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Bakersfield Daily Californian Newspaper Archives Jan 19 1892, Page 1

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Bakersfield Daily Californian (Newspaper) - January 19, 1892, Bakersfield, California Vol. Iii. To. 15. Bakersfield Kern county. Cal. Tuesday. January i 1892. Y Market report. Chicago Jan. Ion wheat easier. May od1. New York Jan. To. A wheat easier. Jan., 1002 March 102j april 1022 May Khz june 101 j. San Francisco Jan. Steady. Buyer season itt. Barley easier. Buyer season Hio. Will ii War. Three com War vessels stationed in tie Straits of Magellan. Tile Mea states will Seni some War vessels to Ronal to Valparaiso. V the latest news As received by Tele graph by the daily californian up to 4 o clock today. Balmaceda unfortunates. London janv19�?the British Steamer John rider from Valparaiso for Liverpool with a Alsaeedan refugees aboard has been wrecked in the Straits of Magellan. All hands were saved and Are now on their Way to Conception where the refugees will undoubtedly be placed under arrest. A peaceful wave. Washington Jan. 19�?-the Cabinet meeting today was devoted almost entirely to consideration of the chilian question. There is reason to believe the government Bas received dispatches through tile chilian minister looking to a peaceful and satisfactory solution of the questions in dispute. Northern grip. Bedding Cal., Jan. 19�?hon. J. Its. P. Bass an old and highly respected citizen who has represented this arid Trinity county in both Senate and Assembly for two terms died today of la Grippe. Waited until the child was Safe. An interesting Little War Story has governor Jones of Alabama for its j hero. At the Toiuo Gordon was resisting j Sherman a Advance Jones then a staff Captain was delivering a message from 1 Iii wheat i chief when to saw a Little child Clad Only in night clothes hiding in terror j behind a Frame House in Tho direct Range of Tho bullets from each army. Jones Rode Forward took the child on his horse and galloped Back with her to the Confederate line. When the Union forces saw the act they ceased firing and there was an Impromptu cessation of hostilities until the child had been carried to a Point of news and courier thieves Trust Iii Fortune tellers. The thief has implicit Reliance in Tho foreknowledge claimed by gypsies and other people and he has been known to pay blackmail to professed exponents of the a Black arts who threatened him with All manner of . Statement. Will they fight in the Straits Washington Jan. 19�?�?othere Are three chilian War vessels in the Straits of Magellan a said a naval officer today. A they Are not obstructing that important Ocean Highway against vessels of any nation Lait it is understood at the state department and Navy department that the presence of chilian vessels is intended As a menace to the passage of any More War it the United states from Atlantic to Pacific Waters. A inside of ten Days the Mian Tono muh one of the strongest War ships in the world will Start for Valparaiso in company with the Newark. At Montevideo the Atlantic and Chicago wifi join them. These vessels accompanied by the Cruiser Bennington Are not Only going to the Straits of Magellan but they Are going on through of there is any obstruction it will be wiped out of the Way. They Are going to Valparaiso and nothing will Stop the above statement was made by an officer who knows his authority Aud Means every word that he says. War near at hand. Washington Jan. 19�?secretary Blaine in the course of a conversation with Field today left it to lie inferred that an amicable settlement of the difficulty with Chili is highly improbable. In fact he briefly hinted As much when asked How the latest phase of the quarrel the Gross insult to commander Evans of the Yorktown has affected the situation. Herein Washington the feeling of impending War is rapidly merging into a certainty As indicated by groups of politicians and citizens who seriously discuss the question and express their indignation and a determination to maintain the dignity of the country. The press club san Francisco Jan. 19�?the National league of press clubs has decided to meet in St. Paul minn., next year. M. H. De n Illing of tile chronicle was to Day elected president of the league. A Resolution was offered providing for tin appointment of a committee to j establish an employment Bureau the j objects of which would in to bring employers and those seeking employ input into nearer relations it was referred to the governing Bourd with instructions to report at the next convention. A terrible Accident. Janesville wd., Jan. To the Northern Vestibule train Iro nist. Paul to Chicago collided at it Linton in Junction this morning with a freight train. Eighteen ears Are on fire. A great Many passengers were injure i Ami it is rumoured that Many were killed. A train is now starting front Here with help. Tilt girl. The girl without a brother is especially to be pitied. Slit is the girl who is never certain of getting the pleasures of life unless i he is very attractive. Of course she has