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Bakersfield Weekly Californian Newspaper Archives Jun 6 1891, Page 1

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Bakersfield Weekly Californian (Newspaper) - June 6, 1891, Bakersfield, California The weekly californian is the Best publication in Kern county Tor Farmers and Busl j i Ness it has the largest j circulation and contains the j i latest telegraphic and local i Eek of to published w us is 18 hours i Attr other papers daily nhe Tiv 28 Kern i eight Price Stout fou established published every saturday morning and French ii if you wish Otto terms ii 00 a to tuntion of Tiik Public is fully called to the fact that this hotel ban Leiti Ihorn uhly and it in now prepared j ii 00 100 i 7fi 400 700 advertising rates ordinal a Kach vertical Piihl Litalou each vortical publication kaon vertical inc Throe Esnell vertical each vortical Tho Quarter Kach vortical Tho half kaon vortical Tho fractional Inch Char Koil full place 25 por cent rouble column double Tho figures Legal advertisement statutory limit chanted i 10 Sci in a known by Iho Money Requil run in Advance for All tra Vours letter than the lab Lis the have fit cured French Rook in to Southern Purl lit the a Gotzl supplied with Liliu Rorn Reancil imported French wines is a minor attraction to thin popular International Krak ski site it san Ward proprietors official up slim idiot Al has just Hern x no an exp cow of i to lid liar Tui i nos Anil family Ito Artl nil Ami per the Moit Ronic Nicula to the i stud nil courts and Placer of can free to and irom Thi Natl she if you wish your Mil i i if you wish a Litho yiinrwll1 and Ymir a Molly in slyly if you wish to Nyll Ienir in Tho her of Troin u run of to Mintiks to n Ninlin ins Iii you Kiln Nihira Ami Bottom Privis fun error clerk and Thornt under Coli Kellii pack nil Llowell Valentine treasurer and tax collector hiker Dan tract attorney Allvlu Fay Asse Mior Mfred a Lyrrell Coroner Annii in Olio Llu Kreus Hurt Cor Marin undo f oilily physician Ito Ere Iio Ahi first ill Struci Bennel Leeond District Joseph Fontaine third District Meonce for let lit let Al Morgan Walter ninety nth Street j if Vou wish i Pill with Dent let Licitr Tami i Justick of Tiik first judicial two Iii Cree no and Nile Tolson third Kimere and cling fourth Morrison and la Moi fifth Neil Len Sliaut sixth Olds and wll Lelia Bott a Eveleth still mid him onion and the end Chitwood and i third some mid Muilanen it Truh m James and Orr fifth Lonzi Brook mid Jefron Nyu Mills Mill he Cuth Anua and and furn Ituk of this i 1 Hutch in entirely new and no titter accommodations untie Shadlu special ran he made for Lioard and rooms for n certain i Iirth of meals in cents French m Tirrit Clubb i a run Lyl to rooms lift a tells j wholesale lie pot for fore Iru and Homeric wines and laser a car delivered to of cosmopolitan new now to less in your new stove in your or new trn sign on if you wish in new mowing or re sign the line of or i if you wish to new in tin1 line wraps if you wish in malic Mir Home by Furnival Iligir in in n ii in mid enlist Miziul manner if you wish Inu Ihl in the inc neral us Lisiel Luish Liy Cabin tin Vojir hours and papering your in Lex in u unit i mid Prilly j f you wish i Servo your food in tin attractive mid durable Sci of ill lies if you wish to Youir 1roin i my Oil that 1iitlirnic new mid Prilly if you wish to ser a line r Linis mid till widths mid Iru ilex our Spring when Karl ii Seonim to Welt her Wrt to they nil at her nor la the Little hthlkilluk4 Ticino Sweet on Ihn Purint Birds Mure the Roibu Lac i till route Humr i ii st Nunu the hut there Ionut no Liing toil atm Llori Niide u Nivy now it from Homo fur Luitt we to would All thu Nam Veit a Vatu it illicit Iii there Are Blue Una in the flush of flu left Olinc site Thlik in Kluk in the Silhi of Ihn Bint Bells no Virtol Hline in to hoj trl Giro Nti Tny Hurcil to r if per bunco youth coi Ucli Tomik to Brockb Winto treasure on our still thu heart Wilt prove u though the cell in Lime he for if it Nevroth you still need your toothed son Titino will the fur off coins tuck with Theau biter Onivie Thuro