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Bakersfield Morning Echo Newspaper Archives Jul 27 1924, Page 4

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Bakersfield Morning Echo (Newspaper) - July 27, 1924, Bakersfield, California Four Bakersfield morning Echo e member of the audit Buret a of circulation Geo. M. Swindell owner and publisher John Cairns so or 1717 cd enter Avenue phone 6� official. Count paper catered at Bakori Frojd calif., Poat Raflee As second class matter. Kern county Erlio founded by amp c. Smith August 5. 1im tie morning Stio established october 15, 1895. Rubel ahead every morn link except monday at Bakersfield. California. This a a it and All the local member of the associated or Bah to a a outed 1 Resa la exclusively entitled to the right Tot publication of All new la patches credited to it or Mot otherwise credited in a a i published herein. All payable in Advance a ally and Bun Day Echo. Monthly .60 Dally and sunday Koho three Montha in Advance. 1.65 a it ally and sunday Echo Kex Mont a in Advance.3.00 daily and sunday Echo per year in Advance.5.50 circulation Kun Rannu. I lat and pressroom open to investigation of advertisers at All Elmea. A National adv Rulh Lnu representatives in. Katz special advertising Agency in w. 40th st., new York City Harris Trunt Lilii , 111. Candler Annex at Lanta of. Mont Idnan a bldg ban Francisco. Taft Branon Oitte Security bldg., 217 fourth Street. 3. Loyst agent and correspondent. Phone main 28. Addrena All a to morning Echo California the Echo aim to publish tact. If you find inac Cura Acles we will appreciate it if you will notify our Edi Terral department. Properly answered the National Council for the prevention of War has made a protest against the plans of the United states government for National defense Day to be held in september and president Coolidge has answered it in a letter to the head of the organization. The president in his letter used a conclusive argument when he said Quot i wish that crime might be abolished but i would not therefore abolish courts and police Protection. I wish War might be made impossible but i would not leave my country the protest of this pacifist organization comes at a rather Inopportune time. An american vice Consul has just been murdered on the streets of Teheran the persian capital. Has wife has since then been openly insulted and it is by no Means certain that further trouble will be averted. The United states in making a Strong protest to Persia and that country will be sharply advised that it must protect the lives of american citizens residing there in the interests of duty or business. A lot of effect however such a protest to a Semi barbarous Oriental country would have if the United states were not known to have the Power to Back up its protests in Case they Are disregarded. If this country had no army or Navy a condition to which Many pacifists would like to see it reduced we would be in a Fine Pickle every time some insignificant but truculent Power wished to Quot insult Quot us by murdering a few of our citizens. Although it uses every honorable Means to keep Clear of foreign entanglements the United states is a great world Power. The president therefore will have the Hearty support of a vast majority of our people regardless of their political allegiance in the stand he has just taken on this important question. A Public spirited move words abused in a newspaper office was the theme of a recent discussion and Quot Public spirited Quot was one placed very near the top of the list. However that there Are men in Bakersfield to whom the adjective applies is attested every now and then. Activity in connection with establishment of a Public Camp ground on Frazier Mountain is one instance As persons pushing the project will have nothing for their pains but satisfaction at seeing the tired business Man Given an Ideal Camp site. Made restful by a Cool Breeze through Gigantic Pines the Frazier plateau outdoes Quot sleepy hollow Quot itself As a place for relaxation. In assisting nature by piping water to the plateau Bakersfield people will take advantage of a latent recreation resource Long it to a vat top 15 def bake Rafoeld morning Echo. July 27 the Quot greater movie season Quot opens throughout the West this week and the California theatre is going to present a series of the most marvelous films Ever shown on the Silver d. Stetson assistant manager of West coast theatres inc needed. Deer and a lonely Lookout Bob Evans Are now the Only inhabitants of the Region. Picnickers who invade the almost Virgin privacy of the plateau declare it the most Beautiful within reasonable reach of local people. The Caliper of Coolidge two states in the Union Massachusetts and californian have real statutes protecting women and children in limited hours of labor. The Massachusetts Law was signed by Calvin Coolidge As governor Over the protests of the powerful manufacturers. In his address before the bar association in san Francisco in 1922 Coolidge declared he would rather be known As the governor who signed the 48-hour Bill than As the governor during the Boston police strike. By that statement Calvin Coolidge showed the real Caliper of the Man who is asking the