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Bakersfield Weekly Californian Newspaper Archives Dec 26 1891, Page 1

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Bakersfield Weekly Californian (Newspaper) - December 26, 1891, Bakersfield, California I Kern december 1891 established Mefi ubed eveby8atubday mob nine and terms 00 i Etc non Lii ii 00 advertising Ratel a it of Onklin n k 1aokiml a or f Valentino Pyle a Nursery Thompson seedless Raisin fruit Trees of every Shailo Trees ornamental shrubbery parties intend Init to Plant Anil or will and it to their in Erst to ice me before when the Canon i Ahall h depot to sold the Foit x 3vc of to i d Cesmat livery fused l California b Spring waiion9 my dub horses always indy for Hay and Grain for you want to buy a hns Mas or new fears present for your aunt or Goto san in deep Waters wore two heavy if tuck Nett list in this City this for a Hundred dollars Ngn list Liol Osnac crockery calf tit find and look Kent Tiv the week or Verv befit the at Blakj off co Over the Vallej Block ban i Walker has opened in the Odd Fellows Entrance on Wall a Choice line of samples the Inlet in Tho Best of workmanship and a perfect fit at Kern Cal office in Orletti nineteenth tc3kaattohnky at Han 302 Montgomery act ind attorney at la wok Choster Avenue near court House Ray District Attoh by a Ken special at Toulon Given to prob data and Ovll office u so Jet Atni Nee Tho endless Vii Iota of dress Good and embroidered the vast selection of or Avo for the choir out assortment of silk Linon tie a Echt designs of toilet and porfuniei7 Tho loveliest Meerschaum pipes and Cigar the Nob Biest overcoats and dress the handsomest embroidered tie most serviceable Tea and dinner the prettiest vases and fancy in anything Yon can think of is to be found at Dinkelspiel the Universal agents for Buckeye Studebaker buggies and Dandy cult Weller cultivators and All modern and Vineyard the Othef against Tho Lusk Canning for Al Guy thousand St muss has been in business Twenty two lie is How 111 at the cause of the Dinic Talty cannot to the attachment Ngn list Tusk St was is sued at Tho instance of the hunk or California and is for badly san warrant we issued today for the arrest of time tvs re m for the Aro troll for obtaining Money false Evans last on returning from u trip i reported that to had of he was not believed and he was told that he would have to the he obtained to position with the Mutual Oil whore lie secured with which to Visalia where he opened a commercial business it has been Learned that Evans is a a convict having served a term in san the warrant will be telegraphed to burned at onion Lino steamship Aby Leittl Curtt till which sailed from new 18i for Liverpool has been there were on Board my Cabin and fill Steerage 1lie nil the valued at Estl Mato the value of the cargo at mostly the san chief hit Macy of the order of Way has wired that he will be in Oakland tomorrow on ills arrival hero he will visit the numbered eighty itself was Southern Pacific company and quest the company to withdraw 1u opposition to the in carte the re quest should to refused another order for u general strike will be news has been received from Les uni of the murder of n wealthy lumber merchant named who owned extensive in ills body was found Frigul Euljy the head and limbs having carried a great i 24the pity iss full Lidden in Cath a fog of plump Kicmal blackness and kor to i Orff Jondon to Alt intents and he been in Day Street lamps have been Allej link boys Are maw big by piloting Calm Slid Othef through the streets by Aid of and regular try Efflo Trade Are at a staua Stilt and Linvol Gallo the River Thame Lins Eca cd Many nip rotors of jewelry other Mieli put up their he utter to stay until die Hlettas and fear i Sutej the entire police us May be said night and Day through to hours of and on of me trope in duty amok old child upyt it House of a bowl re this to extinguish the Ila Lrol lately Raa love the famous manufacturer and Jajor this morning at the Ned of 70 ills Fortune is estimated at Trodt Coyour rese Kublai Nia Wber Kern All Matteri per Tulat Nikta real a state attended Public i International Kearney 8tuekt san Ward till la hotel i a just 11kkn remodel cd i a Orpo Sihu of f Tho leading buil Niland family Hoard and and per tic sex Anim and land All courts Alij placet i Scala 2 to coach to and from the oct St Bak Trefield to port san has Beon brought to the axe Ouave com Mittee of Tho traffic association that a meeting will be held in Bakersfield Early in february by the leading men in promo and Tulare the purpose of which is to take preliminary stops for the construction of a Railroad