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Bakersfield Weekly Californian Newspaper Archives Jun 13 1891, Page 1

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Bakersfield Weekly Californian (Newspaper) - June 13, 1891, Bakersfield, California Will secure a copy or the weekly Cal for Dian for one it always contains information regard ing Kern and we has the most Coati work byways 24 Kern june six established published every 3aturdav morning and one tkrm8 12 001 six in Hilliii advertising rati8 Ordinary Rich vertical Inchon it 00 each vertical inc two 1 60 each vertical publications 176 Kraeh vertical 2 w Bach vertical the Quarter 4 00 kaon vertical the bait 7 00 kaon vertical the ich 1200 fractional parti of Inch charged full place 25 per cent double double the bares Legal advertisement statutory limit in Cal 10 Centa a known by the Money required la Advance Lor All official if you Superior Lon Kiln Clark and Packard Howell under Valentine trea Iurco and tax Daker District Fay Muhlner school Larrell Moron or and Pullo Lluc Krouti Maori undo Mindr to gym Iio Ahkii Flat dlr Tia la enact second Oli tract Fontaine third Mckee fourth Morgan fifth Huberts chairman j Al stick of Wmk i judicial Sec null Michond Coreene and Nicholson third Carrere and or Nett fourth Morelion and Heidi hopi fifth Huntington and Llanham sixth Olds and win Flold Scott seventh Mill and of Lull if you wish to have your grocer s fresh and unndnuerntcd1 if you wish to clothe yourself and your family in proper if you wish to Purchase anything in the line of from a can of tomatoes to a car of and to insure you lire getting Standard Quality and Bottom if you wish to put new units in your new Lockson new Glass in your a new stove in your or now note mils on if you wish a now mowing or anything Elmin the line of hardware or you wish to something entirely new in the line of summer third Seina and in Clancy fourth Jam and Orr Flyth Ola Rebrook and jul Vdovin Mulli and Witul Ngum seventh Acuna and o3st if you wish to make your Homo cosy and by furnishing it in a neat Anil substantial if you wish to add to to general at to Allons by carpeting your floors Anil papering your Walls in a neat and pretty if you wish your food in attractive and durable sol of if you wish to Silcot your garments from a Stock that embraces All the new and pretty patterns for i in coming if you wish to Sec a handsome line of laces and embroideries in All widths and if you wish to do All this in a Man Ner that will Imi both elegant and and to do it at a nominal professional at Ink e Over the Kern Valley 1 of Floc Chester Dinkelspiel i has permanently in office in the blur Nap Over the Bank of opposite the Southern wok Siam attorney at Law Over Kern Valley and m Block san look in the daily Cam rout Sun for special sales every thursday and t at 1iak Kern oflus in Ual teb nineteenth at san my i Bakersfield Agency of the san Francisco Hanchette Loh june Han wife of Jay the missing Secretary of the Chamler of Commerce and principal manager of he Orange carnival at has Boon interviewed in regard to her mass no she said that she now believes her husband is insane and wandering Elmul somewhere without enough sense left to take euro of him to is a very sensitive Man and i am afraid he was much overworked by the coming directly lie hand the Citrus and feeling to had in o urge degree Trio responsibility of the mixing a Success his Shoul Ders lie Immo so overcome by us Finan Cial failure that he engendered an Hal Uel Sutlon that the people of Lin an Geles would not receive him Well if to he could never Isar re proof or fault she had no Faith in any of the re girls in circulation of his having been seen in various she Lias hollered Reward of As much As she can for his recovery will forego the pleasure of june mooting of Tho Kiwi our and John water mitc calve association will ims held Here Money enough has Lioon expended bore in litigation in water suits to irrigate j every acre of land in Tulare and Tho ditch companies have come to the reasonable conclusion that they can Settle outside the courts of Law much More speedily and cheaply by the of a Mutual Protection which they have and which they will Endeavor to perfect at their meet ing 11 is proposed i o place Mailer of the equitable distribution of water in Tho hands of six water who will to appointed when permanent Unicorn of Tho association have Ticon a Railroad to Wilsons los june 1itsii Lena and mount Wilson railway com Pany has Lieen incorporated and articles of incorporation the capital Stock is a part of which Lias been the purpose of the company is to construct an electric Mil Way twelve Miles Long from Pasadena to Tho top of mount the Road a defaulter has june Howen a cos August was arrested lit judge hoffmans has miso of Julge Ilot limn is u remarkable after his extraordinarily prolonged his