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Bakersfield Weekly Californian Newspaper Archives Aug 29 1891, Page 1

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Bakersfield Weekly Californian (Newspaper) - August 29, 1891, Bakersfield, California 35 Kern Agio us six pages established published every saturday morning hidu81ikk and one terms 001 six Mont i 00 it 00 160 1 76 200 400 7 00 12 00 advertising rates Ordinary Bisulk column vertical each vertical inc two publications Kach vertical each vertical each vortical the Quarter each vertical the halt Kach vertical inc by the year fractional o Inch charged uj1 place 25 per cent double double the figures Legal limit local 10 Cynta a Xvi leu known by the Money required in Advance for All official we on will show Yon tre Way to do it when you May in in our dry goods department work of the state Board of slate Biourd of Tulc in Dzhiga big work lit mul preparing do i bigger Frank on is in tin1 he is Here for the purpose of inquiring Hilt the Colony which he to lilies Iii perfection Here mul at of Moln collecting facts mul figures i relating to the and gone August ill president started nit n la Shang editors badly shaken i which i due Tii Terr Lac in these Itrat ran into to freight ears in the Yard tit the foot if second Street last evening and smashed one of them into kindling the train was one hour Lute and running it h High Rule of to one wan the Delegate Froni san sax White men wanting work will have to hem is is the i Lix Caw to thai explosion and loss of new ill Tell he m t Kent Fredni he Lull Jared in Tho though everybody ill followed by a lire look Plano Insh Ellys j i1m h More Kight persons lost i i i t i looking for men who would give them they had heard thai the Large Vineyard is were willing to employ while Home of them had from others from their lives and Many Wei died with his famous Superior f Onk Llu clerk and Packard Hpwell under Valentine Traci user and tax collector Baker us strict Alvon Kay log Buller Harrell Coroner and Inelle Uduc Kreinik purveyor Mcmurdo county Kroger a Iizaki Farot District Itai inet second District Hon talkie third Mcune Kui Irth Morgan fifth Hal Nan juht1ck8 of tub Kowt judicial w Uei incl Mlo Liu Nicholson third Carrero and Jalk fourth Morrison and Hani Mii fifth Blunt Leigton and a Wiiliam sixth Olda and wll Clil Holt seventh still and ill first Mann and Powers second Chitwood and Faleri Lillie third Hoina and Mill Mien fourth Jami and Orr fifth cell Zebrook and jell Davis sixth Mills and Keveth Anim and professional hollered to by Board skittered a bad so Nikolik n Thene to Keom wird the Tia i Werea i mute of we arc showing the lightest Neil Latosz of consisting Cifu Pill in the form of a Bleb the figured India mulls any qty Ortlon that i i1 kill wan killed on the Maui persian mulls and Indian Dimitres j a Whitlon Sun Erik by a Ivy nov Jollu Ettli j colonel John will noon one of Sherllie while attempt Init lace piques in plaid and striped editor of k to of was renin Ivins wow in Kongi nuclei the Whon Trio of be tale jul was Bruch cd by ulna j Phlox in to this and Oral i Sarah and her of the Claro Kitich Wax very Max at Kuhl re India Silks in novel silk brocaded Gingham in Light Oriental lace embroidered and a vast assortment of other fancy and Staple in our clothing Alpine of and mohair Coats and Light weight silk Fine Balbriggan Straw hats and Light and her three dogs art1 to arrive in ibis pity on the on Hie arrival of Tho of Ioil net it i dogs were placed in Anil remained All the time their mistress was in while in Sydney she paid Thorn a Dally visit and when u silo went to Melbourne one i i servants was left Henry of won i injured int Lio to in out of he mid Lii oct in a editor of a Stevedore has Uminn Loii a dentally drowned at the Oikion Doek an English j of the peasantry in Many of in Ila and Many arc Selling their Lizul hip if her will nut allow n Lino Licini ii Smithf in j it was to tit Tom to in our hardware Ion chests nil ice or com in tar a Pipiou fruit 1arers and fruit Lawn mowers Anil Litwin and a Light airy vehicle to drive in tact Aneth Lur Ami everything to make life luring the heated k the Ami Oil of a Seal a huh he and was evidently badly As far whose duly is llml11 owned last night no More Wauls of iwo i were