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Bakersfield Weekly Californian Newspaper Archives Aug 15 1891, Page 1

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Bakersfield Weekly Californian (Newspaper) - August 15, 1891, Bakersfield, California 33 Kern six Price 6 cent land monopoly must August Jick the Ripper this morn established published every saturday morning Ilmis Likit and one terms n 001 six non thu advertising rates Ordinary vac i vertical Inchon each vortical Unell Ratoni each vertical Imp locations each vertical each vertical the Quarter each vertical the Hall kaon vertical Tho year fractional parti of Inch chained Hill place 25 per cent double double the Legal limit i Cal 10 cents a Ovule in known by the Money Reo Julfred in Advance Lor nil 00 1 h 176 200 00 700 Uoo official Superior Conklin clerk and Packard Powell sheriff u Valentine treasurer and tax collector Baker ult let Hay Aue Wir Harrell anti Public administrator Iligir Krait Surveyor in Omordo county aug pm Iio Ahi or Bonnet he Conil District Mckee third District fourth District fifth District Al Morgan chairman ji18tickm of Tiik first Jill Clyl i Mai incl Greene and third nud Uli ilk Kurtli Morrison and Eimm i kill Ali and uni Ham sixth old him wll Lelia Kittl i seventh still and ill i Qinnn and Heco Iid Clintwood and Kaler Bilhl third Sema and m Man nay fourth pm and Irr i kit la and Jeff i Ives sixth Mills and Wotli Limann seventh Acuna and i we will show you the Way to do it when you May Nell on in our dry goods department we Are showing the lightest Siml latest of of Obries of figured India persian mulls and Indian lace piques in plaid and striped India Silks in novel silk brocaded Gingham in Light Oriental lace embroidered and a vast assortment of other fancy and Staple in our clothing Alpaca ii and mohair Coats and Light weight silk Fine Balbriggan Straw hats and Light Vilt in our hardware chests and Ream water Lemon fruit 1arers and fruit Lawn mowers and Lawn and a Light airy vehicle to drive counterfeit quarters in City in being hooded Ullh a dangerous coun it Isu Quarter of Dollar of the ditto of in weight and milling it is the figures also appear but a closer inspection j shows that the head and Nock of the goddess of a Lyerly Are thicker than on j the genuine the counterfeit in made of some composition and Silver i and May be by its apparent the dangerous nature of the counterfeit May in real from the fact that the experts of i the California state Hank were asked to pass on some of them and pronounced them to lie inquiry shows hut most of the merchants of the City have u number of and a few dealers in consequence have declined to accept any Mon i of chairman of the committee of the i ing on of j state Hoard of Trade on Jan old woman named w was delivered an address in the Rel Neil by an unknown who Cut Hall thursday the Lurad of his argument was hint californian the sea in the an gum tin Why Tho Steamer was i a 11 met her Throat and Slabbed her repeatedly Iii the she cannot Tho Rural to Milaton should be As were unable to land the in entertaining the Best bringing about this lie i to Llevad that California had advertised too much her Lino fast magnificent growing vineyards and Ami had neglected to impress ids usual j the moans of ii goal of Shoho Wilhern ice ill who Lias willed by the tit la who the usual Han August a Well known italian editor of this committed suicide today Al he shot himself with a 1 be had Boon for mime upon the people unit there Are now lands waiting for development and sufi Cring from Iii health Hane Mont by he also dec Liuva that the Large Landholt Dilig in Northern California must lie broken if the country is to Pronior As it Jle tween Sacramento and he 1 fio people own and control a majority of the land the slate Hoard a murdered Hod i icon living a Long time at Sallon and is now believes the Lake in that Al a Lilly Lias come the average depth of the Kulir is now about four and is Thorn flow Eli Ivl ing the directly across j he Lake from Hallon the distance is Elgal in some places it is ten Miles and is about Miles As the Colorado is now at us lowest and the inflow equals the it u reasonable to slip Issei chinese renters of fruit that the Lake has conic to the Breaks in the Hanks of i to River Are Long and i two arc o have a Perma nent Lake in the East of we May us of an woman was taken from the River Here appearances indicate Bat she had been 1 f Trade desires to furnish the people j Cit with information regarding and to this end ii asks the j plenty of Gold in the Foothills and cooperation r All i sax August Large influx of chinese i Kirge Hecke Rof Sirj Ken August the is soon going to Washington to at incendiary so August two men and two wore lynched Here today for Ihor Luloh of Han it now in tit was