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Bakersfield Weekly Californian Newspaper Archives Jul 11 1891, Page 5

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Bakersfield Weekly Californian (Newspaper) - July 11, 1891, Bakersfield, California The Bakersfield 11 the county official july 1891 xxx Fahs thrown in bake Rafoeld for Sale at Drury drug Ardizzi Olcese pure hmm the Stock and Lex turns of Millers store and commenced removing bum nor of it to Fauntleroy is visiting his son in Santa Cosper of Tulare returned to his Homo on i Fuller of 8nn Jose registered it Tho Southern tuesday Webb returned from 81111 Kenn Cusco on George Carlock returned from a to the City on Lech nor and Gilbert went to Tel Mchlpin Houghton went to san loan monday for a few Days heard with her son Unertle for any Case of Neura Gln or rheumatic pains that Paradise Oil will i not cure if directions Are strictly fol1 went to inn Francisco on All drug Gluth keep Wolf Van 8toner returned from a pleasure when in ran Francisco visit Ilic inn trip to him on and Mil Hans Mattson of the Weed Patch country has none to Greenwich for a few in Uri irys North aus Stoller Como Lope Valley for the Kauri but has re turned and Howard and their Homes for Ern addition to East sold on Lonn time and easy particulars at Drury drug three Miles North of hoses it Nylon Hall has set out since october 200 Fig Trees and n few Plum and i Neh they tire irrigated from tej ii Creek and have grown it least n n Root of the whole Only four Hove died and the living have it vigorous growth which invert dont net foolishly and use Tutoli powders injurious to your Hetter use none it Van Vleck the popular dentist of makers Iteld pre scribes the which preserves your perfumes the and in de family left for Ilsun Leach on monday for n camping Blanc of extensively interested in mines around arrived hero John Mosby of guerilla and consular Fame passed through Quinner monday going Tuthill Cnoc Down from Lano to hound the fourth Here on his old camping Bender then culpa tuesday on illness of her baby returned from account of the per Olgh Tully prepared at Tho Kern Valley Price w rents per pm Anna arrived Here on sunday to visit with the Niety bicycles great Tii her sister John Chines not their owners never do null telling of their remarkable Conley returned tuesday from 1 1 was reserved however for a Young i n visit to Merced where he been to Man about town to Tell the most Tulp with borne i of Ulm Groc Nhorn thu i in Irles Coon Jenme up from los an Gelen on Fridev last and visited his Dereul Story about them the other i Oconee Perth Nelll says he Why they will Eav willing my w 1 Llev pm thu Mou carried n be s this morning miss mall do or other for a div or two while in route went out horseback Riding and when 0 Hariford in front of walkers residence on i h was violently thrown from Plank Lett Lellelid and Fisher violently inning partly upon her two mining men from Man Francisco hic was picked up unconscious and i Wollt p Long Tom mines on taken into walkers remain ing in in unconscious condition for n bold if not ancient Mariner they n fused to embark unless one end of a line was made Fust to the bout and the other end to a tree on Shore is Case of would this precaution As they Only one on to navigate but that Iniel is nil the for snid Mariner had Ami he u weathered t he lilo festive Grasshopper turned out in ii w numbers in Honor of the Day and Dill s ref ills utmost to enliven the Jinty with j a ills Frisky and audacious i Antist ing particular attention to the indies h1 of course mid keeping with the to Aid of the in a state of i w s tul Phonn runt Lar Loith the cell la schools Lent majordomo at the Springs proved to be n Host ill himself Anil with Puntiri j ing in his Elf bran to make everything fl7 Ihu wort the ladles nig m in unconscious condition Lor Benson of Berry Home 1ergiihson her phys and Hooper of thinks there Nitro internal Woody air in town As main Lars of the juries mid As All she will speedily i i i i i Mills returned from san Frt in on july about noon n i with disco on thursday having completed discovered in it Bay stack not a new roller Mill at Lect from tie barn at the Luie in Vista Kern Island Louring which it was at one time feared would spread to Burn and All the harness and movable property was taken from the and the lire was fought vigorously by a but the danger was Over until the stack had pulled to jul Are pieces and thoroughly wet Little Liv while at Piso inn Cli Lechner w i ii la rats lil a Nett i Ireene num with her Daugh Ter miss who