received limn Blaine for san Illane legion of the fuel Lac Liu Ivl veda letter Fisun loth Cercet that Illane will undoubtedly indie next nominee of to Publ lean and that the Rimini of his ill health Are entirely a engrossed set of Lions has been forwarded by the Illane legion to welcoming him to where to has to make a political visit this an in Gallant Young lad Les from lev main yesterday while faking a pleasure drive through tin vineyards near the to Ruml Kris Tiv it 1 at i1ak of acc Over the Kern Valley of Tater j has located in Ollic in the Burnap Over the hunk of in site the Southern chair gym Teeth extra Rcd with us Little Pahi i Torii am at Law of Lrea Over Kern Valley and 28 Block rial Mahon a in the court of the fish a Fullil Iny Lotf Dinkelspiel t at Kern in Oates nineteenth at san my i Roonie 27 and e attorn by at Chester Avenue near court real estate agents ugh tikk j Thomas Rhodes attorn by at Law i of Loco in old fellow uakurh1 Umyn Kolc Pattok nov a kit m Peel Al attention Keven to Fand probate and civil of lace in tue Kern All no Tetra per Taining to real karate attend eco Public Taylor lands a attorney at Tea Holpa i Nii Ury ill ill i Jefferds Bell i land a state it and Manors Purtil Liik to Trio fully attended Blanks non curly or Lotta 1latxibowliikoundltlnii n contest All Davilm prepared Konishi and 113 Larrell Ca society notices Clouet or in Kern Valley Hui Ilc too much sax fruit glut at Jackso Streel wharf and Hie River steamers bringing the fruit to this City Are no longer Able to leave on yesterday the Dock i was with fruit from one end to the Imd it has been found needs i Simiry to store the empty boxes hut i have to be to turned be growers out Side the Gates 1 owing to the glut i lilies of melons Are going to and the i open spaces of the wharf arc covered i with a of crushed and decaying i j August the i eleventh annual state convention of the Young mens Christian association of California will Convene in Hie City j of october 14th to j the slate committee Are putting Forth every Effort to work up a Large Clega j and it is expected will be the j largest convention which has Ever been j held in Oon mention with the association i of this Able both i laymen and will participate in the which will he of a most practical 1 the mechanics Institute i san August j mechanics Institute fair is gradually working itself out of a chaotic state i into very available space in 1 the 1avlllon has been but a i number of the exhibitors arc dilatory in placing their exhibits in i a number of new exhibits were added j to the fair and it is expected by the end of the week thai every i thing will thin Good working i the investigating i Lek August Den i Ert Lake at Halton is still on the Rise and i Hie belief is gaining ground unit some of the water is coming from the Gulf of Adylov to n Antist the wheat if the Wival sex Yoston Lay am a believer in High prices for our stir Phis drop this Tho of Are far in excess of any per Vlious year Kipin to pow it when their Heeln lie Gan to go tip the in very Small the Lulu Unichi in Drew nut of month of temporarily checked lower prices ruled up to the commencement of the present now about the Only country i Bill bus when i to spare for several months will i the United the surplus of which will Supply Bill a Small portion of the demand of franc and the United engineering another Gold Jos of the Han Diego who him made that us mining authority of califor has discovered a new in Liwer California Placer and the u not lir Hinn Hie old Alamo which it May Ini Mem caused so Nihon Heri a Little Over a year Ajro Ami Ero ated a this discovery was made four weeks Anil already Alk iut him miners have joined the All who have gone to look Over the prospects have but Only to equip themselves with provisions Anil the netes sury tools for digging for the precious a Large majority for to Kinley lok a Proll intent resident of ids Elly has just re turned from a visit to while there he travelled Over most of the state and had excellent opportunities for he says there u no doubt of the election of Midk Llcy the Vole will be assuredly and when the full vote of Ohio in brought out ii Means a pronounced hta cd meet Nufi tin than ulily of or next prec Cedonir the full of the Moon of each the pie arc taking a Iti Colfle now serious