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Bakersfield Daily Californian Newspaper Archives Jan 25 1892, Page 1

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Bakersfield Daily Californian (Newspaper) - January 25, 1892, Bakersfield, California In vol. In. To. 2d Tiiu i. I War mini Stihi Hup Market report. Chicago Jan. I Leat May 9i\. A Kwh York Jan. 2 it. A wheat firm ivi., 1 kit March 104j april 104j May 103j june i Oil London theater touts. Bakersfield Kern county Cal. Monday january a. 189j. Announcement. Miscellaneous. Iai advertisers do Yod want to sell Yoi goods ? the Southern hotel pharmacy Price 5 cents. Miscellaneous Whitelaw Reed is Lave bested. To i re opened. Howaro a. Baer. Proprietor. I Iii pharmacy a but ii it opened in eng wifi rent Stylo with a Fuji line of euro Lions Medicine latent medicines and toilet a Deles of the finest importations. The prescription department will be under the personal supervision of or. Baer which is a guarantee Foi the accurate compounding of prescriptions and Correct serv fee. In connect inn with his Superior Stock of Lions he will i cry a Fine line of imported and dullest ii lilacs. Kine wines an i lemurs for medicinal use. Also a selected Stock of Tine stationery a it Bradley buried. All the latest news As received by Teie graph by the daily californian up to 4 o clock today. A Chili War Likely. New York Jan. Flu Gen. A. J Hyde president of the hath Iron i works to ship building company was Selt a ii today by a fluted in res representative at the fifth a venue hotel. It Jeu. J Hyde stated that he left Washington last evening having been in conference j with Secretary Tracy of the Navy. A a i found As i left a said Jeu. Hyde i a tile War feeling running High. I an not at Liberty top note what i heard in i certain High Otlie Ial circles of the government but i can Sav that lit How in Butrous arc Maili miserable by cloak programme and other fiends. You have scarcely Ait your nose inside a theater before you Are seized upon and called to stand and deliver. First it is your coat. Men and women Rush after you and pester 3011 for your coat. The would rejoice if till were foolish enough to 3ielil to their importunate demands and risk colds coughs influenza and j bronchitis for the rest of their natural life Why it is madness to venture into the stalls without a draft protector. Modem Heaters Are so constructed that they Are Mere draft trails. Of you Are seated near the door you risk a stiff neck. You must wrap your cloak j around you and lie careful to protect your legs from tile blasts of wind that Lour in from every crack and canny. If you Are in the Center of tin stalls at Many Heaters directly the curtain is raised a Tornado of wind rushes across the footlight and catches you by the i Throat. I often think that women Are mad who venture into Heaters with Low i dresses in Winter time it is bad enough for men. And yet these attendants get Ipi Ite offended if we do not leave behind us the Only garments that will protect us from sudden death remember that no one is tree from the theater highwaymen. Even those who go in with orders cannot get out of the cloakroom or programme tax. At last they must pay. I remember once going into a theater with a f Riend who a keen sense of Tho ludicrous. I think it must have been a s. Iii Ort. It was a morning perform of Blacksmith tool Anil one i year old Illy ii1,. A. Jan Lei to j. It Patten Reoe Atlee and he was attacked in the usual a Quot coat sir Quot Quot what do you want with it a Quot to Ike it a very Well a he murmured innocently. The highwayman prepared to strip off his coat and behold my Friend who in then peace an Ai it v get i sem ent in a Tho the u Mim a ii receiver s Sale. Okoli i. A i of fee is Williams. Ukr is hereby Given. The a in Duk seance of an order of the Superior court of the county of Kern state of California made on the 17th Day of i Lei tin Ber is a in the matters of the above entitled cause tile undersigned receiver of the personal property belonging to the partnership of Coffee a