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Bakersfield Sunday Californian Newspaper Archives Sep 2 1973, Page 35

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Bakersfield Sunday Californian (Newspaper) - September 2, 1973, Bakersfield, California Father still claims dead son s resurrection coming Chr harrs Firth Sundog Sipf. 2,m3 351 rites set for longtime Tulare Farmer by Linda Deitsch Barstow Calif. A the morning of a the Healing a the travelling preacher appeared at Church anointed Wesley Parker a head with Oil and prayed in the trance like mystery of tongues. A Praise the lord a someone cried a Wesley is healed a and the 11-year-old diabetic ran happily to Tell his friends. Within three Days Wesley Parker was dead. After the Church service his devoutly religious parents Lawrence and Alice Felt that they would never again have to give Wesley the daily insulin shots that had kept him alive for five years. Euphoria enveloped them. A god gave us the Faith that Wesley was healed a said Parker. But the father said he did not sleep Well that night. He was worried and ashamed that he was. What would happen he wondered if Wesley a daily urine test was positive showing signs of sugar0 a the holy spirit welled up in me a Parker recalled. A and i said a even if its positive that a the work of the Devil and i wont believe in the morning the handsome Brown haired youngster emerged from the bathroom his head bowed. A the had a Crest fallen look on his face a Parker remembers a and he went into the Kitchen to prepare his insulin. He came to me with the Needle a his Mother or i always gave him the shot. When i saw the Needle in his hand. I looked at him and i said a Wesley this is a lie of satan a this face broke into a big smile and he watched while i squirted the insulin into the trash can broke the Needle in half and threw it in the last hours of Wesley a coma his father and Mother a who had prayed Over him with friends and members of the Assembly of god Church a resisted inclinations to Rush out and buy some insulin. Parker said he suddenly knew that the diabetes was caused by a two demons and a we could no longer give insulin without inviting the demons both parents said they Felt god was telling them that Wesley a death would be temporary that the child would be raised like Lazarus from the grave. A when Wesley passed away a said Parker a i was at his foot and my wife was at his the soft spoken mrs. Parker added a we experienced the 23rd psalm. We Felt peace and boy and calmness and a feeling that Wesley would be returned to they continue to believe that now although Wesley has been dead la Davs and both parents Are Jared for investigation of manslaughter and endangering the health of a child. A Hwte believe Wesley will be returned to us a healthy 11-year-old Parker told an interviewer in his Home shortly before h i s arrest wednesday. A a. We believe the i Ord can raise Wesley from the grave and transport him to wherever we the news of Wesley a death and his parents expectation of resurrection stunned residents of this Remote High desert town that bakes in the blistering Sun 130 Miles Northeast of los Angeles. A everyone in be talked to thinks it was a pretty stupid thing that they did a said one housewife. A we just can t believe this is happening in it sparked renewed bitterness in a brother Back East. And especially hard hit were members of the thriving first Assembly of god Church a pentecostal sect which practices prayer in tongues and believes in divine Healing. The minister the Rev. Gary Nash has issued repeated statements stressing that the Church did not condone the parkers actions that he had tried to convince them to get medical help for Wesley and that a i can see no reason for Wesley to be on Kelly drive outside the Parker a faded Green one store Home the curious drive by to gawk and neighbourhood children watch with morbid fascination. A did you hear what happened to Wesley a a Little boy asked an