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Bakersfield Weekly Californian Newspaper Archives May 14 1892, Page 5

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Bakersfield Weekly Californian (Newspaper) - May 14, 1892, Bakersfield, California Of i v a i the weekly bakkr6field May 14 Lloyd Irwin Henry Tilv Kern Geurty land has a capital of ten million dollars and owns four Hundred thousand acres ox1 Hoice fruit my in this land is under the largest irrigating system in produces All fruits possible to the temperate and Semi Tropic three Hundred Days of Sunshine out of 3 no Dess Cating winds or damaging buy direct from the special inducements to terms prices titles Kern county land i Irwin Henry a the county official May 1898 local a supervisor of Kern arrived Here Friday in route to the meeting of the grand Lodge monumental Board of for purity and the Royal baking powder is Superior to proceedings of the Board for the regular May the following certificates from Well Viown chemists and scientists form As Strong an array of evidence As was Ever Given in behalf of any article of human Bod the members of Liliu la nil of health of to City Ami county of Hun Coral Nelly at san of has arrived Here with his family to Elliott was instrumental in attracting the gentleman to our county Jefferds was elected a Council Man of a Losalla at the election on Mon we arc sorry to heal that lie is in but congratulate Lii in All the it is reported that there Are already 948 delinquencies in the Kern and Tulane irrigation District and 80 certificates of Sale have already been filed with the county George a Deputy United states is securing a Force with which to run lines Over unsure eyed lands in township Range which lie along Kern Tom the Grunt distiller of Nelson has up pointed Berges sole agent for tin celebrated Tom Howe h masons have commenced upon the Brlek Walls for the Harding building which is to be erected Between the Burnap and a cell blocks on lot Constable Witlip Lugton bus Brough suit against the county for a Bill o 70 on account of Constable fees it the Case of the people Offenbach rejected by the supervisors in we would advise any and All persons inclined to invest in Kern county lands to consult with of he is the most reliable and the Best informed real estate Man in the on saturday while working upon the roof of the Union ice company by reason of a Jack giving William Bowman slipped and fell nearly Twenty feet severely spraining his left of Erskine 1ms promised the special committee on minerals for the worlds some of the very rare specimens of native Natl Inonu which Are found in his mines and also some splendid samples of Wilb note or suppl def Antimony Thurlow is in san Francisco to Purchase new machinery for ills plan no Mill in order to be prepared to Duall kinds of Lino tie increased facilities note a substantial Advance in our local needs which the steady growth in building Berges has had a very artistic sign made recently which is placed in u Beautiful Frame at his there Are full barrels and boxes with a sheaf of the fruit and the Grain Are especially Well and the whole work is one of great at least 100 carloads of Bridge Tim Bers for the new Bakers Leld and ban Miguel Railroad have recently been unloaded at a construction train is already at work upon the new and rails Are being Laid further along the now lust As rapidly the ties can be bedded in in prove and recommend tha Hoyal making Oyal making it in absolutely Puro and composed of the Best of Tho highest strength and in our judgement it is impolitic to make a a Turco or stronger liking powder than the a Lenny members of the Hau Francisco May three Hundred and forty four dollars and seventy five cents transferred from general Road fund to Road District liquor Bonds of Sallie do Bow and Harry Routh claim of Salazar claim of Max Nunez claims i h Road work National ice Mark w Cook j s to c lumber for purity and cure in preparation Hoyal owner equals any in the and our test shows that it has greater Ivan Enid baking i Power than any other of which we have any University of and from actual analysis inapt Munce the Royal Llu Klim pow strongest und purest baking by artict to k a printing Union ice ii l i of Trio exp Riisag Hoard of r p s a 0 l t a m e Road work a Stacy a t Road work p Road work u o Wickson a supplies Erk i pro to the wider before thu College of jul state Llonna of Roll Ollige pc Unity of oct i shul the Royal Ila King Rowder one Poumal to con Lulu Iii