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Bakersfield Weekly Californian Newspaper Archives Dec 12 1891, Page 1

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Bakersfield Weekly Californian (Newspaper) - December 12, 1891, Bakersfield, California Be t lit so Kern december 1891 Price so established ubu8heo every saturday Mormino up Nushik and to rms 001 six months ii 00 advertising rates of diary each vortical Inchon i w each vortical pull Ratoni kaon Vor ucal Luch three publication 1 Kach vortical i Kach vertical Luch Liy Tho Quarter Yurt local Lucelly Iho Hall kaon vertical Lucelly Tho year for Avuonal of Inch charged Lull place per cent double double Tho Ogurn Ugal limit local 10 Centa a Grunion known by Tho Money required in Advance Tor All official Hui Arlor clerk Anil acc order a Clor sheriff so tax collector Conklin pack nil Llowell u Valentino Alvon Kay Bull unit liar Rel Onaiti or second District f third fourth fifth dlr rect com Vruian Juh ticks of tub fret judicial he Otid Greene and Nolc Liomin Carfore and ii alg fourth Morrison and Lle Iwon fifth Hunt Norton Anil Loi ilium a Lith Olds and Lii fled built have nth Boh and Hirst Gaiin Mccond Chitwood and Mac film third Blua and Militancy fourth James and filth Olaz Brook and jell Davis sixth Mills and seventh Ackim and stoves ranges stoves we have received a full line of Louis Hoath com puny 8 Lisier Torsti the Orange growers convention of Cingo growers met yesterday for the purpose of alluding n per Manemit mid to hear reports from Trio gun Cronl committee previously no an agreement was submit cd pledging growers not to consign nor auction nor dispose of it to shippers who have not joined Tho com by the plan of organization it in come the duty of a Board to Lex to Price of and to ship us the tute of Tho no irked the Nietin Lich pledge themselves to abide Liy the ruling Softic it also lion Power to make to prevent glutting the the contract was freely hug cd by the Mem of Trio attorney at i1ak Oblo Over the Kern Cheater Over Kern Valley Zakera Flold and 88 Nevada Block Baa Frame Job Hail or attorney at Law at Biak Kern nineteenth at ban Chw Montgomery rooms 27 and the i Vorback of which is guaranteed for fifteen which we can sell cheaper than an inferior stove can he bought for our line of attorney at la of Chester Avenue near court xhoma8 at Law of Loco in Odd follow Bakers a Lvin Fay District attorney Kahn a special attention Given to Laud probate and civil olt co la Tho in Well assorted we carry every size and shape cull and examine before making no extra charge for setting up stoves or Dinkelspiel the Universal so e tur Buckeye Studebaker buggies and to Litweiler cultivators and All modern Faiming and Vineyard Florence willing to san Florence heiress of the late Llly Tho reported engaged to marry com Rem son of the Well known Kearney Street shoe Tho Young Man in a student lit Cooper medical when spoken to concerning his engagement lie denied that he met miss Llly Tho at Blue Light and nothing but Tho merest complement of of a gentleman to in lady passed Between an in is accepted As miss Ilythe in at present with her at Han Bald Tho Bank grand jury on thursday night found indictments against John drown of John Brown Colony and Trio Mui Leru Bank Bald was again arrested yesterday morning in san fran Cisco by detectives who Tyler and sey the grand jury demands Hail from to arrived in Fresno today and was placed in to remain until to can Brown was arrested at ills three Miles from Hohnan a couple of months while Trio latter wus endeavouring Lopre vent Annir from shooting he rival in Trio Nile cons of a Young a musicians san funeral of John noun us at Ignatius which took Pitco this we the most elaborate no tar Ever accorded to a musician the so Vicci at the cd Macli Wero vory in sixteen of the most prominent singers in the City took part in the choir another life Tho cose of Cje Orgo on trial for the murder of Corgo lie jury found him guilty of murder in the first de Gree and la cd his punishment at inv pros Ozment for wow is Maddox and Vamp no Jug guns for a info partner ship a Bishop los Bishop widely known throughout the died at Tho Sisters Hospital Hist for Tho past in years he has been in charge of Tho roman Cath Olio Church at grass and his remains will be taken to hint Planco for fatal Han while workmen were engaged in removing a Liaset Nunt partition will at the hotel tills Tho Wall burying and killing a name a new Railroad Sun Francisco Eastern Railroad company was incorporated its articles of incorporation state that the