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Bakersfield Morning Echo Newspaper Archives Oct 12 1907, Page 1

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Bakersfield Morning Echo (Newspaper) - October 12, 1907, Bakersfield, California Best want and medium. The morning Echo largest number readers. Volume 21. Bakersfield the morning Echo Bakersfield 12, 1907. No. 154ortega and a fraternities Drake held entertain Gabriel Ortega and Charles Drake the Al Capitan stable hands were yesterday held to answer to the Superior court by judge Black on the Marge of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to commit murder. Their Bonds were placed at $1600 each. Ortega will be Able to Amish bail. The prosecution conducted by Rowen Irwin examined eight witnesses while the defense did not merry and Jovial was the evening devoted by the ladies of the maccabees to the entertainment of their friends. There was a Good attendance out to take part in the event and assuredly All had an elegant time. The feature of the evening was the trill which was presented by sixteen ladies under the direction of Captain Hicks. The Drill was executed with clock like precision showing the place any"witne88e8 on the stand. It team a 1 thoroughly prepared for will be recalled Ortega and Drake the it event. Captain Hicks deserves Are alleged to have beaten o. J. Men commendation for the praiseworthy my into insensibility with a Monkey excellence of his team a wrench. Menroy told on the witness the Drill team was composed of the following ladles mesdames Kaar Muller Lyghtner Milan Deuel Baker Bauer Hanks Mahan Baker Lafever Johnson Maynard Hoffman Duncan and miss Yensen. The pleasures of the evening were dancing card playing and serving refreshments. The tables were prettily adorned with Flowers. The music was supplied by professor car Lere and orchestra. Pythian Sisters. The pythian Sisters entertained last evening for the first time this season in Honor of the knights of pythias. About fifty persons were present and participated in the pleasures of the evening. The event was termed a progressive Leaf party and was a great Success. The guests were seated at seven tables and they took part in a guessing game which consisted in naming different varieties of leaves taken from Trees Bushes and vegetables. The prize winners were miss Alice Eyraud and e. P. Sanders. The pythian arranged for a Short program which was a recitation entitled Quot Lasca Quot by miss Helen Ball and i ghastly Battle with maniac on Oil lease Catholic Church announcements Billy Glenn goes insane stabs himself Abdomen and Battles with fellow employees in stand the Story of having been out Riding with a mexican girl Nellie Messa. While in her company he was assaulted by Ortega and Drake. They later encountered him again in Martinez amp Bonnet s Saloon and Here the assault with the wrench took place. Nellie Messa corroborated Ort men Roy s testimony. William Ruiz m. Martinez and a. Bonnet of the Saloon testified having witnessed the assault. Officers Briggs and Glenn were called to Tell of the arrest. Or. Crease was also called. The evidence against Ortega is pretty Strong As it is shown he urged Tho boy Drake to attack Menroy assuring him of his help. It is alleged the blow with the Monkey wrench which Cut a ghastly wound in Menroy s head was landed by Ortega. Dixon held for embezzlement. Judge Black admitted s. F. Dixon the Randsburg mining Man to bail in the sum of $500. The bail was furnished by George Hay and c. Stoll. Dixon has been held to answer by Justice Mcginniss of Randsburg to the charge of embezzlement. C. A. I Ano selections by miss vary and miss special dispatch to Echo m Kittrick october 11.�?at about 5 o clock this morning Fred w. Sperry and two companions sleep inf in the bunk House on the Vishnu Oil company s lease about Twenty one Miles Southwest of Mckittrick were awakened by a series of unearthly yell originating in an adjoining bunk House and looking out they saw a terrible sight. Hilly Glenn one of the employees of the lease Stark naked and apparently insane with a Long Butcher knife in his hand was chasing Tho chinese Cook around the bunk House and making the air hideous with a blood curdling yells. After the chinaman had made his escape Down the Road Glenn turned the knife on himself burying the eight Inch elude in his body several times and partly Dise Bowling himself. He then saw Sperry and the other boys in the bunk House and made a Rush for the door trying to Batter it Down presenting a horrible sight to those inside. Sperry and his companions grabbed guns beginning to realize that they might have to Battler for their lives. Glenn charged the door several times. Quot