View of Republican Victory the minority for the Republican eau Idille will to very the Campi Ign in Ohio has taken on a National and american of Mirt Luj too hit Tom and each 1 menu Cymry monday Ikon of in every wednesday Baker i every tuesday j Tjio Siravo i meets at their Hall the second and fourth tuesday evenings of each a Lollini us ters invited to i Coha miss Ammie whats More we keep a Large Stock of pure drugs sides everything else usually kept in a first clans Drue store in the i n Star cd a party of prospectors to our store is open Day and j ply Bini Les the one Prano Aad in her and we Are prepared to Rill stage or special messenger proposed labor orders at nil lint he did inv and shot to the weather they was the so atm i of at Tho Len invent was the Limo As to Hie Piv seut Here have Init Huly Days thin Yeier who i the bus reached Olio to the highest on the Luth of july isl Ami with twelve Days which the was Lihi and the average Vanlier of Days with a temperature above As do Decd from u of thirteen is Linn the no Wiio one Hhd Prinn through the usual him Tud of the last Mundjer of hot Days were in Only Days the Giva Ter numb ring in there were with a temperature above the highest mul lowest temperature in this City yest Emilay were Ami with u Light northerly wind and Clear skies a new August California is to have it new Industry shortly in the shape of u lobster fish the lobster Canning Industry in the East is almost at a owing to the falling Oft in the and Many of the big Atlantie canneries have Hlll a com Pany to Terry on the to known us the 1olnt a eking company in Al int to be the Geistle Inpil who will it have investigated the Bisl Nens Ami have orders on from 8an Kirin Cleo and local Points for All they can Paek this diphtheria in a Northern con Toni iwo to prevail at the Yel Low hag Moats from Many and the greatest exch mint Are Over Twenty caws of this dreadful in that the have All they can attend and Are on the go Day and the town is hooded with Noh Ihk o parents to keep their children Oil the it Root if they do not want them to in placed under a Hunt try Proeun tonns Are being taken to prevent the spread of i he dread disease to thin wheat were and considered themselves for Tumiate to make stood their talk of pet Salon of i i Altitude of the Colon Lex in Case of War Between England and itus Sla is beginning to Uduc Mcd in East it takes plan the weight of Public opinion appears lit favor hi1 Ullh drawl of allegiance from the for Mer and the Selling Naporan edit the rivalry of Cleveland and Xiv a air to arise in the demo cratic parly of this Cleveland and Hill Isth want exclusive control of the democratic stale and their respective Are ing sides against each Ink cooler weather sax i Jilin Tena it Kinley says the Backbone of the hot wave has been broken and for the the next few weather will prevail especially throughout ten san and hit Iramenta the perils of the Han August Sletter arrived from Alaska on the voyage six men Wen lost Overbo Jurd in a the usual has von Laxen Seonim Llotd Siil Elde heir today by Shi kiting himself in the Side with a re reciprocity has rejected the Rolp Rofelty treaty negotiated with Tho Impi sent Active Hilf that hard to mount Al Guht the Hail ids Throat out heir today in a Saloon Light by Par son while very badly dam aged ii in believed hat he will Price q Cerie True War in an holy Xiii to Impf liitle ing War news from Ifill Uvonn have Iko ii Ehl Elly n Nava i Tenn lint i brits could not of t at Coli Hirtio in the Cut Oll Fofiu the Otilli by Liuch Edh of mlle of 1 lain and do sort occurred Oil party remained Atli Prmt us own in Smithv the insurgent army Indi ugol in Tulero Iii Miles in Atli of to the lowest estimate it mull Krtil it would in Erncr the v la Funn tit my ill ought Down from Caldera on i Olnee to Len and attn Grid from slip Han saw Tho Landing he they arc armed and App Rutits they have shown shrewd they have lion waiting for a Supply of anus and tin congressional ing around cot Panilio led unlit Eeda to Aidlic Lauan no Vliek of i has n ills is wild to to re twirled to have but Santiago ii in pro Lumblo that Wirty Ninny my int Tinti ill nil 2si in the irow fallen of jul Nero Liny Herti to Kresol Nannt Force ban Han Lugii us Emu filfly in Lack South Ward and Vii Littly i Ritvo