deposing Nuil in explanation says that tie entire Hilf Eluese Adair of her or till on says mat me ensure Uii Miresk an airs 01 nor to Oil will i family have been tin own upon lick shoulders and in Many eases she been work Neil wild troubled Bill in Justice to Hender Tays freely that she was so in in conclusion this Valliant onside in the Public alter not town lev i he reputation of Bender by tie private correspondence of an entirely for and Miji Intili to Peluro me this Day o w notary Pii Blehi in ail for Ilie comity of the expositor on he who a Down Valley paper says that tie that Are flouting about Fresno and without any visible Means of with their in their own pockets in Tho Day time and in other Peoples pockets at night is simply they Are not a convicts at and they arc no More plentiful in Fresno and than in any other town where there is push and the trouble lies with the n enterprising news paper reporter a publisher who does not want to he the character of its floating population can always show up such things i they school fund the county superintend Centof Alfred apportioned the Small amounts of state and county funds o the several us follows to 140 i each of the other districts in the the Fresno expositor mourns deeply Over the infirmities of disease and disappointment that has over1 look Over these symptoms obstruction of discharges falling into and at putrid and offensive eyes ringing a def Ness offensive breath Smiell and Tutu and general you wont have All of them it probably Only a few of them but they mean and Trio proprietors of Kupos Ca Tarrh remedy mean to Cim it youll let to matter Huv bad or How Long if they pay you in they Wolfor you the a cer Tain if youll take their but if Uliey we rent certain of Tho they never ofter you Tho California to us october Karl fruit company sold California fruits at auction today As follows Tokay grapes per double rules Uvernee single crates average Chon Ilion grapes per double crate averaged single crates october Karl fruit company sold California fruits at aucion today us follows Joes Lute red plums Glorit Morceau pears doyenne pears sin Gle crates Tokay grapes i single crates grapes single crates emperor j Muscat grapes purple dam ascus grapes Black Ferrera grapes i october Kuril fruit company sold California fruit at auction today As follows double crates j Tokay grapes single crates i double crates Muscat grapes j Coes late red plums Winter Nells pears new october the Kuril fruit company sold California fruit at prices remarkable Fig Al his place in the Lowell i meet Kilough has a Fig tree which has grown from the roots this season i reaching a height of Over eight j the peculiarly interesting feature is i that Many figs have grown upon this which now is Only seven months j and More than they Are Ripen ing into perfect Home thirty or i forty figs Are on the tree and today j Mccullough gathered the first of i the Ripe if any of our brother i Ami sister counties can Emial will i they kindly make it known right away malaria i Bill Cyril to to Riu usual by poisonous my hum Inaray Lucuil or Rura Duoi Liik Eck came Ami Brimi Tbod into the enter find Poison tha if a healthy condition of the blood a Liy Hoolis one is Leissl Unble and iiood9 Luis cured Many severe it tics at tilts distressing a Wom Kerful for malaria i think hoods has no it ban kept my children Well Takht lir Niika lie Nuil we live in one of the worst places Tor int Ilaria in 1 take hoods for that nil gone Wotli print Ureil Khonon my daughter Carl was taken with do nuns or break one fever 1 years and my friends thought i would i Hal Al most Given up Hopo until Slio begun to Tako hoods she took four bottles in tour mid pained 15 i thank Woodi Sarsaparilla or giving her in Csc to me restored to health and hoods Sarsaparilla bold by tax for ire Trca Only by Hood apothecaries too doses one Dollar the californian illustrated Magazine Dave Hirshfeld leads them All bargains in every Branch of our immense assortment of Mer every department is prices Are All goods Standard auction today at following double crates Tokay grapes Dingle crates Winter Nells taken general Kittrell and made him i pears Coes late red plums quinces october Karl fruit company sold California fruit at u dangerous advocate of democratic tie expositor Lias no right to talk that for kit Trail has not changed a he has always been noted for his honesty and Independence in acid while in he Only preached the pure doctrine of the democratic of course it Ilid not suit the Tim serving members of his party who would rather climb Over the Fence than go through j the open his reference to Milord with his banana As u Texas an eleventh hour May have needed out of place for a lint he told a whole lot of truth mid was uie very Man to Tell the expositor says the peevish Ness of protracted ill health temporarily got the better of the Manly impulses which usually control ills actions and his probably Wayne i Mcveagh Lias some mental or physical ailment that gets the better of his former Manly we Are glad the expositor has shed its published in san has n circulation All Over the world its growth luring one year in positively phenomenal in the annals of surpassing All other magazines in the world in the same space of the reasons Are it has Strong la Moncial its contents Are Replete with typical auction at the following descriptions of California and pact la Corni Ehon single count fruit emperor single single and he ranges of topics is to the we ure authorized to say that every statement made by the Anonymous Coward who signed himself Poso Ite in the Democrat of yesterday with reference to Coverdale is utterly on the other Coverdale holds in Possession vouchers showing that Tho irrigation District owes him about Money which he loaned the and that he has never handled one Dollar of tie Money of the Railroad or any other from a gentleman who above suspicion and who would to violating the strict of honesty and decency by entering into any Contro Versy so Low and in Sulla Bender to have had an interview with Llyn Darin regard to tie publication of an article in Tho Democrat of this week reflecting on his Bender Hays to at the Pronier Lime mid on the proper make n full and Complete statement to the entire satisfaction of ills friends and Tho Public at Joes Lute lied plums clout embracing sketches of european and More eau pears Lawrence pears Oriental scenes and Keister a Wiirre pears lit discusses without Bias or partisan the living questions of the he was it owns mid controls its entire j including the largest presses on this morning a Good Democrat ofu1 and Complete halftone and atm this in speaking of the next said i have seen Tho Camps its aim is to de Eloiie lire the hobos outside of town and i know social and literary capacities of Western and Interior America to pre want Only what is pure in tone instructive in matter and interesting in the Price of this is a postage the Stibr crop Olio Are furnishing the i am no disgusted and feel so by i am a but i am go ing to vote a straight county Republican and when the make use of Hobo then i wll change this is the Way to teach we never will have Good county government unless we put this j uie world 1 be ton list in increasing Over a and it has a larger circulation count than any Uiga or i 1 his is a Little More forcible we present to every annual sub than i cart bar h l a bar h it but it was just he language f of la old Tho wonk Imp rim nov Seal and Tho barring the physical j missions or a View of Tim punctuation natural to one of ills w Lov it l m and to had him it to Oner a variety o so that those who have any doubts can prom Lumiel for see and be commencing with the Janu horsemen Send to publishing com Academy of science a new Stock of horse timers and for the great seconds received at i Premium list from a California curio they can to Hud at very Low i by to a baking powder the Only pure Cream of Tartur no amt imia no used in millions of years the Standard we Are agents for the Buckeye in Siplon Tiger mud Holling Worth rakes nil Lei ulling Furni and Vineyard always go to for and die 1loneer store is for Dave Cheater Southern botel the Pioneer Bank of Kern Chester Avenue and eighteenth Street a general banking business sell Exchange on All the principal places in the interest paid on term deposits Ahlf Earl fruit company paid up branches new Minneapolis Houghton d of leu Chester Kern Valley Bank

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