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Bakersfield Weekly Californian Newspaper Archives Jun 27 1891, Page 1

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Bakersfield Weekly Californian (Newspaper) - June 27, 1891, Bakersfield, California 26 Kern june six Price 5 established published every saturday morning and one tkrm8i 00 i month advertising rates Ordinary Kach vortical it 00 Kach a Ortlon 1 00 Kach vertical Inch Hrco publications i 5 each vertical 00 Kach vertical the Quarter 00 each vertical the Balf 700 each Vert Cal Tho i 00 fractional Parta Al Luck charged full place 29 per cent double double the Legal limit local 10 a known by the Money required in Advance for All official if you if you wish to have your Groc Crl s if you wish to make your Cissy Superior clerk and sheriff Juder sheriff conv Lii 1acknrd Howell Valentino treasurer and tax Baker District pay Harrell Ruro Crami Public in Krens Mcmurdo in Siuty Rogers or Bonnet Herond do Street Funt Alne Tell Lull Ulster let Mullec fourth Morgan kill la District cd Herman Juh tikk of till first judicial Sam Normal mantel second Greene and third Carrere and i neg Morrison Ami Hen inn Fllch Blunt Lorton and in Mihain sixth Neil win Liui Scon still and Hill first often and Powers second Anil enl Nellil third Suma and fourth Lainck and dry filth Oln Zebrook and Civ Davis Mills and with Langton he Cuth Jenna and professional fresh and if you wish to clothe yourself and your family in proper if you wish to anything in the line of from a can of Lon mooch to Macarof and to lie sure you arc getting Standard Quality and Bottom if you wish to put new nails in your new locks on your new Glass in your a new stove in your or new ten plus on if you wish a new mowing or anything else in the line of hardware or if you wish to see something entirely new in the line of summer Olfat and by 1unilhlilni it in a neat and Siili Stantini if you wish to add to Ilic a neral it Ira Lions by rur Delintt your floors and paper any your Walls in 11 neat and pretty if you wish to nerve your food in an attractive and Dina Lilc set of dishes quarantined san the arrival of a cargo of Orange Treish Here from to Schofield june Marr lag of John s i chief of the armies of the United Hiti created excitement among and the charge i that they a infected with purple Kiealy Bug and other strange is of fruit brought together to Tje Oglo Al Shourne i i Here a null Umof representatives Olathe this City was solemnized Here at High for lilt among them noon Sofnis was consistent lives of he stale and county Hoard of with the High Ink of i neral Wotli the result that the Field and the prominence of his j Pommiss Loneis Lodas wedding was devoid of new the Only ill Lenry that fumie they need he Leneral and stall appeared in full i m Moi lion Oil they go into the Nur Only intimate friends and relatives of the contracting parties wit inked the the City Liyim Lomoly Decora Lod for the c afternoon Leneral sub Ofield and together with Andrews id Hiss left in a special car for Sun in Elsm and other Wistern when that after leaving Albuquerque lie noticed on nearly every in Iween hint City and hat cars loaded with rails and marked terminal j necessary committees lion and have Ixam appointed and an interesting program i of proceedings the vacation of the june a big Irr Lention company organized t the sit court met saturday to agree upon a time at which the the new court of sax june Thi United states circuit court of appear no met yesterday with Field Ami judges Sawyer and on the in their rid Loti Loux Sillib alien the court to order Justice ills appointments of Oll lews Anat to 1 ill ill Hlll it mag with whih tin courts a courtroom by the Angeles irrigation company de j the in m after some discussion july a Lith the clerk to i forwarded ended upon suitable and to the seer my of the the to meow the to need we Pom for who re the company in in to Curry on n general irrigation Mill Elled aiming fruit to let water Here to importing Orange lire Trees in the if you wish to select your from a Slock that embraces All tin new and pretty pattern coming if you wish to see a handsome line of the Man who was Polit june Passen jurors u a train were horrified to see the dead body of a Man firmly tied to a mile Post close to the Railroad the spot was in the thick about Midway Between Lenin Ford and port the body Wax evidently thai of n the Man i her Glrst Appe Nince on tic stage n san Lor had been tall and powerful and about us years of Viry Fhlug indicated j that he was the victim of of a 1 be had evidently i icon tin Post and then shot to then1 my he the and directors Are j