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Bakersfield Weekly Californian Newspaper Archives Jun 20 1891, Page 1

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Bakersfield Weekly Californian (Newspaper) - June 20, 1891, Bakersfield, California Npv4 v f1 re i i 26 Kern june six Price 5 established published every saturday mornin8 ill Mbarr and Olio to rms 12 001 six month advertising rates Ordinary vertical each vertical inc two 1 60 Kach vertical publications 1 7j Rich vertical inc four t 00 4 00 each vertical inc by the half 7 00 Bach vertical Luhby the 12 w fractional parts of Inch charged full Mace 28 per cent double column double the figures Legal limit i Sjol 10 menu a apr Nom known by the Money required in Advance for All if you official Superior Conklin clerk and Packard auditor Howell the Riff treasurer and tax Baker District assessor school superintendent Lcarroll Coroner and Public Macmurdo county Rogers 1ioahi of first Dos Trouv Bonnet second Fontaine third Mcce fourth Morgan fifth cml Ninn just ice of the first judicial Gumner Aud Minrul second Greene and Nicholson third Carrere and Ciali fourth Morrison and Benson fifth Huntingdon and Bonham sixth Olds and win Flold or not he Vontz still and Olla first Maun and Powers second Chitwood and Valr child third Soma and Mullaney fourth James and Orr fifth Glazebrook and Jeff Davis Huth Mills and seventh Acuna and if you wish to Ili ivc a Feterl i fresh and if you wish to clothe you Wolf and your family in proper style in you wish to Pur Hanc Uny Teliin in the line of from n ran of us Mlih to no prof and to be suru you tire getting Standard and it join if you wish to put new in your new locks on your new Glass in your a new stove in your or new on if you wish a new mowing or anything in Hie line of hardware if you wish to Sec something entirely new in the line of summer professional 1 at i1ak Oftle Over the Kern Valley Chester j hah located permanently in Holce in the blur Nap Over the Lauk of opposite the Southern Mahon is All the courts of the Fonh Fullil Iny Lulf Norham attorney at Law Otvos Over Kern Valley and 28 Nada Block ban t Ahern attorney at Bak Kern of lev in Dalles nineteenth a rooms 27 mid St e attorn by at cd cheer Avenue near Tourt if you wish to make your Home cosy and by furnishing it in a neat and substantial if you wish to add to the general attractions by your floors and your Walls in a neat and pretty style if you wish to serve your food in an attractive and durable set of if you wish to select your garments from a Stock that embraces All the new Ami pretty patterns for the coining season if you wish to see a handsome line of laces and embroideries in All widths and grades if you wish to do All this in a Man Ner that will be both elegant and and to do it at a nominal riparian Law is june a court and ease including the the several a stenographer and numerous have been j transferred to this cily from itt Lyboldt the suit is that of George in less against William which involves the right to the Waters of the a Meboldt the Waters were diverted by Dunphy and prevented from flowing across Bliss the latter brought the suit to Abate a nuisance caused by the maintenance of a the Case has been on trial ipe fore judge Fitzgerald of Humboldt for several and the an important dam los May dam lit the los Angeles River has gone this dam was the agent by which the irrigating ditches we tilled and in people at Vernon get their a sad Low june sentenced to san Jun tin and now in jail he awaiting i lie result of an Appeal to the supreme has become he had a succession of violent and since his recovery from them a Phy who has examined alleges his mind is Public opinion has been divided As to his a Large percentage believing that the court was a Little too and thai certain Par ties had shown considerable Van dec Well Haskaj in Frt i where Wald lie Slaw his and the to Olden at port san col it Liow links m of to Effort will be nude 1 halon of cured on a single track Between to return him for in Oasen requisition is hot asked of the governor of this state for the authorities can Only release after horse june to a do ankh received Here yesterday 1ort Costa and near the Coal bunkers of he Klack Diamond Coal the Angeles express was going towards the pair and the gravel train carry Lar gravel for the new san Lainon Branch was running thenis a double curve in the and evidently neither tic Ness in the the result is that a feeling of sympathy for the Man has Cost the litigants Over when the evidence was closed attorneys agreed to argue the this so that they could Havlac Cussi to grow stronger each Day until the to the in judge lit Gerald Lynal crisis which has now appeared in judge Hunts court yester headers of the Cau Kozinian will from and Hemmit liar Tail ii Morris of that place Are close after some Mim i hey Are nine engines came together with a terrible crush and Liolu were Laidly and two other and they stole four horses at Kulm Lulli hike on train was night of the 8th the have of the other ears on Iron but the constables Are express train were determined to end tire the thieves and