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Bakersfield Daily Californian Newspaper Archives Mar 22 1907, Page 1

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Bakersfield Daily Californian (Newspaper) - March 22, 1907, Bakersfield, California Vol. Xiv Bakersfield Kern county California Friday March 22 1907. A 7 no. 200 Juliu Iii duets cosmopolitan Block san Francisco March 22.�?fate May decide that the former Home of mayor Schmitz will become the prison of Abraham Ruef. It is located at 2839 Fillmore Street and has been i offered to Elisor Biggy and detective Burns As a place of detention for the political Boss pending his trial which is expected to extend Over Many months. Elisor Biggy will have a conference with judge Dunne today or tomorrow i at which time it will be decided what will be done with Ruef in View of the fact that the prosecution does not Trust either the police or the sheriff s office. One of the principal questions now being forced on the attention of the District attorney s office is what is to be done with the alleged doodling estimated 50,000 Worth of property is destroyed a Irnen Rivers Are still a havoc n Sacramento. March 22. And Owens Between the hours of 8 30 and 9 30 this morning the entire Block facing on nineteenth Street Between m and l and Back to the the total loss caused by the fire is Alley was swept by flames the cosmopolitan hotel the Union boat $50,000 in buildings,1 Tel the Tom Owens Corner and the Wible building adjoining the supervisors. No definite action has stocks furniture and personal effects. Cosmopolitan being completely destroyed yet been decided upon except that for among the losers Are the following the fire started in the cosmopolitan and within an inbred the present no immediate Steps to re a j e Bally cosmopolitan hotel ably Short time and even before the first Stream of water was turn langdon6 when j building and furniture $18,000. In de on the flames had spread throughout the old wooden building Durance t. E. Owens two buildings $5,000. Asked about this said a nothing positive can t.h8jfirfn or new a a ctn j Stock and Quot fixtures a logo reference to the tenure of office of the i 1 insurance Halsey coming. Detective Burns yesterday cabled transportation to Manila for t. V. Halsey the indicted Telephone agent who will leave that City probably tomorrow on the Steamer America Maru in charge of chief Trowbridge it sure. The insular secret service. 1 Lute Morris Barber shop $400 to assign cases. 1 Del Raminez restaurant $500. Assistant District attorney Heney Durance $300. Held a three hours conference today p. C. Castro Saloon $1,000. Partly with presiding judge Coffey of the court. At the close of the g. Pucci remember the Maine a interview it was stated that judge Loon restaurant and Rooming House Coffey would this afternoon assign $2,000. No insurance sixty five cases against Ruef to a r. Silo Barber shop $300. No rious departments of the court for insurance. And were burning fiercely from nineteenth Street Clear Back to the Alley. But Little wind was blowing at the time but the flames ate steadily East and West and were soon devouring the Walls of the Paul Galtes Union hotel building Owens building and running across the roof of the Wilbie building $8,oui. Insurance $3,500. Towards the Union hotel on the Corner. Durance $2 too building 4�?T000�?T a it was soon seen that the entire Block was doomed and much of Sherre a amp Wilson tenants Cosmot be Energy of the firemen was Given to protecting the adjacent Politan hotel. $2,000. Insured. Buildings. The Willow Block across the Street and the Walters to Robert Irwin Barber shop $400. In Tel adjoining both Brick structures were smoking hot and the buildings of the King lumber company were threatened. Streams of water were played on these structures anti attention was also Given to the Evraud Block diagonally across the Street from the Union hotel and on which the awnings burst into flames at different times. I we. Murray who was sleeping in i the cosmopolitan found himself Cut off from the stairway and attempted to save his life by jumping. He sprang out backwards from the rear i porch and lit a his face. He was i picked up senseless and taken to the county Hospital where he is still in an unconscious condition. It is believed he will recover though he la badly Cut about the face and May be injured. When Murray a Early. Morning reports from Down River districts Are to the effect that the levees have broken in four places Between i Courtland and Walnut Grove. Tyler j Staten. New Hope and Brannan Are now flooded. The Only islands which have thus far withstood the storm Are 1 grand and Shoreman but when j the morning reports were received the Crest of the flood had not reached them. Stockton March 22�?clifton court was overflowed this morning and Union Island is also flooded. The crops Are a total loss. The steel Bridge Over the stanislaus near Oakdale la unsafe for traffic. The Southern Pacific sustained a washout Between pm Tess and Holden on the Corre Popolis Road which cuts off Railroad communication with the Mountain towns. Stockton cal., March 22.