Williams will sell at Public auction to the highest bidder for Cash on saturday the Lith Day of february i Sui at one o clock p. In., ate s. William Mountain ranch forty Miles South a St of Bakersfield Iii tile comity of Kern tin following personal property to wit two Hundred and sixty five Nib head of plans i lock rattle. And Oil monday the Sib Day of be Briary. Is in it i o clock p in., at Hie lunch of George Vav. Coffee j a Miles West of Bakersfield on the terms above specified the following property of said partnership to w it one thousand feet of fencing lumber one Windmill tic watering troughs i to Douglass pump one Fresno scraper one sulky plow one Randall Harro wone Wagon Ai <1 rack three mowing machines ten head of a irk Cuttle. And on tuesday the nth Day of february is in at one of clock p. In., it c. S. Williams Home ranch eight Miles Southwest of Bakersfield on the same terms a specified in the Abc pc sales i will sell the following personal property of said partnership to wit two mowing machines two harrows one set Elver weekly daily is it is Lei out Mots if desire lie i a arrest circulation in Tho county the Only daily publication in the county. Run it Psi or tra or. Tur ii is t 11> i ism. Tin n retry is try re is. A tur res re is rarer. Made and entire charge taken of advertising mat i at regular rates. I he Best evidence of High Grade Merit is in continued and increased demand mastiff plug Cut a More rapid growth of sales than was Ever accorded a new Brand of smoking tobacco in a similar time. A it a it by tor space and Tosh Ion at the o Iii be of the californian. A. M. Heuck a in time of peace prepare for War which Means if it Means anything that i have on hand 59 stoves amp ranges a kit a impression imparted was that War was i prepared for the Dodge walked inevitable. It Iris become Well nigh understood that the chileans Are Blind As to the result that they Are really anxious for mar and the delay of the diplomatic dealings is simply inflaming these people in my it it a mind i no firmly convinced that unless Chili promptly makes proper apology for the outrages committed she will Linda War on her hands in Short order. There is not the slightest Shadow of a Lack oven on tile part of our government. 11 is clearly a ease for Chili to answer whether we make War or i Whitelaw Reid s reported resignation. New York is reported that Whitelaw Reid minister to i France tendered ids resignation for business reasons. These Are Sutej posed to be that he desires to conduct his paper during the coming Campaign. H is impossible to Verity the Rumor and his intimate friends Here doubt its correctness. Actor Scanlan recovering. New your Jan. , j. Heau Lan the delimited actor who i aum resting at Bloomingdale for the Pust five weeks is improving. So constant is the improvement tin doctors say Flint it is quite possible that he May get Back to his chosen w it re and continue in it for a while at least. Old soldiers ready for warfare. Hazleton ha., Jui. 24.�?an inquiry As to the number of residents hereabouts who have seen service in the armies of mope shows that within a radius of to Miles there Are some 14,boo sex Soldier of whom Iommi Mould gladly Enli to if m a was declared against Chili. Standard Oil gets Back to Par. New your Jan. 25. In Quarry last night at Tho residence of William rockafeller of the Standard Oil company elicited the information that lie almost wholly recovered from ins attack of blood poisoning. Ready for trial. San Franciso Jan. 25. The Case of Curtis tile actor charged with the murder of policeman Grant came up this morning. Counsel for doth sides were ready and Impan Eling a jury commenced at once. Justice Bradley s remains at rest. Newark n. J., Jan. 25 the Boily of Justice ii Rad Ley of the i. S. Supreme court arrived Here from Washington last night and til burial took place Here today. Away Iii his shirt sleeves to Hail Only put on his overcoat with nothing underneath it. Unconcerned to was preparing to enter the stalks costless when the attendant rushed after him. A look Here