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Bakersfield Weekly Californian Newspaper Archives May 9 1891, Page 1

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Bakersfield Weekly Californian (Newspaper) - May 9, 1891, Bakersfield, California I f i 19 Kern May Price Cei established published every saturday morning anal terms the advertising rates Iii Narv Kraeh vertical 00 i each Virtlean inc two publication 1 Kach vertical i Kraeh vertical j 00 Lach vertical Tho Quarter 4 00 Kuril vertical Fly Tho halt 700 vertical i 00 Iraq clonal Peru of chanted nil Ilace ii per cent double double Tho Flag urn in ital limit i tical 10 cents n known try the Money Nii Streil in for All s by la nerd Nihil the Cirii Miil in Nihil by from of Hoino a sinks is so those in we Tell tin truth Inonu Nilve and in on every or Lille we in lie is we represent Anil any Linic Yon Liny from Yon can return in Anil we will refund we will do in and without any Ell is your Money in is on Ordinary and rent Lii Way of doing Fink 1ikick cosmopolitan iia ii Nat Ami com fort Bible Tho Ikhi i Kerry Vitlo Lioti i hypo Tor clerk Anil Anil Llor Sli Ortr cd Nklan Inck Nril Lowell French trea Mirer and tax collector Lla Kir District his school Alfred a Lyrrell Coroner Ami Menein Nuhi Cin Siuy Llobera Iio Iii Iii Al Rel Lennet second Oll Ricl Josiph Fontaine Thold District cd Lirah fifth District chairman Jis ticks of Tiik judicial second Irvine and Nicholson third and Cinalu Lonny Morrison mid Linson Al Fly and Llo Nimni is Olda and Wintield Scull seventh and ill first inn and i Mars Seei ind Chitwood und full child to ill Selna and mini Nncy fourth James and Orr in Zebrook and jell i Mats sixth ill Ligand Wotli Vuitton seventh Annn and profession Al i Lor inclining Sinson Himo Pencil Neil Iii sch dry goods deportment in Chw i Vii is Lor i Iocim Kiin Tennis stripes and s vials Lor i Iii Iii pcs Lawn in jut l veils Lor ill i Nicoh double Width Spring in Yunli Pizics Shiori Wilc Molin irs ill the Silvire Only n of the we in sides these we Inive opened pieces scotch 100 Pes Ilene enteric in sell teens in Pink j5 pieces Tamatine it pieces my pieces Alt nation of Tiik is its pct fully culled to the inel hint this hotel hns been thoroughly ii is now prepared to trn veers belter tin Tohle per Exzelle Neelin we have on mixed the list in the Minther Purl of the a Iipp Llyd with line Einars and line noted Kren Cli wines n Tel Iii nut Niton 10 this popular Walter paces a ignored Dimity pieces a ignored mulls Swiss mini facts about i How to make a delicious cheese from surplus j Giorni Milit for inc it Crisini of Onzil i it its Froni being skimped for milk during Tho Winter Arm and dairymen will shortly have More than they handle under these Ciranni stances it will lie Well to make the sur plus up Iii hum of the Dainty soft cheeses Are in demand in hot i Henry Stewart gives in the new yorker this formula for making Mich a cheese a Cream cheese of excellent Quality May inmate As follows thu milk is set in shallow and at theed of twelve hours is moved without disturbing the on to a where it is Wanned until the surface crinkles or in a shrinking Tho pans Are then Back again for thai i Cream to Rise hitter is then quite thick and and in the Condi Tion of 1 the Cream May be rolled up and lifted i off in a mass with a hat it is i then put in usually Oblong Al nil four inches three wide and two they Aro and Are placed i a clean Napkin or cloth Laid i Over a Straw a cloth is Laid upon Loo Emir Odd suits the Cream and a Light cover of Wood is placed upon with a very Light weight to make ill Twenty four government Down the the Arl Clit of the duly i ii in take care of Hie Ilion Quimi t led land should lie of Ovid to ul1 the horticultural i piety and i association he Lei Iii the importance of con serving tin forests and Hamu on our Maui Plains and one great Ince Ity ill our our mountains Are Thi natural water Lia sherers when covered with u i Iii Ullh Tho cur All a few Days cd Nib a Man anti Lii Yuri office when 1 happened t for n looked around in Rath Riih and Ihn Isrieal in Lilon and Eloy by non Ineil a leather Val so which i carried in one prom thu lie Pes Plain Liun