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Bakersfield Weekly Californian Newspaper Archives Aug 22 1891, Page 1

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Bakersfield Weekly Californian (Newspaper) - August 22, 1891, Bakersfield, California 34 Kern August six Price 6 Rafoa established published every saturday morning anti one terms n 00 i six 11 00 i advertising rates Ordinary Ketch vertical Inchon Kuch Vert Cal Ench Virtu a inc three Pulilli Lloyw each Vor Tyml inc four Knoll vortical Tho Quarter each vertical inc by the Lulf Kraeh vertical inc by the i fractional parts of Inch charged nil place 25 per cent double double the figures Ugal limit i 10 cents a known by the Money required in Advance for All 100 Iso 1 75 400 700 1200 to will show you tinny to do when Yon on in our dry goods department visit of governor i ids a Mir Klumm arrived in hit1 City yesterday from Mill escorted by the Himil of Xmas a lion tin next county court the inventor i Iulo n careful nitti1 of every thing and expressed himself is Mug greatly pleased As Exvell As of lilo i new county ave loomed Liy every lit Wax Xvi rely Foll Cal Mill Iii ploy ii till the court House a Exvell us official Superior Conklin Packard Howell Sherner under of Valentine treasurer Aud tax collector Baker District Virili y a Mussor school Larrell Coroner Ann huh Len administrator Ilii cereus Surveyor Cimity Vogira i Tokatl or met Watelia Bonnet second Ltd tract Fout Alne Thild District fourth District fifth District chairman ju8tickh of the Flint judicial he Meierand Euiel second and Niihau non third a Norcro and link fourth Morrison and Ilei Uon fifth Ilion Lugton and Llo Liam sixth Olds and win Flefil Swintt seventh still incl Hill first ilium Aud 1owe second and enl Nellil third and Mullaney fourth pm James and fifth Olaz Brook and jell Davis sixth Mills and Witul Nunn seventh and professional tie lightest mul latest of figured India persian mulls and Indian once piques in plaid and striped India Silks in novel silk brocaded Gingham in Lilit Oriental lace embroidered and a vast assortment of other fancy and Staple in our clothing Alp sea and mohair Coats and Light weight silk Fine Balbriggan by numerous who embraced Opportunity of seeing their Consi Lingot i my tvo weeks trip tip the san Gabriel Canyon did me i am feeling Xury Exvell nov mid Xvi la leave i for Sacramento probably saturday the Fox error Xvi la lie in at Tendance saturday at the Encampment of the have nth it j Santa chinese i City in nov soldiering in time of August Ixo Tho Wilny set fur tin1 Asseth Lynu of till tin1 twelve companies of Ilir National Luril tit Suntup a Civ it Xvi la to into Cut no to in Lii ten at oxen in companion lift for an honorable Mark of san tin1 Iii Lumbly Straw hats and Light Kelt the in our hardware lice chests and ice Ocain water Lemon Parer Anil fruit Lawn mowers and Lawn and a Light airy vehicle to drive 1 i 011hc at Biak Over the Kuril Mallry supporting a Salsa ton corps of Natlo j it consists of three converts from the Christian a Ohleh hns j Long been maintained on the a next 1 they arc Bright and intelligent fellow is and evidently quite sincere in their lift Lief in the newly found they i preach and exhort their countrymen in ii exc but Xung the i gospel hymns to in Organ a company j they Yvore out Yex Torday after noon and attracted n considerable Micro Xvi of the of upon Xvi com they seemed to make a deep in fact any thing and every think the heated to make life pleasant during of lilo str ecu strike of August the Cin Ployer ii Ike Illner company recently it the upper they if Thod to Voru any longer to they Svorc not properly fed and j Utah Wirmani Milr in in Hie Len Ryan Over the a link i i Kim Ltd thu Southern Ishii info to Coli extruded with ils Little pain in to Hiram at null Roii Over Cru Yelley Neil jux Allock him t at Biak a crib Ollire in Alalimi nineteenth at san j we Maul Kniery rooms 27 nil i Dinkelspiel xxx inc Gix Tii sixty Layh Delwon Nix for the Iii Vii Only Turnm Ned