company was formed for the purpose of constructing and operating a Railroad be tween Tho following Points in this state beginning at a Point in Alameda county on the buy opposite the City of Sun thence running through Tho counties of san Joaquin Merced and to Han steel a terrific explosion of Gas occurred resulting in knocking out Tho lower part of the fatally in Juring three and severely wound ing several a hoodlum with a Bam Mahanoy in attempting to eject a gang of hoodlums from ids Saloon yesterday wit seriously stubbed by one Viaina Patrick who was arrested Good san Sullivan left for East this he was help lustily intoxicated when taken from Tho Hack and was half carried to Tho Forry the presidents in referring to Tho Luiten incident in his message to Congress to says it would have been inconsistent with the dignity and self warring san was an of citing episode at Tho regular meeting of the City Council Here last City attorney Hardy declared that anyone who said he Ever took a bribe was a he demanded satisfaction of the mayor on Tho and because the latter did not respond Hardy denounced him it was with Dini culty that the chief of police quelled the the coming of in corporation Wero lied today with Secretary of state Walto for a new Railroad to run from Alameda to different Points in Tulare and Kern through the san Joaquin this revives Railroad talk and a High official hero asserts uial Tho new corporation is no other than Tho Santa or at least is backed by that powerful corp relieve that cough Taylo notary Wel Kern All matters Pui in Ullic r Tan Long to Liaf estate attended Landa a att Funky at eighteenth next door wll of Kern Val Ley notary 1ubllc jefferd8 Bell land real he talk Visalia matter pertaining to Tho Landoni Cocarey fully attended Lllan i Iiron irly written Clevorn inuit Lai Lili Flats showing condition contest Alda rooms 31 and 33 Harrol contest ally Dalls of Loci Ell i Clevor Zinent Cal Mahon a Bennetts cough Lictus tiie mighty healer prepared from the original recipe of a celebrated English and Genron if Rice q5 Anci so bottle prepared Only by lox Tuout chemists to the Kern Valley pharmacy fish is Brunch opposite Medicine May be obtained Day or aka stick in All Tho courts of Tho Inyl Giitl society notices Topcik of p every the Raday at lit Odd Belld Wiiki bakkubk1eu a stated meeting on 01 or next lire Coille Tho Tull of Trio Moon of each a Kricak motion of Mihetu Tuo Ilia first and d Toul by Usu Ulnah of each bakeb8fieli meet monday real estate agents Ani urn Lodge Ivory wednesday of Bakkon every tuesday meets at their Hall Tho second and fourth tuesday ovo Luiis of once Ltd Luif its tors invited to Ken Lodzuk every saturday Tust Iob m ovary monday Uhl but Flat and third fridays la each month la Odd follows physicians do ill Bician and moved Lili of Loco Lutu s Llo Gors of Loco on Elrite Onelli a treat near or urn Llo Gors and Burd Kob Renildo Noou uhen Lur Soto Aid Mil oboe in Choster in Kern Valley building ardizz1 Ukal Kalb in Bull dind Avenue and mob Barcol up physician and burgeon of nolo and office b to w u to 6 and 7 to 8 Ferod son or Apoate in m Edi line and Huw Ory o University Freland ass conc be of off Smya ind of lib medical Auoe Lallone of cocoon i in oalte8 w a face Boon 10 to a to 4 and 6 to loan lib Are tre Parkd to a Kootte w loan at lowest Par till Large of land to will comm urine Lac Orenco Given if required 328 Montgomery Streel general merchandise everything Wotenko plea Amo in Nannou Vint that to have finished our immense and Personalty selected Stock of com prising the following Complete lines grocer flu Jill and wines und Lipor Eccl and Domestic Tobac a Gurb and in All popular brands shelf end builders hardware tin Granite and Agate were arms and ammunition crockery and glassware wooden and Willow Ware drugs and Patent medicines Youba and children in the latent styles Genta and Cal Drons boots and shoes ladles and misses shoos and in All Tho newest styles dry fancy goods and notions ladles dress in All the now and seasonable fabrics gent furnishing goods hats and of Tho newest we always keep on hand a full Block of supplies for such As Stock Salt of All sheep sheep Wool Etc to people living at a distance ire would soy that our facilities for shipping go Culb by rail Are unequal of by any other Bouse in Tho our Good no shipped to us by the our warehouses Are in the Clouet proximity to Ihu and any order can be shipped at the shortest notice and without extra Chariot for in run age and we Makk on nov at Iii Sikut being too ill lobe taken to an of ulcer will remain at