William Monel Linden silent and Eneli of whom have actually Loek of laces and i and i widths open air june j to the Lizul Teljii from new York hint Al Eailor who made tells in a letter to the How the idea of an open Miinch of As von like it came to her while plan Yang hopi Ivind in Loward the capital the new English june Dunlo has Klvan ii Tolu Imide stood hat he will not take his Soal in the House of lords depart ment one on july Lith and 7th vacation will begin in six judge Shaw having cleaned up his to August during the summer in cow two of tin judges will remain in the City to take Caw of whatever probate or insolvency business May come while the will probably Hie items vex away to the mountains or flip the worlds to Lincham Ber of comic acc hell a Hpe Cettl meet to s then held a anon nuchal that of United supreme court tie allowed to practice by him ply Injo the and that All who Hud Prift Laid before the stlpreinjw1 court of All Fornola for three would lie allowed to the new court after in Litif a Torii until his wife has entirely wavered consider methods of represent n led to engagements in connection with tin he in an to land and How she managed the perform had been fastened to the Post by if you wish to do All tills in a Man Ner that will be Lucilli Cit Niit and and to do u at n Noel Neil Cost Miinch Learco Onilio House with Barcli buld As her the performances were attended by All Lon and in every Way Wena and miss Albinini Wax told on All sides that never had i Here been seen any of executions in tills Heigh bar Hood has thing i since Maxs ill not been paralleled since the tall nor Loim played the Toomb j All the Moie Active of the House several outdoor performances mob leaders have fallen into the hands have Ixon Given by John it of the government troops and been then Bis body riddled Wilh chinese i june Natii Glicr Ozett n Buu irs at Biak of lace Over the Kern Valley Hamter j has located permanently in oflus in the j blur Nap Over Tho hunk of opposite the Southern Dinkelspiel l the Champion of Silver san june special dispatch to the tulle Lin lids afternoon condemned to Katig one of the men who wrecked the or Cecli was condemned to be Cut to pieces and the sentence was duly carried the sex from announces that the recut loner having Ixon Hollied to make prompt and As painless As cor1iam attorney of blocs Over Kern Valley link Andrt Allock Rinn at Law in Trio daily every Lutr Scolny find Cain Korma for sic civil in Law t actor nov Kern Ollice in i Altos i at Biak nineteenth Atto Kinky at Han i Montgomery i Rno Nih and Atwoil nov at cd Clit Avenue mar Conn Tii Omah Pattok nov at Law 1 Ohio ill Oiw Fellows Haiku la Atto Kinky at i int Sonti i a Fay District attorney Kuks attention Given to land probate and civil Ollice in the Mahon in Tho courts of Alrh Len old nil Llull Taylor Kern All not lira per turning to real karate Alton Iliili 1ulilli lauds a j Atto Kinky at Tubac Lllan i is 0 Lioi Ianul real estate a gents will open us discussion of the Silver ii Ellon at the suggestion of senator Stewart of be Wim challenges financiers and Gold Niin in answer his in favor of tin fret coinage of Stewart expects to present his within a Lew Days and the discussion will in continued on All Ernale Stewart says he is ready at an hours notice to enter the Arena wit i any one the Gol Standard believers select and earthquakes in a Grasshopper june to have shocks have recently n de birth Shorb june a joint meeting of tie directors of the j Angeles Hoard of Trade and los Langeley climber of held this a series of were adopted endorsing the i de Harth Shorlie for chief of the Hor i chill viral curtail of the worlds he will be a la Lionil or Tva Tive in but but he to Iliili oui Sim Iii what those terms ills wife shall thin i be gallery whether these people like it or and he she would be rather the prettiest in the ing Southern California at the worlds columbian and appointed a committee to act in relation to the who have reported in favor of having a Southern California Conven Tion to of delegates from Tho various localities at the rate of one for every in and they have Heen in to go ahead Ami arrange for jealous june a ministerial As a committee of hive was appointed to nominate the from who will i ten in a wide Many buildings Timve been destroyed Anil much damage As far As heard of Cheater in Kern Valley Bennu the which is Dolny Ellee live work toward has extending uen discovered around the is about As Large As a has a Bright red bus a sluggish i and under the Microscope resin bibles u Louse in it will be a Young girl arrested for great found under the wings and legs of the j june quite