kill me for god Sake kill me Quot Tje yelled. He finally forced a partial Entrance into the House and Sperry broke the Stock of a gun Over him and knocked the knife out of his hands. Both stooped for the knife but Glenn got it and failing to Roach sgt Erry again plunged the weapon into his own Al Slomon and a calf he made another Effort to get into the House and Sperry again hit him Over the head with a gun Stock dating him for a minutes. The terrible loss of blood was beginning to Tell on the mania and he finally walked off and Lay Down where the boys later were Able to hold him Down. Sperry sent word to a neighbouring lease and endeavoured to Wash the wounds but it was found impossible to do anything As the Abdomen was literally hacked to pieces and about 9 a. In. Death came. The Vishnu lease is in san Luis Obispo county so the Coroner s inquest will be held there. Glenn was Well known to All the older residents of Mckittrick. Koehn of Randsburg is the complaining witness and it is said Dixon and Koehn had a misunderstanding Over the Sale of a team of horses in which Quot doth had an interest. Koehn alleges that Dixon disposed of the horses and kept the Money. Constable Thompson brought Dixon to Bakersfield yesterday. Odd Ente Vag in r. Mcphee a Vag of the Caliente country has been lodged in k 1 for Twenty Days by Constable Ripley. Mcphee received his sentence at the hands of judge Marion of Kern City. Quot steam Beer Quot under arrest. Quot steam Beer Quot shorty a Well known character about the Down the line saloons has been locked up by officer Roberts for drunkenness. Quot steam Beer Quot is a familiar face at the jail and it is said has been locked at least fifty times for disturbing Ike peace. B. Is sentenced judge Mahon yesterday sentenced r. Samuelson to eighteen months in san Quentin for robbing William Samis of a sack of Coin. The charge was grand larceny. Inventory plied. In the matter of the estate of Lucy m. Keith deceased j. J. Mack s. I. Mack and Curtis Wible appraisers have filed an inventory showing property valued at $107,-390.03. Family allowance. In the matter of the estate of j. V. Rosemeyer deceased the widow has been granted an allowance of $50 per month for the support of the family. Jennie a. Cox it Al., have commenced suit against j. S. Ellis it Al., to collect $5990 on a promissory note. Eyraud. A Dainty supper was served by the ladles. The committee who deserve the credit for the Success of the function were mrs. Edmonds mrs. Bramming and mrs. Kahler. Coming men of America. The coming men of America held a meeting last evening in the basement of the producer s Bank building and effected a re ofgant Patlon by electing officers and laying plans for a membership Campaign. Another meeting will be held two weeks from last night and meetings will Proba Bly be held every two weeks thereafter. The following officers were elected president Frank m. Blackwell vice president Edward Kelly Secretary Glenn Bundy speaker Ben Laase director Paul Chatom or. Sentinel Paul Cavins. Held no meeting. For the first time in Many months no meeting of the masonic Lodge was held thursday night the three principal officers of the Lodge worshipful master Arthur s. Crites senior Warden George g. Kutchins and Junior Warden e. B. Hayden being present at the annual communication of the grand Lodge in san Francisco. The Lodge has much work before it and the Winter months will be Well occupied in conferring retail liquor licenses tomorrow will be another Day at much activity at St. Francis Church. The Church celebrates on that Day the feast of the maternity of the blessed Quot Virgin Mary. The month of october being the month dedicated to the holy Rosary which is in Honor of the Mother of god each sunday of the month is dedicated to some special title of the Virgin Mary. Consequently sunday is commonly known in roman Catholic circles at Quot maternity Quot sunday when the mothers of families choose the Mother of god As their patroness and Model. Further regarding this feast of the maternity father Frund says Quot in these Days when the Home seems to be a secondary matter that is mothers forgetting their proper places in the household by allowing children to grow up unnoticed and uncured for regarding their eternal As Well As material welfare the Church Ever teaching True motherhood and its requirements holds up before the real Catholic Mother her Model the Mother of god. And thus when meditating on the example set us by this greatest Mother of All mothers we have courage and the weak become Strong in their Faith and consequently More firm in their Correct duties As the Mother of masses at St. Francis will be at. 7 45, 9 00 and 11 00 a. The first is a