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Bakersfield Weekly Californian Newspaper Archives May 23 1891, Page 1

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Bakersfield Weekly Californian (Newspaper) - May 23, 1891, Bakersfield, California The weekly californian is the beat publication in Kern county for formers and Busi Ness 11 hns the largest circulation nil con to ins Tiu and loin is a new pen re every progressive town Mam 2 Kern May bight Price 5 Cei established published every saturday morning French if you Maude and Inni terms 12 00 six advertising rates Ordinary Seii Verl Lenl vertical Knell vertical Kach a Rural Kulli Vert Rel Quarter Kunii Var Llanil the Bull Yin Kali vertical the Kract Lonal parts of incl charged Lull it a Tok Niox of Tiik it dec 1h Kkt anti in fully Illus to Hie fact hint this hotel him i 100 1 w 1 75 v 00 j 00 7 00 w if you wish to 1ivxli nil Len Wentlo Gunnil ii u now prep Arcil better Tolian the in Liis Par the to Timve on Musil Thi French rank in the part of the a i next ill a in nil i ice or Yuu if you wish in a Nick Unur Imnira Rosy Ami Liy 1nnimiiiiu in Clara Fri is n into air aur Ahlim o thin popular h Wynn place 29 per double do lilo Tho figures Trigal Llmer Mitil 10 a Cut n known by Tho Wii required la Advance Tor All in Nortor clerk Aivil the a la Lull a cols Iti Alffio Hearil by the Honri null lodging by tile some Elyga Iiller Fern Mil no Vrr lotlii1 Fiill Lulf Mill your Lii icily Iii proper if you wish to pin Ilins anything in a million tons of if you wish to mail no Mill Lair line of from a ran of Tomn Toch to n nil to be sure you Are in lung i if you wish to i malty and la Ilenin Sitt Nellve nil if you wish to put new in Vruir Conklin 1ackarrt Ito Well under Valentine treasurer and tax Baker Lett tract Fay school Larrel Muri Niido comity Kogure Liria Iii i1 Niimoto of Puiul inn tale a Willil Meuse Morgan kid i Der let Ibal Rizian just sikh Iii the vim pm Lelal Milia Al Unne and Siclin Noii a Norcro mid cell Ali Morrison nil a Luuann fifth Hunt Upton Nini Llanham sixth snit and Hill first Kiin and i Witk second Ohl Lwood Mill i Nln Lilly third and Mui Lanry for ill Anmis Ami nor Al Lull Halo Mcbrook Anil Jiniv Llala Mulli and acl Llin Ami Fine Brick w International Krak Xiv hot Kkt sax Ward Quvus hotel has just liken j 1 lit All of Yvonne of 1 he leading and family Llo aril and and per the most con Viniam to the Kex Pisa and Ivind All i and ii Rcck of meals 2i free conch to and from the it Lotf j Walter it Kkt Mahon m a in Iho Ion Runof Len old l at Kirn Valley re Cmich Iii Tellam Atto Kinky it Oral res Over Kern Viil Liy at Law san i at 1iak uni Iii Liall Lliel Cenah j at san mid now Lockson now Knss in your now Sonvi in your new Lin Sells on if you wish i new in Gay or Mill Lilik in us Linof or if you wish new in hit Linof Iii Marr Fri Iris Rylik and fun Hnatiuk of this 1 in entirely new and no Hitler bin n Hpe Ilal Arrn Nementh ran in Lioard his rooms for a intr tall of cents twas i French m rim fearful Zunli in Avn Uncle from Mountain Sehk in a tout two thousand feet from the Denver and Rio Grande depot there is n mass of Snow in one Lump which contains about one million ton of the Masti represents a Snow slide which came Down from the Summit of Kendall Mountain the night of Tho Point where the Snow broke from the spex of the Mountain id probably two and a half Miles from the Railroad and the Sli Ilu made tha in i i enl and Man incr i to witnesses who heard the crash at Tho tort and Tho crunch when it Tern than two monday night wan a the mor your i cry had shrunk away Down in the 1 and every one expected to sea Tho Mill wills in i neat j Climax of Tho about 8 Oclock l great Hanks of Snow began to Accuu into and Pilu up in fantastic Sli pos on j the Mountain then Camo puffs of wind As Strong is a and miniature whirlwinds in Over i boards and sen i Ivo j and Darker the Cloud battlements piled s i Over the Aniunas while those up the lilo castles of Light Riding Itney Tenil Inibig Iii nil llii1 on Billows of resplendent loomed i in magnificent Over and among thou ii Erin Ito