condition continues Iii cell Cally without ills Menil apparently is seriously but he retains no amount of physical vitality that nukes the outcome to takes nourishment and occasionally walks about his no dirt ments without support or for a Qun Tor of a Century judge huh ii Iun presided in the District court with unfailing when he took to his bed several months us his court practically Mill its cite Elldor has income crowded with accumulated u is known thai from lifted to Twenty actions in which the govern ment is concerned Linic Ihmi the Hanchette native sons and the worlds june he native sons Julie police Are mi1 moving in the matter of the considerably mystified Over the new mentation of Tulare co tint at Lite development in the Hanc Hotto Alsap a worlds the live Parlours of inst night the follow county have commit teen to i ing telegu in was ivc Elvod from the Thiau Gunti and these commit wife of the missing Man ill have Hud n Nice Ling in this City for general at mooting it was made known hat Trio lion 111 of Trade of this oily would Coop Enito with them and that All the native sons of the county would doll in their no the Farmers associations in the county will another meeting of delegates from the Dino rent Jia lors will i hold at an j Ward All rewards for Iho recovery of Hanchell Are no this is the second Reward withdrawn by friends of the missing u Fui Illch Ihling in asking be made ii is thought Wilold otherwise have Boon 111 All not Piv Sod in their the Mas mum line would Iivo Hovel each 1iiftoi tit their an Effort will i made to Haxe Tom shall confine them at Vlon Flat the plague of Grasshoppers in arc Early when it is expected that something Del Hutc will to accomplished in the Way of plans and meth meantime the mutter will lie talked up and Ellbert made to Nell so the j intercut and of Iho various j horticultural Oiler prod cd ers a troublesome nothing further has Licon heard Niimi the South Dakota since he was notified of Iho withdrawal of the travel to to june travel to the to Somile Valley by Way of Brookton this year is Lic ginning and an in i usually lug the the largest Piniy passed commissioner of the circuit i june the overflow in j through hero it numbered roomful 27 and actor nov at near court limited Thomas attorney at Law i office la Odd follow attorney at melt wait Chester hat will wind around the Mountain and of the through making tin ride very la Osides a Lino place of re has been hearing chinese oases but no District court Coin in Ishi onor has icon similarly District attorney Garter that the closing of the District court has certainly Ichii u great quite a a Miler of trials have lie ii and in new cases it Lias Ixon to secure the necessary preliminary by some oddity in the a circuit judge cannot pre Side in a District although a District judge May preside i either Wonit not for this regulation on his return a few weeks would have Given his first attention to the timidly logged dint riot mean while the District court grand jury has continued to meet sem weekly indict ment after indictment bus been but the jury has been unable to j Here again the delay has dlsas1 the government has Ichii at unusual oxi Kosc in providing forthe support of Krs Oiin confined in the Sev eral state jails ending the final Sollon of indictments against signs of june pro Gress and Prosperity of ibis oily is Well illustrated by the fact that three More newspapers Are about to lie one of to be culled the will circulate its itrel Issue its prospectus Lias Licen out for several it gives n facsimile of the first and the ominous i a nov most of them j and univ old in up by the outfit Wuh very there Tho Northern Purl of the City eau Sod by a break in the levee of the which took place three Days him not yet ii was found impossible to repair he break without i shutting the wafer and had Gate of to chinese the More limn Twenty mlle i and Dirk knives in 1 Imi ordered by the orc Harding to Flohl was but Twenty four i knives Ikang stuck prominently hours or More were necessary for the male of Tho Epcot to i fell at ibis j in Ray in the leading Wagon Sal u looking Camp of their ravages reach Boa from counties North and the worst news comes from the Orchards and vineyards in Al civil a re being greatly damaged one Van Conrd of la freon was completely ripped of Leaf i Twell Lefour the Tomii Vineyard is i great Fields in the arc being Bur had news comes from every of 1laccr Orange h the to Riih Colony air wimple Cly one instance the hoppers burls the Metroud Trink and delayed to Overland express for u Short Al Normous of arc lilo a Tiv inconvenience and damage has been communication with inane dwellings could Only in Ollo eted noisy More Stook tongans will visit the Valley ibis season than Over or two More it will All have disappear Tho break has Ixon substantially splendid painting is to lie Given to Tho