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Bakersfield Weekly Californian Newspaper Archives Apr 11 1891, Page 1

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Bakersfield Weekly Californian (Newspaper) - April 11, 1891, Bakersfield, California N 1g Kern established published every saturday morning i Ami the Outlook for trial of the Bureau of poll the i 111 in John c ready Market at High for some evidence for the prosecn1 the of of who Are Iii Linin to april the Al Lengoon our terms Ujj i a advertising rates Lilloll Nav i Knell Al 1 Vert Iii i j Knoll i 7ft1 Knelt Verll Etil j 00 Knoll Vert Rel Aliemi Artir 4 Knell Ilio 7 00 i Kali Vir Skrl the to 00 Kralf Nihl Mila of clip Sycil full Huce per double Dnn Blo Hie i limit Ukhiv 111 cent known Trio emmy reign Vrej in Tilv Nizie or All Willi nil i i Mill trip hats 1kh hav Ash the 1iikstki Minu Llonel Liy the Lini Iril Siml by Iii Mill Ordinary and Way of Troini km1 Lite Niimi Iii soil Iii Ope Neil ill Iris Ali in our dry goods department ill new la Yards Lor loll pieces Tennis and s Yarilis for in rent o Yards for ii Vinu mob Well if he dont die soon j puh Amiem of Uli incl nil and says the did Clincy will to Jen Niika we can pm away with tin at least Iper Cix the same the next talk we had he wanted me to work a cwt a us my tit if i pieces a had wheat the Only cd Cotlon Wax killed i would la san then i ill it of to turn it into the de Ter file Superior Gnu Kiln work Mill 1nrknnl Luwill Sheryll Viii nun Trei Wuner nil tax Cullen Lar Tuker lilt let any Len Rrell Roro Iii nun 1nbllr Itu Krens my Munro i Iio Ahil ol1 Kiwi Len rail Benet heroin do Street film nine till he Lytal Rrt Milice Fri Irish Mir rain Mulli Huberts Chol Romni a Chicks of tin Kim Jill Clyl Minwal or Willil Siranne Hallil n Ichii min six Kkt xxi ii so 1ia Kiiski i Murre re unit Kurtli Morr min Anil in mini fifth nil Unn line i d Orts nil Wini Vilii Komi i a Lull unit ill inn nil Ronnii but it is almost certain tense tried hard o break the annul Liri Wronn nor shoe add Moh ifs Al per i i he wind will but the 1word v a resource of Kern these onh a few of the Martins we whatever the the Only the testimony in of the Imit nitride of am pleas crop May Imit is Ervn tank Bint i k lout and Virv inti Elshir nit Felech lies Les these i in pc Llo j the to no Point a Lyonl i pieces Tampir Tizie pieces Scotia Imiri thus an dial tic imm exciting is cd upon the reserves for a thin to by fun Micil rain int 50 pieces kill Pis Kri Vicli american sat teens pc pieces in pah inn chm Riodil 10 mlwl1 links by cosmopolitan unit finn Nat Ash comf1 hit Fllch nil Civ i mils i sixth Mills nil is Vonelli Arinin Mill a Attadi Isky at 1 Kern Vullis Router id Uinam at i i Oblima Ovir Kern in Why Siml xxx Man t at Biak Kern Dell Chin Hill its Nhul Lith at has my French i ices Lif Ureil Dimity pieces figured mulls ill pieces inn in our clothing department Sliwi Wiur liver new Anil stylish Ivonin to Lull Ivoin to youths noun Iii Isom i to till Muncy and silk striped Tiroui to Doxen ii line Iron to so Iii in the ill in of is Tok Sikler fully cantle in to this hotel been Tenro uhly unil it is now Iiron Rufii to aifoinnumluti1 letter thin tin title is we have in Al Irvil Chi Luht Rook in the Southern Purt of a Xuy Pullol Vith Lino cd Fern nil in Portal Fortuch Liun is a Iii uni Auni tinn to this in Isact Mil store is i ill no new nil pcs Calile hint then i inlay room in this paper in Aliona ski Dinkelspiel tin us the american car Mich forint Dabic Eom petition in tie and allow the Gnu Lisle Farmers to look for Ward to a prosperous pm frightful april a lire which took place Here this in a Liike Mill Neil Loven i person were in inc to april lire broke out Elkint Midnight in the Large is Fin i Nili Liivik As Anil and other Tho lire in Lite Killi emf keens residence and he and his huh were Milloca Leil by the a number of Nociti paying were lined to an in to the april Al noon seventh to linens Ali Vinson int Liik Mon Lionel forseen a close estimate april in the ballot this in nnpitie1 Ohki dented in the history of lie the indications my that the heaviest vote Ever Oast will Ami that it will for exceed the number East it the lust april was in View if the Many sided and Hea Teil hero have i Iii numerous in the