seized Lio Taino she had inv la local refugees on the usual Han August Tigon 17 to was Miller ing from Iii committed suicide r today by shooting himself with a re complaints come bom Pui Oer county that the Clinese Are ruining the business in dint putt of the of Lens a comntoiv1 Peel ii to have some Ohoyt on our and it May inthe cause of More f practice on the Purl of Trio discovery of Rich tin j curing season the result would be very i become chinese whether that will inti advent1 in cry ago or not remains to be there Tell new must necessarily be an enormous amount of water going up front such a Largo body of water in the intense heal if that sultry it will have to come Down and should it come lie during our a Nisan of fruit to runt to and the evil results have now painfully Are getting control of Etty tiling and White people will not Settle in the county to engage in fruit grow ail their suppl Loscaro furnished by vey is soon going to Washington to at Leanier oceanic is expected to bring t t tend u meeting of the International Lull of in tin Deposit has lion d Modoo Leo logical he has jilt Whin will Calm to Colin a which if the s a returned from a visit to the Par s1ivs Resen Cove May acted much at they Llo the Kolni Imti reservation and were tics Olio have for some Lime been chinese be allowed to land until Vest gating the Gold bearing deposits of u Ihlo mar Satis Fallon California bet Ween parallels and that he is clearly entitled to do All he says there Are yet plenty of Gold deposits in the fool Hills and sier Ras and unit the Gold producing development of California has hardly com kinds of subterfuges arc being cd Island by resorted to and ii requires the utmost vigilance to prevent i have in my Possession now a certificate signed by four americans asserting that the i Carer is a Sacramento merchant of Good the matter was submitted to Tho chief if tulle at Hamilt mento who immediately replied that the hearer of the certificate Wasa tin result was that we ordered his re turn to in Tom Seal Miner and Prospect City several Days since with a Quantity professional i anything and Tho heated make life pleasant Durieu at Biak hoc Over tin Kern vol Ltd in Folli j i i i la i i i m i m in i 1 in Ollire in Tho i i i i i i i 1 i 1 Over Tho Hank of i 7 i i i in Vij i 1 i j in Iii to thu Southern com rvs a vex Teeth earn Rcd with As a Lille pain you Siam or att Okky at Law l of Lucs Over Kern full to and2m Blok t at Haki Kern Ollilee in Mallei nineteenth i at san Montgomery rooms and the Southern Pacific at Santa los real estate transfers show that the Southern ice ill railway has purchased from Abbot two Hun dred and fort seven acres of land the Santa Monica Caslon on the thus securing to that com Pany three quarters of a mile of wider the sum paid was n Pinhase hic Ludes a Large Supply of the land transactions of the Southern Wacille at that Point already involve an outlay of the chinese must i the distance inborn a from los Llanos to Ardoim is hit ing Foreman for Cook my Ardoim to Tracy 117 Miles the Well known Fri i from los Llanos to Tracy discharged All their chinese help and i hitherto Only freight trains have Boon i employed while labor in their Stead i the but a Large amount of they Are now packing and Are j Grain Lias been moved Over the in pleased with the labor they Are re cell spool Ion of by the of legals it is reported that the Karl Days Shin was made with the stations along the West Side names have from los Llanos As follows Dos Whites Mcmull on a it has been assayed and proves in be very the Prosi Hutor refuses in divulge the location of bin but says he big ledge of the All of which will average As Well As that he brought at Han they occupy Tho position of policemen on the Reserva ii Tosca that they Are proud of the Kuril wore a in slur conspicuously they ait1 Palei aced lint have All the Indian characteristics except including e attorney at Chester Avenue near court at Law i of Loo 111 Ord Fellows linkers Atto Kinky a Ken j special att Englun ii Ven Kurt probate and civil once in the i Kern All Uia Teri Peri mining to real kiotata Al tended izands a attorney at i teach la i is n real estate agents ski Hutnek Mahon attornky8atlaw1ractick is All tin courts of the Floh ill Ollil notary incl in Chester in Kern Valley Bulc Jefferds general land estate and to Tho itally attended i Lanka properly written of lands Content affidavits l and to Llu Roll cn1 society notices will also displace their chinese Force and substitute therefor White tricks that Are vain sax August 7 j a Vemic inspector Himmons was look ing yesterday in Chinatown for uti opium and in a room in the Back of a Cli Aneio at 5i4 Washington to found a plaster of purls used for making and other counterfeiting a number of bogus dollars and fifty cent pieces were j in