j Case in j 1ms been which him continued j Are running them Day and night in the in can lets and Buttes Between the Mojave Illg Hock Creek and inn Day mid set the argument for july remember that Kleinming was charged Neil found guilty of u criminal assault n Domestic Home time the tint ears up on a Era Kunian on the i gravel was sitting in the cab i with the Engineer and was pinned j Down by the engine and getting rid of a mall was badly in june Raisin the Way ers of the county succeeded in i hot Lyl the is at on Klimt ing the Organ Teal Ion of the producers i James a car of the los Angeles had 1acklng of an exciting it was Aile eted at a meeting of the growers which Bixik place More than suck acres of vines in Benr Cost the ladles preparing for the worlds sax june Cali fornia committee of the Board of lady inv 11 in Jefri cd Chung were taken to Manacis for the worlds fair has k sums Erined to the i i election on i lie issuance of i i minimum ii Varlev o the plan of i ibis is supposed to represent nonus to mum a Umil is umu8 it Wjk his hand the injury is wealthy ladles who will furnish greasing Money to Reward ladles who May fur a Lxi Nish hold and Silver medals Yonl the super som allege that they have the Power to raise the will be distributed by the committee to those competitors most skillful in the various lines of Art and woman Hunt the conclusion of the fair it is pro posed to reclaim All and Olfat Dinkelspiel look in the for saw Iii is i is every thursday and real estate agents i Money by direct tax if the Imi ids Tuv Defeated and Promise in that event to proceed to do one parly is most bitterly opposed to the issuance of the to sell them in san Franeisco j los strongly in he proceeds of which will be devoted to some charitable my Large shipments of lok june Santa in last night carried eastward a special train of twelve Earlonda of new this was the first full train Load cast this other special trains will follow with which Are this year of Good Quality and the Simla be Road altogether sent ii Lent sixty carloads of these and the Southern 1aeltlc probably sent Maxwell relegated to private june general managing committee of the worlds Karl today fulled to Eon lorm Maxwell As chief of the depart j 1 be was rejected by a vote of has been placed in nomination instead of but the that double this acreage will in Hilt scr Ltd As soon us thu growers realize that business is the meeting will take plume on the ii struck Loh june went ind Oil now have a steam pump at work pumping Oil from Ihler Well at the end of Temple the Oil is of excellent Liong Worth Al out ills very heavy Carl 1artrldge and arc Brul Ned and they i san fireman if the sex pass was pinned under the lie has a Scalp wound and or Wischof the body and internal lie Wim brought to next j Wolsey vomiting blood and very severely but May Koine miss Engels were bruised and but radicals demand a full june strangers gallery in the House of commons was crowded yesterday and prom talk this morning it in believed that a the Reform june form school at Whittler is ten shed and ready for and governor Mai Liam has proclaimed that it shall i lawful for the Hoard of turns two of the institution to receive into its cure and infants Between till Ages of ten and eighteen committed to its custody according to to be cared for even this Rale has been kept i up for several and will even be exceeded in the and at Law Offero la Ollil fill Wii s attorn by at i Matoira clip mar attorney Khun a special attention Given in mud probate and civil Ollie la the Kern All Mutton tall big to real Enlil to Allie Cuil Lii ill a Atto lanky at Tea Clippa notary Jefferds land in talk nud matter ii Portal unit to Tho ii jul Onice care fully att exiled Wanks written 1lats khow Luk condition of love Ruinen i Jurim contest Kooms 31and s3 Lcarroll Cal physicians of Cheater Iri Kern Valley Bini la fruit shipments from june Quantity of apricots were shipped Fitim this City on monday inst to Denver and other the fruit was secured from Visalia and was purchased at one and a half cents per next Wick several car loads will be slip id to Denver and Sample Brick from june that the place will lie tilled by a californian air not an Illinois Jos june number of Illinois people living in Angeles county who have at one Lime had a residence in Vermilion ind above the Quality of the Ventura Wells the a Rolls am about per the company will use the proceeds of this Well to boil other Wells in the making Way Tor june a move ment is on fool among the capitalists of this Vily to a joint Stock com Pany to Purchase the Ita Neho Del 1aso As soon us it is ready for which lie in less than thirty the company propose to resell to actual managing the business in a Way that will Liest promote the inter cols of the first apricots and june Olllnger fruit brokers of ibis for warded the Glrst Carload of pc Chapel Eola of the season from Valcav Lluc a ear of halos Early will a Good number of liberals will go with their stud local associates in any reason Able Ruh Uko of the action of the j the popular representatives in 1arlla Sincl demand an apology for the Guin i of