Bakersfield Weekly Californian in Bakersfield, California
12 Dec 1891

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Bakersfield Weekly Californian in Bakersfield, California
12 Dec 1891

Read an issue on 12 Dec 1891 in Bakersfield, California and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Bakersfield Weekly Californian.

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Bakersfield Weekly Californian (Newspaper) - December 12, 1891, Bakersfield, California Us f not Ler Flom t 1 won of the 4th churches in Gen in anther nil brought Forth because was and to leave Tho roman Feltl when he could no longer intolerant impression that hns been n hns been degraded Lynn to the Tho Wilfor bad hardly As conclusive for forcible reasons Mere join or 8urmlnes prove nothing the roman Catholic Church Sel a procht Tor bad Miell id conduct be on exposure Strmo Olu richly crookedness Eliut hag Jit fostered by the holy roman oath Iho Church und on this Point he Story tabs with no Uncertain Fath of Anns inn is a fair example of a priest denounced by Mother Church for show no up Tho rottenness of the roman thirty three times were criminal charges brought against Jului the priests of not Echt times kid they have him imprisoned awaiting trial on their Flimsy and thir teen times did they make attempts on Vuu life with Tho Tho Dagger or but with Tho help of Abraham Ilu Voln and other conscientious Law every Ohn go was Anil 1 father Chiniquy lives 80 years beloved and honoured by All who know of f of father of now is Nnoli Ernan who Imu the Cour age to assert his convictions in the face of Tho childish Bull of of con fired it him by Ioco lie left Tho Church of Home of own Antl refuses to go Mick to it by Tho method demanded by that to prostitute his Inci and his there arc it number of others who have done Lluc the number would Iju Hlll larger if Bitonie did not so bind her devotees to a unreasoning Obedi ence to her future demands when him confers the that they litre not oppose so great and Well organized a As to Thompsons serving us a necessary attraction to thu leapt list 1 think Biumi Ion full Cash is out of i Timve visited Catholic churches from the Atlantic to the in nearly every state in Trio As Well Tho different and i must candidly confess that any protestant in its general according to my infinitely More that attracts Tho Intelli gent minds of the congregation and without any anathema or Threath of hell or than the average service of the to mesh it sounds quite humorous to hear Baimon talk of try ing to scare up a congregation that word scare has Cut no Small figure in roman Catholic history the Savior of Mankind denounced the errors of his Church when to came on Earth to cleanse and Reform it and the jews who refused to to reformed killed him to chaps Tho la Untim thinks the same sentence should Boex Eluted upon those who Point sout the errors and intolerance of the Groat and Only Catholic he charges Tho protestant with trying to deceive their congregations As to what the Catholic Church in the matter of deception and chicanery toward their respective the protestant ministers need not boat All afraid of the verdict when brought in comparison with Tho priests of Rome no doubt has Souie Good men her but history of All Catholic As Well Asih unanimous in declaring that Tho Itoman i Catholic Church teaches doctrines contrary to human Liberty that Independence of thought am not he allowed by Mother that As to spiritual matters a Man has no right to think for for an instance fit see Isle 18 of the rules of pee formulated by Ignatius and specially approx vet by the published in 12 the Sham and the real every Good thing has its every genuine article its the ammonia and Alum baking powders sold Over the counters Are no More Hoo prices or Sam baking than the paste is like Tho real or counterfeit is like one of the old masters genuine when greedy and merciless manufacturers claim then adulterated and harmful baking powders Are As Good As they know they Are not telling Tho these people know