favor of August the recent meeting of the Alameda worlds Vul i committee a Resolution was adopted in Dorsing do Harth Shorb for the position of Cliplef of the a Tirotti of Llort and the Secretary was directed to Telegraph to chief Davis at Chicago i to that i Asphaltum floor Lna for a packing House proprietors of the Lucerne Vineyard have let the contract for the laying of feet of Asphalt Tim flooring to Taylor of this is the flooring for packing House being erected whats More to keep u in go Stock of puke drugs by hide8 else usually kept in n store Tyml vim Mcl stated Mecl links i Ali Urszuy no or next j i j i p unto Eedeng Tho Lull of thu Moon of Yaeli i Trattl quake Ai our store is open Day and till or special Mon Sungur proceeding tin ileum can Laid Lon of Ilia unit third tuesday evenings of Zarli my cab every monday Kern of every Wenc Tilly Baker i every to Cotay Rio Bravo 1ahlou Meeli at their Hull the Menil and ii North tuesday oven nuke of each visiting ii ten invited to c01u Minn Ammie and we Are prop Riml to orders at nil Kern Valley one of the partners can always be Ionel Al our store in Tutt Kern Lodek every saturday t08tics i u every monday Ardizzi Ideal Kish is physicians Snook physician and j residence on Heiter Jel Ceu 20th and 21st Ottlo in flies Chester Avenue and hired Oliver and Over Ilak Ersfeld Ucol Ilonie on near 20th physician and surgeon do Sean of nose and office Over lakers office u to 12 12 to h and 7 to feiiqus80n graduate in u clue and Hurt cry of the Queens University and of Tho Royal colleges of physicians and Metier of the Holt ish medical room i and Odd Fellows u in none tenth Ide Boura 10 to 12 to 4 Nail o to 7 savings and loan society has Bem yep from hid City to streets Olden in Ilio titrated Cap ill i item general merchandise a Shock of an earthquake with fell last the morning news papers said nothing about damage was absolute Power goes Tor August i Iii just in Alicd Here of the punishment of in noted Meislan the shall i caused him i be boiled delay of a the locomotive of the northbound passenger train broke on the Road South of this place tills morning causing a delay of several famine in evident intention of soon placing the passenger train the Salton Lois August to late and authentic information received hero the Lake at Sallon is Hill rising and continues to Rise it tin rate of Al amt an Inch a the break in the West Bank of the Colorado where the water enters tie now so deep that water will always flow into it no Mailer Bow Low be Colorado a Salt May trouble about the August tree ques Tion is giving our trustees and no in Lyle those who have Trees Are desirous that they should stand and afford Shade for which Pur pose they were the trustees say that they dont want the Trees Cut but they want an ordinance paused if will at any time allow them to fell the the trustees object to the As they outer the newer pm pics at their connections and cause the chief engl Neer of tie lire Obj Elx to tie branches us they embrace the wires of the alarm system and completely shut Oil thu a great gathering of old i August All indications there will to one of largest gatherings of grand army men and their families at Coronado next week Ever seen in soul Hern California when the annual seventh inst Hytlon District As this morning colonel accompanied by Bis loft fur the scone of fifty old soldiers and their wives will leave to Mona tomorrow and a similar Mimler from fruit in san san August fruits continue to arrive in Large Quan and to Quality is not Uii pics arc More and prices have a downward apricots Royalty interested in the worlds August bus transpired that royally in Kurop is Lic Gln ing to deep personal interest in Tho worlds ii is certain that several members of the Lon Glosli Royal family interest in the indicates an intention on their part to visit Tho and communications have reached London from Berlin which leave a Lille Dokulil that if Kurop is at peace Al be Tho Herman emperor will indulge himself in the greatest voyage of Bis seeing another packing August is to have a Raisin packing it is to be in operation this season in the East Ern part of in connection with the packing Bouse there will be a pressing machine and a department specially arranged for drying Tho machinery ban purchased and will soon to in tie i lift work done will be on this will he putting the grapes dried in the vineyards through the machinery and then Fresno August depot of the Mountain Railroad ban been located on Tulare Kast where Lour and on half acres Are reserved for the on the Dodge Sweeney Nino carloads of rails have urn tie const met Ion train arrived the first Spike will i driven in a few death of judge Han August j Itoi Nanof the District of san died yesterday at Lukes ills illness has been most prolonged and intellect