the alleged cheat i and anything Short of that will Ian the Maine of Pular a prominent lieu Iii said today a to the East nearly Ivy cars of held a picnic yesterday at Verdugo oranges during the Orange i a brass band accompanied the is now shipping potatoes and cabbages i pleasure and dancing formed cast by an order was re1 a part of the the Day was lived yesterday by one of the very pleasantly of the town from Jan Tor Twenty too Many ear Loadis of which will be 1 the first american san june Glrst american tin fiver offered in Coiner Elal was put on the Market Here today by Lewart who will handle the product of the Toni Kcal Len mines of the Plain and Frank decl Netlon in behalf of the Ironee that he after he would give no inline for Urill cism would allay the the wanted an end of Royal and sonic decent ii Francc of Good conduct in the the Bering sea june presi Dent today issued a proclamation Ling Forth agreement Between this and that of treat it Lintn closing the Bering sea mid giving warn ing As to its the agree ment wan signed this by bar Julian Jamico fort incl Hinion and the residential proclamation followed As quickly As u could be the Navy department has been us Vised of the Progress and necessities of the Case sent away in a few Bakersfield Agency of the san Francisco limited John Chicago and United states san june the typographical Union is seriously White men killed in Tho Indian earned with the problem of what to do june in with its Idle and a special meet Dian scouts just arrived Here bring Ini ing bus been called for tomorrow to the killing of three White devise some method of there men in the Indian territory who had arc about Friio Idle Union printers in the in nineteenth ice hours 10 to ii 2 to 4 and 6 to physician and Kes Lenco on Cheater Ween 20th and 21st Olla cd in fish Chester Avenue and 8ijvkb Ani Over Baker Beld Ueal Dehue on Al Tuter near 261u m in Bician and ill cases of nose and Ottoo Over Dunkel spells Bakers office ii to 1j in to 6 and 7 to 8 fbkqub80n graduate in Wedi Lue and surgery of the Queens and of the Koyal colleges of 1hyslclsna Rit and brands ale and extra talk Standard Pilsen a Karl Skukr Columbia Elk St mite Bov i Lafieur Heeil and bulk been peddling whisky to the swung june William Luney was hanged heir today for the murder of his dimming to write a Jeskw june jays William Gordon Crim Ming has de says a letter from an acquaint in of the baronet in London to n gentleman in new to relate his in version of the Trail by Croft scandal in a Small volume which hit bring out at an Early it is thought that her Edward one proposition is to Send number of them to other family Trade Telephone Soltice at City brewery u clue and surgery of the Queens and of the Koyal colleges of 1hyslclsn and member of the Brit ish medical rooms 1 Odd Fellows society notices a Bra Tell meetings on thursday of or next proceeding the Lull of the Moon of each 4merican legion of Mittle toe Tho first and d tuesday Over legs of each Bakersfield Mcenti every monday Rubn Lodge of every wednesday Baker every tuesday ardizz1 is general merchandise t1io Bravo Marloh in meets at their Hall i to second and fourth tuesday eventual of each visiting Sis ten invited to Cora miss Annie Ken Lodge every saturday Justice monday Csc hair potato crop in the Southern Loh june the potato crop of this san iter Nardino and Han Diego now a icing Raj idly shipped to Eastern is estimated to amount to about water How june theitis no line of investment in More favor Herci lit ibis Lime than water Keser vol Sites that command fair extents of watershed it re valuable to and much sought companies to develop and store water on a Large so Jill have Ichii organized one of the most recent and important of these is for the transform of Lake in Han Diego into u storage this Lake is and orders arc now in preparation for the immediate dispatch of probably two in vol vessels from him Kran Cusco to where they will assist three Revenue cutters in the Tusk of driving i a big mining june Dis later from untie says eng nit asap Colof the Moths has xxii ins Truetell to close n Deal by the Hitler in sep tember take Possession of the great Anaconda Coper thu Price to be paid is stated at Between and the Pur Chase by the is wild to be american tin Ott this new land try about to bomb time ago samples of american tin Plato were sent to certain English asking them to notice to Hafl new american Industry in their it was thought it would be a matter of lit Terest to them and their readers to know that we were already making tin although the new duty would not go into effect for months to a re cent mall brings the London financial with a notice in the shape of a column of Laboured sarcasm red feigned doubt As to whether the Sample tent we really american tin it is if cant fact that the London times raises Tho same question that on new York Tumea and other journals Echo British sentiment have we have already fully answered our Home Bat for the Benefit of on English contemporaries we will re peat the piece of tin Bent to the financial times was made it by the United states Iron and tin plate and this