not i the Moon ice Ped through fitfully and cast in a Hood of dazzling Fly 0 Oclock thu storm was at its j trill i Teli an old timer named Tom with his two i lived i n farm Between Pemberton Meadows mid wan found i the bodies of the i horribly Lay across the fathers Corpse in the cellar of the which Hud been in retd nver their Heads after the Horri Lii rested on u Neplir Lilier in inn who woo last seen Tinar tin lie was a rih tid and hied in new Westminster for the being after want Tho government offered n Reward for the rapture of the and there the Case dropped and Public internet gradually died within the past few i inuits certain Duscov cried have been made which to to show that Graham was a Cully and the real Mur Derer is in Indi in chief named two years murdered a chins Man on the Frazer and has since been evading the it i your fund in in Lurn Lile Xei about two weeks ago no blah Quad Wii in Ami Iti inulin n Nln til i tin about i i newspapers Thi rate no Klimt the per for almost All reasons Ami no reasons Bomse they dont like to be published into be Caius they dont wish to have others Lenni cer Tain things about because their Impi lot no because Tho him published what they did vol wish it to and because it has not published that which they asked it to almost always Beci Inse of Sinift Point which affects their own self interest or selfish Ness do i Liu Heathen rust mid Here and there is one who Regis on Rone Rul principles Ami utters his it abolishing the whole taking next to be com extra copies containing i anathema for himself and his it is Safe to state that there is not a sin Gle Issue of a newspaper in print which does not contain something somewhere weeks ago an Quad h h w Lother Indian nil if you wish to select your Iroini i new and pretty fur lie if you wish l Stu liiinilnnni1 lining lines Nail widths in Lull if lulls if you wish i nil this in n Nian Iii r Shtil will Init i Ili Kiihnl ii nil and to in it at Kiin Riihl the wind Tore through Tho foliage on Dinkelspiel 1 in Zimila to to Riih id for of Rilke mid loom Eagle Tinh unit to r delivered apri if James san Jose run i it attic sky at Chester a Lam Nijiu ii i ill leu in at Law oilily Linker a actor nov at mint tons inc ser link bust in hath Footo per Sprella Ratek by week or Mollt and Imtair Froli from oar own free Toniee of knolls mall mane to Observatory round trip seats reserved by aug Leolf cosmopolitan look in lie daily for the Rishiy mid Ardizzi Gen Era Merchan disk the Ballering it the build hurled Defiance it serpentine Linos of gleamed from Between Iho rents in the 1 and loud detonations from thu Lou Tel on Liili proclaimed the March of the it was about Midnight when above i Tho Roar of the far Auvo the Clouds upon old the loud crack a was then a and then Ilia whole l Inonu Laiu std seemed Lobo coining will i i a fearful and indescribable of inns of i Iii Scro shot out of that wide space above Limber line and piled inti Idaho and brushing Down Iver Lhing before Banks of Fri Iii shared in n j common and Losco that monster As it from Tho j would Lifavi been a grand there was in Slop to Iho colossal mom i when in struck Thi making ils own i i Road Asil Iii Rod its lolling in All in continued on its mad Rush until in reached the instead of i j their in bin eared a Bridge for j i itself and continued Over Tho Railroad j j carrying it two Telegraph i Trio and spread itself finally j i Uver the town within soon la from i Ihu main Street of i such u slide has never before been seen and to those who Havu never been j one and Are sceptical of its tremendous i we invite i hair nil mention to thin Benro going onco be fore in i la history of this town Baa thu Idaho Gulch and Tomt wan in when it barely reached Tho to Justice of at that they a a Iliili and wanted the authorities to come up and take on receipt of this in formation accompanied by a posse of special left immedi Only to find on arriving at their destination that their Bird had be Isiahs Sipian had Cut the ropes that bound him the others were making Good nun of his Liberty Neniah took to thu where he ism opposed the