Lias Imori visit ing her daughter Dinkels Nicl returned to her Home in san Francisco i vote of thanks for his Gallant services in their hut All tilings however right and must Leavean end july and so did the fourth so pleasantly j Hoard of met at spent it barkers Springs conic to an Anil adjourned until a the Sun Sank slowly toward supervisors met at lie Western sending his Calm a Intond in Antelope Valley declared a son shafts of Light tie Distant Public commencing on the Mountain tops on the East and bulging West line of Section township Trio Valley in warm and Mellow even Range mid ending at tie North line ing tie party took their Way of Tho of Section township ii homeward fully Simitis Llyd with the pkns1 Range ures and incidents of the which and Austin of hello a with their daughter miss har who have been visiting their sons Hereford the past few weeks went to shot a in proof whereof lie refers ii Loco proprietor and manager jewells arrive of the Ocean Lew also to no lib times the night of the lift i the hot am reached the Valley tuesday Moni and in clinching evidence produces one the eighth Day nut from ear of the sen the ear is not burned and freckled but health a and Large enough for n Sealskin nor i Himpe could n Silken purse lie manufactured i out of but us n Burden of proo flt i and James Crocker and Lic Vily endorses Lech cars James Herod with ills Taining history of ills three Little left hero wednes Day intending to drive by Way of South party consisted of and j John and and flu in t unik at i i tip i Iii inputs is Lottie 1 Uta Moi ran 1 Depauli and restaurant i Napoleon is was tip in the three they t and has few equals to 1resno where they will n to they took equals Eara to they will meet and no Superior As n a Host of their team which bad been sent friends Here wish him Success at link there will drive into the vol he is associated with Paul cd Tom who recently purchased the Mochn trustees of the following school districts have chosen teachers for the in the Indian suing term and a valued correspondent sends Nodi Lionel details of the horrible us Liiri at miss Ida vend Etuy so Atli Mlsna on the a inning of the meeting Al 8 w Lllan self vi1s where the old miss the warrant miss Trimiew Chi drug store in the we for him business and we respectfully solicit n Tatish Bis when at that Nhare of the patronage of tie time an Indian to the door of a of on Stock in Nair i and tired at witha arcs eruption department no Kiowa also Doninic need Iliani Lull Ernico who your phys Chin is if you with a pistol he had in ids the will Bruni your prescriptions to us to lire was returned and Himino will fill them with pure fresh drills accurately and and Ali null Cru Quality satisfactory to vote Rolf Powers and Mccoy Teing Billeci the were Oiler 3 Gene la Lull most indians i ii ii i v 11 v t ii i i j Union no inside the House that kept up n steady drugs prices and bail nor emptied bin y Jyl Lotf with in n bad lie spoke to rowers about Oclock on the v1 rim vol n Mccoy said j tinn hotel Corner noticed n Bright in i Trio rear of Lima Nigil of kilns a Lark Hill Ali shop on stun Alimisis and Nung to Trio to i late it was found that some rubbish bad caught Nipa i cantly from coals left to smoulder it tin Ince where Wagon to lies Are a bucket or two of Waler put the lire past till and from that same had it not been Wen in might have Suonio another 1eoplo cannot be too careful this time of and yet it is astonishing hmm so Many the itinerary of the la thai and million to Rismo Beach makes n useful record for those who May some time take that to Lisiena Alstn farm 27 Miles Templar ill Miles Iii 1amsit in hem still Lias n licit Alful Moi twin a Nnoli set out in Van Chind to Kii Nln of to tarted for Coyote pin sued by two indians that did nut follow any arrived on the South Fork at ii and the whole Valley was immediately in tin eleven men left for the scene followed about by twelve All heavily Anion air the band were two indians that had had relatives Al Lucil by tie they rot right in front and meant the reached Sage Canyon Riih it tar Daybreak and the lying in Plain View in front of the House Wero the bodies of Trio dreadfully which were at once put into n Wagon and started for the Hoith feeling confident that the in Dian that tired tie first shot and old Kiowa wore the Boyn com it station on the Railroad 8fi Miles wan inn cd Hunting for and after Lul Obispo 1 Miles 1lsmu Ixa Cli ii considerable search unearthed old i a total distance of 148 at i own and the in Dunn that had fired Tho Tho Beach Fred Ingle keeps the Ocean j hint