is what the president of that com says of it the material used for those has been produced from american Iron or6j was first turned into pig Metal in Ameri can Blust furnaces american steel works converted the pig Metal into steel Bil leu the steel billets were rolled into thin Sheet of steel the latter were of cleaned of scale with american and All Tho work was done by american work men that workmen either born in this country or who have by their own free will chosen America As their the Only ingredient contained in those plates which is of foreign origin is the tin Geod for coating from 8 to 0 pounds of foreign tin to every 100 pounds of american steel daring Tho lost ten years the explanation that Tho so called tin plates Are not j Mode from tin but from Iron Ore s and Only washed with coating of has been so of ten made by the lean press generally that any person who yet talks about the impossibility of making tin Plato for want of the tin Ore reveals Gross the bulk of tin used by English manufacturers is imported by them from the dutch but indies or from and we can port u from there As the tin plates Are As genuinely american As the tin plates imported from Wales Are this showing is Good in but we can go still in the City of Chattanooga a few ago they were celebrating the successful Manu facture in the South of Basio steel from their ores and from their and on the banquet table for one of Tho courses very guest had a tin plate made out of their Baslo steel and coated with the tin ores tout from the Black made in american shops in by american and it was As v Good of Gnu be made anywhere in the neither Tho London financial the now York nor any other journal at Home or which devotes columns in trying to Beli american can question longer that we Are making tin of which is american material and we do not claim to to supplying the it is Over two months yet Hope for june Florence the american woman whose Long and sensational trial for the Mur Der of her is still fresh in the memory of the who is now serving a life has brought defended j Milt against the Mutual life id serve Lund society of new he who sir William Gordon will write the introductory part of the friends through the new Ion Doii has resigned u will bring to that this suit will from the flubs of which he was n Schiill in freeing Memler and will leave the suffering for june agitation Over the Corn which the govern eighteen Miles in circumference and fifty feet is fed Liy a water shed having an urea of four Hundred squint Miles and is 1280 feet above the sea to Many artificial lakes will be in the Foothills and mountains in the course of a few yearn that a marked and Bunel Iclal Cut Cal on the climate Lime has june a fright Ful Accident occur cd this morning on awarding bids for army june Klin Ball commenced sending to various old Ichih a list of awards for army supplies Tuut whih have just been determined the the supplies air for the entire year and j air furnished to the following Korts san Carlos and whip pc in and forts win Gale and in new and Han Diego and Angeles in there were Over live Hundred bidders i mint refused to in View of the become so i ordered the feeling in intense and a riot is possible As there arc thousands of destitute people in flip the capital Okner i merest fold on Tern everything we Lake pleasure in announcing that we have finished our Inisi Ieno in personally selected Stock of comprising the following Complete lines grocer Staple and provisions wines and and Don Estiu Tobac cigars and in All popular brands shelf and builders hardware tin Granite and Agate Ware arms and ammunition crockery and ugh Sauro Woollen Anil Willow Ware drugs and Patent medicines youths and childrens in the latest styles gents and Cal Drons boots and shoos ladles and misses shoes and in All Tho newest sly Lej dry fancy goods and notions ladles dress in All the new and Nens Otoble fabrics gents furnishing goods hats and of the newest we always keep on hand a Lull Stock of supplies for Mien Stock of All sheep b11eki1 Klc to living at a distance we would say that our facilities or shipping goods by rail arc by any other House in Tho our goods no Hill pied to us by the our warehouses Ore in the closest proximity to Tho and any order Ian be shipped at the shortest notice and without extra Shargo for Dray age and we Makk and Antum on Iii in Tollock at Liri Likht gumming Slock still june storm rising and the value of the supplies aggregate j around the Ironee of Wales is fast gain about j ing and the belief is rapidly n j gaining ground thai it is endangering explosion of june big Tho very existence of King Lush Losion of gasoline thik Plara Here monarchy much damage was done to big Purchase of mining june it transpired heist today that a Syndicate of Lyrl Tosh capitalists have purchased the great it is not yet known whether Many persons we injured or the noise was heard ten Milieu i the Southern Pacific at mortar los Angele passenger train glue at 1 collided with a wild freight train and the collision resulted in the death of a and the serious injury of Tho engineers and lire men of Xith Rull