arriving reporter. A the was my brother a Friend. I sure Hope Patty does no to die next. She a my Patty is one of the Parkersr three surviving children. In the interview just before their arrest the parkers sat in their unadorned living room a the main decoration is a Small picture of a representation of Christ and spoke of their journey to what some have called religious fanaticism. They said they Are not alone in their beliefs that letters and phone Calls of encouragement have come from believers around the country who agree that Wesley will Rise up from the grave. The rotund 34-year-old Parker who is called a a Larry and his round faced 29-year-old wife who is nicknamed a a Lucky clutched bibles As they talked. Mrs. Parker used the Small Bible that was Wesley a because a the police took my Bible As occasionally they quoted passages of scripture aloud. Their Story began in Washington d.c., where both were born to a poor Parker and four Brothers and sizes were raised by their Mother the father left when Larry was 6. Mrs. Parker was raised by aunts and uncles who took her in when her a ii Ujj jump Pill swi % Cwm Yafo landscape of Sun bleached Hills and Rock craters rolling behind the Dusty expanse of one Story Cra Kerbox buildings seemed unreal. A it was like living on the Moon a mrs. Parker recalled. A the first year we hated their daughter Patricia now 8, was born because mrs. Parker said her Catholic Faith forbade birth control. Marital problems developed and the parkers prayed for divine help. Parker returned to his pentecostal Faith and after a time mrs. Parker decided to join him. She had some reservations about the religion though. A i thought it was too emotional too irreverent a she said. But slowly she began to understand and she connected her new Faith with visions of Christ talking to her that she had experienced during childbirth. A i Felt i was on the right track. I was getting closer to on june 6. 1965, mrs. Parker prayed in tongues for but the parkers said they never experienced the Faith that Wesley was healed until the travelling preacher whom authorities Are still seeking appeared. A none of this was Parker said As if anticipating the court trial ahead of them. A a in a thankful the lord did no to show us what would happen. Id have said a no lord no it was agonizing to see our son the preacher had come on sunday aug. 19. By tuesday night Wesley was in a deep coma and in desperation the parents decided they would go for insulin at sunup. The Rev. Nash tells of being called at 4 . To come Pray Over Wesley. But by the time he arrived Parker had heard the boy suddenly speak the words a we will not let you have the gifts a and decided that was a Demon speaking. Rev. Nash said a when or. And mrs. Parker began supposedly casting out demons i saw that i could be of no help Ducor Rosary will be recited at 8 . Monday in St. Annex a Catholic Church in Porterville for Henry d. Muller 87, Well known Grain Farmer in Southeastern Tulare county. He died wednesday night in a Porterville convalescent Home. Mass will be said at 9 . Tuesday in St. Annex a. Interment will be in St. Annex a cemetery with the Lovd Chapel in charge of arrangements. Or. Muller father of county supervisor Raymond Muller of Terra Bella was bom in san Francisco the son of Christina and Herman Muller. They came to Southeastern Tulare county when their son was six months old and he spent his entire 87 years Here. The senior Muller homesteaded in the Ducor area where he was engaged in Grain farming. Or. Muller was a charter member of St. Annex a Church. On nov. 15, 1911, Muller and the former Mamie Menne. Member of another Pioneer family were married in St. Annex a Church. To them were born one daughter and five sons. An avid Fisherman. Or. Muller spent much of his time in the High sierras each summer both on pack trips and at his Cabin in Cramer Meadows. A part time prospector. He developed several claims in the dome Rock Needles area. He served Many years