the boys then proceeded to View n feed and make the Hutc is ii livery to is a genial Host and which they did in Good his charges Are very the bodies were taken to the grave More hot n delightful resort u Yard at Smiths ranch where judge few Miles from Tho Bench is owned by bunk ice held in the funeral Walker and Here the traveler can occurred about Sundown july a enjoy a delightful Large concourse of people being j Grout borrow was fell Ami Ninny tears 1 Wero it had been presented to the Muni a Piil authorities of Hak Einfeld by the into Charles for some Elmo past it had quietly reposed in a John Powers one of the most hard working Young Man in fill lev i Luj Tajii in Boeder just North Oflyn Litiff county of a very laughing Road in Tho darkness of n and very i Foiw noon lpns Ali lit it with Psi Neil from Llu ulcer Elioso equal is hard to be moonless night it was rest jul trom ii t resting Planco and stabled lit a barn very Twenty second in close 11 1 god Ilni he will Oliver Mccoy was n yet great sorr wih sex started out again monday tie other in to a Hal ended watch dog and it determined vet it i quietly Liast its and after a four mile j Jaunt into the no i Tho divorce from Ltd Ninny Iii j i in it landed in a Hole which was is for flu tllel11 speedily covered and there it with ii Wyond any Hope of a Lucky Clomis in its m Lay Tho by Minchy part of n a Nuttaii Doii i if tin and yet it is How hot a mail Tiu us Lockly it lie Lilac set Reive Hir Isle was returned to the place whence it for a Puteh Editp Durci How loudly it might have and it woh n kind of a the world 1wii Weait Dodges and Liy her Melong our us Eaine Tho Guenth of her Good if your inc Htom came from Tho old write us and enclose for Mir list of there Are More than half a billion in great ital Nln which right Tho facilities of the punt Day for the production of everything i hut will con Lucy to the note real Anil s l Comfort of Mankind Are almost null i and when Hyrup of film was a list hit Kkt Law and Jim Tihy Okpick produced Tho world with enriched with Anil Tho Only Jie feet in Antivo ii it is Tho Only remedy Wheeli in truly i every Diamond and article of jewelry prompt Ami eau Tuul to Clenny Tho j sold at Maude Antoro is genuine and will general y in Tho j forever to Worth what you pay for u it any Anil the better it such Are Hie article ii to prent to your Mcnown t fourth of july at Barker Board of a party of merry Bent on i proceedings of the Board for the regular having a Jolly Good time and actuated july by a laudable and patriotic desire to celebrate in a befitting Way tie annl Verany of american As Well As to escape for n Fow hours the heat of the town left stunner in the curly hours of the morning of the fourth for Marker Springs Annii arriving there july Twili Hoard Tif met at present assessment it Dos for taxes of will received and there Lieng no further bus the Board Hoard of supervisors met it manufactured for the occasion by Infin be published it the into of for first it Iii Vii ii nun Uii Ciui and Imru ii the party with Clience is to Point Torseth Otilit had provided themselves ill Cut no Lowave o with n Mun Tiftik i Pplk of Cut Ibsen and i f Turner some drinkable i Hough very Little of the is they were assured they could obtain All the water Bev in Brlit need for drinking from Kern Rivers i school Bonds at Par Bountiful nor we they to the and tie boned one interest Liik feature of the amuse inputs wus boating on the the july i Hoard of met no 10 in until irs met tit ill Iii an of the District attorney the order heretofore made allowing tie mini of or month for ass stunt indies of tie in Rev Lieng the passengers i1 but the Perl Liim trip Mil cantly made from Trio Sunie locality 11 old if not ancient Mariner Thev embark unless one end of a j a tie was made Fust to the bout and the Nerel Olore Ernd to a tree on Shore that in i ass stunt of a sudden coming on Thev i attorney is hereby not i driven onto Alee of District 11 ill impede in Tho Bev look indie Mintory Ilion Nve i precaution is they snid Luv ii und a move All hic to 111 7s 11 70 00 i s 00 00 1 id to on s i in of to on Oil is no of in m of 40 so Oil c will Long by them us or Kivy supplies the they celeb led Ai i fail Lrtil i tins tul i Caliente exam Liim i mint Ron Tylik a ill Nix bus Liis the roofing is Ken o in Mitjo Mimi i did nil that is left yet to do is to build lie counters and shelves for k Kiel of Troilio i ins been visiting in town Slius Wenc Silivy and i j left for Kernville today where she will remain some time in the miss Stella hurry ban n very painful a Felon having