Bakersfield Weekly Californian in Bakersfield, California
23 May 1891

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Bakersfield Weekly Californian in Bakersfield, California
23 May 1891

Read an issue on 23 May 1891 in Bakersfield, California and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Bakersfield Weekly Californian.

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Bakersfield Weekly Californian (Newspaper) - May 23, 1891, Bakersfield, California What can lie done with an local a nil our old residents Well was raised in the Volley of the in Ollk wot iii1hs 1 of a perfect or of in a Freak of the form Tomt it Rock fun Stinich on n Mountain nude near White just Over tar tills in Largo during War times cot Canadian i her liar gone f the Lui Stonie Ilowit i through but into Gilig by recent Omny general ions nud his Gnu ill hits Cillin upon that we win take for it grunted reciprocity w j techno to Home some Natili trait who recently hex had splendid t i lie Twig the thing quite different from reciprocity education have Mich regulations As u Mil the Uryth Iii Ida Nodi lots Verv lit flail it Tachera of lilt a no Elf re reciprocity with Canada would be a Tor a Nev la thu tip vet this in not tin Caw by any manner of icons mid proof he a Roku 1i1io Nimro curl v my v stole some Money and h to j nil j for in t wiil Iii to in i i fit Fillmir lit la Lull hic he i inv Inivie it iowan the county Jill will in lie shipped to other Home in lie i Olav and two children of i Tyllo was tried arrived hen1 1rhlny inn Inui Mai ust can re Merlier when ill fwd Ltd air Roveil nere rom us mom 01 in can ennui will visit n few Days with her were brought from k previous 1 going i Orn states to on where she will spend i he their supposed Superior it 1 seen it the Chester n Little any Southwest of Imd heretofore urn i yet it certain tin with slim ult produces very lit if which we need lint can not ourselves unrestricted reciprocity with her hmm indeed to n Hiir Render of tin principle of one if the prominent Feal new of Hie 111 new Tariff Bill is the inc rinse in the Sun i of Riff Wall along the can n j Ivan the Cotton Superior in was How id Shore of the acc Oiin l Iligin i null lolis Graw thai allini1 Fri Ninilo of protect 111 1 ii t i a stored us gland for the principle of Protection in Able to the Small of the i Liere in this Valley in the Tylli Villim of u i itch Eliot everyone who ii Iii h Heremic on thu Wilny Bill Tunc who do dare Thiol it with Cost Imit Lenl event if thr1 sorts of thrilling will Wilde ring in or not whether he in me Annc or is t experience is in find some crop which Enn Lenv Inive Imi Wen 10 me nun the i ill a Lilli is Phi Illig knife till nil in its Iii opens in tire is t Foniel n Wirt haul Liev lire Iii dial one tips lot now ii Hinl eight Yunis which in Seniv hindi j ii Ere in Inis Jiuu e Thiol it with lie Krc nth for nth nil hut while Trees Are must precede n cml Inu Mcc o no Peirent y of no Ailswo i n in n or clone listen productive a with nil the nex in i v Xiv Lek n he Twenty or forty acre Pur hollowed is ii the led of a i n ii Oish in front of Henry Rcpt Lanei huli Livel in Imily in shul imodium in inv with Sutcli i spin died to a Tiller Only slight like the hid helmet Cotton Mills if which most of j j on i oilers to hike nil of the t eol toil raise Iii thin the ruling in Iii it lift ii min he Dulei Ericc in freight from Texas to i ii t and Good Luck Cotton in Texas is the Hoard of due Ostlun line shed the Estlyn tvs it and unit la cols upon and it is i nil canyons mid in hire Ryo film Moo Mackerel and them of Tom things which Canada would expert to come into Trio the thirst Itee omes too k sir Lac Oil for in this while Entile to my twin Ami Yii my they full of my in the Kiil chem nil canyons i ils inc h i i it treaty she would to willing to spots upon the desert Plain a sir i a Jinjr t he i ur1 i 1 if Cone is Home rattle and Stock i indies Prim lil i his ii son i with All Ameri no Over unit country in search Momiji y Lawt the m r l Fri u Tomt by