from Tolbort har font in san i jails Obispo it is a part of the plan to run steamers be tween Jort Hurford and san Francisco Tho gentlemen who brought the in formation much interest was manifested in the counties named concerning the scheme and that a Large sum of Money is already ban buyer 188jj buyer seller Barley buyer buyer 110j five million he leaven a widow and four loaded for san Tho United states Cruiser ban Francisco came Down from Mare Island this from c Oclock last night until 10 this morning she was being loaded with the Steamer has scaled but it is stated along the water front that she sail for chill Tomomi night or monday morn relieve that cough 1 my a att Funky eighteenth next floor wet or Kern Val inv notary Public a Keral land a state and j Visalia Mattera to the a find Offlio care fully attended flank ii properly written plan khow Lur condition of government unit affidavits Cal Mahon i44 Jav Tho courts of the Klah Fullil myl butt society r Dit Fellows French m p1kstcla88 for tits to 26 cents to Law we Ojalo depot for Forslun and Donc talc Wynm Bui 1agcr bit delivered to Neift to c3umne11 Lodge of o every Anund build Wiiki Bali Era c3 o every to sunday in Odil build Wiiki German pick have taken t1ik German t v ill tie Northwest Corner of and k it hat Tricou renovated Neil Kent in Tho table trill have All the and in Effort null be i Pond for Tho Comfort of Kaiji at to Kwh Day on Bennetts cough Jap mighty healer prepared from the original recipe of u celebrated i Ikhil and German 35 Arll so per bottle pm leaked Only by a Luigi i chemists to the Valley pharmacy fish a Stranch Medicine inv be obtained Day or badly a not survive but a few Ita was slightly burned will Bandit Flar zat senator plumb no 21 senator i amt of ican Sau died Yeu Torday and Lilg remains wore taken to to Senate chamber today Whybro Puffer eulogized tils late colleague a Senate committee was appointed to accompany he remains to his Home in to Kinley major me Kinley him no far recovered from recent ill Newi As to to Able to again give gome not Cantlon to business he Schofield Bis Roc Ohad Elsp Stanley conf Larnin upon and rout of Nawaa after the vouch flank movement he Diu from crowing the tip Cape on to Lipold Plieni until additional troops sent by when the brigands is Likely to that dangerous cot los looking Well and shows but let thu of the cd Ducth of he Elk in the Senate in extra executive this after noon confirmed the nomination of Stephen Elk Tiibi Secretary of Paton brakeman crawled oar with he lantern Oil Igni Ufa and Tho car ing the Bank Mun a distance and a verely Ujj stated meeting on thursday of or next to full of the Moon of each i Merican Teflon of a too Tho mint and third Tuo iday of upon rant he Bakekr Field Uleta every monday Kern us bib of every Wod Leaday b Abr every Tum Day on pick i by Kkt i Rylik Ovi Luino and furniture of t111h 1 i loll it entirely Rcw and no better can be badly the i Iclal Arrau Gomont can be Rolade for Lioard and rooms for a certain Oculi the of menu o real estate agents and Bravo Par lob Jav meet at their Hall the second and fourth tuesday Evelun of each ten invited to bbl Odb i every tu8tiob v 9nrr Yon Aav a Fohl but Lri Rrt and third Freda i la each month in and Hai moved he of Floe into French h Chester in Kern val1 eve Bari building a of the Public 18 Ruhr not crafted to the that hotel been Thor Luithly and u i now Jiro pared to accommodate traveler better than Tho table it Par excellence Iha we have engaged the beat French Cook Lutke Northern part of to a Good Aupp led with flue Coltin and imported French a Lei in a in for attraction to Ihla popular and 8dbqkos Hea Denoe a 2mb and Ait of Floe in Cheater Avenue and 19lb Street in oaltb8 mtg a and Gap hotel but Iamb i a i to mop Hon in a com for Ceniu Fiqiri ardizz1 in general merchandise what he left san i Tito of the late judge Hoge 1ms Len appraised at the striking Han num Ber of striking operators has been slowly increasing by additions of Orte or but the of leers of the order expect that before this week end1 the larger number of the Tele gun Peers will have walked Chine the dispatch 1e eel cd at the Catholic Mission apostolic of it Ingolia states that father Minn a chinese priest and a thousand native christians were massacred by the rebels during the recent trouble in Northern but however that All the belgian missionaries in Tho Dis Turbed District and All connected a Lith their work Are Royal Vienna Corres of id Palm telegraphs that the amp crop Francx in Mph is a victim of and Tho attack in of a rather serious Miller of a trustee of the who wan indicted by Tho Orund jury of this county on Friday for Suforna Tion of