got it won Thedla Edh of Tho government fonts to whip Iii pin in 1 newspaper Enterprise in Tulare the Tail fire county i a twelve Brae lug raiding to us treat Rte j v thou to that a careful Rand Ltd of it would fill no cml repletion Lufriu Pitlon Ishik Hting the to talons in which we the interest went Iho porn Lidid a oilily we a unit Woultz to on then lilo intellect incl features of whew who have i Pati and consent exl their fellow cell Lynn in Tai Aii Loiis of Tho Ivun ii1 nil the other Vallil Olill Feut Nils of this edition we to would plat it very port Ullh and the Wima we no by its Nutine Riih Ivin clix and Thuru subject which Witart of Illus Nillon oin u hint is m Given More Gin Enil than o show the Publ Luhov prominent and More Moll Fiey of tvs lung tin provid distinction of hoi elevated by their follow Al lawns to Olla fall symptoms of a f the Hiil Liin of hot inlay loll Dweik Reff Renoi to him been widely known in Wlllie a project to Bullet to on Ibe Atlantic und of Florid saturday As High us for Tholie milling there were few hides but buyers we ready to take All would jut at from to one Farmer living South of Stockton wuss flared for his entire one of the partners can always be found at our store in tilt Ali Beador ice c a healthy movement in real Kiik real estate transactions yesterday Leonti Alneil a very interesting the sum total of the transactions were Over and yet no single transaction j was Over in this Day will be eel Bratov i this Silty on Temler All the business the Railroad freight Sheds news Puim will clone for ill least part of the the Inion met last Italy Ine Berh lie Ling and by unanimous vote Kehnl Dob every saturday Justice a j every monday me Kab j first Bui third or Lillayn in Sarh month in Odd Fellows Ardizzi i shows n very pleasant activity in realty to turn i hereabouts below the millionaire was also ii sol veil to hold Why bacians ii Kauhs in general merchandise Rei Lenco of a Heitur Ween 20th and tit Dolce in of Libia Bemer Avenue and loth so rect Stuver and u Over Baker Huld Kevil dance on Heiter near 26tb physician and huh Okon Dlease of note mid once Over office to 12 12 to f Neil 7 to 8 be Kusson Ora Duatt in clue and surgery of the Una Verilar and of the Royal of Iby Melauni and member of thu Brit lib medical t and Odd it in w nineteenth office Houri 10 to 12 2 to 4 and it to 7 a new san party of strive Lois left Santa Rrt Ixon the 1ith to run a line for a Railroad Between that Elty and they Are in the employ of credited with having an extensive t train express Niin was robbed near he lust night i by masked Twenty thousand dollars were Kings and loan society has removed from 619 Clay Belreet to Anil Monteomery streets ave Rytting the sink in hid r Paul Iri Nail i Lowil i i my mul Tom Ano Doc Zumr Tomm unproved Knuts impending news bus been received heir thai an insure we take pleasure in announcing that we have Linued opening our he new and Kent army of eight thousand men in personally selected Stock of comprising the following Complete hues grocer him Rehling it cannot u Staple and 1roviblons wines and Iii arted and Tomestic Lobacki hut Tom of importance will cigars and in All popular shelf and builders hardware tiny in tulle and Iii Ute Ware arms and crockery and Alft sware insurrection of Woolen and Willow Ware drug and Patent medicines Youtha 01 Aud Elii Drens in the latent by co tents and child Reno Boot and Bho Esil ladles and Misaela Thea and in All Tho newest Al Alejj dry Gooda i Immor Tuon look Plaw at the Hlaic fancy goods and notion us ladies Drew in All the new and Neaf Honable fabrics wipp Rewiug it genes fur Yinhing goods hats and of the new put we always keep on hand a full Stock of supplies for Mien 8took Salt of All sheep 8hekp to to iwo ple living at a distance we would my unit our facilities for shipping goods by rail Are unequalled by any other House in he our goods Are shipped to us by the our Are in the doses proximity to the and any order can be shipped at the shortest notice and without extra charge for Dray age and on blvd Kodick at Shioi Kkt an open meeting at Federated on wednesday evening to which All labor and All Friendly to Are a hot was very hot in this City Koru time in business places along the Street the thermometer stood at he i the weather Stu Reisui m recorded