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Bakersfield Daily Californian Newspaper Archives May 23 1902, Page 1

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Bakersfield Daily Californian (Newspaper) - May 23, 1902, Bakersfield, California A a or ail vol. Xiv. Bakersfield Kern county. Friday evening May 23, 1902. A a. 249pelee Calm but people still flee business in fort de France Dis organized by employees hurriedly leaving the City. United mine workers was about the quietest place in the Coal regions to Day. The Only persons Here directly connected with the miners strike were National president Mitchell and Dis Triet presidents Nichols Fahey and Duffy. Reports from the outlying Dis tries this morning were to the effect that a dead Calm prevails. President Mitchell would not say what action hi1 would take if the movement of soft Coal to the Anthracite territory became heavy but it is believed an Effort will he made to prevent the shipments. He has received no communication he says from anyone regarding negotiations for a Britain Waits for news by the a amp life Rel amp no a leased wire present. The Carole River is running fort de France Island of mar. With hot water. Unique thursday May 22.at 5 French Cruiser d Assas has a 1 Rived Here from Bredt having on o clock this afternoon the sky was ,. A a a a Board the French government Relief Clear and the population was Calm.,.he it a a. Commission and Large supplies of Money and a Hundred men met death in min Boer Leader expected to accept peace terms and England ready to rejoice. But despite this favourable change in the situation Many families left fort de France by the French Steamer Versailles and the Ville de Tanger for the Island of Trinidad and Cayenne French Guinea. This with the 1200 persons who have gone to the Island of Guadelupe and Many others who have sought Refuge at St. Lucia and other islands has lessened the population considerably. Besides these some 2000 people have left for the Southern part of the Island of Martinique where i the French Cruiser tage left new Orleans May Lith with Money and supplies for the Martinique sufferers contributed by the citizens of new Orleans. One thousand leaving. Paris May 23.a dispatch received Here from the governor of Martinique dated yesterday reads As Fol lows a have consulted with the Council of explosion in a British Columbia mine Encomb 150 workmen and Only 16 escape. I by the californians leased j urns have been recovered. The cause Fernie b. C., May 23.a terrible of the explosion is said to have been 3000 refugees have now assembled.up., a. X. I the Colony on the partial or total Eva this desertion of fort de trance has 1 resulted in the disorganization of Many trades. A number of Bakers have been compelled to close their stores owing to the fact that their employees were among those who have fled. More assuring. The French Cruiser tage having Admiral Servano on Board arrived Here this afternoon. She reported that Mont Pelee now presents More assuring prospects. The Clouds of smoke leaving the Crater mingle with the Clu Odb in the sky and do not have the threatening aspect they formerly had. A new Crater has formed in the Vicinity of Ajo Upa Boullon. Cation of the Island. They Are unanimous in declaring the measure is not justifiable at present. A trans Atlantic line steamship now undergoing re pairs Here might be utilized to trans port those who Are desirous of emigrating. About 1000 persons Are Leav ing by the Steamer Versailles and others Are sailing on the Ville de Tanger for Trinidad and Cayenne. There have been no new running hot water. I by Tbs californians leased wire Wilkes Barre pa., May 23.ah a locality known As Carnate Trione. Of the District leaders having gone to is causing a Good Deal of anxiety at 1 their Homes the Headquarters of the May prevent Coal shipment explosion occurred at 7 of clock last evening in no. 2 mine which is connected with no. 3 Shaft and also with the High line Shaft. A three openings were wrecked. One Hundred and fifty men were in the mine at work at the time of the explosion. Of this number sixteen escaped from no. 3 before the Cave in. The remainder Are prisoners and Small Hopes Are entertained for their safety. Good order prevails and everything possible is being done to relieve the situation. The fan was disabled but was quickly restored no. 3 is expected to be opened soon. A boy one of those who escaped has since died. Cause of explosion. Van Couver b. C., May 23.