repaired and the danger of a similar Catholic Cathedral of lids on Tho occasion of a recent visit Here Accident in future is materially discontented the news has just reached Here from India of another Stanford expressed her intention of in i slowing mini tier Gem f to lie a of the recently presented by the subject of the painting hit not Yel Lickli decided uprising of this time it is in Umi will Homi inject to thu Dpi Mienl the Koon Jour they have inf Stopf Furo Thov have looted the massacred n the wheat Gizal Many Kople Ami Ihler pathway Sas Juno Tenor ins been generally marked of the reports from various purls of the Mil All the troops Avail stale scorn to justify the opinion now Nolc have been dispatched to the freely Cupi Vised by Many in Oil Willty and the wheat Torop this year will Ikone of the list Ever known in the la is hardly sort on the top of the the Lvin Fay District atoll sky Khun special attention Given to probate and civil ofllri1 la Ihu Tayim Weir Kern All Mill pm Pur to lung to heal sex tote att did Rubalc John Wieland Fredericksburg Chicago and United states great Telescope in1 a Strong no inn to card the paper announces that in a in arrival of greenbacks will be paid to the Nici Nekr of the graduating class of the Fresno High school who shall Render the list j King Lush translation of the a considerable Mim let of and a Mahon sax june Cier Nian which has Ihmi on the China station for several arrived hero from Yokohama it consists of i top railed upon a Wolf passing the Flag ship of the Admiral and two As the mime Ite ports come that the Peata his made Ihler la Han Joa Mulji and have no talked the Olav orphan thin they no thick that the arsenic though to if kills millions of does not Iii Hilly him Luck their the Pullo Juno nation of the Legal questions Invole and be Velill with bin it is that state Coral Rollor co gun will not a Law War inf for a Long list of virtually Char Hall appropriations passed by the last the Intini inc of the Emma Ltd lion in i Gard o such matters in and in following Gunge the state controller in his duty under i he his action will save the tax payers the stale several Hundred Thoi Sari doll Aix have already Lien the one universally considered the Best thus far is a kid standing upon a Houise m is the co Ruof the flub uld brands at Okney at Tcha culpa Golory Intilli Jefferds 1 land and matters to the fully attended Blanks written Plata howl a Uon Dlton of Lover Nicut a just Content Ahl Davilta Koom Ibl and a Larrell Cal physicians extra Standard Pill Kukk Erla Nokia her Sid ii Beer in and Jin in Send Iii your orders and i Hoy will to promptly family Trade lion pm office sit City brewery Telephone is nineteenth be hours 10 to Vij to 4 and o i Snook physician and i Beslic Neon Heiter week 20th and 2iit office la Fula Cheater Avenue and 19th 9liveb and offic Scheiter Over bakery Nold on Chester near 26th Ardizzi they Are old vessels of a claw and Stylo which might have Boon formidable Twenty years they Are full rigged for sailing and crossed Tho Ocean propelled by As they entered the Harbor the usual salutes were fruit prospects coolness of Tho weather has made theorem in the Valley backward in an East Ern Syndicate has bought up the crop i for this year of a Largo ii Mhor of the the apricots they Are ship Ping now Are grown on the and Are help cd when partially there will Ika Large crop of All kinds of a Fine Public los Juno the management of the Public Library of tills City have decided to make it entirely All dues will after this the Library has been steadily gaining in popularity and use during the last two Yon in the null or of books has increased from we Ito a tragical will not look so much after the general and local news As after Mil entitle Ufa Iilah and the erection of new buildings and improvements of thai it will meet with a Welcome on the threshold of and its support afterwards will lie in proportion i to its the third paper which finn will make its debut into Tho and literary circles of Fresno a zloty is the a Kinilau edited by formerly on flip stall of the ii will have a literary a High june Short i in accordance with Power granted the late the of a Public High school will lie submitted to the Vole of the people of this of interest to fighting san Boston arrived Here lie was warmly received by the members of the sporting Fri a deplorable june great sensation at this is the full of the Georgc who has Boon from the pulpit for Rohl Orv and possible Luil any Adverse weather in Linen be now will much Allenl gumming makes an honest june failure of Hli dimming to Clear himself in the celebrated Lla Caral scandal Cane i will inmost disastrous to ills i social position will his name will stricken from Iho army list and he will Iman object of scorn and Eon 1 i gravitating toward june Nim Dicks of the crho clod jews exit Llyd from the Southern sugar