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Bakersfield Sunday Californian Newspaper Archives Sep 2 1973, Page 8

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Bakersfield Sunday Californian (Newspaper) - September 2, 1973, Bakersfield, California Vhf californian g sunday sept. 2. 1973 supervisors Back foes of expansion foes of a Federal proposal to expand review responsibilities of the Kern county Council of governments to include personal welfare and health programs were joined tuesday afternoon by the Board of supervisors. The Board authorized chairman Gene Yang to Send letters to Federal officials stating a the proposed expansion is needless and potentially detrimental to the administration of health and welfare programs a the letters also a endorsed and supported a objections to the proposals voiced by the National association of counties and the county supervisors association of California. Objections were based on three factors counties now providing health and welfare services on a countywide basis already experience adequate Are wide expansion of. Program review by representatives of government not providing health and welfare services could Lead to confusion unnecessary paper work and delays in meeting the needs of Federal government mandating of program review Powers to clearinghouses such As Kern cog does not allow counties cities and states the flexibility required to accommodate local political and administrative problems in order to achieve effective local the proposed new regulations being drafted by the Federal office of management and budget Are slated to become effective sept. I the Board was told. Under the proposal the review process would be extended to programs in the Field of health services mental health including Grants for drug abuse and drug rehabilitation work incentive aging rehabilitation and family planning. County administrative officer Norman a. Mcnamee said the proposal would a duplicate and tend to delay existing he added that the Kern cog staff a concurs with our action was unanimous on a motion by supervisor Leroy Jackson seconded by John Mitchell income level decides school lunch prices several Kern county school districts revealed plants to participate in the National school lunch program s free and reduced Price meals for students. Those districts taking part have adopted family size and income level criteria to determine eligibility. An Only child whose family s monthly income is $228 or less would be entitled to meals at no Cost under the state adopted program. Other ranges in the free meal category would be 2 children in the family$300 3 children $372 4 children $443 5 children $508 6 children $574 7 children $633 8 children. $693. In the event the family has More than 8 school age youngsters. $53 May be added for each child to the monthly Gross income Factor. The reduced Cost schedule also based on the number of children and Gross income scale will be As follows i child $229-$273 2 children $301-$360 3 children $373-$447 4 children $444-$532 5 children $509-$610 6 children $575-$688 7 children $634-1760 8 children $694-$832. A sum of $64 per family per month May be added for each child in excess of 8 children in a family. Additionally families not meeting the foregoing criteria but with other unusual expenses May apply. A unusual expenses in this framework of reference would be those with High medical expenses shelter costs in excess of 30 per cent of income special education costs due to the mental or physical condition of a child and disaster or casualty losses. Families Are urged by the participating districts to apply if they have reason to believe they Are eligible. They May apply by filling out application forms sent by each District to the Homes. Additional copies Are available at the principal s office in each school. School officials state All information provided in the application forms will be kept confidential. Applications May be submitted at any time during the school year. Foster children in certain cases also Are eligible for the free or reduced meal benefits. If a family has such children living in the Home and wishes to apply for such meals the family should advise the school to that effect. No child educators emphasize will be discriminated against because of race sex color or National origin. The principal of the school bus