no brother who she is certain will take her everywhere ii is Apt to get a Little bit vain for she has no brother to Tell her As Only a brother will of Lier faults and mistakes. It is Only the somewhat doubtful tact of a brother that announces a i walk up the Street with you in that frock a and the girl whose brother says this to her May be certain that lie is Only expressing the opinion of other girls Brothers. He May not do it in the most Sels of j gentle Way but lie does toll t he truth a of the a condition and value of assets and liabilities of the Kern Valley Bank of Bakersfield Kern county Cal. Jan. 1st, a i. 1892,said assets and liabilities i being situated in Kern county Cal. Miscellaneous. Mede Raur opera House Oitt Hiam , thursday evening january 21, 18d2. Joseph Stein aus manager. Jos. Sti Enaus company of comedians in 3corge s. Knights famous comedy Over the Garden Wall 20 people in the cast All the latest songs new Scenic effects the most novel original and attractive Street Parade. The band of nations. Opera burlesque specially and farce. Soc and $1. Reserved seats Oil Salt at j. Niederaur a furniture store. Price 5 cents. Miscellaneous Hie Best evidence of High Grade Merit is in continued and increased demand mastiff plug Cut has had a More rapid growth of sales than was Ever accorded a new Brand of smoking tobacco in a similar time. Grand Street Parade at 11 ii. In. On 11 end i s i tin Day of performance. By contracting agent. J. P. Pact tobacco co., Richmond a. Remo ill is. Hank in re misos i real estate Loans and discounts interest accrued furniture and fixtures due from Hanks Cash. Other assets i.,\ is. Capital Stock Reserve. Due depositors dividends unpaid undivided profits. Due Hanks and hankers other liabilities Ai too of 1s.4.v. It 309,16 75 13,05a so of 1,203 24 19,815 5t. 4,959 41 100.000 00 30.000 of 237,557 15 3.411 of 9,047 of 18,190 45 5,571 72 a in time of peace prepare for War which Means if it Means anything that i have to hand 89 stoves amp ranges which is More than i have room for. If 403,783 93 i 103,7.83 93 Solomon Jewett president and la a Blodget cashier of Kern Valley bunk of Bakersfield All Foruria. Do make oath and say that the foregoing statement is True to the Hest of their knowledge Aud belief. Solomon Jewett president la. A. Blodget. Cashier subscribed and sworn to before me tills i the Day of january., a. D. 192. Seal k Houghton Nolan Public. Statement of capital Stock a of a the Kern Valley Bank of a k i a is Field Al at the close of business december. Oil tile 1891 list Flay of and if you ask him Why paying a visit to another girl is More desirable than to one you know he will sit Down and look i at you and then he will say a Well you see it is just this Way. I from the time you get there she is a Nice girl who gives you a pleasant Welcome i and yet does no to gush Over you. She is entertaining and yet she has a fashion of putting Down Nasty gossip or silly talk among whoever is there. She is a restful sort of girl she is not always wanting to do something that tires you half to death and where the game in t Worth the Candle and when she says Goodby to you you feel certain that she is pretty glad you came and that she will be glad to see you another time but that she does no to look upon you As the one and Only Man in the that is the kind of a description that the brother less girl can t get. Then she does no to hear of men that a fellow would rather not have his sister go with. Probably the Wisest course fur her to pursue is for her to contractor and builder choose As her most intimate Friend a girl who has a Wise brother then she can reap the Benefit of his Ashmore in ladies Homo journal. The a pee Tilly do better my la Jai 2d of an Navy ilium t Fob the Itzo it 30 a Model Eureka a a ii Beautiful six for tilt til i to 111 in t nit in is guarantee work than ii by stove Iii the Market. A re Ware and tinware Stock is Complete its usual. B. A. Hayden Galtes Block. S. Hole Range made Eso Wear longer no Southern hotel Barber shop the finest Baths in town with rooms reserved for ladles. Ladies hair dressing a specially he def j. Goldstein. L.a1vd can be reclaimed Alkali neutralized by i of Tang land plaster Nevada Gypsum amp fertilizer co.,in phone j in i it t us Hull san Francisco oat i3m&w i amount of capital Stock actually United Staten Gold cola $ i 00,000 i Solomon Jewett president and ii. A i Blodget cashier of the Kern Valley Hank of Bakersfield California do make oath and say j that the foregoing statement is title to the Best of their knowledge and belief. Solomon Jewett. President. La. A. Blodget it Ashier. I subscribed Aud sworn to before me this 15th i Day of january a. D. 1892 Seal w e Houghton notary Public a. Ii. Thurlow estimates furnished on application Kern county improvement co., Hak fils i Eliken of not Cal. Offers for Sale improved lands Orchards Ani vineyards at Low prices and to easy terms. Strictly first class for Salk. Guaranteed title to name and fully warranted. Add Roth Kutner-gold8tkin co., Selma stating Quantity wanted. <l21tf jewelry a an epidemic of la Grippe. A i