communion mass the second the children s mass and the last a High mass with a Sermon by father Donleavy. In the evening at 7 30 j report criticises the bookkeeping in the county supervisors yesterday granted retail liquor licenses As follows to Hoag amp Reash to con net a Saloon at Mckittrick. To Thompson amp Jefford to conduct a Saloon at Randsburg. To William Carter to conduct a Saloon on Section 12, 11-24. To Frank Jewett to conduct a Saloon on Section 1 11-24. To Thornton amp Ross to conduct a. Saloon on Section 1, 11-24. To sell school House. Supervisor Woody was authorized to sell the school House in the Rural District for $25. $50 for old Loren s shelter. An allowance of $50 was voted to the children s shelter. Rock pile District it Vivod. The Rock pile school District which lapsed some time ago was ordered re established on the recommendation of the superintendent of schools. Expert Brower s report. Celsus Brower yesterday filed his report As expert examiner of the county books Down to december 31, 1906. The report is Long and deals minutely with the condition of the records and accounts in the county clerks recorders school superintendents auditors and Coroner s offices. The expert found that the recorder and clerk owed the county Small sums and that the sheriff had overpaid the county $29.43. The the Santa be is guilty of rebating los Angeles october 11.�?af a trial judge Wellborn Laid Down an ter being out Twenty minutes the important principle. He said i jury in the Case of the govern Mem j of cow that Quot the acceptance by the de again by the Santa be Railroad on Pennant of a less sum than the Nam trial for rebating in the United Erl Tariff was a departure from the states court this afternoon brought j Legal rate and that it is no Justin la in a verdict of guilty against the rail Tion for such a departure to main Road in All of the sixty six counts of the indictments. Judge Wellborn before whom the Case was tried announced that his decision will be Given next monday. The maximum penalty possible to impose is $250,000. The charge against the Santa be Kern City news. Child Quot fuzzy we Jazzy Quot was the offering Quot fuzzy fuzzy Quot last night at scrib ners and in two acts it burlesque the hotel business and the teaching school. It is full of ridiculous situations but it has More Merit than any of the preceding roles. The production has More real Merit than its title would indicate and the audience enjoyed it very much. It will be repeated tonight. This afternoon at the matinee Quot Murphy in to land Quot will be presented. J. J. Mack was not in Auto Accident ladies i social Tain that it was done in Compromise of claims for loss of property in the Railroad will probably Appeal. More indictments for s. P. San Francisco october 11.�? was the granting of rebates from the the Federal grand jury today report regular Tariff on shipments by the de three indictments against the grand Canyon Lime and Cement. Southern Pacific and two against ter. Company of Arizona. The defense1 the Pacific mail steamship com was that the rebates were Quot conces Pany for carrying freight for less Slons Quot made for alleged loses on ship than the Legal rate Between Kobe ments during transit. The trial be Japan and various cities in the United states. The indictments Are supplementary to those of a similar nature filed last week. A a there will be vespers followed by Benediction of the most blessed sacrament. The St. Francis junion modality will meet in the evening at 7 p. M., with father Donleavy in charge. The Junior choir will Render special music at the children s mass and the senior choir with mrs. Christian Helbling in charge will sing the High mass with special so a los. Next saturday october 19th, a requiem mass will be offered up at St. Francis for the late or. . Indies Ball october 18t,h. The ladles of St. Francis will give their Ball at the dreamland rink next Friday evening instead of the dates previously announced. The grand March will take place at 9 00 p. A Large attendance will be had As the ticket Sale has been splendid and More Are being sold As each Day goes gymnasium. The gymnasium is growing More popular each Day. During the past few Days some excellent and valuable donations have been made by True friends of the boys. Names of All the kind doners will be published la the school superintendent s office As not being Clear and full in detail and suggests a closer concurrence of action Between the school superintendent and the auditor in matters which affect both offices. Following a Long criticism the report says it would be doing the officers of both these departments an injustice however were not a great part of the trouble attributed to the