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Bakersfield Weekly Californian Newspaper Archives Aug 1 1891, Page 1

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Bakersfield Weekly Californian (Newspaper) - August 1, 1891, Bakersfield, California 31 Kern August six established published every saturday morning Ako the big sugar car loads of for the Calno beet was in chord i one to rms advertising rates or Mjune rach vortical it 00 each vertical 1 so Kan vortical publications 1 75 each vertical 1 00 each vertical the Quarter 00 each vortical la Chhov the half 7 00 each vertical the year 00 fractional parts of Inch charged full place 26 per cent doable double Tho figures Legal limit j Uxmal 10 cents a known by Trio Money required in All official Superior Conklin Olert and 1acknrd Homo i under Valentine treasurer and tax collector Linker Alvon Fay Mph Toner school Alfred Larrell kor our and in Len Huc Krons inc Mirdo ii duty Kagera Iizaki 1111 first i Nerlia Ilc act he could Flat raft Jim Riili fit Oliie i blvd District a ivc fourth Morgan filth District chairman just icon of tub judicial sunnier Ulm Mii Izil stolid Greene Anil in Retro and Ciolk Morrison and Ilc Nimni fifth Hunt Ngum and in Liam i sixth Olds mid Williw Al unit seventh still and him 1 first Onnon and second Uhl Ivond Anil fall Lillie i third hot a and Mulla nov fourth jame8 Anil Orf fifth Gloni Mcbrook Anil Jiter a Nils sixth Mills and i seventh Alu Imand in will show you Trio Way to tin it when you ii Tiv cull on in our dry goods department we tire allowing the lightest Siml latent of figured India persian mulls and Tulinn lace piques in plaid and striped Fndia bilks in novel brocaded Gingham in Light Oriental lace embroidered and a vast assortment of other fancy and Staple in our clothing Alp Vii and mohair Coats und Light weight silk Fine Balbriggan Straw foals and Light fell in our hardware let chests and Ico Cream Wilder Lemon knit 1itreih and fruit Lawn mowers and Lawn i i i it is tin last of carloads of from to univ i Lutfiu licit Anil 11 Fly men Are employed Liny Mill no Lii in Kcal Liutik tie Jan it inc i tory in rail incas fur opera August a party of sugar Cape enlists Ami Ivilyn Furnin new i i Ami unlit Giorc is cd Pectic in to arrive Ali Oil Audi is Lutali to visit Cailini Anil look into the of i Ninino in soil Lien fur in i Mowgli in of super the party will lie tile quests of Ai Lolli Spreckels in1 Iio lil fur Siv nil Days mid will visit Montirea mid san seeing the i july n Ivason Noble estimate lie railroads have con Vereil it least Twenty thousand within Thi two in item onto Locc the the ship a Anil on Hail to Aholt Neil re Lancry live j convey visitors to tin crack Cruiser were altogether it seems that scarcely one lint of ten of i visitors were Able Maril lie robbing them of their slum oiling Tinl Iii Andlini civil Iii i in Rucat Ilam occurred in the Vicinity of town win Emisch Liy the Crest Lilii Many in Rhein Tel Krapil Anil Oiler Cleer Lipil Comly Cufr Whei Over hi1 Insl porn lyrics of Tho United Stales nil Thill the electric Fly Drew finn the a loins ruin that would not have Lieen otherwise ii null an Encampment of the enea Iii be Velleli inspection hint of Imine army of he will he hell it Corn Nalii Umili from an will i in in Loilo Nelll in Rel Mimi won it is Falci unit spin no Oil Day at Simla nip tiny is Krupl very Linvs motile a inn inc Day Al san a Jewe Letl Tomacher figured Muly it it recent new Vork a very fashionable Woumn now Ivonn a Anil variety of jewelled corps nil veterans will Konio the Lii also Many other civic the Smi Liiri Sipany will or Vlf a rate lie Ionina trip from All la life Rin Liimol in Smigill Din an Intel stink in found in n Rimml Cruz in color from pure while to from which the Miro i less Ilii Iti inn