would be we Biro already Flats Rcv e h and t liven email the Experiment of Canadian Long is tin inn i a treaty was in Force Bel Ween thin Conn and i in i in Kun tar Inicie can he pinned Cotton Sells at from Hoof and 1lesh meet and Vohl Ohleh it u their pcs Inland Light to Wallow in mud and ii to cents a and the wed will a Man calling Hin hell i Ween Ali eur rows of vines and it none or Niimi least for until mud the ugg Rogate enough i tin sins bring h certain i cd of Fth dry Lake and i Impi in j Eie dangly Cinfo Halile attempted suicide and a marriage ii i if it visible in Eaith of Ami i ecu line Mere and but not is Dently possessed Wilh a so Rob iwo won fran Cisco the 1rank thing Are patches of him Tor work combined with a to Chivily for is now in Jull await ing i with Witter for won i was brought Llort Cor it exceedingly hut 11 unit com lit Loisl night by was Given for ten Kui Luv night the electric of for the Light time thus Lar Ivcic Lvcy visits from ii online re hand one Gloch was hied incl Llull i Short it is to he Lilied hint Little winged creatures have Mil concluded 10 Cuve their Impi ital Smith of the and move to for if do we slip ill have to Liee Oine very Kimple in our he lists Ulm bum no lights Allie the entertainment to in ii the native daughters on Riley Allevi uling her condition in so far As ing 1ms some entirely new Ami one we was impress a b hint she would and us tin doctor did not consider her Mil of her hns Lemml was pro Likht it transpired that n serious sin which she believed she had committed was preying on her mind and she lulled to i for As for As she she had Inch the whole Region i taking having been where the Unur comes irom 1 Iiri cd of Hie Moe ctr of her Iii Saiid a and Why it should Lunuel time w main wll in Ghl in full us the Oil Tronu suits upon he s d the so Rions against she i s o us had Ikeme and despondent will lie Tomid toe is i i i by he time Lull t mind u x Lort finitely her Rush net Purly Lefore Thrope Zillini of the Polo Inive Ini ind out unit All the h v had Plith Mylod too far and the and of Jurg Nikon were secured i habit they Conn i or condition Hud become i to schoo cd he the us of the Sonnich pump mid of them will Hine p usual medical Ngi chs he inc ceded in int cysts und Liu Allevi uling her condition in so far u und wll1 will have trend lie la Angliers Are working lined i make the entertainment in every Way a sue one of the How her Devotion to the Pic lewd pm Smidy fur in hour or in Tunn ing comedy entitled w to he Siverl Tiki in in town is i civil of in fall Iii for sane one with ii Sui ill Eup tul to embark with him in n Ion list the of the Hidir Diml in Lull u strikes in observant Man Weld be i Civ items from i try and from to a u i i i j Orchard Niter us ought to Coli mid writer n no Farmer that we do not want my of the following articles i cure n Little Trull from i were on Trio free lists of both countries Lenhof Zimny Irma and i hereby i n j of tidal u Gimel Hienie is i Uii Wool Bill of Tull for grave us to Cru tit in or enl ils is the isl us do n Annii All Klix it Hull Ami tile Filkill hug upon nil Rural and Al ring la Ilio cur u tree in to lure county yielded i and Ami mils Ami nor blk in Ruile nil Psi 11 i i Unwin Iblis Olulo Noil nylo Pill Len of tilt u i Mamma Rachals Iii such lives the acre would in Lori i ii by Bart enough Forney Citso Nishie j a Mir Ulm lamp War my a oppose Hinl Mccori Linic to t nil i a Lulu isl Lill Ini Trees Wei upon Tomt or 111 part Ali Rule Mill Irfan Neh yielding pounds of in Ira ittle things which Goto produce Melon for tie i Weir ii new Wei mail tithe Cit with the ninety were As unavailing As those of sir John the work per except Siil Larj Nir is is ill Only with i Ibe ten us the ninety a the writer knows of one acre in Alii a strange discovery was made at san Nilda with Lap Rocol Trees Francisco Tho other Day by the workmen from which Mie year the Roii with in tearing Down Tho Imus sold one mini Worril of Northwest Corner of Mont Gomery and Conni Treial while in Tho tendency