cubic inches w ii Road to s m merchandise c f registering c interpreter j m Hort com j ii Whitney a books a c Wood sawing Colnon Neman registry u Hospital j a pm a vegetables All do Hec mrs indigent j e Smith mrs milk and butter indigent a ii Jorgw Sredl Chain gang 11 witness fees Geo do a 11 do m Road a j c we techs fees More available carbonic acid Khz than the beat of the ilk Sily Shamkh assayer lid stole of it is clearly demonstrated Anil proven that the Koyal linking 1owder is pure and whole and that it As far As strength Aud purity Are at the head of the baking powders of the United health of ulcer of thu ult of there no question but Tho Hoyal is the purest and most whole time baking powder in the state chemist Aud i Flotd the Boyal Ila King 1owder Superior to All the others in every it is entirely free from All adulteration and unwholesome and in baking it gives Oil a greater volume of Leavening Gas than any other Walt Kii of Insh medical chemist to the Chicago Board of the strength of Hoyal is shown to be 23 per cent greater than any As a result o my i Hud Tho Koral linking 1owder far Superior to the it is Aud contains noun but wholesome Public finding in analysis that it is made of the highest Grade of Cream of tartar and bicarbonate of and is but rely free from any we heartily recommend Tho Toyal inking powder for its great purity and signed by members of Hoard of in our toy do is the and it baking powder before Tho we j d Huppel l do 0 1006 4000 10 00 98 71 80 7s 2 76 h 00 7 15 00 Uoo h 00 of 48 m i to 243 00 10 of 18t 00 5 of 1400 a of 1900 101 70 1200 1 00 1500 21 00 47 a w 14 01 21 hoc 100 189 hoc do in 41 4 of 11 00 7800 m now 14 of 216 h 69 ill of r do mrs do do do do ills do do do Loard of subscription j h supplies mrs it nurse a p m h supplies i Dupy assessor c j a visiting schools m supplies o w printing be lung laundry a u a interpreter i t veterinary g jury fees Constable in do e m to cols j k w team hire veterinary t k Board indigent j a Rood a j lumber ii l j m k n Constable 16 00 1000 1000 great 16 16 00 16 strike of Green Oil in 1500 t 00 b 104 addition to the resources 3j county that will 49 00 41 untold s 17 ii 1 Oil regions of this county for am 12 year have been persistently 2ft men have in Tai 75 u of the Enterprise who Are not go 01 140 to carry it hut with acumen have recognized the m 60 10 which could to obtained 10 and thorough 43 after Well has been put Down jew 1 m 1110 Sunset each one until i 25 75 00 10 yielding a heavy Black Oil carrying liquid and from the discoveries already made a and Dave Hirshfeld leads them Ali every Depar Iuit is Iron our prices Ere my Trooda scr Fula May two Hundred dollars Reward offered for the arrest and conviction of the party or parties who set fire to the Bridge Over Kern River near hot Springs on or about april t ii Constable win fees m k do s do e n m do r w do k w Justice f 8 do w do h i do t 85 a 00 m 60 a t rubber stamp strongest baking powder before Tho we confidently recommend it because of us purity and care of by members of Hoard of 1 8 p Deputy ii k Stamps 78 37 114 00 i 4800 m m 7jooj 1 25 19 00 1225 206 cd i to worst form1 White Sirtl ing Tho remarkable effect of following ease Tirui Tatei Tho Power of Iblis Medicine Over All blood diseases my 7 years bad a White swell Lui Jome on hit right leg below the which contracted the Muscles so that bit leg was drawn up right physicians lanced Tho which discharged but did not help him i considered a confirmed i was about to take him to Cincinnati for an of his leg would have to lie taken and began giving him a look 3unaparllla in to get up his Tho used Lluc woke in his and soon pieces of Bone were uncharged from the we continued with loot As it teemed to i e doing him lunch and Tho discharge irom Tho Tore the swelling went to leg Trugh iced and in a few month he had incl cart use of his he is now apparently Ai As John notary Rul i hoods Sarsaparilla by 11 i too doses one Dollar prepared Ojer Ems the Toyal bilking powder is a Cream of tar tits Jowder of a High degree of Aud does not contain either Alum or or any injurious govt the Royal halting powder is undoubtedly the purest and most reliable Balling powder offered to the i late chemist viticultural a convention of grape wine milkers and All other persons interested in the Voltl cultural Industry been made by Clarence Wetmore Rin representative of the Stute viticultural to meet at Irving Hall in Sun May 18 and the object is to Lex upon a plan of exhibit