will in no Tui sink thera will in no mining Loeb All Tho but Leurer of the print we hive Mary Mason lit Krunk Tiik Klir Truckl a paper on the Kler Trivel Tiv Alment of sewage was Ryhd by web n meet inf of the society of chemical in this gentleman has devoted some ten years to experiments on the and i has carried Mil some experiments on a Large scale with the of which is of an exceptionally Complex lie has succeeded in reducing the albumin id ammonia to purls per thus leaving in a Fhuel run Drift Rrt Larni Anil m lilt Motheral of in i he tulari1 says of tie thoroughbred horse lie was probably first bred in eng land for the but the traits which crowned him there soon made tilth pop ular he was Rooh found at the front in the in the stage in the gentleman Carriage and even in the the first importation of through broils to America was in which May lit turned into any Stream or of in feathered and at various Tolmen in he uses cast Iron Bud from a big trooper to por latious have been in do which formed ing that Platinum is too Aud Cari a the Binis of the thoroughbreds of Atner Bon disintegrates in the presence of Lias la Turku the great orator ref Lea Alec but arabian importations have cent oxygen and he places the Tiptn Nauy is a Large and Stout been but Are not considered de electrodes in a shoot eighteen inches to Iii stain and improve the two feet Wido and aim feet Good qualities of the thoroughbred is a Twell Fivi Are connected in problem which his been ii fore the and a pressure of volts in used Kormuth u nearly though u m Active Linton who recently in Toltl a Friend opinion up into n Seward o sew u much of a Noel qty lie la credited with of Tiisik a Hundred More or and be belongs to All the swell the into general Ilko was Bird and in my Wanhal Natoo Bome i with a massive head Neil lie was mice a clerk in stewarts Tiv David Kelley has restored a facet of h Valry Alice Tho Datish terhof will Dairy in just live to a Mare that could do the same win precipitated As a from the would Likely produce a foal with the on Calludis of sewage its dam and after it is Estima Teil that to years of such trial and Breeding the 000 Gallons in Twenty four hours at Typ of Hie has Beun fixed ill indicated Liow Power will years and her baby not yet no Lor no other Hus had As for each gallon Ampere has owned an identity the same number of As is customary under hitch Alice viewed the Iid vent with marked Digap Anil listened with gloomy silence when her Mother endeavoured to arouse her interest and satisfy her curiosity by telling her that the Little boy had been such a Long and severe or has been hour is us Primenta made bred with such during the lecture on London sewage horseracing has been licensed in bowed that a precipitate was England and America in Cense it was formed within a few if sew thought Nece Surv to develop the i sludge to of any value As manure it it has certainly done whatever it i should to economical to use that pro Manhave done for a certain class of juiced by this York if you wish in do ii nor hint will in Lucilli and in Ilo in h in nit i who follow the turf for gambling Gram found lying under a currant where j to this might the Good Fri Ines had placed her the How developed without father even showed her Tho behind any attend in at the Ordinary it is As much our duty to Wake the most of this gift of the As any gave us the just As 1m thei not ill the highest Dis he us Rosl o3st Mahon a in Lulli courts of the i Kili Ityl Lulf Nat Axt cookout Forl Alile the i very attention Pahl to Nelll of the t a t 1 7 t t o i n o i i i i l in i la i u i 1 v i i i k p i my 11 k i in 1 1 Lviv 1 i u 1vv7 the where the child had Lieen Alice remembered that Hist Spring a Bluebird had hatched out a family in the Kite had taken Onn of the Young while it was still in a stale i in a state which needed of and brought into the u is to do but Demimg had made her take it i or other Imback to Iho nest aim restore it to its i this is a fast of Uhm to j a morning the baby f hour each Day by driving a slow paying too much to the Man a Lur at ill Honghern near the nubian there lives a Rich retired Parsee whose sole ambition