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Bakersfield Weekly Californian Newspaper Archives Apr 25 1891, Page 1

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Bakersfield Weekly Californian (Newspaper) - April 25, 1891, Bakersfield, California J j i 17 Kern april Price 5 established published every saturday morning and the link Sukk ask kith i o tekm8 w till six a Nyimi advertising rate8i Impi Anahy Ica Cli vertical Kulli vertical knew Verl Lenl inc three Kadi Vert Cul Kaili Verl Lenl Nimr scr Inch vertical Tho half Kraeh Vert Cut the fractional of Inch chained my 11 00 i 00 6 i 00 4 00 00 12 00 Itoh Ril by tin Hinl ii nil by Lair Firul Sicil Lacu lit per Cunt Honline Dontile Tho Al Giorei limit 10 cents a Nutem known Liy the Kinney in Advance for All kill Tler Jill Len clerk Mill Law Sinler Alul Llor Hilt Tilv Fink blink cosmopolitan Itu Mythol us us sinks is so from those in Avo Tell the Trutlin in our advertisements nil in our we Yii Granlee every Tir Lielo we sell to he exactly ii we represent und Yon Liny from us j 5j3 you can return if we will refund your Money i in we will do it Eheim fully and any 11 is Lour air Dinnery and regular Way oldring j Lor ten Twining season have and for Sale in our dry goods department Sofio in new i Yards Tor 150 pieces Tennis stripes and s Yards Tor i goo in annl to Yards for i 50 pieces double Width Spring per Yard Are the chinese decreasing san Francisco occasionally Al Hole to the gratify Iii fuel hut the Chi Nese in Pullion of to nil Elty is Chen town is fur less Ero Deil than formerly Many stores Are empty Ami the Trail of the Mei chants very the me Kinley in Roll has seriously interfere in with their nil tin of Hanl times Conklin pack nil Llowell under Slie lir Valentine Tux collector hater isl Ricl Alvin Kay Awni Mir Larrell Crim Thiim 1nblln Lilic Kruni Surveyor Macin Nln i 1riniily Ilii Bem i Iii Hilll or Mel helmet be cml Ion Alne to Nihil Nilsi Ricl in Nulli Kielh Iii Lirl chairman j1isticks of Ilna Onnin crawl Munzel Jii Nat for Lahla the Lieut Kitten ton Imil to a liquor Ltd i ices pro cud Mali airs at these ave Only n few of Hie it Urnaitis we besides these we 1m pc h5 Tain Artivie i 50 pieces 50 pieces Sci Teh 100 an Erieau hat teens French 1 200 pieces lace Pii jibes in Jalc Pink it Nuary ii j 25 Jii Oceh a ignored Dimity pieces i Gibreil mulls 100 Xci her suits 500 pcs Plain s Hiemst Kaliroi Durics 50 pieces Swiss and Hamburg Ami eol lapse is repovs Mikeil to Cal Utown the main cause this Eha Tiki is kill evil to lie the Ile i vase of lint in other purls of the state the chinese is not has Nikitik this fax Ornille it is not apparent that the ton is growing or that the Chi Are less prosperous than Lle Tiit is the the Nim Mure chinese hero than formerly Ami they Are More they Alv evidently increasing in Ami thes me is True in most other purls of the if they have decreased in Iyan Iloco ii in Phil oilily i Hanse have foil my that the Interior of Sun they Fords them Holt or and if hut land in Sim Illey have evidently Fotima other avenues of Entrance into the chinamen Are Eon stantly met Ullh and the we an is True of other parts of the who Are evidently recent import in the chinese May lie san it is Huncl Lar acne Anil third Ami vials a ttkn1 finn i i moral anti Anil helium i fully Kilili Anil Llo Hnin sixth Oldi and win Flefil snit still Ami Hill 1lml Raishi Anil second Clil Tivod Mill to ill scum Anil mail any fourth James Anil Urr Kifah and Mills and seventh acini Nurt Tok Ntzios of t1ik is fully a Alecil to the Luil Klinl Kilili hotel inv j Lien Anil ii in inv prepare ii to Irav Eleni belter the table is Imp we have in Knirel tie inst French Cook in the Honl Horn Quirt of Ilic a Iii ii nip Pleil Ellb line cd Kim nil Niji Orveil French wines is n minor Alicw Tenn to tolf Jyh Pular professional at Biak Ollice Over the Kern Valley Clichner Iokia attorney at Law Over Kern Valley Cuil if Linn at 11ak Kern Ollice in a Iallus nineteenth Atto univ at san we Mong Onifry Attoh nov it Cli Esler Avi Iun at car court Nkem Homah at Law i Lilllie in Jill Kio Lown Lukers attorn by at Mill Hong Chnuer leak a Mattoi Isky a kit Alt Callnn Ulven in Puiul civil Ollice in t and counsel or it Lojiw notary Kos c in Corner cd cheer Avenue Anil nine Illi Taylor no Tasiv Kern All mailers it la to idyll is Lyle Alcin Lii ill Lilli actor nov at Walter 8thkkt in