Luish Kin Tiik Ami Klis Witiuk Oki i 1 l Llull ill holy new nil i Utler be Mil in Iii i Cun be Nii Ili Lur i j Iii inns fur u cer Liln i in our clothing deportment i slow in Ovca new Anil sly Lisle Ivi Ini to Hoys Ivou to youths ran Nizik Linn to 50 Aticy Natl silk striped Ivou All Loxen Outing Llu Nyrl Rioin Straw Noil first in the hours thi1 cheese is firm enough to and is tit Havinga very Rich with enough cheesy to Mako it a l Menin the and this rises with Tho rest of the Cream and gives it its larger bulk and Iro Bubly thonlbu1 1 men adds something to the flavor As to fell their Forest to is our i and this is exceedingly Dolicio Toad pleas want we have Given him april part of n Mississippi River u More tin Lilau the la to lies meted a Small parcel Donic up in bal piping Tiuis of Piaro Tinl Ifo of the laying it on n Conven Lettl the that of the then tips Folkl out of wits at the who Tore off the and discovered a Small China breakfast i Nim ii which Lay what looked Nelly a Fried the was Sipia shed up n in lilo bit on Tom plate a really and it was Planti blowing various ring was Isina but Tho alleged egg j Iii various Tho Elco made of papier to nil iric Sinrich eating three Square i at it and after a meals a Day and smoking Tho passengers i Olmut it was found that the Yolk of the cigars while i answers their i egg could be of course i Ami referring to Tho Glrst class under it Lay what was apparently l Pilot i the Best this was and a Little More than a Quarter of a cent it there was found a Small Sheet of Ury when grim War was abroad in i tissue paper upon which n few the tin pilots lot was not such a were faintly the lawyer went Happy he got f pm a it to Tho with everybody follow but his w was of ton made j ing Al Bis examined the paper of Iron or which was in itself Disi and discovered upon it an and if his Lucid appeared to be Vertus Euleut of n hair restorer and n pre in Range he was halite to Hij discharged i Sentive of then he threw tin from Active Orvice without any warning whole outfit into the Corner with a grow Ina stray the Pilot Bud no pro and went Back to his it Bartuk Terlion sometimes except and his being about Tho most Complete Niv chances of dying a sudden death would Verti sment that i have seen of tilt lie increased is an illustration of the extraordinary j hut at present by far Tom most inter length to which advertisers go in their form of ice mid and the kiss of mating part of duty to the Paxi efforts to reach the the summer Sun fends it sparkling Down Linding at i Hall in Brooklyn and this when be displays to its fullest extent his wonderful capacity As a lie Isai Deil greatly by the Modi Ern search which is really a won Deill it is at the Bow of lint and Tom Pilot from his House can turn it on any object he wants of one us Liy in Means a thorny in los the water is which in during my recent voyage it take about two years to learn tin and a Young Man who has the plants and but Wen necessary qualifications to Liiv Omo a list these Are destroyed and the Mountain class licensed and Dews so ate Laid Bare by close cropping gets month for turning Tho wheel sheep and the Miles my in furrows by their Sharp hoofs these same mountains become a terror and devastate the adjacent valleys by the floods which other Wise should lie stored up for future the wealth of this count is directly de pendent on the mountains and their Plant we Are simply a desert without a regular Supply of ave have no other water Supply except the Plau less mountains Send Down what water they do condense in irresistible carrying dentil and destruction to All and ruin the fairest valleys with boulders and our l6t soils Are washed into the Rivers and the Richness of to valleys carried away to the and Plant covered mountains store up the water in the the tree and lower lined canyons in gent id Liei Melicent rills and roaring Trout Brooks to the crops that with their help know not undo Ham owns the mountains and the plants that cover then Why dont he take care of them has no business allowing them to to of Villno of let usury the past Winter Ima Pra Culcahy lied one thing in new literary reception has had in two years ago evenings were held