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Bakersfield Weekly Californian Newspaper Archives Jul 25 1891, Page 1

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Bakersfield Weekly Californian (Newspaper) - July 25, 1891, Bakersfield, California 3o Kern six established published every saturday morning and a a grave disposed of at sheriffs Han july one tar Mil 00 i six months 11 of j an Italy resident Engineer of the Soi Itheria who was sent by hint Lollma the or the Wilder in the Lins Ullern writ iss Ineil out of Xvi line left flowing Hlll Lent one find was i to Superior was made it who last mule Toum i Kemod from it dirt the ing i licit Granvo Iii Ylioja nil proceeded do omit hut Icv will Talvary Iho Twenty they played and Nolc Abr to Natl Estenio my Ilio i oust of blowing Nevells kept the Melolle All he Liml inc frill i can Jinil genl was in favor l Jennie k to the is mini Ohleh Supi the visitors wore null Rcd in football at los july witnessed the Ioctl null game saturday i sired bal Weevil till1 Hll Leors of the Charleton and Iho an Teles the game was u a Lazy mans local july pinking Enin Putin about in Fhi Scopio of i and to Luiis Lucym thei Kay Anil to not Uko to j people of tills in Lul Croston in butter is very rare in tie paraguayan i building up a name fur themselves and i because the peasants will not at in Repi Tallon Abr Ley l marketing every of i of 1 74 00 4 00 Oovi 00 advertising rates pm Narv kaon vertical Inchon each vertical Iinallo Ntoni Kach vertical Inch thru Kach vertical vortical Tho Quarter Kulli vertical Tho half Kach vertical Tho fractional of Inch charged Lull place 25 per cent double double Tho flour i Legal limit 10 cents a Cyan Lam known by the Money required in Advance for All official we will show on Trio any to do it a lion Nii my ii of no Atiim Mary Ann Skillon Shioli i Whito a Vorva in teens Sot Forth the stat Liis North nine the i Caitlin nept Nenod Tho an alleged Battle in a Perlor Couk Lii clerk Anil recorder 1ackunl auditor Llowell sheriff i Nilor Sli Erlot Valentine Trca Nurr and tax lol Livdur maker debt rect attorney Alvon Kay in our dry goods department we tire showing the lightest and latest of Kwh pics figured India persian mulls and Indian lace piques in plaid and striped India Silks in novel silk brocaded Gingham in Light Oriental lace embroidered and a vast assortment of other fancy and Staple Ujj i the Plain tits had been Dilir nude out was found to Tho Way from i Char Dostous and Luthrie for i the mini of twi by in a he fool in Width to several Miles it Angeles Harry Hind she gained her Boul two loot in i Selod As iof inv and ii Hen Ilov a Cir if it mid As the Only properly of the they followed its to Wirso Iii ii was the ii Mph the in Iii was Limm gents wore Dol Kalcl Thill could was her Lin live Miles to the Lem led in favor of Iho Charleston by in our clothing it Kay i i 11 i i aliment and Psi Hinr boats and Len Rrell t or i Orann up blur i Lily Jolt Muren dui i silk Pino Balbriggan huts and Light Felt Moro cur Hurt Cypis Horii duh Krliu Thuril four Ali Uli Trucl Elf Ali it was sold what the father of a party july wife of the late i and executrix of his estate Lias hied her Linn be count and petition for disc True Utonn in tie matter of the Ost nto of her late Wigginton one of the of i he Ainer Ienn j parly in ibis Tho Holts Are Trio Ngod n drug her aged and to sons Ngod and in Nikot the estate is Community in was appraised at on half was left to the widow and Iho half to the i a to Hundred Mil Lumiel Fuit none i Mollii j Ruml Maii Al Sticks of Tiik Juill Clyl Mendel situs ii and ii Truro Anil and kill la and sixth out and win fed Coll still Anil Hill karst Tinlin and wond Uhl Tivod Nellil i hard and a Ullaury Koerth Janton Hal err fifth Ami jell Mavis sixth and have nth to and professional in our hardware chests and ice Cream water Lemon fruit Saiers Ami fruit mowers