people of the United states to re elect him to the highest office in the state. Water storage District tax payers meet obligation before delinquency j water District taxpayers lined up in i a Rush yesterday to pay assessments j due the Kern River water storage j District to treasurer Jerry Shields be-1 fore becoming delinquent. Shields j stated that he will have hundreds of letters to open from taxpayers sending remittances by mail. This will keep him Busy checking up the receipts All Day monday. He will also receive payments at the office on monday As an accommodation to payers who have been delayed. The treasurer stated last evening that he would be unable to Complete his tabulation so As to give data As to delinquencies until monday. All through the Day yesterday a steady Stream of taxpayers up keeping treasurer Shields and his assistants Busy. As High As 15 and 20 persons were in line at a time. The line extended out into the corridors of the courthouse nearly All Forenoon. The would be presidents Davis Lafollette and the lesser Fry Are making a great Deal of noise these Days and Are being very frequently Quot mentioned in but the quiet efficient Man in the White House is going about the nation s business saying Little but doing a very great Deal. Or. Frank Crane s daily editorial significance of backs by or. Frank Crane thelk has Lieen entirely too much attention paid to Hie face. After All the face is a Small portion of the human Charm. And there is no reason Why one who Lappens to be detective in this one Little respect and abound in other beauties such for instance As Trilby feet or a Katisha shoulder Blade should be out of the running. And so to the truth As Talleyrand or somebody else said thai words were used to conceal thoughts we might with equal Justice add that faces Are Iraq Vuht in hypocrisy. Most of us Linic entire control of our facial features. We can smile when we wish to snarl. We can look modestly Down when we Are full of Pride and women have been known to weep for a purpose. But you cannot do that sort of thing with your Back. Backs is backs. The character of people is quite often determined by their resemblance to lower animals. And herein it is our Hacks that betray us. This truth has even entered into our language. We speak of a gentleman having his Back up by which we mean he resembles an angry cat. Independence courage and All such Militancy is much better indicated by stiffening one s Back than by any sort of motion than can be made with the Mouth or the nose. And the most eloquent gesture of humility is the bending of the Back. When we wish to do homage to the Duchess we curve our spines and kiss her linger tips. When we approach his majesty we Bend our backs. If humility is the crowning virtue of the Wise then surely the Back which Best expresses this is a most glorious instrument. It is the Back that is really the class Symbol. For is it not the Burden bearer of the world alias the proletariat whose backs Are Bent by the fat and pampered bourgeoi8e who sit upon them and. Then there is another thing. Have you not often had a Back View of a woman walking along the Street and almost fallen in love with her Only to have your dream shattered when she turned around and we ask is this fair to the woman Texas election worker is killed it was a Happy thought that sent five Hundred american lawyers now in England to visit Sulgrave Manor the ancestral Home of the Washington. Such pilgrimages do much to tighten the ties that bind the two great branches of the English speaking race.ripphngrhiiiitqs1 Irwi Stetha copyright 1924 George Matthew Adams spoiling a kindness i called on Charles h. Gander and asked him for a loan Quot so help me Alexander Quot i said Quot i need a Bone Quot he sighed with cruel Candor Quot you make my spirit groan. The times Are hard As Thunder and punks Are far Between i have Small store of plunder my Bank account is lean and it would seem a Blunder to ask me for Long Green. My wife and children holler for Kopecky from my till and every measly caller it seems presents a Bill but Here s a hard earned Dollar your Long Felt want to i went away refining and shed a furtive tear for Gander s plaintive whining was very sad to hear one s features should be shining when busted friends Are near. If one would do a favor it should be done with zest a kindness should not savor of gloom and thoughts depressed produce a smile and wave her and perpetuate a jest. But on a Gladsome Morrow the Luck was mine again i Shook off ail my sorrow and brandished franc and yen and Gander came to borrow a Brace of Iron men. For he was sorely busted no assets did he own the Oil concern he trusted made off with every Bone and weary and disgusted he asked me for a loan. Quot if Money s what you re seeking Quot i said Quot you be found the place with Coin i m fairly reeking my wealth is a disgrace so wipe those teardrops streaking Adown your furrowed san Antonio tex., july 2g. A j. M. Culpepper 65 a Baptist lecturer and a worker for the better government ticket in the local primary Campaign was Abt and instantly killed at Harlan Dale Box late this afternoon. Jim Lubbock former Deputy sheriff is being held by the sheriff s office. Lubbock was roughly handled by