departures stops outlined approximately 3.500 Bakersfield City school pupils will ride school buses again this year when school starts tuesday. Parents of children who use District transportation Are urged to Check this schedule to determine the most suitable Stop and to note the times. Pupils enrolled for special instruction will be informed of their transportation by mail or personal Call. The schedule of designated bus stops is listed by school Stop Grade and time. Time Given is the departure time. Readers Are advised to clip and save this schedule. Bus Drivers Are required to maintain the schedule As listed. Complete schedule follows r 6 Grade Srb Wrt Stop Grade time bakery crass and Milham to school Only k-2 8 20 Casa Lomax Terrace Way and Liggett k-6 Casa Lomax Casa Grande and Lotus k-3 Castro Lane Al Rancho and la France k-6 Castro Lane Belle Terrace and Al Rancho k-6 Castro Lane Belle Terrace and Houchin k-2 Castro Lane Al Ralfo and Vej Prado k-6 Eissler Kern Canyon Power Plant k-6 easier Rancheria re. A Hwy. 178 k-6 sissier�?2.5 Miles East of morning or on Hwy. 178 Kiester Kern co. Golf course k6 Ostler Hart Park k-5 Eissler Goodwin ranch k-6 sissies a Kern co. Dump Eissler Mccann ranch k-6 a Sasler old Corral cafe Eissler Kern co. Gun club k-6 Eissler a nor ii Boise be Corner 1-6 8 10 8 03 8 03 8 05 8 07 8 01 6 40 6 45 Eissler Eton and Rio Vista. Eissler Church ave. And Eton Eissler Miami and Century easier Miami and Century a fus Sierz Covina and Darwin Eissler Covina and Darwin a Eissler University and Covina Eissler University and Covina a Eissler Panorama and Boise Elmiere Maywood and Glenbrook a Elmiere dwell and Glenbrook Franklin Bay and Hubbard. Franklin�?30th and Alder. Franklin Beech and Drake Franklin Elm St. And Audubon or. North end Franklin Elm St. And peach tree court k-6 k-6 k-6 k-6 Kdan. Kdan. _ 1-6 Kdan 1-6 Kdan. Kdan. First k-6 k-6 k-6 �?k-6 Franklin Elm St. And Jacaranda k-6 Franklin Elm St. And Mulberry or. North end a Franklin Elm St. And peach tree a. K-6 franklin�?24th and Olive k-6 franklin�?26th and Eye .k-6 Franklin 26th and Encino. K-6 franklin�?14th and m k-8 franklin�?17th and q be Corner k-6 Franklin Truxtun and v k-6 franklin�?17th and v in franklin�?2lst and v be and new Corners a k-6 franklin�?21st and r franklin�?22nd and pk-6 franklin�?25th and o a k-6 franklin�?26th and l k-6 Harding Brae Burn and country club k-6 Harding Broadmoor and Flintridge k-6 Harding country club and Skokie or. K-6 Harding country club and Claremont k-6 Harding Claremont and Pinehurst k-6 Harding Claremont and Skokie or. K-6 Harding Rayburn and Sterling re. K-6 Horace Mann Oregon and pos Ante k-2 Horace Mann Ridgedale and be Conte k-2 Horace Mann Ridgedale and be Conte 3-4 Bort Fairfax and Paola Kdan. Hort College and Sterling k-6 Hort Avondale and Niles Kdan. Hort Avondale and Niles 1-3 Hort Fairfax and Avondale. Kdan. Hort Fairfax and Avondale 1-3 hort�?2704 Lynwood k-3 Hort Mccurdy and Oregon Kdan. Hort Mccurdy and Oregon a 1-6 Longfellow a. 21st and Inyo k-6 Longfellow Eureka and Sonora. K-6 longfellow�?38th and Jewett Al longfellow�?38th and Jewett 2-6 f/mgfellow�?36th and l k l longfeqow�?36th and l 2-6 Longfellow Alta Vista and Kentucky Ord Grade to school Only k-3 8 10 Longfellow Alta Vista and Monterey Ord Grade to school Only is 8 1? Long enow�?32nd and Chester Tower Motel k-6 ijomgmkm�?28th and san Dimas. K-6 longfellow�?33rd awl san Dimas ----k-6 longfellow�?34th and Panama k-6 Longfellow Loma Linda in Monte Vista k-6 Longfellow Alta Vista and la crests k-6 Longfellow Columbus and Loma Linda k-3 Longfellow Linden and Magnolia k-6 Longfellow acacia and la ores to -----k-6 6 50 6 53 6 58 7 00 7 05 7 10 7 13 7 15 7 30 7 45 7 49 7 30 8 40 8 33 8 04 8 36 8 17 8 44 8 30 8 01 8 19 8 21 8 09 8 11 8 14 8 15 8 16 8 17 8 20 7 59 8 18 7 28 7 30 7 31 7 32 7 33 7 35 7 51 7 53 7 56 7 55 7 52 7 56 7 48 7 46 7 47 7 44 7 41 7 44 7 40 7 34 7 34 7 28 8 02 7 40 8 05 7 37 7 30 7 59 8 03 805 7 45 7 33 7 47 7 35 7 30 8 20 7 50 8 17 8 04 8 02 8 06 8 04 8 06 Longfellow Alta Vista and Columbus _ k-6 8 02 Noble Buckner and Radcliff to school Only k-2 7 47 Noble Bryn mawr and Shattuck to school Only. K-2 7 49 Paulyn Lotus and Planz k-2 7 52 Paulyn Lotus and Planz 3-6 7 30 Paulyn Hale and Carver ___________i----------k-2 7 49 Paulyn Hale and Carver 3-6 7 34 Pauly-65 e. White Lane. .k-6 7 42 pauly�?117 e. White Lane. K-6 7 43 pauly�?142 e. White Lane k-6 7 44 Paulyn Cottonwood and White Lane ---------k-6 7 45 Paulyn Cottonwood and Pacheco .k-6 7 53 Paulyn Joe ave. And eve _________________k-2 7 45 Paulyn Joe ave. And eve 3-6 7 40 Paulyn Janet and eve __________________k-2 7 48 Paulyn Janet and eve 3-6 7 42 Paulyn Gordon and Rigby 3-6 7 44 Paulyn Gordon and Rigby. K-2 7 49 Pioneer Monterey and Tate k-3 8 08 roosevelt�?3rd and Okdan. 