and a Wii and a Light airy vehicle to drive in fuel anything and everything to make life pleasant i luring the honed at Haki lice Over Tho Kuril Vallre i Ollic Uhmer j hah u permanently in oflh6 in the blur Nap Over the unlit of opposite the Southern clock Siam at Law or irk Over Kern vol scr 2tt np1tfldii it lock Shu dinkelsp1el i Mahon a lid a new irrigation arcs no july Are being taken to organise an irrigation District embracing acres of mostly in Fresno taking in the lands in inc sinks of Tho lulus and in is proposed to take water from Llumi Vista Slough or lower Kern a for of lie District is now be ing circulated for signatures and is i Nimic Emisly 11 will Iiri liable intros clod to inc a Lynnl of i supervising in Long Down july iiu1 suit Llo son James Mechi Tohy of the to Linic come up Lor trial i but was postponed by Mutual and of Oiler important until this ease win Eirini Inencia in Ihu rior of ibis county nearly Hrco hut bus never Licon Dell Nilly j sol im1 rial until Edge of a Largo on monthly morning it la Harry in ton and bin Eom Nuion Jenme Slont Langdown the River in his with n Sniel Hill Crnic Prehod in the tied by the a Nln not Nolc to Cross he River and did not proceed fur ther t Linn the he Coull Mil Astor Nln the extent of tie lower or Indian Wells but Bellevon ii to to larger than unit at Tho lower hike Riseon needed by Herdys Colorado with the and the water 10 and fro Willi the the Basin u ing lower than the swirl in does not think m possible in repair the break in the the water lows out Over Low of the River for n Long and it would to n herculean task to not Cimpl to Stop 11 by building thu Engineer docs not take u so Riuli View of the Hood and Lihs not think there is any Iii Inie j Dinto danger of the trucks of tie South Ern a Lille being Wash Tho result whole Chi Ilis Urkonis ail Dov Dodly in Feivor of the j for to put up of Iii ii than would a Toliro july Plano kl1 Ehe Eis Lor their j Tho Refe Ivo and Lawn Tennis Oom Pedro seriously the of it null is very ill at i Vichy where he hns i icon 1 fur the lion cult of Tho till few Purpo of milking further sex j testing the san july i chinese Iborti Heuton in pcs have Inken on j a new the in each chinese to Curry n Coryll Lunte in Neil by inc in ichor also makes in n punishable by n Tine or a years to sell n chinese n railway a Quot unless he shall hint slow his Iii Bor commissioners Merlill went into Cut eco Iho Ali rough Consul re los july la Fly annual Lawn Tennis tournament held under the auspices no Iho Sii Uhern California Tennis Assoc Inton will Dike Olnee at san in Mon Len on August the improvement com Pany of Sanlon Moniea has agreed to Emty Al 0rphan put Down three now courts and no of july Tho Mother Ponso will the courts and Liivi Sporl died heir grounds will lie in lentil was the result of a Sumiel Muny i Herne donations have Khoii made to the prize including Al trebon july mores Ami the ios Lluc Wei burned i lien1 is estimated at i ton Tihoi Isamli Ermei Zient nine i will Endon blvd hic Cess in every a special fruit july the Hist fruit Imeln from this City saturday evening by the California fruit the Inion cons Stod of nine and was loaded with liar loll Crawford purple Liermann prunes and of the Label will make express the a pos there arc Hitold la Tho world full of Helt Samess nil and uru there no More lie Roei Aud no More lofty Connig or self deny ing generosity Yonne of Frederick Bro Trio Princeton the beloved of ills father and Mother and of scores of Tho train Beant Lenl it the tire so the irm Nosi Voltl of manhood us full of Promise he tend to their Lead them to Good do in stupa Nuil work n at Asuncion to Ivo been tie cows turned out Stilu the Street to Graze where there is next to nothing to at concipcion in Tho Cane is tha Trio cown Wero led half a Milo to the Edge of the town they would find Niibu Nannt and give Good this is Only july Ina