by All h is the Well known literary but tin1 past trim nor allowing vandals 1 in Pattok ski at Ivor the kith Valley b Ostli to Hiram Atlo lanky at Law i ii Llerik Over Kern Valley mulls Sun f i a1ikhnattounky Kern nineteenth at i1ak Olliee Iii la Ellis French m in fact on store is so full of new and desirable goods thai hardly room enough in this paper to speak about then and Siik Koi Dinkelspiel tic at san j 7 mid actor nov at 1 Elili to Ili ionis a coils Alo for Kneel in and hone Sionil 11 sent of Chesler Avenue Neill i incl h Thomas 1 him James Ottllee in hid a Ellmak at Law san Jose Al Tonky at mul twins Chester Avenue a Ril strict Attoh Nicy Kolin a peeing tit Lenskin t i hid porn Hill tend Uvell Allbe in tin in iksl1 in per spies no intes or milk and Bill or Fri Allily nun nor own free Snells mull Slung to Olih Rva run and trip hulls a moved ard1zzi go neral Mahon asm Otar hulls nit nine or i Law notary hulls lond Corner Chester a Cal Teeth Wal Kern All Iii Lliran i ill link to heal kunte attended iinds n 1 Atlow nov at notary 1efferds ks1 Al k f a o i and l International Konii d a Warnky Iii fat Ward a Otamias Jerst i in mind i he Lin Illin Linin and ii icily Itoi ird und and the Niit i the Joul nil Neil if Metik Ini in Anil from Hie hover Thiim hotel Visalia Miltin l the Lindo Tilei fully to Lendt or Siperly e eare Lun Siath stir Wink Ion Luon of in nil contest Nellil alts fire Purd item wins Mill is a Lyrrell Cul till physicians Wasson j Lien Dmit in the her nip Clienter i in Nineteen Ali link Emil i link ilium 111 very 11 fur Cin Ifni and Jirles d i Urs to to p i and i anal Brit icon residence on Chester hot Vetn Joth unit Ottliee in fish cult Beer at Lullu and a Lisuk anal u Over Kesl Denic on Chenour near Aioli in Ullh hit hotel will inf Uii Buki Hilum Scales unit a a Plendl i very feed stable Whenn turnout run us Vilys he find and Tennis prop ily taken cure Linns Volley stage line Linker held in la run und Jarlli Iliin i leaves this hotel at it Linker Leld ill 7 i mondays wednesdays Ion irl Days of each 1 and will leave Glenville take plei Ikinio in thai we have i nihed of Punini our personally Selec cd a tool of comprising the following Coin Pele lines Kirwer and provisions wines and Init cited and Donich Lic lib ii cigars and in All popular brands i dude and builders hard Waif Lin is Aalto and Ugale Ware arms and crockery and ulna Niware wooden Ami Willow Ware drugs and pylent Iii divines youths and Cli Ildren in the latest styles Joe nos and children boots Anil shoes ladies and mists toes and in All the newest styles dry fancy Goodu and notions ladies dress in All the new and feast table fabrics gents inn Kliing goods Lints and of the newest we always keep on hand a full Slock of i applies for Fin h us Stock Salt of All slikel1 Siikki Wool to living at 11 disc acc we would Iny Ilia our facilities for a tipping goals by rail Are by any other Honre in the our goods Are shipped to us by the our warehouses ate in the closest proximity to the and any order can he shipped at the Ken Rte notice Ami without extra re urge for Dray age und make ai1vanckh in Ami Llev it Oidick at Iii idiot i incl Isoo 1 Fhi Dur a Lieth i of won the i virtual championship of Tho British cited i Dar Cheim Market at the Kilmarnock cheese fair he won the same very High Hoimyr the previous year i and the details of both Are now is i Given together As an interesting subject for comparison cheese of of May j Quantity of lit Gallons uni speral Reol evenings milk in Tiu morn Ili tested at i time of do Nii Nules Pia Lily of ounces full temperature at which rennet Wanh i Quantity of ounces tempera lure heated to 101 Lime of heal Ini Niilus Quantity of 110 j pounds 1 Pui ind to Tho time in the minutes amount of j pounds i cheese of May 31 j Gallons of milk evenings milk in the us time of i hours Quantity of 11 l dram temperature at which rennet j was Quantity of 4j which was added at time of Ali minutes i temperature healed to 100j time it took to 70 minutes cooked ill j 1jo minutes Quantity of i 172 pounds milled melted 5 Oclock Quantity of ill pounds weighed before Heing sent to Kilinar Nock pounds of Ripe or nearly to per of them particulars