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Bakersfield Weekly Californian Newspaper Archives Jul 11 1891, Page 1

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Bakersfield Weekly Californian (Newspaper) - July 11, 1891, Bakersfield, California I 28 Kern july six Price g established published every saturday morning and oni1 terms 12 of six 11 00 advertising rates Ordinary Kach vertical Inchon ii 00 each Hurt local publications Kach vertical publications Kach Var local each vertical the Quarter each vertical inc by the halt Kach vertical inc by the year fractional of Inch 150 1 75 400 700 1200 we will show Yon the Way to Ilo it when you May on in our dry goods department effector the heat at the july Halls of the California fruit i said today that it is Princl Lealev impose i Sallile to compute 111 dollars the loss to fruit growers occasioned by the Tuuli the worst reports come from the Vacti i Volle and Winters and then j the damage is very there are1 i Lii j very few apricots there fit for the cum much less for shipping i the great heat has caused the fruit to i rot about the and the decaying 1laco 25 per cent double column double the figures i Gal limit local 10 cent a known by the Money required in Advance Tor All advertising ii Ummi nil Iii we arc showing the lightest and latest of consisting of process goes on quite Toimi Apfl to life mulls i in some instances the peach crop has Bugl limit India been absolutely while the persian mulls Ana Indian official Superior judge clerk and a Conler Conklin inc Lynnl Howell under treasurer and tax District a Toni school super Coroner Nurt Mcmurdo county Kogon Iio Arii 01 first Nln Trout Bonnet j Mccond foul be third District Mcgee fourth Morgan a Fth District Emmer Mii jit8tick8 of the judicial a hard Carrboro and Oil a Morrison and Iii Misoni i Kluth Blunt Langton Ami lot Ham sixth Olds and win Leld Broil i Kevii Ith still and Dill first noun and second Chat Woest and fal Riholm third Helga and Mullanck fourth James and i fifth Glaxo Broolis and ctr Davis sixth Mills and j Suvo nth Acuna and i lace piques in plaid and striped India Silks in novel silk brocaded Gingham in Light Oriental lace embroidered and a vast assortment of other fancy find Staple murdered by Indian troubles near would go to see about july l just then two indians commenced Perry Luorra was murdered Here indians and two White men from their horses and Powers no further trouble land Mccoy were mile Day Liy preparing to visit the worlds los july worlds fair company with a capital of Lias Licen organized in tills City for the purpose of enabling people in visit die great the company plan is to wiled weekly dues from those de siring to visit they insure ones lure to and from the furnish meals in route Lith hotel accommodations for six Days at Chi including admission to the fair and other minor necessities july Hamilton of Tulare just arrived from Inyo county Liy reports that quite a serious Indian fight took place live Miles from Coyote in this situated about fort five Miles from on stage mud to after emptying his six ran for the Hunters inline and Rode away for the indians shooting at not hitting latin came to Kernville with ills report and thought dial they had succeeded in killing two of the which proved to be tote Ami a Inyo it appeals that parly started Back with him to recover quite a hand of very Tough indians live a ranch cola at the scene of Battle and they have committing depredations of various kinds for some lately some of them set fire to a Hay stack lifelong Long to one of the White incurred on such a the company i a warrant in our clothing a Alpaca and mohair Coats and Public ill Gilt v cd Gill silk Fine Balbriggan Straw hits and Light Felt in our hardware professional Tho heated and ice Cream water Lemon fruit parcs and fruit Onwu mowers and Lawn and a Light airy vehicle to drive in fact anything and everything to make life pleasant during at Ink Oft cd Over the Kern Alley Chester i 1i1u1 e c j hah permanently in office in the Burnap Over the i link of of pos to the Southern at Law offices Over Kern Valley and u8 Nada Block Rion Dinkelspiel p i Cilc ets on the crop generally is to stunt i or Stop the growth by checking the i How of if the hot be followed by a cold sell the peaches will i Small and unlike the luscious article that California bus in a come noted the peach contains so much juice that it is not ruined entirely like the plums and prunes have been dam aged considerably and the ions from this source will foot a considerable i it is believed that the grape crop will show great loss from the same but it is too Early to estimate the Eli i 1 age in this i Justice inflicted on a july evening a bicyclist went spinning along a Side i walk and collided with a Little child Abc Mother was leading by the As Quick As thought she was upon him beating him with her lists and having him at a disadvantage gave him u severe chastisement to the great Delight of the it was evident that i if she had been armed with a Broom stick she would have demolished him completely and there was a general feeling of regret that she did not possess that wheel ens june California division