they Are destroying the stomachs Anil the complexion of the and there Are Many grocers recommending such powders Over their to be injurious and to make a Large a conscientious has spent a lifetime in perfecting and popularizing his Cream baking the Only pure Cream tartar powder now to to multitudes of imitators All Over Tho land have sprung not to imitate the purity of prices Cream baking but to see How cheap they could make their counterfeits and hoodwink the some use ammonia and others but All these Shams cry in buy its just As Good As prices and much prices Cream baking powder is the Standard for purity Ond perfection the world and is beyond Price stands for pure food and a foe to All French i proprietor a turn Tiosh of the Phuo 18 fully called to the fait that this hotel a thoroughly it is now prepared u accommodate Travo lors better than Tim Par we inv urn the beat French Cook in Trio Luthern it of the a Rappl cd with clean and imported French wine attraction to Luu popular no it minor Al take mining application Vutla Oil Avor Neil virtue of the Lawn of the Utate of ind whose principal place of build in Anil int is ban in Ull Union ii the s Ilav Nicil Atill Nifon for a Patent for the following pincer mining Aivil int com Trall Fola Otil Llyl Wilwer Mlnarik Ems Barlup the Brof the ski of t in of k 11 Trio i Callon Butlre of which re re Riihl at u30 on in vol 4 of mining of Kern on i i Olli hol Calion i Malm of Whiteii Ivnik Rvin Clcil at i in 4 of a Luluk scion Laos Kern Ronny in a part of Brae Liik Kajj of thu so of t so of r the location notice of a lilith it astr ill of Kuril Lake a part of i a Momcil nil liar of Enilio Ndang ski o Hal m l local Lon notice of which was recon cil on and in of mining Kerr Ilof Kern on Iii to Trio adjoining Cui Ninnin lire in the North and in tin Hunch Lanil suf Miller Anil the Liu Enama Oil on the Lamia a Fth Litvina Lula Rampati Yanil Oiler Placer Iii will Hall in who Nimlou Lintn Cascad in for new of Haku German a k pick we ii ask taken Tiik Inkman hotel in thu Northwest Corner of twentieth and k h Brici Renvoi itch and will to kept in the table will Havu All and no ii Lurt will be spared fur the Comfort of meals at to Kwh Tiik of cigars always on do Elf pick Walter st11ket Imit Ani Kuun Ituk of this l Luiel in in tartly now of Toul no utter to Imeln ran he Niile Lor Hoard and Rimini fur a curtain length of cents Ida International i and ii jul Liy of the Ihrk of tie Stenti of aka Kinky it Kkt Han j and and wild run Sun cell rare fill Lylun him Wilny riled in fur it Patent fur the on thu in Iuli of the Livim Lula Oil other lie Moll w try 7iw Juno Ima fur of Al Loti Mill a Ofsow i t of 11 j1 Nelly notified Ami my and All pc Nonn Elbl Mullik nov crawly any Poullon of any of Sigild Placer inn uni dial Nib or Iii in Are req Wilred to file Thill Adverse claims with the Dir Long Tho Nlaly ploys period of Tho in ill Callon Hereof or they will in Imp red h virtue of Tho provisions of the in itch or Fuber oel Tutlo Loeb War attorney for take Laud Omen a room plaint ii Aviso to at of ctr by Futao fold teen again to William dec it entry dated april All of m 30 in Kern lib a a Lii i cancellation of entry contest nit ally King that until at the Dale of null entry Pond Iriceil natural in null Clebit if to make a Pruul talc Ciropol Liny Nav Trunko Wasoin without artificial i Rylko that by proper and before Bald Dale of Laid land would Verano and Prol Statile Grain crop or fruit with Tomt Inid land in and it and before the Date t ult stud that it was subject to natural overflow of Call which runs i Ronith Eail the said ii relay tint Money to appear of to Soltico on thu Leith Day of at 10 or lock Limo ii thin in Imkin in Hwn to respond and furnish Tes 1 ills to Ltd complaint filed March land Laki Oriter Nur Rinler i the Southern Corner nineteenth Street and Chester Kern Cost Tori la Ward Kern county a Kix of Lii Yourn Nim Irin re costly Lut Vicil it Trio st Tenor Kuroli ouzo Wuh sent a Law in non to an Neil Ticic Miil or Toniu primer in Kreh tto and from