made its appear Ance causing her so much trouble hint she bus been obliged to the and there i Iii Ichii no Inilisi Ifni several Days there was n Large number of buys i k to in re jowl w 111 00 ill re no no o of 10 on on my 00 70 00 7b Jap in no s few Jib j5 Ati lib la 00 Loli so 00 i m a m 7 7s in 00 Mojave zephyrs railroads a Jipner to ii doing a Mil girls waiting for train is tuesday business ii notice in ult a Luis even Long with old tin Oyster shells i Ber of trains Iii King through and other Charivari instruments to wel1 come unexpected Bride and Groom who the noise started from 7l h t n the wildest a lire san red the other Day from n spark drop id by a passing train in the Vicinity of burning Over in ures of land belonging to not Inyim Siulc that we to drink soda or will Minn have tie ii Ruth with very in l and but few were Alitt of the residents to Onk Creek Pic Caliento is getting to have is Nii Clr Ife in the Way is i tiny niger the Winnik a blk Litber Naglit a dancing in Rev i l he i ill recently Lexcil up for Ose and the greater in Ninci of Young i my old nil Here to Inuke Vuch he Iii Bali by and daiu1 he until the Midnight lion warn hem Orti Nollier so far tills year Tinturin Pineter ban mgl Stencil lll6 in the Shade Forth Hakh St Callante bad Lew of in left on the All were in make Ihlfeld to Ljubi the ii Kern oils left i Miller and the Telegraph j Bari Nril Wini the Only lies to Tell tin Story of Flint Midlil Lave occurred in the Depop diluted vol july to Hie cute 10v we tie school House Lins lately acc civil a new coat of paint Anil will be in Good condition to Recovo teacher Anil Liol am when the time the Rhonl directors Lin Vinot yet Holett can ten flier tar but tin Hope is that they will reelect liw is she Celia Lily proved Heift Vlf and parc nth wonder Hron cml Vjio open q of the daughters of haul Ali Bihday evening the annual installation of toll Civ of Kern Keh coca degree Lodge 47 was held in Odd Fellows attended by of the members of lie k and invited the null Cert inducted into place were Price Noble Emma blender Lottie on diet Walker alias Bertie t Alonzo Jle Rohrl Alan it will be remembered that the ritual my work of thin Dediw was written and it the of bin the exer Cisch wore impressive and Beautiful mid t he work Wuh done in an inter Esting after the Lintn elation Jessie he Ottenkirk and Myrtle Walker Manga duct which received n dearly Ai fut Kirtle conduct Sang a to town Len ii fully and Mun Ella fac Danning by recited 1111 appropriate and then an if to prove that Dutrh Toni of mix Roii Are also Lineal defendant a of Martini and Mary a tool Timonio collation Wax brought to prompt Utt Entinio and thorough of query Why do mind Thor to Lalix Letife to to lulled us Calno they know that they will to filled by drug sluts who know Wotli the Parent Anil Best drug Ohtani Pablo in the Kex Lover nor Jerk his i imbed through in Ronto to Han having Irhn lining the resin ably in the in Tiv do of the steamship company that i lie and that lie is part owner Many notable and notorious Neo i pie pass through this place from time i in but they do not Tarry that is the Camm our town dont grow too inane Ironle ii ans i the nil Miil Hijii Elii pendent hits moved Bis ii fully to Santa in Ronni for the thrown has Siwl a Sla Leford and vide Hlll Hnvlik con Hill plated do Limiter proprietor of the Slang line to Liyo county is in an Geles for a few ills line App cars to to very popular judging by the of Hus Lnch it is sell Longn one of the propriety Oil of tin san i Torii mining j Large inter huh in thin county in in town for a few i be looks Bale and Hearty lint says hint be is in the Down in Iii Utlang up for the i Narter end ing june Only to Coyote scalps were on hand that in to hut thin Mould already nomic have Prisin led at the county there Are counties in tin1 As Han Kim risen county from in Ailynn to Geotis to Cullen is Clelly devoted in new City Hillh and ii will probably not produce More than two scalps for Jolt come higher than hut he country counties will and what arc commonly railed Long t Dan did inns Lynchn men Wilt to thut i i he yearly production of Coyote i at the present cannot ukless Liun two mall Loith of that of Roll i but the world is and the Brilliant who Thiu overed i and pah Kail tills Xiii pity Law evidently 1 Thoi Buhl that nil the Coyote Cut Crew in it Iti Worth All the Money that thin will Cost to prove Bluit they were darn but for Thor own the of thin Bill ought to Havu in red in Ivllon by which the Bruins beneath their proc Lois Kalpa night to Fiscor tallied to to Worth More