Way Fanto a big Fig Orchard july nil has Clossil the Southern Pac Lutc May Liim Mso of in sax fur i into me limits Annc cling a Synill Eale of wholesale for not Contr cd for if Lam Northwest purpose of Plant a Ujj Orch ii in the Anil also ii in the refusal of lie Stii Ilion i Ilic 1 1iki i to Plant of Captain Wood of will Lake lives to Confer with the Roll Ruul Lias eci Cit from the Oll Licals of he Lor the past few plays hey have Ichii a Luff tip statistics to show hat it will lie to the of the i roil to Niue the Sci fiction Haskeil the ii Ilc is now Imi Luin Iliili Topil he Missouri Ami the Nier Linin Tusaie try Fink Loihl n Kleene movements of the cover the whole a Marjre mini of Money is in lie put into a Pale til Wilry Lions nil a Kent system of nil the Llu Trees import cil fruit Syria Anil Plain Tail next in Kiln he transp irl Milci thlire seekers from one Point Ami another to the Illde ctn coast sorts Lolik its thous tails of Passyn Gers have Lieen Linin Pleil Mer Hijii Iii evil Cut has Tiol withal Ero Wincil this Spears the of the Sunn i men will with of in Anil Brinn san the Lintel ill Siiro Liilo be reign civil rates in nil ennui Eligil hit1 Ami the san a Tel Coroi Niilyn train scr comp my ids Ami liar Raire at Oil inf Tiro sikh its jewi1 Lii san in in Olipio tit turns Are in Luin Iuno for fastening sleeves nil bodices of Mimi or Oliero no Simko irn cells Roll Giro Mil Tho Arm several times it nil Seiv Clell la Rel to enl of n big heavy Only Nncy twelve Inch Rill Iles Gneil forc Riihl Ilc fens Anil a title in Teilh stale was la evil Al Sandy Hook for the ills with Natl skin try with Ivl pounds of pow Der it hurled a Slot live the Amis will use i4l pounds of i it i Ami my Llyl powder nil throw n shot a m Illch the Chautauqua meeting los july bleach inc Lily is Over for have Lieen the Inive i Iii won nil i up and were re Vicci tin h a fall of july and two fam oils great sax of Cal exc lenient in in lie he Tweti i Limoll Willis two which comes oil1 Leforc the Nolfo Yulii athletic club 1nrn Pine last Lime Licy Wheeli was not Many Days Willis wait lied Willis is Moth eci led the frill Lollie worked in us usual smooth nil ill Cicmil the Heads dropped in i professional i in tact italic Lio Atod ii in everything to make life pleasant in Riidu n i in at Hak of bloc Over the Kern Amicy a banter j has permanently in Otillio in the blur nip Over the hunk of on pos Ltd thu South item at i Olics Over Kern Valley null b Nevada Block Nan i i lecturers have delivered j the Luishel on tin stroke of ill spec Nelc Wimin Joseil Liy a my Rowil i Possession of every Point from which a sly it couling no fund july no Penis t lint the Insl to Klinl lire failed to Jiro Viden Friml from which Sherls could i paid heir fees for taking Lions am after leaving will lie at i addresses Ami have some Cidro and Santa Monica saturday i already we miffed their Way Ami tin Phiiip excursion tie of ulcers of the ass Emily rates and additional train service in have Lieen the Voles of Hanks alld a Ugilt ail Yel Litlo o drive i i and Hie ample and cil tics Liat will he will oiled to take Visi the Assembly grounds will now Itsuro 1rihii Shore to ship at san 1edro i will doubtless see in tie crowds Noine Down to Sec he Pioneer vessel of the Navy Mill upon Over o Hie a i summer Oiler Loil fils fur Isdr Dinkelspiel f ahkiina1toknky at 11ak v Kern Ollari in last ii nonet cent Wah at san we a significant i july Huik Iti ton has Elmul Consi impaled the Purchase of the y Sallila Monica he holdings of Jones and Lla Ili Csc Ranclos Oronin Nelv Cou 27 and a Gold i Nicaragua july famous Placer mines at live nor Kiln Star cd i lie Etolil fever Central fold Welt Lilno from six to thirty Isle of so cof the land cil lit in Nils ecu sold lint the properties found a Nicaragua