As a trustee of the Ducor Elemen tary school District and also served on various farm programs including the agr a a cultural adjustment Agency a in the Early �?T30s. In addition to supervisor Muller surviving Are one daughter. Mary Elizabeth of Ducor and three sons. Rich Ard of Porterville James of Visalia and Francis of Ducer it 27 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren Musl i Muller died in june 1971 another son j olm preceded them in death. Marriage licenses issued in county marriage licenses issued in til office of county clerk Vera k. Gibson aug. 20, 1973 through aug. 14, 1973. Thomas William Healy 50, Oceanside Lorraine Aileen Shirley 46, 4412 Joanne. John Julius Ulman 20, 1613 University Pamela Jane Roland 20, 1004 Alandale. Miguel Villarreal 23, Arvin Sofia Garza 23, Arvin. Michael David Clark 20, 3717 Loma Vista Susan to dremel 19, 314 Holtby Road. Philip Herbert Howard 18, Wasco Angelina Sanchez 18, Wasco. Jesus Cruz 18, Wasco Magdalena Reyes 20, Wasco. Juan Fierro Rodriguez 44, Delano Aurora Flores Hernandez 50, Delano. Mohamed Ali Mehrnoosh 25, 3412 Chester Lane Shirley Jean Gorman 24, 3412 Chester Lane. Timothy John Maples 18, 3102 tre gon Street Marlin Ray Thorne 18, 8401 Rosewood. Manuel Negron Valentine 36, Richgrove Maricela Ruelas 18, Richgrove. Richard John Eglin 23, 3929 Christmas tree Lane Michele Lynne Rodgers 20, 5000 Kent drive. Danny Ray Davis 18, 0810 Betty Street Rhonda Eloise Schoonover 18, 603 Geneva Avenue. Robert Mesa jr., 24, 3100 do re drive Sandra Angela Martini 18. 705 chateau court. Ignacio morale Gonzalez 2 8, Ducor Juana Reyes Delgado 26, Ducor Lippy. I i Michael Edward Lippy it 20, 2521 Bishop drive Apt. J Cawelti 20, Camarillo. Susan Carol Eugenio Gonzalez 26, 3831 Edison Highway Jennie Rotas 42, 3831 Edison Highway. John Preston Addis. Is 730 h Street Cynthia Gale Ramage 19, 1417 Wilson Road. Darryl Lamar Cornett 21, 1601 Fairview Road Jane Elizabeth destefans 19. It. 7, Box 454. Dwight Barton Alford. 28. 417 Lincoln Street Grace Ann Elizalde 21, 3606 Tiara court. Kent l. Bowersox 33, 291 Fern Vale Road Merla Marie Thurman 33, 4400 Balboa Apt. A. Bobby Lee Mcleland 28, Lamont Joyce Marie Stanart 22, Lamont. David Alan Tilley 21, 2208 Edgewood Street Shelley Lillian Greene 20, 511 Washington Avenue Apt. 8, Oil Dale. Domingo Louis Pina 23, 322 Holtby Road Geneva Ann Rios 23, Shafter. Marvin Eugene Byrd 33, 3209 Arnold Street Evelyn Joyce Bryd. 26, 3209 Arnold Street. Larry Gene Sears 23, 720 South Chester Avenue Robin sue Wood 19. 3916 Evelyn drive. Harold Claudie James 47, 800 Apple Street. Patsy Jean Doyle 42, 800 Apple Street. Pedro Abril 47. Delano Antonia Gonzalez 37, 437 Glenwood Delano. Ronnie Lee St. Clair 25, Delano Lanett sue Ratekin 28, Delano. Robert Joseph Lara me 34, 2821 St. Mary a Katherine Fay Cecil 35, 601 Douglas Apt. 125-d. Richard Alan Foerstel 19, 1212 White Lane Rosanne Lucille Pitts 19, 1212 White Lane. Mike Juan Ponce 30, 4119 East 21st Street Toni Magno 18, 1512 Flower Street. Roger Lee quary 18, Buttonwillow Wendla Deane Martin 20, 3600 Holladay Avenue. Edward Leroy Nagel 31, 3028 Horace Mann Sandra Lou Todd 28. 702-b Monache. Alexander Raymond Diaz 2 5, Delano Elizabeth Mary Gonzales 24. Delano. Julian Barrera Adame. 29, 927 Sumner Street Guadalupe Solis Rubio 18, Arvin Charles Earl Pratt 20, 808 South Williams Street Dorothy Jean Henderson 22, 1012 Clyde Street. Willie Benjamin Gomez jr., 20, 1306 padre Joelda Garza 18, 5608 Hillburn. David Ralph Tubbs. 