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Bakersfield Weekly Californian Newspaper Archives May 2 1891, Page 1

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Bakersfield Weekly Californian (Newspaper) - May 2, 1891, Bakersfield, California Fri Jav i la l 18 Kern Mav established published every saturday morning an the one tar Mil 12 co blk Man Lii 1 00 advertising rat isl Ordinary Rich vertical Inchon 00 inc i vertical each vertical inc three publications Kach vertical Luck on Kach vertical inc by Tho Quarter Knob vertical the half year 1 00 176 400 700 1200 Kach vertical the fractional parts of Inch charged full place m per cent double double the figures limit 10cents known by the Money required in Advance for All official Superior in clog clerk and Kudo auditor under Conklin 1ackard Llowell Valentine Baker Maul sol Hoard by the Board and logins by Ilic or method of doing business is so d1ffeuknt from those in Vogue we toll Tho truth in advertisements in our to guru Nice every Natiele we sell to to exactly is to represent tint anything you imy Ivoin to to Tiik the presidents april the presiden tial Marty arrived it this of Teri min Nufler a Delight fill trip Filini Han Short slops were made it Santa Orange and the prisident received a cordial reception it each of these i on the some time by the president in reviewing the g Ollhof but Wen Cvelic Tully turned in the Illic loll of Llie left the party hew and re turned to us pit Olla cd and Sites for the new Al the which was Well tilled death of Vijh april in study it wont be tit Stone by april Thi Nini Ullh Scmier Bill providing fur the Eidlic Cllvin and of m Dis play of his usual hell eth Early at the worlds is Limin i Anil and making in of Ono was As the Bill payed it with Many of whom came Ivun and pit Elded fur n commission of across Lac the president was Rej House it cd the ii veil with checks and waving the mouse in we will to it cheerfully and without any Homie Gantly furn Lueil Ronny any of doing Fink Brick cosmopolitan for Tho earning ser non we Honvo of Pencil Neil for Side in our dry goods department n1nktkkx1h neat and Comko it portable the Best and very attention paid to Alj of 250 pieces in new 10 yawns for 150 pieces Lawn Tennis stripes fowl s Yards for 500 pieces figured Lawn in great 20 Yards for 50 pieces double Width Spring 25c per Yard 25 pieces brocade mohair it per and their at each of thine places was swelled by school who presented the indies of i the party with at Santa Ann the reception took place in a moral surmounted with a specimen of the american postmaster Jeneral Wanamaker made a speech the president left the train at South where the Park commissioners pointed nut to Han hum and others the most note worthy other Points of inter est were also after which the presidential party proceeded to the residence of Adolph at a Nero overlooking the Whei they had it wit i the intention of but i these Are Only a Fow of the bargains we besides those we have opened 25 pieces Lamartine go pieces scotch Gingham Treuner and tax District Alfredi Jarrell Coroner Neft 1ulillo Mac Minlo comity Rogera Llo Alin of first it strut Hon Sci therond District Joseph Fontaine think French ii first Jurt eclat Hii Meraud be idol Herand Greene and Nicholson Cdr Ere and Chalk Morrison Anil Enanu fifth Illint Lillon and Llo Liam sixth Olds and win Leld Schilt seventh still Anil Contti amid and Powers so Oil Clintwood and Kan Huhl Thor to Hylna and Mil Laniey fourth James and fifth Glazebrook and Weir Davis he Ltd m11u and seventh an Una and a to tuntion of Tiik Public is kb8pkrt fully called to the fart that this hotel has won thoroughly and u in now prepared o travellers tatter than the Able is Par Excelle Licette we have in the Best French Cook in the Southern of the a Good supplied with inn cigars and imported French wines minor attraction in this popular professional in at tick of lace Over lib Kirn Valley Chester at Law offices Over Kern Valley nil Jyh clan t at Bak Kent Onich in Lalles nineteenth at san Montsko Ivury is rooms a and near court la new 1t actor nov at 50 pieces 100 pcs French american set Loans Walter j j Renuk building an11 furniture of Thih is entirely new Anil no Witler be bail in Llie special arrangements can he made Lor Board Anil rooms or a certain Lingle of cents bedsit 200 