sir you must not go into the stalls like that a a Why not a lie asked with ii Bland and innocent air. A you asked for my coat. You have got it. What More can you want a Tho coat and cloak fiends having been disposed of you encounter Tho second rank of touts. Nom it is a programme for which you must pay. They insolently bar your passage. They Dun you and Din into your ears a programme sir a it is not a civil request to know if 3 of would like a programme or not but a demand with Fin implied threat. Tile implication is that you Are a sting person who no right to to seen in the stalls. But this is not All. Having gone through the first easy stages of theatrical Purgatory you Are worried All Tho evening with ice Sellers and chocolate vendors and stale cake providers of you Are in Tho stalls safely wrapped up from the drafts these touts Edge Iii Lief Ween Tho very narrow and uncomfortable stalls and generally make . They tread on your toes they disturb the Little nest you have made they make havoc with Tho ladies Back hair pulling out confiding hairpins and crushing Tho result of Tho maid s Handiwork. They done to euro if they dig you in the Eye with an ice tray or Jim Der you with the refuse of sponge cake or Bury you under chocolate boxes. Their duty is to make us much Money As possible for Tho speculating contract tor. It is not their fault poor things. They All get a commission on their wares and it is their duty to Clement Scott Iii London graphic. New today. Assessment notice. Imo Bray a Vineyard and Raisin him puny. Location of principal Elan of Busi Ness. San Francisco California. Location of works Kern county it Alifornia. Notice is hereby in i n that at ii Nice tint of the j ii rec tors held on the Atli Din of Jim Mir Wiz re assessment of five dollars per share was levied upon the capital Stock of the 1 corporation pay a Ole immediately to get ave la. Do i a the Secretary of said corporation at thi it office of the said company room no no. 508 California Street san Francisco. 1 Alifornia. Any Stock upon which this assessment shall remain unpaid Oil the i till Day of february 1h92, will be delinquent and advertised for sail at Public auction and unless payment is made before will he sold on the Hill Day of March in in to pay the delinquent assessment together with costs of advertising and expenses of Sale. By order of the Hoard of directors. Octave. Do by Secretary. A thee a room to. No. Bos California Street san Francisco California. In Iii i in to the Jim Cialli a Model tor tin do i lot tor work 11 my 11 ii re Ware it Zzz err i i ice ii i Iii 11 Ruht a Sil forma Trade i Misi by stove Iii is in it i to ii Psi 14 30 Days. Six Hole no 11�-< nun a him in ii teed to went Loii Foi a Quot a i lie Market. I j. I. Hice tobacco co., Richmond a. Lami can he reclaimed As Alkali neutralized by using Lami plaster Nevada Gypsum amp fertilizer co., Telephone building san Francisco Cal nov a cd. 1111 a w strictly first Dann Jal def lock is Complete is usual. B. A. Hayden. Galtes Block. Ice. Kern county improvement co the Union let company established a depot at the Hou truest cornered i and nineteenth streets where ice May lie and orders left which m in he prompt tilled at reasonable rates the delivery Wagon will run in Bakers Field and Sumner and for the convenience of the Public the Vilice will lie open lint ii 7 of clock p. Ill. I. Ltd. Hoen Khakee. Melt of manage wanted a in of Exchange an american rambler i safety bicycle for a Horst or cheap fur Cash. Apply at t Iii office. Jail juju Moman or Giri. To Cook and do part of lilt House work. Apply Al the Resi Deuce of j. La. Hunt on seventeenth Street jan�?