23, 1609 Terrace Way Joan Schraegle 25. Newport Beach. Stephen Raymond Mendel 21, 913 Watts drive Frances Marie Ruby 20, 9134 Watts drive. Michael David Waara 25, 3813 Balboa drive Laura Larue Lowery 21, Taft. Rudy Eden re Howell 20, Arvin Kathy Lynn Brandon 20, Lamont. Kern county birth records Lawrence and Alice Parker set in their Barstow Home with a photo of their son Wesley la in front of them to discuss their decision to withhold insulin from him after a Faith healer pronounced him cured of diabetes. Boy died within three Days but parents now in jail for investigation of manslaughter believe his death is Only temporary that he will Rise from the grave like a wire photo Mother became ill. Neither remembers their families As being religious but As children they Felt Early religious inclinations. A i can remember sitting in my swing As a Little girl and swinging in the frees and singing songs and praising the lord a she said her face lighting up with the Broad smile that is amazingly duplicated in pictures of Wesley who resembled her. At 14, she converted to roman catholicism from the protestant Faith to which she was bom. Parker whose Mother attended first Assembly of god Church had his first pentecostal experience at 16 while at a Church Retreat praying in tongues and receiving a the baptism of the holy he left High school and joined the air Force where he earned his diploma and was trained As an electronic technician. But his dreams of becoming a Pilot were shattered when illness brought the discovery that he had just one kidney. The air Force discharged him. With his new skill Parker was hired by the Bendix corp. In Washington. A Mutual Friend introduced him to a a Lucky and they were married. He was 21 and she was 16, and Parker said neither was deeply involved in religion then. Wesley was bom in Washington. He was less than 2 when Parker was transferred to Equador where they lived for to months. Pamela now to was bom in the South american country. Then they were transferred to Barstow where Bendix was involved in work with the National aeronautics and space administration at Gold Stone tracking station. Barstow was a Shock. Its the first time and was convinced. Perhaps because of their religious immersion or because their marriage had been saved there the parkers grew to love Barstow. They withstood its intense summer heat and numbing Winter cold and bought their Bouse on Kelly drive. Two years ago a fourth child Jay was Bora. Parker began to feel he was being a a called to the ministry and during one of his work layoffs he enrolled in Bethany Bible College at Santa Cruz in Northern California. He commuted for six weeks but had to drop out because he afford tuition. Parker recalled the Start of a religious experiences a including one in which he awakened and a i Felt the lord wanted me to give him All my Money. I Felt Praise and anointing of the he had just gotten paid the Day before and Bills were piled up. But he took every cent a even retrieved what was left of his wife a grocery Money a a and gave it Ali about $300, to the Church anonymously. A evidently a said Packer a the lord wanted to know whether i wanted to go All the Way with their Only worry in the following penniless weeks he said was that they afford the specially balanced diet Wesley needed for his diabetes. Miraculously he said friends offered gifts of food without being told of their problems. He feels this was gods doing. Wesley a diabetes developed when he was 6. None of the other children is diabetic. During the five years of his ailment the child was brought Forward in Church whenever Healing services were held for the sick. A everyone in the Church knew about Wesley a illness a said a Church woman. To the boy and left. I returned later in the morning with a Friend of the parkers who advised them to seek medical he said they refused and he later contacted Parker a brother. A but when he arrived at the Parker Home the boy was dead a the minister said. The minister said he had no idea the icy he been without insulin for three Days. A i dearly loved him a he said a and had i been contacted sooner i would have never permitted his he has sent letters to Assembly of god churches across the country explaining the Case and asking for prayers that the churches reputation not be harmed by it. As for the parkers they went on a fast for a week after Wesley a death eating no food and praying continually. They allowed him to be embalmed because a