Liefl Ictor in in nor Tho of tract in i Ivo bean Trio Rcv Olpt no n most licit Alkul Box of they Tiro Lio inst unit i Over saw from Hitchi Yogi big Al null lit not i Ivo not Neon a liner Box huh Lioy no Well Tirail und vary nicely Pic Kcal Ivo it Alco Bloom Neil Lino i of Otiel Ilia Box in for Chiao Utu Alid Wod them to several ruining Owji Ertol and nil on Lloil to Loiti hit Porior Ruslim for Btu i Young vines to a a product of Vlinch la truly Ino Viltis old to Vixen Tho Khz Iiah Ivory picked thin in u tribute from u Paraon of exper Lancisi Olio Caro fully in Unola Mcd looters of unclaimed Fetler in the fur Tiu Ucli in nine my packers Juki u w Niin i Itanen ii or k w Lla Luln unlit i Ivinel Jim inn Wolni Lillini in 1 Nunn John Llerik Hinl Millton Arlinr i a Lilly Minn Flora in Iaia Hen i Anil Hiohio wore put up by Young Puoplo Olio live in our neighbourhood to whom Trio Urt of packing wits unfolded for Tho drat Limo Only a Lew Wooks the Grotth of Tho Vinos i Iii Baon As Ivory Ono in Telb locality Trio yield of hat exc Odeil of Tho ii they will the nil Lii product Ruuska with Tiu us Oxworth Olio might to presi ipod to favor Oiler local Luloh Ivo told us and it in evident Liat Trio Pat Kors Ivo us Reilly Lorn us to do their work Ono Swallow in not u whole Rimmor and out Box of Rul Sinh in not u Irin culy but anon Dong the birth of the Kern county Raisin Industry la and plot lid to no Nln any if to Ticia the might cell fir Al Viiu Ilia in la of if nut railed fur within title Thoy will Bonnel la Tiu Teml 11 children cry for pltcnjsn8 Castoria in urls Church and Bover to Loho lured from All to should always disposed to believe that that Wiloh is White to is Black if Tho Lilure loan Church so Ledi Fuho code renounce ones own Ludg Mout and be ready to promptly obey the True As Yousoof our lord Jesus i Lite Kholv hierarchical our Teh the american people i not be in Tho dark one moment As Eliut the Ruth Ohio Church teaches in to our Public Trio pub v Soli ools Liuvao no enemies so bitter As i of course Thoy Scholg Superior to Public Hoh nolo j but Wor Havo yet in Ftp of any scholar of prominence i from a parochial 1 1 do Well Ivan pin to chill Iron that i nity known Tii ill South of Funru y i ibo rom urn in my Onil find it initially Huilui Itil i Altu Coluna of aunt lffi7 in now i can Wiy that c0fttorju in u Natii Llulu for cell Diu Oai Storla pro Motoa Neil Var Butnuh bar has a two i1kkn Tho icing uni Liuni ill Lynn no and mud the Inkot convenient to thu Tenil unit nil can Elk Neil in Mccun my hex Ufi Kri o cinch to Mill from the it Leif French a m 1 Lii Llu Oitim la aim fur Kim inn Neil Plum mule u in Lett kill kit Dell Cid Placer minion claims and limit Mimi Tail in Kern county California with n View to Tho of Enlil entry Cyntell tent alack the Tomt mid Shinil it the Ditcu Field entry and prior the riven produced unto rail grasses Izmini Clint if to Matteu Prui Tulilo crop of any in no Eric i Ikins we Hunt Irrl Kunlun that by lir fore Enlil int of Puhl Shinil win ill n no Oniki and or for not crop wit Hunt unil i Iii Shinil Siml it Neil Livure Latu of he Hitun Teil mint it win in Lent to n it nil us Rollow Omni the enl Liis Lino it reach in nil Bartlit 1liu Iii Iii Are Hurlehy to Nufi inn it thin Lull cd Uii the i Lukuf us 10 to Anil Tettl Tony Cunt Rilik Billii All Kuil Noral War land at been enl cred by i Pilkyu a Killim heirs for he entry june flip a Jacif i Neil ski of Blun Tikwin lip Riniti in Kern Arno Ricsin table magnificently most conveniently rooms single or in perfect in All its rates per Day and upwards electric Call and alarm Rolls in every Vijai spiels and private dinners Kii cd at Short John the Long Kkt Hank of a kudu co myi in if Gap hotel Cal Kulink the Are in the Iirth Lii Llue in Van toll in by Licud Xii mum Iii inn Cimi Clcil in the West by in Hind and lit the so Etc of cell Furnon which Bele cled of of t in k Al by relic Ifon hereby spec fully and All can Lalni Adver Cly any intr Tun of any of Placer ill inc can Lam us in Mare in Idu Iligir my Crim Billil Cal Lime