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Bakersfield Sunday Californian Newspaper Archives Sep 2 1973, Page 7

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Bakersfield Sunday Californian (Newspaper) - September 2, 1973, Bakersfield, California % on the Britts by ted Fritts i avoided writing anything about watergate because ifs a real drag. But suddenly out of nowhere a Devine inspiration hit me. Within the confines of my mind i conjured up a deterrent for All future watergate situations. In fact the plan is so foolproof that it will virtually wipe out crime or even criminal tendencies of any kind the plot and format Are so All encompassing that once implemented it would extinguish All social ills welfare cases drunks bums and All other social rejects. Its Brilliant if i do say so myself. However it will take an act of Congress. Consequently i have designed a legislative document titled a superfluous Bill oooo or a Mission of course it sort of smacks hitlers ideology but it would certainly be effective. Whereas the basis of All social problems and the undeniable reason for their existence is an Over abundance of people and that this excess of people cannot effectively be serviced by our inefficient social or academic institutions . Education marriage Medicine religion Etc. Whereas superfluous personnel be it drunk Doper thief or murderer Etc., is plaguing the honest and contrib Tive citizenry of the United states by usurping and wasting our country a resources. Whereas Mccarthy trials Kun flux Elan meetings Witch Hunts and watergate Are fundamentally treasonable acts a waste of honest taxpayers Money and basically a pain in the rear. Whereas millions of otherwise worthless people Are Messing up everything be it resolved that All identified superfluous personnel will be identified and consequently eliminated by processes described in the following mandate a contrib Tive or otherwise Good citizen will have the right to designate the annihilation of one person who he feels is basically a waste or a superfluous entity. A superfluous person is an individual that due to conditions within or beyond his control is a non contrib Tive Factor to society�?. A criminal a hopeless welfare Case bum. Vagabond or other social reject. All just Plain Dull or extraordinarily Boring persons will also qualify. An american citizen a working individual and otherwise contrib Tive person who provides for himself and otherwise utilizes constructive and Legal methods has the right to designate one defined superfluous person whom he knows but is not related to by natural or marital conditions to be eliminated. A petition is circulated among a minimum of 50 additional a Good citizens for confirmation of a particular person s superfluous status. The petition and status report is reviewed by a court of Law that determines whether or not the defendant is indeed an a extra person a nonessential entity. If the verdict is guilty then said person will be discreetly eliminated. However should the verdict be innocent the plaintiff will automatically be found guilty so the court will not have wasted its time. This reversal decision will guarantee the thorough investigation of each petition. The superfluous person will then be under the guard of government officials until d Day july 4th. The fourth of july will be elimination Day since in essence a release from burdensome dependents and parasites should be celebrated As an actual condition of personal Independence consequently Independence Day july 4th�?will celebrate the mass execution of thousands of worthless wasteful people. There will be an extravagant feast or last supper for sane people whose mothers in Law dissipated husbands Etc., will become extinct this so called last supper could be interpreted As the first supper. It is estimated that should the superfluous Bill too be enacted by Jan. I 1974, that As of july 4. 1982 there will be no superfluous agents existing in the United states and the potential for criminal tendency or non activity will be virtually unheard of. The United states of America will be a Utopia a land of the clean. America or Shangrila will be a Haven for the a Good Guy a or. Super Nice. Being superfluous will become a capital offence. Who was it that said that capital punishment can to be a deterrent to crime be sure and write your congressman today. Coad incorporates to fight drug abuse in Kern county dial a bus May fill transport Bill Community organization for action on drug abuse Coad has been incorporated As a general nonprofit co ration under California Law. Copies of the articles of incorporation filed Lune 12 in the office of Secretary of River yields body of Man body of a Bakersfield Man missing in the Kern River for More than month was recovered saturday night by Ier Jiffy a deputies. F deputies identified the badly decomposed body As that of Robert Gonzalez 20, missing since aug. 6. Authorities were informed by the California Highway patrol shortly before 6 . A body had been sighted in the Kern River. The body was sighted inside Kern Canyon Between Milepost 16 and 17. Rescuers including members of the sheriffs jeep poise used a sled and Winch to drop individuals about 150 feet Down the River Bank to get to the body deputies said. By Patti Keller staff writer neither the traditional a fixed route bus system nor sophisticated rapid transit systems is the answer to mass transit needs in Bakersfield but what about a dial a Bush that among the relatively new transportation systems that will be examined for possible inclusion in a Bakersfield metropolitan area transportation plan to he completed by Spring of 1975. Just 20 months away. already operative in about 50 american cities is a demand responsive system that seems practical for a number of Southern san Joaquin Valley cities according to Robert e. State Edmund g. Brown jr., were furnished to members of Kern county mental health services advisory Board earlier this week at the panels first meeting since incorporation proceedings were completed. A a charitable scientific and educational Agency Coad has As its primary purpose a to prevent drug addiction through education and Community awareness to initiate conduct and participate in programs aimed at rehabilitating drug users and to induce voluntary support from the general Public in maintaining All such business of the corporation is directed by a 12-member Board of directors. They include William Wright 911 Oak Street Edwin w. Wilson 1112 Truxtun Avenue the Rev. Peter j. Van Hook 2216-17th Street Cecil j. Bailey 1603 California Avenue Ray Randall 1401 Skyway drive Glenn Mark 3901 Rosedale Highway. Others Are Marion Crockett 2037 North Baker Street Claude Rentz 2330 Truxtun Avenue Larry Robinson 1801 Panorama drive Jess g. Nieto. 