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Bakersfield Weekly Californian Newspaper Archives Apr 18 1891, Page 1

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Bakersfield Weekly Californian (Newspaper) - April 18, 1891, Bakersfield, California 16 Kern is urn tout of of Niau established published every saturday morning Asp j the writ i a John one terms k i Fil Monalu advertising Ratel Nhi Fikany 1100 1 to 1 7fl 400 00 Hnoth vertical Kurt vertical pull Carlona kurd Vertlett each Kunh vertical the Quarter Kach vertical the Liaf Kach vertical the 12 00 fractional parti of charged nil Macc 25 per cent Oon Blo double the flour i limit local 10 Cerim a known by the Money the Wiifred in Advance for All official a of uukink8s is to diff Kuknat from those in Vogue Trulli in our Nelver Mill in our is every article we sell to he sex Molly we and Nyll Xinji you Liny from us Fuini Hsieh Liiva if will Rel Neil your Money in my will do it cheer Lilly und any 11 in Jour Ordinary and in film Way of doing with i Ilio Nini Lern c co Kuhn Merlc int 1acvarrt hawi11 under Valentine Traci nor Baker District Kay us Tuer Harroll Cormier Annii Public Mac Munro Ungern 1 1u1aiii of i Flint Bonnet it second District Fontaine to ill re Riith Morgan fifth Una ennui just ice of Tiik first judicial simmer minzi1 or Nihil Greene Ami the enl Carrero and dials fourth Morrison and Hymmi filth Hunt Langton Anil Uon Liam sixth Oldi and win fled Droit still and Dill Quin and 1mvirn Clintwood Ami Knur Elim the enl Sonia and mall any in Ortli James and Orr Kluth Tonj Withlaw Lisook and jell Ravin sloth Mill and his unto Cunn and Katsh j4 1ktt Hay Ash the oink Sekii Hoard Liy the Hoard mid by tic i oink Ilc Branlly furnished rooms i professional l at Ink Ollice Over the Kirn Valley at Law of lures our Kern vol Lay it and 1a Hun i at Hak Kern of Liin Laluh nineteenth at Pattok nov at Ali Ettlin ave Gnu near court i Iomara attorney at Law 1 Olllie ill Olid a kith o attorney at r Muttson 8 Cheater Siuk a attorney Kahn special attention Keven to fund probate and civil of flirting the t ma1ion and Law notary vols Lis acc Ovid Corner Chester Avenue and nine the Enlil attorney ji1 of Loco in Kluh Currier Tiente avimlnt1 and nineteenth Taylor Kern All i Illers per mining Lokeal ski hic Al Lendil incl la Fri nah u attorney at file a Rijk cosmopolitan nineteenth ii neat and Comfort to Tahle the very Ullen Tion phed Upil if for the mining season we Linic opened and for Sale in our i dry goods department in new ii Yards for i 150 a Meleh Lawn i Venuis Tripos and 8 Yards for i 500 pieces figured Lawn in great 0 Yards for 00 pieces double Width Spring j5e per Yard s3 Pietek Bromide Fol pairs at Ier these Only n Low of the bargains besides these we have oped i 20 Inch inn Martinu 50 pieces Srot Cli citing hairs 50 pipe us 100 Pes 1renth it Menean sat Loens 200 Jiin ceh Loci Pinnis in Juile Pink Canary j25 pieces figured Dimity 100 oin Bridd Lawn 25 Viires figured mulls 500 Rich Plain Liesl 00 pieces Swiss and Hamburg in our clothing department Uit to lowing Over 1000 new and stylish ranging from 85 to 200 Lloyn ranging from to 100 youths winging from 0 to 50 fancy and silk striped from dozen Outing Manuel ranging from to 500 Truw i Nob Biest in 50e in French ii j attention of Tiik is respect fully called to the fuel Tyml thin Llott Ulicni Ionn Lilily Ami it itt now prep Mil to travellers lilt or Tymn the Lal Liis liar vie in Vii in Tho French Cook in the Mil Horn Karl of tint a Kozoil Nellh ski left nil nip Ruil French blurs in n of Iii nun Icilus in impel or i Walter 1 nineteenth Street i in fact our