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Bakersfield Weekly Californian Newspaper Archives Nov 5 1892, Page 1

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Bakersfield Weekly Californian (Newspaper) - November 5, 1892, Bakersfield, California No 44 Kern november 1892 Price 5 Stock Parade and premiums an exciting Day at the acc a list of the Stock awarded the committee Naile be following award of premiums yesterday morn ing at the Park 3 years and King Daniel first Han Ford Mare 3 years and Queen Emma a Han and Ruth Hanford auck Inu Stal lion first Premium Motheral Mare and Queen John Standard 3 years and Strath Jacob Poplar Mare 8 years and Viola Jacob and Hanford maid second Moth 3 years and Kidean Han and Prince Algo John Darnell stallion 2 years Delano chief and Dan Buk ers Leld Mare it Ruby suckling Al purpose i years and extravagance and Muldoon i Sohnre Man 3 years and Bon Nie Belle and Kate Canfield sucking Defiance Roberts stallion and Squire and Romeo Cleveland Bay extravagance and Squire Hacks the races were very and business at the Gate better than for any Day since the fair the Pavilion receipts were double those of any previous the first race was a mixed mile for a purse of it was commenced the Day before and concluded Melrose was Lydd Lucky Jim time Tiik Cali Toni an Colt stakes for 2 mile Best two in at Hadon and Muad Fox made the at Hadon winning in a mile dash for a purse of Nell Flarity Jim Polk time j three eighth mile dash for a purse of Mountain boy won in Chippie in the mile Best three in live for a purse of f addle distanced the school childrens an immense throng at the Pavilion and the the rain of last evening made it a Little uncomfortable for but it did not seem to Dampen the ardor of the people Soho have been enthusiastic Over the every department was crowded and a More Happy and delighted aggregation of the rising generation could scarcely be found in the the equestrian exhibition at the Park had taken Many of the older ladies from the Pavilion in to but hero was order and Comfort on every the children seemed to take great Delight in praising and criticising the specimens of the work on exhibition in the school de and truly Many of them Are marvellously the Man and contributions in the literary line Are worthy of adult there is biography and romantic sketches that Are highly it was the purpose to have secured the names of each the teachers and the pupils for but the pressure was too the Little ones seemed to have no teachers and no being excited and interested to such an extent that a Kodak would have failed to trunk la them on the have been some additions made to the articles on which Lias been the result of Pride on the part of who waited to see if the fair would be a in former notices of Tho exhibit there have been a few overlooked which deserve special there is a Brood of pups of the English pug variety that attracts some and in the More useful Lino of goods for practical the magnificent display of wagons i and other vehicles placed on a Hibl ton in the enclosure by Well is sex eroding by creditable and docs much to make that department a Friday at the the ladies tournament at the Park Fligh morning Drew a Large crowd of Many of whom were the fair equestrians did their part As they were All accomplished miss Jowett Rode a Beautiful which assisted greatly in making a Fine exhibition of her otherwise Good the judges awarded the prizes us follows first miss Flora Jewett be miss Han Nali an award of each was made to misses Clara Day and Maude Roberts and Violet after the ladies tournament the grand Parade of live Stock took and it was simply the track was so wet from the rain Las night that it was thought Best not to subject it to the tread of such a vast number of and the Parade was had on the grounds and around the judges it was fully a mile in length and occupied Over an hour in completing the some of the finest horses and cattle in the state were in the and Trio presence of the train of Shetland ponies from the Stockdale ranch made it very interesting to the children As Gen eral the diminutive Shetland was a and is As perfect a specimen of the Equine specie As was Ever the following premiums were awarded this morning draft English Shire Rivers first English jumbo first French Norman Frank Leophold first Grade draft Princess first sucking Kern the fair and its influence on the people of first sucking first or Lee Tom Iceland Pony Economy master first Iceland Muster second there was a general manifestation of Pride on every the tenth meeting of the fifteenth agricultural District association closes it is unnecessary to suy that it has been one of the most successful in every department that was Ever held in the it was especially Gratifying to the management that so much interest was manifested by the producers of the soil in exhibiting such an abundance of their everyone seemed to take Pride in presenting some feature of Liis and this ambition made the Pavilion so attractive that it made the race track a secondary at traction to All except horse in every department it the Pavilion there were articles highly and the attention of strangers Wuh directed More particularly to what May be termed the Staple products of the the fruits were and this is something not generally the Case in the Valley certain aunties Are Good in localities congenial to their growth and but Here the special following is the report of the com Mittee of award in the special depart ment of school work on exhibition at the Pavilion your committee on special depart school has examined carefully All papers now on exhibition from the several school districts and respectfully submits the following report Best specimen of penmanship by nubile school Fannie Keene second