in Omny cities nod town to Trio system of inbreeding in election of teachers is one that Vecdi of Reinl Oil Uto plan of Protection to Home Imler tilts some Bounita practically Debar teachers of High professional Kiil from entering their serv this inbreeding his in places got enclose that school in Steps prefer to appoint to a vacancy Only such q teachers is have i Iii graduated from the school or live in the m to Hava been from n up Roku s Lar school is a Peculiar very help Ful toward getting in 3 agent of the Miuwa a Chusett state Inard of in Juji report to the state con Dean we practice very As the following quotation shows one of the discouraging and n great drawback to the list of is the custom too rigidly followed of utilizing Home Talent for to Brosure Many of our Best teachers live in Tho towns or cities where they but tie policy that Given Tho girls at Homo a monopoly of Tho and ignores 0 Competition from is even q it discourses thorough scholar o ship and professional tends to i favouritism and Low wages and prevents the discharge of poor j if a Tentler can obtain n position through political or personal q rather than Profe Vional she can re retain it in spite of Ioor too of 0 ten it would appear that the school Are for the not the teachers for Tho Wavu a or com Mittee feels that Public sentiment will go Piort him in selecting the Best teach ers to by had for the salary wherever Lluy May Tho schouls Are Dunlo rank ill Litimo mini i min thu ouzo of Clarence and Avon heir presumptive to the As he was leaving to join his regiment utter one Day Vuil Ilia father at Marl Borough the lad was looking particularly and it Safe to in Wiiiiam that he did not half like the idea of leaving London for Tho gloom of the Mes room it it bus lately be gun of that the Duke is subject to chronic As lie cannot be tempted to and evidently hits a win knowing at his once u was Tuzid thut Liu win yearning his Royal Young som away out of Hope less love for an american but now it is i Toming the general notion thai inn is Tine of miserable natures that enjoy Tho pangs of u regular a Large slim of Tho British nation it is Safe to like to Seo Jolly Young Prince George on Tho throne instead of the tall mid bilious but that de Biro cannot to gratified Milem the elder brother Rucci unto entirely to his sorrow and fades away la a Lino bit of the when 1 saw Tho Dynko he mls fit the Ilos Ikek Hank of Kehlet s v s m it i Earp f kstk1 a bunk and eighteenth oif1 in Kern Hijii Roll Elln Tomt Tiv tlit1 i m Siru Wii my place was ilk u Imick the slabs which Cov wore the latest along k r no by discovered or Prince left nil Piv Dener a Grill j Thi let it be one h Mil c v Eedeh i Mil it in we idler Liu better Oral Ian i not hut me which led Down to a vault under the which we an i the vault extends the entire ii Atli and breadth of Tho Sitters Trust it in Linit of bricks placed Hihl i limit will i tint uht j pc 11 Only a few lives per acre j which i worn separated by pieces of Alec of Light and air reaches Mil j being in Only Only the ims Lull the ground Between 7 n n Rololl i lore sue Mii by n in slide of the n transaction i i Ricc Ihorn no while it Muy Law All Good to Law visiting her Post Ems Lucr essentially i Rittell mid with Mure Vick is vis iting Al her hulled has uen improving pulling up wire hot ledge 1ms gone i Iii twins to n them and from ing so Gawiler mid More it instant in in can he Given t in n largely and Ali Oil in Nen Havilah Kiihn is now crushing very Rich Ore from the tins Miller Lii let it be is to reign throughout Tho coming sea son As the fashionable thing for Street Vitta Htit they relate to us from Boulogne in remarkable incident of a in Irish one of i the Corner so real and Chester Kern she die easier and with Nam Hope of divine Nevcy in Hur Hill the is Mclim of 1 Only a ird higly anther Haiti in was sent Ivy the satisfying her null ill i and a Vilics inti ill were up from Tive a not i Altenio if talons services Here last Jilin or is still leu Ihling 1iirtlis Iii Iwillar Wilh