food j hint vits one Thlik that in i in health in that Region in Exvell eix Keil the Xay that the variety is not a tinclent in oink other thai Ike they claim that the ten and collect Are not 111 to and that no is Ivy cried to xxv Ceton their actor nov at kit Chester Avenue near curl i Mahon a 11 h is the courts of the till Lull Ziy Indef Xii Omah at Ollie in Odd Fellows hnkerh1 a fax District attorney skiis j a up Leial attention Givray to land Jiro Bate and civil Sibic in the Taylor All no tuck att Einuis in c All that tits per Taining to real a slav Atlin did Jublle a attorney at Tea Holpa i t in titty Pulilli heal estate agents of Chester in Kern Valley Bank Jefferds a Kokhab land a state mul mutters to the fully ult led plan la properly written Ilau showing condition of government Carnli contest affidavits 31 Nundini Murroll x mexican san August to committee having in charge j i the Airai gement for the annual Cele Ballon of mexican met last evening in Consul Coney Ollice and decided to have a night Parade As a feat ii of the a Resolution Vax adopted to invite All of the foreign military coins culex in the City to participate in tie a Dis play of Lurex Vorko Xvi la be made during the there Xvi la be a Hall in Odd lvllowm1 Hall a Ohleh Xvi la be pre ceded Liy a More Railroad August of the Hants Monlyn wharf and terminal Railroad company states that Vork on the Monica Ter Minal Railroad Xvi la be commenced next and that it Xvi la be pushed to completion in a Short the Pine nut Angut develop ments Are steadily going on it the Pine nut Gold mines and prospectors Are constantly ten ions of Ore shipped to halt returned fido a i Kern uncovered his ledge for feel and found Rich Prospect la All along the mul Xvi la to the of the Camp vill la More strict this year than an Elloul Xvi la he made to pattern More closely after the regular army and to More no orly come Xvi than the meaning of the state which declares that the annual Encampment shall be in affair for instructing the members of the in the Fri of the men Are to lie soldiers in every sense for ten they Are Puld Xiv Hole in Enmon an average of the Leglu saltire appropriated who for each company of 111 men out of this they must pay their own Allex cent butlers fort being August pipe to convey water to Aid in the Vork of re storing suiters a vex Laid into the grounds the Vork of Brac ing the old foundations Lias ii in found that it in to to no matter to bring Back the tottering old Struc Ture to n semblance of its original it Foru the Vork of restoring the Walls in the foundations Are to lie built under Xvi la where next Vork has to lie put into the it vill lie of Adobe and Cement insecure the greatest pox Lilc strength consist ent Vilh the of the old act Iturea of the the mod Xvi la not Imas intended until the fou Dallons Are and the Vork on the Val la delay in the Itata los trial of the Case against thumb will unil for disregarding the Neulin Illy which in set for in the allx tract May to delayed by an order a Ohleh the counsel for prosecution has ree fixed from instructing them to Send to London for no return hex yet been made on the commission sent to America for testimony in behalf of the the testimony to lie taken in London relates to tin ownership of the Steamer Anil May a exc bearing Only in the libel Caw that storms in a according to land Stanford i Iii Yeii lion late Intel Kletice received Here from Hrnry it genl for Callon Unla of the nil a treat a Toni of and and rain to Oil Hollely of Batik Literl of the j were Preva Lintt i that Many ant Erlein of which Necat Loo do my rep Heil Lien Jamelli Harr Lwin in j Liri Gex mul Doh Kother More the German stun Fords claim to membership in the society Vns through her Grandfather on her mothers Dent Al Xvi of of tight in Gem nil Lafayette division the entire revolutionary a Var retired Xiv Ltd the title of he a vex Flen varies elected her Gealal Miller Xmas killed by than exc qty Alvex an Elcor Lenl a an Klong in Oxer a Large part of Indiana at Salem Mary