of the league of american wheelman will hold their annual meet ing in this City next the exercises will consist of races Anil fancy manoeuvres on and various other fantastical it is expected that Lutui wheelman will in pre meet with great sue b Well formulated and hoi will undoubtedly meet with great Suc its Aims arc the of ulcers an Mell whose names will inspire Confidence in the a rate War May july Cut in passenger rates inaugurated by the for hands of f South on the morning of the the lion los and bring them in a party of consisting of James Dan John of org Louis la Auer Ami John Heel Ilon got Otla Bont six Oclock and i old Lann to collect other help if he thought necessary As he went up the South when the boys got i o the Indian Camp they found two new made Farmers to read much of late about the Oati of the depressed and mortgaged ton of farms in and a called solutions of the problem Are of we hear much said Al cwt crying need of cheap War Money or politics of kind have had but Little to do woes of the Farmer during the Pic teen to Twenty a general Globe ration of events have pressed to instant accompanied by j Graves and the Camp deserted and Mccoy and Hamuel the everything packed Oil except three Constable of went to the in sheep which were that women Dlan Camp to arrest the parties who Iny near when they most of their had set Tinto the Hay a Light j clothing Oil and Powers for Lav afternoon that the Pacific would meet the but the rate in now in Force Over the line and its it is thought the rate will be further and a general War gathered Graves an a Force of thirteen men Well armed and Man am Lilied at once to the the two indians that had been killed were found burled under about one foot of Sand and their t at ii aka Kern Ollice in to lattes nineteenth Tuska attorney at san Mont Korry rooms Al and increase of the death san july attorney at Chester Avenue near court i Mahon a Attoun the courts of Hie a Hull ill Lam Maui Elf real estate agents Thomas at Ollre 111 Odd a Down in Kim attorney at Matzoni Chester link a attorney Kern a spec enl at Toulon Given to Laud probate Anil civil Ollie in the and cxf1 Taylor notary Kern All matters per to lung to real estate attended Iubelt iinds a j attorney at i teach la i Chester Iri Kern Valley Baric notary Illmer g Jefferds land real estate Anil matters to the Laud Obi care fully attended Filaski properly written of Landi properly written up t land contest fall davits Osco rooms 81 and i Lurrell Cul hot wave has increased the death rate of the City for the last few Days the average death rate is fifteen a yesterday thirty nine deaths were reported at the hell Ali the deaths occurred principally among infants and weak Ole men j and will stand firm against the july tin players Union has decided against striking for an Advance in in on the ground that it is advisable that tin plates i cheap in order to lace Annerl can coolness for san july special train Loa Elud with ice was rushed j through to Han Francisco this morning from Prosser cheated the july under sentence of death for the murder of Elled in jail Here today of the Farmers Alliance july reports from Dakota and Montana continue most there has been the weather in too warm now for comfortable and a much greater reduction of ticket prices will be required to stimulate much bus Grain crop of the Antelope july from the Best information obtainable the acreage in about 7000 acres More than there were sacks of Grain shipped last the number of acres sown to Grain which arc now being foots up Hay the yield will la four Gaetti per which is a very Low our Harvest will lie an increase Over last year of my the Grain crops in ibis vat Ley this year Are far ahead in yield Over that of and it is but fair to pre sume that the Grain shipments this year will not Falls Ort of hard to july is much depressed Over his sons years of age Deal 1 in was and inherited a Good f Bis fathers ii had held important Public positions in the course of his life and was Deputy men tenant and Justice of the Izacc for Flintshire at the time of ids great a Kwh that an execution by electricity would j have taken place at sing Hong but just when the Public wire anxiously and momentarily exacting the sen sensational it was announced that none would effect of Good crops and High july farm ers Alliance of this state is in a dissatisfied if not us usual in such the leaders Are blamed and charged with fraud and it society notices whats More to keep a Large Stock of pure drugs be More mint ids season than other everything else usually kept in a drug store our store is open Day and j a Joyful i july the Long talked of marriage of the Princess Victoria lion inc and Prince Albert was celebrated this morning to the great Joy of Royal and princely throughout a sinecure new july is Here and drawing ids Hilary As minister to China although the government of that country to receive remains we dug up for the purpose Eif the be idles of the two while men had been terribly disfigured by the Powers Throat Lead been Cut from car to and Mccoy face Bole evidence that the finnels had jumped and trampled upon tearing and breaking the flesh from the hereinafter