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Bakersfield Weekly Californian Newspaper Archives May 16 1891, Page 1

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Bakersfield Weekly Californian (Newspaper) - May 16, 1891, Bakersfield, California A c i f m 20 Kern May bight Price published every saturday morning publisher and French if you this in out from Uio in ing ii what in Yun Uri m you in Ingul 1 Wax inn you with Ilia in Fri from tin our Tom Mil Al 001 inc Malta 1100 Matibel i intent Uhul h vertical one publication 00 h vertical two publication kaon vertical pull Carlunn Knob Var Teal four Kach vertical by the Quarter each vertical inc by the half year Kraeh vertical by the year fractional parti of Inch charted full i m 1 76 i 00 4 00 7 00 la 00 place is per cent double double the Fly Tiara ural statutory limit local 10 out a known by the Menuey required in Advance for All official Superior Conklin clerk and Packard Howrila sheriff under k Valentine treasurer and tax cell Rotor Baker Ali tract a1 via Kay Milliner Harrall Coroner anti Public Buckreus Macmurdo county Rogers i1oab1 or Flint dlr Sci Benet second Fontaine third Mouw fourth Morgan fifth nitty it chairman justices or the Kurit judicial sunnier and Mendel Mafoud and a Leholm 1 Bird Carrere and fourth Morr Liou and Tileti Iii filth Blunt Linton and a Nahani Lith Oldi and Bott still Anil Hill Laun and Powers second Chitwood Ami Kal Nellil third rely Arad Mii Lauey fourth James and Orr Al feb Glaze urholt and Milliand seventh Acuna and attention of the pm but 1h iik8pkct fully called to the act thai thai hotel ban lion thoroughly and it la now prepared to Neom Modaty travellers better than the table la Par we have engaged the beat French Cook in Tho Southern Bart of the a Rood an pulled with lie Carara and imported French a Lei in a minor attraction to thai popular Walter Nikki Kunth Street the and furniture of til 18 1 hotel la entirely new and no better had in the special can be made for Board and rooms for a certain length of Centi j5 i you Thi Mihl i Linail rather insisting Iii with Tyml ill Ali Mannira there Mihr Hie or it in intr Linn i if you wish in have Lynnr primer Leslif you wish inn your hopi cosy French a m to Jet cents to also whole Lff depot fur kor Vagn and do mlle Wilion nil birr delivered to ii James san Jose morn rates i per pc tall rat on by week or i milk Fencl butter Frens Dally irom our own free i of fire or Phnella Small 8laxc to Lory Renud trip heat reserved by aug ii Ronli Mill if you wish to unit Liin itly in proper if you wish to Iii Vlma in i tic line of from n Omi of Loi Miloch to Lirar of Mill to lie sure Yon Tiro grilling nine lilt Iii prices if you wish to Jet new a till in your now Liv Kwon now Glens in your a now Lovo in your or new Hiilei Ihlen on your stove if you need now mowing or anything else in Ilio line of Lian Linro or and by it in n infill and l Ink thai ilium a Henn ii thin flame from Tho Tom Lovely la runic Tho sirt remt it Emir Tom fill if Yuu incl if you wish oboe something entirely new in Tho Lino of Hummer wrap International Karsky by Kkt sax Ward if you wish to Mill in lit Towli Riih by hours mid Pape Lnu your Willa in a unit a Tel Polly How 1 duty ii the with in Ulii i Lahd Ken Oral ill Meurn for i oud know from Arieli plus Airt my feet would never go Kirn inn Strawberry Trio Hind Best adapt til to is moderately Rich if manure in used it it should be Well rotted and free from live seeds of grass or week elevated land not an liable to in in Reinin us Low am i general Tiitu Tiyunn is pre but in some pm Lioi in the thorough cultivation with my irrigation will Ivy Rood hut i Iii irrigation must in thin inc has Iii he to do with the can be irrigated on Hill sides mid on Roll Liik inn very Nti ivly m Well is on dead level by in Liik the rows strictly to conform to Tho con tour of Tho the rows must run Coli Lottsy of la Rani onem some lie 1 1ilrl Lufi one of the loveliest of for Tonii Courtesy is Burn if kind Fiir Ratsim and it admirable in All ranks of life and in All in in this in school and a ilium but nowhere in it Muir Iii scary or Inoru in Dutiful than in the family and there is in where it is lews Viry Mother knows that each one of her Youn