a Juno hit men shipment of nine Linery for Tho sugar manufactory Al Chaco soon arrive from it new Orleans several slum Centof machinery which arrived some time since in tilt in Tho work on tin immense input is in an advanced As Jih Sallile in everything used 111 Hutnic Flynn local firms have Boon the inc rail clout rec of Han Francl co have taken Russia Are finding their Way into Asiatic Trio Porto is apparently willing that they should find another great Soldier passing in some of i he thinly set tied new Juno report j provinces of hat part of the turkish reached Here Loday thai loner Al long1 strike at june men hand Ling the lumber at Luni Street is dying at Iho while Sulphur new theatrical june Joe Ali physician and of now and i off co 9 to 12 12 to 5 and 7 to febou880n Oka Duatt in Midi clone and Bunery of Cheque Enid and of the Royal Coll uni of Phy Lielani and member of Iho or it lib medical 1 and Odd fellow general merchandise dealing of letters and it will also give society criticisms and reviews of passing there is a Field of his sort to to filled and any Well planned exer Tion in this direction will not go untre the matter of fruit june mooting of the Railroad association will Convene Here on the nth the Southern of Cali will be represented by Lonceal freight agent he in hero ii in Incipit loved ii most important to be considered he reconsideration of rules on burned the Progress of the flumes was so rapid unit most of the inmates narrowly escaped Ullh their Ami two children wore burned to a Man shot and a woman last Novom lier those rut on wore advanced from All California to the Missouri River common ii Well unto Points since then petitions for reductions Polho Orl Gnal j figures have Lien sent to flip Secretary i of the association Lii Vicli Mim Law that her company Yard at South Vallejo have gone out on a they had receiving for ten hours i and they demanded the same pay for i nine their demand was not the is Almuly to marry Helen the leading lady of his com death of the Canadian Lull Kex by opined june Macd mild j work will not to id died lit lady nil we who Miro up so bravely during the fatal men us fast us they can in is now prostrated with All Church Bells Are tolling and thou Sands of cite Mich Are expressing deep regret Al Tho premiers on thursday the Lindy will u re moved to the Senate comm let and lie in state four or live the interment will take Pluck a i where flip premiers first wife Ami father arc sir John was Ixion la earthquake in Northern june news has just i min received Here of a severe Earth quake in Northern life and Grout injury to buildings lure hut Deal Nellc particulars Are yet another of the Delaware in mysteriously ills four chit tilth to Wax educated for Trio four in entered Public life and continued therein to Iho Lime of his lie has Premier since i june funeral of the usual and it is june trip la was j the fre Glit men Iii not Allord to ignore the people of thin City Are look ing Forward to the result with j shot and killed Here today by Daniel a woman Wim slightly injured by Tho careless Tho society notices akbr8pieu 4 stated Roe Ellenga on thursday of or next proceeding Tho full of the Moon of each b my Biroan legion of Mistok t toe Tho and ird of each Baker Sieu Meeta every monday k Ken ix1dob of every wednesday Bakko every tuesday to Bravo i Blob Neeti at their Hull Tho Miro id and Fourl i a Evenlyn of each Vul Liik ann1b rkbnu1dob every saturday Justice every monday everything we Tuko pleasure in announcing that we Hove Jin lied opening our immense and personally selected Stock of compel Ulii the following Complete lines grocer Staple and 1rovisions wines and imported and Domestic Tobac cigars and in All popular brands shelf and builders hardware j tin Granite and Agate Ware arms and ammunition crockery and glassware wooden and Willow Ware drug and Patent medicines youths and cell urns in the latest styles gents and childrens boots mid shoot Hui Leo and misses shoes Anil in All the newest styles dry j fancy goods and notions dress in All the new and Neano Nable fabrics gents furnishing goods hats and of the newest we always keep on hand a full Slock of ship plus for Mien sat Stook Salt of All Klc to people living at a distance we would nay that our facilities for shipping goods by rail Are Zunec nailed by any other House in the our goods Are shipped to us by the our warehouses Are in the closest proximity to the and any order ran be shipped at the shortest notice and without extra charge for Dray age and Makk on Iii v in Quick at Iichi Imbt shooting was the Over a result of a quarrel the recalled june the italian Consul tit new who was recalled at the request of our government it Duiho of his unguarded and undiplomatic ways of expressing arrived hire they want California fruit but thus far the prices have Licon Loo still june Mac the Donil Loii is