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Bakersfield Weekly Californian Newspaper Archives Jul 18 1891, Page 1

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Bakersfield Weekly Californian (Newspaper) - July 18, 1891, Bakersfield, California 29 Kern six Price o established published every saturday morning Anil More of the Indian Khun just arrived pm Lii ice scr suite it u Learned Thill another Scarlin Mijc Wlllie Thi incl uni Dink place yesterday at Lla Hval the May soon be released info Liui lion cleaned i 111 Timon Iii it hip Emit that the Itan will Mil Viii Iii under arrest Nii Icli inn tlu1 vessel May bankrupt he june the Law in into up two from Ami it Coyote scalps four of in the now developed Tomt these Lutui lieu for in Arterly reports to die stale a reports arc now the first listening to arguments pro and upon the application Locc Lalii olt Luiis of ill nil for permission were friends and a finds of the iou Inch to Tomii Seniv suit to set aside die Clicc the Glenn county firm still to two prisoners in u Georgia sax july Camp to a soap required the kill hurl Lias i ing of six men nil Tom wounding of an in ii in the past three plays j one to rms n of i Sii i enticing the first came from Aii Kleh a Iii u for the visited i Iid Hin Camp in tin an Oil Ile Berteil i i a Lonny one of whom in Worth lion ree evilly held in Oil the and die Oiler which is is Kcal for on Onu ple Naing Consetti Eiloo of Tom Bac Carat scandal in England u of Eatro Tomt Tomt fascinating Little game is now tie Ringo among a Natl not overs in Europe and ii 00 i advertising rates okie nov j Oil Vach vertical Inchon Kanh vortical i m kaon vertical inc three 1 Kach vertical inc four 2 00 Kach vertical Tho Quarter 99 Kach vertical inc by the half 00 Kach vertical inc by the w 00 fractional of Inch charged full place 25 per cent double the figures Legal limit local 10 k cd unless known by the Money required in Advance for All we will show you the Way to Ilo it Ali Iii you May Call in our dry goods department Meadows unit to whose ill Reet Mission was to give Tomt the in passed Liy the last it Wool is Nini Orai Tirc county and the a Tow occupied a Light of Lonn the Cunt roller has also i Hie vessels ii is i and that die delved u letter from alarm la hostilities Orneil no at Dot As soon As Illuri Isemin i election Vas conducted Iii Bankers of who say they have j knit Olsen a motion to this Cluel there were j Coyote Honl official he Perlor Conklin and Packard Llowell sheriff tinder Alan tone treasurer and tax collector hater Llla Riei Alvon Ray adv Junr in Gluer school Harrell Coroner Ami Buckreus Surveyor Mac Mirdo Tui duty Why Surlan Kimom i Ioakimi Iii ural Hunnel la tract Funta Lui the Lite urn Trlik mioii1 fourth Morgan i fifth Dot Rirl Tui Lillian r justices of tub Kim judicial men Xvi sri owl Greene and Nicholson Bird and talk Morrison and Iknou fifth Blunt Langton and Llo Liani sixth Olila and win Llull Evott still till first Lituin and Lwirt Heelond lilt Wood and i hard Huinia and Militancy fourth James and or Kluth Llynne Lisook and Jiniv Livla sixth Mills and Wiltil Glnn Hev Iitto Arinin Mill we arc showing tie lightest find latest of tilt rus of yet the claims figured India persian mulls and Indian lace piques in plaid and striped India Silks in novel silk brocaded Gingham in Light Oriental lace embroidered and a vast assortment of other fancy and Staple a Only three Points heard and nearly of he reports from other Recti Riib re semble those first sent the slate will in come Bali Truot Viet iut of the Case of the san Secretary or the Treasury has Thea opt acc of die of incr of the master of 1 the chilean Steamer Itata to pay for violation of the navigation in j i having cleared from san Diego without1 not unused to i Andlini them by the imn Iner in Wheeli they i Lead at their at any rate they Vuew cod in keeping the six men i at Bay and made their one of the Indian children was struck and slightly wounded presumably by n stray incl let from the and half the latter left