Heathen so much and so Nyren Nonn Bly it the daily Tho Cireno Blanco is ibis the limit the car the would be censor of the very rarely asks himself those i tics ions i this rights Isit jilt is it n fair he never seems to recollect that in reputable journalism the first Rule of an Honora ble editor is the simple one of sound sense and exact and it in because they do not consider this Point that the Corn ill mum or former officer wit i gut during the in wll Toli found both a few i a Vii that inn ten Lilwid with he sought Meiti Eal and he was told that he could Noli n1 live More than Nix months u remain in thin who is today Broad the Ruddy appearance of n Man who never known a a of nays thai Hec Ureil himself absolutely by what known on Trio out door he went first to the Cape of Good Hatfie and wandered about through the spilt of he engaged in and r to spent n Good met by years in would not live in a to two until his Luigs by come to now owns the half of the Wand one of the Oungre i is an Island perhaps Twentyfive Miles he has n Large Indef Plantation on this which a feet above the sea the Only White Man on the Island is an English also n sugar Wils Pii v is n he has built up a c0mv fort Ablo place for himself on this islands the climate his Burnem there is no place in the world enchanting to him us this Island in the Smith the is Seq and not subject to sudden pleasure and recreation found i limiting in the j u All the other indians Are willing to assist in the capture of or appear in Tacoma Miili Runi j a local expert proposes to make Mushi room a specially ibis i and Hiis certain unit if there is any Sec Tion of Maine where there Are lovers of this fungus it is right hero in Lewiston and on his Finger he can count scores of non has Ida fingers twice Over and you Sec who Are fond of i hem and know How to Cook Al one certain country House in Lewisj Tun Tho sunday mushroom dinner in a i fixed tiling in and my a nil they delicious Tho old Rule for Distin them from eat rage because they cannot see that in reputable Jilin Kilimn Justice and com Mon sense Rule Tho editor not spite mid Cine inner this wrongdoers Are More fearful of the press than of Justice so or you can hire a lawyer buy n jury judges never Tell tales Oul of court Doe Lois keep their own and san Niue by word of Mouth travels but n Brief space but Tho press Yannut be or forced into dig they Are the Hairdo so in Ilia exposures of the press than they dread the of the Law or Tho pricks of con dont growl if your paper today Doest suit von lira getting for h Iii ii1ji1i f 1 and if you die they Are toadstools couple of cents that which Cost much is not now Nior Lull Ltd m its a mushroom gatherer who whom you is paying for Quinli Iier i blah la in docs not know the the top of the void ii mushroom is Tho under portion and As it matures tin top changes in a Brown color and the under part to a dark the j which a White and round when also grows dark with Liat Blu your Reading this is a Ian born in National the returns of of the r Are mushrooms have pleasant odor and caused by the in epidemic in Tho Early Purt of Thi mint in never a test proposed is to Sprinkle suit in the under dido or spongy part and to five it limn to if it turns Black thu mushroom Good if Tad Mynol is Jon numerically the with Ita added to its number the la genres in rain it Putteti show urge both in am the ancient order of Kern i a Kiev i a thais Nat and Illmie Vikt liven in i the bout very to Ito up9 if Kotah Kern in to Lull All Init tits Hotoi Alfil ill Lilly Gap hotel everything inv Alt lanky at i i h in i t nil airy i 1efferds estate n Laiolo Viry Pinoin Inix Nuon Iidle Ciary for Comfort hint prices g land ill Olaalla mint lord to the a planks ii Lillton it Loverin Neil fully not mailed it str Mitilia aka properly written Roll Cut Anvil alts Anil jul 1hyslctans Ofick in nineteenth e Lioums 10 to 1j to 4 and i io7 Imi Hician and Skokon enl Deuton i tween Al Lull in old ill Ali e in cd Mir Avii Iii and Luigi Ami j Watson lollies in the Liemer in Oliver Antl Over Butew Leld Iteld fire on chiller Zuur Jilb viiy4hcian anti