is to enlarge a col Lection of skeletons of eminent in his tropical amid rare statuary and Bow ers of equatorial stand dozens of skeletons of famous states this earthly barring the Veteran of the two Hundred Aud sixth Pennsylvania tha Pom Minir of the key in the main door of old Libby prison m Richmond senator who succeeds Ingalls As president pro Umpire of the to reputed to be Hie most neatly or Caad Man in ills Linen is always and bin nil pro in elegant Henry one of new Yorks railway i and steamship u Over a of Small rigged i and is As Active is a Man of he u i said to lie Worth Over governor of has tune Bright two girls and a whose i names respectively Are said to in inia Ura Hogg Aud Moore these names were i stowed by governor Hogg no John the coloured Ohio lawyer and does not like the new term afr american for the people of i like the word with it to declared it n Cleveland banquet Herbert Spencer is now a Man of luckily babies of that agn soon and ii to was not in the went out to find thinking that the Little Cirl had taken Alice wits cautiously peeping around the Corner of i Tho intently Waiming the currant score of men in every Community in we arc too nine i to the Man Lookout for who drives our plow o tolerate a j or the Sun is too hot newspaper he Adi at Ollilee Over the Kern Valley chuch tar ii Siam attorney at Law j g and is in Linda Block by Leigh Over Kern Valley Iau ill Lam of Tom skeletons is four acres ill though he looks ten years he is ii Iii Ali of medium and his head is except for a thin fringe of he Basso aquiline a Ruddy skin and an intellectual Omi Erol Felix editor and pro f thu Baltimore Baa lie a breeder of one he has a Beautiful farm near Baltimore in i lie daily a in Manv so trial every and t at Iizaki Kern Lollin in to Niles nineteenth 1 at san j i rooms 27 and la Vitril by inc Ittel by Tilly Annil shill Numi at ardizz1 hoping that Bis first guardians would him As Titi Bluebird had received its returned nestling last new York in Arni Rnka at Chester Avenue Titar anti re Fink i kick Thomas at Law i i Ollit lit Odd Fellows linkers j attorn by at Mitt Hon k Rivester link troll nov a kit Peel he Allenton Kiven to land prom to Anil civil Hiiro in i i Gap hotel k g e n e r a l m e re h a n1 is e s i place to Stop a very at Volej Tito Laton Nece wary forgot Nanri j Anil proc Cal is i Kern Wal All mailers pc Pulle Kern All mailers talk let to heal kit note i Junks n to Alti Kinky at each list notary Jefferds land Ithal a state 1 and a Losalla mutters to the fully Wal leu i contest Kooms it and 11 contest Oilie i a government late Cal lit int Dillon with the Helcl will in found Scales and a Cpl Eliud feed stable where a Good turnout eau always he had and i ilium properly taken care Linns Valley stage line or Dunkel Hilel Henf and Arlington leaves this hotel Ami the at Plitko Rafoeld Al 7 wednesdays and fridays of each reaching go Euville at it and will leave Glenville at 7 each and uhf arriving in Here physicians ofk1ck in of lakh Luetee Nult lice hours 10 to j to 4 Tuil i to 7 and i Jiwon 1 Rettit Lomke on Cheater Hiji Weil Anil Ollero in Hulth i Chester Avenue unit 19th liver and u Over in Chester Ucer Josh up Ilia sicilian and i ill bus of nose Anil i of Leo Uver off co 0 to 18 la to i Mill 7 to i s j kerqu8son in Mikhi 4ol Rhyl Lilmah j Natii Mother of Llin Holt med tool 1 Ntuli Odd Fel Towi Pau Btty Blacksmith Wagon and buggy maker Carriage painting honk Shokiro of Kunhs Ito very we pleasure in announcing that to have our ii Nence and personally selected Toek of comprising the follow Iii Complete Lime fir Ocer Staple and provisions wines and and Domestic Rohac cigars and in All popular brands shelf and hit Ilder hardware tin Granite and Agate Ware Anim and amm Nilion crockery and Ghi Swaro wooden and Willow Ware drugs and Patent indic Inch Youtem and Chii Aretis in the latest styles and childrens boots and he Obj ladies and misses a bomb and in Iho newest butyl of dry fancy go oils and notion ladies dress in All the new and seasonable fabrics gents furnishing goods Lints and of the newest to always keep on hum a full Slock of supplies for by Iii As Stock Salt