for Tho worlds fair and while All Are the county associations Are j p registering voters i ii news Telephone rent f h witness i ii water i e m Wood c rent w k rent m Road w a do m do c do John do t do among the it m oils understood Are not nil reported As 5 Fri and Clapham upon the occasion of their leaving Here were a solid Gold Glove Buttoner by the children of Pauls sunday a brooch containing a Beautiful Ruby from and a splendid photograph album with Pic Tures of Trio by Tho members of the choir and a tasty Salver from h i 40 00 0 00 Able Industry has been built of such extent in that the Southern Pacillo company has commenced to construct a now line of Railroad which will j command Tho but All the time the company operating in Liat being convinced that what is called Green Oil could be has been persistently Hunt ing for and upon striking Black would remove its Derrick and Boring apparatus to another place and try not very Long after Mak intr a careful study of the formations the company decided to operate in an entirely different locality and so commenced drilling at a place nearly a East of its former at a depth of 470 foot measures carrying Green Oil entirely free from liquid Asphaltum were encountered i with a heavy flow of the Well i was kept steadily going downward and j at last wan nearly n Hundred feet in this Oil bearing stratum and soon As Tho water can to shut Oil the 1 exact amount of the flow can to deter i slut the capacity of this one i cuts but a very Small figure in the for Quantity can to obtained by in1 creasing the number of already in a second Well is lust entering j the Oil bearing strata and others will also soon be put the grand fact of the strike is the Quality of Tho it is of a dark Green color of about 18 Gravity and the tests which have already been made of it prove it to ims Tho very Best f the natural lubricating equal in Quality and value to the most famed product a of West an expert who has been testing it during the past week has publicly we Are agents for the Buckeye Champion and Hollingsworth rakes and All leading farm and Vineyard always go to and the Pioneer store is Headquarters for then fit Chester Avenue opera Southern attempt to Burn the Ware House of Dinkelspiel Weill 20 497 00 Jin 12 go i Pauls Iri the Nick of time May Tho chairman ordered and authorized to subscribe for and on behalf of Tho county for improvement of Union to ims paid out of the cemetery subscription duly and a warrant ordered for payable to Rogers on account of said lion of Hobari As Pound place number of the Icv exponent has just been issued editor and Liy its editor 1elta is an to volume Trai by Sepci Luile Send i master of Delano District salary of court House janitor raised impure among All the disagreeable consequences that follow the decay of the an impure breath must be the experienced newspaper Man and he will without doubt ably occupy the Rich Field which he has the calf Onlan wishes Linin abounding cupid Packard announces that by virtue of the authority Coli erred upon him by he granted fifteen marriage licenses during the month of much Crater number than in any month Ever before and u proceeding which has made thirty souls perfectly in this instance he Nas conferred collars instead of Wear ing it is reported that formerly a Well known resident of Visalia and who has later been with Tho real estate firm of Tevis Fisher in san has now located Here permanently and will have charge of the Elty business of the land depart to which in the mutter of lots for residences and so Especial Atten Tion will hereafter be Given in order to meet the needs of this growing town when baby we when Ibe cried for when one Eung to Whan Hod she to two from to per month i in Tho matter of ordinance i relating to dunce whereas numerous citizens and taxpayers hav ing made complaint to this Board that there Are now existing and being most mortifying and unpleasant to its and it is the Moat Inex Cus of Oral Lance 05 As duly made and Able Ami offensive in and yet established by this Board therefore the cause of it May easily be removed by cleansing your Teeth daily with that justly popular fragrant so it purifies and sweetens Tho cools and refreshes the and gives a Pear like appear Ance to the gentlemen who in Duygu in smoking should cleanse their Teeth with As it removes All unpleasant doors of the ask your druggist for the Board of at its present grammar Grade certificates have been granted to Mccray on a California life diploma