i of now and nor Hake a Bho n in a in t in fbiiou8son in mki1i club and surgery of Aud of the Hoyal and member of hip Rolt Liam Euleil 1 Mil oilily in Iii Nillon Wotli tie hotel will lie Foniel Ivekic Hiiva Scales Anil a feed stable where a go Oil turnout con Linail Hill Tia Nib properly Thkun Are Linns Valley stage line at Dunkel Hilel tiros Anil Arlington leaves this hotel Al Ami tie Al Napier Midlil i 7 Wuilne Lyyii and Karl Rainyn of Nih Reut Lilik Glun Vitle at ii inn will leave Glenville it in Lifrant we take ple Tiriro in Nonomi Cizik that we have la nihed our immense and personally by Leclede Slock of comprising Hie following Complete lines i Rocco fit aple Anil wines and imported and Clara and in All popular by Nils shelf and build err hardware tin Granite and Agate Ware arms and ammunition crockery and wooden and Willow Ware in Rugby and Patent Modic Lnch youths i and child Riib in the Luteal Lyles gents and child Riib and is docs i ladies and misses of Chook Ami in nil Iho newest Lylen dry i fancy Good and notions ladies dress in All the new and person Bible fabrics Garth Furnis Liing goods hats and of the newest i we always keep on iia Iid a full Block of supplies for Stock Hiigli us Stock 1 Salt of All Shkop Wool 1 to people living at n distance to would Sny that our facilities Lor shipping by rail Are Nncy naked by any Oiler House in the our go Oil Are shipped to us by the our warehouse Are in Iho closest proximity to Lam and i any order can be shipped at the shortest notice and without extra charge or Ilnia 1 age and we Akiva Mem Iii v Illo Iriti at nver i tin Snow six feet solid on the rail Road at the foot of Tho Gulch it i is at least Kio feet it is full of a year n Jinor of red headed Wood Limber lives from six inches to two feet peckers determined to Peck a Hole in the in diameter broken into rocks j i Manlong in apr tha eaves of n an weighing tons Aro so natured the Otish j woodpeckers often the owner of the while thu entire indy is As solid As Ico not liking such after i people go every Day to View this i repented of Toru succeeded in driving giant of Tho and it will them and they went to work at tinny to to i son ecu of in Crest until it once and disk a lilo in the nearest Mel Tel beneath Tho rays of our july 1 when Tho Birds sprae was finished and Hil Vertnon i housekeeping had begun the banners an animate to Dildo of of was giving an entertainment in in which each business of Tho town was represented by some Young lady dressed in Nuch a manner As to advertise the wares of Tho various lines of Merchan James superintendent of Tho electric Gulij was among Thomao and his display was Ceru Finly unique and Corgia Nowlin represented the she was Dre Tisco in some Fluffy Ald 0oo Taii Ulf u duo Cesmat id i is City Sumner i hindi waiion8 ii Iii King Atli for Hay and Grain for a Lorrn very in Vii tier tin plumber and Iron pipe and brass plumbers supplies Oas constantly on cd myth Wash Staniow Kinky Mot Haill All work of uni Vallijo Imp Lei John Wieland Fredericksburg Chicago and United states re relieved by trimming ii of the three National around her had been Woven a perfect network of i each Ono connecting with an incandescent Light in a coloured and the globes to Ihu number of Twentyfive fastened to Hur her and one resting on tha top of her tha wires Wiro connected with Tho main wire on the Aud when tha curtain was raised the room having been previously darkened by putting out Tho Gaa the circuit win com and Lunding erect with one Light in her hand in imitation of tint Bartholdi a to Oil of Light from brilliantly Illuminat Luk thu Viutti while Trio had Loco held its breath in bids pens until to curtain descended and Tho current was turned nud amid a Shower of Samu performance was re Liidia polls int Uhli fur the Best nulls fur Tho Jiu Ach j Well drained Hindy Loiis some what ele on ibis count these Aro boys captured the female As who hat in the nest and kept her in a hoping to catch Thi in flu two Days later lie returned with in other Tho Hoys relented at thu tiny gave Woodpecker 1 her Liberty and awaited to their Surprise