should enable Dairy men to know precisely How a relatively perfect Chetican to a sacred trim to be conserved for us and the 1vestio has completed no powerful unit it discloses objects Dis practice was and the follow dam Tinct by a Quarter of a mile i year saw thu beginning of the sometimes landings Are made on thu past season but a few literary at Rivir where not a single Man j Havo been and Theao lacked their can be and it occasionally i Conner interests much w that next that the boat to wait for the agent j Winter will sea still a smaller in Unbeha a to get Drew had and get to thu one cause of then popularity into Hume with which to destroy herself by of course the freight must to paid 1 the literary reception in new York destroying her Mountain i and is and As Iho agent is the Only Man who 1 fallen was its shameful a liter now eager to a Railroad to run can do ibid his Premne is Ary woman would begin her season up into her t Imber m to destroy her the cond Ngi and goings of the boat Aro self the Mim what so it would by the hear Valley water company in j tremolo foolish for Tow agent to sit All Han Ueni Ardino Coutv is Irving to get i night on Tho Hank of the River with his a Railroad up into that Valley no that j legs dangling Over especially if the River in Camii Ini a Lutour i our pounds butter in brine we will say that it did not keep perfectly the outside of Tho Rolls were a trill but Tho in Sld very i on explanation of this is that j on cold storage is not perfect temperature Heing too and at times rather Icse in c they May get a new dollars for some knot Wilif Mnich Pius which Iii wins the Sain so ruin what Little Piotti Clfon they have on their this will give the thirty two inches or that they limes have in Twenty four a Good Chance to till up their grand Reservoir with and if they will Cut nil la Timber and Brush and turn on a nip they will soon Liaw n Valley Lull of boulders instead of a san Diego has the same itch1 ing for a in her i How we Uncle Sam to text Vii whip we constantly Ile Troy on own and heritage not nne inv should by unt from our mountains under thu guarded is incision of no lie no Hoof a hold misture on in pro enable lire should bum Iii River a Iree or Plant can grow they Chhoum be planted and Fos the and their Flora 1 Are Mir prefix it and future on 1 our Nelv Murce of licit Uiti Lnu a that eminent by sex minister helps appears in harpers of Tiu controversy be Twe ii the United a Tats and Burcat Aler a howling Tom extent of 1 the of Seal Lilu in thu open sea surrounding Ihn 1ribyloff islands i the Cali Adlai to great that during Tho past four years to in waiting for Tho bout to Tiu Pilot whistles a few minutes a Foru t he Landing is made and at a Small coterie of her select and to Long As those same congenial Pirim came to Gollier All went Dellib thou by Inonu Friend brought Tuit after two or three weeks he would in turn bring a until fat the alow of v Tom season Tho hosted would fln1 Hei of Roonie overrun wit i n lot of minor liter night this nets like All alarm Dock to Iho Ary lights whom she by nicely Miira who jumps of Iho was thou the death and if he happens to live of Bliss Oliver Bell the from this Landing guts on his horse and j removal of Marion Harland made to Ilif gallops Olf with his freight i and so for More than Ona it is not very that Tho Tho Pratlie Jim died perhaps Hie will to for Tho since logged friends will to More curtain agreeable companionship upon up eclat Ovon Ings when Tho hostess intention to at Homo for and these Boks j boat u icel waiting through any delay on the part of the and it is inter Esting to watch Tho celerity with which the binding is Thero is rarely u hitch in the and this largely Demlo ten a Taco Essul mute Inive every Good Nalii mention which is supposed to by an attribute of Ami human doing Down thu River i Milho mires Are an plenty Bohto most of Llin freight in taken mint j berries in this said tin Miilu arranges this freight i who has been Active in on the boat so so to Iii i or option for the statue to general Jim shall in i you just let the right set of Mei Ittoku to must therefore have in Bis mind hold of n subscription list for worthy