j now comprise upwards of taif nil is due urn me though the Houm Lary hues include t7 attorney at la wok flit Chester Avenue near court i j Iii Mas Rhode attorney at Law j Offlee in Odd fellow ii linkers j at i mat Boua cd Euler Mahon s real estate agents Soldier stationed at he mine Frimd a Wol Klimik Elesli Terii pounds thai be sold no for organizing for sax july Cali Ionia worlds air commissioners i ave resolved to have associations formed in every county of the Curlit locates i of membership for which will be sold i for a Small the object of he some Bill ii the nor Ned or Semi the is understood j have a Thoron Jjlia and or Dolous hell Liik Helnn largely India led in with Dixon As tin cd Latte july the we Lull of the meeting of Killin Lloil asocial which was ice Nelly held in the last i illness iraqis Nelld was the voting of preferences fur the next inc Liik the Vole stood san ill the Mailer hits Ichii till to he executive Coin incl i Civ is no Iha lit he next Auni Ial meet will Lake place in san or rather Coro Viudo a dishonest july o the Reform school Al the she lir of Alameda and he Vonil others counties have refused to Lake tie children to the i to ulna leading Lai Pluess this who Tryl nil to break a Bank july Henvy Nill upon he Home savings this haul has in ii i for some lint on slip Kiil his friends mid the the invest ills Allie is thai has no ivc Douht solvency the Delhi Osuri of Crook Edness Nfn nature will Inin prepare for the i this year by Pakhik the Raisin product worlds fair of the banners who own Slock in the Tho Courti of the is Kish Hallil Myli Dlf a pedal at Gentlini Nolven 10 land probate and civil olt Lac in the t Taylor i link us in lilt Luck awaiting lev san july mayor the plan is he Menf the Sanderson ital cd Loller from j Allinice idea of the producers a Roderick Troli ism of direct with r Kern All Malvern lain Long to real Kente 1 Lamia a no Waill r Chester a ill Kern Hunu inn t attorney at i Tea Chilim notary Jefferds Kwiatk it and to the fully attended la Lanka written in it Uius Content Zooras 111 nil to Hiir Rull society notices a suited Rheet Liskh no Tiu Rudny o or Nixt Tira ceiling the full of the Moon ofe Jiotti amok Guam of tiny Lei Mill d tuesday Overli Lukl of each 1j Zoeth every monday or every wednesday Baker every Tut Day awning t3io Siravo parlor in Neeti at Belr Hall tie Himond and Fonelli Tuc iday eve Liiri of Caeli Teri invited to Cora Minn Annik Kern Lodge every saturday the so As he simplest methods Kynsl formerly n hone Smidi of exch like will at i Lay he has inherited i Marks my a a Censed another Cruiser Tennessee miners san july it july hvi1 lrlllnc1 i Mem disposition shown by Tho governor o Henry bring a lion a red Conof him a soothing it acct on he miners mid reigns in Ion them All of a riot appears to have passed corruption Money not j san july the Lily simplifying j Lor Case in Shin h appears july Lemnois yrs so far hat her curls will Dike Connivance of the Insl Ness of thieves in the division of plunder my oink our distinguished sax july ii lion do Tiffi Waffon Lias renal Neil Here Klinl any Ronld will arrive in t hic Ity next he will visit in Sculle Hiltl Rili Nili Ilisie Eilio Urh i n tip Fralc his Floore Alliance Ernil and Hie Arnii Nijiu Alliance Lump Ness association Are now fully and will Lien la illness hint the in could Mil in pc veiled glom Xanco Ami lie has i Iii a Case of tobacco july cd Lii the Ifni Vicli Iwho hns Lonj Lucu la for the work of his pro re ported to i slowly in Yenji from the excessive use of Tolocco in which he is Sond Ilfeld unit he pm idiot res Riel himself in Hie Ullh Deal i in kind with nil without Are a Nicoli note Ctet with full Drew to which Thoy no in Al Pinnt Gold curb Cliola hrs Colts net in with Init Lygis Ivory Trio Bililc Groom present