in the Ollices on the fifth floor of the Omielan were at 14 Rise of id degrees from the reworded at the same time the Day in fore 10 in de Grees in m 8s Likely to be a permanent san Man from the new Lluver Basin Laings information hint a Large Stream of water flowing into the Halton sea from the but he declined to coming to a a great Bat the is progressing outside he the loss of killed and wounded on both sides is Cut limited at three thus fur the advantage is on the Side of the an Eastern by Alonlo Verrl Hie Cyclone occurred Here today which nearly destroyed the the dam age Imas fur As known no lives have been More bodies new August More i indies have been taken from the ruins of Iho building which collapsed Satur one Hundred mid twelve sons unreported preparing to there is great activity Here in Tho War it in evident that the european towers Are for a Groat Coll Jed with a rally we Wagon was struck by a train on seventh Street to ill two convicts were killed a burning Han August the ship loaded with in on fire at port und it is it Leved that Gulf of via new and Michuel his wife makes two of Supply for the in one child were severely inn him and goes far to establish it film hint la will i Chorbi chinese and have decided to urge the Noin nution of Ami one Grivat storm in i jump do i Iirth 8horh for chief of the i i Mimi i la tits in lint it Hull Al Iti k i i i ship and euro will prove a total j her atm i tie my has inched wire of to murderer twp prevailing in the in glue slush of shipping i thus far one Burk is known to have been a nuked and four of the Crew a prominent lawyer Heru or a promo Niit Tokyo ref Plonien will celebrate Adel Timon has hoc lety of California will cel Brulo Luy by an cd Muir non to Al a Lio Lluy report in tins buy of san a Telegram which apr geared in Hie yes Mclay plated Thill to Iii was Auto ally in the War of Loci at ii Soeum unit suit the i Luni of the Odum Timve Lugii issued to Slivin Muhyi Ilio gnarl Milih in Alsace Lior Rullie and along i be Eastern the Kaiser is wild on Fiill Orlly to be of opinion that Krauze in in n Frame of in nil dial might Lead at any moment to that Tom people of Kirin cd have i Hijii so stirred up by eve Leneo of Ittah slain and Flem Lilily that they air Likely at any moment to insult Ler Omny in a Ivay that would of Nece tingly be followed by Krupps inn works air Ute ii Rilke to the Pommiss Birlat depart Ciu in also in Litif pimped to us other Powers Aro the wmu1 anxiety to Ket on u War and it is feared hat tit last i lie font Lect that has been for to Iofik is Likely to Biak out no any the real it tote men it Iii of enmity have at lust ills Eoy Erth that Hie Boom later Allitt adroit using Elret Lars they have during Iho six months thurol Ihen a in Ihweil of to Tho to thu Hinny h hired and couriered a lyjhuvrilel1 us tar Anil a he does not but he in still in Flo i Road wok Trio trans of several Linn Rcd cure of land Contra Coutv Mimi Khi Wllbur Rinh Trio to Loci is the a Pix end of Nur the other end in at it nil the attn Lilc and 1uellto to of talk Al Sheho Nihof Hii Sun Verylie Hie conf Lucico of thai Huc Ramento Han for Hrco in Lloil Borderon the River test of an in plows Are ninety feel in o Marsh when Veitel Twenty two Eun Umeke i a let to work lie Al Cut Liln would i Wall thin Point in tint out Are of no major the president of he Angeles chamber of has suggested u Dill int form of he Depre entes the distribution of Imp Iii Illen Ilure and hint Nhit Xii cements from Fannery and others dissent out from los Angeles giving also the of land for with Hie polished in the tute i Ion oils inon Lily Ilic major might have gone a Little and probably would if he Hud thought of and Sigild that Hie local views Piiper furnished just he kind of j of inform Patlon and in jilt tint Ulinee Aja Jlas Tiit Inui Liik do Slid hew wan no better Illera Leafor acid that h might u every other Iii cum v in Nilon to promote Inid a Jovo there in no ounce a j Landing until him Jonquil a it in the Nii Turol gallon in that land him Betin to und in Ono Pittoli of Welvon on Elihli grown Sonio of Aspa Ragow Tlsty Siw no work in being Dolin Oil roil it pow his that will Bis uss othites Inive n Good of an Norl Tinnil toll Lar the i i Iii Miccu in of an e Ink us

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