viewing the re Mains of the dead the parly was Sheil at by the indians who we ambushed in tie Julie a Lively Exchange of shots followed but Elar Kness Crim Long on brought the fight to a ii is by Levcel that at least Etc Indian was killed in this but it could not be Wei trained Tei a certainly until the following after Ham Ilton had the took pos session of die Etc one pistol Ami the hats belonging to the dead in he first Flohl tin Kernville Olla car had a very narrow Elk us a Bullet from Etc Eif the Indian Cut ills Mustache the remains of Ami Mccoy were taken to South Powers is Well known in tills county As a Bra veam faithful officer and bad a great mini but he the a Traci of the indians through his Energy it times past in following up Ami arrest ing them for various crimes of Wheeli they had in ii there Wresl indians in the first the four remaining Are Well mounted and Armeil Are Goliet Ami will Light Tei i it is possible they have Inci joined by others As there Are a Good Many bad men in hat or Mccoy was n livery Man Al Leme Jore Tulare and leaves a wife am six a Paity of Twenty six men is now in Pursuit of the Ami doubtless there will sewn be Troubl for them if it has not overtaken then Ere the Section where the i counter occurred is of the Elc scr Neirele und is but sparsely the Whiten there Are considerably excite and fear attack but it is not Likely the Are in Lunger us the party now aft indians will undoubtedly make sited Eif or next Tho full of the Moon of each i i i or i 1 and we Are prepared to Rill stage or special messenger mild win Tor brought the Stock through 4mkrioan motion of Mihalk too Tho tint and olde Isi if nil 1 Ion Tach nil Leoti every monday Lilge of every wednesday Akka every tuesday Kern Valley one of the partners can always be found at our store in to Var 1 in Good owing to the increased i acreage and the line it is i feared the crops cannot be properly bar particularly in the Heel Hiver i owing to Scarcity of one of his it is sup posed that there were three and Panli Lily four of the gang that about two Oclock on the Alterm sin f july1th i met the posse returning my a coroners in Piest was held at the Ime Lery near Hal los ranch above the veil it reads that Iho women came to their death on die ill Day of at u Plain called in Kern from a tin shot wound Llred by an Indian or a plans whose names his unknown and we would state As our opinion that lie indirect cause of the trouble was rom furnishing to the indians o which we invite the attention of the this was signed a incr and the Eoto John Powers was a native of cull Burnia aged years and a single Lher born in the in Ted Stales was about 40 years of age and caves a wife and six children in Llan Ord or the old in Llan was noted As a bad he Mil ids two sons Are accused of being in the murder of live or six indians in the past few about three months ago an Indian was found near Trues place and the killing was ascribed Lohl mor ids Klowa poses As a Witch killer and lie Nee bail great advantage Over the other indians As he could accuse any against whom be Hud a of g a when the poor unfortunates death would follow As a matter of the second posse of about thirty men which went Mil to huge Canyon after the i pics had a Short skirmish with sonic ambushed indians and n turned to Kernville monday bringing As captive the other son of old who was locked up in the Kernville squaws who have come Over the Mountain to the Hutli Kork report dial still another Indian was killed at the making three dead and one captive out of the party of there dish not to lie any particular excitement among the indians on him on every and one of his crop items have bad profit diminished by some other i some where who could grow cheat Wool and beet on cheaper Lai with cheaper with All the outside the worst enemy of each up Farmer is that Farmer Bis individual faults and to for cheap Money lie can attribute Large his financial depression and at the end of the great civil Farmer was a financial Money had been plenty and cheap and produce prices very Tho end of the found the Farmer blowing was not too Rich to plow it Colt Akin boots that Cost f rom eight to Init Adof plow shoes at a Anil a and wearing a five Dollar Stilt of Woolen clothes instead of the outfit at a Dollar and a halt Woro in old and blowing Wii thirty Dollar Corn dodger instead of shovel plow dint Cost a Dollar and and to he owes two or three thousand on his Fine new Home he owes the Simia on Trio Marrer Section bought that joined him lie owes thousand dollars More for Fine his wife and daughter now Teresa in Silks and satins instead of ten cent and Wear fifteen Dollar hats instead of tobit sunbonnet five col Lar kid shoes instead of Pebble Goat at Dollar and a and his wily they spend More Money in a month for cigarettes and baseball clubs than their Clotien Coit for a whole year be fore the win i and with their expensive clothes and Congress gaiters to plow Why they Are regular of tilt fledged Jim dandies to what farm boys formally they slowed in natures Calfskin their Rig of three Sattnek Tatj course Cotton shirt and a Chip whole Rig costing less than 4 and that Dollar obtained by of Sale of eggs