Jesus will have to replace the blood that was full of sugar anyway a but did no to attend the burial. At first they predicted he would be resurrected four Days after death like Lazarus. Then they changed that to four Days after he was in the grave. But now they say they were wrong to predict a time. A we know Wesley will be returned to us in a reasonable amount of time a Parker said. Mrs. Parker showed slight Strain in speaking of Wesley a death. Her eyes were fixed on her husband As he told of Wesley a last moments. A i thought maybe it would be like the Story of Abraham a Parker confided. A that the lord wanted me to be willing but he require the sacrifice at the last moment. I said a lord i am willing to let you have my son for a Little Kern county birth ust greater Bakersfield Alvary Chart Larry Dina Marie. Of 7-24. Atkinson Robert Lee Kathy Villarreal of 8-13. Barber. David Wayne David Scott a 8-9. Beagin James Wallace Shane Michael a 8-2. Brown Archie David Stacy Lynn of 8-15. Brownie a Bobby Keith Samuel Houston. A 8-8, Brunsell James Magnus in Casey Phillip a 8-6. Buford. John Ritchie Xavier m. 8 10. Bullington David Leroy Leza Helen of 7-26. Burgan James Paul Debra Catherine of 8-1. Conrad Larry Dewayne Usa Marie of 8-5. Daniels Bruce Leroy Cherisa Lynn of 8-3. Davis Edward Stanley Shane Nicole. Of 8-10. Diaz Manuel jr., Michelle Mary Ellen of 8-9. Diaz Rodalfo Rodalfo a 8-2. Elliot John Thomas Jayleen Marie of 8-14. Elston Gerald Ray misty Michele of 8-13. Faz. George Rita Dolores of 7-21. Flores Miguel Anabell Usa of t-26. Fraser Kenneth Wayne Barbara Ann of 8-15. Gallager Gary Robert Loyd. A 8 1. Green Eugene Clifton Nanette f. 8-8 Gutierrez Jesus Sylvia Darlene of 8-10. Harvey Dale Lee april Ann of 8-7. Hayes Phillips Ray Justin Matthew a 841 Hinkle William Henry William Henry jr., a 8-4. Hinzo David Gina Renee of 8-14. Hubbard Dale Wesley Dale Wesley jr., m. 8-14. Hunter Billy Dorell Laura Dawnell of 7-8. Jackson Gary Eugene Darvell Eugene my 7-25. Jakovich Peter Stephen Michael Brandon a 8-12. Johnson Robert Robert jr., my a 11. Jones Archie Dale Cynthia Ann of 8-16. Jones William Arthur William thur jr., a 8-9. King Leon Marshall Sean Leon a 8-9. Lopez Lucio. Lucio Manchaca a 8 7. Mapp Vester Hampton Andrew Wendell a 8-8. Maynard. Odin Bim Brandon Bim. M. 8-14. Moore Robert Glen. Robert Jason a 8-4. Nicholson leu Thomas Leo Thomas jr., a 8-14. Of Neal Thomas Scott Julie Denise f. 7-9. Phares Don Dwale Elizabeth Claire of 8-8. Popplewell Timothy Albert Sean Paul a 8-12. Pott Thomas Joseph Christine Marie of 8-12. Pounds Steven Kent Brenda Diana. F. 7-23. Ray Terry Allen Erie Thomas a 8-10. Reed Thurman Eugene jr., Stephen Wayne a 8-13. Rodriguez Adolfo Marvann. F. 7 31. Russell Eddie Ray Brian Keith a 7-30. Salinas Edward Sandra. Of 8-18. Sanchez Ronald Haro Mark Anthonym 8-8. Shaw Paul Rudoff Paul Rudoff or. A 7-31. Sims Harry Eugene Kevin Eugene a 8-14. Smith Dale Porter. Bridget Lee f. 8-15. Smith David Leon Burt . A 8 15. Spears James Clyde. Travis Clyde a 7-25. Trout Stephen Richard Stephanie. Of 8-14._______________________ College will offer course in writing a course covering each phase of writing appearing in newspapers magazines and books will be offered at Bakersfield College during the fall semester according to Fred Raborg the course instructor. Journalism 6a, the professional writer is a three unit course which will be offered on saturdays from 9 . To noon beginning sept. I. During the course students will be encouraged to work in their individual Fields of interest such As novels Short stories articles poetry drama and television. Emphasis will be placed on the marketability of material and on the editor writer relationship. A students will gain insights to the Many approaches of writing for the general Public a said Raborg. A the Dass will focus on the commercial aspects of writing and on the rapidly changing Verkuyl Donald Archer jr., Justin Erik a 8-14. Wahlquist glean Campbell Karen f. 8-14. Walker