Tanco out of a to ail Lucs just received Here from chill i Elioso old and Young tvo Noii to saw squatting in Tho with lit to sumps of produce spread out before they sell this for ten they Luvin enough to buy tobacco and which Uro their chief find than they keep thu household with Tho help of or that lie in Ninny places it foot deep on Tho a caustic observer has mid that Tho peasant lives on mate and Tho Nell of n Grens cil Tho greased rag is in and Cairn rum us n such Are thu and extraordinary articles of with poor food such is this ibo men Are no Turnly weak Anil indolent and being it tha Tinmu Timo the lords of creation they puss their lives in meditative laziness and leave the women to do Wlms Little work is absolutely required to keep n roof Over to Weir these poor and ignorant a they May Uro proud and susceptible they never any thank you except As n formula of refusal it la useless to order them Nuol they must to treated wit i gentleness and us and oven then not much can Ira got out of so 1 was told by dozen men who Imd varied experience in Tho coun the Ilni cited Parnsu Tynni them selves admit this hut without notable and with an Impi Tient Click of Tho Tongue against Trio Teeth and much writhing and shrugging of neck nud shoulders they will protest against Progress and Ilu Hij things it is not la thu character of they will it is in our nature to go on without Effort and Fortuno comes to us almost Whilo to lira child in shipped Are and of a pour find a ready and very sat fused to any Trio demanded of them i Isla Etory for the and also refused to to the not Orisey for Tho i i Iii Gois Chi Sale now York Trio no Ensign in Zvy this courts of Kish Hull t at Biak f Kern Ollire in in Teri glue Teeth Wal at j room i 27 and attorney at i Chester Avenue Utar court xi1omas att Funky at Law Offlie la Oilra of Clown Lii Kim attorney at int noun Utschur link a Atto Linky Kuks i pc club client inn Nolven noid probate hint civil unlit in thu i tayij3ii real estate agents a Lively Day for san july suicides took place Here John Ito Hinn chose tie Knish revolver pro Cess of extinguishing the vital spark and pm Poilek the easy and gun Lac me of asphyxiation with the in Boll was ill i too much july Cyclone passed i six Corii Manieh held that the Law was j i unconstitutional Ami could not to en1 hut As 11 was desirable to i the Validity of Iho Law As soon is two Ili Mso Wero sent to buy they bought incl tickets and the ticket agony was lie was released on Ball and of course his Defenso will he that Law is the Case is set arrested for and Kern All mining to Lieal mutate attended t a at Tokkko at Tea Ohilia Sliester in Kern Valley or Jalc for be purpose of Drai Ilic mining work will com me inv Ali Oil hex the ii Pauy Lias n Large tidy of Rich Placer Couil Kiseil of in Runny Tho River line Long Cut in the in will he n comparatively cosy july Over and the nil of the Ivaloo Morris was urns led How i Iccil country Hist kill by Angeles Olla cars and i Calais ulivo not cd been but in Flint charged is love ii Hilins Are known to have lost Sirull to murder by whom the warrant was sworn judge with or Crane sonic three weeks ago for horse stoning is was san cd in a Tele Gram to the Hony after the ill a dying that of a Young Prince or gave up i i his splendid life it Long Brunch to Siivo that of u simple Irish serving j three servant ignorant of Tho Dan j Ger of the treacherous Ven i t need Loo fur nud were caught by its deadly suet they scr need for and a move to produce i then Young twin the might going to Hon own sprang to july 1iirly i ill air will Leno Ihly oily next saturday for j pm by Umuiwi but lilo the Olemdo Ologo in Maui Wheil Llam new Vorlik and their lives and Ninny Are foul play in Lull 1 Mary mall noun were drowned Here to Yalter who wus with them to ship Liim Iii Neil Liml Hie Hollo has Boon lust Al two women and live Ohio Iron Are reported