Happing the the hop Kii Salon Lias Lin occasioned Here by per Allie Ted can be readily by of its sluggish and disposition to seek shelter under clods of conference the cog no ton of the chilean was the subject of tilt Houglin no decision was arrived the course of the railed slates in regard to lie Llata Lias aroused deep anxiety in a King Fca Iid that Malmo codas Success would mean More Inlet course with the slates to the detriment of Kin open n a big superintend Cut Lutler of the Wells Kargo express company remarked this morning that the company had carried Boxen of tomatoes during the part the boxes ranged from to 40 pour do and the Points shipped to were san Morlland to and new Mexico Points and travel to this june local agent of the Pennsylvania reports Bright prosaic Cox for travel to live to be selected from the chamber of the new Overland june him Emmen cd on the construction of the terminal depot at the foot of Kleisl Tho Entrance for Pas sengers will lie from karst und there will be no tracks to the first floor will contain a Large waiting a ladies Walling room and lie baggage the second hour will in listed up for general the cd lace will lie a creditable one through mid will greatly improve the value of neighbouring this const season the to the late were a the coming Genii Sylvania Railroad Tours the fruit june ship Ping reel ply of i be Southern for thin season of the year Are unprecedented in the history of the state Tralich of Citrus fruit tire Belair Shl Pipii daily to Eastern shipments of Loaches and apricots have begun ii and Many train loads Anlo ing Dally Wal Over the a no accidents am All trains an the court next thursday in Day on which of court of California would lie sworn j the admission of each one would made on the motion of n United j states supreme court club run of los Angeles i june t of the to ii Angeles ook place at acre eighteen men in line when Aln Mcgarvin gave the signal to 1he Cycle Nix beaded for Annta be Pace being Only moderately fast Iii t inter to give the new re dam it to keep this arrangement in a Onyx followed in going built o you please Pace in Tho order in so As to give Tho old a Chance to show their a pod Mil the run yesterday Wanh very Hookins Mon Chi was a Rush Wanh or tie after battling with the surf an elegant lunch was Al the Waco men Utar cd on their time word valuable cows Hun june about two Miles from a cd bin i a son of a drove fort live head of Choice milk com into a Field of groan pm the cows commenced feeding u and in live minutes one staggered and fell Walton saw Tho others went no voted and started to drive Tho out of but eight More diet be could get them iwo Tyr More died in a few thirty inside of half an these wow Worth from to Owen and went went out and examined the Corn and found Ului they Mij Mcd in be nurse Yale Oil Blades and they have not Inadomi a thorough chemical but will to the grand reception tendered the Llma j making schedule where in will soon a partial san june Elev Wiliom there is apparently Clear Evi Dence of having committed the crimes of horse arson and tenth carrying on the Hook Selling and publishing in san Bell not nov i Milf g Jefferds lani1 and Malters Portal Lett to the fully attended la Lanka properly written Latash Owlick condition of lands contest ally davits d Hookins is and it Harrell Cal drowned in icy san june in Kirl bit sinks of reached Hen from that Tobinson and four sailors of the Francisco to is Revenue Cutter hear and ski in rect the company of the have inn drowned at is circulating a petition among Ercill asking to be allowed to Settle for cents on the Dewing says the cause of the company pm Zaraski Mienl is the publication of Bakersfield Agency of the san Francisco he i mild Many cd Crux Timve been Dix charge John Chicago and United Boomers Arkansas june is under Sithid that an body of i physicians of Kiok in Klanut Tuiuli inti Houra 10 to 12 j to 4 Zintl physician and b1iikieon residence on Chester Between Hoth and list Onice in fish Hull Likibi Chester Avenue Anil Oliver an1i Fullee Cleoler Over Balters told residence on Cheater Neur 20th j up physician ani1 i diseases of nose and of Loco Over ilk cars Ribco to in 12 to h and 7 to 8 kbrqu880n Oka Duatt in mki1i and Burgory of the Queens and of the Royal colleges of Ihil Clanni r of the Brit rooms 1 and a raids extra Standard Ujj Kojl Columbia Beer in Mottles and tin in family Trade office it City brewery Kab club a and member of the Brit Ullh medical r Odd Fellows Ardizzi innocent june or sixty prominent Oakland ladies have been swindled by one John a Book and now lard legs col Lection Agency is frying to collect on Boomers