Ente Jan. 19�?it is Ivy Portt d j Tat the citizens of Kernville and it a Finity Are ii it a y a1 Dent a with la Grippe and some in a critical condition j there is no physician in that town i or. Davidson having recently removes i to Calico. A simple conundrum. The mathematical smart Alecks Are always proposing some new and puzzling question with which to confound those whose bum of calculation is not Well developed but the most exasperating Effort in this direction was sprung on a Small company Hie other evening when one of these human calculating machines inquired a if five cats catch live rats in five Days How Many cats will it take to catch too rats in pm Days a every answer was Given from too cats to pm too cats until it happened to occur to some one that if five cats caught a rat a Day there was nothing to prevent their continuing to do so till Tho end of time if their patience and the rats held out. But before this conclusion was reached Over ten dollars had changed hands in bets on the subject and three quarrels were started which have not yet been settled. Unfortunately however none of them involved the originator of the problem who escaped before matters had gone so in St. Louis Globe Democrat. In modern time the pigeons have been used for purposes of Commerce Aud speculation As Well As War. In 1770 a shrewd italian had the Wintling numbers in the lotteries thus sent to him and it is a Well known fact that the Loudon Branch of the great Rothschild banking House was Able by Means of Carrier pigeons to receive news of the Victory at Waterloo three Days in Advance of the government und to realize an enormous profit by buying up government Stock then very much depressed and Selling again when Hie Rise came. Denver Republican a Urchuk trim. There is said to be a musical Freak in Columbus iud., who plays Iii a Peculiar manner with his lungs any tune with a distinctness and clearness that brings out every note us fully As it can be brought out on any piano or other musical instrument by the most accomplished performer. A Phil Adel Phi a Ledger. All lob work will Lim it from j it attention. Shop Oil Alley in rear of la re in Valley blink. Bakersfield Cal. Gals uhf wanted the Kern county improvement company is the Only reliable company in Kern Ltd minty that makes a Busine of planting anti taking can of Orchards anti vineyards for non residents. C will cell Yon i Aud Plant it to lined mid Trees and bring it to full l la Tuit it Price list nil net Yon too per cent on the investment after 8 year. We bandh Only the heat Lund for fruit growing and non residents buy i my without Seel ii the lands f in ret assured of Beton treated fairly nod Choice lot in-1 to selected for them und Hie very Bent care und attention Given to them this Ompa by is under the direct management of the watches and clocks in be Cioth Stone silverware i Joys 1 a sold to m is Riberio i Iii .�?Tai.ihikniah, daily and we atoll. Apply it Olla office. K you Coni run my to rent. I iwo rooms kor rent. Suitable Fok housekeeping. Apply to miss Carter North St Corner of k urn i Wenty first streets gals of 11 St class of a k of i ask room on reasonable terms. Address i a it cd Thia office. Jul Sitf. Personal. Huitt bi30xe3cei5s, who Are Well known in the fruit Busine. They Are Al of proprietors of the Kern Valley Nursery situated on a i net i Irry full Stock of Lith Street Bakersfield t Allf Ruhi. Ami Trees and vines. Fruit Trees Shade Trees. Ornamental Trees roses Etc. I trite to name Aud fre kind of from you Don t advert Ali Fujiki a j attract their Trad i f i i a n i on a n it we ii i to reach the Public and in the daily lie Aud Laid of of every description at Hie lowest Market rate. Tree Kimmell lest for particular apply at the Nursery or add Road Kern county improvement co. Bakersfield Cal. Rim e Kai it the californian i for Lur Nim out first Las Job word Are by far he i St of and and the prices lower. For Sale. A. W i blk Ali Ito it to i. .1. M ack. It ii Iii. Kings Diamond lace pins studs. Emblems Eto. In i. He. At Vari Al v. outran Ltd a i. To a Nick of Blank Hooks amp stationery at Maude s jewelry store Jirik Hokk a hug a Mok a Hoo k x pit fun Luik. C. O. D. Cloth it s t o r k Helling a t a Haug Ain government Lai is must i Diazo p Kiu Quot i in by. A Kew ext a Fine d Mal is on hand. These re of kids week. Apply to x 41, Bakersfield Al. Ca Iti Al >2ao,Loo. Stonish 1ngly l Ca Hils. Juja k ers i i a California. To i. A. Eighteenth Haralson. Attorney at Law ext door West of Kern a Ley Bank , t a a Gen nil banking bujm4 Tomii not vol. Low t. A prices. Baker. Appl j. We Wiley attorney anti a runs tor Iii i Jiw j Iak eld c Al. Office Oue do sell Exchange on All the i i j Mace in the world. Dissolution notice. Principa into Klimt paid tis to by dlr a omit t Irto of Bauk of Blok Ltd a Kerf Field Mie Oba run Kush 11 heretofore sex isling Between la m. Mccord Ami myself i hereby declared dissolved i will not hold my self re i us ii a for any of til. Debts. J Trullinger veterinary burgeon. Dated Bakersfield dec. 23, 191 debt a i in
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