oui1 clothing department we Tiro showing Over 1000 new Anil Styli Sli from to boy a Ivoun to 100 youths Ninfina from r to Down Limey Ami silk striped from to 50 Outing flannel ranging from to 500 Straw 1 Noli Livest in the 50c to i clearly not the Case in the and ii is not pro Amble that there will Many general decrease of this imputation i i til our frontiers North and South Are Xaiv fully and Kuhni trick of tills hotel in entirely new nil in Etter accommodation can lie Hud in the special can he Nanle for uial unit fur a Cert in icily the no lids Uri French x1nktkksth a m in fuel our store is so Lull of new and design hot goods that there Lindly room enough in this paper to Spirik Al out Call am ski Kozij Dinkelspiel the samples Sext of if Mist class to rooms in dec Elk to also wholesale tar Korelin Tenil Domestic wines Anil latter Licer Kilili Vircil in families James san Jose i in loll i i 1jrht in to Thitu i per pc Cuhl Rales Liy Weik or milk and Heller fresh Dally rum Nrown free Tell Cleof Skellh mall slake in ohs Mii Ory Rini nil trip Rocker Vail j real estate of i clus4tor Dolnry Niblic Jefferds lakh Istak Al ii Ixl mailers to Hie Linith mice cure fully Villi Ineil ill ankh ii Romilly Roll Len o la Inch Roll Cal Lalli Bivion into lignin Anil to a Lurell in i musicians Ash j Wayhon in the Llor Insp Chester lit in nineteenth Mac mice hours 10 in in 7 j in a Linler i Elwyen and Ollice in Flullen cell Abler Avenue and anti Over Hent Donee on hitter near 1ltvhhman and of none Anil Ollice Over leak pm Inice to 1j to and 7 to s ski Krimson Ika Iutuk 1nmki1i 11 Cine mid surgery of and of thu Honl Lily Lelani Mill member of in urls Ivy medical i Anil Odd rullowa1 International aka Kinky Sti Kkt san Ward pins has i Ikon i j Al Anensen Sirof Hie icing link a Nisi Ness Hinl family a loan Anil Anil the Nihl convenient to the express Anil Lanil nil run Ila Anil places of meals 1 tree coach to nil from Ibe Coll Milf j i take 1lkasuhk in announce thu to this inc Polk of Kikin county Gap hotel Ivo lion Helling Kun Ink Stockton All stet1 Bounty on Coyote the in Lex Long a Bounty on Coyote i Ouldes hint any ii soil who any kill or destroy a May go i forc any person to admin ister und present the Eon Laining the ears Ami nose of the Coyote to such and make ind Stimsc Rilko in atm null lie time and place hint such animal was which Sculp nil Alm Laval nay deposited Ullh the clerk of the Hoard of of the county in which such Coyote was and the Stoard of shall let Ermenc the null it of scalps deposited with Hie clerk of i toned Dur ing the preceding and by and shall give to Cadi who May have deposited scalps n Cerli la Etc Cert i licit by us showing the nil or of scalps deposited by such arson and the sum due him Al the Rule of live dollars for each such Carlill cat May i presented to the con troller of who May draw his warrant on the general fund in the slate Treasury for Ibe sum named in favor of the entitled to Bounty Samll unpaid for any Scalp unless presented within Turci Mon Lis after the Coyote is this Law takes a Tinct on nil a Fieri in in of condensed the president him urn Well a Vived in his Progress through the Southern at every place where ids inn Large crowds were on band to do him lie Well received Al Memphis nil new but Proni Bly for no other reason than that he re Ami other Oill cers gave Ali eur work to an important april Testi court Lih Lity judge a Niles Ren Daivd an opinion Bounly some time ago lie Linard of i of county designated Marysville Lori inuit us lie county mini la cd the rate for tin tax collector Brief Iiri Ioimo in is Iho o of of Only Nihil rare m his Putin Nithil to to Nulli Mal cd and the were i Given a a scr theiian1 each for the Iran moods Ctm to iter Bardl la sold at tin Marysville which printing to thu rules pc mix Simla own i to Row Laver Oil l mid i that tin1 also published neb the n a Lind san advices i he Iii Fol then brought suit to i cover am the then brought suit to i cover i he the county de i Imond on the ground that the com pm idol did not state grounds inf Lelent tile Hoot and Shoemakers of san who will probably in ass aled by other inuit i for cause of Ink of declaring n Boycott Agni isl the ruled manufacturers on their part the Mimnne Quivis say it is inuit Ler of ill Luevinee to them whether they inv imy cooled or and farther that i hey will keep Hie Factor the closing