pieces lace piques in Pale Pink Canary 5 pieces figured Dimity 100 cmdr Odd Lawn suits 25 pieces figured mulls 600 pcs Plain heist Kuhr Oderies 50 Swiss and Hamburg in our clothing department we Are showing Over 1000 new and stylish ranging from to 200 boys ranging from to 100 youth ranging from to 50 dozen fancy and silk striped from to 50 dozen Outing flannel singing from to 500 Straw Nob Biest in 5tle to ill Versyde for a few and was photographed standing on the Low with ids hand resting against a Tail column of Black mined and manufactured in the immediate Vicin he congratulated the i the development of ibis important in dus Rythe party was Recel ill Versyde with great enthusiasm settling with april invent intent will not thee Inlet route to the afric i or wild in Jilin to i Iii tin till list inti i the Goven Anent decl rink dint ital cow Inmei Lunte fit Ali lies Niv no longed the Subj its to open the in Kif in Coo Ninnec april night in vvl11 modes Al Vendi to no n mall till Ivi left the train at a station dead for Beveral Jack the u and woman Reg entered at n Cha re lived to their room and As App ii of thin at a Hue hour i Thih door was forced opon j and the woman was found Lynn on Tho they j Iet covered with she bad Beon her hotel Here to Man and they the la Olimi would resort to Ince in order to insure tips act i the Purl of Portugal to her treaty the a still would lie disastrous in portuguese Enterprise in unit part of the the Portu of six Miles mid drove to the town in through a line of Orange Groves and the Cylc Hratch milk Lidin on read hip the High school they were received by a Inge including hundreds of school children j think to the i with in Vang the horses tit april u broken Able j gave to e thai Lui in Llic Tho Iscem the wan knife and been rat out from j in roof them were the Man escaped leaving prom Fly immediate1 by titter Iho in Nimmler for Iho in fact our store is to full of now and desirable goods that there hardly room enough in this paper to speak about Call ant ski for inched to the carring containing Secretary Husk and do Miek took fright us this and caused intense excitement by plunging nto the crowd f fortunately they were be ured Kitore anyone was end of the children were frightened into the formal reception took place at the Lienwood when the president was introduced by governor and made a Short he was then escorted through in mint i Cmil Willmm of san in Ron description of the Man who murdered hip j woman in the hotel hint a lit bus Ishimi j Konnii of obtained by the they it owe Junior went to Woik nil the the Coroner u Hasty examination of the body Serj and found the woman had Linen dead a in Meier of lie removed clothes from Herfie Ennd which revealed n has lev the Toni Iii was Cut month i lie eyes bulged from their and the Moro was Lynll Pineil to Ihn fact und about the of French Soiset Kentis m j a milks sent on Dinkelspiel a com Moo i to rooms ii cents in Law wholesale lie pot for Kore Liju and Domelle i or Tinea and Iker delivered to phoma8 at Law 1 Onice Iii Odd pc Llna Rakem attorney at Mattana Ihen Ler Hali a Fay District attorney kk11n a up eclat attention Given to Fand and civil in Iho t Mahon attorney Oral Law notary Corner Chester Avenue and nineteenth Taylor notary Kern All Matler tall log to ural Kutac attend til Lamina actor nov at James san Jose us a 1ropk Rath to Pur Hue ulal rates by week or milk mid butter Dally rom our own free orc of a Nelly mall Plasce to Obiera Lory Rouni urls seals re nerved by aug Wal i beat estate agents the princ lpns streets by n procession composed of local militia Ami civic or to the where the train was in april president and ills party were treated to a lie Aull Fol Floral display Heidi ibis morning during a two hour drive through the streets and avenues of this Crown of the they had a line composed of the civic and mall i at a Point on the drive along Marengo the pro Cessnun Passiel under a Large Arch com principally f Eilla lilies and having us bases formed of rare tropical about Twenty live Hundred school Hildin were congregated a boil lids Anh and showered the pics Lenl depart Tiit Harris of Kan Inid Lenl Nul Lonzil Encampment a Reno Lillon was do plaid in to his where the i1 sympathy to ills he interred at tin burial place of land which is near ills count j the funeral if the in