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Bakersfield Weekly Californian Newspaper Archives Dec 5 1891, Page 1

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Bakersfield Weekly Californian (Newspaper) - December 5, 1891, Bakersfield, California I m 4 Kern 1891 priced established published every saturday morning idiom Siikki Ani one terms 12 it i Bli months advertising rates Obi Nativ Knoll Vert Del in Lillym Ujj Ottili Vert Rel thru imm Liat Khz i vertical in Cully tie Iii Flor re toil in Ichill the built Kadi visit Lenl Simili Koch Knelt Vur 4 00 700 Knell vertical Laid ill Hie year inuit Loimil Inch com cd Lull 1laco ii bunt Doii Blo Colura Dollie till figures Legal Llull 10 mils it known Liy Money required la Advance All Hll Virlor Iju ilor sheriff Mill the Folk or film rent attorney 1 i it ski Talir Alfred Harlem n nil in Lilac Lam Kreiwis Surveyor Mahrii Enrilo my has opened in the Odd Fellows Entrance on Wall a Choice line of Sair mles Kylir Nelse Tilli Loleit novelties Iii thu Best of and a perfect fit or Hee Onil do Hurlet to lipid Illic rect fourth him let film Nett Trucl str Niklis or Tiik i Glenn cd i Joseph fon Lane aim Risavi Folk rom ill Ramilli All Anil Sec slow Pyle a Nursery Thompson needless Lla sin fruit Trees of every Shade Trees and ornamental shrubbery 1iirllis Iii aniline t Iii in Vilio yanks Anil or com Rich will Dili it to their Ili Turen to Romu before when Hie m ii suit i Liall have a drool of the 1oitt 3ve 3pst a a 3e5 Bakersfield Cal stoves ranges stoves we live received a full line of Bench company b flame Vii incl nil Sulla Anil Minli Ilion fourth or i Elf Ali Ami Jav a Nils sixth Mills Ami i comm and Cesmat livery and feed Sumner attorn by at Biak Kern Valley Chester m Hrin Park Ciori Iam at Law u of Larch Over Kern Valley Anil at a hindu Allock r at Biak Kern Oldee 111 nineteenth Kram Tuskas Tunky rooms and Firel talc of Lii Eli i Hogua ran teed for Fineen Wlinich sell Elie Aper an inferior stove can be bought for our line of attorn by at a sunlit Avci Iii ear Thomas who Idun Attu Tkv at Law i Olla cd 111 Odd hollows linkers i a Tain Haym Stuice attorn by Khun a i dimly hint Nihil Kun Englun Keven to i Nihil Phil Utu and Ilell in Taylor notary Kern All limit in Lii Liling to Kiili Kkt Itu Holli Mcdeil Iju Ulii u attorn by at next floor Wrt of Kern vill icy Jefferds Bell land a state Visalia mint tire to the tally b apr Iii wagons and Nullo Lio Mui Alwayn ready or Hay and Grain for horses Kepi by the week or the Verv Best Paquette Blacksmith Wagon and buggy maker in Ringo pain tank of kinds Farmers in my line will con Suh lie Crown by Hiliot a text cos Sitab h is Well a shouted and we Harry every and shape Call and examine before making no extra charge for setting up stoves Dinkelspiel the Universal sole agents for Buckeye Studebaker buggies and Dandy cult Weller cultivators and All modern forming and Vineyard Vij Lunan Yuee Tomt new York Kiv Wall Ulm not Liml non enl Clr Ulca arc i Coply decl Over lie Ottil arc of Ilio pro Kornago form of a Tho salient Foa Tiro of lie fail Giro Neil Trio Onul most in Ilio to ported dig of securities belonging to Ilio Union incl Etc hallway a Holcli had Beau in cd with Ilio lorm As Collat eral torn Lonn obtained borne time pro when Trio Union Pacific Wurfl to fund Natl no a few weeks ago Tho railway Ellifi Kiln to repay Trio loan obtained from Woi Chere a Ntuli obtain Back their the firm insisted that the Lonn Nhoi ild can Tentio to run until h in said hint Tho firm hits Tocse and other Amir Laluh Boito time in in interview to Lily with reporter of Tho United he Duniy proo Dent of Trio Union sold Tomt tie securities which were placed with the firm by the railway could not be hold without the Coli Cut of the Railroad which consent Hud never been to thought that the firm held about one million Worth Otuwa to Cyrus father of Kew nil is wild by hit grandson to to very ill this Mif Verlong from nervous pro Trattou brought about by