family is different from All if you wish to Servo your food in an attractive Anil in Mlucy what la out you my flu Hugo known it Iner Cly thu a facial Capet Tiu not the Plo Asuro of inn Ronit Whu Kierul you a Lylial Surh win Lii Rimini and in j Wou lil if you to on in this walk Anil Trilk to tha my Quinin to Din of i the and u the Mel of my p4rlmpx in my the Oisiu daughter is warm hearted and with a ii talc temper unit blazes into Hume atthe least Provo slope on very Nemly a to gluon another is of a quiet tempera but inclined to lit9 of it tink Hinio with thu is help kindly and Good Ninon so another boisterous and fond of to Sim hid Brothers and there in Noth ing to Lett will prevent Bishea and Quick words Mouk All these Cuthie Tiivi Char tie end of the Row where it is to receive the water a Lionel be a Little Hajj her to Iii the so in to give u senile current As it lows Lieuween the the Laud should very deeply slowed Early in or what is Bel slowed and this kills Tho Cut worn and ii inn other if you wish in select your train inns or Iii it stink Klinl Chr neck All the new and pretty pullers fur the if you wish to we n handsome la of Hatm and embroideries in nil old Lam and if you wish to in All ibis in a ii inn Ner hint will ilex my and mid in do in at a Gnu Timil Kohl no for Mufti intern under thu jilt a Luis a Yuu Waill luf i if unlink against the imy Hail a ton 1 Girt Whyl iltis ago i1u Yuu to that let to it Irit Ini fore All or Ratoul Norn or Cunt professor of in pc hiking of Tho publication of his recent Siivo line actors cd Ceil Tho Echt ii Iliili iting be it love no will not do for eve none anytime from the first rams Tuimil Iho known that in Many households a Cru first of though february is the Lllan Aro bound together by of in Ciao of Mew or mrw they would cling to Elieh other with utmost the thou safest time in California Ami further North in Oregon As Early in Spring As tin soil is in hoi ill when not Irrin cd we run pretty irritations of Dally is straight mid three to Lour feet a Small land Side or turning the bind having been fresh slowed n few Days and then set Tho plants u foot 1c Tho plants Are in full growth when planting till Tho mature leaves should in Cut and one third of the lower Elm of Tho roots Cut off with n Sharp Ilaw the Tom a Araimta i some time ago sir Reginald an English visiting this directed his correspondents to Send his mail to the general delivery at Balti reaching he the Post office and inquired of the Stork at the general delivery window it thew was any mail for sir Reginald after looking Over the letters in the a marked b the clerk told him there was he returned the next and still the but always received n negative response to his inquiry for he thought this very us he knew his correspondents must have and that his mail should reached Baltimore even before he got Peru All this he explained to the but the looked for letter was not Given one Day after his usual in Quiry had been made with the usual re he said to the it i am not too might i ask to be to look Over these letters they were handed and As he ran Over them he kept throwing some aside until he pile of Twenty or Twentyfive beside lie then gave Tho package Back to the clerk and commenced berating that official for his carelessness in forcing him to come to the office four or five Days successively for mall that had been waiting there More than a Tho clerk then asked to see the letters sir Reginald had taken out they were1 handed Aud on each he read sir Reginald lie these Are not your letters they Atto xxv at i1ak a Rolls has just Bern Bolce Over the Kern Valley i 1 at an Ripen acne i he Leal inn Liml n Jiho Era c Che itch a Ollam at Law Orlum Over Kern Valley and 28 Block Man t at Bak Kern on re in Lial Tei nineteenth Tusk at Bank Jilly to and the most Eon Vonlentz tothe Espreu and Lanil nil Courly Aud of free coach to and irom the it Ltd cosmopolitan Dinkelspiel p room n and i Ardizzi at Tonev at Cheater Avenue near court xhoma8 attorn re at Law once in Odd Fel Nwa makers attorney at Matt Iona Chi Enlar Ink a vim District Kern it special attention Given to Laud probate and civil of acc in i lie neat and cookout Lorl Alile the Bent liquor very attention paid to it Gap hotel