than Flo Dol in or Vemi col Lent official baking powder the health officer of los Angelet examines and reports the and Ell health nicer if Linn made during the last few a thorough St nov of tie baking powders in this Section of califor there his Many baking powders in the the lice of which is cer Tain detriment to the health of the icon that this action of at Ogwnn in giving the Public reliable and authoritative information us to the brands Tiu Marc both economical and whole it most timely and a portion of his report is As follows of Folk ii the May Tram Mulley i nifty the of Prol Swir of Lioi Nunry of a till Anim further non Rolf Inife nuni Thihn Trlcia of san la Heiks Anil nil by annl Yati which i Pono Nally Havo had it is flirt or Utu i tint thu Toyal he klan 1nuiht purr Anil Anil that ii Uta Iuli an for Antip Nelly a inc Croil it Iho lip ail of hit Hutting poor Ileno thu Hilt no the Koyal lit of imral Idilisa and whole Boink no tin he terhost Frodo and Helm of court june it cause Morgan furl her stay of execution fur Iti clays from Dale of Herrera discharge Ingato of Donler for Sale of real wines Travis claim and Fordeen Davit in july Kern land set for Riiho irrigation set for trial Meyers debt inv mis Tulumd and leave granted to Amend an Monteverdi it columbian Oil demurrer Kali thu of order to show Nii Kithy Sale of personal porn party Ken wild not astute of order fixing time of hearing petition for Hale no personal state and of Miller petition for payment of portion of allowance to guardian for support of tiled protest and ten ibid i Given to John Lindsay de Murrer overruled and ill teen Days to july Henry Dover ninety two dead of cattle on motion of pm ninth default heretofore entered set a state of George Llo Etler deceased on motion of Petitioner ordered that pro Ives Lyngh in same estate lie Sulphur a Nebraska Fanner furnishes one of our san with what lie to ikan infallible menus of driving away the lie thus in Verllie it take Straw or rubbish and Ilii nip it nil1 in for Fuls a Rod apart Over the held in the Windward Sprinkle from Lin fourth to Halfa Pound of Sulphur on each pile Anil in i he even ing net substance on about the air being Hilll Clenty heavy to keep Hie smoke Down clone to the the wind will Roll it All Over Hie the smoke will scent everything growing upon the held to such in extent that Grasslin Pinix will novel come there again during the Siam that the Sulphur is i tried ibis method for three seasons in nut cession when the swarmed in myriads from the bloc Lay and it always porn cd Suc the fourth time 1 applied the i Alphur smoke the trouble smile insects Linail Bicili in Reheil upon the Field and had cutoff the drop of wheat Clear to the but after being smoked they disturbed nothing for about so acres of Hind from w to pounds of Sulphur i tins Niet Hoil of Sulphur ing Liere is i reason Why certain Chunil Euln could not i mixed with the sul by the combined serve the time purpose us is now Mccoin pm Sheil by Ken dying suppose there ii a business Man in this town recently made Snipie forcible remarks about which Are no True that every nut should consider this is the proposition when the lire Bell the Lar Cecii Quinlen with honk Anil ladder and tub and every body else in in just ii much of a in Rev to but dont take anything we cd will be helpful when they get suppose on the other when the hits Bell every one who should take Nom tiling that be ii Elul for putting on tall Many a place i Iii been lived by a bucket yet it cannot in Organ ised without an old no some times in Surv pout Drc is no the neigh a new town is growing rapidly and extending in every tire Are ii Kuhoh and Homie beyond to re Nulion hydrant and lire but if once the habit could he formed for Hume who run to a to taken pall great May he it should be the invariable a lire alarm for those who out willing to to Lake along Nome Dong by which they can give i n Divide in in older words when you into a take something along which will help to put nut the Ciangi of Oahu to kill in non people limn it ii Nuncci where the Coxall Cullun la Anil Luann Tuinei in Tiu in Portuni of hid Anil where malarial Viiu Lyp Iulo it Urs tit curtain of Trio 1 to Btu Pruun Rulla for if of Ulm allot and water Winch Tiit Chiiko in 8111111 Tui 11 Ali cult not Only the Art torn Axil int a Vur Stiblo and Tho Effim of tropical bulls Alio the Lew Luis rain idly for Eon liver bodily i Peckally Apt to Iii tuck enl Ranu and tvs lore to inn the ii Sulur Vimr Livreri Nna we other Ureil a a by Tea True Lorn by or Immy populated Tali line spec lilo Aan c i Ciufu the