of s1iek1 siikki1 Wool to living Al a distance to would Sny that our facilities for shipping go oils Liy rail Are by any other House in the our goods Tiro it us by the our warehouses Are in the closest proximity to Hie Ami any order can be shipped no the shortest notice and extra charge for Dray age and Akk of Iii v i Lodi cd at be Elizio society notices Barrs Killil hinted ecu Laniis on thursday of or next i he full of i he Moon of each Iho unit and him tuesday Ove Ultis of each 1 a facts every monday Rit Ronith Dusl Rentt Aneth Lolk in la new 111 con still in Crown Init silk by cell link on shop next Oeh Matt me ii u plumber and Iron pipe and brass plumbers supplies fixtures constantly on to Ken Uii Kik of every wednesday a Kkt 4i very tuesday Eio it Tavo Moit Niu their Hall Ihu be Cotol and fourth Hodny even Luff of each visiting ters invt to to com Misa Bakersfield Agency of the san Francisco Mai Ted John Wieland Fredericksburg Chicago and United states Quineth Wahidi to Tania 81nkh Anil 1iatii All work Ranier Ito Ulli of Kern Vallec nov emf a kit Mii Kik every Sunn Lay Itaf tick every my Luv contract of i Juans 1cxtiia stand a n 1 1 i it is not known yet what will on Dona i with Ull tint us finished Iii Tures left in they represent n for Many of which Terui Tondu tuned by the fastidious taste of the a Winter will both Lien Iliili Nitich f if thu dealers and heralded As master of tie sketches and Micro Ono need not will turn out full fledged paintings by the Lime reach Tho Ono can but what after Dignys death and after millets each had u Komi who and Iii Ich of thu work of those sons is dearly cherished today in hundreds of Cabinet Many of them when races were in fashion our bad to i carry heavy and nothing but Strong horses could if our horses had to carry heavy weights As tin Mai it kit her the vegetable Cook at greens whose niiiii1 is Mary has been dumb for three but being aroused to a lit of intense anger by thu Only to i of for gambling with ability to carry i have to by and he Liest ally pose horse in u America and elsewhere us that of Tho j Hub trios Tho posthumous Inin Tings of Meissonier will probably lint it is Only right to add 1 hat Tho High character of Charles j Meissonier May be considered a gear Una so far As his for Tho integrity i Mains of ids distinguished would lie Llu tie it has been Fui ind that weight on the Buck of a a Long track inform him mid u spin in tit Side to urge him to his Best is the most successful Way to test a Borse in All those essential Points which make a Good his his i his his and his his Speed and staying none of these can be seen Liy the Eye with the hones May Well shaped but and have but Little the maybe Well like a loosely twisted have no the skill May lie sleek and but without the j Power to throw off the lung or Chest capacity May be and the horse have no Localise Ilie texture Tihe suddenly recovered tier miss Murphy is a buxom Irish girl about 2o years of and she has been n prominent official in greens Kitchen for several three years ago she suffered from a bad bronchial attack and completely lost her All the employees in Tho Kitchen were astounded to Bear the autocrat of the vegetables what Tho doctors for i years had failed to do rage had the girls hot blood had loosened her there was much rejoicing Over the and a festival was extempore miss in her took Back All the cruel things Sho staid to and everybody was Happy and Joy Lluke u Limle in Tho Ezra pastor of Oruci episcopal of injured himself r manner tuesday Lookout recently a blast was fired on Tho Sido of the lungs is not elastic and of Lookout which was Rej 1ml not his brain and Nerv in to arable in in size and Ono Hundred kegs of powder were packed in six holes and ured by a ledge of rocks was and him dress of tons rolled Down Tho Mountain of the pieces being As High As mis system May by so sluggish that Tom horse Iiah no Power to move and has no it will readily seen that tests of All these things Are necessary to the production of a firs class Breed of and As of Yocum fell t threw his Arbuck win rather loud he managed to reach the id and Lay on it unconscious for a members of Tho