edition her Stoulil be the Panama miss Hie ill Gli closed on ten Nilay j Iii there were Ilten iry exercises by tin followed by n and this in turn Iii ceded he n Danio in in lie tinier nil Ungry discs were is of the inn Dillon of extensions of Shim id Inko Moi interest in Ilie and thestil ignite n Long fare of Ali eur children and Mure fret me 1140 our Grivat and Grace Hie with Hin ii of crossing those a venues with n wide and deep will Lima inn when told that Liis Dos Lelh includes the this country still retains Many of the Peoliar ii in suggestive names in slowed in old mining Sinh As whisky hug Elohim has in Iii Ennel Derlong the project of cot tages to rent to families to spend n portion of the hot Rewti so a valid Tho Nihof was arched and constructed in Tho same one end of the vault was in apart those fairy of North who it built in in unusually solid to Pec Nuar Charm from out 11 Neri Ner to which in Entrance win effected the splendor of their door Iron a Marter of an Inch one of those with Limpid eyes thick Ulm riveted with As the bluish Crystal of the a Pioneer furnished the information had a hint the or at least the Glrst whom deserted he Ore Itom me mis was erected in for Tho occult u innit no of i i lot out til i of August be Hunt Bank when ascend my out Sld i for my a sri u Trio Conff Gration of Imp i to the forgot her n tvs Arlen had swept Over Structure in Tho Vicinity the most faithful companion of m d h 1 ass u n when Bullins her u spew Law Black with Hilly the racy a Verelst univ Wii it was determined to make Beautiful dark shining hair from that crush Rock at Hie Hayes Mill As n w118 the Sundong erect Gull and Coin were and it Over the fences of Turku fun win built to resist burglars and defy Only after the jumping joyously Iven ii Mons Tho then residents of an soon As can be perceived afar Tho Tho cily tie pm Isleno of Tho vault was smoking f to which he not generally and the method of always thinks will bring Bock ashore reaching it was a net rat confined Only to beloved ing ills Mill l n More convenient to Trio workmen local Lon and adding and Francisco let gel he Timu and i Miller air working a Force of men in i inner whirl a and have very slum As Oiler churl Gluyes u mov Power to Bis in nuns who Hii Sliech n Jinni Keiit business Nunn in through Callene Ilii vday route to Enka where he i us is always hopeful and ibo Juull trim and though con Kola Tel Ami i lied by Tuo gloved hand of the Beau Tinl and romantic aug Lush misites who him Sweet Call i love Delic Leasly by evening in that Charm ing him you faithful intends j and Noto Sweet and Over afar Biily Shower of White petals Over the business in is id a Mcraild Green beneath the i reviving in the Way acid All do not How hold Irish All p15k Nav an d i John Kates in the the collages will Porter knows Lull fur a in whether and Meh Lerv in i Andic is a Boll my is Millers new ill surge design which adds to tin place Ami is a much Venlen ill Liik than the one in the Tho fairy Beaudin Avii feels to Iii inexplicable some thing is missing to her she does not know what it 1st it is the unconscious regret of faithful companion Iliff Lert de ii Kiev Mountain we Are Hin rid land since the Lias win to lids Mountain seclusion and u Rich of the Nels or ill fills s tin Tinie is no one wished to put a and n Lamm which includes u commuted i 11 no i where it Supin Ssang the Dexle of hut thin has lure is now a Demaid for Paicci a nulls How easily thew Lovely mowers May 1m caused to Bloom ibid porn in i if Large branches Noti broken from it Reeh and placed in water in Sling live if neat Sammy they will soon Huiner Listl Ess Tii Mui Mulany of thu blossoms will be As Many thu Pitfalls which lie in Tom More eoii1 of ill cd us those that path of t to Man who rits Down to make which tried in the my urge i v done mid Iii with i no Punec in Man thenis much interest in Hill die the cohort company has its Mill on k the ground and the eng pm is now Ishihh Lead cd by will in 111 Mav id boiler Bloom on thu Trees in the in a Case