a Lull and his end Clil cantly John much mild in fixed for this Raj it Val political factions Anil re Olgi Riih bodies lire us Xiii to Parl and places i Hoy will Lake in flip hav an i contract to put in an electric poll which will for the present fur Liili lights of 10candlo and Ion arc of 1200 Oil my Power each hut lie capacity Plant will i much soon As this is la condition a Force of workmen will he and work will lie pushed with Oxil there Are now about 110 the flip tory will Boll Chillon in time to work up the Iii crop of beet in Tho a Litchi improve month and Many ideas have Iko ii and Excel any Eslaba ashment of Thokle the the last mexican the lust mexican governor of was Iki yearn of ago Tho 6th of and in yet vigorous in Kludj to in living very and in in he enjoyment of motto luxuries of the years of mexican Rule in Cul Forfi was a mail of loading recollections Are of absorbing and would to of great intercut future in tha May not with film Stow o lie lug taken to pan Erve four months ago there arrived Homo at Tho from Tho senior Adolfo who in engaged in writing of Don the Book will Well Droh Sod Man from the Oakland Kerry Imal All of Florin to save him wore unavailing and be was tired of Henry it is doubtful if any Lyrl Tosh Talesman can in found who will Imi Ihlo to the new transcontinental Loh Juno thou Sim to ii of steel arc now on the of the j Way Here from Chicago consigned loj a to to blew the terminal in Elway company for info eternity with an old must Uko on its Tho rails Are being shop id in its own new freight which also bring five locomotive la shed in Pii Nohh he has in his pos Solon All h Tho first track laying will com the Kaweah colonists May know Iii Olov who wore convicted Money to loan the glorious june i of and idea in i 11m the Gap Al the Muey Iii flip 1nlted Stales District court a b null Ltd to bus a Holcli will Ike few weeks ago Upin a charge of cult Long Manhout a the building in i Tom run government meeting was held at Iho my Yore of acc in unix Olty last night to for the proper Celebration of the fourth of despair and june u lint the annexation with a Wlllie of the under his Mucor Thois the Lar Llesh in America will not a Public part of the 1nlted an Illinois and Iowa Santa june Wal trains will to running Thoy it Glit Appeal their eases to the and Iowa of Liln county arc to bleach by August holding their annual picnic at Ciurlej Petrk every rom act frs Lolam and plainly fore Iho court Yot Dorodny for i evidences unit flip of the through their i terminal to furnish Nicil Llew for Iii they that Ihler Fine to made 1 Road and not to exist in of ooh of in order that Iii Iii win Nini Ienir j Thoy might their i circuit Liln nil Pioci Wax made fore Aoh of Iho defend auth except i who with lined which enterprising in a fit of Prepost Loti for it wore extensive Anil the Largo most enjoyable time will come Lute in we Auk Ikel Akki to Koo tuck Loam or any audio unit at Law cat car us Larte Tonuu of land to Mil will plea flu Kcf Orenco Given ii re John Merrill 338 Montgomery Ftfe do potty quire subscribe for the daily californian and the by Imlay shot his wife and then shot we a final Al i several prominent Juno failure of j distinguished Gcorge a wait announced Kew Juno in Nickloy hero Jolln Are the Girat Doino nisted at Juno largest Buyeff i he paid As Hoo ii Asi nirl Gnu the i of crop in of Orci mrox and court lined Ami want ii Okoch of arrived to Day from Kurosh on niuta for Han it in not yet known what i Tulon for Iho the demo Coy of thin town Leof Tho City will get up in to War tented to the Board of tiper Valsom to1 but it in thought thai a great of i kind in thus what they to do with the fruit in not All of fruit no All contract Ulato that the Pur buy Trio crop on the Jay Tho exp Nihi of picking it thou a Good in Down and he Curry for the my intent of Tho in Ono Caw who paid for the fruit on Ono the prices paid arc usually Milt As not the Wiio Nebout too iwo and Correni Ondene i whys Ines Wihry and he dior canal Leo in it Halo Graphy in Vii Bililc dilator la severe the in with undid mid thu Sjur i Iii out a Short returned Lect Haku limit the of Lect her of Ormart from Ikid Whity Ami Mukaj social the crime Lordon Maxi no in King Kroc Ntuli Many that Licon made of evident ice glue that the upper society Woultz u thin if Iho of nil licit were Brini Glit to Light in Tui in and and to remain in the custody of Tho Murthul until Tho lines Are Tho Nion All aver they have no proper they will probably have to go to jail and remain Thero thirty it Tho end of Wilch Lino they May coitus in fore lip court and Nittke oath thai they Tiro Dos Turbine in from i Aytla Xiatou us try in n in Tukli if to tiring about no urn Tod my when they will to they worn Kelvim ten lays in a a Luloh Flo in War Bill of it generally around Trio 1

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