Browns Home a Tull to is Able to be a lewd in the county Jall at those Railroad seems Likely that there will be n Compromise of the Long standing dispute Between the state and Lite Una lond company Over the lat tors to far every Legal Effort that the state has made toward compelling u settlement Lias been Defeated in the it is now stated that the Railroad company hits grown tired of its Many fights with Tho Stato and has hinted its willingness to it in expected that when Blunt Langton reaches ban to will submit a proposition of ants Luckens convention of Farmers was held at the courthouse this morning to devise Meir ii for Bluit Tang Down All Hydraulic Vari Ous Penken tackled the most of them advocating the of adopting strict measures and forming an it was finally decided to appoint n committee composed of two from each District to devise a plan of the Russel Sago Hunting ton Liol Lovati that if Sage had started ont to thrash the intruder yesterday Trio Man would have run away without doing any if a Man came to wild and asked for a Mil lion i would Timve explained to him that 1 did not have to much Money around me then if to Penl Ald and made any threats i would prob ably take him by Trio ear and kick him Down dead but body of in unknown Young Man aged about 24 found lying Between Tho i Rueb on the Oakland mole at this having apparently fallen from a platform of the last local train last he was clean shaved with dark hair and dressed in a Brown und wore a Hon bight was five feet nine und ills weight with 175 in his Pockuba Wero u note and in but there Wero no or papers on his Tho body id it thu Pinafore ban n of the naval Bat Tullon conic Hood of swell Young men have arranged for the construction of a yawl capable of holding sixteen in which they Promise training and practising naval Maneu vers and naval tactics they will also have built for Thorn u smaller boat capable of holding nine horses which will also to used us u practice boat in order to perfect Thonis Alvoh in Nurul training before making apply Eaton to the government for Onu of to ships at Iho Navy choked with Ford in Tulero one Brunch to run from Honford via Al Tejon pass to Rogers in Kern a distance of 880 Miles from san and Tho other part to Branch from Hanford through Visalia and walkers Paw to Indian Wells in Kern county h distance of 100 mile Tho directors arc Howell and Wal the capital Stock consists of 400 shares with a Par Vul of 1100 of which has already been a Handcart on Section 35 got away from a Iran of chinamen tills morning and Rah Down Tho Grade toward Caliento at lightning the car was luckily ditched be fore meeting passenger train 17 which was a Little a prison on Tho City jail was damaged by lire this there was considerable excitement for some time among Tho i Manyx whom yelled 16 to respect of this government not to it tvo insisted that the vessel should to re turned to ban this fact was made Clear to the congressional govern mint which surrendered Tho it la upon her arrival it Tho attack on the Baltimore sailors is referred to As justly exciting the indignation of our people and calling for prompt and decided action on the part of this we Are now result of investigations which have been conducted by the criminal court of if there to needless delay Tho president says he will by special message bring the mat Ter again to the attention of Congress for such action As May be Brief reference is made to the Boh ring sea and the now Orleans trouble and Iho new government of of the Lato outbreak against foreigners in this he can do no less than insist upon continuance of the protective and up Eltory which Tho chinese government has heretofore applied the president recommends that this country take part in Tho Spanish expo which begins on 12th of next and that an appropriation to made to determine the Boundary line Between us and Tho hawaiian government is seeking to promote closer commercial relations with Tho United this government has found occasion to express in a Friendly but with much to Tho government of the its serious concern Itu Cacao of Tho severe measures now being on forced against the hebrews of the president deems it to to a matter of the highest concern to the United states that the Nicaragua canal to indict Assembly menu Culver and Crenco to said that it was to the Pool rooms Tho jury h evidence was presented tallow Tho Council was censure in the report j management of the jury finds it but who Are attracted the reputation for 1 this Hospital the House expected that speaker to Able to announce ills with the exception