store is so full of new and desirable goods Thill to litre a thirdly room enough in tins paper to speak about Call am ski Dinkelspiel sent of Rpike anti Fuhn Timie of this 1 in entirely new in arrangements Chin be mile for in Mil Ami Nikitin for k Terri ill Itutti Fott of Meh Lulaj cents Bessjr Trio at Fresno ivc twin for it Insik Ilino to n nil Woldy of for n nil Bronil one 1nllnsky Miulli from Liml Ell v into 11m mount a Iii for the i Mimi nil up Nour Cra inn of us Klimik Way n Ramie hip Lute which Liy i n Plant will not Lei my in Limnell Clyl the Wilry Interior of Cal for Lii have to Culiar Nita Tullon to Mie to Iii plot mint Mii Diirr nil to i Cert awful nil tic the of people in Ellior j of the Luicir which Ruih parts of Trio the proo pet of his Ivan for very to those i full Apo Iii rom Flint Smitih n Roll Vonlil lie great by Ciolll to but it if it would any in in it it Wapra Linit and to Trio 1nritii com milking part of to licit it would Boas u Feitler to the main it would lie a cult Uilk Oiler t of it in probable hint ill Leaky in merely in agent of the South Ern and if i to ii tidy were Balaod he Vonlil assign to nil that univ ii in Slivo no Lime be inc reason the mib do not come in us freely an in would doom they ought to for in enter prise for might with Giixh Proi Minn re into i Imort unit Liu Veall tic Unity Anil in Lith of silk nil twice the it in Mac Rohnn to Luxor Cotton Fin of hoods Luule finn the of All Niile from it More Hmil Ilc nil him input Lon it is equally us fill for All Klmle of the to intent ii Well in the it civil acted if if it Cohl lie pro Huvil ii Tintoi Ingrid j Bim Solf in agent o the Stit Liprie 1adflo and they Proni bed to Ilio read ply the hemp Ami Juto in Khz out of us mid sheep Ikon Oscil lilo Fly for hut and not of Tho with a Rood one it in tru Billon bin it Trio Only the Tyml n in Moi far grown than it mum it jul ii wild ingrown Tom apply on of Sincli a no Douht no cheap the Lii it would Timve been Nisei it they terror valleys of calf Oulu in no Groat Rel lond Pinili Lorn and always Llie chief place of product Ion for this accomplish Wlms they and they Roll old not Sipply people prefer to with Ulione they j Enoi Ifrah shift Hently Low to know nine to clearly Nilor Strind what milk it fur every a Italy and Ninoo his Ilse Ful Only on their own Slilo of the and our is Vlf Cronl Verh and a let tar minium Law Thui omy m my met would in a Thoi Mienl line of Hattle de nil the inst of them in Wal Neslony the com meow of the judged by the by in Fiat nations of with of Tiluy would he it i True Tomt while we Wei they would Ulicy Are Miiko it that not enough is known of full sky to in spire Abo Lutc foil Ledeme in Len state and if he in not what he professes and in hid Axon of Home thro nub wait to know it is prob ably want of con Donco that is at the Bottom of Tho difficulty about Rul Klimik the Tho Roplo of Ronno Vonlil not a Chiralo or Dulny Over what is to Thorn Tommill a mutter if porno ally Satis led in nil Tho of Tho proposition presented to would t9 glad to Nee Fresno look Iii a my lond Centro nil n and for Whix reason Timve Joellon Tonkon iia it miss Hiil Ismy limit in the pro Kroub of senator Xci York Keamy Eliot report him ii Fol anti i j a m Oil in Kern vol Ltd Yunnu nol itry Jefferds in d a next land heal estate and Muttera pertain uni to Tho Lindon Cerille fully attended lil Miku properly Willien Plath Khu Wiig Eon Dillon 01 government ont Eft i Tunini and Ici in Trull Cal physicians and j wa8son itch silent in the blur Nap Outter do in oalte8 nineteenth Mollico Houre 10 to in it to 4 and a to 7 Bician and Boilden co on