Ronald Lloyd Jeffrey Wayne a 8-11. Wallace Timothy James Thomas James a 7-7. Williamson John Harry Shannon Marion of 8-14. Zaragoza. Jaime reves. Augustin Guerre. A 7-25. Northern Kern county Adams Homer Charles. Wasco Alfred Charlesm 7-29. Allen Dana Keith Shafter Candace Renee of 8-4. Apostol Camillo Michael Delano Michelle Rosemarie of 8-6. Carrillo Jose Luis Delano Jose Luis a 7-29, de i a Cruz Alejandro Gascon Evangeline Caluya of 8-8. De Shane Ronnie deem Shafter Susan Rae. Of 8-6. Garcia Valente Pinedo Buttonwillow Jeremy Macmillan a 7-30. Giannini Dennis John Buttonwillow Marci Lane of 7-10. Gutierrez Jose Trinidad Wasco Antonia of 8-10. Gutierrez Roberto. Delano Rebeca of 7-24. Harrison. Lev Aster. 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Obituaries Joseph Leonard Vega it dont Beach Arlene Lucille Murillo 39, 430.v Chadbourn Street. A Steven Curtis Lackey. 36, to Verdugo Lane Dana Carolyn Bible a a 21, 34 15 Terrace Way. Charles Floyd Montgomery 28. 1865 sixth Street Andrea Ruby Lomax 28� 1006 sixth Street. Charley Van Worth 6h, 2112 Elaine Ruby Irene Timberlake 57, 2111. Elaine. A a a Phillip Roger Toler 29, 8829 Green Field drive Brenda Jean Thomas us a a Arvin. Jerry Hernandez 39, hoi Meadow Street a Netts Gringo 19, hoi Mead v own. A Joseph Stephen Lindsay Lasso eur Casa Loma Randi Louise Davis l8��?~ i 330 e. Casa Loma. Thomas Savala Becerra. 21, myth Martha Montiel. 21, Delano. Ronald Emerson Axtell is 520-a 32st Street Debra Jean elder 16, so a 31st Street. Charles Dolphus Mcphetridge 39. 1495 White Lane Apt. 8 Nancy Fin Crook. 25, 2601 Fremont Street pats14�?T. R Steven Edward Mecay 36, 3964-Herndon Theresa Lyon unsell 18/ 3524 Herndon. Steven Ray Crawford. 26, Shafter Kathleen Denise a Drini 21, Panama Lane. A a Timothy Paul Patno 22. Taft Lynn Marie Mattoon. 21, Dannemora . A Walter James Pilcher 32, 2315 paint Street Apt. Of Carmen to Blister 41 2315 Palm Street Apt. F. Gilbert Joseph Machado 47, 1231 Castaic Myrtle Cornelia Roomy 46 507 Beardsley. Daniel russe 24, it. 3. To 879$. Antonia Vela 29, it. 3, Box 879. Randal Lee Ellis 20, 932 Mammoth Avenue Joanie i Matthews 19, 9498 Gladys Street Edward Darrel Boling 23. Tipton Debra Jean Kemp 20, Delano Willard Bronson Christiansen 41, 2026 21st Street Peggy Ann Herrera,1 25, 908 Vista verde. River Boulevard at Panorama Driva 324-9701 services held for former City resident services were held monday for a former Long Tim Bakersfield resident Maurice a a Mike Davis 61, who died in san Jose aug. 23. Burial also was in san Jose. A native of Oklahoma and a movie projectionist and appliance repairman or. Davis lived 25 years in Bakersfield until moving to san Jose in 1960. Survivors include the widow. Alice a son William Davis of san Jose two daughters Valerie san Jos and mrs. Mickey Miller Perris two Stepsons Dennis Crummett Bell and Allen a Crummett Henrietta okla two stepdaughters mrs. Kay7 Westerman Gibsonton fla., and mrs. Judith Carter Bakersfield two Brothers Bruce Bakersfield a ird Benjamin of Waurika okla two Sisters mrs. Alma Carroll Borger Tex., and mrs. Myrtle Riddle Longview Tex. And 20 grandchildren. 5 Newnes Joseph to. Or. A services will be held at Hillcrest mortuary Chapel tuesday at i . For Joseph t. Newnes sf., 84, who died aug. 29 in a Bakersfield Hospital. The Rev. Burt Van of the Frazier Park Community Baptist Church will officiate. Or. Newnes was bom in Howard Mont., and had formerly resided in the Frazier Park area. He was a member of the masonic Lodge 16 in Dillon Mont. Or. Newnes is survived by his son Joseph Newnes or. Of North Hollywood daughter Dorothy e. Morgan of Globe Ariz. Sister. Elizabeth june of Mesa Ariz. And 5 grandchildren. Interment will be in it. View cemetery Dillon Mont. I f i i i Mish funeral Home Shafter a Wasco Bakersfield an 9 established tradition of excellent service >1 a a a conveniently located downtown 6 6 6 321-9431 1928 19th St Corner of a East

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