the crowd at the polls before taken into custody. Man recovers watch stolen from him More than 5 a years ago when Alex Sellars of Fruitvale Wae attacked and robbed by three armed thugs on l Street late one night in september of the year 1918, he bade his valuable Gold watch and $55 Farewell. He reported the robbery to the police giving the number and make of the stolen timepiece. Yesterday nearly six years after the robbery Sellars was notified by j chief of police Horace dupes that his watch had been recovered. Officer John Lambert in checking Over pawned goods at a local loan office had discovered it and had later arrested the Man who had pawned the watch. The Man was a mexican. He claimed that he had purchased the watch from a negro five years ago. His Story was told in a straightforward manner and he was released. Sellars was overjoyed to get his valued timepiece once More saying that he had forgotten All about the robbery and had Given up All Hopes of Ever getting it in his Possession again. Chief dupes stated that the police department was Ever on the Lookout for stolen goods and that Many More recoveries would be made if the Public would co operate by keeping the numbers of their watches and other classified goods and report to the station any loss. Sunday july 27, 1924gather Hie Here keen interest crowd estimated at 2000 starting of Premium Heifer bela6co is ill new York july 20�?david be Lasso Dean of american theatrical producers is ill with Grippe and bronchitis Here. Physicians said his condition was not alarming. He was 65 years old yesterday. Timely views on world topics watches spectacular cer Emony of initiation at a spectacular open air initiation of the Kun flux klan held on the Pierce Road last night 216 new Mem Bers were taken into the organization from this City before a crowd Esti a mated at Over 2000. Representatives of the klan from All Points in the Valley were present and 1000 klans Wen in full regalia were in attendance. The ceremony was preceded by the singing of Quot american Quot by e quartet of mixed voices. While the song was being rendered Many flare lights were played around a Pedestal upon which stood a Young woman representing the statue of Liberty in her hand she held a burning Torch presenting very striking picture. As the candidates were passim through the double line for the Quot scrutiny Quot a great array of fireworks lighted presenting a spectacle which would be seen a for Miles. The prospective members were then admonished to practice patriotism and to protect the Home and the chastity of womanhood. The final oath of membership was Given and the group were declared citizens of the invisible Empire. After tile meeting Aii klansmen were requested to leave the grounds and a klan speaker invited the visiting spectators to gather around and listen to a lecture entitled Quot our obligations and duties As members of Mie order served As traffic director and the Large crowd was handled with perfect ease. The open air. Meetings were declared to be popular As a diversion for klans men during the hot summer months and plans Are made for a larger initiation ceremony to be held Here in two months. Copyright 1924, by the Mcclure newspaper Syndicate disaster awaits Europe if Dawes plan fails declares banker in tie adoption of the Dawes plan by the allies lies the salvation of Europe avers Fred l. Kent president of the Bankers Truet co. Of new York City and a member of the com j invitee of expects which devised the j plan and failure to put it. Into effect would mean disaster to finances i Trade and he declared in an address that in j the plan was not carried out the re action on business in the United j states would be Quot More severe Titan j anything which has happened since the j Quot the plan carries with it so much common sense that it is hardly con 1 Ceivalle that sufficient Force can he i arrayed against it to prevent its being put into the diverse political forces which must first be brought into Accord to j assure an International loan to Ger j Many if the plan is to be effective j Are the chief obstacles in the Way of its adoption according to or. Kent. He predicted that if the plan was put into operation stability of currency would be restored to. European countries and Normal International Trade resumed. Quot if the plan were i refused France and Belgium would continue their i hold upon the Ruhr Quot he continued. I Quot a european exchanges would be j subjected to further severe shocks. Trade and Commerce would be dealt j a terrific blow and might for a time j be confined to necessities and the j Progress toward better conditions i which has been made since the armis Tice might be dissipated almost overnight. Quot should the Dawes report be accepted by the allies and Germany and become operative a very different set of conditions can be expected to prevail. The object of the Dawes plan is to place Germany in position to stabilize its currency and balance its budget and undertake the payment of reparations under conditions which will not result in another breakdown and that will allow Germany to resume her production Trade and Commerce on a sound basis and one which can be expected to if a Gernon loan was offered in America he said