pm ill Mph Oft decision is us follows we come to the conclusion hint the county Lovern Niento in tending to furnish completes Stem of county has suing seed ies closed for years if they and Section 4u4t of the Roll to line n Sulu client surplus Stock on Cal which in mils of to Supply All their Ilcyn nil for some i to Eon trait fore Only print ii me to Nail when this in Kozij h nil hint the r Trimle with Kali thu Price lower limn i for Mich Neh county Oll Leer it i my pipe my Stieh printing tis Lils Olllie they Eim Supply their Trimle with Kali thu Price Ern Maile at lower they Enlil is Pool for to Law at the Palcos i invest in enterprises j from ii Dii he May elect to i nil when it must Tohy those it j in inject to Hie in l will Nils i he menus of Joseil Liy sail Ami unit i such work will Ihmi in Kim into of North the Snail in n recent interview that Cleves a similar ease has Ineil Liimol Vonlil have Hail the Letite for the j from the court to the Superior democratic ires Lilenthal Noin Nallon if court in Slitter it Hail not Ichii for his recent letter of place in a lip Ivory halon sort Kury for Ron Fml jul irl irm so01ktv notices i so Lii on Ahtl Nilay of or next i full of the Luann of each in Ullh he hour Lull Ikon nine and a Kolc Miil livery feed stable where a Knoll Tim omit can no Way Ilia in nil to Anu Timken care inns Valley stage line Dunkel Klel prox and Jarlli Iklodi leaves this hotel Al Oslo Ami the Al ill wednesdays and Fred nah of each reach his old Nellle at i and will leave Glenville at Yaeli Tiu relay and ural Vlna in Here hit plumber and i t i i found without n Cerull trading and ditching scraper Lila Insisi is it the Lute Lagos Latex passed a Witiw us Mil Lely prohibiting Hie or Entrance of into ibis and severe Penn lies Are provided Foi its no chinaman is Al Lowed to remain in the country with out a of residence will which he must provide himself wll Hli a them Cert Nantes will Ikis Suei by the commissioner to whom the enforcement of the he Al the proper Issue certificates and no Point deputies in end a Deputy gets n fee for end be and the Cert if Lead costs the chinaman live dollars am the Cost of ids photograph which Mimisi la if the Law is cons Llu Glomd it will put an Stop to Ibe further Entrance of chinese inti the governor is to offer a Reward for any Cal Nimai the Hill was pronounced Mil in Coil Llyl with Hie organic Law of the culled the attorney Lenerel and Otic Good hut Ibe in wyers who trans not the Legal Hurliness of the i chinese in Kan and Consul 1 deride and say that in its Noiin free Colin go of Hie the of Kan a Clanni have in Ler the state la is represented lint the will Iha very Strong and afford n Refuge for the impressed grape growers Anil tue Mike roof nil parts of the is with shares it Xiluo the Ami Vine bunkers of in the same have also and pro use to with similar Organ Dillons in other purls of the the Mople of Ilen Samiton my elated incr tin discovery of natural it was struck in n Well that was Lic lug civil for it is claimed hint the howls still client not Only to Light the lint for fuel and Manta conring an immense Deposit of Anthracite the largest known to has Irvn found in the state of it is not for Over the hid so near of the Simla be Mil mail system that ii will i but a Small matter to make Railroad Lon Netlon Ullh it completely underlies the Kan mar Ell Valley in successive from near lie surface to a great some of them of Givel this discovery is of great Impila Isicc to ibis one Ion of ibis con is wort i two of in use Beziat this it should in doll Vered and sold in Kan Lin Cleo for or and he for ii would Gold for Kwof from new York last week amounted to of which was in Gold Ami the remainder in a Wal Street saying there broker is As must in something out of Hie usual order in her All lids Gold is going to Ger Many it a and on he other band her May is Selling american securities no n does it a Bunker told me a few Days Ngo there were liable to he some developments on the other Side involving some big people in heavy holding the balance of san april the sex eco love committee of the state Kenn is Alliance was in session Here from und Imu Willty ii ing ii to anything incr they materially Lessen the Cost of pro Mote manufacturing enterprises and reduce the Cost of the City government of n new Huglund him inn cd Sonio worsted of Ica glum and i Leliam to Chi