juror Able Sumner sea lib n parly of Young people went up the River in have n and they dad Home of them got Natl Dougli there Watt no Shower i would advise them when they go Agnlin o take n sell or ii Long in manage lie Slaiw Maliel who Das Ichii in poor health for the last few Dii Ngone to still Cnoc to visit Hulla and Agnen we Mync Croly that the change and Mountain air will do and that mho will noon return much improved in we lira very Horry to dear that our much it deemed Friend Uci Ittoli Dun made ii Dew Turc from thin to has worked in Tho Suin Nur Yang for a Iofik he in a Young Man who in Well know Kwoll he Dand resp owl list Mitlof sheriff of Calaveras put in an appearance at Tho City prison on thursday with James there were Handcuffs on and he waa booked on Captain stones ister Asen Rente to san in Elln for i George a rancher living half a mile from Berson in Calaveras his absence from the ranch was not noticed for several he was Twenty eight years of age and married to n woman of the sister of when a week had passed and Holmes j did not show no in the Vicinity of his holding inquiries Wero suspicions and sheriff Thorn was asked to make a search for the missing l now comes Tho Story told by Tho i went to the Holmes lie and looked around the there i was an abandoned claim with n forty feet deep that Orat attracted my 1 noticed that the Brush about i Tho Mouth of Tho Shaft was it was and Tho Sun was shining directly in my pocket was a i Small Mirror i had purchased in san i held the Mirror to thut it flashed Tho Light into the there was a complo of feet of water at Tho Bot Tom of Tho the beams of Light Rej 1 Necton from Tho minor pierced the i Lark Waters and i saw Tho face of n i sent for and in n few hours Holmes body was brought to Tho sur there was n Bullet Hole in Tho Back of Tho i worked the Case no and proved conclusively that Smalling had lured his brother inlaw to the month j of the fired Tho shot into his head and then pushed him Over Tho san Francisco Tivi Clung str Alfil in reply to n letter of complaint published in Forest and Stream the United states fish commissioners give an exp Plann Tion of their apparent neglect of Thol Shin the upper complainant says in his letter that while on Tho River Between Dnon Wiio and St Louis to saw tons of Black Bass and i great Northern Pike rotting in shallow wherein they had been left by Tho falling Tho and asks Why the Hsu commission does not scoop them up and transport them to safer in say the two cars of the commission wore Lent to Tho Illinois together with the necessary number of for Tho Pur pose of rescuing Tho fish left in the along Tho from july 15 to 0 Twenty six car loads of fish Wero rescued and transported to Illinois in 1880 two cars Wero and in 1800 the fish deposited Wero from 4 to 14 inches Sinco then the government has Boon actively engaged in the work on n Largo and has rescued Many millions of valuable food Tho commission ers say that All states subject to any considerable mortality of fish life should Tako Steps immediately to Rescue Trio an in glue there was an amusing literary Blun Der in Tho leading article of an evening contemporary it was n com Muu Lalio robbing of Peter to pay which was Tho More astonishing in such an tory bid i cling american proposals to non Nign Tanto with any portion of Trio British and patriotically disparaging american claims to glory is compared with Tho writer proceeds to misquote o Mother of a mighty to proud those Stion tons of Ihlo who wrenched their Righta from to Sang Ono of americas needless to it was not Ono of americas Burdg it All who Sang nearly the first Lino should run Strong Mother of a Llou it was ii Bard no More american and no less English than lord Tho is occur in the England and America in 1702 in Macmillan edition of it is quite proper and of to object to give America Canada but Why hasten to present her with Tenny son i wonder what Hia lordship would say to mall me Cring by the excellent electrical Dovico for giving an alarm when a ship deviates from her which was Tho subject of a recent is being adopted on a Largo number of american the Compass card carries a Light wire dec tribally connected with a metallic cup at Tho Center containing a few drops of this wire is Bent Over the Edge of the and is Long As Tho ship maintains its course Tho Wiro Rej Mains out of Contact with either of two j metallic stops placed at a certain Digi Tunco on either Side of Tho Bent Ond of Tho Tho vessel depart from its course Tho wire fixed to Tho card is brought into Contact with one or other of the closing