arms of the House of Assembly at Alj among some curious j relies of her in Stan Fords Annm Woit Are n Cane presented to him by Lennil Lafayette upon the hitlers incl visit to this and an autograph letter from Wash a sad Ivel Inzhir Tik stator of former xeroxed by gradually increasing will celebrate admission More troops v rely Bomher armlet on san Aii Tim and Tylnn society of California inn Vrh have Elded to a the forty la ext he nth of the Nind Xolon of the state into the Inion by tin Exen Rylon to Al Myrln the Steamer thu Iii a tax Iken Cli Arlend fur the and a Fine band of music it is understood hint it Hind of san Jose Xvi la is Ivl Ted to Tecl Lucr the and pro smile of the state lie a Bammel Xvi la lie served Hanford saturday Blanford Yot etl on in Corpora lion mid incorporation it in nov a City of the sixth the extent of the incorporated territory in Itsvo mlle North and Smith and one Charity at sax o the charitable lady Xor Cix Conte plan la n Briix Ndoc in the interest of Femah clerks in the stores which Ilo not ply Xiv Ltd the providing for scats i nil stores a there Saleswoman Are pm it in Bald that a number u stores have the scats is the inv hut Hull the Are Given i understand that if they use them hex will lie the governor soon to 60 to Sacramento Loh August Markham it work on business o the state yesterday it private Admix in company Xiv Ltd Johnson executive the to Crno Xvi la i live for Sacramento sunday and he nov considers i doubtful a whether or not he Xvi la Lidahl to visit the at Lonny Liard men it Santa whats More we keep a Large Stock of pure drugs be j sides everything else usually kept in n firs class drug store i several tights time have our store is open Day and a my incan minion or jul we Are to Poparod to till stage or special messenger a too till int mul i v jul Tel tuesday evenings of each Olla Pic lit till every monday society notices stated acct Lanuk on than Kiy of or thu Lull of the moan Offaeli of j taken place in Brunswick Between 1 Cine lots and the i reported arc fourteen killed and a Large mile next and the voting Xmas done under the next Bullet and its Xor King Xmas Pinno Necil by All who Luxor n free null fair expression of the popular the Blanford Kali nil of the Illeth referring to the next i the Grove mul dancing Emil Luule j a Xiv in the Light of be of the feat Nies of the1 important los August Kelton and i lox Imti or raved in los angles Luw tvo ills in Ivy Ponce in invitation from the Elm lick to the Harbor Mil bust ticks interests of this Iveth n View to a that it Lonny is needed in in Lulf if Southern a visit Xvi la in Puld to Sim the Only her her upon xviii he Pinili Ilid hta Tex bus is vet expended any Ami if time practical Xvi Klug in thai says the next ballot Law is a great no i it simplifies the Vork of the election prevents nil the old time the knocks out the troll la in tile float Long and is a nil a that is needed All Over the there is Only one i amendment to the lax that a would that that All voters to till out their tickets Xvi Hoitt Iki oth being supplied Xiv Ltd full printed any Man should have i Tell gence a Noigh to read Rind under stand How to prepare hex ballot without the hut legislature passed an act submitting to n popular vote at the general election an Lummy Niento to the Constitution making it a necessary Iinallo Catlon for voters to lie n visit the ii Dillom of this matter of the greatest ills mid in is Able to it Ujj Var at any Xvi Al Lect every part of till i while his mental health he Xvi la exert he Nineff to Inal twi Pence hut insanity is Irtoli family and if by and it in alleged Xvi Nicoll Hlex hoax of reason that Hen there is no telling in cml Lime i and if ibis frightful Man Tel do Nix not a Livandy made in room Hewin Ezcry reason that he Xvi la finally become n Al Yttri he Xmas lion Xiv Ltd u shr Coli and Lias the Gnu Tippit evidences of in no sivas in the ear Ohleh in the occasion of cute agony to unil of great anxiety to hex Phyall tort ills pm prior Plettl what ought to have