of Tho past few but be in exacted to Kew nil who has Al Boben Iii for Ohio went out driving Wotli his wife thnh a men Berof the family wild that Hdward was not but that it whim Fiu Rod Tliatha with breaking Down under Grout Load of Lite Lem and slim Nepal Vigil cd Ilung Lilor of Ayrub Field mid wife of Uno of tie is Huv prely from Jlon than san major of the California Al Luthc Teleg nipped the 1nlcr stick Hon from oru Villu hinting that 1rwiulciit of the olympic club of new bad just War Ort him Lovering a Piini for u notch in february next Boti Veen Ieter and his Lloyal Niliah Jim Cor Jackson having signed for in in t onion a revengeful Man me Kili Ixon fur years business agent for Iho a incurs Mali a Loloi Nellt association in was arrested today charged with icing Lender of Iho Nunn which for Foin con Ino Gillih 1ms been burning houses and Burns in Marion it is Siirid unit and revenge is Tho loll Iii of tie work of the labourers refused new von race wore Delm Rod from binding at Trio Bargo Olleo Focy were in Ilio Steerage of Trio hed Star Sec minor thin Clung and Woro brought Roni various some were under u three year contract to work in a foundry at others intended o i Coal Han ruinous suit f hair Ovid against Uriah Eaino ton Midden and surprising end this by the court instructing Tho jury to bring in n verdict Tor the the suit was for in alleging Tomt Wood willed Kon n and that he had to blvd ills Vale of into funeral Hammond look the traffic Han in reply ing ton Plotler from the lose prom Dent of Tho Stateh that plans Nicl Wing con lend by which representation in tin association can be by in the Neil to mans soon As copies will to for he his belief that by the Interior and City accomplish Ini Irli which will into their joint a boisterous Trio Steamer amp Rurh arrived from China this morn ing after n furious Futorm hinted live Days without Al to dirring Ilio Lino Lior it icel boats were carried two Sailor wore killed by Ilio Force of Tho Waves Ami there Woro a Man Dierof minor Imol a of died Hui hurled at a determined Miller Wilfo of a local Saloon committed suicide hint night at Clarks private where Sho Imd lion Tindor gulag treatment for a week Slio in do n san n freight train Condit Stltt knocked Down and men last night on Mission foolishly displayed a Purso toll of g while in n Saloon upon his Way Moi to Iho my Bra followed Ultra to told a loved him of his shot his Ion Mcrand doing As Biloon leu on in altercation Over business this Len Tor Drew ifs Ontl Neil two both of which i Trio a Loco think that will hard to keep at Ltd Indiana mines caused n Coal fan Many of Uio pub Llu schools ii already been forced to close reason and just now Tho Board of lion is hard at it to find ways Al wow for keeping Uio school rooms i s ibis morning and was attended by a great concourse of the to Isains wore escorted to to grave by a Force of policemen and a detachment of raining in san san com Nien ced mining hero ill 0 this a gentle ruin is now Fiill tie signal Ollice forecast regards the conditions promising for a continuous term of wot Weill for along the const from want nil California relieve that cough i Bei Vietts cough Lictus Tim unify Wilor or Ormrod Fanini the Orl Ainsil Rfelix of u Colleli tiled Kikumi and of Crumn 35 so per bottle ill pahed Only an Iii used editor of Tho shot and killed hint Naglit by n Section Iki Hsii the Cook then shot himself mid died soon no Patiko for the shooting can to the traffic san to ions Cler a Roh Lulion favor Ropo omit of Ili Rovid Ami banged it from to of ibo bed Wlinich Shn blood upon its aide against the she Huik to ibo floor and deliberately strangled herself to fatal to Iii morning a lire Hioko out in the two Story Brick Storn and resilience of by which his Wio and Broo sons lost their Trio Lodies of ecu bid his aged a flu Wero found burned to a the Horn but and Tony n from u Cornice and wore by Trio Moxlow Yawt list son cell Nicil Down lightning r d and woman Tkv Uiti i