the and ringing a Boll in Tho captains Cabin or the navigators York commercial if ride Himi Urbom very the Bride of Charlea of owes Tho fact that she wan not drowned in the Mississippi at Paul to Tho heroism of her own Tho Twain Yero married on wednesday and came to Paul to a Pencil a portion of their they wont Down to the Dock to take a Diamond to Steamer for Tho they were not ready to go on Board and walked along the Dock to look at the i Broad Aldo of Tho All of a sudden wife gave an Carper Cong scream and l wont headlong into Tho having i stepped on a Loose which flew up at Tho other Tho new hns baud leaped into Tho striking Tho water almost As soon As she and clasped her in hid holding her head above water until help was at a Plank was thrown to which be and being a swimmer noon reached the Shore with bin precious no damage waa Dono aside from Tho they went to the hotel they Bod just left and changed their Paul highest of All in Leavening Baki Post absolutely pure Liilie Liomin Thoro is now a Strong demand for live the boarding houses and Many of the families used to demand boiled lobsters now or Der them because it is the whim of Trio moment to cat them after they Havo been broiled the idea is that the flesh is half a dozen times More succulent then than if they killed humanitarians need not there never was any human method of killing a he used to be boiled and now he is it is doubt Fol if each lobster could be Many of them would care which was Thev Wero York motto a Dollari Worth for a Dollar to Tho motto of this Medicine it highly concentrated Cit net of Breo Parylla Anil other regu Lable and it pro no Titol by Export i the and boil prep of the kind yet it Iti i Peculiar Ilsc nth and medicinal Merit to the i that it if prepared Liy a pro and Iro Ceu Peculiar to i Ducov Rcd by Trio proper Lectora of hoods Sana and known to no other Iti prompt action on Tho blood All impure Ana com Salt i All and nil do Waioli or ditto morn Arlang from impure Wood or Low state of the q i Ivo taken Ilo Odi us Naparella and find it to to Tho beit blood purifier i Hare Eror Trio meat i have used Nix Boltl i of tto Odi Saru Parylla for it Hai helped to a teat Deal i think it 1 the licit Tor incl Meitlon and in North Ftp la ban to mire in got Only hoods Sarsaparilla told by ii i ill for 1repared Only by t Hood a Kaaa too Donas one Dollar cop Trio Maglo and Tho god some newspaper oth have been to Europe and Deoh mixed about what is Beautiful Tho these editors declare tha America has the ugliest looking Monts in civilization or barbarism that i Japan beats us in artistic Beauty particularly these critics hard on Tho american Eagle and goddess of Liberty on on Gold and ver they even Shock the ism of Community Liy suggesting that the goddess and Tho Eagle be left off United states Coin of the not in on time that is to never to there is no handsomer Money in existence cur coins with the splendid Eagle on barring Only that disreputable looking Biz card Dot Tho Only trouble with Coimo Bear ing Tho goddess or the Eagle la that peo ple in general do not see enough of it is really a lesson in these coins with Tho american Eagle on to change them will be to stroy a sentiment that has grown in heart of Tho american people for a it will do nothing lint harm if destroy that Tho american Cit Ixon Nitto cintes Trio memory of Wash Trio fourth of july and love of country with that a nolo upon our change him and give him rest another Way it Yon but let him stay forever and and May that Day never Como when tha goddess of Liberty shall cease to to a National Emblem and Shine in Trio hearts and on the coins of the american people stirring the keep in mind that strawberries raspberries in urn coast counties without irrigation Imit have constant or they will dry out before Sheet Iron and steel town and farm Strong and nil and to Slind any required rapidly and easily Laid and estimates made for Large or Small water works keep constantly on water pipe fittings of every v Risdon Iron san Hay ins go o for your goods i Pion by in Kou the improved Champion the peer of nil for a Jackson lightweight Fork Patent shears and pulleys All for the Best Hay Fork for Derrick ropes for steel Gable ropes for derricks for Buckeye extras for Champion extras for to connection with the we carry the general merchants in the Quality and proc tit Xua rancid lower than any Pioneer Southern in Well liked and resp owl by and we to i logged by n Largo Circle of children cry Lor pitchers dry and Iai Icv boots and hated at 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