been the poll Lufeo his life from a that Tho in Hora called Tho tainted the of Xiv How n moving Manlan Evhen to dims in hex that Bli inherited from n re cells the amp less old Jlon inn Xmas enough to the seed of death in any we skipped the old hut got in its a work on his King of for Vns for years on Side by the in gullah Kini Wizir also in third Xvi Seray for reign and insanity lit times itself Inmany members of the 1ht is not after he Lee onion Lic Mise then Xvi tied feel Safe in putting him tin hut himself us to wind and heavy a Vlad mid Hall storms Are occurring throughout the state age has in ii and great dam vill also he made to the speculation in alg Luxl it Axil no time since Lias been such an a that a Ohleh Anvi Illint in the Grain Market of Chicago last week Mil a Ohleh hex been continued the Price of wheat a vex sent up today in hint City to and ranged from these la Gurcy Down to or these Are enough to intake and break Many he old it Kiln no longer Henrex in the but he has any Nam Lar of some of the Grain Gam Biers were forced t retire last week in order to tend Mil i xxv they while there Nix Good reasons for sup posing that on account of the Una nor Bible a tvs from Krope there in Loihl n Matur ild Iii Vance in the Price of fuels Xvi than reach hardly Jinx Lefly Uny such excitement no that Ohleh has prevailed in will contest the san Timothy it is i Iii decl led to context the Xvi la of Henries and one of the most important probate contexts in the history of America is about to be he is Busy Xiv Ltd Hub attorneys in san Kran Cleo preparing the he has employed earlier i urn Loop in Xiv Hole he no he master of meet Flohn if in every Acda Cudby Balkh every tue Duy even Rio Bravo i meets at their Hull Tho Nei Wihl Nail Dir Ali i tuesday oven Linn of Euclid Al Kuliu Tori invited to Doha mibs Annik Kern Valley one of the partners can Al Vays be found at our More in ice a Kentucky pox Viler Mill explosion look place Here today that killed six persons and great Damge to i the emperor did bad for the is great excitement Here today in the Grain mar irless Are going up native sons of san fran Olson of Han Krone Ueo rent War a Ruth the Southern pad the Caine Belli Mug Hie refusal of the company to make u Lover Rale than for the round trip Between Kan Ivan Clico and Hanoi on the occasion of the Aibel Siloti Day Velehr Nylon in the latter with that that City is the whole the Parlours there Are Endens Orang to drag fact that the the sons of every other place Keunzi Minok every saturday ard1zzi i Kin poor William in in pair health is i no longer the situation is in i serious and the doctors j sire Over hex Tutti be la every monday Ilia simians in general merchandise into the a Ohleh in solely their own with which the order has a Olling whatever to i Rei Denee on Chei iter i of tween win Aid Cinco in Avenue mid jealousy and illness of president folks ires n i timelier murdered hex Xvi doxy of president nov a very a Vlf heir today by a Cooling her with aged in lying dangerously he Vax inside he Moidl Polk led j Xiv Ltd 9liver an11 i Over Lla Kernfeld Itell Ilance on near 26th fix physio Ian Anu Hii Rokos i Dusanek of i Noie and Osco Over Lukeria of Bce 0 to 12 12 to s and 7 in i kkkuu880n graduate in clue Hurghry Una verify death of a Well known an Giixh the diphtheria epidemic of Flor judge loge died j diphtheria in mow of tar a Long in the Shoih year of than Twenty wises Are tin j Echo iils Are Oikion to ills i Gular the latter i Lille Nan left for the cant last night and la x Mirml hed that he Lmh forthe purpose f tiling n Prol exl of the a Ohleh in Massachusetts must he done Xvi than thirty any Froin the in Etc of Ibe Piv Xci Toillon of thu Doc Burnt for Iii months Fri allowed n Tolx yet the protest Xvi la a Iii ably be hied us soon its the All the Harvest in the harvesting is Ivull Nailer Avny till Over the and the Promise of a big yield is inon than the Xvi edit averages from to thirty Bush Cox the and the increased yield from the Insixi Iscil Nti Enge inn