3333 it of Encanto court or. Fid Ward Deteker 9001 Stockdale Highway and or. James r. Friend 1921 18th Street. Robert e. Ramey Ramey director of District 6. State department of transportation. The Way the system works he said is you set up an area for example from \ Alley Plaza to the Bakersfield College area and then designate a few buses for that area. These buses would be smaller than existing Bakersfield buses designed to carry a maximum of six to eight people and would be routed by a Central dispatcher. Say you re a student living in the by dorms. Or a housewife living in an area apartment. Or a senior citizen who resides in a Lauresta area Home. And you done to have a or done to want to drive a car. You simply a dial a Bush a and in a few minutes a bus dispatched by the Central dispatcher picks you up at your door and a perhaps with one or two other stops on the Way delivers you to the Plaza. When you re ready to return Home you a dial a Bush again and in a few minutes you re on your Way. A dial a bus not Only replaces the car for those who have a Choice but could provide much needed transportation for that segment of our society now served by very poor or no transportation at All. That includes the Young the old the poor All groups neglected by the transportation Industry now Ramey said. And a dial a Bush operates less expensively than fixed route systems Ramey said claiming 85 per cent of the Cost is in employ yes daily wages and other overhead All reduced with the More flexible system. A dial a Bush Isnit definitely in the future of Bakersfield but by april 1975 Ramey s staff will have prepared improved transportation strategy for the five Southern san Joaquin Valley counties. Including Kern. The plans Are mandated by 1971 state legislation that created the stale department of transport Ion formerly the state division of highways. District plans Are due by the 1975 deadline with the state office to come up with a statewide plan to carry Back to tile legislature in 1976. Some of Ramey a views on Valley transportation were evidenced in his testimony to an environmental Protection Agency panel in Fresno in Early August and in a later conversation with the californian. He insisted neither traditional bus systems not restricted use of private automobiles Are the answers to traffic and environmental problems. Neither will mass rapid transit work for the Bakersfield area he said claiming those sophisticated systems work Well in densely populated cities but Arentt applicable for the Southern san Joaquin Valley. Bakersfield like Fresno where Ramey a offices Are located has almost every negative problem when it comes to rapid transit. Fresno Ramey said has about half the population density needed for effective use of rapid transit 5,000 to 6,000 persons per Square mile. Employment centers Are widely dispersed. There a no Strong pattern of traffic corridors. But other innovative systems a like a dial a Bush a Are possible alternatives. Because of the similarity of the two cities. Bakersfield May profit from an Independent transportation study under Way in Fresno resulting from Anli free Way pressures seeking to Block construction of a freeway network adopted 15 years ago. Ramey says there a a Strong Public sunday september 2, 1973 metropolitan news Section pages 7 to 14 College trustees cancel reduction in tax rate tax rate for Kern Community College District will not be reduced by one cent As originally anticipated. Instead it will remain at 69 cents for each $100 of assessed property valuation. At an emergency meeting Friday morning trustees moved to maintain the tax at 69 cents. In August they had approved reducing the rate to 68 cents. Trustees said reason for maintaining the status quo on the rate is because a higher percentage of District residents timing delinquent in paying property taxes than originally anticipated. Officials said the fiscal year 1973-74 budget was based on a four per cent delinquency rate but this years figure is closer to six per cent. Some trustees were reluctant to return the rate to 69 cents and suggested some construction or instructional programs be reduced. Reasons Given for not making reductions included additional Money is needed this year due to the opening of Cerro Coso College in Ridgecrest and Purchase and remodelling of the Fedway building at 21st Street and Chester Avenue. The earlier approved tax reduction to 68 cents was accomplished by extending payment for the Fedway building from one to two years. The building is to be used for Bakersfield colleges downtown Center slated for opening in the fall of 1974. At the Friday morning meeting officials reported the six rather than four per cent delinquency rate could result in a loss to the District of As much As $165,-000. The emergency Board meeting was attended by All but one trustee. In Addi w David Blue 35, Southgate escaped major injury when his truck and trailer overturned on Highway 99 near the Ming Avenue overpass saturday afternoon. Accident resulted in diesel spilled on the Roadway but was removed by Bakersfield City firemen cause of Accident is under investigation California Highway patrolman said. Blue received Cut on his californian photo by night course enrolment jumps courses offered by the Bakersfield College continuing education division Are breaking enrolment records this semester according to Dean Richard Harkins. As of thursday total enrolment in evening and off Campus classes stood at 5,425 students As compared to 4,280 at a comparable time last fall semester Harkins said. A the Spring 1973 semester was our biggest Ever a Harkins said. A by the fourth Day of classes we had 4.280 students enrolled. This year we be topped that by 545.�?