and to miss Kate Koley on a California Normal school dip certificates have been renewed As j follows grammar Cora miss Umina miss Jesslo Gregory and primary miss Edith a enact and up miss Dessle Fry bus been recommended to the state Board for tin educational be it resolved that the sheriff of Tho county of Kern and All duly qualified constables acting therein be and they Are hereby directed to commence and maintain immediate action towards Tho suppression of each and every dance House existing in said Kern contrary to tie provisions of said ordinance liquor Bond of Hoto report of Hospital Steward up1 1 county auditor directed to draw his warrant on the county general fund in i the sum of payable to the treasurer of the worlds fair a Soola petition of Max Nunez for lost re taxes in the Poio irrigation District continued to claims of Bakers Leld news company and Goldman i ordinance 82 hereby declared the Nick of time to Stop the course of bladder Tud kidney complaints is when Tjie organi concerned exhibit a tendency to grow the halt Hill impulse toward activity that they receive irom Hoit Otteri stomach lilt tort rescues them from impending and averts such dangerous maladies As Bright disease and Dia sluggishness of thu kidneys increases t liability to chronic lout Ana and Linco the blood is filtered by these organs in lit passage through Tan opera ton of the hitters Servo a doubly Happy Pur the Medicine acts like the Flory stimulants of malarial constipated and nervous invalids an thoroughly relieved by Bunce Tho Advent o that shocking la h hat beet widely demonstrating curative and of who u an extensive land owner of Roberts hos Beci hero for some Days studying our Irr Laa ton system Anil concedes it to to the most extensive and thorough of any ii the he is Esi Cully taken will the opportunities for generating 1m Munso water Power Ana thinks of in Ducong some of his friends to take the matter up Tatad thatt is a most remarkable lot exceeded for lubricating and fuel qualities in any it is already eng used for fuel at Tho refinery in it ekers this strike which has caused con ild Brablc excitement among those in town who have known of it during the most is on Section 28 in Tho aun set District Southwest from Bakers Leld ind is owned by Jewett Blodget and has been drilled under the supervision of the second on Section also owned by the same is now Down about 400 feet and already shows a considerable Quantity of which is a very encouraging sign for Oil in Tho near the present As Well As Tho prospective industries of Kern county have now cheap fuel at their very while the Market for lubricating Oil of such Quality As this recent strike is As wide As the Tho bids for the erection of the Church South will to opened saturday at the trustees Are negotiating with a Chicago company for Tho Pur Chase of the latest improved style of opera chairs which Are conceded to to much More comfortable and convenient than if there is a fire Bur in town Clit Zens should not forget that there is also plenty of on monday morning it about 0 Oclock us Louis who 1ms charge of the car Connio into town for ills he noticed a fire it the East u the Tho Large Frame warehouse of Dunkel spell just Back of Flash to did not wait for water but kicked and clawed at the fire until lie Huc acc did in putting it he wan there just in the Nick of As Tho lire who Chi had been smouldering for some time wan just about reaching Tho Point of blazing out to All App Curavo n suck had been set on fire and some splinters of boards piled upon it was set Midway of Tho Back fact of the building and had it fairly a disastrous conflagration would surely have if this tire did not result from some carelessly thrown but was deliberately there Are men and rope enough in this town to Hung Tho fire Bug and Tho sooner he u caught and done Tho this town cannot afford another big nor will Tho temper of the people allow one to be deliberately if fell Clint measures can to taken to prevent the Drury in general Merchando a full Stock kept in every latest an freshest Gool agent for the latest improved tools and cakes without Celpa petition for rebate of legally pet ten for change of boundaries to tween ban cml Gedlu and Parloto school districts petition lot change of boundaries Between Delatin and Shamrock Dos in the Case of Nevils Tho ver dict was that he Camo to h s death by Accident while performing his duty As signed by k k or Junius Querolo and Louis the remains were shipped to in Yolo Ali tire