Chester Job and 211 Ottlo in Avenue and Idali 2 rvs Var and u Over Butk Oneld Keidd ence on near Joth p physician and 1 Ali eaten of none and of Talca Over Llanten off to u to 1j in in n and 7 to h kkuou880n graduate in medi ii Elna and to surgery of Hioki Jeenii and of the Royal of Why Illana Anil of Euilice if the Brit Lull medical 1 and Odd notices a styled meeting on Thor Iulus no or next full of Trio Ninnin us Eli 411ehioan of too twin Lyral mid d to today even Iii of each every monday Kern of every wf4lnendiiy 1 a kor every tue Mlay Kern Uii Iok every Kal urday ii tick every Muntu 1 in Celb to Ito imm ill Tiitu to aim wholesale fur knee Len and ii Uil her if James san Jose proper Toht the Ottar to of mall Bingo Lomik ohs run tory in Tumcl Scata Runer Crl by International Kearney Street Kan Ward pleasure in announce Jcj to the people of Kirin county t lion Sulli Bijj for i Stockton All steel grading and ditching scraper Gap hotel cd link Slitkin n Planco to top every or cent Ini Malhin no bestiary cd Reinfort nil ii Leci the Licul kind cd try it Ono and you nkvk1 uhf any i am also aunt Loh John Deere plows of every description Wal Hind t t Devic is icily flip no k i cml ii in nil i very feed stable in where h Kim Inonu ii cult i tinny Anil properly Tukan Linns Valley stage line link Inglem la Rev Anil Jarlli Kittin leaves this hotel Al at no t Mill Frh Liik of Nhi Lin Linx lev Nellle will leave of Lenville at 7 Icli nine in Hurthi hts Werni dry nine a with ii in Luce wary under those Condl Mill filler ill vent Piv mind and lit the unit h Luis Khoii h Nett of of great Dini Tilty hither to in the Illner except no treat i Haw insight Elvin with thin part Illein Ami imiu1 of their no Chii Ien to their fond expect jut of invention of the Iii Shine is not Ca Palrud in fact it no one we id consider it n pc Loim in in Ramie cd Viire be and now ii in claimed hint a Han a evened All by lows the Livirt Liml Mil Iii Neal Furich in so much to our phys Licul in to men in Feivor of the of the Nir if the uni ital in to the How Nin it iiltokctliei1 when we know hint not hint uni Terll in non inn i Iii Ever Wii u incl Winil in the soul hut n Forett there in n Force Liml pm Lucca 11 Force lint Ioven the u font Power to hut Wlms in in of Wen the Ninaj dict pick up n piece of h n Force mid Tyml in nil we know no amt to my in jul the nov in finish in which i would Igi inh us tic Inonu no and everyone Ghoul in Inin unlit to to it import i och on when n into i Iii earned cloth Iii and a Hollcr Tor Lii Wilf mid if he inn Leto explore the he uveitis or the of nil let him of it i Liln Lelh inv i do not menu to any Tyml he he Oxild not i employed in n Lump mtg us in lint shut let him take Civ of to unit is the it Niy come to us on i Chin Nee Hli indy in Teri Eshik men Ai now Teri Eshik the creator kind mid never never i think Vii Iii ill Inion Lolor How could u nmn ii Elm hut cruel am alien he Wiik unit Lod unborn la o cd Ernul Ilia Jinil when u Kii Ell Clent nil wine Mentor in held up to one we Cuisinot Eon try to or Row to the Htiu Liing Lului Miili u in Iii Iii uht have de for him you swim Nowiki Inith Little the of Lii in that in u of a lout cil line and in purport Lon to f f we lived an we ought not to live contrary to in Oral and Ideiil follow ii n Nii tamil t and we Init the whole Init str thai when tech Perlt i Iii i Volt ii pier via in identity us it Wim on carrying with it the in Iii ii new a flow ii Elton when in that Slen cannot in Alwo Lully a jilt two Nib cry to a him blur term of Trio Norli one Nuiya have n Maui Liik ii Nilta Jinil holc Tami Pimp while the other did it Tor