at five cents a tit butter at eight cents u Wai sold for forty cents a Cor at ten and pork it two and Best three and four year old steers sold for nine dollars a head very uncomfortable for them and drivel outside of the Canyon nor j do the Well informed have any serious of anything like an up la tween the rancher la on Agua and the Inyo Hue hero arc or Han in of All nixes and i Niheu at their Hall Iho second and fourth i tuesday Ove Aluk of each ters invited to Musil Axnick j every saturday j every monday Rio 1iravo Iarlori ardizz1 Ilia simians i office in nineteenth co hours 10 to 12 a to t and 0 to dealers in Snook physician and j residence on Chester we ii both and 21st of Loco in fish Chester Avenue and loth j Oliver and i Orare Chesler Over Bakers bold residence on Chester near 20th physician and diseases of and of Loco Over Dunkel Pleli lakers office u to 12 12 to a and 7 to kerou88on in medi u clue and of the Queens and of the Koyal Jolli ites of Uliys Clani and member of the Brit ish ipod cat 1 and Odd allows savings and loan society has removed from Ciu Ruf Imri tit to West and Mobil Gouier streets vote Hank in guru let add tone i Tiit i Lowit Chw Wii i Ilia i Iii Tutu Loiry Hun term and Ordinary deposits Hatch to the Grasshopper i the foothill Recti pm it in re Jorud dint Nix doing Connle Lerable Kev eral Vineyard in the Vicinity Eif dry Creek have they Are Young yet Unel have Neil found in very they Are old and Miille Cindy Iii Nerow to Elo no end of harm Tei Vine Yarelin Nile he Are id arrested for cutting Kan july Konwin was a retired by die in till Hatch Marshall in Simula on a warrant charging him with cutting Timber on government he wan brought Here Ami released thin morn ing on the Lett san july we take pleasure in announcing that we Havo finished once Iii our immense and i die real Eti Tate Man lie Wei general Kern rumours of it july Eif a revolution air revolt against the Rule of Are lie in widely Ofish the a Almaeda of a Rich july detective who Del Mich Gooel work i in the Allvlu robbery Aumi in in i Welt of a Telegram Frem a Deputy i United Bint ing that the two dalt Mih who Huden Iii died from California shortly after the Alula bail Jim raided the Agency of the Hue Anil Leix India Lih and had stolen in the Rob Bery Wax done Iii the Elay the water in the july latent my Vleck rec ived Here Freinik Kalton Are to the Cut eco that the water at that Point in Nelll an exp Ellton started from thin City Yext relay to Gei Down the Colorado Freinik my i and Ancor Tain when die water in Coin lug into the on Good to have the Long suspense the Condeni Mcd one of whom u were electrocuted at them to the july report has reached Here from Kern lilo that five in the Vicinity of Coyote Holcin attacked Constable John 1owcrs of Kernville and two deputies kill plug Powers and one of the the other two of the horses were shot from under him and he escaped Ity mounting Powers who had been killed the trouble arose through an attempted tines i of the indians and they opened a posse of thirty men Are in Pursuit and it is feared More blood will be shed us the other indians have become alarmed and it is said they Are hiding in the thickly brushed mountains for the Pur pose of defending themselves from the approaching White july accounts received Here state that the Indian trouble arose in the Vicinity of instead of Coyote later news from that locality informs us that one Indian was Hho dead and another seriously after Powers was fatally shot he tired ills gun three Lac i in self defense with the ii Raj men in Pur Milt of the tribe dial did thu i shooting readied the locality but Foint Iii necessary to Send Back to Kernel Ali for More july following ing has Lnch received Here from judge humid or of Kernville regarding die four Dorso imply selected Stock of comprising the following Complete lines grocer1 disappearance from the Lum Nesh ies Staple and provisions wines and imported and Domestic Toboco of this City wan a Eif grief to cigars and in All popular brands shelf and builder hardware Granite and Agate Ware arms and ammunition crockery Anil glassware wooden and Willow Ware drugs and Patent medicines youths and childrens in Ibe latest styles gents and children boots and shoos ladles and misses shoes and in All Tho newest styles dry bu1mtmu f r lilt 1 1 i 1 j u ii in fancy goods and notions ladles dress in All the new and Yeaw Nablo fabrics inf Nufo place pm Tho j ble cye Lonu which Powell Over the t i it 111 a nmn Aai i i i definitely at in lower a deadly Railroad july a collision j four Oclock this 11 was expected that they would have Heen executed yesterday and a crowd of anxious re porters walled around the prison All Elay and last the deadly Katun july the Kroon the Iliyof line Lei deep Spring Valley there May lie who or 100 in the deep a prong country there Are a great Over a thou All what Are culled Owens Rev str a sort of my above the Gmehle of a Digger a historical july die regu Lar monthly meeting last night of did historical widely read translations of Seime letters of father Jiin Lupeni these letters arc Cepluch of the org Leilh in the Spanish archly in at and have never be fore been translated