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Bakersfield Weekly Californian Newspaper Archives Dec 19 1891, Page 1

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Bakersfield Weekly Californian (Newspaper) - December 19, 1891, Bakersfield, California Kern december 1891 established published every saturday morning pub Bokr and to rms 001 60 l 75 adwbrti8iho rates fetch vertical Inchon Ach vertical two h vertical by Tho Nail year ass Safe double column double the Legal he local 10 a mull cd known by the Pujji re tufted in Advance Tor All stoves ranges stoves official sep riot in do Conklu clerk recorder i Towel Ioard of we have received a full line of company s l Louls More for Elan statement sent to thu in Don times by its correspondent hero to lilo effect to limit u minister Gnu during Trio recent correspondence Between the United states and the government at Santiago had sent several insulting notes to Trio minister of foreign which had caused a proposition to presented to the chilian Congress looking to the sup prussion of chilian legation at washing Tor and which had been Only Defeated by Tho government exerting us influence to the is unqualified Day the matter has not even Boon discussed by the government or by Congress and All indications Point to a desire on Tho part of Congress to continue the amicable relations which have existed for so Long with uie United states Anong the justices of the flirt judicial Etc could Carrboro aim fourth Morrison and filth Hunt Linkton Jill sixth Olds and win fled Scott buil and Olla and Jan James and til Orr k Olio Brool and Cit a Nils Smith and Wethli Riblon Acuna Aud third Sola and i Milancy h Tom professional pm at office Over Tho Kurn Valley Chciuk the Wireback of which is guaranteed for fifteen which we can sell cheaper than an inferior stove can he bought for our line of would to assessed for Hoy therefore made an Appeal to Tho Superior court of Fresno county and that court decided against but yesterday Tho supreme held that lower tribunal erred in the proceed nos and consequently lilo Caso was the act regarding assessment and irrigation declared and constitutionality will be tested in the supreme court of the United slates by the san Francisco grand san the Long and anxiously waited opinion of the state supreme court upon the ques Tion involving the legality of the grand jury of Trio City and county of ban Francisco was handed Down by the court at noon the opinion written by Justice signed by and justices Pat Terson and it pronounces the grand jury an illegally constituted Tho opinion written by chief Justice Dalty also pronounced a dangerous san Sullivan resumed hero yesterday to open a new engagement with his company Sullivan was intoxicated again yesterday afternoon and had a quarrel with his manager Jack whom he badly used Springer gets new ton correspondent is wind Tho jury hut the chief Justice Ilin finl toll of told four go Gorham at Over Kern Valley and 28 Block Sao t at Biak j Kern office in Waltch nineteenth Tuska attorney at san hot Montgomery by h is Well assorted and we carry every and shape Call and examine before making to extra charge for setting up stoves or Dinkelspiel the Universal sole agents for Buckeye Studebaker buggies and Dandy Lui Weller cultivators and All modern far mfg and Vineyard from Tho North arose during the night blowing Down Home signs and breaking branches from Tho Karly this morning a Bro broke out in a Tene ment on Temple Street near Broadway completely consuming the building and also partly burning a Small dwelling West of the lire also communicated to Tho rear of the Clifton House doing u much the losses Are Small and insurance considering the wind it was a fortunate escape from a fool Way of making Ham Ilton was convict eel today for impersonating u Ollu scr mid hint to dissented from the opinion of the four justices in their position that application for writ of prohibition by Brunch wan a proper justices do Haven and Sharpsten signed the open Ion sustaining the grand a whole circus new u is feared that All Tho connected with Des circus have Eon drowned Monte a hero off Tho North coast of South there were about 3x1 people attached to thu Lown do recently took his troupe to Kouth Ameri for some Tiro his circus has been prison for is committed As a part hid crime was of his doing the West i no steamships touch at the smaller and Tho circus bad u charter a Hinnell Schooner rooms 27 and attorney at i awol Chester Avenue near court a Lvin faywbtr1ct attorney Kern a special at Teuton Given to fluid probate and Civ pc Obice in the cd Taylor we All Matt Ora per Taining to Keal state attended Public lands a