Best specimen of penmanship by Public school Malta Kernville Best exhibit of school work by any one Public Antelope miss Lilla Penwell Best composition on the Best Industry for Kern George Bakersfield Dis there being no Competition in the ip11 is is Rood us those Jiromi Lucid in All premiums wore awarded i Brouil Huo cattle All premiums wore awarded to the Herd of holsteins from the Almoda belonging to there wore some excellent specimens of Durham and jerseys from the Kern county Lund company but they refrained any Competition in Hunter took All the prizes in this Best Victor Best Model first Wood Best pair of pigs under Nix months Duke Victor and Kern Poland Boa six months first Prince of Best sow under one first Princess of Kern sow and Choice 2d pair of pigs under six months a Man of in Lin perfection in this portion of the owing to the Peculiar condition of the climate and probably there is not another Section on the Pacific coast that can produce More delicious and larger potatoes than the the Hachita and its exhibit at Tho Pavilion was scrutinized with More than Ordinary in the Hachita wus the Best represented of any special Section of the the apples from there were too Fine looking to the association owes that Al Pine Region a vote of thanks for the in Terest it displayed in the not to be outdone in Effort and a the merchants did All they could to swell the the hard Ware tailors and All had their business represented and one erector u Largo shed at his own expense and filled it with agricultural implements and his contribution to tie exhibits at the Pavilion were As great As any Ever put on exhibition it a state fair by any one the ladies of and sunnier in particular vied with each Oiler in their and heir Hurd work called Forth words of in Many no Little Surprise on the part of Needle the culinary were on let no Man he too confident lest he slip and close of the some splendid with grand Ball at the a visit to Drury drug store and i examination of the shelving and Case work there is very Drury is nothing if in and he Lias ornate in connection with the sub Stan his drug store is now beautifully fitted up in Oak and plate so neatly arranged that it attracts the ready attention of the the artist who did the work was one of the Best splendid specimens of the photographic mechanics that Ever located in Baker Sart from tie Parlours of Nelson Thurlow is a born Mechanic and is a Bush Man because he is efficient in All lie he was the contractor who did All the work in fitting up the grand the judges iii i and one in the not neat and tasty exuberance of his appreciation of ins an Eye to the these said 1 do de you Are returning to the old style of comity tills is wonder i the Art department was not so full As May live been seen at state but it was excellent in some were much All take Pride in her horticultural and without entering into any personal it is Safe to suy that no county fair in stand and other buildings at the us Rathe state has excelled that of Kern and cultural and he did it Drury is a progressive Man in i Maul had his special department every and patronize every neatly arranged with the products of Public Enterprise that has any Merit in his famous and his display of in order to give assistance to the he hollered a lot in his addition raisins was exceedingly As the enterprising Buffalo a for the Best production from the Beer bottlers and wholesale had Public school children on Kern county inn immense space neatly arranged and its the was won with a Large display in the Center of an by George one of the pupils of Trio Bakers Leld which essay appears in the columns of Tiik Cau tounian upper it wus a popular Austin Republican candidate for was in Bakersfield during the and made himself generally in he is candidate or no he is the Man to make friends wherever he and the Ellix Eiith of to Chichipa can be a Henri swelled with Pride As exonerated from All attempts o deceive by posing him and extending him such unum Luoius an old resident of that Section gives it As a fact that he will receive almost the in Uin Inous vote of that when a Man can command the respect and Confidence of his neighbors to such an it is a recommendation that should be heeded by every voter of the to ought to lie Linker 1ms had it two live the boys a ballot school meetings meetings will be held at various places throughout this on urday november under i lie auspices of the Republican county Central for he purpose of explaining the now ballot the manner of mid Tho to vend amendments and Laws to be voted on they caught there were prize the Best Industry for Kern the what is the Best Industry for Kern county is a difficult one to us it All depends on the locution of the person Early in the history of the county mining was the chief Pursuit of the few men who ventured Here in search of this excitement soon sub and the new Comers turned their attention to other Many of the More industrious seeing the presented for Cuttle turned their attention to und so successful were they that Capi foreseeing the future value of the under proper bought out Many of the smaller Stock and in various ways secured and controlled the largest part of the for a number of years cattle raising was chief developments in other directions being How us nothing could be raised with out except the natural a system of irrigation was established by these capitalists and lame holds were planted in Alfalfa for Bay and together with other agricultural products to a Small As these capitalists now held almost of elusive control of the Cuttle business the smaller land holders could not compete with them and so began to turn their attention in other the mildness of the climate and the productiveness of the encouraged the belief that fruit could