minor at now ii Solo lost no Gilt Slio killed Iii who was living other negro named Jackson Elrod two Shols it Kwh air hug been Clelar of notary destroyed Tho Olgur who tory of j Low on building arid in Gunco maddened by Hunze parisian mob cruet of a aur fog to Neil of amino girl oreo through the streets tit Fly int contest Allula Vilk i m Larrell Cal a lit Mahon in All thu courts o the hit m Lyle Kilt society notices Uit Onkit of h Ivory Thi Imlay ill Odd lellow8 healed Inlet Liskh on Tiu relay o or next Tollof Tho noon of each a thir a Chican of Mvubu the Brut and mini tuesday b of each parlor and bedroom suits Wall picture chemists to the Kern Valley pharmacy h a nose Medicino May be obtained or Akkub Pike every Holiday Kahn of uvary Jodii Molny Baker usury a Lino of ca8kkth ill line a Conil to none in Bovit lion is always in re Adliss Iricia to wok than Marble Yard a of bund and Mado to live me Call before real estate agents and returned answer to major that he would in in Wilile to proffer Jim Corlieto lit new Orleans unit for still Sec ton so dear to the a curl of worthy and deserving an International government has granted a warrant for the extradition of Hong u a hanuman it present la who is wanted in san Francisco for Mont of to was at Ono time Consi died among Tho leading chinese of Kan but Luck turned against his to he gathered All that to could Lay his Luuis upon and lied to n Jii Midian the beats Kansas is much hero Licci Iuso of Tho Public announcement Tomt heals will not prosecute the abductors of his he says to will faithfully keep the word hint to to ask no questions if Tho child was the i Tilleo Nguc that Tho Promise re Intel Only to Tho person who returned the mid should not prevent him from doing nil in his Power to help con vict Tho Man and and who no now under or rest for the it is Learned today for Trio first that Ilens having by ing governmental control of Tho Nicaragua canal in in receipt of a loiter front Maui Gnu Liilo it has not Boon the intention of thu canal Ranisi Niiya to Inko Liny measures for securing Rover Mont Neil vol should Uio government adult it policy of Oxton Diimig Liolu to Tho Enterprise and consequently the com will accept its Proll Erri in Good to also says that tha of nicer Wigim and Tho Secretary of Ilio Navy will outline their policy to Bakers ran tools charge of erecting a Monument in remembrance of Thakor him addressed n communication to Tho Turk stating to intention of Tho Linker monumental and Cletion to disinter Trio now lying in Lono and asking permission to Bury them in Colden unto whore n Ion thousand Dollar Monument will in Erec Ted Over Tho not done by the recent shooting from ambush of n Man named Daniels and his employer major Down in Southern according to in private dispatch from i hat Section is no longer attributed to indians but to n Man named a who has been heard to Iii pc bitter Tiro Apfl a alight Downing and on account last Quarter of the eighteenth Contu hurling iia Thomas on Tho Hond mind self of and lag Ouraga on to whirled by in their gorgeous Tho of Oft and Tho improvident i ready ground to Earth prob Blois of the Noble it Flint Tosu for from Tho b sent deputations to Thoj for Relief from to rna Tua fallen la Althol and Bis employed by Tho concorde a 1ublisliiiig ulivo Licon a a Chloel for the futher confessed and has turned Over in real which in More than enough to cover the to has Lioon manager of the concern for Tho Piht if contract new wild arrived on Tho Steamer Clining fluno Lingo been Onmi ipod Bora us contract Lioy Agni Tod hint they were hired in Italy to work upon Dairy farms in him for Nardino county they will to started Back towards Krope Pristine glory of Franco boo Mon to be Ovorn Holrod on Tho Tho corrupt nobility had Tho ship of let to Waal Doe relieve Iho famine and th6r to to hungry ones broke out Luto Loo Ron that boded no Godil Thron oof the Job Tomt terrible cry reached Tua Vors Alleb whore it nolo he found it Han a