of minor for ton Days or two Weohr it is barely possible that this suit May be postponed until Christmas the work involved la Largo number sections of Tho country of Sou Thorn lines suggests of a general shakeup it is us policy of the now Speakar to Fulvo West and Northwest Stant Tat but on Assurance that there was no danger they and wore kept locked speedily and says i am quite willing to recommend govern ment Protection in the prosecution of Tho work if other Means to not offered for securing its with regard to the Success of Tho new Tho message says a Brief examination of the statistics of Tho treas Ury and a general glance at Trio state of business throughout the country i Snow at Snow of the season fell 8 Oclock and la wore Lalo from one to ill account of the Slippery co track on the Mountain still snowing Dan Sawmill has cloned Down the storm but Wilt renew soon As Tho Snow pens Lom i ban son of robbed k stage in Tuo Northern the state last was brought to for trial last to his and says hostage robbing because of the Phi his father to i molten 0 tills morning ladle filled with Guiou Tiv Metal exploded at Iho Lacy fatally burning five caring burglars sin located a burglars outfit near Tho Broad gauge last night and of Corb heed and Edwards of Tho mounted police were detained to watch for Trio their morning vigils wore broken by the appearance of two Trio officers called upon them to surrender and were answered with the crack of a Tho fro was returned by the police and a fusillade web kept up Tor a Fow Over a dozen shots being then Tho burglars ran among the freight cars and reached a switch they climbed into the opened Tho throttle satisfy any impartial inquirer that its results have disappointed Tho evil prophecies of its and in Large have the Hope not Joaq Ulni but predictions of Tut every states will prosecute a son of Jonquil Miller who has been arrested for stage to the robbery in the Northern part of the and a warrant was issued today to bring him hero for Tobin Lorn ban Oracle a Well known opera wan today granted a divorce from her husband whom she accused of 111 treating her and squander ing her and Awny they went at full Speed leaving Tho officers groping among Iho Trio daring burglars ran Tho locomotive to Santa Clara where it was Side tracked und Tho men the contest for the the democratic caucus balloting for speaker of the Rotimi was resumed this the 18th ballot gave Crisp Mills Springer Mcmillan Lausii Botev Riib total Tho i0th ballot made no change in the complexion of and Tho caucus adjourned until 2 the understanding having been reached that Tho Hoko would meet at noon and adjourn until there is no break in bight us and bettor fooling is the fifty second at Tho Flat of Willii of the mouse of ktprcbontutlvc8 of Tho 52d Congress woh culled to to Lacall by districts Slio Wod 322 members out of 326 immediately i fur the Call Holmun moved that the House adjourn until noon Tho motion was agreed Tho at twi convicted of killed by electricity at Jio received three charges of Tho big Nab in Ling Given by floppy wont to his chair gov Init every one the Imp Bulon that he did not cure whether to lived or Iio died coolly and without any con Vul Leo May cheat the san Iho Case of Joseph Wallace charged with Tho murder of Jack Klco called for re trial tills morning Tho sheriff informed Tho court that when Wallace attempted to dross he was to Wenk from general Sullivan will be ban Sullivan company which left hero lout night is now at angles whore its three nights Ong nement will Ira filled and will be in bikers fled on Friday As previously Sage takes an new Ilu Boll Sago Silver coinage asserting that the pm nth in creasing Tho amount of whency in use has greatly Beno Fulcd the at but to predicts that n free coinage Law would result he recommends that Tho present Law to Given further trial before any Radi Cal change is to does not be Lieve that the nations of Europe arc yet ready to Coo porno la the Maltar of Silver the inc bedent warmly commends Tho of the pension to recommends that a provision lie made for the appointment of a commission to agree upon and re Pou Noui this question Deal of Alum Many Bakers to enabling them to cheap substitute Tor i to Mso bos Boon Congo Dernel although if ducks dip Pula andr obstinate Pat but Tho fact that of poisoning Havo occur use of puts Tho More serious and pie will of Oroso j r won of baking under what Pond Lions this mechanical or Medl Lual come poisonous dealing with Tho in Tho railroads to Tho Able to take a drive today and is rapidly recovering from his dynamite