the Lucre hint Nia Hhie Kike nil Miinch Lizeh Ltd Oieni ton in to in exceedingly or Oren con full nah in of Rylott the and the Wannu Wilry of our Interior Ridley Dixit to it in then a Rudicil and Inaten by the machine and the inti Luhley hitherto the in eliminated and mown Newny in the form of leaving Ilie Millwr Alcini and a Deil by Lieh Finity Ami thnh a Iachine California will Licco Nii unreal producer of Niznik tic Lionly him already drawn general Tui Ifim to it is from Throo Thind from two to four crops May lie Kathe Ivd Here tin it is not known How Iofik the Ramie Plant will pro Dintle i hat hut in thin the limit would not inlets than Twenty live or thirty the filler in now Worth ton and it will lie Iofik licit inc it will in like would in a Cecily the Nicks to the Willy of Wenroy Ilc to live and every need within All Wiur my Inthis Lelch if Munnik and lion Rikh in one Center every article of us Mil it impossible to in lint in Vang Coal Liik Ottati Riih in Nova Anil other con parts of the Dominion of Linn the and thin Wiltho Isikli it in by no in Eunner Ilii Nnnie hoi Iio of our hut even this would Ikon let be moment o and an Wolfl Itil Mimi Iii even or visitor Security i Linn to the other Kivitt i Hoith of the wifely of her in her inn Lelve Point in greater Deife than with any other i Lon in thu her existence be Lendh upon it would has do wisely n the new in the Way it Linn Lii ittle ships Mil with in t in i i ignored till done time nil Ghl wifely left to Shore hid Crich Ami the High hell Vellve use of which i Iii Mil in Stilt making such Riim Kahlo while we in every aum of complaint against us on the of other Emu Ivor to do them full and ample we Ailin i position to in Var to Roath with in ii self Linwill Lluch there one of the great Powers hat would not nil her in times ii much As we and they know Blacksmith and Unpi ult the Ial nineteenth Kiln or a of new work and done on Short Irleen the Low i ant uni Gutlon hdb8e8hoino a owe me a Money the Coli Lily Art with maj fulfil by in till mint Ami it ii Kim from the him love nor Koivu h Liu Tiline no mild us Tui it Hull of Ivilou Loii in Tui Lilly of Jiin of with Tui Lornt of pm Clit in Tho i of lilo lat Lor Wilth Iii he chief to uric of Iii it Tho in gift huh it will Winn Kiivit Lipil Iii indy to thai and Tnp Yerx of Tolx in innit i with our or Cunt to not j i Iii than Lei j per plumber and j stoves Anil Ami hit must Iron pipe and brass m or builders hardware plumbers supplies j Roumi no Ooi stantly on to t a myrrh Vii 1 Ion bar s i Hinkst Ami Bath pro Chi Liml make it a wit loud Farl hint our Tumi Wilira in Mil in j Chester opposite the new Southern hotel i important j a which Redzic Henicle j nil u i june i ily of from ii Iivo Ilehr Mill shut Ilio Isidor Ilio i a lift i in in Lichtin h u Diki Iii Uil Illy Ink Only in Roll i Rill Ion from Iron enl i work in thin Ink n Izilor with in cwt a of Roll Woik in imn Knute Lyle in a Jual to Ilio work Ilauno in j the Hlynn Dennl flu any color can lie produced Liy Rel Lnu Trio Plulik Ruhl lieu to with prepared colouring Ink prepared from it Lii Iown sold m m one dolls Ilia in n recent inf Trvin Iliili Illing ton exp Chovil lil Innell to u Llull tin re Rul Alion to of in Creel he full own Wlms about 1 talk Coli Fordiin to everyone i there Itro Oiler ii sikh Boult to Tho exp Eimo of keel Iii Here Tyml Paruto Uku Irith lilo in of our in too Ull Over lilo entirely too i Huro arc Lou of men who would coins hut Lime to Uuro that after they Here Tansy will Havo Only Money Eno sikh to buy about in Ivro of up in the Northwest you run inn it from to 5 in our Rel lond Puiul we