Young knolls Man 11 years do sorted his ship lust night by jumping into Ilio lie first put a ladder and a i no Plank Over boned on which Hoex petted lob Wim to Tho alter float ing about in Tho dark fur Broo Houra and narrowly Onca plug death from a passing to was ii Billy by n Jonos wan in a dazed Condi Tion when new movements of Deo Tho Tho Bonu Alful wife of Louis x Bor when afro Thoraton lab vol cob other us Sho what they won they Aro crying for Thoy cannot 11havo 1akuw Nettit lit a Licor Hull Tho Neioma Siml Fourl i Lay Ovnik Ilkiw i Liidi Ulni Tinb a Ovi invited to Ken every Hutu Day him tick every Munda eve us Milnut Elret and third or Eduyn in Enid Mellown Ino Ritli la contractor and builder drawing Rinns and making Esti mates a Job work promptly attended Bho Poh Bough of Iho Kern Valley Lar in Zutl Chester in Kern Valley Banu building i Iii Vail Iii null in Lulu h mfr or or jewelry watches and clocks ardizz1 in and Hii Kokon Node and Lla Kern tuft and 7 to m Illy Hician a of i office a to ii in 8 nil kill Lusson in Mikii i cd surgery new med Leal Lluu Lawni i und Odd vellum it m in in Liik unfilled to t 6 to to h look m w Nln Ounh old Lee 10 to la a Ruko Iowa it ankh Diamond once in Likhat a Nick nil or Money to loan ii Lintl John 328 Montgomery steel depot it Kbyii Hank books stationery at modes Jewelv Kait Keih Kkt general merchandise Bond for labor furnished to contractors Caiiou fungi Himed Kok Kindri of work including Blok Luile for Oivo Frank Olla cd ill Kiriou now Liln mow everything to Inko plans tire in that to ulivo uni Thod of voicing our lieu Niino Anil personally selected Slock of comprising to following Complete Linen grocer Staple and wines and imported and Domestic Tobac cd genre and in All popular brands shelf and builders hardware tin Granite and again Ware arms and Vainini Nilion crockery and thu aware wooden and Willow Ware drugs and Patent medicines and in the latest styles i tiits and Childrous Livols and shoes la Illch and Isbos shoos and in All the newest Mylor dry fancy goods and notions ladies dress in All the new and seasonable fabrics goods and of the newest to always keep on band a full Stock of supplies for such As Stock Alt of All siikkj1 s1ikk1 Klc to living at n distance we would nay Tomt our facilities for shipping goods by Mil Are unequalled by any Tobor to Iii in Lite our goods Are to us by the our warehouses arc in Tiu proximity to Iho and Uny order can lie shipped at to so Lohl Innico and without extra charge for dry age and wit make on Llev poll Oidick at Tuioi inst correspondence promised not to e met n Irvn it Bis of Loco on Friday last by appoint to discuss the behold his interview with Tho very person who afterwards returned the sudden four horse team on Tho Caliente and Korn Vullo stage Lino ran away on Hal Nidoy Evo Nini 5 while Koshik Down the hot Burin if owl win the Driver was thrown out and instantly his his Back and Ono log to inn Godwin was driving a Fow trips in place of the regular Driver Chadwick who was Bikini n Lay Throo of Tho horses Woro As Good us killed and to uninjured one went on blown to rond until it wins met by Vaughn who caught it and wont Back to Bee what won the he found Jodwin lying in to Road the Long Hud coins in Contact with a smashing up Tho stage to some extent and breaking up Ono of die horses Chris Iho Only passenger who left Caliente had Boon loft behind Aula Vilah or to might have shared thu same sad Accident insurance Falls to a wealthy ranch owner of Cal who was expected to arrive hero today on u was killed last hat Rudy in a Rull rond to had resided at Han Fernando and was years Lio Foro it noting lie took out an Ace Vilont insurance policy for Ami mailed it la relatives expert Largo Nofe in ibo wholesale grocery Iio Sihu of to limn a Lien Dol was Ciuc cd lost Tho burglars must Hugo entered before the Hawro cloned Anil secreted until Tho business of Iho Day Hud Boon Trio Job was to work of Thoy first knocked off Tho Knob