Parlac ulers have not been received Bill it is reported that several passengers were killed and Many seriously Ramie Bui no Pulca ton of William Murray for u writ of mandate to compel controller col Gan to Issue his warrant for the pay ment of the salary of the enl of Stamle i of acc created by the last was denied by judge i Lllan in an opinion filed this the act is held to Ikun con discontented jul Ali Tilc arabs of Yemen Irvn they i the Lin Khilal after a severe conflict forced them to Retreat with a loss of an Hundred for a foreign the if not the sole owner of this is a Forest new june a great fire is a lung in the Adirondack hundreds of ii snare already burned Over and the Adirondack mountains and in Northern new have been summer for Many Veum for from new York Railroad disaster in the latest accounts dismissed the june Olla Cal it zeus announces today that the name of sir Crim Liik is removed from the list of of ulcers in the army As j her majesty has no further occasion for y his a Lull bad for Royal june Clouds still Silver mines in which were owned by Tacoma he mining a big june messes Ivi Ier the great wine moi1 Clit met have their Halll Llam hang Over the Ironee of news paper common to arc More severe than m Lulu Tern of the gospel continue to denounce him from the the Udo Rolde june the Man who voluntarily Urru Iund Hlex Elf to the he Calir and to in us seriously has of Tolep Lono Only Aboo a requiem in weit miniter lung und u into Hove re june a my Ulm in j cold Uffe eted lungs and con incl Honor of Kir John mitc Donal Sung j him to nothing ban lately in Westminster Abbey this been heard from Uii i Thorlies tit of thu collapse of the red Brood Bridge while an excursion train was passing adds materially to no the Dis 1 1 is now known More than Eicr Soaib lost heir love Hind unit Sev eral Litand Timu were water june the water burned Down this Tho pump works building is u total there was a planning Mill connected with lie building and nil the Machin Ery is totally no another Call Dornlan june the Hoard of control of the worlds Kulp Lodicy re a coiled the nomination of ice Tail Chip it now looks As if William fury of would to chief of the horticultural a fall of head Juno the emperor has Ord Ivd Tho shh Cading of Jet Hoiris implicated la Tho late riots which resulted in the destruction of and the properly of Mlsna Narlis and foreign before the new duty on tin plates go into and Twenty months be fore our bar will be we do that we will soon making so much american tin Pinto that the which we have been annually sending to great Britain will remain at and our workmen be correspondingly we advise our free Trade contemporaries to drop the tin plate question and try to propound some harder Bummer Wear far in town Tho Straw bats will be worn with the tropical for the would be Poutot Harmony with the Nabaii nor will the 4 its Dressi fled chime with the Burly Burly of business the Waist Belt might it does not look no the Flarine shirt is not the overhead garment of and a stiff Collar upon it out town would to a combination ing excoriate on by All Good men and the Cheviot shirt in patterns to Tho Taa and a wide Cravat to tone the Rozij seems to be the Meriest inspiration summer Vogue in and Snow the last Winter seems to have the cell Aatlo conditions of Northern Southern in the usual autumn Raina lasted yell till and in March the shunt in gardens of bid Latiok were ii full while Italy and Spain were1 swept by by guards that would have appalled u native of North eral villages in the Slorra de c North of Toledo were lit in Ink on Tho w of april shoot of tha same Gale seems i crossed the Atlantic and to Haven the coast of new England with wreck Philadelphia a Culum Lulu Roll Ull Bort who Boa for some time the employ of the Baltimore and Railroad As u bos arrived search was Mada for him lawyer Harry the i to whom mayor turned Over u letter recently inquiring for the letter from where the to the papers of identification w pared by lawyer about thirty years of is and is intelligent he was atone a student of june abut tour in West j the nature of his were burned a Large number j june la Lucas from which ill acc ill Murck is Hiil Lerling in wild to it bus Ixon con lined in bin Kim for Ihrck Days Pusl and Milfer Liik a notable Chw Hihi Cly hem is greatly excited Over the Norri Igic of Lenin it Hohol Lold and Pluto of Cuttle a trued in the loss is estimated at a great Man May be called june him Al Hon taken her loudly 111 and family and friends Are greatly no Olipa raging comments on Juno pm Pieror has u to inmate known informally in Tho Fulci Timu army lint any lib Jour Ulo Northi in treated in a give if by the und u Foiw acre Manoug t him of lower an unfortunate june Lioio it this thik in Tho Arr fit of Arthur u clip god Ullh theft mid we t1 Maryland not Only i pendent of the to spill for the in the but one of the Tooa Toh of the none Aizint so Tho care of the no or pm of rear Alt were n beam the aim being at All times to i mind of the patient and do rfcs i tons for a novels about to put woman who Plantation

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