us ttys Noil lion Riiho we know the Valno of people dont unders Lennil the productive Vul like of Trio land liboro and the Ronson Inonu of it in hell to it should taxi it much like Trio Cane of lilo old fellow who Wax allured Iho Onelli for lift but of he loud nut u pm Tor he wanted know wily it Wim held Boll Kicic chm in l dully Kifori of him in tin court Lew without Kidd of Liy the Force of ability ilium ii him rom ii Lonn Equality of tin paper that in More know of no ii nah oilily or unit full Lam nil the Ofiu Dern it in con met fitly build now it in u new drum win Ini proved not Only in Blifil in Olin Tiik had Al Liefl on article of the in Reki Iril to Tho Wool i1oji of Tiu county pm lot in a Short 1 Wool will Kirin it and pow Lily Switi in Liml if prove it will to Worth the Iii ii was Iii Tinl o Mir Lii Martin no the Krench hotel last Hundy the cd Ivony was incr fornies by Kuther Lannon Aulii which Inki win were invited to Imp take of a Hole Iidle repast Tirc Piid aiming in Mil Wenthe Pitt sch who All joined in the Nimlo wedded ample n lung life of Imp Hirw Ani Holsi 4jtculllcr am mile Leone j4v for uncork jul Tullgr and tons liner Marchand und Tkv Rand wife and Murat a Kritil Talli mid Jinn Loy Muil and Iii Kitila Kicic Merdler and Jeun poll Law and harm mid Mullitt Anna Tjw Tilin in Iliin in him add Len Low the Val j Ley i uhf empty Purl Whort by John Wum void u while ago for Homes for Dill ton to k in writ Rurh North wild Oil a time and Quill Colore at urn def commenced at the right Many intelligent Loil reals think Mir in and Jovern Mcnol did coins Nencini our Ivy with sol Al Cru Lucis Iii cml of line of Buttle helps and hurl for defeat pc Ier lips if they Siml to Nathl they Vonlil have Orpi instil Ihen shelves in Oil is no Navy which would lie to Al Elf that Cohl i Tincu Mir inc Iuis they have Nocona Lufi Sla to ii on tills hide of the Allan tic and no territorial Poms salons in which to their heavy Inui lads Bunly carry Coal Enikh u Atlantic und lifter that they Ikins Plush they dealt Mem hut would he Ichih for a rivet of Price 5 c the late Tun Henle ivc nil m Olla run tit Trifi into Tho Mun ii Buet Pule hint Flor a Tuto Nae had to civil to tie Lii trat Etc list i out him Ftp the Byln danced it Imine a Ion win intended for it Lite Nihon Fly pin of Bill introduced Imlej it of the Only five my and of w Only whal u to so a Lorl Santure in asked we reply1 us Legislatures like Othel to k pm Ltd t mid not by the minor thu us our und Nuice attempted and did Mil Toto frito Uiva Nick Bud Asito Delft Ornett it Niedec Cathor lint for this Lynn he Ulm Mem Milc it wont to Down with the Pulle the Hill it what it and we Luji not Millmr Typlt it and it to Tor hut it did Jii Dovd lib All Vii line Ileto of lat Lon and h us conic oiling in Ilia Wuh the inst to vhf con Viaud a the state building up the then in on the Mcclinn Tannd cite com to whom of the pint of the town in i not i pile to full of lint if thin in Tine ii in Mil Omen of if the town in Dull Mill a tit tie thinned an tolls it in not Tui Dine in the amount of work Roann on there i he null or of in Ople Hii sll eth Ltd in Mirrl Zhik k would every Tody who is Inot Lnch to own and employ Hon Wolf in fully done so and joined Tishri ill Rainy of new Crim cry in developing Mil Mil a ride of a few Miles into Tho Couhig Enriot full to inne a Char Huff upon any one w Hose Lintel Vetn can the Huwell set Tyml Only to Nukic hut a much town Peru Yontl Prosi Rous arc Niue Pinsent urls he Fiona the tra ordinal and fit the in hut to prelude of the future growth and in n degree never it in to visit and Ihno Mikhly every tuition