recently tried in cure must be taken to select such court Tho witnesses were routed branches As have an ban Dancoff Plomp i the usual words to have Hereunto mid Rome of these should j subscribed their but Uli append it in hit Bright men from Dille Ivel Loerli nil incr ills uhring tin dimly of the id Oil of their ii lagged Olnee Lump Peird snivel hint Way heu Veen his Home und Era Tieh one Well holding up ids j hnsdi1 tie oof the ump a or hero Imus no by Way part i Wynn Long was Ami t Mil i 11 in ii i in it lint Liloff Lylw in 1 my my illll1 Tell Lull k111 l in i i pvt is gelling Liimol he we Ghoul untold Sinida night so Molly idler in View these lets time seven i kick were ill Hlinik in the asked in these things in Kern Island canal near Hie hour Mill Williona Road when ii raises vegetal on the lagged Olnee unit Way Lieuween ins h no Milf one of tie Hoys to lire a or hero Ili of to Likel the Niin Amiin of the Host Dale if he Inis not to if urn striking him the Raj Fol Eye and Hinl Hie Only evil knee the no thereof Sonniel Ling us the Watn Tom the North is seriously Oln and so on and and All the la Inird him like Omny his attention is now called m time minho is Man irom Kern said Voles fact and he is asked to vhf he docs Bill Sal Iwon h a Ien 11 this mutter to the a if one All in riled that their sculpt will Ulit Ken ibis and re to week mid the Reward in they them to build Bridges and Oiler Are nit and each one knows thu Diu Nigie they have in Ionikh to he in ill Ltd Eissed to our Only Tine App ult from the Bons Well As Somo of Iho morn that these witnesses signatures were pointed Leaf written in the margin wild ear and wild Cherry branches higher Thim these May to i lowered in u hit Nilar hence k1 Ilmet idiot i As Pupplo tree sign atari 1m snid lobe subscribed x no doubt Many other kinds of j strictly it wan Early Blooming shrill a and Trees could i h is easy to conceive a judge of rigidly be Mado Blossom in this i logical tendencies who would Liao de i Jleroy in in interesting few for expert Elded that there had Imi ii in thu no for Flower particularly fur j proper nut Doi lit the Best thai has Oll Ivd i and Tho sulis faction i Morlun Neely sir Parker Fortl nig of sending to a sick neighbor or present cd by a decision of lord do has cling to a Friend a Bunch fresh a Polo Cleil though it might seem a n i Iii Rinir was and blossoms i Winter amply repays the Bari Mac to put the u in is i lie am produce i word to hold that writing d o c s y youths j the witnesses above the testator Eihud old Kuil in he margins was a com in n child of Hal yen displays Ken Nimnie Little lord the play Mou Dikiy evening mail my re oily for i thin Jii Vrr win n Mihl Clua to thu Surry Cipot it w till Ami n Tancy and Staple Gro Cering Olga ten and Tol in the court notes of the of Karl any Nyji eaird the follow Jet Newm Joseph t suit i cover and cowl of Lle Hind which Hinlle talc men is n Little Story Ulm when a mini wins in a lottery Lio ilium not ii ways and child of her such la is inner Intong whether she will hold out my when Airl Viii Al a in vent any Talent As she Tho new tramp several of our justices of Inive Lieen Litany 1 thai the newer non i Lii Are bus Hud an duct i think we hold our and to i hey kept Trio death of general Sherman has had the effect of creating a demand for Ida the publishers Tell we that the demand is something wholly unix and yes they might have known from past exp Crenco that Tho death of u tomake famous and great Man is Miro to arouse her Mark by and by Uncle Sherman Mcmolin Are on him the Iii Idiens not Large is the i pronounced by literary in some m Bill he children were now possesses it my i hint so in general i think hold Over with enough ii Lilly so nature n Oliance with the yet in the of Thi Law Hie word subs Tribb simply Means signing Tho Iii him with unit any referee cd to us position on the Docu two Hundred and forty words a Niin four every is n rate of Speed which by Crim almost beyond Tom him the wits inn in Large us uht Pronti Anceil like Rory Siuw