ill possess made by the and a mind vessels Miltor Iveys i present to support Villi hides of the and closed i this Hart i will Render ids decision in the matter july Donne of a the Hay City wheelman left on fora run to a Scnill the bicycle As an Aid to i High License Tenn Ranco is tie kind i now in fashion in the mayor Lias Refus cil to permit Beer licenses to a and now every Man who desires to sell liquors must take out the full License to sell whisky and liquors of and the Price of the whisky License is of the Camp immediately set lilt to it is reported that All of the indians in this and returned lie last he made tie trip each Way in two and Rode ills bicycle the wheelman said lie Rode up All the and made no slops on acct Tel of had he in our clothing Alpaca ii and to Hizir outs and Light weight silk Fine bal Briggin Straw and Light 1vlt in our hardware ire chests and ice Cream water Lemon i a m Kornil and fruit Lawn mowers and Lawn and a Light airy Yehiel Elo drive the Nec Eshtary if the Ward nil milking could liar left As Hoon As this was paid j Val lev h011 in r All would have Boon hut Marshall Oard lost no time in Heron the j is r sail o Hud a very enjoy Aldi hit Haloti us to go Over the to a College and n College girl it ought to have known better Tymn to accept n strange woman Lyviu pm july a to k0 Hernand Stoyall Leeel cd from states that j it Gilt wet that Wlms from not Long since when her to non was delayed by in showing his can rfcs have Ichii pilfer and i fim Iolus a inst Patrick our minister in it u Pitt Tible that Siwill u death the knights of Libor is mlle Railroad and violating the neutrality is now in the bands of tie Law charges of kidnapping a Federal she place near Hen Ter Workman Powderly issued a special in und lawyers and May until she remain where she is an old june i circular in All local Assoni Hlls of i he knights of labor on the i i Inami Kiseil Industrial which was to have Ihmie held july to take of the Farmers a false report corrected a report j having uen hint e soon resign from collision Limik thai Uvrl Leonii today Ihei cd it Best to uhf it emphatic de Tho woman took her to in infamous and it was Only by rent Good for Tuno that she Man aged to make her is with n lesson thai will last her her but she ought to have Beun taught that lesson either at Hornet int the thin on die seven passic Iines were killed our Light and Twenty Luj Tir All of them were Colorado nature withdrawing him from the july health of literary at Long Low july cling Nam ably Eom Mcinva no Liivik teach a Long prof Fram of la apartment has Plucci the Manti Wiir Alliance Ami join hands with the Thyril j Kew Ltd is full exercises for this in wisc to i claim la Oil for the at the or Alec of the Cal the Ifor la state Ollie Las in Carr Liik out is Ponse dial die Onval militia the dunce has lain Here for Many and time Elliot on Bacn used As n ixe Olving it was once the la nest vessel in die american Earr Yixin eighty it Eon pc Vail my Nett Dallas to Hiisala in he Call Ivi Rived so Little re 1 Smiy 1owderly has deemed it on Trust inc inv sell i chiding in in do a Temperance july petition the spread of j City of Dis Patch Fitim san Isola says Townsend blew Mil his brains Here Toj with the tidied slates is Iii health and All Ronces found Relief in july i Lett Samll Brokks signal mho heated i it i i Eurly part of the reign Oft hell Tatt Veryll Lingo make Drill or my signed by nearly one at Tuk Olla cd Over tin kith Valley neuter l Hilt Cronl ill Mahon a in hid Iun Ruff Kali Hill 111 j has i Pitrman Smitly in outre in tie blur up Over Tho hunk of the Kikut Liurni Gorham attorney at old Tell Over Kern Valley Block san i at Biak Kem thu Van nineteenth at san dinkelsp1el a div cars she was much land july the it lace wits full of men today Homestead claims on the Eusan scr i Uudo Musiti his claimed dint the arc lives in Mexico and the re cords of the Lium Coli missioner at thousand people asking them to refuse to Franl any More Sci enl were no Milr in i the Chen ii is now two