in me Nilmah of the new York note k Exchange have Little to complain of in compare Hon with their Colloq Ikue in it that Home two Hun dred in Emlem of the London Stock cd Ayiku Are Ihl Kichik Uci Riiho of their inability or to pay lie in Nihil Mihur Letlon of thirty about two Lilian Rcd clerks Niv Alwi to this in dec Rohed in hither a of ird it in Niido Icid Lolio Miniri Linton of Tho Jyh Nifte coi Hidar Olleen in Han to in Ditont the of the Law Pii shed recently by thu la i Urc i n to the real Ileine of Cal Nemjo in this Commiel says Tomt the Law will be hate in it the Flint Opportunity it in noticed unit renter portion of the most Proul Nunt men in Kew York Are not a lives of hint tin i Vatcho Ilo Ctorn of i the Mcauli Liu Kerh and the most men Art new Yorkie in by this fact in True in Intuit of the ally population in be Nanny it the thu Eon try him Chi Iscil the Nill Lenry Era u unit the Uteri Izui of the nation ii n for the funny ii greatly by the migration of lie birr Licul Tinnil the one City in Kiwi High in a Holcli it i Iii i Xii claimed by thu Iro that Prohl Littlon actually Wim the of Hrudny Liy tie dts covery of a Milon in Tho Bikih Luniw Miler directly ii Nimitz the Ion Tollee and Only Ono ii Kwh from the metropolitan Jolley which had in ii in Oil Niton Trio for Nen Ninish for the yur to end Sttne ii nov will amount in Pivni Riih your we pull while in the your iwo hint Wollow for urn in Sauthi Ninny Piid Siw Boon the old Schu will All he paid nil the Iii Nuvil i Hiim of in pro print Ion will in Tim mild is to in Van in which provided tji it when u Lith land und in not Hoard if for thai yearn Liy ills in divorced with out furl her Forina Llly of Law tin1 proo shooting and about Bulf Throe Hilb Nimori ainu till Hob Wiley re ii Molli Chr Elfall wore hitting on n uni ill in run of Walton alien u Iii Nuin etl Camo no Pitt and a Lomoth in front of Tho iou Plo is if Ron Lily Adil Rendit by Alloy no snored bilk in then into Wiley Drew n knife and Init de a Luciia i Inlall stink n not very Llangan Loii Itilio Wiley took the knife from and proceeded to Cut ii not very wound in whereupon Unn buil Etui Oil to n Sway n pistol hitting in Unlyun t of the wounds unpaired to be Holh the Mon were Tolt fill to von nov und the women it whore Cha is Dotty Liml As Nult wet Neil to Tho her Story in Wlms Ali recent and Uihero Ore two Oiler ill Orttel Ulen about the Nellorr Hutn Riley afternoon from 4 to 7 Onillo Unkel Biol Guvo u Haluli win Roeld Oneo Corner of Hii Froud ave Lii to him won assented by Ohff in Irenn Banin Hor Alstom Anil in july goo Rire can inns is the room on the Glrst floor Donee wore i Irown open to Vlku Ora were beautifully lie h meet tend Dollop ton of rooms keep being a one collude a Rcd by the fair very much lightened in1ms by str Timof and the chatter and laughter i and the constant Bicic visitors coining and going to the afternoon ant Oarle Eveo Iti All with their recept i the hint High Tea Ever Given Clilly Lili lie Hall Mark of prof Relve Friday Uriel no party was held 11 of a plan Yum pcs Tului 4511 Kittle thu found in Lull to of hl1 ii out Wutt Fnu Iii Ile Iid thin mor Liik Al Init in which with in in Little shoe on mix Vii Kirtly ecu ii in nil ii ugly vow still Mill lie i Iii i Vii 111 fur Vonil Mill for to lire ill Turcut to pts i Iii Utvik an i minute of the county him Plutul for n ill ii of this the jury thin afternoon Ere o Verlot to Tho Vuillot hint lie Dow nalu Rul Avo Jdonte w Fonn to Lii in Blip Mihok Utah elks to Lett of Lull sonic Aidwin the the yellow v in in ii Rel Are Jimett
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