with the Teirl fit of the fulled still Cut Jinil Dullee in Liik the sixty Ilvah Peraud us the or they be barred by the of the ul7wtlo Atluru Iii fur us to Vury thu Blini cum Tsary Force inform and Pilrun Polo to mesh Church touches just exactly Huttt Hof devotees learn from if smother their cancel holy blame for it if indy least to hate Tho Public holy Church will now say that the Cut Holly Culi Roh does not oppose Tho Public Frlj but listen to what lil shop of Salt of to an Usa Embly of the abhors at Tho National teach cry Oon Yonton in Wither Hundt Lytis raised to destroy the 1o Bohols and then a month or 1 n Catholic gathering in o he Saldi Tho american hotbed of andean not to tolerated by any Good Ihu latter no Outton seems to Havo Tho True Itoman Nathalla ring thai the and to leave the Erton Hobo the one he wits to per Lefiu of Koine lome times say that the into Tomnee of Mother Church a tiling of Tho out of is this True 7 i not Ceil u Short time Mill u Wash Langton that gome was Tnador by a of Tho Bun Jjon Lugo Liore Lino to Tho opening of a private letter by the Chalul of Tiu secret service it in not generally known unit the Rel us of Tho Postoll Lio Lopert men inti Gowor inspector a to open Lettera it Tho pit Hole appear to be very much Luttum Tihomil at this proce Callnn but 1 assure you Tomt it in curried to a a Rositor extent limn oven Togo who know nit about in under Tho re Laoc the Pontod Luo Ali Vuht any private letter Vun be opened nil Teliin will Mir also Boi Iio i but it in Novoth Eloth und a reference to the priv in which Uro in printed will convince anybody of whether Bitch Curot Nelv Ilogon Uro tided Wou lil be Dell Lault to nil a a matter of fact Tho in toil Stales inn lab Are no More snored than the Pinalla in and thus Tho child in Rondo rail non Liliy Anil sleep Chi Tolu i Murnu no More harm or Tuor narcotic the celebrated French in Scinie Illihi with the haul Wilt to Moinul go wkiuhi1vg Scales Ami u splendid livery feed stable whore a Good Turu Oul can always to had and properly Ulten euro Glennville Stap huh a positive guarantee to euro nov Furm of orally Delmin Lukuf Trio Rathof whether in1 before oof after or throw Ali Youthful ind lure Rich in Lorn in Ilea Liik Down Kilili Munthe rom of Iowa Rind which 11 nor quoted often incl to old i and i Lii a Nhu Iuo fur Kent by mall on a wept of Urlau a in Olia Hamllik Iii riven for every on scr to refund Trio Inni Iny if it ruin Muchl euro not we Havo thanti hindi of from old and us Licille permanently it tril a Dreir the Saphro Medicine idol to ids Aio Runny san leaves Bakers fled at Neil Kwh his will leave Glennville Anil Flat Urdan Arr Vanir Here at i Hunner Tulleo it Lap land use Emler j Natick is sikh Kiev Tell Van that Tiik Kettlsr Mihk mud nut acc of her to make final Pruvf in in spurt of her and that mild Pruvf will Lin Ivailo Rulure in Pursur jew Lukof Kent in Kubrin iry Johanna Ilumin fund entry fur Iii of Sec Blun to it k k she Nanic thu full Winier to prove Bur nil Lovico upon Ami Ciolll Villon of Viz twin run of Kern thomism of Kern of Kern to Moho of Kern land Orrick at nov Ether i notice in 1ikkkiiy Oivin that the Mettler Illus notice of ilm Lutent Iun la make Huml Pruvf in hit spurt of and Siml Fiill proof will h Ninde Iju Are itch Elviral m Viz Jose no and Kij of of he Numen the Ful Luluk will Ekson to prove Muni and Knitl Katlun of lid Viz Anlu Niu m d Juko Manuel nil of land land Norimi Lier t Herou Imi lurid Utt Liu Ollie ii by Alfinn Der Muumuu Mary Iii Illint a Luvill cart or fur Ulitin Dunlin Lri Hutiu Klynd entry in Ilu tid noun the arc Tun in North m i Vitt in Kern wit ii a flow to Iho Rancelli Itlen of ii Ald hit Lui Allih Are he Rev Hiim Munrud to ii Piti it Hihun the my any of it 10 Cluck to respond and for nigh mild alluded Lule taken Defuro tie cd Unity Mark it a cumhur it h Oclock Elliis us Lovrik Coopers ii Tiv us but Tho Cable Gronish in Swo und 01 font Rudloe follow i in Maul ii Lulu win Muu in two Stu Tor two in Ontl Huu to the Arch Tho Oltof f the holy Cotuno won on sex Tho