want of sufficient office help which the Small salaries of the offices preclude. Ther auditor especially was at times so overburdened with work that its performance by him seemed a the report refers to a great Panr school warrants that have beep improperly made out some being Siga de by Only one trustee others being signed by the wife of a trustee and one by others lacked Tbs explicit information concerning the purpose of the Money spent which the Law requires. Gan september 30tli in giving his decision on certain Law Points which arose during the a a Gould Pacific headed this my the san Francisco chronicle of thursday morning published an account of an automobile Accident in which j. J. Mack formerly of this City was said to have been thrown from the machine and narrowly escaped serious injury. J. J. Mack was in Bakersfield at the time the Accident happened so that much of the Story is erroneous. Or. Mack has two Brothers in san Francisco and one of these might a a a appointment if have Betti in the Accident. The spacious Parlours of the residence of mrs. J. D. Haynes were Well filled last evening with the guests who attended the social Given by the ladies of St. Barnabas Guild. All who attended spent a most enjoyable evening and incidentally the ladies realized a tidy sum which will go into the general fund of the Church. The opening number of the program was a recitation by master Phelps Gates and the Effort of the Little lad was heartily received. A vocal Solo by miss Eileen Nesbit and a piano Solo by miss Kate Bayse were pleasing numbers and a Reading by mrs. E. Ellsworth was a highly entertaining feature of the evening. Tacked in various places about the House were clippings from advertisements in the local papers and prizes were awarded to those guessing the largest number of the names of the advertisers. The first prize a pair of fancy socks was won by Sam Potts the genial town trustee and the second prize a hand painted China plate was won by miss Ida Blaine. After the awarding of the prizes in this game refreshments consisting of delicious Coffee sandwiches and cake were served and the balance of the evening was spent in playing games of various kinds. St. Cecelia society. A meeting of the St. Cecelia society will be held this afternoon at the Home of mrs. G. R. Peckham for the purpose of electing officers and 1 Quot committees for the census Fitzhugh Lee chapter elects up to noon yesterday j. W. Cros land the special census enumerator who is counting the people in the part of Bakersfield lying East of Chester Avenue had finished his territory from the South limit As far North As twentieth Street and had nearly finished the count in the Row of blocks Between Chester Avenue and k Street from twentieth Street to the Northern limits. He had 2975 names on his Book at that time j november 8th. And was of the opinion that he would find enough More to bring the total for the East half of the City up to 3500. 880 people in Lowell addition one of the interesting facts Dis the Western Pacific is to enter los Angeles is the news Given out by the associated press. It will be necessary for the Western Pacific to come South through the san Joaquin Valley from Stockton coming via Fresno and Bakersfield. A press dispatch from los Angeles says _ that the construction of the Southern division of the Western Pacific Railroad from san Francisco to this City will be undertaken before the time originally set is evidenced in a visit Here of j. S. Swift confidential agent of the Gould interests to engage offices for the system and Complete arrangements with one of Banks to handle the finances of the a closed by the count is that the popu Road. 1 lation of the Lowell addition or that while acknowledging his Mission part of the City South of the Santa he would not divulge the details of be and East of Chester Avenue is the Road s plans. 880. This is rather less probably Quot within a few weeks the location than most people would have guessed of our terminal will be announced j it. And also the Complete program map i chinks Dodge enumerator Ped out for construction Quot he said the chinamen who make new town their Home number approximately 200, and they gave the enumerator More trouble than any similar number of people in the City. When or. Crosland would appear at the door of one of these wily celestial and ask in his most ingratiating tone for the names of those who lived there he would be met usually with a stolid stare and a mumbled Quot no savvy Quot and then the chinaman would disappear Down cellar effectually putting an end to All further questioning. Finally or. Crosland a meeting of Fitzhugh Lee chapter daughters of the confederacy was held yesterday afternoon at the residence of mrs. E. Roberts. It was the first meeting after the summer vacation and it was Well attended. The most important business was the election of officers for the ensuing term and resulted As follows president mrs. J. W. Mahon first vice president mrs. Herbert Schick second vice president mrs. T. A. Wilson Secretary mrs. E. Henderson treasurer mrs. Harry g. Stuart Registrat Rar mrs. F. J. Crease custodian of Cross mrs. Gaddy. The next meeting will be held at the residence of mrs. J. W. Mahon How they stand. Won lost pet. Chicago.3 0 10 Detroit.0 3 000 tie games�?1. Game today at Detroit. Detroit october 11.