Keh bushels the minimum product for in Able to read lie of the in the King Lxi language and also re Quiring the voice to lie Nile in write his if this amendment it Xvi la a Lull further assist in guarding the ballot Box in the interest of Good gov a a writer in Tho next York i from mentions some through which to passed in endeavouring to Bleep that Xvi la find in Echo in Tho soul of Many a literally Xiv thu no Vulku hundreds of remedies Vero suggested to the sufferer by sympathetic to tried u a inc or but not one Ilo tried All norts of Vays to woo the Trua Cherona Jade How to Siwl Wincil to feel sleepy before Ivl Ueli Liu Iliili either very Early or very to ii to cup Tiro sleep Unbe As it undress Long very to Lay Down so m not disturb Dib sleepy in Tim moment he touched he poll xxv ills Oyun hew open is wide As u a urn Ali irm Bitil been build Only rung in his Liu sheep going Over the he counts thu Healing of his counts j nut for Tho Sake of counting id then extracts the Square and cube it of thy numbers he cons tithing bring like a flying a every Rem oily fails just when to is Ai Teil to Bach week after a Rogrit Umu Elko tha following is per riled a lion his friends meet him san plenty of at Kust i poisoned with bad All Glosl heavy probably attended with Twenty four ice Sony my still Cring Here to Bike Puii Bizio in Iannou Neung that we have Gnu Iliad Ove Lnu our immense Cloud bursts in the took j with All the symptoms of Here the were while they Are in it bad a Tali Aud j Tuple Tipul 1rovlnionh xxi nes and and do Nichole Lobac and the water courses Over will Iii badly All the they Odd Kollowa i Umi in nil popular by Emu shelf and build can hardware tin to Ovid the for in a unite und it Gate in Sci arms mid ammunition Uroe cry and glassware Willow Ware and Patent medicines youths Velill Drevik in Ilie it yens Loots and shoes Hailiee and in issues shoes and in nil Tho no went qty Lucaj dry my and Imd has bpm yep from Mil Niay Street to streets san Tuo a Lukl Hauft in Camii to Publ Ani tent Blaine for in political talk that ing in attributed to using Valer from in old a speak of August to other grains Are close til Hals exp Clilly Art turning on i rent i my bin in sex in procuring Inzhir to Hondli the Lii Miente and the hard at work preparing to tin thu Hick of to Inigo fall Ellex Xvi la compel Tho Grunt majority o runners of their i urn soon and inel Lulles Xvi la h taxed to their the went in for is nil that could in a permanent Kan i Niton editor of the Banning Xvi wont out to explore the Walton in i the Puma u in Tolx h ullo Xem unit the is of pm Ninnel Cal Lemai and hint tie Clemal of the Region Xvi la lie to moderated an the adjacent Batik a Fertl fixed Thiol i j Xvi la in a Menull mixed reproduction the Harden of Ai i funny goods and notion ii ladles dress in All Tho and fabrics j Lur Rixon Xvi la with Daniw u candidate and vows just reel Vail tie govern bub it ii of Milf Iii Ofiu Tri null Hati Anil of Tho Newent for the presidency in Favoron an unfortunate dues 1 to Elviny at a Durance we would Sny that on Aci Ditlea or dbl plan l Al Trident at the american College gents go Oil we always keep on hand a full a Loukot supplies for Mien Stock i Salt of All sheep sheep Wool to Laiu i Usu Lount of mud on ii Witul Twu by rail Are us equated by any other Bouse in the our goods Are to us by the our warehouses Are in the close it proximity to the and any order can be shipped at the nip rust notice and without extra charge for Dray and we make on Iii poll Oidick at was Dro Vneil the Santa it company bobs Han is Good authority that the electric Railroad in us butt to be Wold to the Kant Niento of Blum i Krinch and Xvi la probably foreign Railroad Roll hew today while Rotulo ook place 111 Uleu to Vlf teen Jie Woith xvea1 some of Thorn death of a famous a xxv hoc i pc Rel proud Tho died Here today of reaching out Fer Hudson August Ringei Nellit live been completed i build n Railroad from thin City to Liu son this route Xvi la Alibi a Perlor commercial facilities