�?the water is receding in All direction and Normal conditions Are rapidly being established throughout the City. There is still some water running through the Northern part of the City but this is not sufficient to prevent the operation of the Street cars. In internally jumped two men were standing below j today the Sun is shining and every and might have broken his fall but wears a cheerful aspect. Sex 1 they stepped to one Side and the in amp i fortunate Man lit squarely upon his j copt for a Small portion of the City in face 1 line with the escaping fuel Oil Stock Louis Bushy employed at the ex-1 ton was never cleaner than it is to change stables also jumped from the Jav the flood Waters swept away second Story but lit on his feet. A adj Niu j and accumulated Dur i walked away but it developed later was spitting blood and he went j ing the Winter. Gas engines Are oper. He to the Hospital. August Levering trial. Continued on Page eight salvation army loss nominal furniture saved. A. Banducci tenant Union hotel insured. Rating centrifugal pumps on All sides the wind during the lire was hah mrs in protecting the adjoin. a a a onto psf a re a win Dow to i a a owl it no l 8m a Quot nos a Are s,eedl17 table and More than once aided tile ing buildings blowing Back the flames j a Han j until was rescued a Quot �?~11 s Clea de 01 a in flood Waters. By Ben Herrington and Walter Matt a business is being resumed in All lines son by Means of a ladder. Of Trade and a stranger in the City a111,$2,000. Insurance $800. G. Landucci Saloon $1,000. Partly 10% less than former factory prices. Winding up end is in sight 10% discount off on All former factory prices positively the last month of this store by order of the administrators of the estates this store will close on March 31st�?z when the remainder of the Stock will be sold in a Lump. In the meantime we Are offering extraordinary inducements to dispose of As much merchandise As possible. For the next few weeks we Are offering every article in the House at a special discount of to per cent from the former Low prices which Means a saving of fully 20% from the factory prices. The 8avnig is immense. Selling out Start Selling out i this store closes on March 31st winding do positively winding up March 31st it of v from threatened Points. Across the Alley to the South except for the burning away of fences no damage was done nor were the More pretentious buildings injured beyond the scorching of paint and awnings. But the wooden Block itself within an hours time was a Complete wreck Only the front and Side of the building on the Owrene a Corner is intact. The tire spread from Point to Point with incredible Speed and the streams of water could not Check the flames. When the alarm was first Given manager Tommy love hastened throughout the building arousing late sleepers. Nor was there any time to lie lost. Men hastened into their clothes Only to find themselves shut off from the stairway Ami several saved themselves from death by jumping from the windows. As soon As was ascertained that the Block was mrs. Farnum an actress fainted i would hardly know that the greatest dead away As she attempted to Lea a. In Stockton s history had coma her room. Quot kids Mccoy a youth pm played about the hotel carried the woman Down the stairs Aud to a place of safety. He was in his night dress and returned for his clothing Only to find his room in flames. It was feared that Henry Hamner an employee of the ice Plant had lost his life he occupying room 21. He was not seen after the fire but it transpired that he left to go to work and he was subsequently found at the ice Plant. Rooms filled with stifling smoke and had to Grope their Way to saftey As s i Best they might. One Man. William 1 Murray jumped from a second Story window fell on his face on some Glass doomed tenants of the different prop t in a night horrible than erties threatened hastened to remove. Such goods As could he carried away but so rapidly did the fire Burn that much valuable Stock was destroyed. J nothing of value was saved from the i cosmopolitan and in not one of the a k a Ner. He was at once taken to the Hospital. Others also jumped with their Means of escape by the stairs Cut off but were More fortunate Ina i and gone. The enforced school vacation will continue another week to give the buildings devoted to education a Chance to become thoroughly dry. Losses will not be As great As first expected As there is much Salvage and in most cases ample time was afforded merchants to get goods from their