�? prospects Are poor for getting a Story of the mine disaster from Fernle for some hours. There is Only one slow wire and it is choked up with private messages. The company will not Ace specials until the wire is Clear. A private dispatch just received Here says that everyone in the mine was killed. So far Only six bodies of the 123 vie i by the californian s leased wire i Ondon May 23.peace in South Africa is regarded As assured but an official declaration to that effect is still lacking and there is nothing official to indicate when an announcement May be expected. Opinion is divided As to whether a statement on the situation will be issued to night after the Cabinet meeting or whither it will be reserved for the meeting of the House of commons on monday it seems however at the Best that Only the basis for the peace terms will be before the ministers and that if they Are accepted the discussion of the details May still occupy some time during which presumably an armistice will be declared. Meanwhile outside the Boer commandos immediately a Rich mine. The presence of fire Damp ignited by a match with which a Miner was lighting a pipe in Defiance of orders. A tremendous explosion occurred in no. 2 mine followed in a few seconds by another explosion in no. 3, connected by a Short Tunnel. The majority of the men were in no. 3. Every family in the Little town is directly affected by a connected with the peace negotiations the calamity and the entire surviving flirting continues. Loats scouts sur population is in a state of pouches command in Cape col ony wednesday last and captured most i of the Boer supplies. Seattle wash., May 23.Fernle is a town in the Eastern part of the j nacre to in a bin to province of British Columbia on the greater Public interest was Manl crowds next pass on the Canadian treated in to Days meeting of the Cable Pacific railway. It lies in the Center j than had been the Case since the of a country very Rich in Coal deposits. A earlier stages of the War. The minis the veins extend eastward into the i ters reached Downing Street from All neigh Boring territory of Alberta. The j parts of the country and were Greet building of the railway four years ago Eddy hundreds of people anxious for was followed by the operation of the \ some signs of the probable trend of Coal mines which belong to the com affairs. Pany composed largely of Toronto 1 the Stock Exchange has fully made capitalists. These Are the Coal Fields up its mind How things Are going and that j. J. Hill was reported to have declares that the basis of peace were gained control of a year or so ago. Fernie a Only Industry is mining and its population is about 5000. Most of the miners Are foreign born. Signed at Pretoria yesterday. The Cabinet meeting adjourned at 5 p. In tre Waist Sale of tre season a reduction has been made in the Price of every shirt Waist in our dry goods department. No exceptions have been made but every Waist embracing our entire exclusive Stock of novelties. The values Are such that it will cause the most extraordinary Selling of waists Ever witnessed in any department. We have in the past held Many sales whore phenomenal values were offered hut none where the bargains were so extraordinary arid where there was such a great variety to select from our entire Stock. 50c shirt waists this week. Toe shirt waists this week. shirt waists this week. $1.25 shirt waists this week $1.50 shirt waists this week$1.05. .40c $1 75 shirt waists this week ____$1.20. .55c $2 of shirt waists this week ____$1.40. .75c $2 25 shirt waists this week ____$1.60 95c 82 50 shirt waists this week. ____$1.80 $1.05 % mail orders promptly executed. Government thinks it Over. I the associated press has ascertain subscription started. De that the government regards the Nanaimo b. C., May 23.inurn War a practically ended. Advices re Diatel upon receipt of the news of eel Vee by the War office indicate that the Fernie mine disaster mayor Manson of this town which has a population of about lotto Coal miners authorized tile taking of a subscription at the gales i ailing to the grounds where a Celebration was being held to Day and to Morrow. The amount will i devoted to alleviating the sufferings it Fernie. Another expected. Victoria ii. Amay 22. William Fernie one of the original owners of Tho crowds nest mines has received a wire from Fernie this morning that an explosion had occurred in no. 2 Anil no. 3 slopes resulting in the death of 125 men. The mines affected Are situated on Coal Creek five Miles from Fernie. No. 2 Tunnel is two Miles Long and no. 3 about the same length. From these two mines and no. I most of the Coal of the District is taken it is said by men who visited the mine that another explosion was expected. Whatever decision the vere Enlon amp the conference May arrive at most if Aff All of the Boer leaders who weft it Pretoria will not continue the diff Chi the present negotiations were Mal off for the purpose of enabling the Boot leaders to a save their Affet they learn of the result of to Day Cit net meeting the Boer leaders aft at petted to announce their reluctant to quiescence with the British terms. The War office does not expect any Aeri ote defections of the rank and file Trow the line taken up by generals Botte and Dewet. Keeping it quiet. Every precaution is being taken if Downing Street to prevent Prem attire publication in View of the possibility that a portion of the delegates to gite Bolt and continue the struggle without their leaders. Privately however Amienee is expressed in official circa of that everything is Over but the Shote Long. Expecting Boers to surrender interesting references to peace is contained in a letter from Klerk Dor southwestern Transvaal dated a mis 25th. It says a seventy thousand to eighty to mfr Sand British troops Are Bere Raitio for general Delaney a a answer from fee peace conference and every hour we Are expecting them the Boers to March in and surrender. We Hay att tally sent out Wagon loads of dote is to enable them to come in so Thor is every Prospect of peace. Lord kit Wehener comes Here from Pretoria "##5 Ery other Day and seem Sto be in Psi titular by Good spirits. He actuate smiles and that is a thing he not Oft does. We attach great importance to these smiles in regard to -j.