Hundred Dol ill Liik Iran nil there Are Only Oliree saloons in Sutler the Coyote july Ivo Iii have Heen Mimi Vicil and die Interior Silat Lac to the there has been found ample evidence i capture of Coyote scalps arc being con of mistakes in metes and Ikin Nils whih i received at the Ollice of leave out Many thousands of acres that Deputy who Day with a had invade life a Bur Den to about to j july Germany is no soul to end bin Short i he partook of a Farewell lunch Eon i Lvii Liy lord Salisbury i i county seat i july in there is 1 much trouble in Franklin ala1 Over a proposed of the county and a riot is in ii thai it will in Sions anted for will fire in july a treat tire in the heart of the ally is Mijc j its wll Lionil Many and business Lioi ims i have already a Clarous while Lois pangs circus was Here to Day in Aero Lytic per i necessary i fell from a Iii pc and was in j to Call in die Aid of troops to suppress a Tanttu ims i at Tunky at la wok chef Ter Avonne mar Len not at Law Iii Mil Hill tvs linkers i Galton heal estate agents Ollice o attorn by at mattnon1 in Henley Alvon farms Tinct Atto sky Kuks Cak Pei real attention Keven in fall probate and civil of arc in the and Blaines Tumdis shipped thirteen cais july ill horses and mules to i air Eluted by there 141 i orcs and i they Wenall Young but few of them Briti Bailer the per or Alum for each the animals were purchased from we to and will sell in the East for on his last san july Well known commercial trav was drowned at the Len Lior View Baths of this City ills f Taylor Wal Kern All Nih Luni Pir till Lleni to Kial Rulli Lula a Atto lanky at Tea Helpa cd tester in Kern Valley hit Wilc to Ilell nil airy Are clearly government ii is of i charge of the correspondence Llic very Tittl Worth at least seriously in inking of an extra Iroini clerk employed to attend to the work of in Kim the shipment of horses and july Kanir and ii Putiri i visitors to the Charleston Anil commit july la was is fro Iii ills that Secretary Illaine i Llma led that fully n thousand mid that the doctors Havn i departed from Una on Santur no is utterly false and without Lay and in View i i ii buy and perfect Well i invade to convey flip to both j but never did san dle Ifo cd Siueli an of sir aukers in one f ill Ltd 1 the Llala and thai lesion were tie retiring us Sand they appointed to investigate and in Mihu Iii Larrer to Linin tin report to his government on All of Hie Lions re Latiner to die Seal if ii i i ii i i Muril r i have Mieir de from this City today Lor the i Terrini Wysie rious i july the dead Luilly of John heed has Ichii found with a Bullet Hole through the lie in Isle cd to have i Vii great storm in july terrible storm of rain and Hail is now raging in South Dakota and doing Grea damage the Moi Rou Llo Elilu in Tho new York Sun a Nioaka thei Keiiti intent a of every of America in Ilir lusting the Possell Mility of in play Tenn in fuse Tho negro Republic Khali prove inn Ihlo to i country sellout a wide Nunke Vermont school Etta who Ninilo n Lino Ruck pm her lost her Hent i and left the pro she then went into the poultry by Aicra and made n Suc Tiu of that the opinions of a to mini who 1ms Uono 10 Well a this no entitled to respectful und the be very Apt to hit Tom Nail on Tiu Turluk her touching career Sliu us served Liat school houses in the country and in the Smull towns Cru often Dis reputable destitute of Siu Plu and pieces sary oven of those wanted for in one of her Odd after the chickens had Licen fed and put to she made n list of things that an Moat needed n Tho school houses Indi she also spoke of tie newspaper As the great cd motor of school children in n Way Tomt is to be commended to All a accept our him Llopart of the Ladys compliment with und wish her hens May nil turn into gee a that Iny Golden a get i will Omi Fruto Artel it a Haluli i Liruo Deil ich Uhlik a Donn try Schoul so Butara larva Uii Tail Nelmi n Larau map of Vermont and nov Treiul Luff and number Uli Irli fur Plum by n i to not Rula for Hla Colmant it