basements. There is much inconvenience owing to flooded basements however. Tragic end fast friends shops or saloons was it found possible a a Young coloured hero. Young negro Bert Herrington a to Rescue any Large part of the fixtures org in fhe 8tore of Venters amp for 1 Codi. N u be a Bridges made a heroic Rescue of a fire started in Barber shop. A Man who was caught on the second floor. The victim was August lev the fire started shortly after 8 o clock in the cosmopolitan Barber armed Man an t he fear e making none seemed the rear of the shop. Returning in a lored youth brought Quot a Ian he and shop. Bert Shrock who is employed i a the Airn is Wert in the establishment lit to Small Oil f i n Mill and Nom i i towards Nim rapid i \ and Nom stove in one of the bathrooms in the a once has Francisco. March 22. Mrs. Fred Belasco wife of the senior partner of the Alcazar a theatre and known on the stage As Juliet Crosby died sudden a in at 3 of clock this morning and a an hour later m. E. Mayer or Bella Doc s partner died of the Shock. Few minutes he was surprised to find the Side of the room in a Blaze. Two Bath towels were against the Side of the stove these had ignited first and in a moment the thin wooden partition was on fire. Shrock at once ran into the Saloon and notified Aurelio Herrera of the disaster and Herrera quickly called up the fire department Herrington cheer by carried the cripple Down was greeted with Hearty the crowd. Herrera s View of it. Aurelio Herrera said a the whole thing happened so Quick i Todl what was going on. First the Barber. A a a a ran in and fold me the Bath room was i bursting of an nil tank yesterday in on fire. I turned in the alarm and the weather. San Francisco March 22,-fit, Sacramento Ami san Joaquin Leys showers tonight and possibly saturday Light southerly wind. No. A. Raj in lie rear of fhe Bowling Alley Saloon. Doomed. After the fire department arrived trouble was experienced with the engines and it was some Little time before the Hose lines could be got to working rapidly. During All these precious moments the fire was making wonderful headway and by the time the streams had started to play on the great fire trap the entire front of the buildings was enveloped in Lames and the fire had eaten into the adjacent building belonging to Torii Owens. One Man horribly Cut. Many close escapes from the doomed building were made. Many of the occupants Only awoke to find their i onto Row i that a the Day we open. We invite everybody to come and see the Toggery and inspect our Tine stocks. You Are Welcome to look we want you to always feel at Home at this store. Totne tomorrow the Toggery. Lowell amp Bloom. Thousand dollars insurance. A that s sure mighty unlucky. Its the third time there a been a fire started since i bought the place. The others did no to amount to anything and i did t think this would either at first hut it went awful fast. There were about thirty five or forty people in the House. I think they All got out All Herrera s wild cat is Loose. One of those who made narrow escapes from the fire was the wild cat belonging to Aurelio Herrera which he kept in the Yard behind the hotel. Early in the course of the conflagration the animal in some Way sen a ceded in est fing from his Cage and made his Way up the Alley in the rear toward n Street. No More was seen of the beast and lie is believed to still be it Large. Fireman injured but continues work. In Cominto from the a ii be House the hand of fireman Nagle of the chemical engine was caught Between the engine Ami the Hose cart two attire broken and the hand painfully injured. In spite of tills tie Pluck fireman stayed with his work until after the second engine was working properly though every move meant sharpest pain. Later he went into Lutz drug to it where ids injuries i were dressed by or. Mcintosh. Ii was mixed with water great trouble was experienced in starting the second engine to working. The covered ditch at the Corner of nineteenth and l streets was opened j and water from it was taken into the engine before it discovered that the water was mixed with Oil with this in the boiler no steam could be made Aud it was some time before the nature of the trouble was Learned. The Oil in the water to due to the heres a com cure that does does Relief the pain does remove the Corn does allow you to walk in Comfort does it in three Days does it whether Corn is a soft one or a deep callous a a Knox my Corn cure is the one that does. It has proven that it does in hundreds of cases. Never failed yet where it was used properly. There a Comfort for you in a bottle of it. Only costs 2�> cents. Surely Conifer is Worth that. Guaranteed. J. A. Hughes the leading prescription druggist. Free delivery in Bakersfield and Kara. Phones main 64 and main 74

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