increase let in Ilii Picky As tin1 Day pro in the la Rel Ward thin Aller Iii Iii one mull was and came out i it ill ill a Lull Iii hold to lifelong to the in the it is lllv1 1 believed that the italians con Eho Pissk attic Iisley at r Avenue tout Thomas atolls by at Law 1 Ostli Iii Milit Kil Linth o attorn by at Mantl mini Ili Imor i Walter 8tiikkt Asi Othni Tui of a his Iuit Alt Okky kicks i is enl Only Viilu Anil no Kui ilium m i line ten Iniel Cru Linlau Anil Hill Ollir in in Lor v i Maiklan Atto univ a ii Jiw Neil try Ilses i of tend re intr Clung i a Tui Ami Nam Atto univ at j Olllie ill Kunh Ilir Liln Atn i Mill minute tilth and take wkly All Nikii Iii Pri Lilly Tell n French m nil Liik a Illus a k Allioli Clcil at Law Crills in Ann Liri Ini or it Irilan nil dim Lar Ulnah Ion i i kit Mir id it Oil in a i is a t k a j in is ill Citi i 1 1 1 1 1 1 i in the april says that its Linrud is the Newt claims the Electrum of Anil the Kali claim Neivus id Ili Clr spec Lluc the and stoats he cd Dir it the arli Eiler company on u suit brought against that j Kri luny says that in their opinion liar coi Noimy by the inter stale Lund come Alsim bus curried he puny o recover a Large tract of land in tuned nine Vonlil not Lind the Llenis losing their huge land Grant j to Ninny Ilio Kun promo court Olllie United Staten i Itlena Jed lie judgment of lie i Rndt court of lie i Nicil Staten fur Ilio Pis Lwirt of Coln i in in favor of the Max will Hiil the fur a pics fitted 11 Elam of recent my Sling of the a Viand of White new ii to whether or not it he Ioulia i in enmity Hurt toting rendered the opinion that the claim for compensation was not pity Nolc by the ills Luw foil that he next he a skid in puss a Hill april is at the envy the willed in under orders to Iii Cine to honed Lii Days or the envy nil any portion of Tho Par Tinolli has Mil yet Milci Lidil where to being worn tented of Hemty Moil years others by the Mullio Imuro Riu uhor and sheep who local in thirty since then Iho investigation of nil its Eppli Nollon to Mil other uses have i ought it into in to in cd styles to the extent of with in increase of 50 dior c lust Xirui virally nil of eth tilt Hartr Clofort Ikichi it is looked upon is Tho most pavement from Tho of noise lossless tid won my Ever used by and Iho Deenri for it in the he Nedlita fun fed is Likely Tusk the worlds resources of w win the Lull will her i Anions county of the slate of Colo i the Maxwell land Grant in of in j Iii Piihl oven us com pined Willi the of the Imam Max Sun h h Voiht Nolc Al Dolly for Inin Iii april Tui ii in do out of the Rumor that the of Siml born telegraphed no Ono hero known of nay Bitch Tole and i Kram Tiff Keir Cury i hot Kidny hint lie Walil oink niin0 huh in old Himeur and j Hurt on bin return the following Nipper and an old resident on Lily Grant i he Iwuh can nil out Trio Pri Neinl in liar Lii Lillav 1efferos land i nil Visali its inn Ikinio James san Jose Kro Piunt cite hint Region i on of Iii the Conli Overly rep Colling the Validity of the Long and it wan so bust in per Dpi ital Ruilin Liy Wiek milk incl Holt to of null in fully my Una Nuiji Lulli Nikii in Iii Ray Willin Tury Rini Nii i lulls Ollu Wellik Iii i International Iii Oli lint ill 1iiysicians of ilk is i Vav Eliut Iirilli i Lincul Lituri 111 in in i ii Mali it and sell Likin in a Litchi How Iii flt i Siml Jim Olllie the cur a Inui mid Lutali is Kaki Toky it Kkt sax Ward i Takk plkasu1i1 in to Tiik 1eolli of Kern co text v i Linic Liccini sell Iii fur Llic or Stook lol 1 All part of his Propri Imiru in Vuitink the in Litney on the Way to and Long the run Lulu nil he decided to car Luil ids trip for Ilio reason probably hint uru a Kris no hat to the Ordinary mind it i Wislick to see a Ironi Ildna before he did Hiem Pok Siblo it be Tarlson his Western april text of Huron iavits la Rel note hns Krom this Iwuh vie Como apparent that the mis Between the United states and Italy Wuh duo to fact that Illi inc Tho Din and for in trial As a demand for the ministers Are not Dis Joanl to push the Mailer beyond n demand for the Ordinary rules of International Justice a flu Oren ends have Tan pushed Hatm to inn Emo Knuth Roui another revolt in april telegraphic dih pal Fob Jim received in the Molly from Colin