count is will he of it u thought the Perot will make the funeral the slim of n grand Mill try Sarah does sax april who arrived Veroye Sterdt and her went slim Mizik last night through Tho Dens and noisome labyrinths the it the pure Hastil n kit High binders Many Otlet Iii in that struck her setter tip Godil profusely among the opium she wound up her a Bong 4 this morning rather the nov for new april or at the Gen cml land 0 Driy issued to receivers of land Olla Ceslyn sort he says Al nil pm ii Insl be made on All desert land in Trio under the act of March three and when nought to it eff felled under the act of 18 within from Date of to nth the publication of Nolick of Intel fans to make Una proof must he nil enols on entries Institute in after Alj neck was a Circle of congealed j the no Pennente f the me convinced Ilio Coroner that the to inn had la Rel on inn Long Over the next Best Holody it was found that the murderer april it my left his broken end knife this morning in an Coli Lar tomake a i rrb crops on lid referring to the failure of Tho Back of the proprietor Mcdonald to his narc and Ihn assistant j the worlds Lair dlr Ettory in allow the Mary told the police All they i California display to he knew about the Oisund of into general can sol Hviid the mar dared ionians companion location was de tidily Teri non in ii i Linn let b and Hill him Loti old not Tell from ids up porn Anco How Long he boil been in ugh coun she mild to a Mary Sam that the win Iii n Well known character around but no one beams to know Lior the police Scotia its do lie next us put on wines non ii Linw and Harrison with such u prolns1 i t t it i Oit Ion of Init spiels hat those who followed passed overt veritable of j Short visits were subsequently made at the residences of governor Mir Kenim Al 11 Oclock of nut of our wheat Tinl of and have said that h every dans Roll Finnila lakes t lie mysterious Hun april Oscar rain Lull Anil Siminic Coni Paninos were Phi notary 1nbltn Jefferds it t uni matter Crul Nung to the of Lee pare Jully Allen led properly written Iraln howl pm condition of to government contest affidavits Loo ii 1 and in Harrell cd physicians and was80n ecu Lilmont la the Cheater 1 International aka knew san Ward pc i Aphis hotel has just been j at an expense of the Lead tag i Sliester in Kern Valley Batic Cau Ucb and family Hoard and and the Mont convenient to the und 11 and place of Jfe Alii 2h free coach to and from the octet Gap hotel in nineteenth ice lion re 10 to 18 2 to and 8 to 7 Snookal Libician and 8uiigkon lung clench in cd enter Liet Roeii 20lh and a list of leu la Kluha uhen Tor Avenue mid will tills i a Good Placo to every accommodation Nec Cmary for Comfort and Procci Ardizzi aka lakh is general merchandise i and mayor likens i the train started for Simla Llor Horn i where the party exit it to the afternoon and april presidents Debora cd with Low arrived tit Calico la Al this remaining live bouquets we presented the president by the school und he thanked saying flood my kind and Low ing to All in a pleasant then he went Back into his car to a Lush it was 11 Bright morn and its cheerful influence was apparent on the their escort and the train officials the presidents party was delighted with the line scenery of the Hachita the train for the i cards in n Saloon lust am a Kwh april Ilow men have can Vilall went outside for u the in arrested on suspicion of having with the murder of Carrie the name of the woman murdered in the hold last thursday a pair of trousers to in Iofik to either frenchy or Llic others heard n pistol and going Mil Fri Iii Crindall with a bul let Hole Over his uni Mitchell and Kmicik Hughes Liucc Ixia nor cited i cranial null Diodat h Oclock thin and Over Bakera Leld Kenh Lance on near John vhf Asician and the ver off co 9 to Viri w 1 now Anil Osco Over Aji Erh w to ii and 7 t feb Himson Oka Duatt in i Cine and surgery of and of the Loyal a Ollega o 1biralhani member of the Brit us medical 1 Anil Odd Kellow society notices a stated Rageot Ling on Thi inday of Orneil Preeo iting Tho till of tie Moon of each 4ukrioan la Felon of m1htijc Iho Orel and d freiday oven Lugii of each in Omu Lloil with the hotel will be Lound i weighing Scales and a i livery feed stable i where a Good in not Ean in had and Leanna properly taken rare Linns Valley stage