every Landing on the River in its purpose and see How rapidly it Belk look it lilo Hherman Slat no will to comp noted in a few and could Havu passed the Markov end Days ago if we Hud not limited the the Prin Cipal drawback about going to an Orillo and when the Landing to be landed in the right this is tin least difficult of the mates lie has a Crow of Between Twenty find thirty in to Tho mate of Tho boat 1 Down i ins River on knew Tho name of every Man in the and i never in my life Caw so much work done by so few men in such a Short Tho lauding is Tho Gangway put out almost he Fin Tho Pilot has rung Tho hoi to Stop thu no a motor what nary millionaire with a subscription is Liu Wichi Riveness about making name too conspicuous on the for a Man Worth or will run his Eye Over Tom temperature is need that fresh butter is the Only butter that can Ever give a Creamery a Good practice shipping out everything week no Mailer what condition Tho is and think we do fully no Woll Aslo j indulge in to no now i thwarted by and if Hawes Tom names of Rockefeller or Hunt Langton he v it i of coarse wont look Welc anything and Overy Shiugi 8 the Revenue from an out of the boat in a and Iti 2jlffi5 american Industry has a Poni Livo fact that Tho last Man on j tract Atte Litton to if helps exposes Tho Wanton Liore oftentimes has to run mighty fast Nan Iii ii and wasteful character of Thiu destruct and pm non thu end of Tho gangplank ii contrary to the Ordinary dictates to order not to get Tho mate fur of immunity As it is to Tho requirement a nashes the get up and git for All of Keif lie shows that Tho con hot now i come to Tho strangest part mention proposed during president cloves f the Malo not i trav lands administration for lilo Protection i eled with him nearly a and never of seals during their Breeding period was heard him Niter an exclamation we huh tin objections of s i would not have Beon proper inn l name that Vanderbilt i immediately subscribed v for Tho howevorrw7m need More Emu Anil Muhib with it new invention which is buying milk on according to i whose citizens were obtaining a certain it do and get Hub Cocks and Aro Well pleased j profit from their wasteful Down i Cru and Dinovo that tried on Home of thu Boothem Rall we i with Mulrooney in us Ulm wer come Imit and How it thought in Wrils that City Creamery one question that often Pazalos Dairy men and blurting creameries und cheese factories is this is Tho milk of certain cows Best adapted to making i butter or cheese there is one certain 1 Way to find Lluu the milk Analysed Tim question now Prenen led says those men did work for two or the Refl bntipllci1 with water when tie Wheiler the uni cd states i Days together landings would to Muda syntax government a right to protect its i every hour or so on an and of and Lam tin Singwi of its people court that meant no sleep for the deck j Over from Wanton and Barbi Irous i a traction by which i it has As the Boal moves Down the River and Ftp Innon criminal by act of Congress weather gets t he by winery Nelre of whether the that it takes place Uii ii i Iuchi usus in and in place of this i of Wuu Rit hint to be a pal t of Brolli of Bam Trees mid Bushes covered locomotive p Ili Asician anal 1 ill wines of nose and Ottllee Over Dinkelis Plire u to 12 and in m kkuoh8kon in Kilt Luu und a Argery of Anil 0 o and Feinhor of Iho la Rutish medical Kooinga i and Odd Kollowa 7 Cintli Tenn Cihiy incl ural Liik in inti til h f Cesmat t l i v e Kee i Sumner Iii incl wahons1 and Midile Iii Mph Nainys ready or Hizy and Grain for Llumi Liy Wiik or the plumber and in Iron pipe and brass plumbers supplies Oas fixtures constantly on Wash Stan is Neil All work Linn Oil heeler ninth Kirn Vallijo Mill i portrait anal landscape in leery Southern society notions i san cd Intel limit on Tai Raday no or next Prece Dilir die full o Tom Moon of oath i my Khan of a Meta the time and every Moi any Kern Pollok of i1 my his very wednesday Hakkila every tuesday lib int Avo in Ali Jimh Al their Hall thu Leeond find fourth Taon Dikiy Novoni Yifru o Neh inv Lud Kuhs a Civiok every saturday i stick it in Nav Rucks Iii Ami Nanelie null Oppi Hill the Adi Vlic i Al kind