-j. Now no danger Boxer Dies from of civil War effects of a blow i by the californians leased wire. J port a Prince May 23.�? the Kaytlen warship Crete a pie rot arrive i de Hen to Day Aud landed a Tenor Firmin the former minister at Paris who was recently at the head of the army of the North which advanced within two Days March of port an i Nee it was accorded a very syne j Paretich reception. All danger of civil a War appears to have disappeared. By the californians leased Boston May 23.john Cassidy known As Tommy Noonan of Chelsea mass., died this morning from the a a it feds of a blow received from Eddi Dixon of Chicago in a boxing contest at tin Lennox athletic club Here last night. Dixon is in custody. $2.75 shirt waists this week$2.00 $3.00 shirt waists this week$2.25 $3.25 shirt waists this week.$2.45 i $3.50 shirt waists this week $3.75 shirt waists this week .$2.00 .$2.90 was considered dangerous. I Vancouver a c., May 23 a a special from Ferrule b. Go says a terrible explosion occurred at 7 30 last evening in no. 3 Shaft of the producers Oil Exchange. I by the californians encased san Francisco May 23. Producers Oil Exchange morning session 400 Sterling 1.80 2200 Sterling 1.80 1000 Sterling 1.82v4 Hoo Sterling i .82 i. 500 Sterling. 1.824 too Call for la Standard .19 500 Junction .25 Soo Junction .24 iou Monte Cristo $4.00 shirt waists this week$3.15 j $4.50 shirt waists this week $4.25 shirt waists this week $3.40 j $4.75 shirt waists this week crows nest pass Coal company a mine 1.374 50 Kern of 4 95 50 thirty near Ferrule. The explosion extended i three 8.00. Elaborate creations enormous reductions. $5.00 shirt waists this week $4.00 $7.00 shirt waists this week$5.35 $5.50 shirt waists this week$4.45 $7.50 shirt Waist this week$5.75 $6.00 shirt waists this week $4.85 $8.00 shirt waists this week$6.15 $6.50 shirt waists this week$4.951 $9.00 shirt waists this week$7.20 these prices will surely reduce our big Stock so in Early Call will enable you to get Choice of selection. Dinkelspiel Bros. Telephone main 2. O 00 Oto Aota to no. 3 Shaft. About 200 men were working in the mine at the time of the explosion. Only thirty five Are known to have escaped. Nine dead bodies i have been taken out up to noon to Day i of the 160 men entombed it is feared the great majority Are dead no. 2 and no. 3 shafts Are situated on Coal Creek six Miles from Fernle. They have always been considered dangerous being dry Dusty and gaseous. Fear of a fire. It is said the first explosion occur rent in no. 2 mine where it is alleged a Minier lighted a match. The explosion was repeated in no. 3 mine the two shafts being connected. The scenes at the mines and in the Village of Ferrule Are heart rending. Hardly a House has escaped affliction. The work of Rescue is being hurried and perfect or Der prevails assistance coming from every available source. People Are hoping against Hope Bat it is unlikely 5<f -5ff<l a it i la or i of my a that any of the miners now entombed in the shafts will be seen again alive a new fear has become general at the pits that the min May Ratch fire at any time and survivors Are being Besought by their relative not to venture into the shafts even for Reimut work. Training ship at 8an Diego. By the californians leased Han Diego cill., May 25.th# training ship Alert Lias arrived in port. She will remain Lier until next tues Day when she will leave for Mooter by and then on to puget bound when she will spend Tho remainder of the time of the cruise with her present set of apprentices. She will return to baft Francisco about the Middle of August and take on a new lot of boys tor train. Rambling Kate won. Of the californians leased wire London May 23,�? rambling rat won the Manchester cup of 113000 for Throe year Olds Aud upwards Distant one a half Miles at the Manchester meeting today. Hot nose was second and first principle came third fifteen horses ran. Such a Stock As ours comprising every latest up to the times features in jewelry look no further your interests Are Ber clocks ornamental and Plain at attractive prices. Watches Gurnas attractive prices. Watches guaranteed in Price and time keeping. Individual pieces of jewelry Beata to fully made each implying a thought or sentiment. U the go Var must Boa seen to be appreciated. A. H. Grenell. Mos Mlot nth

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