will soon enter the churn acc so rep to drive Oil the cattle cattle for san june Simla be is shipping cattle from san Diego county ranges to Chicago at the Rale of fifteen cars a Iliin plete in nut even re dipl Iii Han Frani Luco and an Liln Infin Iliff on to of society notices in bakkr8fikli hinted meetings on thursday of or next Precco Dong Tho full of the Moon of each general merchandise american of to nov to Tho Flat and d of Taoh meets every monday i Ken Loi Luh of m kits every wed Lailay 13akbr i very Tuoi duty 1o Hii Avo i by Ineolia at tic or Hall Trio acc Iii Iii fourth 1 of each ton incl lid Coka Mlih Annie everything Tho Canning Industry in the in Iii Chin have Iii Dcell air ring Rutih fur will of Pilj to work id their the Aillik to in tire i Iron joint they Lii in 1iiradihc Flint Thor the Ingwl Ishin Tratia by and after gel Liivik Lailien to i i Elpi for the Hook Hud thin what he called a duplicate receipt for lie it Init Flint this i partly fro Iii Ilia county and partly with n note fur from Tulip in near from the in lakh two pm loud of a California Anvil Shii received from Kan Ken i june the two Earlo Adu of the i nit ind for Keeport or ctn up in Chik Cit a Little More than Law year Hal Tor the recent Leavy j hut the i Istir to hint the i from Han Itah Meceda Ham fruit can lie canned thin year prohibited Hilpi Rienth from the South than when the Cannery in in to ports held by the j full operation it exp Etc to Yive Ein Liim the importation of i ploy input to and idiot Lour and Provin Lons from elsewhere the men will he employed at Perth North of Hie heavier Wirtz of manual the naturally lire looking to cell Forniti to i capacity of the Connery will he about keep up each it each can Yontal Liik another Overland Railroad u t lay1 opportune slim for How who want to the Ankles ter1 work overt Meto do themen in Neil rail ii at the a Greet ror Wuu party by Theu Hamler of Commerce will never he forgotten by in june from the intent in Lillile intelligence nov Liml in in evident thut the party Iii 1orttikiil in milking a rapid on the Pitin in evil Are in Iii Wiur und the coming june it to Lek ii though i la it 1 1 of san might get the Pill ton of chief of the horticultural department of the world a he Terr Man for the would Liu hard to an Arab a tulle the general of Tho revolted Arnum on the Coli it of Hax Defeated he turkish in oops and Cut flip Telegraph a tin Kan june the Tein excl tin in Lith to u in full und that 1x to ii Terry to storm in june Soulli Sahf crib Corner of Kanwit Wax i noted by terrific it Ornis Iii Torrn Ladoe livery saturday every monday savings and loan society has removed from pm Clay a Tibet to Sutler Anil moist joinery streets old cil in hit Guam Cip Ilai torn jux join in lowest inti i Iii Puiul in Ouvry term and deposits received we take pleasure in that we have Tiu Idieo Opo Aizik our Iii Nierine and per Boully selected a fix of the following completo Linos grocer Staple had Trovin Long wines and ii nil clonicblk1 Lolic big nah Utu in All popular Brandh and mild or Liun Luio tin a Rullo and Agate who Anna und crockery and wow Len Puiul Willow Ware drug Puiul Patent Nodl cinch youths and in the Lute it styles Irentha and Oli Ildreth Hoota und shoes ladies and misses shoes and in All Trio newest style dry fancy goods and notions ladies dross in All Tho new und Pax Minhlan fabrics gents furnishing goods its and of the newest we always keep on hand a full Stock of supplies for Hii Iii us Stock Sair of All sheep 8hkkp Wool Ivlo to people living at a distance we would soy Flint our Pacill Lucs for slip plug go oils by rail Are unequalled by any other House in the our goods Are shipped to us by the our warehouses Are i Ihn closest proximity to die and any order can be shipped at the shortest notice and without extra charge for Dray axe Anil we Makk avast he on Iii v ill Dick at Nikii Ikmet of Tzuho Lithern Iacelle Ril Iii overwork ii they an Lin Niew tin Koimn will fit to Leavy steel rally Timve explosion of a june expo Hon of the Iii err of the took place Here water work Hei Irv Golden was and xxx scr loudly and done to by the piece in nearly All the Confidence in president Meit ing of the Nicaragua canal on Louii ton Kwh i Clil Yex Torday at i the Ollice of the company in Tolx directors were elected the ensuing this election in considered a in enc Olally As it in a direct june big overflow j of Confidence in Warner of the Illinois River reported from Juho men elected arc the Choice of Fulton doing Jar tit damage to Miller mid their election in proof that buildings und other the Are a tilled with the four have Ishii work of the the new Reet irix