line at and Arlington leaves this hotel at Bike Noel at 7 and for Lillayn of each reaching Aiena Lilc at 3 and will leave i Lenville at 7 each thursday and Arr ohm in Here Al 1411 Cesmat livery and Reed Sumner Metli every mou4ty Lodge of every Wenn Cully b Akka ovary Tiki Day keknui1k1g every Katar Day Ustick every Mouv Hiki Sli Gallons mul Nui Lilly Hornet ready Tor Hay and Grain for everything we Lake Pleane in announcing that we have finished of Immanu on immense and personally selected Slock of comprising the following Complete lines Roeer in Staple and wines and Imti Rupil and dome sin in str in All i Opelar brands Shell and builders hardware tin Granite and Agate Ware arms and ammunition crockery and wooden and Willow Ware drugs and opulent medicines youths and childrens in the latest styles Fuents and childrens idols and shoes ladles and misses shoes and in All the newest styles dry fancy goods and notions ladies dress in All the new and seasonable fabrics gents furnishing goods hats and of the newest we always keep on hand Slock of supplies for such As Stock Salt of All Slick a to people living at a distance we would Day that on facilities or shipping Goi by rail Are Neq naked by any other House in the our goods Are to is by the our warehouses Are in the cons Cal proximity to hid am any order can be shipped at the shortest Nolick and without extra cd sortie for dry age and we mask of Ash Iii v poll Olrik at a Max Moo Ctm Moriei kept by week or the very inst icel cd orders Here to make faster april ills dents train arrived Here at this heralded by music and the morning of the Vii conducted to u wet Ion of a red Vood representing n get in that came from u few Miles the party mounted the stump and ook Wilts under n canopy erected upon i the president to his Welcome in n few Well chosen and up Iio Prinle april 1ifsldeiit and parly Iiron Early Ihu morning Ami and ii Plendl View of stops Wellm Ndu it and to ilium where president made Short and also and ills reception it Iwillis places Wuh As line and enthusiastic is tiny unit and and undoubtedly to the chief Liu Mihu in each instal us the proud univ was a Stop was made no Kings Burg and the president Shook Honius with nil who could get near me other Man were brought Lolohe station this there on them which May i blood new april Deputy Coroner this after Nikin the autopsy on the remains of the woman murdered by Jack the the Only fuel of importance was the Dos Elo Siire thai the mutilations were Evi Dently made while the woman was still and it was apparent that the struggle of the wretch prevented the Butcher from fully he originally the removal of certain a lyrics i night made a Stul Cmil lot he re porters to the a Lect that while the Phil acc have not yet priv std the they know who he and Hope to have him in cd Sully inform the Noird Cir in a Couslin of or Krit Nicols an who was arrested it in known that Kre Nehy spent wednesday neg he with the Mur dered and staid no the hotel the neg he ids Cousin perpetrated tin horrible damage done property in a Castor Lay which Unsod such heavy loss of Llyn created great ii Nam ill All the windows in i Poi Library wore broken and a Minilie of or pious Pauls and Peters Wero Dit Nugid and Many pin ill Vlin Rili will be closed a Lilly Iho i impugn in being to the or night will Ikas Many Valn Nln works no Art which Weru destroyed ii Enol born Ilino Willil new a clip Ihn full amount of in Magolis it now that the Wiik pulls Hail for april artillery men of the Battery which my la need Leif lust in order to draw attention to the grievances from which the men claimed to have i Xii tried by Cuili Mirlink and in two years floods in april Peru slate that March into and eleven ruin storms swept Over the Rivers Rose am hooded Llie country nil around Many villages were and the crops tire t More april minister Al Washington from 81111 has ii toned Here As n confils Sloncz of ngot Lulu n Eccl privity in tween Ejli Irio Mango and the in itch under the terms of the Mck Llcy Tariff raise of passenger rates Iii Carciu april emn Mij sinners of the Western troll la Assoc ii lion have killed i order us Vanthull second class Passnger and Chou Kilpi rates from incl let cubist Points to Etibo Ern terminals of the second class Rule to lie and Elj rate the adv i is to Uku Ellel on a Date til lie i in he