Quot it can be considered As being Good for it will never be issued until american International Bankers Are satisfied with its provisions Are have Good reason to believe that it is sound. This will mean that in their opinion the Dawes plan has been made operative under circumstances that will insure its Success that satisfactory arrangements have been made As to the withdrawal of prance and Belgium from the Ruhr and that peace is assured in so far As such an accomplishment is Quot Laws which have been passed since the armistice that have come from misled masses have made life difficult in Many countries and our own United states has not escaped. In Congress and in our state Legislatures Many Bills have been passed that have Only added to the burdens of our he believed that the change which would come after Europe had returned to Normal financial and commercial conditions would allay these tendencies. Gleanings from the Book of life the Cost. Of happiness there Are persons in the world who cannot feel grateful unless the favor has been done them at the Cost of paid and difficulty Robert Louis Stevenson Calls this a Quot churlish disposition Quot and goes on humor one of these persons who to say Quot a Man May Send you six sheets of letter paper covered with the most entertaining gossip or you May pass a half an hour pleasantly perhaps profitably Over an article of his do you think the service would be greater if he had made the manuscript in his heart s blood like a compact with the Devil Quot Stevenson contends pleasures Are More beneficial than duties because like the Quality of mercy they Ara not strained and they Are twice Blest. Quot there must always be two to a kiss and there May be a score in closed Surprise nobody so much As the Benefactor. Quot the other Day a ragged Barefoot boy ran Down the Street after a Marble with so Jolly an air that he set every one he passed into a Good grape culture a ill in topic had been delivered from More than usually Black thoughts stopped the Little fellow and gave him some Money with this remark Quot you see what sometimes comes of looking if he had looked pleased before he had now to look both pleased and mystified. A a for my own part i justify this encouragement of smiling rather than tearful children i do not wish to pay for tears anywhere but upon the stage but i am prepared to Deal largely in the opposite commodity a jest but wherever there is an ele j Quot a Happy Man or woman is better ment of sacrifice the favor is con j than a five Pound note. He or she feared with pain and among Gen is a radiating focus of Good will and Erous people received with con their Entrance into a room is As i though another Candle had been a a it i lighted. Quot there is no duty we so much under-1 Quot we do not need to know whether rate As the duty of being Happy Stevenson continues. A by being Happy we sow Anonymous benefits upon the world which remain unknown even to ourselves or when they Are Dis obleness of they could prove the forty seventh proposition they do a better thing than that they practically Demon Strate the great theorem of the live Sunshine pellets poems that live in Maine or in Texas wherever you turn you la find freckled faces and Rosy sunburn. Drain your swamp and you won t your purse. Interesting farm Center meeting scheduled for Richland school monday Shafter july 26.�?the farm Center meeting scheduled for 8 o clock Sharp monday evening at the Richland Sci Woolhouse is to be one of More than usual interest. Instructive talks on grape and Raisin conditions will be Given by h. W. Wrightson vice president of the state farm Bureau and official in the Sun maid Raisin association and h. H. Merrill Field Man for the association. Many Steps in growing and marketing of the crop from the Vineyard to consumer will be explained by these speakers who Are thoroughly conversant and Able to Deal with these sometimes perplexing topics. Other features of the program arranged Are Quot poultry culture Quot by farm adviser l. W. Taylor Quot Kern county poultry flock management contest Quot by l. T. Simmons reports from various committees and several numbers of entertainment. Everyone interested in any of the subjects to be especially discussed whether or not members of the farm Bureau is urged to come. It is hoped the centers from neighbouring communities will be Well represented. W. P. Young Vineyard St radio expert and electrical Mechanic of shatter is considering branching into he movie line in so far As the selection of pictures and operating a movie machine for the pleasure of the residents of this locality at the women s club House where a regular up to Date Booth has been installed. It is generally conceded the shows Semi weekly would net a satisfactory return financially to both operator and club House Board of will greatly Aid in Stock buying Kern county dairymen Are taking much interest in the Premium Heifer list which has been started with seven heifers listed already according to tester Alex Rosseau. This list will be kept on cards in the office of the county farm Bureau affording a record for guidance of buyers desiring to obtain heifers from dams producing More than 300 pounds of luit Terai in one year. Farm advisor l. W. Taylor stated yesterday that he believes that the innovation is one of the most important programs outlined in the Campaign to improve the Dairy herds of Kern county. The cards contain a j photograph of the Premier Heifer the production and Grade of the dam and the sire a registered Bull. Rules for entry in the list Are As follows 1.