attorney at Kern Val Ley jeiteed8 general land estate and matters Pertal Init to the land of acc care properly Wal ten plats condition of govern men contest affidavits of Flo rooms 81 83 Uarrell Cal Mahon a a relieve that cough 1 Bennetts cough Lictus the mighty healer prepared from the original recipe of n celebrated English and German if race 35 5o bottle pm peaked Only by chemists to the Kern Valley fish Boffl Branch opposite Medicine May be obtained Day or he fell in love with miss Ida of whom he Hud never for Mally and arrested Bur for alleged representing himself to lie a Federal then us to was taking her to town in big Gay lie proposed marriage to new Jersey or Furo with Bis wife and hires children arrived hero a few Days ago from North whore to had a Small his crops failed and the Homo was burned in u Prairie Imre decided to return to Bis old Homo to nearly six months ago the family Start 1 in a covered Wagon and after Many hardships reached Home and old Thoy drove 2100 general Waltwe Matist chairman of the Grant Monu ment executive is hero try ing to head off Resolution about to to introduced by senator plumb of Kan looking to the removal of Grants remains to this is Tho court of the flub Hilld Iny Lbw society notices Oum Neh to dub of mkkt8 s Everth unday at in Odd be lows b of or next the Moon of 4mkbioan toe Conn due Tonyi o real estate agents Evo Nungi o Tahj Noil Bakk Byfield meet every monday Kahn of every evening and every to Etty 10 Bravo parlor their Hull the mid Tourt Evenlyn of tonne oif1 brnu1dok o every Tutti of j every Mondov tour blurt mkkt8 h flirt and third in each rape Ali in Odd full own Chester in Kern Valley building Cau physioiajn8 ardizz1 i Ioian and 8ubqkoh dealers in general merchandise Home by new dec thousand italians left Hoboken yesterday on Tho Steamer Wirra of Tho Bremen for they think they can Winter cheaper in Italy than and intend to return again in Tho put and Call new Sage took a drive yesterday afternoon again and last night was feeling very Chip in a few Days to expects to to Able to receive his business friends at the old a heavy los wind storm of last night did considerable damage in the country just North of Here and was the severest experienced hero for at Aien Dalo two or three email Bouses were blown some tin roofs taken off and a number of out buildings at Verdugo Tho residence of a Story and a half Frame was blown fire caught from on overturned Coal Oil lamp and Brown perished in Trio a Groat Many oranges wore blown Olf the Trees in Orchards in that Tho Western Union Telegraph company had a number of poles blown Down in Tho neighbourhood of of Mills him Boon confined to his room at wll adm Hanco the organization of Trio he in prostrated with malaria did bus Iko ii delirious during the so that oven his closest friends have Eon refused to Call upon him and discuss the situation in the Leporta that Trio of chairman of Tho ways and committee would decline All i Telloo participation in the work of Tho House have not received an authoritative dental for this Northern san and Bull from Island to according to information just received in thin City from South the Schooner was struck by n Cyclone and completely will investigate free attorney general Miller him decided to text Tho right of railway corporations to Issue free the mention to lie decided is if Trio Issue of such pusses is in Viola Tion of interstate Commerce he will shortly bring against one of the new England railroads known to have tanned probably the Boston Maine taken Licone Donco Man who arrested tiles Lay was taken to los Angeles lout evening by a Deputy it s believed that the officers have a shrewd Confidence and counter Feiter who his Suwon chilian Balti More left Valparaiso Karl any for this fact is regarded hero Asmi Indica Tion that negotiations Between the two washing that speaker Crisp has positively decided to appoint Springer chairman of the ways and Means Saml of sax trial of Curtis the actor charged with the murder of policeman Grant was postponed today until january an inquiry at a suburb of Pittsburgh shows that Charles Henry William who was arrested at Washington lost Friday Tor annoying president is a religious Crank who left for Washington with Tho express purpose of interning 1resldont Harrison in ids Racli roup judge Ware county jul was broken int yesterday morning by a mob of Flucy masked men who went to the cell containing Welcome Golden and Kobert leade Gln the recent Ond shot them the ship went British Ilila enter Ken fron Hull for Brisbane him Boon wracked in the North All of Tho Crew of thirty one with the exception of one apprentice wore the clan a Blerot Lar Han