in new and Lii Zdono onion it Irleen the a give me a i fit contains Intro solid matter than 1 Tho open sea Alvoris an immunity to Tom witl1 ll1 rank death Wood or acres i Natoma tidally int John Wieland Fredericksburg Chicago and United states i Liti Luini re Siam Laloli id then it is cd nest of Tho other i parties engaged in in which Tho govern it contains Over in per of Mienl in bound to then in is too Rich to a mud profitably into and should to turned into lotto per fat in now tin Standard for butter making milk to at if thu milk contains Little of Eitler or dont Marti it into but Bull it for Milkman milk if Muiir Iii Mittico will let if fatten Tiu cow and sell to the Butcher and Stop that if Yon want to Chango from summer Dairying to Tho Moro profitable Winter now m Tho Liuo to begin to prepare for Ihn von can null Oil your common cows and buy fresh ones in tin when they Are cheaper than in an Iowa Fanner woman Tho and cultivated land him Haig tinder Tho look it thut Conj the warmth of coma into tha to thu to Lottei w at almost every Landing the passengers i Buck autoria tidally i get olt and plunk fresh of the j or Btrown of and if till Kiei win l of by a lit o Gurt of a Siw it t in a Fanner residing near Ander discovered to to one of rightful of acrus of i Wall alms a Rauw for of Tufty yearn of chri8tittiiejuaniintyv of thu land in Tho heart of new Vork on tirely separate and distinct from thu anti eau Jans Len and Ihn other heirs Aro going to organize to press their when All of them heirs Jill j Toh 11 tilllilc1 vvuu1uii n 1 vv4 ill ill 1 Creamer has Vixen longest step out i property incl ii will to of the into it him taught i Wally Jam unities i i in in us to Sliwin lilo Urilli before it and to Havo Usu to Stop churn link Lii fun spoiled Tho the Lull lir hurry ill new thai Hon cd Liko Kite in Tho 1 very tilth us advancing and Junen in one of Cluj orious Tuuu i that and Iii Iuit to prepared to one of who in wild Only Hugo known und Laid in u Supply beforehand would Hugo rail ill Yon she that Thero Are Mot in the i and nil the Mato has to do in to order Thorn thou there is the chief in who macs tin boat and thu chief who Tho and Tho Wco Iid Shinil ill your orders incl Lime will i promptly Trade Sun subscribe the daily Wuu Ronit Llali la women who to to am wearing their Imir la uruk i Mary not Ninny of Chttin look court Ustim id of opinion that la Cru is a Dollie Viilu intention to annoy him on thu part of Thom who Inuko up lilo jury Liu Hith just paid one Laluo of for re Fink Iii t appear As u stud he wan mini to appear been in Yot it in Naid hint to not i Imide of Tho court Hutiu for Illien cd wards in Ibi Ladelphia yearn of Christiari we he out our Huv Liik Tho a Ngo Tulcy True la him Ami lift obliged to a uncool his built iwo i Inonu to und to go to foe yearn to contend with Vuctir and endure Tho pain of Ophi i Tho have now til told in Liu to that of tin two Philadelphia Llin boat and Writus in i Tom who null and mid the and interrupted what tin Captain Dov replied Hix Muter and will again decline a Roubid at the Allsho Iiah not n and Ink Hizik and talking with Homo in dons what you see him Dolner Tom Tlell mint Surah Roll him ban a f fuchsia which i Nice us Mary lined Tho in nearly Bavun feet and in Tili grow and lilo Nevva Cirik is nil very Well for women with club tical but whim go run with frivolous Lulu Yaciw and tip tilted now begin weit Liik it a Rowa a Trillo no Nheru am Milf a a ruin Vyrl Aloui on in Lubou the hair is much and thu curls work at the Back Are women of pm Blou apparently think nothing of Wiar Lnu fall what in Tome o them do not Cwm to care Lii tour tha real and the Fata it Liua Inai Leilis Tinco Tho Luton it it watched us eur girly iia wu4 Ever Jackh Van a Letha Cove la Ali Dor senator lilo new president pro of Taka la Fly lice Seniv lie served Tom War in Tom Union m n inching the a tilt of Brevet Helgn ditch pm eral of volunteers in tin Iii Indef Sineni in Kern go Tinly i in a lot Iii a will Douthi Iii lip Fri the Kiyond pity incl in a gut John o Publ hed 111 j among the it cont Tiiu Aro Hie Aoi l Morita Kern Tulloy w Kro ciry Luft

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