perjury in connection with alleged land is Miller says to wired District attorney Ithan on asking to jury to withhold final action until he could got but the jury refused to do lie came saturday with a witness and asked for a but the jury denied he claims that to jus done nothing to warrant the action postmasters Nul Licu was nominated to to Post new Eer at and Van Puken to be pah master Altos Angeles circuit court san Deer Stephen Field Hui ordered that the clerk of Tho circuit court of appeals notify Matthew District judge of toss District judge of Southern Cali fornia and Hanford District judge of Washington that their presence will be required to set As judges in Tho circuit court of appeals i for the term of that court to ims held adj son officials say Liat practically postpones appointment the president of the two circuit Jilg until next about the head and shoulders Tatlong his removal to Tia Hosp the weather Here in Clear f no incl Wilons of tin needed f chill affair silence is in anted in of Fly everywhere Cocci do palches hive 1 minister learn their v Are the Oniel als Stio to know we tween Baker Hamilton warehouse of the hardware ment of Baker Hamilton destroyed by fire of 4 Oclock this mor the loss on Stock is estimated at from to covered 000 the building belonged thl Safte Kern i Corn it mid ave Rytting need tuck loan Cor any amount Par omani to Ihm Rife Rancu Given if re John Merrill 388 Montgomery Streel Bate ban in do Necton with the Hjul will in found Guod Wei hint l1vkry peed stable where a Good turnout a nil properly taken heavy for a flourishing big fire started Here at 2 four of the largest isl new buildings with you Tito in go ave covers furniture Holdau Onich har Ness mus most Adars meat 1 contractor and builder to Tuke in hint we have unfilled opening our Pitnu Ieuse and a Lek of comprising the following Complete Staple und w bios and imported and in All popular brands shelf Nind Vollaerts i Kralle and i ignite were arms and Amidu Mellon Jajjo Vickery and Woc Lon and Willow were drugs and Patent youths and cd Llorens in the latest gents Ami Cal Drens Loots and shoes ladies and orisses thoas and in nil to Noffel style pm Tbs Iancy goods and notions j ladles dress in All drawing plans mates a Job pro shop on a Boul baking Estl Handa Upp Liee for Suin if All sheep 8hkbp Wool people a Lvii at a distance Ould say that on facilities for by rail Ore unequal of by any other House in uie on goods our in hip closest proximity to the ind and flu int extra Sharpt for in Beauje Vareus Ouw any be shortest sue and i Market and Carriage repair shop totally k Johnson Block was partly Tho Low Falls severely on All As there won very Little the Tiro originated from a defective flue in the Harnew helping the a com Elro broken in Ait will Pasa tonight on from in route to Bun Lake up the recent trouble to of san and was totally but entirely covered the Stock n Tho Nalii store was slightly damaged by smoke and four top of me Lalloo Rifle cartridges two firemen wore blown from a Lueder fifteen feet from Tho but were not ser loudly the Home com mlle is were announced by speaker Crisp William of is chairman of the Wuyin and Means Cammet Tab of and of Arp Mcm bin of of Jyh a men Lar of Tho mined and mining and Ueary u on foreign and Korolan Commerce commit heavy Ocean san Steamer City of Puebla arrived from Victoria Ana puget sound ports this Monling after a tempestuous during which she was nearly Olio encountered gales which shifted her cargo and put her on her beam ends for Beveryl of the Crew were severely thin died at Liotine in in Roo county Lilay Moltu in i toll Yon w Daiil Fri t the Largo and Era of on great cities Bollt Aires and the Small amount of real Oom fort or happiness Lii us the seem Towt out of one of nil pm Toulou the real life of men we co talk of Tho it has often to to thut Liore Are Many greater than i Tow to wows to nut tuber of Tiow stately Shadow of in the some of those Kmitt i of of and i Otuwa were t that Hay Row we there too Nicu to t Lonu Tho Twa of a a Pioneer and Well known Oil of died tills he has Een in business since leaves a wife and two married he olm or of it inbox Berodi word of Tiro Ogni Ott Mont Oban Tor Alto Houft Ana farther tent Asra i Liioi Kkt g Tho order of Italy Rood Tele Bucu cab in certain an to the the Bli Auld Tho Bou Beni refuse to and comply Wuh the apprehended Snow near Are having a driving Snow storm and Tho thermometer Down to there Groin Leo to to much it renter know and rain fall season than for produce of artificial a Pei Lurly co Vrh lok it broke out in a Clit Tew laut dry destroyed thu coins Neva
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