�?"wild a ill Quot Donovan was unable to stay the victorious March of the cubs and. Chicago won a third Victory. Overall had the locals at his mercy throughout the game. Chance had a Finger injured by one of Donovan speedy shoots. The game was witnessed by Over 11,000 fans. Detroit must win four straight games to la the world s championship score r chicago.6 Detroit.1 batteries Overall and Donovan and Schmidt. The h b 7 2 5 2 Kling rof15h expected to plead guilty. Just before leaving for Santa Barbara. Quot the Southern division will be pushed through As fast As circumstances will allow. The Scarcity of labor is a serious problem but while i am not at Liberty to say when the Road will reach los Angeles i can say it will be at an earlier Date than at first the original Date set for the Extension of the system South was january 1908. Morning Echo. Largest circulation. The rapidity with which work on the Malibu line a unit of the system enlisted the Aid of a Young chinaman the Purchase of the coast electric who could understand English and line and the admission of Swift give got along better Promise of an Early Entrance of Tho speculation on results new Road to this City. J As the Progress of the count gives i some figures on which to base a i Cutis Russia october 11.�? a guess considerable speculation is be to dirty six political prisoners broke i ing indulged in As to the totals which coming year. All the Young a out of the local prison Here today and the enumeration will reveal it if ladies of St. Barnabas Church Are re-1 got away. They had been in Carcer the general belief that the West Side Quested to attend. I ated in secret cells for a year. I of Chester Avenue will yield Many High school news notes. Attorney w. W. Kaye has been chosen to act As Quot judge Quot at the coming High school mock trial. The commercial class of the High school is talking of giving a dance to the school the evening after halloween. A meeting of the High school pupils will be held monday afternoon for the purpose of organizing a glee club under the direction of professor g. H. Taylor. Workmen dance tonight. The workmen hold their regular saturday night dance this evening. When John Rofer is placed on trial this morning before judge Black for running a stud horse poker game at the reception Saloon it is expected Rofer will follow suit of the other gamblers and plead guilty to the charge. Sheriff Kelly As stated in the Echo previously has 1 filed another complaint against Rofer alleging that he ran a stud horse poker game on a Date prior to the night of the raid. Rofer was ready to fight the original charge which was dated the Day of the raid but it is reported he will now fall in line and will Likely be assessed $100 Fine for illegal gambling which the other six gamblers ponied up so quickly. Attorney Flournoy will represent Rofer. I the More people than the East Side. Most of the lodging houses Are on the West Side of the Avenue and especially in the neighbourhood of the Santa be depot Many householders have one or More lodgers in addition to their own families. Grand total will be Over 10,000 if the West Side has no More people than the West Side the population of Bakersfield will be at least 7000, and the probabilities Are that the total will be much nearer 8000. This will make it necessary for Kern to produce from 2000 to 3000 people in order to bring the total of the two towns up to 10,000, and there is hardly a Kern Man to be found that will not claim at least the larger figure. Cleveland visits new York. Princeton new Jersey october 11.�?for the first time since his recent illness former president Gro ver Cleveland today was Able to go to new York City. The purpose of his visit is understood to be private sapho Quot Claflin has returned from Spokane where he has been pitching Ball All summer. The members of the presbyterian Church held a social last evening at the tenth Street Church. St. Agnes Guild will give a Lawn fete and entertainment at the Guild Hall this afternoon from 3 to 6 o clock

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