or Fink is general merchandise till t Mahon Ann or at us notary Flisha second Corner Chaiter Avenue Anil nineteenth Taylor notary i up Kern All mat i in it Blic Laining to real Kutac attended Landi a at notary a Lille Jefferds 4 land a state Anil Vissis matters Pertal Uhic to the undo fireman Uler attended jul Audi properly written Hoh luf Ronda ton of contest affidavits Paice Ament lands Rubonis 31 and 33 Warrall Cal society notices b akersf1eld a j stated nil Lam on Tun nday no or next proceeding the full of the Moon of each i Melicah of Mihalk toe the tint Anil Vitril tuesday even legs o Canh a Loci every monday Ken ix1ik1k of every wed caday Baker every Tuc iday a Good place to atop every arc in inn lation acc Eazary Lor Comfort and prices very tiding in with the hotel will be Finui weighing Scales and a splendid Jivery feed stable i we take pleasure in announcing thut we have Finis had of inning our ii Ineneo and where a Good turnout run always lie had j personally selected Block of comprising the following Complete lines grocer Staple and provisions wines and import cd Ami Domestic Tobac cigars and in All popular brands shelf and builders hardware in Granite and Agate Ware arms and ammunition crockery and glassware wooden and Willow Ware i Lyngh and Patent medicines youths and Childress in the latest styles gents and children boots and shoes ladles and misses shoes and in All i he newest styles dry fancy goods and notions ladies dress in All the new and Oenn Nable fabrics gents furnishing Roods lists and of the newest we always keep on hand a full Stock of supplies for such us Stock Sam of All shke1 Siikki to Jie Ople living at a distance we would say Lylial our facilities for shipping goods by rail Are in equated by any other House in the our goods no to us by the our warehouses Are in the to did and any order can he shipped at shortest notice and without Exline a Hirte for Dray age and we Aliva Kokx in ill y 1itoiirci at they that is their not 1 dont think thut the end will come fur n million Ami 1 have nut inapt any prophecy about it it what 1 did declaim wits unit a mathematical calculation founded on biblical truths proves beyond Pend venture that thu Mcm Niah will Tho year 1 dont menu by this that 1 belie in Tho millennium will begin in i think that is a thousand years 1 say simply thut his second com Iii Christ Wilt make the world bet Asho did it his in Afewor Totten in a lieutenant in the regular army and is detailed is a bin prophecy regarding the second com ing of Christ he Kiich a generation in the Truu biblical sense in three score seventy i Iho Llotys Cven generations traced through thu Geneal Ogies in the old testament equal hence the hot eighth Fennern Linin Beim with year of the the hours mentioned in the Vineyard parable Are each kit multiplying these by thu Twilo we have added equals years of thu world and the completion of Law Vineyard the Rani Maiuu thu birth of will see the Liri of is none other than Christ is in our Herod United nil Tom innocents of two years and younger to in put to and in a very Short time after amt Tom of thu Moon took it took place in the year according to and in Errol Dietl in that year now Herod limited his order to children of two because about two yearn that informed him of l in birth it the so ust even the spread out the roots fan shape and puck Tho Coil one or two Huud Ulm of Noil is a to Inisher following with u completes j Tho place the font twi Plant is lift by the and press it snugly and then draw the soil up to it with the to careful not to cover the selves what they Are and if they encounter 111 state of things in allot her Hixine Lold they tire the first to Coli Dimin Wera a Mirror held up to them ref letting All their own words for i never Pulte in amt Way to my Sis u Young girl wild once in my hear when certain Livrsh words were to an deep Roii aunt Stream of nag King and unpleasant there Are Familio where the dinner never mid among people of j to sir Reginald education and Kven the you for Tho letters of sir Inco of a of Neil does not Check the Sharp Talebi Iwald the baronet took disputes which arise Over to most not knowing whether to be Ial this is All and is or really also to the terms character of