family Dis covered him there and sent for n after making an examination the physician Alitt Cal in the act of had snapped a muscle Back a two Story the Broad Gunge the tests should Mode for ii i i t too of his ear which had connection with the uus Imiru Iii uuuv7 11 nil ii Juo i my in in i it i it i it will readily lie seen also that i Hepnir the thoroughbred is the Only horse will i t Railroad track was destroyed for 2001 Tiu Breeding with these facts in Yards and Trees Cut Down like took two weeks for fifty men to repair Tho damage to thu which was now have whose Breeding Anil test have worse than n Hole in Tho at j been Snell Clebit to justify any great sex least tons of Rock were thrown Tom trotting horse is a ont and Appeal Avii coming lint his Pedigree is too Are too Many caused the lond re rna wil1 require an absolute rent of before Yocum can resume his pulpit which he Calls the Arne of his newspaper Henry the journal clerk of Tom National House of la considered the most Able legislative expert the and Bis knowledge of parliamentary Law is he has held ids place for Twenty general duller lives on a scald Liat most millionaires would regard keeping up establish cents to Boston and despite the belief i the be is a remarkably Geo Ernim and gives away More Money than do j Many iwo ple who have reputations for the jewel mount Ujiie jewelry sout in new for the a Minmier exit sets and crosses Are revivals tlmt1 have Evl dully come to stay Plain coloured and by Nix continue to please the feminine fancy i for those who Admire Nin solve jewelry we commend the Large Curich Lii in neck chains from which hang la work Pei Idaus Are worn by m limes und Young heart Shn Peil jewel boxes of of Sijub with Silver re Inland Satin Are quite artistic Vinaigrette Are richly mounted with chased and ornamented Anil with precious stones for mens Fob chains there Aro mat intaglio also Gold Olid ones set with precious with thu present fashion Clous stones of pleasing Amer stones have Como to the the new parasol show styles of the slut the Silver suppl lend to Allver old fashioned Diamond buckles Are again j worn on Satin shoes for full dress by lollies who Are so fortunate As to numbered with new for watch Chain Are Little Gold the strings of which by tiny Gold the handsomest earrings seen time Are hoops of Small Alze formed of two rows of the inner one being of Wyllo a slue form t he outer a queer a remarkable Circle or Halo was observed on a recent afternoon about 1 Tho Halo did not surround Tho but passed through Tho the Circle was of great the Drain Etc be ing Ineith ured from thu suns Center North Ward to thu place of Tho North the Center of the Clr clo wits n Ottlo to the North of thu this is one of the most remarkable Phenomena Ever of crowd with a Good sized common makes the Liest of an old Piebald had a re served in this i markit Blo adventure in her latitudes such Cirlos or Union Aro not i Charles i had led her into the suddenly thu treacherous in and buried tie animal Laff flt find men Jieri in hut Lett Ami Hulk Kinin in your on Lars nil they will i and Wawi Akehi of in in nineteenth ail Tiu Klah ii Imelli the in a kinds of a Law Wouk and Kip Ait Ini Ediin on Short prices Ihu Anil Iswulf Sutlon horseshoeing a me a live co males on 19th Kern Valley in family Trade Don pm of acc it ily Hrc cry subscribe for the daily californian and get tie cull Usu Rallion a Waldo county Fisherman says that this old fashioned Winter will result in a i targe catch of Way to says that when we have an win Ter Tiu Salmon Are near and go up Tho Rivers before the season making Igor fishing for them along Tho almost skinned in a cold Winter the Salmon go into deep water and Are longer getting that Given the const fishermen a Chance to catch the beauties before they a Etna Tom Mil Llund of the Libby prison War museum is a Kajii to have an of n curious Char it Tho identical Frame House in which Jesso James lived the lust four months of his and in which to was killed by Hob since 1883 this hoi Iao bus stood on a Bluff j of the Bullet Hole j in thu Wall is Hill to to seen and the j blood itans on Tho floor have never been tha