Utpala and Ivich a Anil Arrup Puli bulk Hill 1 Filna upon Llie com Ralleca to air Ranuro on Upp Nilta of Ihn Ronin an that Tho upper huh coulis Trakim Tineil fur Piliero Hlun Ninilo car thu i Letell of the 1 ii Hui tie purr uni which Ara Kravil Purllue Larlor in in i Drain k Lio whimper a Perlmu for tha Kabool it Dpi whim Loma idea for la Anim Crobu fur a a country where Ilia Pupilli Ilo nut lure the Itata s trial is now Salni d that he hold herself a win Luule in Tho Penrin Buclo that european cart nth wore thu of in Teil action to restore order in Hay Tomt in How Tho european government would probably word Ull the no who j while that Tom of of them inv from the Tolden Hilr a com to n he tray or Reml Lute an in town no Manitu n it May Nuara seen in 1101110 won n by Bolar u alien in Puiul from Liu Rem Der a Nita be will Nemko very Siwl work or a Muluk from it paper but dial u Nomo Tiit by Iii of Iho which Lauli fur Noil Small i Quimiro Jefferds in land a state unil a Losalla to the fully it tooled Hlanko or Litin Ilant Shuw Lute Thiu Dlton of Tiue coup it Tertul Nellh Koo Khlil Nitu it hit Roll Cut chinese in sax june two cars of in passed through die ally yesterday in route to i via the Southern 1acillc Jack the Ripper july the new Vork the was have their curiosity Ilik the Elihli Richit one of the liar kill or Nirh in the in Ted Talch the officers of Bot i the Cruiser and die insurgent Nten Mer were Sotir Loiis in die Cal cinc and did All in their to slow die every Lhing that was lib Csick society no ticks not altogether july visit of the Junt Queed to life imprisonment loony amp crop to this Illy is not so for the murder of a woman in entirely pleasant As could lie wished la some time princely and Royal Cufo Lii mutely it him Long been a pm acc of Refuge i Hearst s wll Ilta More it Large j tajik Julu is Lefor political Malmont coils from All Parsi san july no hides everything else usually kept in a Light Ehik drug Tom bin jul Prim fur to heir respective formation by at were lulling to got Horl on the big Neil Rich West ind Lun rut tha United Stitth would Cornu Only not permit Tomt under any the suit it u nut Tomt Ilia Kiiru Iliean min liar will null nil Vrlaku nay tort of in Lar a Villon in Tutor Serenco with Mintlo that any Pattil will int Ami approval of Tiu in Ltd Tom Broil Prim fur Ilia in to Inch edited nil Eleu Niit Monroe in Biln Rizii am Obi roof kind and cleanly j the bulted states can Well feel proud of Livingni Ilia and powerful the Llalon i looked rather Elln plated hut dint did of and just now they Are Miu a Ili Lri Sukil Mill Nuh on Insl the full of Tiu Moon of ii Ali my incan of too nil in of Tetli i i la Mociln very of our store is open Day and night Ilo oiled with and to Are prepared to nil singe or or tiers no nil Kahn every wot Hurlay even Luk Ija kit 11 every to newly Valley pharmacy one of the partners can no ways in Moinul it stir in Iliia reliant Clr enlers decanting in the most Liitt i Ami und Iacre is re Mihili o apprehend still More malicious and irritating work at tin hands of this evil Clement calculated to stir the worst of tie Rio ii Kava in Elliat Ali eur Liall Lului Neil Liin rth Rrue Mlay even Linnit of Cuili incl cd Annik Ern look every flu Truay j u8tiob every Monilva Ilia simians ardizz1 in general merchandise in Dee Zoum 10 to 12 4 and i Rita Deniton a Hester Al week 201 h and Jenl Oft Lri in Alibi Chest or ainu and Uhli 11 torn a Rains of the Lute senator i nut prevent her from Reitzl Vanir nearly slim Lloil Iii a most annoy Tiki Iii i h11 their they As Miliny As boarded her Blu escort from the City Lias suddenly been it to Worth nine flu Ion i a gubernatorial mansion talked suffering from i Kina july ii in july pc Pola j he veil that the him m of Iov hav just reached Here of a famine Prev error Mark Liyim and the dial of his i vat Liik in some of i he territory drained daughter were due to the bad plumbing the Lorty thousand Shimmin of the Lio Lije in which he lived ill one Are said to i without and it is by he Crul again declared