the male Ufler a relentless Pursuit of about six killed thou he destroyed the one egg which Ulio Hod and continued housekeeping with wife 3 As if nothing had youths Lam Lent Hanul car u is hard to get Abend of Iho Street car but some people in Chicago think they Are going to do they Are to its bringing the Reserve capital up to this society appears to ii rapidly lev clips up its actuarial the return showing Tomt n proportion equal to of its members Aro now in Yang Grad Imti contributions according to in Ngn ins five year the Manchester Unity of Odd fellow comes slightly behind the foresters in respect to lint occupies far am away the front rank of All societies ii its invented capital reaching the magnificent amount of the hearts of the largest Sci trailed society without has been advancing of Lutu a prs by leaps in annual report shows Linti 1800 it added to its membership which now numbers and to its totalling Ita Reserve capita up to this society admits n one to its membership Over thirty year of and is chiefly recruited from the ranks of Small clerks and j skilled in the aggregate these three societies him ii an amusing Story is told at a i ant or which recently took Ween Georgo and n her ii and had been called away during1 til veiling nud she was left in Lioio with her two Little a Rand called her upstairs Tor a few Illuv and Lii la there Nho it Nolad annl n slight noise in the Ball it ceasing in n n Nero thought of United to her sit tank Sha noon noticed Tomt Tho clock Bud slope ill re it was an old fashioned eight Day Pic nearly Nino feet High and very Mushi thinking it had Lown and needed Ward it with Tho intention of going and had nearly Vocu Educ when Sho Law n Man about to dfwtini8 of Asho made the la brought tha Rock on Uco and upon himself is in in air to get out of Thoi Ell Over u to could Wir Amble from Wim its very cons Depablo weight wilted Ludy hated herself on culling it the Sanjiu time to i to run out of Tho House and this speedily Anil who confessed to having Mccreti in Tho clock for the purpose of izing Tho was carried to jail Btttle Morgan much com nume on her bravery and Prea Eneo of Philadelphia total up an adult membership of with members and a groan invented capital of Over the great burial collecting Moieties having constructed vehicles exactly like j Eong Lento Quito another at Tho Street unit Tho wheels Are a j of stands the Little they Are gauged to flt car and it is proposed to run them on the trucks just Ilka any harms with out asking with your leave or by your they will Stop like the Street cars and the same if the car owners of Tho new will Point to Tho fact Tomt they urn simply which on titled to Sihu any of Tho Public whether tracks happen to be or if Ihu car companies dont ilk their tracks to in used they Are it Liberty to Taki them with Asseth Worth and which claims to Havu policies in Tho Prudential is a joint Stock limited which i Gnu with a capital of about forty Yurs a few years since this grew to according to a statement recently made by sir her Bert Maxwell in the House of commons Tho shareholders in 1887 received dividends equal to 400 per on the org j inn braille bonuses amount Iii to James Nentl Pillsb Iho in j this a Kishim in saw Wolyk Anil a Kiall Iii Itono on Short pro Iii Tinglow ill Hinl Nentin Partlon horseshoeing a give me a Nii Lih contractor and drawing i Lynx and making us an Tami aka Hykil a jct in and Hulk Semi Iii your a Lith nil to life will will not Rummin lip Talthy mid product leu without Oak ashes contain it u should Liti saved perfectly dry and sown broadcast in him Oral Ikird Junt before the last Light Spring the family almanac will Tell you t when that is to one other fertilizer the peach is greedy for is Tho Ushii Petit and Supply of nitrogen is found in the commercial nitrate of peaches on Sandy or Brown Adobe lands need plenty of this if used to excess it causes too much Wood mid Leaf growth with Little found in stable a that has kept dry Niter liquids Iovu Imon mixed Lely ground Bones hits will keep healthy and to apply it too Orchards the Mannaro should be scattered