in fill lit n recent to limb we Dillick for who Piru wll Lilik to Wear Ali tar form it of a heavy Rimml 0ft Orl top with n i i inf tinier st in i Illik of Ivl Iether we Lior a Sishc Rural finn to tin Pip Darity Liia i in i Sikir in Init Ladue to in1 fact i hut it is of which it or cantly the Pussy Nair Pinta n Kranc Fol form of Liroi Icli milk in Ricia itly wan of evenly and Wotli a Enron a vain Jill of tin mime form Wiull Zilnik Iii Insil with Nillon mail Eon t dip pm ii of i tha Dell Cato Pink of i in Rimu thu to Silty of nil Cru at lust known i theall ilk Iurii now in Iilo Nir with it Lar attn in Nitani Calvo in la Hick pm Cru Hii Tica Ilika Talili l tic Niu lir Lime nut know unit Lilik Pirn urn ant really list very in inn Minn have bin Light on Tanir Wylli Uil Iem to to or run or thin blending of Mililo tints Alvih Grout vol us to the Crown and Tim Czar of Kin Lii performs Funni oily Iveth a Silver Tho Al final Queen r Hun Mil n lit u Cole pirated Ami Ink Hir Nick Jeclin Tho Lulu pain piano find Iii or is Xijiu Tuil to be i Zilp civilly Imus in he Furty via Jirim a n Llau violinist Ami thu mild to Liu font Sigil Ihu in Tinl y i hut Nii Iilo Hor in Maui it the a Lii Sliu married Tho Crown Irhie ctr Shu him Iio Vui no ovum min Trio Iran Ileal of Hir Imbu Cirii Alfi Niimi the Kikot to Bua Iii Katy i Unis to Linen not Tho Ili Trion of Idiart mint would to re in k he never Forg Lvis Olsen i Airt Tivit ids Liiv Uultt Wilfo of Ihu Tii Kinh had tits is sail mini Lorn Oncu n poor and n Kronfli con Slio Wax placed Ivl Ili n Fui Nons French with Ishi Mirat to in Lenil Liy Tho in sculls in Iii the hand to drive it Plaw in Hie is o a pro feted Cruiser of ions do Spence she will Lxi la feel ill the regular san july Eomme Teil suicide she look t he Kiis the cause was despond ency arts Iii from die Hilgh cd con ill Ion of Hern Licet Secretary Waite meditates july of Railroad 1 july collision occurred a car Here on the Denver and Kin irmide which in u Lints More we icee a Isire Slock of pure drugs be suited the sides everything else usually in a first fines drug Llu i our store is open Day and night Ami Are Prev Ureil to till orders Al All feet mid wifi Ven j slide Wal los plan of jiul thir Wohlke of her test of Speed is to he j descent a Lecleric lights into the Callol an unconstitutional july Law which prohibits Tinkl Liui of pools on horse races and baseball was ids Nior Lnu declared by Jan Lac Cal bionic of he court of Lii Ileal Corree the state will a frightful Railroad a Kwh july Willlis Pitlon a Velch Ami con std not of four were killed today Al the Civiss Litof the Kyle Rall Mil less Han id knots an hour for four consecutive the contract Vidics thai she must lie completed by april stage or special fruit going on fast july fast train Hen Liik Deid Loiis fruit will Liei caller be run daily from diff Day in pol Nln the shipment is Helm he july Ord the Itan wont skip Kern Valley one of thu partners can always be found at our store in Lias Dohina tilled he the Itata o hat extent that Ulicy Niv use less and he vessel m securely de Lii nid if guarded by n j slots of and present Iii that list i Bill Hallek arc in Iii in in my ii the train will be run until the close of j fruit in save considerable Money for the Las ii Isle Over a during he of and the Bills Aveni a month Al other Sollon is for he slide to Dynamo and on the a Anait to a Small town made Santa Clara h Linn Roii Norvil him ii yen Mot of porn the to convince Tomt Tho Pill in a Newry Ilapit is Ihu Only act Letim through i wlllcl1 ill Qinto Natl certain return l for Thor Rooney to Tito Iionia ii Tion of thin knowledge him coot Tun advertisers of Tho country of lion Saint of Tho la worm of of lire per Oncu Scro Bat us it Wim look Here today which pcs loroyed Tho Only school in