been is mind by Nhul in Tat Loil the Alexander Sullivan Wing of Trio clan in i incl to different Tomb in Tho United upon irishmen Ino Silch an Ngi Lallon hath i Ceil to return to physical it advises hint in order to begin the work fifteen percent of Tho funds of Ali comp should to sent to a so ill committee at an officer of the Dun a Gael this afternoon said ouf organisation is Tho it roughest Organ Atton in existence to have Wen ready to strike a blow u Ireland in soon rss an Opportunity sunday Many needed Lysis latin bake nil is raging in the famine at two villages in the province of Rutan two him red people arc sick with smallpox and Flay cases have proved typhus fever is also depleting the famine the famine has been More severe across the ural mountains than Tho Western at u town in the province of Tho food Supply is nearly exhausted and people Are perishing by the score of starvation petitions against Tho worlds fair on sundays were presented i the Senate All of them favouring an appropriation of Tho asked by the management on condition that Tho fair lie closed on the sabbat it a Railroad presidents Oaken of now president of the Northern is confined to his room hero at the it was wired that to had pneumonia but his physicians stain tent to has not tiling worse than a severe the Sas manager town of Tho Southern Taluc company stated this morning that there was no change in the situation among Tho none were Golnic out and there Wils no Fehr of a a prominent Campbell oxur Csont of thu american medical one of Trio lending physicians of tills country and known by put ution throughout died aged 07 Tott Jachai and Maui Etc is poisoning produces Varl storm of not Ono Der u fico know is Ifju Only Moon Tom Complex out for i a Bill room will we w Mobil i Good Good chinese Empire Lias officially Tho state department that it will take no part in the holds that i f his subjects Are Good Mough to come to Tho columbian of Sillon they arc Good enough to la omitted Othu United states at Al Lher i milked and Compro Mise is wild to have been effected with countries Aru being conducted satisfactorily to Tho United explosion in alter Tho italian Steamer Calabria loft bore this for the boiler exploded and the Vegeot sink in a few minutes she carried sir passengers and it is not known How Many lives wore the robbers who recently stopped n so Francisco train near this City an robbed the express car of the robbers no said to Havo returned Inos of Tho Money after being promised a so conduct out of Tho cult Railroad Wakiji seven fatally Hurt and five Rod today by Tho wreck of n West kind Fust express on Tho fort Cuyno Railroad new Yonki improve int is not cod in the condition of by us who had a relapse Castor a when looming of the arrest of the Senate Tho run into Toiny the Irwin us of Tho prominent to chairmen Aro 6w Vlcej finance of Mcmoor of this Hho nmn Orelyn Llevat Lonj Immi Gration improvement of Mossl Wippl Inte Watato co Nimerov irrigation to pase Cigoj in i wont proposed 1 was opposed folo Taino from Thoj then Tho finont the printing of Taei Tern of this Glt town a Library Mauu Fatur Les military affairs of which Felton of California is also a it Jam 1m pm by w Money Oloan i quire John Merri everything to take pleasure in announcing that we have finished opening our immense Anil personally selected Stock of comprising the following Complete lines grocer ies Staple and provisions wines and Limo ret and Domestic Tobac cigars and in All popular brands Shell and builders hardware tin and Agate Ware arms and ammunition crockery and glassware wooden and Willow Ware drugs and Patent medicines youths and Childrous in the latest styles Jents and boots and shoes ladles and misses shoes and in All the newest styles dry int Shang goods hats and of the newest Mien an stuck Etc to iwo Plo living at a do stereo we would Bay that our facilities for shipping by rail Are unequalled by any other House in the our a hopped to us by the our warehouses Are in the closest proximity to the and any order can be shipped at the shortest notice and without extra charge for age and we Makit Okry pro Hick at Iii Sikut Steamer Magglos Hoss from Coos Bay for ban was towed into a Julma this morning by Tho Steamer Willumat which picked her up ten Miles West from Tho vessel wan badly tile body of a Deil Seaman was found on and the rest of Tho Crew arc believed have either abandoned Tho vessel during the Groat storm which him been raging off Tho count or else were washed the Steamer cur ried a Crow of sixteen Madera District Han Liti gation relative to the of Madera irrigation District was yesterday practically ended by Tho supreme for a time at when