Day it appears that Gin the China Nin who off female chinese in order to get pm Mai cry for pitchers Cas Torlai Light ahead Tor women who if Only Tura towards it theres a Moran fwd remedy for All tha Dol Cato Ebronio weak and painful disorders that nuke women its a forces Favorito it Mokes women healthy and its a legitimate Modl Cino that purely vegetable and perfectly pow Erful As Well As tonic and renewing and invigorating the entire it regulates and promotes All Tho proper functions of improves enriches to dispels aches and brings refreshing and restores health and Par periodical weak Bear ingrown nervous Prostran and favorite prescription is a positive Only Odd that so Sura and certain that it can to u it Doest Benefit or you have your Money District i petition for new judicial township petition for precinct in Simla Maria i Valley continued to petition for Road in Delano across Railroad reservation received and Weaver and Mac Murdo appointed petition for Road in District 3 i filed and Bideler and j Macmurdo appointed petition for Road in District i i continued to june i petition for right of Way of ditch i through l Street to Sun mar continued to 1 claims i e u supervisors salary j do a do c k do do h p Justice i mrs s do do do mrs a a do 3s do my 4 00 40 7100 2500 10 00 2000 1000 it 00 Uoo observing housekeepers quickly learn that prices Cream baking powder is far Superior to other brands in the fact that they never fail to make the finest and if they wish to be economical they can dispense entirely with eggs and can use a less Quantity of butter for shortening the advantage is not alone in the saving effected but in avoiding the trouble and frequently the great difficulty of securing eggs that Are this is often a serious cakes of various kinds from the informal griddle cakes to the stately Bride cake can be made with prices Cream baking which insures Sweet and hand some cakes or when used for griddle cakes to be eaten hot enables their production in the shortest space of always tender and prices is the Only baking powder that contains Tho White of none so pure none so wholesome prices Cream baking powder is re ported by All authorities As free from or any other in the purity of this Ideal powder has never been ques there in no time like the present in which to secure u Homo in Tho Al Clit of on easy the foundation for Success in life is to own your own Homo and every clerk or business Man in growing county like Kern should make it his aim and ambition to secure i which u an through Industry and t Tho Opportunity u presented to the i poor Man and the Rich alike by Tho enterprising real estate who is olt Cring lots in the Drury addition to Tho town of Sumner on the instalment plan at 6 per month and Tho prices Range from according to the location of tills addition situated it in on High sloping at a High is a Superb one for Sani i tary reasons and in Point of Scenic Elleu has no a Jual for a place of rest a Large number of these Lou have i been disposed of to a number of shrewd speculators who express their Confidence that thin Section will in u few i years become Tho most desirable Resl i Deuce Section in this there Are Omny reasons for none More i potent than the fact that Tho country i Back of it u Rich in and with Wio Eow platoon or the canal twin on Trio undo an Imp Neigho Aren of Loli land will be quickly sold Oil and developed because of the i Ness of these the development on thu one Side of Tho Railroad is extending its by Ina therlo influence to the other and he future of Tho Drury addition Tho or employees of the Southern a Erflg Railroad company in particularly called to this Opportunity for Central location and very reason Able terms upon which thin property can he an an investment alone it u far ahead of any inducement j offered by Ai Ivings con Sider these salient Points before you Purchase elsewhere and remember the will be taken in the tent opposite the water on Ches i Ter or next week at i per and room in private Bain Columbus mowers and Dandy and Alameda steel a full line of stoves and ranges of the most improved always on Best Stock in the county i f to client nineteenth Preston s any in Radaci while you but nothing family by two 1 Pam wornian a draw the Arlington hotel i Crawford we beg to Call the at Jiw Public in general that we have1 will Endeavor to run it strictly la kaon and that the Market Nan in a to the accommodation q All Patron Jun Pur of

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