into they were Quall and interesting in the highest degree Ami threw Light Ownne pol nth Eif lie Early history Eif California and recent Indian we have Small Indian War on morning constables ilium and Powers left Lamonds hotel at Coyote holes with a warrant to arrest an in Dian for burning a Hay stack at Smiths ranch on South they started at Daylight to the Indian Camp in Hugo i 10 or 1miles South of walk ers on the Road there they panned a couple of Coyote Hunters the f Resno Mountain july Gerald is busily assisted by men whom he brought Down from con i re Cortlyu pitching cuu and establishing Camps along the route of the proposed Mountain the main Camp in located on the site of Tho proposed depot us amt u mile of the Point Hun Diego Street the work of grading commenced Toj and those Farmers were As Happy and comfortable As a Clam at High to def they Diel not two any one n Ceat nearly All the poor Whlter trash owed Havo not boys and girls As Good a right to Wear Fine live in Good drive Good have pianos and All the Etc Teras As Well As anyone else and a very much better work hard feed the they have a perfect right to have allot these Good and a Marcels of if they have the Coin to pay Tor them i it is certainly Gulf Leal to get them running into it is very much better to Wear homemade Tow pants with one Suspender and be Happy and not owing any Man a than to run into debt for a piano or an ingrain or Plush or to mortgage your farm to get Money to Send your girls and boys to boarding school to make them More ornamental than i grew to manhood in a neighbourhood j in Illinois with ten Pioneer Farmers clustered around or old they were indeed Farmers of the of they All settled there poor Money and but they had Musoli and Industry they worked at the St Tot because they liked to do and were economical i so were their worthy i beef they lived in their Little to until they had Money to in they nearly every one built Grodl before they built built really Good and furn them and gave their of Hlll Good common school the Only one sent away to about the ouly that the boys reared in that i neighbourhood Are most of them wealthy and have High positions of great and girls have done Well int1 when our modern Farmers Low in the same lines they will be what the Farmer should Independent and contented Man they will live out their Span those old neighbors and Paisini unknown respected and Honoreta and their children will pass time a credit to their training and their this cheap Money business is what if it were m cheap How could i get Auyor it i it very but unless i work f or swindle some one out of or build i cannot get no cheap it May Genu furnishing goods hats and of the newest 1 we always keep on hand a full Stock of supplies for Ituen As Stock j Salt of All sheep sheep Wool Etc to people living at a distance we would soy that our facilities for shipping goods by rail Are unequalled by any other House in the our goods arc shipped to us by the our warehouses Are in the closest proximity to the and j any order can be Shl Peel at the shortest notice and without extra charge for Elray j age and we make Mychak Nova Mukk of i1uv produce at Kyle Railroad near Here and u great Many people lost their thus far eighteen ladles have recovered from the Len yellow july died hour today of yellow Tho of this dread disease in thin City Licca Nonit considerable Deuce portion of Ihu Elly yesterday blowing Down the Walls of the it in now Awer talked that ten convicts were killed Mil right j and Elxnit i a tragedy in the Garden Han july a Del Cully which Ocee stud hero Mariano Boto killed Nick Builth and wounded 0 policeman and wan himself riddled with and one of them named Oliver Mccoy Haiti if they would wait until he got his breakfast lie would go with they waited and to the Siul Luish ivc u Little ranch in the can and and Ounn Gotoff Clr and tied them to Tho Fence a Little distance below Tho Camp and started up on foot while Mccoy Rodolp and got Oft Hon Homo near Tho 1owern began to talk with Tho Ohlert Man named Klowa and told him what he Tho old Man wild to starving while the Kaiser july overment having refused to remove the High duties on foreign the Are starving and the unemployed demand work or important july Bury Bun Defeated in a Groat sculling collision at july Al Mlotek and Don Toliu collided near Dover today and seventeen lives Verp Rounder of a number of people went to june 8 to attend tie ceremonies in dem to unveiling Beserra Wero delegations of native neers and members of the Young j Stanford did not i the Monument is the gift of i As a tribute w the i father Junipero the i Tho California i Baij erected on a Hill near the old to Cross that Marks Tho presumed where tie padre first the ume it is of and repro father Serra standing by the prow Small from which he has a by just father sewn was born in the and rated in the school of the it fathers at Bau we at an Early ago he was Ren his piety and realm All remit he took High rank As the honors and dignities of c were open to but a Lite of a Rosa Iowa Sau for spent Many Eletr Moutlon Juno Tho York pronoun of elect Rock on ilium

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