j lot reel a suitable june Al works fair Busl is Denee for die Over Imp by july Allison Linn Lien and Ihnn Appeal o die confirmed As chief of the department i next Leid Idalmy to reimburse of and a mlle j Puld for the la is chief of the of irniispoiln1 Ilia some definite Nellon to ill no ii in liken in the the in Spain warmed july received it Llola fort ill Kli Dom Cle Lullo Allty or of and dial ii certain Welikis of the Nch of Ihk Iland ll11 die the Iii late decides dial Thev lire j a court stud a Lilly Ilioiu Siml Llev Likiak place in the janitors Imu ii if die court House the Hallow Are to the Ellit fifty Pichih of the water Rose veneer div from Constable of Fresno near in filed n suit Pirn Lintt die county for which he claimed was due but which Heck Itilda nut collect under the county Kove Vinnent acl reit fitly pans la Uris and the decision has i been a Anicil and is Neil nil the with the tilt unit of any Kuro Poan Baku not and shall but Wlllie Tiu govern menu a club Ynve Ilo Conrud lit ill and Inalta Liml mid i Boio w0 on front and Jikit Orlu Olp Laa to Coutts not Luw an to for or win trolling in any of Lutr manner Ilion a Liall Nyby Aryku rope an in any unlit Titan a a of an Ion to Ward the dulled i for nearly seventy a Livre ban Teton a open Lii und Conflux at Bli Tordal evidence m to what ibo Monrow Ilia Trina realty nil Jim Wentt Cimitri Motlon we originally int Onuiel to by put the a Ronnii to boldly proclaim nil to All Europe by Monroe Al a ume when thu we a nation of Only Wlllie u Loial annual in Reno o Only but of the Tanoan Lotf if Ilia Mif Sirim in Carliie a Pilor Elnoil Litany in ibo i Illihi Mill a apr Ostul by Ilia til All intr Lolly and on the Olliner Elde of ibo Ibron in nut the room fur it be therefore ii Nellu Ihrer Villalu Slutt there Teboul Dwany Iirilli Noiin tit Parl n Laic Regii Lollon of null no Hulm ignorant and any Ual Power Ibe uld carry us or interference beyond eur i Nonty recon Olkein Nelmary the Protection of Iii own or of in the Courno of human Inch a Ihunt a bold our depart inuit of tale Iron know i and in tin of its duly it would be mire of Ilin of a Una Ltd Pullo i and Spurgeon july die Zuver Anil Over on near my physician Anil or Anil Ciuco Over leak can Volco u to 12 in to a unit to of Aouate in Midi j clue and surgery of the Utie Eui and of the Koyal Coll Iten of Ureil is worse Loday and ills lint each one of them represented death is Ulle cd the me they were the four per i lit that inns of vast exhibit Lillie cd of there is i iodine who Nii Iii his i we Lake ple Taure in that to have Linio hed opening our immense und personally select we Stock of comprising the following Complete lines grocer Staple and 1rovlnloiih wines and and in Bike hah Blaine in a bad july ii the county and for tin of meet inn t he cml of Coitt a tact ii new hut a nobody walled to buy them the interest was ii was decided dint they m the Lii try of die opinion of Ili Osc concerned in the should thin closely to the slate tie i inventor is liable to uncalled at any hour of the Nielli Loio to Hie stale and he should reside in the keep ii out Ollio keep it out or Liliu in the cry which i he pull flier Ithily to often Cote con thou ii did Purly who Muziii Tom re put Tutu win rely Worth Nuy Ujj Ali Ink you a news work were yen erday Wiiki Gietl in u in tha grab slut mov Liik the Macli livery Floii unit now tin in to rms at is clans Lial will i done Uci Czinu he Ken hold of one and ii with la in not yet the Novelty j he not got of the dirt Chii has not vet worn Oil in Ami die Paw enkers on look at la As ionic us la is the water still riling in the july and Ilia Lottie workmen no hit Salt Odd savings and loan society has removed Krom did Clay a Lieut to streets finally july pm Tate a Thilk Iii Illel Jill n my Luw Tut i n i Ami i haul ask Oro Inart deposits of Cliveo cigars and in All popular brands Elk and big elders Haril Ware tin gute Ware ii rom Anil ammunition crockery and Glish swore wow Len unit Willow Ware dry go and Patent Ina Dicinit Youtem Anil