Hulish u worn my Nuudi Ifni Lory it thai Tho of Nihil of Simla Itier Boru no the Chicago i latib fair readied Elk Dublin lion on the Hillh it con in of in abyssinian Linn no tree Iwen Lytle feet in u Conjio town wild n Cal Neui Bountiful specimens of the Draca in mid n mixture of in Orinko tree grafted upon n both la Iri it and wore also Many cases of mixed dulls Anil Hie wide Range of producing rapacity of i Hilt part of one Cuso Foin Loen Var Solloh Olibe genl a Eircil hint his body should in Anil Frei gently expressed u Webb to that effect on ills Dellb bed hut Haruni did not and Dnelly her influence and be gave no orders direct thu ill of cd thy it Ono and you h Tiwu every Sion Day met i i am also Alint Kuit John Deere plows of every description tic Deiro in truly tic Kii if Olli Iii in and n i illicit Lisiy tin1 Lisl Isicc Natiw it h tic Elton hint they Mil drive a four horse team i through a soon As la is put in a Fyke Usk any of Iii Isom con Cal la in the j and the result will i anxiously the test la will definitely Settle the As far As this slate is 4 kit can of toe Kwh Tiu firm and third 1 in Iny Evi Lungi of cab br3ss Akka every tint Day Kikin every in inlay tick any mini inv plumbers supplies Das fixtures constantly on a kits Wash Stanlis sinks Anil hath All work Shimi of Kern Valli Blacksmith and a cremation the Sci Venry of Hie Gonril of health of Kan Roncisco Ici Cully had to overhaul and arrange the death car Tift cuts which have in i Alicd Ducc the Hoard Nee i in i the course of Bis work it Wum discover cd hint in the Pust Twenty six years in ii Diu the in san tills and n lords n Strong i there have i i argument in Envor of in inc Illies of the lend within and in the suburbs of that there lire mini hum in the City of the lev Accoti inti ton telegraphic dispute n Superior judge in tin Northern Pun of the tute ims decided hint a Hoan of Cani Iol design irate ii in which the Public print ing Samll As the Law formerly hours of Huiner Vulors county Olla Cal Maspn Imit to which no i county Oil liars Weie foiled to give Ibel if any or All of them Gavi in to another newspaper they could refuse to the in any contrary to Public they built for the course of which in i Gard to a Licor nets was not usually such us wan most conducive to the interests of their under the new county government net they Chin Only fix the rules Hull shall paid for county and each morning John Don until Karl any f it Vino was Enlil Tihoi Irmil faint llah urn ent m1 and from town la Low in if Tho Lulu promo or to Octre for Tho Coln Niilus Petit Etc in Loi Ernul Hillh Niro pm la Jot ing tit Flat Clef Ifil As Reading i Lark on a count of her Welfl Ilion in in elocution St a Hill Luuri loin to compel Wiiiam nah in Enrix to Fel ill no Nib or to Uci opt n Ore Froin rom it awol it Al i sorrel Ridden in Hubert is llah tips he South nil in i xxx Mirt for fit to Intieri Miltich Nunon o miss Sybil Marco girl who Iiah hindi Mph to on hip okie rally Hungo of to Ulondo Woitun with n Fri Mil Ilin tied Blue Shn Ngn Ubu of wonderful mini Tho the Serru gift is re wildly n the Blaine been sonic Nab i i inked from the Orl Nim the Blip my won kalhor holding in Opont he my instead of n my Whf Rii first s a Sno Menlo i Iriner ims Wiik Valley Fri Mouths Post milking u Garvey for und Reservoir Hie object claiming n Tirol of Tures of land Oil lower end of Honey j the a Airvoy is no omit Eoina Lold and Enji oiled that Emily men will to Pat s work on the Contr action of shed Iurii president Han Lions the following invt Ntim Sigil to april thu i Cople of Kuni in Tiv mine my that Llie 01 Tho Eil it Asci win Honor them with a Rhet 1 v Bis at Long h ill Rynn and Ionn Stone of Oln i the i Miks of tin Merit Mirjami Tim Una and business gent were exam lift and found in he porn stall showed that Twenty nine counties inv been Anil Lance bus Aliona null Kos in tills a stale Convent Ion will Iubelt n los Angeles Detour More Idle april hit Etc italian Brinl sir to ins arrived Leivon ids Way to the Kilt in declares hint the intr of was Mic i annoyed at lie course of the listed Hanles in regard to the new Orleans according to hint paper Hie while on Bis any across the is shred several of his fellow messengers Leaf the de u Mil i in at would the Huron is said to inv will not Hove diplomatic present Alves at Washington until the new Orleans at Cdr is to madly important