Jolarr i Stul Cuenl hindi forc leaving heir for men 1efferds a state nine Muhlum to Hie Jully no bonded in laugh Liro Perly Wruten 1laurhowlnk Nond Alloa of Collesi Falli Livim or Ephod to Uius and Hurrell ii society notices a 1 St cd Lyhl Lemk Tylli Molliy of or slim ibo full of Trio Union of in Llie slime Ishii is believed to have enticed their lentils and has been Are Ngah isl cholera appears in the far j Stales he can prove an crime july Cli Olora in a made some inns Ivory Ihal lie would got even Morris for his Ell iils in him for taking i Adru Das at latest acco Nln i Morris had Boon but Iho i virulent deadly form has j in Anil at Mcewn the deaths Are wild Toni Scrage Lefly the courts los july Al More we keep a Large of pure drugs be sides everything else usually kept in a first Cliffs drug our store is open Day and tajik Kincan in urn Terri nil Tiu silly of Enoh i 1 in Liivik of ovary Wendi Oduy Bakko uvary ii Avn in Inelli at Thill Hull Ilio Nuil to Rili the inlay Uren Luka if cinch Vanl Lilik or invited mum Anvik Kernig Doe every Ustick t every monday physicians and we Are prep Areil orders it nil to nil silo civil Moi Seutter the Csc is in Hill the judge is on a vacation and will not hear and to other i judges allege the slime reason for not doing the genders will a cinch inc land through which right of Way is wanted in n few and if right of Kern Valley Ono of the partners Onn always be found no our store in the anarchist at july amount of Bis Hail was nut the murderer of Powers Lonyo july the Indian who killed Deputy so Orlov John ivors in Sagi i was Oapl Ureil in Saline Valley Mcdonald and in to had Powers Rifle shooter in his Poms Oslon lie wus drought hero and Loil ged in to county jail bad for july insanity and july cattle today shot and killed j her i Roe children Anil herself in a in of j Largo inns with his Bovo Bead showed once and a Nln gleaming through Tho cruel White the Hist Elmo he turned his face toward the boat approaching to the Rescue a shouted loud enough for Tho rowers to hear in Cal busted Suva Tho girl then another fun Raul breaker dial my Over them mid when Tho glorious face no poured to mortal eight again it was cold and Whit ii in do Yon Gay there is no chivalry left in the heart of mini toward woman la there no Intro Tho heroism that will give Ita life for nuo Lucr there to fault there in still As much of both a there Ever was in Ardizzi this City appear oho Al warn Mong has just Rone hed Here of n destructive lire the list Purl them Are of constant and of Trio ally is in the sent Imlay in Senor was Arron cd for of Hal Maeodis the loss on i is Cost Imald Al two millions of in in nineteenth face noun 10 to is 2 to 4 and u to and Kol Dunro on Heiter a 1 Between 90th nud 21it Holce in flix i Neiter Avenue and Teilh Ami i r f n f r a l jv1f re h a n Dis e Liu oly i 1 six v 1 iyivjl1 May 8 l1vkr Anil Over Baken Leld on shelter Cor 28th up physician and a Ali Caioni of note and Oft Loo Over halt in office 9 to u 12 in 1 run 7 to 1 very tiling we hike pleasure in announcing that have Tiki used opening our immense Ami Cabinet trouble in july Lias been for sonic Lime Browing with the and in bus increased u Hill ii is Likely tin Ign the population of los july new City directory bus Boon ii contains ill pages of each Page average of forty nukes a total of taking an Oliree persons by Neli entry and without making any allowance for Ali inc who wore overlooked by the hoi result of thu calculation shows that the of i lost of life in july or construction Tiido went Down the of Inisi Keiit of lie Moity River Imlay and Elev i hot their murder and san july Kek Imon sous found Munler Eil Tho Cut and Iho Kintly pleasure and july pleasure yacht in the a Ingbor Here seven persons Wero her last Hope july and Gniel was Given loony Ngn lint in Brlek in favor of inc insurance Nusso Clellon to re cover insurance upon her lius i