11 26 roosevelt�?3rd and lk-6 8 13 Voorhies Rosewood and Blossom ___________k-3 7 54 Wayside Richland and Vernal. K-3 7 42 Wayside Priscilla Lane and n k-3 7 44 Wayside Berneta and Orchard. K-3 7 47 Wayside Belle Terrace and Dawn. K-3 7 49 Wayside Louise and Rodney. K-6 7 52 Wayside Geneva and Lee. K-4 7 30 Wayside so. Chester and Dorian k-2 7 31 West so. Chester and Sandra or. Kdan. 8 08 West so. Chester and Sandra or. 1-6 7 32 West Beryl and so. P Kdan. 8 06 West Beryl and so. P1-6 7 30 West so. Eye and Bend Kdan. 8.03 w est so. Eye and Beryl. 1-3 7 52 West so. Eye and Sidney Kdan. 8 00 West so. Eye and Sidney. 1-3 7 49 West so. Chester and Dorian Kdan. 8 11 West so. Chester and Dorian 1-2 7 54 West so k and Southgate be Corner k-2 7 46 William penn�?8th and k k-6 8 05 will am Penn California and Eye k-6 8 09 Williams Kentucky and King k-3 8 14 Williams a. 21st and Owens k-6 8 04 Williams a. 21st and King k-6 8 01 Williams Jessie and Virginia k-2 7 48 will Amsz Bernard and Bernard place k-2 7 45 7-8 grades Chipman Kern Ca Nylon Power Plant up no. I 7-8 6 40 Chipman Rancheria re. And Hwy. 178 7-8 6 45 chipman�?2.5 Miles East of morning or. On Hwy. 1787-8 6 49 Chipman Kern co. Golf course 7-8 6 53 Chipman Hart Park. 7-8 6 58 Chipman Goodwin ranch. 7-8 7 00 Chipman Kern co. Dump 7-8 7 05 Chipman Mccann ranch. 7-8 7 10 Chipman old Corral cafe .7-8 7 13 Chipman Kern co. Gun club. 7-8 7.15 Chipman Niles and morning. 7-8 7 06 Chipman Niles and Valencia 7 8 7 08 Chipman Niles and Lynwood. 7-8 7 11 Chipman Niles and Avondale 7-8 7 02 Chipman College and Fairfax 7-8 7 05 Chipman College and Sterling 7 8 7 08 Chipman Texas and Rodman 7-8 6 56 Chipman Wilkins and Northrup 7-8 7 00 Chipman University and Dana 7-8 7 28 Chipman Christmas tree in. And Dana 7-8 7 24 Chipman Church and Eton 7 8 7 22 Chipman Crest and Wenatchee 7-8 7 09 Compton California and Bates 7 3 7 10 Compton Lake and Virginia. 7 8 7 04 Compton Haley and Pacific 7 8 7 09 Compton Virginia and Hayes 7 8 s-54 Compton Potomac and so Brown 7-8 6 58 Compton Haley and e. 18th 7 8 7 02 currant Montclair and Marella 7-3 7 37 currant Simpson and padre girls Only 7 8 7 11 currant Cottonwood and Cannon girls Only 78 7 15 Curran Simpson and padre boys Only 7-8 6 58 currant Cottonwood and Cannon boys Only 7 3 7 01 emerson�?17th and Myrtle 7-8 7.32 emerson�?21st and Spruce 7 8 7 30 emerson�?21st and b 7 8 7-23 Emerson Elm a Mulberry North end 7-8 7 13 Emerson Elm St. And peach tree it. 7-8 7 12 Emerson Elm and Audubon North end 7-8 7 la Emerson Beech and Drake 7-8 7 08 emerson�?26th and Encino 7-8 7 96 emerson�?26th and Eye 7-8 7 04 emerson�?36th and l 7-8 7 08 emerson�?38th and Jewett 7-8 7 06 Emerson <0th and o 7-8 7 14 Golden state Cottonwood and Watt 7-8 7 07 Golden state Cottonwood and Planz 7-8 7 06 go Den state Cottonwood a White in. 7-8 7 09 Golden state-142 e. White Lane 7-8 7 10 Golden state�?117 e. V he Lane 7-8 7 11 Golden state-65 e. White Lane 7-3 7 12 Golden state Gordon and White Lane 7-8 6 59 Golden state Janet and eve 7 8 7 01 Golden state Pontiac and White Lane 7-3 7.04 Golden state Merrimac and Raider 7-8 7 06 Lincoln padre and Simpson 7-8 7 00 Lincoln Cannon and Cottonwood 7-8 7 03 Lincoln Terrace was and Liggett 7-8 7 08 Lincoln Cross and Milham 7-8 7 12 Sierra Park and Rosewood 7-8 7 20 Sierra Park and Mills. 7 8 7 19 Sierra Park and Pioneer. 7-8 7 13 Sierra Brentwood and Pioneer 7-8 7 16 Sierra Potomac a boys Only 7-8 7 35 Sierra Potomac a Haysiette girl Only 7-8 7 48 Sierra it. Vernon and Potomac boys Only 7-8 7 32 Sierra i. Vernon and Potomac girls Only 7 8 7 50 Sierra Potomac and Washington. 