~21 boys to solicit Iii list i it Kus to Wmk , daily and weekly on comm Aion. Apply at tills office. To rent. Fly to rooms for Beni suitable for i i Zounek cuing. Apply to miss it Arter nor ii East Cornet of k and i Welty first streets gals of for Kalk. Guaranteed title to name and fully War Anthis. Address Kitner Goldstein co., Helm a stating Juan Lite wanted. Do Ltd $25,000 in twelve months Wantz. Man with from 2000 in 5000 capital to take att intercut in the greatest invention in farm machinery Ever patented. Will save the work of four Mon Aud one or two Horace a Man in Kern or Tulare counties preferred thin in a grand Opportunity to Realise Over 800 percent on investment Inelder of a1 x month. For particulars address w is the Only reliable company in Kern it Utility that makes a business Al planting 1 la la a v Vivi i. Ill Mim and taking care of Oil iinds mid vineyards for i a Iraa Alau aril i dolls to 11 he ii Iii. Hake ski old Khun county Cau. Offers for Sale improved Orchards Ani at Low dries hid on easy terms. Lands vineyards the Kern county improvement company non residents. Jan dolt / it j i Ollit Al but cd. A so off la f or desk Roum on re Honable terms. Address i,., lox ii lids Jai self. Ltd will sell Yoti land Plant it to s Hies and Teca mid bring it to full Haring it pro net you i per cent on the investment after ii years. We handle Only the lands for fruit growing and non residents buying without seeing the lands can rest assured of being treated fairly Aud Cholee lot being selected for them and the very Best t Are and attention Given to them. This urn puns is tinder Tho direct management of the a that will Bot Pyl Erna Nursery Thompson seedless Raisin Irit repps. Fruit Trees of Ever variety Shade Trees and ornamental so rubber a of to Plant Vineyard will Fimi it to their Lute be me before Hilling personal. J 1 p. Howard is new ims Compie Ted and will run it in the Kame manner As Lor Neily that in he will drive any where in town or country Aud to the depot upon orders. Jan pm i it t Kab in k is patterns Complete it Stock on hand. End j8 cents for metropol Huitt who Are Well known Iii the fruit business. They Are also proprietor of Tho Kern Valley Nursery pc c. O. D. Oliama store. Is Kelling ital Field. a. Moult agent Baki Jet Ujj i if you Don i a do hot i a in the daily an you fail to reach Ole Public and attract their Trade. Lash def in i k Kaci Iii i is of if. Californian i for turning out first class Job word Are by far to be St of any and the Price Tower for Sale. A ii Iii i Lull i Hoo Edmi -1 i Vink Anh a ill Roll Sultan,1 v j a j a i it k situated on nineteenth Street Bakersfield. California Aud carry a full Mot k of Allkind Sef Trees and vines fruit Trees Shade Trees. Ornamental Trees roses Etc. To name and free from at astonishingly tree guaranteed True or add Rem of every description at tin lowest Market rut pest. For particular Appl at tile name Kern county improvement co reference Kern Valier Bank Bakersfield Cal Bakersfield Cal. A. Wire Uro Sidcot in i. I Mack cashier la Loveland lac01 Ona vim and noted Ali a ii1/8d Whf a i a bargain a Kew extra t i j government Laud lit 1110 1 band i in 1 claims must be deposed of Ibi week. Apply Philip k lass. I. O Box la Bak infield of. I to fess i Eva i it a rus. C t Iti Al >2 a it it ,0oo. A k i j us a i Cui it California. The rainmakers. In in lev Jan. 25�?the infant it iou of the rainmakers have not an yet produced an rain but ominous Clouds Are gathering and becoming thicker and Weavit r every hour. Bant a depot of j no. A. Haralson eighteenth St., lie i lev Bank Bakersfield t attorney at Lam. Door West of Kern Val h i to i d i f polite tile i out offi Ivy. Paije Bakersfield Cal j. W. Willy attorney amm myth Lor at Law Bak else . Office one door North a Fri Jill Hanking sell axe Langoon nil the Iii Scip i it Kun 1 St Hail on ii Jim def hits trait Nae Ted. Aces in t lie world. Low prices. T. A. Baker. Al def c. Ii. Til prix it a contractor and builder estimates furnished on application All loll work will a Cuvio prompt Alt nation. Hop on Alley in rear of the Kern Valley Bank Bakersfield Cal. Al it f dissolution notice. Of Bauk Katf Bakerii eld Pill i opa it i be Rush 11 heretofore sex i isling lad we a ii. La. Mccord and my Elt i hereby Dee lured dissolved i will not hold my a Elf re in ii Lifie for any of Iii debt. Trullinger v veterinary burgeon. Dated Bakersfield dec. So to m. Ducj Calm
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