Yinwu whom r justices of the la f play Hal the children were the nost fascinating Vitura turn Power of that was the to Reimink in gently j full he Ihler Eves did j of the torrent of do Arat m up Lii Wofle Lute leg until he a Lilly i i in in he w1w mlllu6 Bart Iii Rcd for h in excellent in i just As was in his action and Pauls Church by Ita stocked with Thev Are out of my Tine Bill i in pc n Friend who raises n Good Many Thiro Iclal re Pylon lottery ol1 the is Amir As Ullh Mill Stirl in fron Joist As Hui was in his itch eth of a Church monday by the j i mitts of a i Phillips try to equal it read teacher of Connecticut said recently that i ing from n printed Pugo in u Conewa ii had advised scholars to Road tonal Neil then imagine Trio in Franls memoirs and Hosn of increased difficulty of the tank of have Tomt they might Zwirn what in Epson did in a Largo i whore a great Congre than one Way which thing lucidity and join Etna and Wettaw Tylie Jarowm Mew might have been Cut in the fresh is Lii Lilly h v Ull ii vhf Kiil i were in u literary Sherman ii j of a written Tom his inns Dill Einon indies no inn v i them us largely As shut if no Ihlma Sull from longer pays to 7hb Rabbit Issue we won n Myrv v Jiw Psi Lake and up hid Tucco Biily Sii mix the drive on Nezir j Wii Viira r a tic of Iii i where they f r u i me swiftly the from e Annii an a Teth fre Tow Lou by Noll Lauird Naii ills Point j for a few Miles wan diet lieu limited tic the i i Lii in u Nie Rury i i Wilo for whom Wolfl do n m of jct i Tho fold vols of Row i by would and so it wan in j in Tom civil War Ever for it was finished in Twentyfive life 11 Eosin ii mint Iii fronts but Trio Robwrt nude by two zog Phio renters covered and Qto Waro we vhf f in extremely words Ami tto however Iii Klisans of the mid put ital Sno Clatl with which the paragraph writing of them did on much to Horton bring about the Sale us did placed them in u Hirkey Trautm remit nation is Tho grit Coin Yard and Ihei Lei Ihei ii tight it i cd Ward in Pella Del it was n Vidlet Lac in Tut ii m disgrace Ulm Rawl v 1 inn told that there not been a to do Mill meet Privet did Tiri Btij of Wood however of inc and Platil la allem cd u Mill Towich v Krutuk us Tho and Abu r avoid this give Ultra so Vire to dust Luce Neil move t bowl Siw i ironed and then1 the build Iii Iii which now Imit Rizik they Wen wird Whon hot Al 1iifi Oclock Lodicy tie rubik for u Hli Imin Kulli ill the Iii win it Imdad from could have input Ticon people i the Linen weigh Timmig in the City ii in jilt ii Well the Conwlier that such an event was of today in in Ilshik in than ii usual u i Mully cd ruled run lint and ilium Dps mid Downs of in Troidle it noted Viliy Hiczun of Paris claims to j Ivo by u novel application of i electro Lynch and Vanl need it find the the arrival of the u i s 1 Lulo in inv ixlln1 Tenelly what in and Days has pressing und with his Long and Heel native 1 am told that there Baa not Beau it conveying by the electric to i Luib in yearn when so Many internal of he Tomou j been out of work 88 1 know one j body the constituents of the j blur coir Nav in consequence of the for their Ooin Inwon Kern Valley Kohll crib Sukk for Patent toilet Cui ised by i mow big company in consequent the of the recent Money he red Noel 1u v i i i rom o in which is caused he their on evening f Taw of thaw Ara his Lake from the cd juror o f in Clever us w h he u about vein Olmi Finch Ifill old know in Nanlal tin it ought to and null Eluted which in Ihu t j it in for so worthy n cow tonal of Rel e Din Hitty in their u i n t w u t water fro i fwd la very Tho or to Laws a who got in the Ilic of tort pleas left 11 Uiva ii it Nitchi to Thor Herb on would u Good fewer Street Bont than which i Tot ii eople who Liaw worked Ami to work do nut gory for to bulk of the French Awu puny of one note Well of which Thole anal of Iwen appointed to Mcelmu the vans of the nil to extend the 81kiqftk 11 Day und Tom Kern Valley Node Tom urn in now in leu 1

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