7-8 7 30 Washington Lincoln school ________7-8 7 20 Washington a. 21st and Inyo 7-8 7 23 Washington a. 21st and owen___7-8 7 26 school where the child attends will review applications and determine eligibility under provisions of the policy. A Parent if dissatisfied with the officials ruling May ask for a hearing to Appeal the decision. Complete copies of the policy Are on file in each school hearing procedures Are outlined in the policy. Requests for hearings May be made either orally or in writing. The participating districts according to a recent Survey by the Kern county superintendent of schools and the names of those directly responsible for program administration at the respective districts Are Bakersfield City school District Robert r. Schmoll director of personnel services 1300 Baker Street Bakersfield Beardsley school District Hans a. Mayr superintendent Igor Roberts Lane Bakersfield Buena Vista school District Carl Delfino superintendent Buena Vista Road and Panama Lane. Bakersfield. Edison school District. Tom Lindquist superintendent Edison drive and Edison Highway Bakersfield Al Tejon Union school District. Gary Mullhofer superintendent. 35272 Lebec Road Lebec Fairfax school District Victor m. Meyers superintendent. 1501 South Fairfax Road Bakersfield. Fruitvale school District August s. Dobson superintendent. 7115 Rosedale Highway Bakersfield general Shafter school District mrs. Leona Creasy principal route 2. Box 713, Bakersfield Greenfield Union school District or. William a. Kendrick superintendent 1624 Fairview Road Bakersfield Greeley learning Center Richard Towse acting principal Rosedale Highway Bakersfield. Lakeside Union school District Robert Elliott superintendent Shafter Road and old River Road old River Lerdo school District. Don Chilton superintendent route i Box 650, Bakersfield Mckitt Crick school District mrs. Alyce Willis principal. Highway 58, Mckittrick Panama Union school District Robert a. Wallace Deputy superintendent route 7, Box 300, Bakersfield Richland school District Evron e. Barber superintendent 331 Shafter ave., Shafter Standard school District Donald j. Silvius supervisor of special services 1200 North Chester Avenue Oil Dale Vineland school District Glenn a. Worrell superintendent route 6, Box 317, Bakersfield. Bank will present statistics on Kern the latest statistical report on Kern county will be made available to residents and businessmen of Kern county when officials of the Bank of America present a Kern county focus on sept. La at noon at the Bakersfield inn. Tile detailed report contains Many demographic studies including population markets current business trends and a forecast of the future of Kern county. Members of the greater Bakersfield chamber of Commerce and governmental officials will be invited to take part in the program. Special invitations will be extended to members of the Board of supervisors Board of Trade City Council and other Community officials. This program is sponsored by the Bakersfield main Branch of Bank of America in cooperation with the greater Bakersfield chamber of Commerce. Reservations can be made by calling 327-4421. Editors note the questions people ask column appearing in the californian metropolitan Section each sunday is vacationing along with its author Don Hopkins manager of the better business Bureau of South Central California. The column will be resumed sept. 9. Beverly Harrison John Kunau Don Flournoy Art Besenthal Ray dezember United Way ready execs the key to the Success of any voluntary fund raising Campaign is motivating people to contribute. This year the United Way of Kern county has obtained motivators or sponsored executives As they Are often called. Ray dezember chairman of this particular group Points out that they have been hand picked by the management of to liar respective companies. This years Campaign chairman is Andrew m. Griffin. The drive which ends oct. 31, has a goal of $275,000. Sponsored executives include Art Besenthal assistant manager of Bank of americans Westchester Branch. In banking since 1941, he has been with Bank of America since 1945. Currently he is chairman of Kern county 4-h and Fra awards dinner and is past president of Aib. Rosalie Bollinger is employed by the ambassador at the Hilton. In addition to being membership chairman of the Kern press club and Box office manager of the Bakersfield Community theatre she is a member of the Kern county historical society. Don Flournoy is an administrative assistant for Atlantic Richfield co. He is past president of sportsmen Council of Central California and California wildlife federation and is currently Kern county director of California wildlife