� Harkins attributed much of the increase to efforts to bring the College to the Public. Courses Are being offered at 20 off Campus facilities including among others Tehachapi Bishop Mammoth Wasco High school Arvin High school South High school and metropolitan Bakersfield. In addition nearly 500 students have registered for two courses offered via Cable television. A we have been averaging nearly 2,000 students per night on Campus a Harkins said. A a that san average of 25.3 students per enrolment for by classes both Day and evening sections will remain open through Friday. To on Edward Simonsen District superintendent returned to Bakersfield from the East coast to attend. Area news Media however received Little or no notice of the meeting. Officials said reason for the Lack of notice was because the meeting time was not determined until shortly before if began. Man rescued after 5 hours in mid River county firemen worked nearly two hours saturday afternoon rescuing a Southern California Man stranded five hours in the Middle of the Kern River about one mile East of Rancheria Road. The adventure began when Jim Sanford. 22. Along with two companions Walter Sanford and Danny Knouse All of Fountain Valley were floating on inner tubes in the Kern River. A fire department spokesman said the three men encountered Swift water and tried to reach Shore. Walter Sanford and Knouse reached the River Bank but Jim found himself stranded in the Middle of the River on a Rock. Using 200 feet of rope capt. Jack Chambers and fireman Barwood Cantrell tied rope around their waists crossed the water and returned Sanford to Shore unharmed. Two units under the direction of acting battalion chief Carl Mecca supervised the Rescue. Chamber opposes changes in act tie Board of directors of the greater Bakersfield chamber of Commerce voted to go on record in opposition to any proposed changes in the state unemployment insurance act. George Dearmond chamber president said the Board is of the opinion that to increase benefits without increasing eligibility requirements is not in the Best interests of businessmen As employers. A California employers now pay the entire amount of unemployment benefits a Dearmond said a and if the proposed changes Are adopted by the legislature business would be forced to pay an additional $80 million annually a citing a 255 in particular which would provide unemployment coverage for seasonal agricultural employees the chamber expressed opposition to a opening the door to a program that could further Drain the employer and detract from those now covered by benefits. There Are presently 13 unrelated unemployment insurance Bills before the Senate Industrial relations and insurance and health committees. In de Armondo swords a any one of these Bills could have a significant effect on All desire in Fresno particularly in the state College area to strengthen Public transit and reduce travel by private cars. Ramey sees that As no reason til Block freeway construction freeways can to used for buses As Well As cars. But to satisfy Public concern his depart ment contracted with a consultant favored by the anti freeway group to develop a Multi Mode plan. But Ramey believes construction of the Fresno freeway system is desirable no matter w hat kind of plan the consultant comes up with. Those familiar with Fresno should understand what he Means. And he insists that improving traffic and air pollution problems should not come about by hampering motorists travel. A Don t destroy Peoples mobility a he says. Asked if responsibility for reducing Auto emissions should rest with automobile manufacturers and not with i divid a a i motorists Ramey emphatically agreed. His departments plan for this area has its beginnings with the greater Bakersfield transit District which is preparing the initial plan which then goes to a technical coordinating committee headed by Kern Road commis sinner Mem Smith and then finally to the District offices in Fresno. Pafford to give talk at meeting featured speaker for the annual meeting of the water association of Kern county wednesday has 39 years of experience in water resource development. Robert j. Pafford jr., who recently retired As regional director of the Federal Bureau of reclamation will address association guests at the Bakersfield inn on a rough times ahead for water last year Pafford was presented the distinguished service award of the . Department of the Interior for his outstanding contributions in engineering and administration during his years of service to the Bureau of reclamation and the . Army corps of engineers. William e. Moore jr., president of the association the past two terms will Robert j. Pafford preside at the meeting and conduct the election of a Board of directors for the coming year. The water association formed in 1955 As a voluntary non profit non governmental organization acts As a Clearing House and information Center for the cause of water development in the county. The association functions in behalf of both Urban and agricultural water interests and both state and Federal water districts. The membership represents a Broad Cross Section of individuals organizations business firms and water leaders of the county. The annual meeting speaker is expected to assess the Outlook for proposed water conservation projects in the Western states. Water District directors will be Given a preview of some of the hurdles facing them As they seek state and Federal authorization for projects to alleviate water shortages threatening the Economy of the Region. Legislation May delay tax rate the Board of supervisors tuesday will receive a county administrative office recommendation to defer setting the 1973-74 general property tax rate until sept. 14, at 4 . Gayle Carlson assistant county administrative officer said the delay stems from provisions in a new Bill a 2 108, which gov. Reagan had on his desk saturday. He is expected to sign the legislation. That measure clarifies some provisions regarding tax rate limits set Forth in so 90, the property tax Relief act of 1972. Carlson said the Cao will Supply a report on the new Law and its effect on Kern county when supervisors meet tuesday. Accompanying the report will be recommendations for reopening a a limited number of special District budgets to permit adjustment of tax levies to reflect a 2008. A hearing on those budgets May be set for sept. To Carlson said

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