these 1 Halmi Fatai it has Long Een a standing joke among the diplomats that it was Well nigh impose simile to even catch Burrou Onva Attis outside his door is always a Nikitik a Little and very few Ever seemed to have had the Good Fortune to Call when it was reversed to rend if it Ever did read of Tho night that he failed to appear it wait makers dinner there were a i xxx Many Telephone messages sent around by some of the other foreigners who were present to Endeavor to remind him in Iuie of the none succeeded in reaching him until very and when Tho answer came h a cd to Iii the person who the message from the Wunn Miiko Telephone announced that in vat was dying at after to message wan repeated again several times it was discovered far from any such dreadful state of the Enron was Only dining at Boston a shallow where the plants Are with their roots in Solo go into the ground drip Iii a few Days after the Furrow can lie filled up to inf hint she Slio fund id Crimson am said meant very von know 1 never Sho never did tint harsh words were Only an if u bait Anil thoughtless and Lima properly taken rare Linns Valley stage line old at prox and Arlington Lewes this hotel Tun at bake Rem at 7 wed riday and Freda a of Earh Ritac blog Olen late Atu and will Glenville at 7 each bunday Aud Arr Lvonn in bore at i f the a 1jth Moli Heil i Llna Ril by Llic Hoard Ami by Chi Kine Kinc uk10k Ces Mats livery arid peed City no Arnit inf Bravo Iarlori Meeli at their Lull be i Conil Audi Fourtly tuesday Evenlyn of each a Lillvik ten invited to Minn Annik Kern Ujdak every Datum Day Mist to Evi every monday Sumner John Wieland plants covered up below the it Jyh by Volt of trouble the Truu lil Lical of the j which thu blinding in Stop daily and ten where Iho held to to Ungan cd with i b i Tho Irtys Cven plow the bind should be thrown a 110lhing smoother Over the jr8l into Low hods two Aud on half foot i Lonko Tyllo of Grant leaving dead furrows or ditches Al Averof von May to com one foot on these Beds j to a to say and the plants should 1m set in two Towb i Bay it but it Yon do it courteous Leiis Wise with Tho Sirleen Ine lips in us no f it with in plants one foot Werp Doug with Blunt tie these Are Best planted with u Lii jul j fact Cru courteous shows that by n respect t rot Piest and Are sorry thrust the Spado Down beside the wire and press then n Iii Quot Grant anticipates the desires thrust the trimmed Plant in behind i the spreading out the Mots Jimj Why it is benue Ifni and soothing in hold it until the Sparle and and this is one is be the family Circle careful to Timve mined Cal Lynn Are taught Side of the Crown slightly beneath yield and to 1m it in u hard hot Tho feet on each Thlu Losi ii fur them to for n Yonng of the mid give gentle i nature a Little and Jar Galion May by a null he learns better by Exi Prience to running shovel plow in the Furrow seen no reason Why nil that he wishes Between Tho and running water in Ahn Uhl in the Anlo of crying in two to four Biluys Fiir rum fur the Moon with founded on n natural a double shovel plus in the fur element of infantile now and when water Tom must ims kit from Chrinthus born a bit two Vears before Lyhl nil kll1 us if Ihler hearts were dead set is sure then that they the mid Murreil two now subtract wooo birth of Christ from 5803j to find the mid you have or in thu bridegroom will Como and h Waken the foolish Haven tha death of Herod i shallow with the line or baud before Fumi suit i Tutor h ii not be too liked to use thu double shovel and in Nom a Jim Tow Chinglu Sli Ovel they ure Lith grand tools far summer Cultivar and far ahead Ottha Laud kidu or Luiu Minord tie on horse turn int Iilona was relegated to Tho Tench Iron in u generation ago in the Prairie Almy an for the of n Yoti Tik Orchard or i Viall u Good double shovel Onni Suiku Jil nov in All thu tool one wants for keeping Tho soil in except in Orchards where possibly one Winter blowing with a turning Tuvalu fur an extraordinary affair it a suburb of Lias caused treat sex a retired Kentl Luau named Liged lius been lying in bed since March being to All appear i Kiili wacion8 i Janil Naille Larne Islaya a Early for Hay and Grain for kept lir the weft or Virv Arcomona Tlona am Oli