federation. Shelby Garland is head car clerk for Santa be Railroad. Presently he serves As president of of. Whitney Lodge 261 of the brotherhood of railway and airline clerks and a member of the eagles. Beverly Harrison on the administrative staff of California Republic Bank is a member of american Institute of banking. Peter Jakovich has been employed by Continental Telephone service corporation since 1972 As a financial analyst. He was graduated from Cal poly san Luis Obispo with a is degree and from Pepperdine University with an degree. John Kunau is California Liaison supervisor for Occidental Petroleum corp. A graduate of Oklahoma City University in 1960, he is a member of the production ordinance committee of Western Oil and Gas association los Angeles association of Petroleum Landman and on the Board of trustees Rosedale Union school District. Mark Raney director of Community relations for Tenn eco is a graduate of . Berkeley a trustee of Kern Community College District and a director of Kern Lake cooperative Gin and Cotton inc. He was chairman of the 1973 cancer crusade for Kern county. Dezember is the president and chief executive officer of the american National Bank. He Wras graduated from Whittier College in 1953. Currently he is a member of the Whittier College Board of trustees Kern Union High school District Board of trustees Bakersfield and Kern county Exchange and is a past president of the greater Bakersfield chamber of Commerce. Joe Leggio is employed by Community National Bank As marketing manager. He attended Bakersfield College. Peter Jakovich Rosalie Bollinger Shelby Garland Joseph Leggio new principals assigned at it. Vernon Owens Bakersfield City school District officials have announced appointment of two new elementary school principals Manuel d. Ruiz and Michael Roberson for the new school year. Kuiz a 13-year employee has been Manuel a Ruiz assigned to it. Vernon school. Prior to assuming the principalship he was an administrative intern assigned to the District task Force. As a member of the task Force he worked with school personnel parents and students to promote better intercultural understanding of school programs. His teaching experience includes nine years at Lincoln Junior High school and three years at Baker school As a teacher minority internee. He also has taught in the Bakersfield adult school four years in adult Basic education and English As a second language and three years of conversational Spanish. Ruiz received his . Degree from Bakersfield College and earned his . From Fresno state University. Active in professional organizations. Ruiz is the immediate past president of the Bakersfield City school District menus club and a past president of the association of mexican american educators. He also is a member of the California adult educators association association of California administrators in compensatory education California teachers association and Bakersfield elementary teachers association. He is corresponding Secretary of Chicano uni Dos Porel Progreso. Ruiz is president of boys club of Bakersfield a Board member of Camp fire girls chairman of la Loma boys club East Bakersfield a Board member of California Avenue Multi service Center and a member of the Kern county grand jury for 1972-73. His family includes wife Patricia a son. David 6, and 10-year-old triplets Christina Cindy and Erie. Roberson former assistant principal of Lincoln Junior High school will be the new principal of Owens school. Prior to Lincoln Junior High he was a sixth Grade teacher at Casa Loma school and an administrative intern at Owens school for two years. A native of Bakersfield Roberson received his . Degree from Bakersfield College a . From Fresno state University and earned his . From Cal poly. His professional affiliations include California teachers association Bakersfield elementary teachers association association of California school administrators. He also is an advisor Community concerns Bakersfield College and vice president of Black educators association. Active in Community organizations Roberson is a member of Kern kiwanis club. Black caucus a act Kern county officials association and is Active in the Myca. Roberson a family includes his wife Alverto son. Loren and daughters Ingrid and Candis. Michael Roberson

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