be ruined experiments were made in that which have grown and until it has been proven that almost every variety known Cun lie produced since that time the yearly acreage planted in fruit steadily in the Mountain regions around apples Are grown to Perfec while in the loot Hills und along the oranges und Citrus fruits do observations it Tho Tejon und at the Sun show that oranges und Lemons have not been troubled with scale or us they have Boon in the Cost in the Central part of Kern As it Iti commonly the heavy soil scorns especially adapted to the growth of prunes und while the Loose Sandy Plains Uro Tho Home of the which generously yields ouch its double und bids fair to rival sunny Italy and Spain in its yield of the Quality of the fruit in this county Lias proven to to such that it can to handled in any Wuy which the owner thinks the reputation of California fruit in the East is so Well established that the Green or dried fruit nearly always finds a ready und by Trio use of the refrigerator the fresh fruit can be shipped but if at any time the Market becomes then our dry Chin Mac makes it so easy to dry Trio fruit that scarcely any is the Large tracts of land now held by companies will soon be broken up Anil men coming Here to make Homes will Purchase in Sciull und by planting them in the Quantity to be handled will to thin will loud to Tho building of canneries und drying houses Fry the preserving and curing of the employment will then lie Given to u Largo number of persons during the greater part of our Long Ami when the Winter Souh ii Coli ion Trio june Force words of Praise from of labourers Cun lie in pruning or cultivating t lie Orchards Many Lino varieties of 1 and the proposed meeting for next saturday evening should he the proposition to hold schools for practical lessons in the use of the ballot is one which should to thoughtfully considered by both parties in Kern it is of Moro value to the honest elector than Hobo Camps und intrigue by candidates and no matter what people May think As to their qualifications to vote understand there Are hundreds who Are liable to make a mistake in preparing their the suggestion that meetings be held it various Points Thorou Hoitt the county for the purpose of securing a Complete understanding of the use of very line and credit Nikki to them in their desire to make tin1 show a but i Here was always a pause made when the visitor approached the pub he school where the Genius of Young America was subjected to their specimens of etching and i composition wore not Only i but truly the placards bunds of wore not hooded by visit 1 ors who wore curious to examine Many of the productions of the Bright schol ars of the and no doubt Many the ballot und to discuss the merits of Trio various propositions to be voted on not be lightly thought of und passed these meetings should not be considered yet it is True that on cer Luiu propositions there is a political difference in and it would Behest for each party to have its own separate it May be suggested that Tho difficulty bus been overcome by the decision of the supreme court in declaring Tho heading of a ticket in but it Only removes one of the Many intricacies unit exist there is Ono thing that must be re the voter can Only be supplied with three and if lie destroys them by mistakes he loses his he Only has ten minutes ii which to prepare his and if lit is not prepared and consumes thai time lie loses his but mos Likely of if lie unwittingly Stamps More than lie is entitled the whole ticket becomes worthless und the politicians have no occasion to attend these schools of instruction they Are the ref Raff will no need they will be instr Clec by the politicians who have Bough it is the independen men who care Only to vote who stain in danger of making a of tills reason thews meetings should to held and attended by every who does not make politics u Trade Uii have More cure for their legit Mut business than for the More Independent and progressive a country would lie Hie More self supporting it must to and the pursuits j which will give to the largest body of Ami a j men both healthful and the fowl family in the Annex to to Roar of Ihu under turkeys and Trio latter u rarity in i blooded dog Mips wore there pet Fawn that looked mock und inno and at the same time profit cont in its pent up j be at the Park the live Stock mid Lilym Yvo believe the fruit Industry will do think that it in no longer i but a Well established business that is paying Well for the in vestment in the and in the were exceedingly humorous and fun Trio attraction there was Universal every the Premium both cattle and wan Kipris singly Largo in Trio blooded Slock from the Mollo Vuland i i he candies of the Kern Valley land wore especially i the races Over now truck wore fully i a satisfactory us could be it was pronounced u Good truck for a new one and by another with proper care and it will be Trio hunks of the people of the Dis to at the coming strict is duo Trio managers of the fair for j Oia Loim at Rio i their a Fioros and Trio Delano Energy displayed in every department future will yield still larger Tilo Nihil the merchants of los Melcs Are looking to county for h Largo and growing Moriju Itsjo this in in it should lie and in the future our Mer chants would do Well to visit los Angeles and investigate the by Nolloth to to gained by closer mercantile Hho and and such other places As arrangements can be Imide per sons who understand the questions to be studied will to present it each meet and the regulations which proved so satisfactory to Tho in owe thanks to those who have exhibited such Pride in every possible of Ort to make it a grand from the Way Tho democrats Are handling figures just now to screw up their courage in