�?heifers Are eligible to Lugt listed when dropped from cows that have produced 300 pounds or More of butterfat in one year As mature cows or its equivalent in younger form. 2.�?such heifers must he sired by registered bulls. \ 3.�?heifers May be listed temporarily pending the completion of a record by the dam. If the dam makes 300 a pounds the Heifer is officially listed at the end of the year if the Dain a fails to make the record the Heifer is a removed from the list and the i of is a forfeited. I 4.�?the tester must be notified of desire to list Heifer within one month of birth. J 5.�?the tester must vouch for the a identity of each entry but he will accept the testimony of a disinterested party regarding the parentage of any i individual. 6.�?each Heifer must be identified by photograph or markings. 7.�?each Heifer must be free from deformities. J 8.�?a charge or one Dollar �1.00 i will be Init de for each listing to cover a Cost of printing filing and photographing. The Money to be handled by the treasurer of the cow testing association. Any surplus of funds will revert to the account of the cow test association. While the list is primarily for Grade heifers purebreds May also be listed. 10.�?the Lis twill be filed in the office Quot of the farm Bureau and will he open to Public e socialist party denounces klan Ltd it the Ahmu i turd i Rem Newyork july 26. A the Kun flux klan was denounced by name and the la Follette Wheeler ticket was endorsed by the state socialist convention today. The endorsement of the Independent candidates marked the first instance in which the state socialists have endorsed candidates outside their own party. The formation of a labor party in which the socialists will probably join was business men Back statewide plan to develop Supply Quot the business men of California have at last awakened to a consciousness of the need for state wide development of water resources. The proposition is going Over Strong Quot stated c. A. Barlow yesterday in commenting upon his Success in obtaining. A pledge of $50,000 from san Francisco business men towards a fund of $100,000 to be used in compiling engineering data for presentation to the next legislature. Governor Friend we. Richardson helped out the plan by endorsing a letter for Barlow stating Quot i am in full sympathy and Accord with this the legislature will be asked to refund the subscription of $100,000. W. H. Crocker of the Crocker National Bank of san Francisco Heads the finance committee in that City. President Barlow of the California irrigation association will go to los Angeles for a meeting of business men tuesday los Angeles business men at a recent meeting agreed to immediately raise $50,000 for the fund if san Francisco would do likewise. Members of the finance committee from Fresno and Tulare counties will accompany Barlow. Chicago is selected Amsterdam july 26.�?the City of Chicago has been selected As the seat of the eucharist Congress of 1925. White Lead was first manufactured by the venetians in the fifteenth Century. Of trap the rat go Call the cat i be dread bubonic fleas. When speaking of bathing it s a singular thing that is has to be done at a Mineral Spring. The Best cough mixture is a mixture of milk eggs and common sense. A successful business Man is one who knows the Price of potatoes to his Trade but does t know the Price of indifference to his health. We Wear Quot Hole proof Quot Hose ride in Quot fool proof Quot cars and sport Quot dust proof Quot watches but we Don t concern ourselves very much about rat proof houses. A tragedy among his books he sits All Day. To think and read and write he does not smell the new mown Hay i the roses red and White. I i walk among them All alone 1 his silly stupid wife the world seems tasteless dead and done an empty thing is life. A at night his window casts a Square i of right upon the Lawn a i sometimes walk and watch it thera until the chill of Dawn. I have no brain to understand the books he loves to read i Only have a heart and hand he does not seem to need. The wharf rat carries deadly fleas mosquitoes carry ague the red Bug Tot a no germs at All but lordly Don t he plague you he Calls me Quot child Quot a lays on my hair j thin fingers cold and mild i of god of love who answers prayer i wish i were a child and no one sees and no one knows he least would know or see that Ere love gathers next year s Rose death will have gathered me. A Edith and rest there is a time to act and a time to rest a time to save and a time to spend. The Thrifty Man is Alert in saving and judicious in spending. Work earnestly save regularly take Good care of your health spend wisely and invest safely. Open an account with the Security Trust company pc Flova member Federal Reserve system commercial savings service with accuracy Courtesy. Efficiency Bakersfield Taft mar Popa fellow

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