Best and most cure for Scab Ever to Tael cola Beale pole Itil lir Han land at 1 i Notich in Akk Kiev ii Ivan that in com a Lunce with the of the act of i of june entitled an acl fur the Rale of Tom let Landh in the states of i Nevada and 1 Jolius Kun Peruf of state us thin Lily Illel Iii thin ult ice him Htu tement fur inc per Ilii Mil tin Witlof in hair pc in Anil will Tiller Pruvf to thu unit the land Miu Klit in Mure valuable fur in Limber or a Tiiu than fur Anil to claim to mid ind by fire the Anil receiver of ii Ticu at on the id Day of lie Nii Niji in Timothy of William t Ham Nel melt us leak Iron Peru any and All per Nam Clu Luluk adv rely tin Lii nil birr Ivich Hlad to Hie notice to Kat Teof Mike in tace u hur Eliy Klvan by the of Tuo emt Ato of Mike to the creditors and All Ner Hugh a Viii Elan if Unkai Tiht the Nold to exhibit them with the Vun chem within four in mlle after Tho lint of thin to the mild administrator at thu of fice flu the court in the town of Tho imme taxi lift Lily Pincu fur the Trani Mellon of the big Hinesh of the mild la the county of Hunto of administrator of Tho estate of Mike dated at at Tummy fur ill Luijt land Orrick at Notich is Alvon that the Petter filed notice of to Nike final proof in i Ippert of bid and that Haiti proof will be made Luj fore county clerk Kern at on i Martin Homestead in try for the 8w4 of in he Natch the Foll Wiur Wlton Cosmen to prove bin Coull Nunuz Reid Lillice Ruixin and cultivation of raid Manuel Jon Francisco Juko Dun Antonio All of Kern iiuv7ih Chester Avenue and eighteenth Street general merchandise or by Anil fancy boots and hated at Trio Ijo Vrest sole agent for Mathers kid gloves Otis Mckelvey rust also a ont Koh goods Benicia Bain Flap sep likes Anil n number of other Vilu Ablott nineteenth Balcers Fiell Clell Ilhan Defuro mild i i Clr u Al ipod 50 Marks for doubted whether the hot Flor re Tautant churches today in Way in their Pray Era d blew every Chris of wlm tour Creed but under Catholic you always hear that Huv Atlon out Nulu of Tho sex Onui Ollo Nadu Hud been Wiser if to into i rent and shown still flt Les in Santa Durham have invest Snunk Tho durability i to decide whether to to in a Bulkhead a series of Atul by Trio the Fork Ohio who too bit i Iii i Wii around among Iho ii Owh until it if Boulti Iii to to accepted us a u in probably a Fuko made out o whole cloth the ingenious invention of some space writing Wiuli in ton Corroum umlaut who Dro Tinti fluently and then writes out ii vain to 111 and foul Toro is a Thunee that Iho tiling has Baon a Turlott to son How people will take with of tin ulterior if Tho or Molly of Tho mull mild once besmirched j if people would Caie to holy Sicri Slowo in a step which u Iii tray o honesty and Nikii it is Likely that some Doto Silvo might u mine of Knoful to him in his nighty now if u is not a nor a but in Itaho lately Una As Ihu Sumner the rules of the Post Plum tie Purlin ent i hint Are Tho a Omro is the Law of u of for tic i a pro Pedaro a writes a loiter to n Utu drops it in Tho Uncle bums agents Ivo no More right to Oioi Tomt letter Anil enter into Poss Emilil of us than they Luna to Loreo upon a Immitt Strong Box and borrow Thor from Bis to Wear Livoni Koniow liboro far Dos Pliny und then Rich Iii one caught with Tho Drumonds before they were tub an k at to b t Lea a Chicken your dealer for or for fro circular to Petaluma Incisi Lowlor Cal would in poorly to adj Jiou to and la to a a Lief Odom if a duo Condit Iti covering Ull of Liln try Takh Anil the Lolon a letter indy Bortul and robot ipod without lie knowl Otago of Hoiu Lor or but to does u Iwuh Stolon know Lodge Natl in ii thing but in Tatur Bill Iwobi Bim Luois in the a Newt Stylos on flue qty Allty of Imbior to log no Jornt no toe Idle two bottles of had i Vul Buo Orlov 10 from Alioglu m Tuy much that re times i Hdldn t Opeai i took Mil Lonnei from May ago but a tent set and Rollof until 1 took Tutor Koon Iii nor Cotonio i Tho Lozona Dow Rellard and 9 bottling cured of vouch it for the of lowing then to