and not piled arum my the of the the of Loami in henday opening two Yonng men retired in Ono of Tho principal hotels and went to Una of them was from Liliu a be Minlue frontiersman from Houth they slept until 3 when awakened by a couple of rostering youths who occupied an the shouted and Wing until guests Alt around commenced to and then they shouted and Sang All the and Hon Ehens is Man rang for a John Molcyk bund has but in 1 1o the unruly not always Csiky to lord Salisbury but Ilo Tilbon the ohioan Ilii Nili Tomt among in Ned Ranvill Sother amiable with that of u very neat und scholarly perhaps this is Tiu for Liin popularity with press on Ihn states men certainly in not write Wurst than cola stones Huud is in two buium Una a Chicago Railroad Inan had request from a conductor for u in other he asked for u pass Tor Point for a Young lady whom lie Del rated is and foul Hier Chicago for Tho same Young Fadyas j his own r inquired i this and when 1 received pm auction 1 allowed the Hel on his regular and did not oar lose a oven though was to he bad ills Home All nil furnished in and the t lady was to meet him at the where her parents a i Iniste we to Board and they were to be in on Board Bis everything All and they were mailed lug to the several were received by the Young the passengers took in a vol they gave to Tho a Ino Lii Henry living Abent Miles from says tree on the mount Hon above tli11 Oliff of Marylu on the line of the 1 and North Georgia Railroad been Horning for five the of last Wood being Burnt i hollow tree caught weeks thereafter to found that tha tree Hail been f and the ground top Jim he Luw watched it con Ever and ran me the Flurel h Rainy night sunday a took a i if Rod Simu water and poured Tho Interj but it did not extinguish it then ran his Iron Rod Down i feet through the cinders and the Volo mass in to beep and the material when is very much like being exposed for a few Lour to like it is very Strong and Liko Xii Une May Luiu a Young Luna to do to Wavry und lord slut u May Law doubt Oil whither any of Tho i to Livan write at no prettily und ii did lord mall tied a Suspender around his rolled up sleeves of his Nightshirt and walked to the door whence came the riotous to and one of the Fellows opened the Ohio Man didst Stop to charged i into Tomt in Teil one youth in i knocking him on top of the who knows Continental Lulck As n Fligh he seized th6 other and Iio Tols 1 carried with me one Good sized bodily across the then bedroom Pillow encased in dark sum Mer he pounded their Heads together while Vuu to and wished Many times unit 1 Hud his and told them brought Onu or two us one is for ii up again to would Bly reminded of the Block and Guillotine j in of them through id head upon some of the Millu you cant sell abroad of for tank flu it is per mpg not Gen Montreal him Tho cheapest Sonvico on the Contin Mit Toda it and the increase in Jiuu person now or Foitik Tele Plinea mid of Mcaa singly Durga Sincu Tho Raul to Twentyfive Lolland lit Boi and off och by the Bell the Federal Tel ims at Prizont ii mobb to mar dollars for Oln Glenand to for in Tutu Tho City it Avo latter company Ore inti Gori Bent at about no a Hundred a Cowpea gym list of on that ova dollars a year ton pay a for capital if Karally Trade the United j a culture has just issued he is not thu tint Lima Tomt Market True Law Job work promptly attended minium Huv no ill Kim Valley for the daily californian Ariel get the Aii Kym Tif Keo Numy 11 n Tuia Umi j port on Tho which d consists of including thirty j i four of among which Are i some of the finest coloured pictures of the j Bone Ever produced in this the i tint edition of copies is already i exhausted thu second Wlsh do her who u of to a i and was known to orrery person in the City for ills Good Honor Anil wide spread but he was better known As editor of the thu i will to ready carry it i done to invite in tatar War Tig is so ugly Tuat very sight pie of Victoria spoil the of the the Good Friday thu old coup Vot in sixty of toy attach urea in Choli t

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