cases april United states bus ii stoned for one week the argument in the cum of the Selio Oner Why word which who captured n be itching sen for poaching in the Seal preserves of t he United the at Issue involving the Jurls in led states Over the sen Seal also in the Cisick involving the vol Lilly of the in of Congress suppressing army april to is Llyn Jinni the invitation was 1 Josed on Pandit Cut by Cray and sent to Irwin him promised to deliver la he hone of the meet the Rifel Ilcent his and from att end Luehl pot Lyle tile Oveci Iolj Ivi Hilve new net time of Hie presidents nil i to length of bin the interest in theol Tran Hugo Blell Ion inner without baht Fitio Ibfred who in until a late hour saturday More widely the hint oils adv no it to the columbian in f4 Liko the in be Camos Trio this interest is not font in to Chicago and Illinois Molj reached other and Maul Festina in Elf More on tuesday of next of there will vie in Lin Monbo Ling Honor no Nejio Clil from nil Aloisiu lie Hue of the a Bingo and Knuter Illi As far an term a Jiust Norder came to the and an excursion in from there on Friday of Rolf the inter Ocean doubtless the Uro test cd trim in and Benny of Deblon i made in the United and Toov Eun not bog Lvon Fornin for the o prise and spirit they Are Blib Wini worlds fair to fur this i Hutu bin nah und at Hie Lind o in the Bon the in Iutin Lyl the work of at puny owns gravel Banks ins Voll Ellne of the High lit who was n Young undistinguished Allicer no the Lime of the civil was no ponied today Helgn dlr Leneral in place John lib Iii Ilsc is id this Lime president of the Sinida arms Board Woddi meets in new British april it calved Here today arc to Clicc Flint that the series of Huici Csecs Gal nil Thomi acc Nelly in hid Cap lure of the in Ninny the losses on the British hide were those of the any not on his Way to Zooi april Jonq Ulii to Iii u it wort or steam Volch with and a half of gravel at u Durgi Yeti can Load u car with he twelve Oil Yards in Mielty in two minute of truck him ixe ii extended Nalii Ion Midi of Ulieru Hie Grade is i one of Tho big twelve we Iwuh the work of hauling the truck will to Nivol ail o lie Hilali on Peilte a of new work Aki Kep Ailt Jirik Dune on it uric 1rlecn the Cal Anil hor6eshoing a owe me a ap23l i the capital Etc Rcpt paid on term farm and Vineyard supplies of every Sluvis Cuil and the must Slock of builders Lluri wait ran lilo Pion by go fam that make it a a Tlacil fact hint our ire nil in Chester opposite the Southern hotel this Chi Slike u fearful and Ever increasing menace to the and yet How much or cur might la Ikin Oiler cities much in Ger and hundreds in yearn in the City of wine so Ninny millions of Soplu in veil und it is Uii Geronim to a necks to enter the excava Utomi that Are ii ule in search of the Oakland time Tel non we have Ike win to the tuck end of an unabridged tills is and we Enre Flolly study we would be to see Home Ovi Ikichi that the editor of the u in of the forepart of Foll car can have ids work done in any and Bis publications made in any it the county sent in Daniel Starr of the Stanford University is Coj Mcleod to arrive from Liili next Neil mix senator Stanford in having Coutts Ink for ids Ili Hirm consider this gravel ii i Rokon Stone and us As in Lamster How wkly san tvs for and Umoru in fair into into at ii enc tue any that Boon will tic of to the Vun Tnge of Kern county til vice Sli Ould to Insung of Travi go nil around Flo bin Way of Hino to get in ii ild at the reign or Between und run upon level Hohe which my Linen of to Noii Tiuan i bus been Thorold the Etui Eric wars co a Mer chant nil director of Hie Union Han Wauls to under take the Job of conveying u and hot Liik Uji on the worlds fair n red Ixl live 25 feet in i i Miler and too fat in there in no doubt but Tomt it could conveyed there in set Lott nil up in lie and if lie would do it tit bin own there would be no of but he to have it de frayed out of he and it in Glit Mike Ingv Boltin Wodle the my would i How at t it in Prou Ablo Towt the Money could be Cypei Uewl to belter a Well known citizen april an old ret Dent of a mining and Todil Hanve was found Send in Bis Stedul kit one Oclock this ii is hip hint Bis death was Cim cd Liy some trouble of the death of a Yale new a Tell prof Swir the this morning of
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