which Thoy Vonlil in he principal business the Tho Imit in not to w loss is estimated u icon Send i Kli Rotl Mlac Trimn now Ardizzi Greal event in a staid and moral i july and Simmons were arrested Anil Iii Alneil in the police court Here and july Johnj heir through the a Livious of on lick Milf of John were Calliel Al inc Lleni lil ill cd the last san july ju8tiok every monday i aka Leith physician8 in Oal nineteenth ice noun 10 to ii i to 4 and 0 to general merchandise put Tenn another in the san july the Call Lornia worlds Karl Conill Kaslon has endorsed pc it Arlo Shorb Lor the to today and deposited bind a for he through Tho tha will trouble the Stock Market no Trio to in i Lulu in Init Tomt thu recent sax july 1 i mnlupl0 of Tho lint Way lie in Niue bunion will Fornix at Wilvert Islik except through of known Vulku will to Fol Lowell by other Tho Venn Yei Ira to Alcor Tanii Tho bout i to i i t i us Lulu Kohl Ullh Krank Slavin for i of the Elc Earlc nil Roll medium for lilo Trio of die Money to j Lulu help can san Kra Nesco nows upor was Fondl to he held until Seploc Glicr for slav Lii Coli Only 111 Inglr Lvon Reacie Moro Roplo for n Lens of Pongituro Tim or Liutti of Wulin in Mill to Iii tie any of his Llu can net out of Ono unit and Oiin Lher in a Ami he in Mitil Letl to in coh Tumah Aarel Nilmida Iliin Liliu in a Nln Kalilu ainu to Jpn Iii Iii Serur has Ilcus Ruckl every Man who him Vukeli 11 Elnel orc Cesita a Ohal Sitiko n Una nil serve Ron six i Mihn id Tiu yearn in the Trio of ii Man far ills raft Al to when will m Regin Lett an a Tel will in no treated by tin Wayside there Uro Ritvo Colo Lei of to Ruihua in in Sweden you can get a Cointe tobit wry kit girl for fourteen Sollart a the night Huchet Miil Farmer la Aroostook und do owner of Tho in get not Ito held la Tomt a Man punt Lyneil from he a Law expert a thu Dylik in Simla found thu they succeeded la ing a nibble thu int time tote Diliso Over Ixon known outside of tin Linnman to Hul Ichito Din Rcpt tuition in an n coloured Man Lux Rutulia recently in fifteen carved i Chain Nei irly Nix feet Long out of a solid piece of j new Scuor Liik Trutho in Roll Liz hint now i Sii hebrew Poialii Loii of Lono Ivin Thoy it in urn Center of Judaism la Trio u Hunt Alvih More of tha in Illus limn All of tit to towns and Clotien of chill nil tint of Niiya in Tua in Hii Aluko Tho Are open till und during lid Hob after alien everybody they Are locked Tho japanese language lit to Ooi Italy bae Kirs to Ion of head of he horticultural Ile Palm civil of the worlds a Midence no Ulici tur 20th and Oral cd in Tiibi i Chilor Avenue and Wlsh to properly Murk the event Monny Tymn any other and i he san knit Welsco Mil him Maleo rail1 i will Herron four to any Ichii Eli nil it a writ is Lothe Joule the the of this the head of an ancient House july i Aljilji id mornings in Kiln Ullh j lied lie i the Indian accused of he lint am will lond less draw Lour Cher a in ref every one of willed u Dot treat it in Impo Mafile for one Man to limn the in thru nil n Well educated Jaji anoxia u fam our with Only about Iwers at in Jjck Canyon Fawver and l u Over Bakori Leld Ken Cuco on shelter Cor 26th physician and j i a Libasci of none and of Loo Over Usuke Lipfel Ottken Offlee u to 12 12 to i Anil 7 to tool fkroub80n Ora Duatt in Hudi cite and Bur fairy Ollie a Luquin and of the Lloyal co Ikkei of Rii Yikun and member of lilo Holt lid be Deal Naomi i and Odd Kelly he the of was n prominent nil incr of John i her of the House of on making the tour of july july a dred til Glitz arrived Helli Lias it Tel Iii Cheil Hern i Lilay from new they Are on Stanley Kulli on the Conilio in their any to Ink ill tour of Al u unlike halite Lifty ii polves were j taken by the victorious d and Wampal jiggles Iliyn july de