Pupilli the ral glue Teenah ail olm plumber and Fredericksburg Chicago and United states a look new work and Ubl Allej of snort irlies Hie low1 Eit and Nalii Icelon i hor8e8hoin8 a give me a sp23t i Iron Pipi and brass plumbers Bupp Liei it of fixtures Oon stantly on a raw extra tax dash Pix Kukk Klitia Cikk Calm Bachkis thu Vul Stith Oritis it rally linked Why Hud not been Ini to which his relatives said they were afraid to Bury him lest to Provo to j be in a it that u while i Surj Cuvo expire heed Tho wish should he Evir in Fui Cuil lying in Bod unconscious and apparently his j burial in delayed a Long As As a few years to with supposed to to dead and All Breiu rations for his fun end Luul a ten when to recovered con Clousi Iowa just in the Nick of the j authorities Are Punzi Slid and May delay interment until thu signs of dissolution Are in Tho meantime the facts have got and tha residence of tha in Fortunato gentleman is sur rounded by curious London then for after cultivation use the double shovel or it two horse always use the double Hli Uvrl next to Small it i time More Thun for a Fanner to go scalping around with a one Hovsip Hind Nide Willu a could Dii double Toifl work and do it two dts Well with a Good Donzlo in Gulden planting and culture of Hie tie plan Al tit the name us Mako Tom rows two feet with the Pfuntn eight to ten Arne a Maria of who is n Cousin of Charles Stewart says that Purnelll Mother has one curious idiosyncrasy in regard to a horse she she will not use the animal herself or permit any one else to use f he hos riot been harnessed for but stands in the stable the year he has grown so vicious through neglect of handling thai he has to to fed through a Hole in the water is passed into him Onoe a Day on a Long York a singular the household of Hiram of is deeply distressed by to remarkable conduct of an a the spook has been in regu lation style rapping on the gliding through passage ways Aud making Gen a mall eral recently the ghost has would keep Iii warm Corner or Tho soft taken to such practical work As this re Are Many ways of some children will do it oven rough easy Bair if they Wero not afraid of re when n Yoti if Anauo Payoung girl with no Tusant smile yields thu comfor Tchlo seat to an elderly per it in a Delicato actor Courtesy which in sure to in above All things should the parents of thu Hoti Kachold to treated with and Peru they i themselves must example by their treatment of each there Aro wives who Sava up All the worries mid trivial vexations of the Day j Riffel to burst out with Tho dreary tale the into the store and setting the breakfast and uni less is thinking a lion dispensing with the serv ices of the hired Oil Cajon Ual Ajr new Western great Fellows for where is that Airship you were going to run from Chicago to new York in an Hort air ship is All but in order to o Urs of i e Reary a tourney thoroughly National we moment Iho husband and father j owl7vlng by to Plant is Tho j to dung ters feel pm Laj Wrbican fun on Toof their Anemona Are very Likely to fall in line with nil kinds of petitions find reason Able but and Trio Ruford now there have Ihmie worried abroad us Well As at j Dorrith in business As Well As in that and what the father needs is a court Coith which will him feel hut there is peace and rout tit own even if the out world does go to ight courteous he must hag on top of the Grant Mona were waiting for the inches apart in the with the water j not enter bin Fionnu after a Days absence ditch deep but not wide water never in put on thu plenty in Tho ditches will whim doing n Nice Job of planting in tie the soil dug or slowed deeply mid made stretch Agni do for twin with Padu or Hoo dig out a Little Basin deep enough for Tho with the Wilt a it try face and Gruff a cum Iii Homo will strike a chill to Tho heart of Iho brightest May Hij but it is one thing to in and Mother thing to be Gruff Bosun us of it requires study to to tired but it a species of Mfd control Worth studying to by All Iii aim lot both father and Mother put making Uroil Curtis says tha whole Prew of Good butter making in governed almost entirely by from the time the milk is drawn from Iho cow until shape n Lilloo conical upon and in trouble ii Sld