Len urn to Ibn cell bal emboldened by the o the the in khat Honvo Olson Iii Arah Silti Mckinn the whole length of their the tit Inck if a Clink Pisa Hail Hui Vittor oilily that Deal hint Ion when she in Only for sea to the april the bit Llellyn in tical at flirt Newick tilts inborn Liliu with to the cd let that in minium Ilu Kivat Hitow Naii whim much and Rii wildly ii it in not expected Ihlia inn till live Winly harming in sax april mayor Sandison this sent out incl latin ii in n mini her of Praml Atmil to Nicel til us Mim of Hie chains or no Niimi Tieric on and take dict Iii Natl be Iron Dent liar Rosini n proper reception on his a Ltd in this const nest a Jill 7 it in in at unit the Iii air him urn ii rent Trio Mich of Phis has a tit l no i n i lit lion slim in its Nish Siml tamil to till nil Siml i the int in tic and Ull runic i j 1 Over Bakeri form i Lii Tor j grading and ditching scraper of Mali Utich in nil finn Gap hotel ii Illy Kukian anal 1 ill Minim of nun j let Lori ii ill j Al Annonio hint the la non Atli Skod april Tiibi ill on Trio Way from j Liao on her i Ninish one and Hilary to Iii Lilly j to swab Well ii political Light Over the killing for bib and Alvo Slovon j school net which was recently adopted Ali cry Huv orely j by Tho Login Tiro of thin act i prohibit Relin Iofik in the Trio entire Iola Iorii Tihy have i april i Blic we tool i prevails in the Coke regions the i ill la Rel a Elbrt to Start the works since the j War a Robt riot commenced was Imide this a Ornalik april sex a Miil four Limi dred men Rommon cod Tensive Cave hns Aitken Planco in the great Ikimis Uhos Willai Uiato in mkh1j in i 1liln in n Kimb Ulni very and of Lukcik of Ripe Chimary uni furl Meni lier it Tiu Hill Lull Meil col Odd Knune i nil a w in Onsri in the let Imp nor Tho Hank of Lii Kors thu new Southern Hook to notices suited Liliee Lanuk no thlire Lily u or next Tig Ali full of the Riki Dii in Citilia a my Khan in a Tun i Iii Lirl nil third 1 lorm Lily u Ilell Mill very Muni Luy Kern or Viry Wodium Lily i Bakko j every Tael by i k Fri rink Undy Khelu Riliey Nulli Tiu Lintel nil ii Sid incl u 1vi very feed Sta j31vk Whenn Kuril Turnbul cull a Lilyh Imd nil Iii Inni properly taken Onri i Linns Valley stage line i i incl arli Tibuni leaves this hotel at unit it it 7 in and Krill Una of Ficili Liuni Villu tit in mail will leave Glenville at 7 ii urls unit Norri Flik in Henri Illif it Himl Tivy it Onck and you Avi no you 1 am also the Msj Orlly of them Blenx old they Havo not i Wii i Teifer Vercil with in any Tho sheriff or Isk a n y j Rived from ire Noburu lids morn Iii with i War Runth or Twenty live and Haper intendant i Tinneny hex sworn out Wivurn nah for the arrest of Elf Lin Ilii Linen j a i ii John Decro plows of every if i i 1 11 i n four will die Allf Docto is to fully of ii lends Willil nil lives of Mullan to nonce High Lccy Miles Wust of thin City on Tho Northern 1iicilii it occurred no Rel Hunte of its extent can be funded until the engineers make an april men burned Early thin Vimr Liik by i explosion of Gas in a i Row of inn ii the men it in found in in Loim Uji Inalea from Monterey South bulb us i const Ryugo noun tides o but 1 believe ii in reserved for Iho county Fields to Liow a unit re prod of ill hot of Loim i proximity Ami a Purl of lire and tunnels Giro Ducinko n vary heavy Iro Liim Howe or is u Milit Tel in Hie Fluxing Siml Laird und Rocky this Hll this Oil hits Givon Brest value to it orly ii inst ii Holond form of Allilion in Enta Minnil of Tho Al mini of the is Correct and thai ten Iii scr will Pio Vicil to san Lin cd scion lie Lulli april Inov men went to work Htit morning at Nui Klimik lie total num Rof men now it work it tic ovens one pm nov Umer of mid is inns Nir it to minor Sgoifo for purpose the Roll hrs and Resaldi inns in Verwil use in Iho Giro danced the Eastern oils inv Lar Only Par Altland Ami no Asp Hultin k la shh Sini Fiilus fact Siml in cull Fornili whore Tho Asp Holt Nurys been tunable to some roofs of mid or Felt love Riik Are sea who in Tho ohs Lern set tit Hind of very cold and hot j Are veritably St Niam Miles of roof us with co altar and nil i of but concede ill Liefl cull Fornola should Supply n Grant ions of Asphalt for rooting in ther f i Lio Asp Hill buds