roof which i Bare and i am very glad to to Val of the Opportunity to make known the Good derived from the us of Koe Alifi nerve a Young who bad Boon battering from Early Only recommend Atlon Ibero w and for Throe months the Llopiz to Wiloh the Baa been 10 Long reclaimed thai needy he been a wired to Tho end Tutor and til now Ora Trad us Drhu Dunc Loii by Tho Koenig Sola by Dru Noliti it per 0 fur to twin 0 hot on Tor in by mule Pitcher Carton Lei Alkali neutralized Fly Lin lib land Nevada Gypsum fertilizer Tol Chono Hun Tal nuv7lll Ucb to Olivick n land at i Otich us Nikii Kiev i Ivan that the Lii lieu Shihlu inuit Mulller i Iii Illus Nullie of Lily Lynnl Pruvf in of Hla and unit Keld proof will be Mixile Buforo Conklin Superior Jud Iru of Kern us on vex Hicks entry fur the us of Ahkii and Hull in lie prove his Cuntin Nuzik Rimac Iii noun Neil of Keld Luis old am make Nulu nil of Kirn Sikl Hinr fresh groceries provisions goods i my its and Sii oks and ehnts Dakss Ani kinds of farming Fol Ltd Snyder Wittco and Dic so vans it n contractor and builder drawing Flimm Puiul milking Kati Inath a Job work promptly attended on Kui Ith of the Kern Valley Len Ali Waht Walker has in Tho Edtl follows Entrance on Wall a Choice line of samples Kinohi Aulik the latent Novil Tleiji in Tho Best of workmanship and n perfect flt Call and tee land Jeri la at november t Itile of ill tally Tilven that Tiik null scr i Iii filed of huh to Manku Lynal proof in mip Purt of Liln Hill and Blini mild Pruvf will he Ninde lie lure Lle Tilmor in i Tiece Lient in january Rree Mellon fur thu swi o Swu and new of Onwu no Buo to 21 la to he hit men the full Wink wet Schnei to prove huh Yontl Ziuoin Renli Luneo upon and cultivation of june Manuel of land land at nov cipher t Notick is Nikii Kiev i Ivan that the him tiled 61 huh int Juliun to make final proof in Gnu tort of Hon and that Bald proof will to Mailo he fore Ite Celver at on Viz Josic Lii Imei Netlon for the of of nvv4 and of 20 Snyder Sofii and Carriage Tiik Kwh vices of a tall of 1 am noir fully prepared to do All kinds of Gas Iron or steel Diccon Loim ii jul ski Siik Thorn Wlms i Loyot think of unit us by Ioco Eliut Ili Tiu 1 Over Hirw for u Lovo the Best Malir Lii need in till Fri Inchon of in All neatly Ilure and sail fact Ion Albu fur the or Tilmant sign lift our Ortris b u Ami Soo Iii you l shop on Chester Kurn full by 19th find k Jou Antonyk in Junikl i Jusu nil of i Lle Dettlo ill Willil to the Gibbons g23 Kearny of Han in in further treatment so Ingnal such an by Pyllu in All Kucius and amt manhood permanently the and Alt lated Iho Iid nut fall to Call upon Tho use Tor Hai travelled Oxton Almuly in and Inisi acted Thorunn Lily the out Alulus a great Doul of which to in Emihl Tull to impart to thuse in need of he Trio Pycior Enre ii when of ilium try will Luk to Liante Iii Lemi in Vereem a at a Ilu Taine of Cire in at All All loiter but weird to Plain fall or Ortto Addren ban capital int in Ivri Nio o h tailing Rani Ody far All Immi Irvil Dan Lutriel and certain cum for the in to Tang to i Pirn urholt and feel Ufa in it to All Belll Peculiar old cd no Jovi Kukk it inv Job mtg parlor and bedroom suits Wall picture undertaker a Lino of ua8kkts and hit line to none in Sui Liuni in Alwa Yii in Ruad Lucish Marble Yard allot Ludw of i of hand and Mindu to it Lumc Call Huford or Alfalfa pasturage for 20 head of a icily to u Ivr Nib per Lurue Minni Mitic Lulun a nil it ipod Ernie Siml ban intern Wale casing and pumps a specially Adint Koh Cyclone estimates on any work in my line cheer fully Given free of William Corner of nineteenth nil l som Whf to Wool growers in you want to a help end i mire a Lino ii awards sheep psf a sure cure at moderate Haywa Rirs dip mixes with either cold or warm liquid dip in lilo Wool mid Dara not Hill ill Wool fifth and town Send san cot dial oc3wm labor furnished to contractors clues a Fob All kinds of work including Brick help for give to a of co with Kook now Cal Nalou

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