Hopes of electing Cleve it would to Well for them to establish a new Wal tool of mathematics on an adjustable no the fair closed monday with one of tic Best Field Days of the in lie morning a foot race was had be Ween Apple Gate and distance events Flo Campbell won in j closely followed by who won one out of the men vere in Good trim and there was Eon id Erable excitement during the con in Tho afternoon a trotting race of he class was had Between Howard Ashton and Bay for i purse of mile Best three n the race was won by Howard Clair in three straight Ash ton time the second was a pacing race for All mile Best three in five for a Inuse of Kuby won in three trait time a five eighth mile dash for a purse of Lottie Nell Flarity time a Quarter mile dash for a purse of Cyclone won in Trot by three year mile jest three in five for u purse of Viola april fool time the Pavilion avus closed until when it was opened to the the attendance was not nearly Large As on previous and receipts were Light until at night a grand Ball was Given which was Well with splendid the dance was kept up until a late when the fair closed for the the Hachita John wife and children and Austin Young und wife Uro doing in Bakersfield John Hickoy will not Winter ii los Angeles Tala but will a isl the worlds fair in the Wenther Here is very fickle jus now and recalls the month of apr with its frequent showers on Ali Atlantic John Foreman of the cd shops at wus very seriously in Jurod on sunday Perry summoned and went Down on Asp Ecla Susan Freeman got Rich enough from the proceeds of her Fine ranch t indulge in the luxury of a Ros Owoo Hope she will remember he friends when she gives one of her Cele brute it is rumoured that Alp bus severe his arose by any Otho Wiinie would smell us the Fin roman hand of John Alia Don Juan Ulins Alp can still b detected in its judge Conklin runic up on wednesday to Institute the masonic Lodge in this in the evening a grand banquet was Given by Tho Lodge it Trio Pinto some thirty masons with their wives being Stowell of Cummings Valley is building a Burn which in to Cost it has a Stone foundation and will be covered Don ion horse Tamer and is the John formerly of Dixon in Tho us Cremento bus sold his 100 acre ranch in old Toha Chipa for und bus rented it from Trio Pur lie will farm it this year to gut Hurwith about 400 acres Mote in old who wus so sue pcs haul at the Summit hotel until Cook bought it has Boon in mailed As chef do cuisine at the famous Pluto hotel during the absence of Austin Young who in visiting ills Robert who owns 2 acres of the richest land in Tea Shipu has started out three sex horse Timmy dry As soon As the rain comes he will put on five More making forty eight horses in Moreni is chef la Olin Wellborn of san Diego arrived on Tho morning train on Tho 24lh but not one Democrat met him at Tho Austin Young of the who is always it the safely ensconced him in his Republican earn his address to Tho democrats of this place was a perfect piece of he is a polls lied speaker and genial hut Young says to is on the wrong Side and can never get borne of Tho democrats for a Joko invited one of our Mer princes a stauch to be seated with the rest of the the a cd oink Tenil miss Viola of will contribute n unique to Tho woman building of the Chicago fair in Tho Shin of an opera cloak of Trio feathers of Prairie Trio Foat Liers used Aro certain Delicato of which Only five or six Are found on u and no Suwad on a found our at a overlapping Eracli the garment is a deep Capo Al most five feet and represents ten years of patient a Border of South Dakota Otter fur trims Tho Lille Vail i Duvli Loon 185 years Trio oldest woman in Georgia died at the poorhouse in Thomasville on sunday it will hound like fiction to state aunt Peggy slaters but All her acquaintances and her old master say that her ago was aunt Peggy did not into Ovontay from the civil As Many but from Tho Anut Poggy Hud outlived All her Chil Dren except Ami there were quite a number of Tho Ono living is in Lior Atlanta Dull of sovino Tinio ago a meeting of mothers Inlow was hold in Loulou for Tho Pur Poso of forming u society to combat Tho erroneous notions prevalent their Utility in Domestic and to assert their rights to give advice Gener and to Soninlaw in but beyond printing a Short poem which did not in their own Tho Noci Oty Bop iii to have done nothing in the interest of its London link a Saratoga girl Como out Trio other Day with Pink suspenders strapped Over a Liilo Waist so us to hold up a Pink skirt which he Euid to really depend upon Tho Mik ponders to preserve Tho conventionality of but to it known Tiitu Miff Fendors worn Liko ibis arc merely a to to for Thoy do not Llic real work it Tho skirt in up by its own which buttons Jibril an bands always Honvo of i i Childs Thorou Tho child of Charles was Accident ally morning by slipping through its High Tim parents of Tho Little one had loft it in its which ban a tray in front and when they returned about five min utes Lulor Hoy found Tho infant hang ing from Tho held by ils Hoad to tween Tho front and Tho Philadel phia women in California arc earning u livelihood Fly nor bulbs Tinnil seeds for Ono woman who went into the business eight years with Lillo capital except bus Boon to kure Ashful that now Sho fills orders from known Wiston and occasionally Lias a Call from Kropo and acting Lonio of died recently in her Olio l1ty Liili Pruim room when very und Slie Fflint led her to Montieth Ami according to tin Roj urls Tho pursuits in Tho Thoro Aro in in now Orleans Alono in Whilt women Uro Clover for pillows Boug gathered now in Many a Thoy need to to Well and Only the blossoms should to packed first in blips of Huniu

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