of the Botto and then drilled through the dogs until Tho door about was Slavon and Stirly will will from liver Pool for this port on tuesday to recently told n Friend to cover the Duke of Bull vans Dpi met and Chal Lenge him to fight Lii a Litosh according to Tho Manuis of for nil the Money that Trio Chi Alao from his vast the lit to Ujtko within Alx from Tho if Tho Duke to will then flight my lord Jackson or the Huliah of co Bott under like rules if War the itch to nil Cyrus Field Field sa1 Auci 000 Tom the Calls ban charges of embezzlement against John of the Dally omitted of appropriating Large he Iii of Money while in that was commenced thin Pickering Ono of Tho proprietors of Tho text Flod that White had con feted his guilt u him and also that he Imd spent Tho Money in Tho it was claimed on the part of thu tie Mcnae that his conf cution was Mado on condition of not being the agreement being Mado with another proprietor of Tho Cyrus new 1 condition of Cyrus Field in Mich that bin death in liable to occur at any is Fuller slated this morning that Lloro was no change in ills Condi another physician is reported As saying that to wan sinking David Dudley Field has Boon at ibo House All Joi sup mild upon leaving Iho that Field mis not Likely to live through Uio Tut heavily uru and All along tin Uno North of to Lily sex vomit Thuro n Snow storm takes the place of la Point to a a Voru und Long continued commenced knowing hero about u Oclock than and still with every pros sect of u Long a Torii Ohlsson a hex Leah full and still a loaded night watchman in Buluro won shot by a tramp who wan stealing a redo on to Nln lust no night want Chiron wlm was Slot Hihl night with in Yang to prevent a Trump from boarding the Bug Gongo car of Hie Pas Monger the Ball in had through Bis left breast and Thoro Are no Hopes of the murderer in Mill at if boy cannot Tho dreamy and Why do they not it is this answer was carried to and a Dorl Salvo Ohnor to hungry my against to luxury of Tho to poor Woro swell i by a cry won with to Baker and to and to Par glans hungry the jul caught the Bagull Lannoo of to pvt thin was Tho struck at Tho Lou i and Mario Antoinette Ware k mob of Tho a Tho Bukor and Munfor answer of the Quoon when Woro starving was Hwy Sov Rod of Tho Bonso of Capet from Jaq Moto than one later another Ory is tills i in it is not a cry of ii Ity of Broad but of v a Convent Iro Totory connected Trio con vent of Iho of two Milos North of of Tho ground this there Woro to children in Tho but All Hore got out in a fearful of a Bridge at on Tho Lar Catt North Kern railway Oxten Nhonn fell taking Down with it 10 five of whom Woro instantly killed and dome of Tho others will Tho fall wan 150 children cry for pitchers a water Vii Kinu it Echimo of to to fund of the taunt commom Lonerg to enter into a contract with the water company at n monthly Advance of Tho latter threatens to a hit on the water if its drum nil Era not ramp cd with by the Cui croat excitement Provall and should Iho water company fulfil us Sorlom it whore adulteration articles of especially i jew pol Boub ammonia to adulterate our baiting Pond the greedy and Moro Obb Maui Many state Laws on Tood fall to Check the to ri4 Tho last report of und food it pot bait of Tho food matted to win for a came som Olmos Tho adult wore found Cibos Uio Purchot Boissy but la Many l poisons were found Day Uge of Canna Al peas and font Ald of Psoras to and a Uura ber of baiting to Boon doot Rod with an Natl goal Loa Voang so permit 0 Parry big la these roses Only fraud but in View of Tho failure to debris of he Olsen the of Blanchard Cliar cd with per Juring him Noil when a ult Nesiti in the own murder Tho jury leu greed find ban been when Iho jury was brought in it stood soon for and five for to will be for Trull Sholn i sting Tho w boy Oromonte passage of a i ulring prep Raylond to Prott list of full in i fori children cry for m
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