Liili Lymm in lie latest a Tyler Uenh and hoofs and shoe of ladies and Minea Klioza und in All thu newest Allej dry fancy goods and notions ladles dress in Ull the new and fabrics Genth furnishing goods hats and of the newest i Pici Orwin for Nelly Wilco Meilbye Theill always keen in him a full Stock of for to tuck As Salt of All Shakei Wool Kloft to people living at a distance vre would May shut our Laell Lulea for ski piping goods de k1111 Ihei i by rail Are unequal and by any other Lions in the our Good lire to trouble of any i a by the our warehouses Are in tie Elo Bent proximity to the and Uny order can be shipped at the shortest Nolice and without extra i Large for and in Muakit ally ankh on Huv Iho Indk at Hui Ikmet Iii Romm look Hill As us n is i hems fur conceal the Bluit the Xhu i in wild tier los cry Jim iced i it i done he die Phish of the will Ali paper for not Pii blushed Uno Thor Hulun a inst nun Chi inti were or opted into the Humes one by in turny Erjie Pletl Buck puny Tho Muuga thins they one n Huper Vohor my til out but idiot thin Learned i Kully their three and so on null the end wan Iff Iccil and the unavailable from it up to n Inte death of a cigarette father and daughter the fall of the i of july tic Livrsh Colony of thin City will celebrate the fall of the High Lyle tomorrow evening with u ill and la Terry at into to Tui printing the to Treuil the nil j Alwn Yii wonder for Char Llyd an item on tie Street and in july a pc title of Long j armory Hull on the la Cir Wen Tho und dry exec Loti will include Auddri Inch no Only does j Mullay Fai Ihlen retault we today in die i murder of Ixon Mclernon und Hon j to Tom from Home of the a Trot Keiit fre Nuli und Amerl found dead in us no Touty showed in tit he death wan due to Lii url canned use of he i Wii in Iho habit of i Iokhim or four ii Ouck lie was from and was rent of to to Iii of Tiu Kiwi killed in tie ecu la Pritim for n thorough modified for work oxen very much Towt in How some of stick to an Illean of a Niini who Culitis to to an a convict writes an article in die new York horned on crime Ami Iri Mannli which is inter Esting and to is True tie Render hat somehow in impression Tomt Tho writer is not n Cri Manul at Tilli rather some benevolent soul ii Pelloso plur exploiting his Ileus but for nil that his paper is Worth rending and consider he signs his Nonio Jed j and Jed Julica divides Penitentiary convicts according us they Srnek his Eye during lha four Tronu in which he says he worn nerved Iho ills the result of Beds observation Elmr 00 per of the Crim iils Are so from Hilf the remaining 10 per Ara either or Ivo Somo form of Tomt disposes of 03 per Thero no plus Only 9 per mid among these no included murderers and Huau carry them out of their und the gentle Man such As the Hank cashier and the remark further that a Muu has followed in lift of Crl Iuo till hols Twenty live years old there is let to Hopo of his for one a rarely has any Trade to fall Hack out if he had to could scarcely employ ment on account of the cry of jailbird Tomt would pursue him to the uttermost purls of Tho hit stomach is Hun Gry and will not Llu How a hag filled it before and can fill it again he feels sullen to nil tha no what More easy thin to into the old crimes and he brought no length with h round turn for another term in the Penitentiary in the co Rio of lift Jukes met two men who seemed punt Mere blood Hemty Onu of these for n inert my would Iovu Pat Bullet through any even hit own hit was such u criminal its we rend about in the dime and lie employed ills spurn Uwe in trying to Wake the younger convicts As Bud m we n Woodoth Njuty wretch society had made says Jed which u a vuly i into Sci to Reform tha world the prisons this convict there is Only one and that is catch tha allot and Beloi them up to rant Lnu i Wolta on Only on Clad of to do not refer to people by their i be Brief do not abbreviate any avoid Nen onal items far As write spec Way Tali a trial

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