of cell Jonilu and products will to n mine of wealth to and to c h is now Oxten Sully used in California in Pathik for Aldo Wolka und also for the lining of volts and moans Ajlill Kwh care lev i i it is the i stalk every plumber and succeeded in their on i department Ami have n limited treaty that Nill in of 1 lion cell to the tidied Stales and in mind with the fwd lips elect in nil the minis of a ills april Minu i Iii of Alltis Lynu mid rom Viii Iho in Friendly hint the ii Ihm to will of Iho toward the Henna love of i him accepted tile place of Ahlm lint her Elnory of tic Tiivi Miry tem Elivd him by Hie itary unit will the Iris Ideiil in few april from Trucl Callon Ofiu him Indle Tilo Klinl the Lle Pulilli Kaiim Livi car Pleil the style Liy a Jil uial of no omit Anil Home rain and Hull fell Here Ihu but Al of Clink in milk hav a Jill a driving storm of Hall occurred Lare this after noon Mimy a acre Hii Kii Tymn april on Iwuh Rikkii by the the new Olive Oil the of Lowzik nun Cir Civco Tho Cio Vernosh und in now in Foice in a Lii an Ait til kill k of Vuk a Kirrine in very or denier of Olivo Oil Khali plaice urion every Ijo Tlle Orynn filled Hultti Olive Index posed or for Itle us it Inholz Bull no 1lonrly Ilio Nuncio and add Ifim of lie Unafa Cirer or United slates because of Rindo Enlil cd ii april of Ami Nhill Ilio with Iho u i of due to Iii of j n i Suki Loim dial Burn Beimly april Lilal of Olson to in Onn of Tho a Nike sen the the j m i Anch Winnd Alij fun und Tranle with ill exception piled 1 and lint Chmait Buck Suitti and this Itilio evidence is purely i new april Tho Sund i incl while it May be Jour Monien printers stick today to will to no exy thu prof culion Force Louir Doin unil for higher it will und and is reported that a number Al firms have Obi do fro Wiilie 5 of with or without Kern county vast Nilmei Nolde from us wonderful Ati on the mime Quni Lemiel Ion halt a cd Oil apr Longn and Oil prod Welu u tract Omny a crime of Ali veg hum fur f feet by so per cent kaolin it ratio two feet and it in i6 per cont of Ali Milami in the sumo strata cry male of Ali holy pure when in Trio i Nina near by Are known o to Ell cinnabar and while in widespread in Fulli Wolni Blankenhorn drought of Many of these in the great its if Trio fax not Bluntt to the Proult would Apon Thom mines of Trikha from baud Long on there is plainly in via Beautiful islam Coyer no Junro inflow of most Vertu proven productive of delicious Alfalfa and car Rand Miller a Lux whose inn none a Railroad Oil Twenty live in leg due West f Lorn h is singular Hesp have never tie Road would have for if built by Ilromi Iii Sou a strip Twenty Mill tidy live Miles on the Hundred Dimiro Mil still enl to build Kern county shot sight of by angles i future business should up i Ami exposed or of Torwal tar unlit Oil to j i within the mine of is loud Nhul Mililli a it u a kin1w of new Woisik anal it Iralli v inn Yunu on Dirrl and Kii hor6e8hoinq a me a or Lii Ilio Luw give Iron pipe and brass plumbers supplies Oas fixtures constantly on Wash a Tania nil All work farm Anc Vineyard supplies of every description so pcs Anil nil Ilir Uii isl slurp of Iliili Lillis Imi to Rouneil lit tin Pion Khz unit in kill n mall ii nit hint Imp Irr nut in h i Ull unit Legal Lent and in yielded und Iceni Wonit they Dii Stry can do will be exerted in the Villon Ihei cof by lure any in slice of the if ice Ion of Opl Haill h Kunii not least inn fifty ill lure nor one Hin Isreil and Cost the for ouch ii Imp Loneil not less Altu Hovi it maj tin april than Illy Days nor More Tutti one Hull has april the Veternik showman who Hail i in full win Throin shout the tute j been very Iii for several Days and was of the court May Ami reports from Ull wet hum indicate j jelling bus had n sudden a Idause Chester opposite Iho now Southern the crop prospects Are now feared hint by can outlive cd entry crops of nil kinds will Tuuli i to the a lung in i april killing i the Bun join Jilin Onwu ilor Hurt Hist 1 april w Jrie is from ten to a Wilyo do new j Ilcy rom Tower in Tho upper 32 30 and a blurt this aul Hhill take Al fat Neil to in Force rum und Niter its Low prof hat tie Koni Viil Ley Homes for for Newi Coal in Fresno nil
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