Auila the to nil i holed As she her hic could not in Brlek in an Ameri can woman convicted a few yours Ngo j her a Well known Collon and is now serving n life in inking no Tion in recover this insurance Plant lies counsel Chi held to show by menus new evidence unit she was wrongfully convicted of the and if the la Sunn cd wus collected ii would be a j ground for her a Alcnse Ihal could Mil in1 now her lax is hit position declared Livirt july Hoard of directors of the clan incr of Coni Llie co hns no Insl Given up All Hope of Kiir Peao is pc aae says Tho emperor i of Germany to his and to then drinks bumper after bumper of German Beer Ami remarks that it is a thirty pc co is insured in eur says Premier in a speech to the italian then rudins congratulates his fallow countryman Eliut a Erminy and i toy have re no wed the triple tha diet j for years we Are Given to Luider Atnel that Tho triple no Llano a really a quadruple for England is a silent partner in the agree ment which Germany Anil Italy have Mada to defend one another against the aggressions of France and the Triplo Alliance began in in Tho beginning it was Only a double Alli and Bismarck was Tho founder of by his diplomacy at Iho Defeated Ittu Aiu in Herf on turkish even after she Bui entitled herself to u fair of it by hard lighting and Victory on Tho Field of then fearing tha fur reaching of Tho persuaded Austria to enter into destruction of shoe july of its missing i he Large shoo factories of Ihl Kolov wore burned Tho loss u i no Oft for sax july ton received orders today to Honolulu a soon As Cli Arlix slur for savings and to society has wooden and Willow Ware drugs and Patent medicines youths Anil in the latest styles us no and child room i Xita and Boea Ittu Ien and misses shoes and in All Iho newest styles dry i Anoy goods and notions ladies draw in All the new and seasonable gents furnishing goods lists and of the newest we always keep on band full Block of supplies for Ducki a Stock a of All sheep 811 rep Wool to to living at a Dis Noe we would by unit our Lur shipping not the pure Patriot he Seemel july sons Atlon bus a Buflod Tho also very Thill Hir John Mii Donnld in hex will end Lull Slick in Trio Canadian 1uclllc railway in his the fuel hat to i Lead of the Ovorn Mctie which gave company Lux tit of Money had u Block of in Stock in Iho name of u new York broken seriously death of a july Man Tom or owl in Lodol Aldol us ii in inv i Rait Are by any Oiler House in die our Gomila Are a hopped to he Ippu Lollon of the us by the our warehouse a Are in the closest proximity to the and i truer can be at the shortest not Lee and without extra charge for dray1 Bull Plakk Al Ivawn on Imp Illo Dirolf at Iii Likht Christio Warden wan mule ecu Lien Lanuk a lie great excitement in july the lung sex Mill bet Effii Chol Tinkl Jik a Luish copies Flung fur Hinl i imply and and Leelyn Riig the poll Lon formerly so a Lily held by him is Tecc Dolnry of Ihal and Willard has i Tii up Imin cd in inc a Leller from who is no present vols Lilik la Kui conveys he in Ihal she is Hill in absolute Igor inc of her husbands there preparing for the worlds july the Kresno county Hoard of to Mac will meet next i an against the offensive and government of Tho int the of Wii Ltd with Torii Ibling High und Thomus j next Italy wus persuaded by promises Anil threats to enter into the and it Bechini consequently tha Drei thus diplomacy and stat Eirian so forced Tho people of Italy to stand i do by Aldo in Al Giunca with their of Almu and bitterly hated thu they have never for Given their rulers for that Alliance to this and will not in our Ger Many full tinny by As to so France wus watched on one Side Anil rns Siu on thu hut what Ilonen it this triple Al which begun in lusted Limo to an Enil und Litis been pc nowed for another in years us it menus that nine Italy Mutt together Luigi Lituin no Uri Noil