can Lynnn of the in a slogging match april Light Lictus Ike Weir and John fill the for the America and a purse of m18 stopped in Iii old Liy the lice Early this Doil Biesly having the ust of it it ii Vns at Einsle renew the fight it police again chilian ironclad april is Rea Inni dial the inst genl cell Lynn it Illano and Ito on us the result of an it Lack made her by Ami that it was i tended with i fit loss of via a steamship waned 5liccloi which was one of the Vei Wels of by the rebels at Tho ing Litof the april 2fth in Caldora Bay by it Torum Llred by the new gunboat Almer i the Deal Yuetlon of the1 Clad was it Tendil by i 5k compile Ling half Rem being and the Congress Are now in Poh Schirm of a april from Hill state hint during the of Cal Dent hit Monitor Jun Sci As Well As the Koncul Liy the cd Lynn it is Hitold Kulli Nacda much in j of resignation of senator Reagan april eco cd today from he Nalor dated i to re Slih strike april Jne Kwili Park for the usent strike it in Blacksmith and nineteenth Adobe a k1kpb of Kew work and Bew iat done on irl Rei the Eit hor8e8hoino a me a plumber and us Albrik Ron pipe and brass plumbers supplies 4 was fixtures constantly on Cix Ibrom Wash stands binks Bath All Wirk Huon Offeh Mettr Lulu of Peru Villei Novlet dissolution polint in bftk9rafielqi Peru a Nebr Ali Rolvea or mini we real a state has pct locally recovered the use of ids right hand and anticipates no further trouble from that the party arrived Al Kresno at minutes ahead of Han Thep is ident and Ami by a Luxor Sunden Tun and mein Liers of the Iii Pylon left the Palace hotel this morning for engaged in prayer when Iho explosion a Jook Iho Vnti uan so Iio Voro wan Tho Shock that bin Boli Nesh would have fallen and not of Iho servants shows that the explosion the of avar the Deli ills of Llu was caused by Ihn accidental ignition with thu Stul Emcil thai of sonic Shell null Scrol Ilio were protect them hit Aliisa till Lawless Iii All inc men needed Niv ill a murderer april is reported i arc that a mob of soldiers broke open him cd Only jail no in Len Willil this veiling Neil Chol to death who shot irl Volc Miller wed no Sony it is also reported hint the guards Al the jail tired on the and several Kiwi is were a Lull prevails in this City Over Lynching of Llull lust neg he the grand jury has Iii summoned to sit wednesday in into lure into the the in Tang attorney today Filion Ani final proofs male on Gor Ermett Chester opposite the water near the court injured Hutu did King Humbert in Sci plea land a Sillim drive to the Golden hate ii Tim Klaus Adion in Komi Hud also Ichii arranged thai u Ivalew j in Yang some him wounded in ills own of the school should Inki place car rage to hospitals and in on Van Avenue no the Day i vols Llang the wounded is highly was Bright and they gathered in j appreciated by the of this Large Many bringing Anion in those Hurt by the was or Hinell Amer Louii Thechla Drin i Iho Prenthy who wins wore a ringed by their mid slightly injured by falling for Limu in fort Iii j blocks in length is the carriages i it Tho bos in King unit ionic Dante action i taken i wounded i tills evening the Khz rom and proc Clit in i Lii Atlo Riv received what they regard no that lie Tomci of to Llyn knit i the United 8tn cell Tun is a 8t and regarded is on Oft men in the indicted for jury has returned Iceni plod jury attorney few ohm of the hid in hip Holni be an employee of the flu Ilauna irrigation has april Iii an Artole i to ii in which it bos Euise in inti Lio Widm Upo Zwilli Nizic Wii lil inuwuih1 the ing attorney received what they is authentic info motion unit a by Lelih town and country property for ural Tho we ii them they were greeted april Hail us have burned twelve villages with from thousands of Small by the Remh Oiw i he i Thoner was full owl with try hurl Tosh ing Toni nimets Ami we Jug the then vow Llyd the Hulk killing that there Piv fully a minding Lorg Laid by the soldiers to kill Man aim hand gamblers Holbrook und and in demolish gambling when the fuels too Loisel Clinin Plain he issued Norder that no in i men lie allowed Oil f the i until further wild unit a Check flu will in Nell we Owry Ufir though put the night until of Furlum vol on has out Mil by Hutu by Many till in Cudih moving at in

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