clouded for Many but he porch Craod his physical strength in remarkable serious illness of a great i Tussell Lowell is seriously lie is cog Fly two years of age and a general break Down of his system appears Loho taking lantern jaws and High Check i they rather enjoyed the attention that tarty attracted from the and when a in rally boy approached to sell them Gaudy japanese fans fora Nickel a piece the Gay colors had to elect of drawing the Coin from the aboriginal they speak a fair article of but said that they would be glad when they got Hack among their who will take his place san August Lias created a vacancy in Tho will costales judiciary on this which the prominent attorneys ii will be rather Illel Lynll to the deceased Jurist has for had charge of All the Revenue and Admir Alty and there Are Only a few attorneys out of the vast number to eng in tills City Olio make any feat u in of that part of the the prevailing idea seems lobe unit sex Clynese and the Little they make goes out of the country to they do Hilttu or nothing in Way of add ing to its Prosini culty or in building it hut the worst of it in Tho injury hey do the fruit Trade and 1laexrb reputation As a full growing if the evil continues it will Lingo to take second or third place in Ron Peet ref los reputation Lisa fruit Center and Quality of its a chinaman will not thin Mil ids fruit he will irrigate enough to will not fort Lleni the ground unless to hits a Long Lew i Poi h he Foresh the Reoh Lovvor bears Mil worst of All he spoils Day Anil tight in concocting schemes by which can smuggle worthless fruit through tie shipping houses and work it Oil in the Ite almost invariably picks ids fruit too Green in hit greed for Quick a a the labor in the shipping houses in i creased Many times it Lum come to such a pass that every has tit lib dumped and sorted and every peach or Plum or Iii repacked before it can be this entails altogether too much work upon the shipper makes if Loo the lesson of Ilii Eer should not lie lost on Toto owners if full farm and vineyards in con it congressman Morrow or Superior judge Van Kloet of Sacramento will succeed judge a handsome yacht i August Day at san the Ync lil kills was launched in the of a Largo ii is claimed that the new yacht is one of the flautist Ever built in Southern As yacht slipped the ways it Wim of a a lilo famine in the Interior w Kern t of India continue to reach the animals Are said to lie the usual l san August alb Racli comin Lloil suicide today by taking i be was despondent Over Money tears Are in heavy Supply and watermelons Are not so More glory for August we take pleasure in announcing that we Yinwu Iii nod opening our Niimi Riiho und i Rinket club have Ganie from the Porifio fully selected Block of comprising the allowing Complete lines grocer Staple and Irovic Monib wines and und doing hic Lobac Elgarh and in Ull bring la shelf and Bill Liloth hardware tin Granite and again Ware arms and Ami Nunilon crockery mid Woollen and Willow Ware drugs and Patent Noil Icleon youths child rank in Ilia Ultcht Tylen Venlo and Childr onh boots and shoes ladies und mob sch Brooe Una in All Tho newest by Lead dry j fancy goods and notions ladies dress in All the new and Echo Nohle fabrics Genth Librn Ishing goods hats and of the newest we always keep on a full Stock of supplies for stick in Stock Salt of All sheep 8iikkp Etc candidate of the Peoples Ann a Inch Kei Art nectarines Stow of Salt attachments by the August Clinton counsel for the oily in die liquor License i Iii filed attachment suits in Justice do Vlrico court against As Many san who have not paid the ally License of won the a Kach suit involves Lio so tics Tho amount of the for liquidated damages and for do against the color the usual Han All Glosl an old suicide today by drowning himself in the lie had been for a Long time Subtle ring from the fatal an Al Krc Alion a boil Money mutters hero to Day in Lweyn the memo Kali Arp shot Ami killed one Man and wounded two Howells pistol shots Colvin died at an important sym pathetic nerve was severed by and heart failure Colvin the great american actor news of die Goat am incan John has been received since lie arrived in and it we regret to of an encouraging it was a natural presumption that the world famous actor would met Ullh a great and enthusiastic re one that Uotila Havu Beon Ever memorable in colonial but Trio appear to to a rial people with no appreciation of und we arc shocked to learn that Trio Man whom every town in America he i Iii visited delighted to when lie landed at with not met by a Dingle or with any show of tree Tang and when he paraded the streets of the to attracted no More attention than any other we fear that hug which ought to i that of die do Vino will a to Mot with groan indignity on bid naturally