Bakersfield Weekly Californian in Bakersfield, California
25 Apr 1891

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Bakersfield Weekly Californian in Bakersfield, California
25 Apr 1891

Read an issue on 25 Apr 1891 in Bakersfield, California and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Bakersfield Weekly Californian.

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Bakersfield Weekly Californian (Newspaper) - April 25, 1891, Bakersfield, California 5sifei going from Oil Onle Tor a Hera is one called Tunnel As it atm Nefor nil Pic at Oil Oil corp wore Thor Between on Lynlo Montt lbt in claimed Forit by online leu clip Rondo even Len oat Anent is that it Beers Ezrh nning Emiil n us the Long fit liable of Lepri Vitoft the Bata Ilna of uni Nowr fat Ami material in which Lar is no Orier Tjin i a i ii to i 11 ii4o tit Iril in the celeb rated Finif there Flint it Hanny direct effect upon the of a Lilli did san scr site Neof the nor that inv our Owens saw i positive outran act in Ftp or any Thi Mil veer Tineri whether of trial Iii of after i if the Viry lowly organized in Riey to Lii Sivc Hnnry work Bikih ii Iii Long Ilo thin Lulun Toof Ihu Ili Neuia Boon at nine it in Grant Irvinn to Hobo who first in Purl mid then wholly reply Rel in Enlil lots o in Ilin higher and in Roc Somo Propfet hint it will Iii tint l Likely to i l0 Fihnn in to of thu to lion Liy the Roii Zimny h i n no m h we Lillif Lelh Tilery Attlio no Mil 1m in Neil Ulm Phi Ilene of it Hiilei ii Fri on of Tom iliac ii have followed the in la no to Romler of Liis Tiu improve their property itself by in Vii uni by liar nine he not Onlin of in up How inel Ineil to inv Neil club Bil Ler the thin Ipi urlus if Ilio we Iii in Imron cd from certain Leo is hit his fur Liopo Tuny now Unutoa ing the byte Illus of its nil Zintl Laird Miles in Alto tends in any Wyto remove that parasite i to line no i rain from the and thus to eliminate Tom in Long Over in run incl pm in Ichih intr Possi Hlf of ill Toffer of Imbs Quant i Nii Kph n Rui Ormul or inti Thili i or More Kvut Penl of Power nil Umlor its sovino Orin i bind Cumi univ line Ingle win of the a Iii ration Lite or been no Niwen that to inn which Ami u end in not we tin of min Oil int Yunni of face when Ihmi or Frei Altir the aphf0 Medicine is Han Gas fixtures at sail Franicisco prices roofing term Linn Lulli Mir he Wickli potent water closets tint Sinler All Neil Ylinie Ullh land a my Notick in Vikk Kiev Kelt i at Merih to t Vikk Kiev i Ivan that till1 tiler Fol cd Nellre no Iii til Slinke ill ill Iii mint air of unit hint will Niile lie fire the rot into to Lark of Kern i nil june Var Ai or Fri in he lie the 1ioiveeu Bank of ice Tiv county lift tin so Iti ill to i Inive Tiili hint kit Lii in Van ales Iuler s in tar Allen unit in Hon nil no lil Enrille Kern Ciao Elk itt Laselis of Ink still land Orill h at i i iiki1kiiv i inks Itiat Tilv r my i Rivilli Mil inn Illel Inlet Lynn h Liuni in to Nival nine Hull Preif will ii Iii u the in Lily clerk n Keln parlor and 6edroom will or Neil for Linn Mil to for rat Neil we null Ali i Duvall a Remy n most 1 Liny Iii Tom of Tom and in Thi amount of the Neil also a in of lilo Bacilli in the or their Complete Digap Peuranen from thin Lias not always own Tho in not n Fen installers no improvement Lins Neil in other ranch Ili reit Siml Moat Iii Dulinn Hein for Init of Only nary in ilex Rinir to inv a to ni0 veterinary ten Pii Hijii fur nine Ilir Lien Anneli Wink to Orrin Imp Siml even Impi bin ii in Mil daily Mil Urr Nikko to brought Bont by in thu irent Girnt i Iligir Lofun Inci Nii Irh of if thu Bunin Neil joints i writ their a Lilly lie rent Tyiee ii Inui i him Hail Vickert of a Ille nil Kelli is i Avi Nii fully Ineth Gas i Iron or steel a Lime my Phily it Tenn Ilteris nine Kiei tit mfr mile Ridlon to nil it Nim Lernlie inn nil of Lynki Itle lil l Kern a Lull ask i o line Serin no in mine in in is Luiis in than Marble Yard i land All Al cml ill Vilnit Mil Lingle in Eikill lied re Ilyf me n Kari Kris in jury hunk j Well Casino and pumps a specially i is Nii Tiisik in Sikit Kiev ii Hycl killer Illel a Liee u Inlet Lilin in ii Inke Illius ii nine Iii bin Hull Enlil prune will lie lore clerk of Kern l no Allt Iii i a t til i i or nit Vum Tiri Nair Surv v Upun nine of Resuli Meni to Iii Ivy own widely Ili Irrer my with Oiin Ory Kertwin Tomt Somo canes have1 v0 ill i others Linen popular Lek Tui in to kor Nikoly 115 u Hli Urt of a Nair 1 inn Arlin Mill i Ieli Kiniry a Large a family Phlora it n Kiihnl Purily in in1 Hijii in Ihu of Iii Kun ills Liing if Lii Fullier Init liar Neil Llie ii incl in a report by Consul Griffin from soil new South a significant paragraph in Ita bearing upon Tom question of Tho Influent re of Printer ton Aikin to id the Fraai Brlity of a project to utilize the col Onys Rich deposits of Tho under taking in acknowledged to he n Huz Uril under Tho free Trade policy in a Mimi live nil in iliac full Force hut it is hoped that nine at Lilii i Luton All living Tuvic ural Uva Nakea no so extraordinary As Len inn Nisell tin family to overcome thu difference of labor Cost v in favor of foreign Oriffin j mys there Many Here Whit contend Trio labor a nation tie wow out it will to impossible to i manufacture Iron and steel without the i fit Helliw of tin print Wilny Fin Tisai Steinc is k through Tho help wira netting n 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the Dysort ooh t that improve t prix jobs nil Imp Wiiri Cru quite j a win i Iii nut Lenin i sequel to a Limo who Ali you the from Len Valley it ratty that in Hijii Tinl no do mkt Hie Titlar our to my ill hoi Iii Nain Slih Liy Tiei Oil More Nuur do Muti with of him i inv is u Lii dung Trio Iiron nil we 1 a Little ainu Nelly Ilo this to Khali but from Ujj Unfug tar a n vein ii Wiit Jar Law la Kirk Wheeli that is oven now Riutor Tynin h very Linh in tint yellow Nimol tue Iii nine to can unit noon i Roilene a Yot Ihl Enn full wares of nil Ulius of iinitni1 Llanil m incl w Good a Twity ii now Wivi Liln Hull vein lint hint by in huh n but a Tow veil h ring we nil us Wuu ios Lumi tint Only n few Vei Kimii n inic any ulivo onto Kuji Lum Ipiniu me Lintl in u ii Imi Elmini Fano Ohlir tlu88 Viv in 1 Lull m Vita Drury druggist i land Elf Kkt at i mow t s ii Ivan that Tiik j 1 inn a Liee of 1 Liis Intini Triin in Kinnke film in Minnerl of t hint Snail lie Nanle fire Kern it in 1 i i for the of Jive 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