forc of hint Heing Niheu Trengali of the combined Kaniu Lenv Urios of the three behold to Luis on Ono aide of Trio on Tho other aide hand and Vinco with to Weir combined armies to they Tuurling und showing win knocked out in four vhov1 och Lull Insko win a ii ainu of thu talc if club of unit a Young the of for Klinl will he i of whom that City was prom suspected july Ustiy of an an at Anllo Steamer unknown Man of tend hero to Hiya july in Iho Shore of thu them Rea Ehid Here that that a Tuttley ii uni fur u of it u murder Iwuh Utin i thu Crew nit Oiin of nne Wiit Fhlug due meantime Hussul is Ilka n thief in the pushing her Way Ralat Lemily into the South Anil in these eur Ful Ata uding uncles Tiro slowly eating out the heart of uhf Nikiti of us of but us Row in Vii Boroja t n v Kel Kofi Hill far Herbert Kelleys i dignified appearance is n part of Bis his fault less coals tid his Well crimped which never seem to have discovered that their wearer is jointed it Tho in need like Tho rest of tie have been Tom envy of plenty of Fellows who cannot sit Down once in n of breeches with out letting them into Tho secrets of their it Intuit generally How much cure Kelcey dikes to Krop up his of course in now York it is perfectly easy to keep Imen self but when he is travelling on i lie rond it is Quito h different the actor resorts to various methods to retain that Beautiful arc non Down he front of his one of which is to take his trousers when he stretch Thorn carefully into and Iny them Between Thorual tresses of his Hail hid bed hits two last a Imelio left a Western hotel in u hurry and left n pair of trousers behind for which he telegraphed Back from the next la the meantime i and had arrived at the hotel the next night and been assigned to the room Kelcey had the Bellboy was sent to the room to ask the occupants to look for the nether they were found be tween Tho and Barry morn undertook to do them up and Forward them to his brother when Kel Cey received the package it addition o the a Bill stating that Herbert Kelcey wins indebted to and Murke Darr Moro for priming one pair of Home in hot Onui Littig Are Niciu joined to nay Eliut the americans Are generally to truthful peo is it of Ujj to our climate that has great the mean is and produces National whence tha Luibli of playful exam usually mid perfectly understood us humorous Isit the sult of Tho sex trolliet of heat and socially of heat Osbor Vatious ought to toll us whether we Are Moro True Laiful a Tho Winter than in the and whether the nut Ioil a blot using ice water for a beverage is an attempt t counteract Tho veracity destroy aug Power of a High there is no doubt that we Uii Breuil a Sumra or moral relax the City churches Are closed society fulls into n flirtations and Only rounds into seriousness of intention with the Advent of the bracing apparently it is Tho first Frost Eliut tones in up into it is n humiliating dip Ted Dudley Warner in of the limn enso number of Poden grains Jiro Bucud by a a Anglo Flower apparently Pinili Catob against Tho saing that allows nothing to he formed but Xiv Ljatif it a vast of material to Hugo such u grains when so very few would the same in a single c Tho Peony them Are about three and half millions grains a Flover of the a Dellon is Esh nailed to produce nearly two Hundred and fifty thousand the number of ovules in n Flower of the nose Wisteria has been counted and tie number of pollen grains Anor it is found that for Vach Ovule Thorn Aron Tho Sanil while few fall below Ihu Many Rise fur above tha Peony in of Theabara the wind iced and Here nature m vide for an ionian a Low of mute professor Joseph p James science the recent big not tendered t american protective Tariff 1 new York wus attended representative gathering i Ever i a keynote for platform of Protection an 1 do not know de a banquet whew

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