tily j Silivi Letlon to the pull a to on Sherrir tit Here on j h1 Donnly Hue Ami witness he Cen in Kiln Wadi in Liilo will he conducted n j that of tar if Iii Aivil Kii riot of Cardu and High boards Intili Siuw Tho company number of in As Sivins and loan society has removed from 61v Clay Street la Sitter aunt Montgomery streets everything we take ple Uuro in Tomt to have uni lied our Imine no and Pergo imply selected Stock of comprising the following complot Hiick Procor Staple and 1rovlsloiih wines and imported and domonic Poliac Elgarh and in Ull popular Miranda Sluk nil Hiil Myrh hardware tin gnello and Avalo Ware arms and no Kory and Klyr aware i1 Woollen and Willow Waro drugs und Patent medic Inch youths with ids Anil dil Drens in the latest styles gents Ami boots and shoes ladies and misses shoes and in All Tho newest Btl of dry fancy goods and notions ladies dress in All the new mid Wanni Ihline fabrics Jurat Obling and of the newest Dan covered that they produced smaller much us this Road in to in Kra Nesco end of another inn a Cool wave Defrei Lnu the Rubl b1101 win Lucri Bent Skirling limited n holier Ravy that do Tho choices spinach is 0110 of of a Saeta to Cook Many Beautiful and Yumlu i can lie Init de of the ii out valuable it jut nut by Ait but by Iura ebb for colouring suicide of a july Joseph the Uyuk in Ilie Publ id tone Roaul Niile at la Vicil up Ruvii Cuil in Ilyf aul i Nutry term and Oro Kimy otpb8it8 Koi Lutu to always keep on hand a full Stock of supplies for Mioi us Stock i Salt of All sheep Wool to More trouble in South am july revolution has broken Mil Al Tori Loba in the in he Coli re of he lighting an exp Ohenn look place which told Brent damage to the Public to living at a distance to would say that our facilities for shipping goods were by rail arc unequalled by any Oiler House in the Otic Good arc 0 killed mid Ninny us by the our warehouses Are in Toto closest proximity to Ihu Ami any order can be shipped at the shortest notice and without can afro for defective july Ava Akk Allan lab on Iii Illola Ollk at i la leu Tower Orn new Church in Vinine Coli Hurtic and tin Wilh in the Rulnik hex Kii a big fire july his is in tills All Elf urls la 1 re Jiorle ii Iii Vve Tleiji North i Eulern inn Sylvania and Northern j Ohio stoics the returns nil Wra Moro expo Tisino than should be approx o cd toil by thu most obtuse Tupot print Only costs n Mill a i Ini proud to a Gluud in Large Rufli Monra for u dry wiil Henru should epicurean Check the Jive far proved Rheco Lihi weather for he Tison on the for the Tuisl Twenty four hours has rib Barb is i ids breakfast i worked with the baiter the new the nut Favorita Tarn food members Eshow a Clam Cann Biji of Itury is in Ion la of this Teai Iii nil hid run Rah fur futile less from live to if Lii decrees Inkiow the the loss Aln ulv incurred is not Var the entire Eirv Easl of i two millions of f lolled net Lois of marrow Zoiaw of Tuut sax cd Vixen Levi pcs u the usual july a London july the Light which i ii Khz j old und Well known j my annl Jim the Hitler who unlock we out in three Romik j in Iii Wim i Mare a Royal july who Urr veil hero today in he met with a in enl of Trio frightful ruler Siul a Nhuloan it k g to dolled of marrow in sikh on Are Dell Coleii of thu he Ghat taut Miako a Chofu Bartuk Fiatt salad made from lettuce grown of the Uble during the dinner in thu the cd Avinel Tel Nuti u Large thou o fruit und Larlu and dour to tha Hie caught in up Lennil Raul of invalid u Ouw Tullu cuu Mion la our Are unt Lovoto but Gul Uva Tud in Jay Tho eggplant Aud its ure in Ling especially studied at m 4 taking Lam Iii from a York who to Meb Laott of the men of May Many of the trifling i to tog up a a of tie tender 115

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