at the moment of the Cream is ripened and churned into the Center of Tho Sot Tho i and each it Reva to be not Only affection if Tho milk when first drawn astride of this spreading them but courteous Ami thoughtful of the from Ino cow immediately placed out Rover them up to the others it is a understood in cans Ami Mih merged in water stand Crown with then pour in a pint or thing that Tho any has not passed with ingat43 to fio All of Tho in Iii us of it them stand so for an i out bringing irritating worries to with n Hoe draw in ill ten int Thain aside for the if any Lacu a foot on each is of sufficient importance to de our Wanlo draw Hume Mund Wing Mcmo bored and there u thrown up Between if us Bukh and stationary waki1 Hiasw Linkh and hath merchant Cau no runic ii it Tovi perfect fit guaranteed and the very j lion Urt chatter of Kern Wallfi nov Lei give my a trial the Cal Tel ill trait Faid or mlle and me lit Bee in Lenl Llcy and to Elk Santl in your on Erx Mill will h promptly family Trade subscribe for the daily and get the Wagner operas were played 810 times the tug is Don in be Rinaud lust year with this division i48 180 our Flie Gende 101 die 80 die Lott Cream 18 41 dus Hucin 87 us tristan und und die feel at Munich u Noil Over your and j will a time enough later when matters n u tint thu naive by crop Whix a Lumeh it Jyh n crop Tami he limn in Puii Ami due that went wrong Havu already dwindled to Lew or proportions under the soothing Ilia Ucuncu of it is a Mark of thu highest Breeding to in courteous toward those who serve you ohs has been when caught 1 that its length was Iris to end of that jts that its Tail was Flat ind across in the its Teeth were an and its hair of nos Nav u was of the Musk Juson the son of the Only John resides in but i on a pleasure trip to is patriarchal in Gray haired Atid Gray closely resembles and decree that a Harbor one thought of 111 will thu people of the there is talk in France of watercourses us a railway motive it is proposed that the shall we on a in Middle and that the look motive have two paddle wheels dipping into i water and revolved by the residence of William 10 Beaver near was infested by u unto a Tutor oath Learoh revealed in the Moti Stor Sonca which time there have been no unearthly the suit now progressing thu Young princes and princesses of regard Long u Button Fastener Moon wine overbearing unglued Wero invariably reprimanded by i result in proving what w l Tret Winter mel1 their wine Queen if the people that Fiere i Tinin speaking rudely to their the Kiwi Iii in verment hint just is1 a score of thu head und to is untie Iii All Well Suedan Katie ordering that All sardine it in Best to to the ordered Hoiu holds that thu servants Boxen Are to but Tho custom old tried the novel t Ardeli must by Tina tvs courteously by houses on the it appears Doit head from afr Tom amt lot there is nothing More Dis pleasing than to Bear a Young Girt address her maid fret fully or in an Over bearing and dictatorial Shoals of tracts and proc Unm tons Hare recently been imported into Bewla from France in Apps gently Genn Lite sardine Tea univ Dally in a fromn Rumpho Axil Najj litre Cuil jut when Thieu Ila Luty Ilu Klifto und the con vent Loyial in what u known very Plain Man in his and with As the Tea Luno Jankau Aru All Bis wealth he never owned a he lived with his wife in a birth irk Jan Trio town of at 9 Oclock of lilo wording of March was j Rouea i Lickly slipped on j by the lady Wim wok too much store upon Petely enveloped in her Tho Uldera to excl hot Ludlon Arll chants their stores Aud went negroes and ignorant Whites ran Worth about to 000 000 Delaware is said to have More 11 Vinu a governors any other state in the fire of John r Jones John Hull Charles Stokley still Tui flu Ilu Cerf i didst know at first Tell Al ii pop a Yulong was at but but to wait not sex Tor so Ioweta no Moll mined by tin it was the grand jury in int was Button that it has never been utilised is a Man named Jones was recently Ted out with two a i set of false upper lower artificial Dom to a new York it is or opened doing away old system of lightning Rod Aud replaces tha rods Witholt bans of a Boob we w

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