House was sold to thu agent of the Chicago museum for thu ram of f und it is to to taken Down in removed hence and Sot tip again in Iho big building in an equally interesting relic would i we thu old James House still stand ing near Clay and if old Mother James in still living she should be engaged to Como along mud nerve As it guide or no our there was an interesting talk on mis Hie heavy horse for Fann even flt uniforms at the meeting of tha in this does not stand the superintendent Union in and in too near the sea 8truoted the lieutenants to return All j and for a Short he Sligo is Short garments to the in May do heavy work but in my allowed to go on the i Tiller a trial of Over forty years 8troet l and they in to warm Tom i lost by Reti son of having this Lati Dablo desire to show off the Adon Idiku forum of the policemen brought lieutenant Thompson to his lie thought it would be impossible to get tiie As Somo of his Iii and returned their clothing Ami it had Como Buck As baggy and ii when the superintendent informed the dissenting officer that thu exp Iii was not n Good lie said Iho officers could Send the clothing Stuible Earth caved under a mass of Rock and dirt Twenty feet Loh falling into the an hour later i in exhausted Mulu Echo wed her head my feel away at thu Mouth of a mixer Only two and on half fuel in the wan in Wistol ill emerging from Tho Hiliu had been her rough hide wan seamed and dotted with gashed from which Tho blood urbut lir Nihil api hatred on her sides and Willu her were m strained that could hardly nevertheless Mullie wan very much an Tihe betrayed by a Yew Bawot of Tolu Ingli and u nonchalant twirl of Back every Day if necessary until it was made to and once More announced that tha it huh policemen would lose their Days an Ali Kilimn an unknown variety of aquatic Bird was slightly wounded and brought Ashorn alive by Daniel of Ilia other Tho Bird is Lam Kino of a resembling that Bird in her Short Tho animal had emerged j thu formation of head am with in a Ravine nor a Elbrt her dark Greeni put Limgo and red i he Tnp through the sock bound sewer was leg striped Light Green t somewhat aided by the downward feet disproportionately wit lit Indus of thu Channel and by slight Stream though of water which lubricated Tho masonry has a substance looking of Tho lower Mollus and for incl in the of wits a most surprising and probably never equalled in the Lino of animal Odvin Cincinnati in Ruthir r Hii Kiho i both sides of each i it Homo in Tho since being caught drinking both fresh and Salt Providence feminine mini the Pale and Delloste Anil Al ways dresses in Gurgu wife of Adel Lila sailed recently 9ft i City of new York to seek health in font fifty Wyckman has appointed h Golsh master to the collegiate Institute receiving Theta Neil Man would Bave filling the to Lawle who was loot made a member of a fire engine 00 in is that Lett to join u fire department in Annie Besant la Mommo a sister of Bis having married a Brj of his in when Wiki Twenty Urasoe Greenwood is nearly to cataracts on her and will woul come entirely so for and Nenty a Briihl an operation fall coustau Atlue Slan grand has own leave Kun Lazuli she resisted her to join the greek Frederick Vanderwist ii with pretty blonde Mali said by her friends to have a heart of toe greater part o log Good so quietly that tin Oit Ulde i knows Olulo about cathar let of is now in her Oua and ban a daughter Xvi years Theolla Lynsi and ext Oto to meveral y attribute i purchaser of not i Adrien Tom father of Engrao at tue other Drivers in had the Crow of Captain Cloore of Honor film by probity and Noisett div pm Carnot for Long and meritorious from tie time Boti cd Lite it Ball vice in Shiw this Veteran drops the in to iut cover first locomotive made in Over i what unil of left u a live Tho line from a Flint Tienne to which wid evidently tend also Corid fitted i9 on with Mill from Titi i from Paris to Saint let to unit ill w an article Yll Nely left ism of Bow Iwuh in of und it would to hard to Fiul n handsomer woman than she forty Light years of Angl us Tendon Tow on its

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