the Farmers around Wadera supervisors of Tulare county to Grant their irrigation District and allow them to Issue Bonds amounting to with which to construct canals in Tho a determined opposition was created by big those who own Large Traer near and who the Baltimore coming dispatch from Valparaiso says that Tho United states Cruiser Baltimore Baa pulled for pan Foster Foster continual to and again sat up this lovers Burn a sad and most Peculiar Accident occurred in Hampshire county Friday Wil Lis aged and Jennie were they were sweethearts and had Licon attending n dunce three Mills from leaving for their my Kuiv at 7 on Tho Way Home the girl complained of Tho cold and a fire was built by a ouzo in n hollow in Tho the two must iwo gone to for Tho girls drum caught and when it iwo awoke Sho was a in ii Tho girls clothing wad on Tiroly yet although in Hor Rible agony she Mado her Way we thru hic Alouso wan so badly burned in extinguishing Tho lire that both of his hands had to he he has since but fished ban Theumer Ion Angeles arrived from Eureka this yesterday John Ono of Tho at the lofty Mutt go Tempo Sun or of Tho Imperial House of Austral died today of he was a Cousin of the influenza is carrying i buy victims away in fall in the collapse of an Over weighted brewery at Bonne hog to Day twente Subt were burled beneath Tho debris and fifteen died before rest icim could reach turned a crowded ferryboat Caps Lodin the Kibe hundreds of people were thrown into Tho water and ten of the passenger were the committee on at the opening of Tho House today Usu speaker announced the committee rules As follows the Hutch Koch and Down to the sea in ban Tho steamship Del Norte arrived thin morn ing from Coos having on Board Tho Captain and five of the Crew of the Burk Oon ural the latter left carrying the ways and Means membership of tin ways and Means com Mittee will doubtless to indie and to fifteen besides it is generally to its those mentioned As associates a of f1u of now St Yew of libyan of Outhwaite of Bynum or Shovoly of and who toy of a Lohl Kins of of Henderson of and a in Ingland or a now York crowned with Yount 1130 John Whittler first Tho Light of Day and Iho sturdy Quaker enfeebled in body but still vigorous in is july try upend ing the Day with of Honan friends at it had Imsu gusted that to should hold a Rev Poi at bin own Homo in but he decided for quiet and Whit a and vol new Are 1kb Surv vow of that splendid coterie of Whoso Gen urn has left Nuch 1 j tempted Bulc do by jumping but lie was to was turned Over to Tho polio upon Tho arrival of Tho Stettiner and will to examine we by Tho commissioners of health of Cors and physicians Over 300 Caroi of la nil pro in thin Lawn and the Immediato Many a Verlous Turner a prominent horse Man died from Tilix complaint this Tho changeable weather of the Post few weeks has Chi Isth the pick Nosa of this a strike on the hah Niem Beri Ottlie order of railway o North America on Tho entire itt Cilc of the have just Beon ordered to go out at 10 Oclock tomorrow morning by acting Drain i chief i Aniwa the company to Vang refund to with Era you to i uie Border j feet of on Tho Tho Cosel win struck by a Gulo and on Tho 4th All hands were sent to on Tho following Day there was ten feet of water in the hold Anil Tho Crow could do nothing during the next two being almost dead from on Tho 8th they left Tho the map Kiln and live of Trio men took Ono of boats and Tho remaining six of Tho Crew took Tho some moldy a can of preserved meat and a few cans of preserved fruit were All Tho provision they were Able to the water tank in the hold was not accessible and All the water they had during the 00 hours they were in the bouts was what was caught in the captains boat finally Mado and Ling at Coos Bay but the other was the of f thu missing boat contained first Tate John Oleti Ond a the Burk Wei valued at 1 and the lumber children cry for pitchers impression upon Tho rat half Adams express Nisi positive of Tho Rumor of lated yesterday that Tho ool Obrator of Tho Adams express Ugo lust John its forme is charged with wrongfully of Tho his own was Eliout to w privately and by Hoey i Gisolf flatly de Lek it in lawyers Wilh the t takes the Short ban of Eft 01 one of Tho wealthy Throe in his hand with to snot dead i cd Jiw awigne4 for act us us it was Caus we by it recent Low of in unto had the luf 41m the was not accented u Grippe in the in indigent wed Owland single won in in thin City Haw Dlud the few from Eora Puta by la this morning Mary pawpi0w on Tow Etta 1ft Grippe and Gresty by the death of her commuted suicide by cutting her
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