thinking that he could tie teff fit i lations of thu Phlp with that they ought to bund and to with air Titan with Tiu remit twit 1w pounced upon by adige bound hand and foot and coils tied Lyle huh stateroom until his proud spirit with broken and to was Content to Side into 11 Titi lot unobtrusive christened with a quart of giving it the name of after san Pedros prominent who donated die which Cost next sunday an excursion will to taken to san Diego by the owner and some invited after an old chinese los August Man named a sing with brought to the Connly jail yesterday Jam booked for sing is lie chinaman who swore out a warrant against a Clinese Maiden in san Diego charging her with Petty it wan merely a Dodge to gel Poss Sulon of the too frequent use is Jung made of the Justice courts for similar Anil ill into to hoped that just the november Oleet Lon will to lice will not especially in a h ii rut held in Ohio under the ballot and the dam oomph Tilery count with Confidence on die Tho cml Onmi of demo Cirilli slate Central Long Doe Larch that it will Worth votes to ills to claims to 1 of it Leight Mon in Tho in itch and y Factor Lott of the slate who ulivo forced to vote against Thor under thu old it makes no Dif Ference what parly Gallih by t under the new ballot system to unwell Ilion not Man Lechl any would inexpedient to make any further that Omentum at thin but that there ire in Coll nit Tiit cont ibo it the meeting and the care him Thlu Schilf hic i v 11 wifi Torvi i nun rated for governor by the Ivo plos which wan appointed to consider the Lou i it us Amer Nevii oot a Wrath Aud on Ilia to Quiry Tun and Obi Nulf bjp08it8 Hec Ilvio to living at a distance to would buy that on utilities or Abi Jiing goods by rail Are unequalled by any other House in the our goods Are to us by the our warehouses Are in hip closest proximity to the and any order can to shipped at the shortest notice und without extra charge or age and we Jaxk and Vasch on uly 1ltodlck at Iii Hobt tragic has Auk it the wife of Hie Liekfet agent of die Hotnit lion died to of o color line in the Ormid army rendered two a majority Tilg cd by Lent Coin John Louth Karl child mid i alter strongly Louden us the of All Iii known ii Iun win found dead making Siuy color and today in the Yard i adopted by an overwhelming with Hon Throat edit from ear to cheated the a great did of a Law Mary Hereu Oldt with Tho died in Jill to1 found him had Imon outraged i and importance of Home Industry Ai Kiim Knou ii Money Lian been Hiither Bleil by Hie Ell Leim of Argiry Hville Lii tire the of Workun unit the that the paid up imply Al Stock of tie new which i Iii not yet been will be they will erect a number of Attric Levu the principal one of which will be oox2hl three nominations enough for Ait Zixt John of according to the talk will probably appointed chief of the horticultural ills thought inadvisable to had written Aneth Crilo another nomination from Cali convention of the Bankers san first a inuit convention of the California banker association will lie held Here Mph and Irepa rations arc going actively Forward to Nike theoc the Mem of the already Nim Burh a larger proportion of the ban kit of ourt state than any Oiler Hlaic ii wicca an International the ii Kwh reached hero that the Panama ilium 1iieklu mail Mlod by the authorities of Hun Salvador for Vio lations of socialists August Here Are no Klimik movement if to control the Lalier Fornin because of he disposition of its press and people to Knock out heir the hot wave at Keri Ildah past heat Lias been gradually in creasing mini today it in Liot As was Over known since the hot weather commenced the mortality has greatly the heat in new new Day k the weather Lias been very hot but today the heat culminated to a Point of intensity unknown for Twenty Many canes of sunstroke Are taking the illness of James Russell August in no material change today in thu condition of Tho immediate of ills ill cow was a Uvero Iii physicians chem hoj Wiful of Holhi fire at store to Long ii the new Law Macuich to voter the right to cast ills ballot in co dunce with Bis own i Juht possible that the now balloting in to Iii lie Nellt die Dunum Riillo Gene Biilly it Hlll work Ihly and in All part to Loti country by Mikaily file Tialdo soul Nelly air to Liall be greatly prised if it doen not add Tho strength of Trio Republican a ii me Tivo free expression of i Imp Ulni important no matter Ohleh Trio i let All Csc Ruth Ewe Kraii Clico id Loreu Latonga petition it will prent to lie Jig lid at Almora asking unit Trio Olia Ledd Lom hits quartet Letl Nierri Santo that thu from paddlers in no a thy Umi ing out of bus Lium Tho injury of the Enid Pitnu rent Ami Taxen and to Tom h Tow of Stltt Lio worn v it

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