Are nil promo not Moo Large exports of signs of Railroad Ink june tie Suniti june Keih Hull Ling to fifty Well known Hax joint Carn of i Totomi n Thuy travel in turned from a Niort trip to new Mexico flout freight in fruit jail Haw u the Archt of Ore Are a icing taken out a new ledge Hax been und the Ore in Bald to Axxal fully i per cent Railroad Xii an la Lanoix Central train Wax wrecked Neur Ihly City three per Sony were killed and xxx Brave unto during the recent to Odd in tie Vicinity of Tolx a boy mimed m after Iii Liik pc Vii Wax himself a French Manofar san june Lri Ihli mail Dfwar Labarn Dlyn arrived in Tolx Ihui today from the new Artl Floral june company has for tinman facture of Tho new artificial fuel Ami the product will i i it works pc Lully for it at Izmery the fuel is of a pm allium und peat which unite under pc Mirc and Are folded into blocks weighing two or three the fuel him thoroughly Tox cd and found to i better than Coal and is much it is designed for list in Gratis and us Well a fur the capital Stock of the new is and the Drc Tois of the company Are Frank 1lxley court Lar Well and appreciation i exhibit j rooms of the chamber of Commerce arc in line condition for the reception Thlu evening to the Chicago exhibit Monu among the displays in a specimen of Canary with immense Heads Well filled with Canary the it in u profitable crop to As the Tomc loss of much damage to pro Marty and to growing the storm Wax of a Dell Crint nature Al do fluent at Kort Scott it took the form of a Clouds mix at Arkansas ally a and a warm weather june who have Ahkii of the Laek Ward Essof the Daxon have nothing o growl about just old sol in fervid in his Atlin Tifuh to Bouthern California and the watering Are doing a the trains bound for Kayla it Donilo Ilc Nib und our other Seaside it Horth were Iver loaded with Acx a redux ton of 8an june recommendation of the transcontinental freight committee for a reduction o the Rale on Raisin a and dried has Ichii approved and the new Sheet will quote a change from to on a car nothing has been done in the matter of canned fire in lot june shortly after 11 loony a fire broke out in Holomon on it prong it Wax to ext Ngueh it in a Short the building Wim entirely ii Wax valued Al and Wax insured for quarrelsome it june Are Conix lastly taking place rival gangs of italian Mur occur a reign of terror in i be Camp of feb exc inbox cry near the by the Poleon Han june who Hax Long been in Hud succeeded in getting out of misery today by taking my i lie Wax ill your years of j Max Al of who is now says that ill inc can have the la Publ can nomination for the if he Waikiu general Schofield Han june Schot lilt Ami he Young Bride arrived this Silky will go to Monterey gone to Hli Juno Alor Mcdonald died Hunt last a flood Hanhah june Xouri River i Iii Iweis rising Etc Billly Foj Venil Tufi no u still ii i now at u very High Miago Zuj pro flow a who mail wit the irrigation comm Leaoner Vilts Fresno Juno one of the he Iccil in Nicil by the Hittcon Greth to examine into the subject of irrigation in the United arrived bore he is collecting All the slide on the both from Ixia Dinul and and from those who Hugo collected the government in taking a Broad and practical View of Loxter Nilve surveys have and Are still to be object u to put the water to great Cut Pohsl Blo the mount Tiu strict Iii will lie turned upon the plan and not allowed to go to r Many places Cher ohm on an Enron i scale can built to collect Tho among the and hold the time it is needed for the big guns of kith june Sloncz and Halll Ngou the Salvallon aided by whooped things up a very fervid to the aft Roo a couple of thousand people intended the Nice Ling at the nil Tho evening the place i were a great Many big hard kicks stored by the visitors on in Long to pay an adm Lahlon to it generally undue blood that the ton of ored wan the were very warm and were Well Tho general and his y buld several More insect Wiigs at Ali Pei ple can get their salvation b1 lug a the Olsen May be forced to Ami wife Ami of Are nil tailored at Al of Mortimer is the hrs Lnu Consul hero in tie intercut of Ballac who claims to to a the late John and Wuntch 11 slice of his thu Ter in soon to be Huj Cirlor court of auth vol want cheaper june i input of thing having Dino to my luvs Scarcity of Grain has a Groat Ell among thu working Olio v older that their Lutei Antn have in Samorl laced to those of Tho Thero uru it pith put 1104 of Relief from any Quarter and flu City continues ban reach Cal hero capita of unit Lii itt in that Kojm and creating Groat Fulli f j

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