footer 8 Secretary Fosters condition is improved another Blaze in dwelling House in i Lullah owned by Llurba logo and occupied by tie soil soy min ing was destroyed by lira the Ore is supposed to have originated Rouia defective Trade and traffic san state Hoard of Trade at its mooting Thlu afternoon adopted the report of a com Mittee which recommended Tho endorsement of Tho California Trail la As Crisp elected Orlup of Georgia elected go kor of the Bouse of soon after the session aligned Iio received 228 votes and Recd port a plan for debtor new of the president approves government Al control of irrigation advises Congress to continue the fight against and suggests in View of the scandalous methods used in the election of United states n constitutional amendment that will Tako the Power from the legislature and give the people a voice in the he refers to Trio gratify ing increase of now naval vessels in and says there should to no hesitation in promptly completing a Navy of the beat modern Typo and Largo enough to enable this country to display it Flag in All seas for thu Protection of its citizens and extending surmise what they s May peat that the cause exists a dual poisoned in the secretions of the which an Active Poison or May be healthy and that those in Alum constitute a for two part and two of chlorine which is not hut of proportions to one part two parts of Rosalvo then again we know not Ling that one person can fruits and vegetables Saml of Paten kept ban 8u Prumo court today denied the application for bail to Tho who killed of ulcer Grant and remanded him for Crisp lilo Toth ballot judge Crisp o Georgia nominated in the democratic caucus As Candy his Case acids was shot and instantly killed Noar Castro Miles from hero lout night by cons Ablo Higineo und Clarles Jenkins his while Icsis Lilik Tho warrant for Hie arrest was sworn out yesterday by his own Sofrino shot at his knocked his Mother Down with a Boitt his wife and Throat nod to kill the whole when Clardee readied Tho Wio of the shooting the family wan outside of Tho when called on to sur Render fee Artno fired on when both Ilarde and Jenkins shot in return killing him while to same course other individual his Lutot can handle polion Ivy out being in the lot affect eds in to toned if to approaches i ton feet of hiding a the members will Sufler with foyer mid Yew enjoy excellent Lio Alth Durl Tiro that to porno Peniola Ore to Tho is some kinds of f in taking Alum Lump to in shown Tho 8eenuflo a recent Bond or i ban of Grain from the Interior have Ike ii to numerous that the seawall Sheds Are unable to receive any orders have been telegraphed to Stockton to suspend shipments of any More Grain for the tills morning the Steamer jihad or arrived from there with three barges in All loaded with the barges Are All Anch ored Oil Section a of the seawall unable to hit yes Gerdav sentenced Frank Adam a fifteen year old boy to Twenty yearn in ban Ilia crime was killing Gainou debility that to fell the the Case therefore went Over a Tull wednes fearful loss of Colliery Dale for speaker of Tho How of the presidents Tho presidents la completed and will be Given explosion occurred at Russlan Poland resulting according to dispatch just received in the loss of 180 Tho killed Wero All miners and Trio Shaft lending to where they wore working hits been almost entirely Gas at Midnight to Tho co Grobs tomorrow at pro vat Long the House Ork Milios fatal a boiler exploded in Llo Don 4 Cou this three men wore killed Hill six Secretary Fotter oat of Mary stated this that Sao rotary la still improving and Early recovery la can Doutly hut night while workmen Woro repair ing a Furnace at the he Muneo Point caring for Jefferson a proposition was submitted to the pity Council on monday night and in now before the finance committee of that body to provide Jef Venton Iho widow of Tho of provident of Tho conned with a for the remain Der of her it is to to in City and is not to Over yesterday another Reno Luton is to Moo Boon presented in the Virginia legs Laturo proposing to allow balls a pension of 11000 n our during j fatal fires in Tho Woore paper building was destroyed by fire this morning and our firemen were killed by tailing shortly alter word Miner it four Story Candy factory took Ore and value at thin donned list Tow to Are mentioned in Nolan i children cry for pitchers there la addition to Tjie ing lint from number Western that Eastern following in n list Intonti Fulvo Young girls Roan were burned to and Brand
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