Duran the Euhon of the year when to imy in of making the Best of the Ori t the Prospect of Muir Olty of in thu of agon Farmers in n o hold the desert a of the u0t Ann writing from Kunia of Ruuth after opinion that the Lake in the col Prad desert will lie permanent and Tufit 1 Xvi la Inci Timise until the Alxa Low the level of the Kiili in ii Asa fact the hike has no tuly great Benel Teil Tho role Fiul it him rendered the Ollie thu or the i Erl Cool and Ilea want for summer and makes this route far preferable tour Lelh than Uny other Overland Lar Tolj coming Over thin route the temporal1 did not exceed degrees Wulw i a Lex of the Inland sen with its Mill Xvi Inch and tiny will recaps in Tretchell away in the distance As far a Tho r could a Villi u regt Ilaf old Ftp lond surf Beni Lynn and com Bank on ii newfound and Lite or of till Litty Miles in Plain might along thu Root made u most agreeable fully 0 entrancing As on the surf Lull to Han to calf Oinila nov by the Souther route miss cd one of the most intercut in sights of their them is Del Terence nov from a that it Xvi previous Evhen the eters recorded of High 180 and there wan nothing to relieve a Villu hot Xvan Sand blinding will it Oryx added to Tho discomforts of to now the suit has coma id Jho dully average the Lake of an Inch 11 in very rail Road Penolo have not Ami published them to Reaid the von Are Liki Kunii thin and Jhuti Yovil not Lilik in i dont time nil Vou can uru hint Emir vim Oun you i fur instance amt now coins the von Init hike n a Lii at la before you it Lulu then Roll Ute Etoh i eur Miil Muiir Hur Reine Uji a Imp a or a Honky jut Buluro fuck my Hie fuel in hot put big Tea of leu on the Miiko try Bro Ulde of 11 ii my Jiuu Riib u n Luru Trike but Biily in Tho n a title of in ital drink Ili iut Iii Ufeu u Olgur jilt Lieford you to to Ili nil nil u Lurty Miil after 0 pm n Iniel Uriate Insil before All Are til Uil in Turni All Aro As Worth Ivy m u stir Thiot the Al slim subject to various Hal Hoiu Tineh to Falls into a mid in pcs with it few Long be if he Mil Beun slut out of a he has a exultant Bat he has by ugly nov the evil spell of Wako ulness u broken at to him Joen its top certainly four now 10 will by Strong and refreshed for the to looks it Bla Vatch and Fenil a Wim just a so he lies and houses through the wretched his business it door not i Rotillo him Hla xxv Etheart not Boon faithless to has nothing on Bis con Noi onco Moro than men have in simply Cuenot and unit u the finning and end of All the rein edits in nil tha devices for hiking Nam her thinner Down Fol lows own experience to Mclin me tent Rall any Over in ibo Bud now in now us ibo ii Aln Anil Tymn an Ilia the revue Nolua with Liberal amount of Bli it Luiu Odon remedy w any another our Welve Hlub i reported in inter Gnu we to lie or three or four ton net wok vow it Eneli Hun at Ibex k out Lulu Elmann runt dour a Ltd a Burn i hot too la the 11u a in Ixl till ii for Trio victim to put in Ouer if it Aud Tun my with Tiu or nicely if n Holt u in Nee let a Ltd Tropilo i much the better form tha the will a a wimple on Tho a run mix on Tho train in far ans Artim the a Lake it a Halir Brcci Ivy Trio Royiw in having my Suikan a in Rogo for the for Tho Avau wholly Din bront were counted off to hovering Over the Tho Hull ing Loxen in like to the in count of eve Utji ton nil whatever hot was it Ehik Taxt to Tho heavy rect Loh of w from the Lake make and my Louding is Hunte of ail Yiirs the Santa be makes a the Antioch Tho of thu nil Puld Over in Lei for entire coir Muhilly into u ton Wilhur u Law the of eos insect and ooh unit Antioch lug mid xxx Tirik thin pair iwo n Lur oilily company Tho Trio ten tvs front from Muelu Dellb i prep of at a coot the question Hylint of a of Lyle them i Wii d lie Axy Ralish in thu Xenter to flow Utica Iii in Iii Nisku to t these continued we Tipri line with u it my to that by Tiu oui of three tramp will return to warn no pro Shepf Boll Van v Attl m

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