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Bakersfield Daily Californian Newspaper Archives Jan 12 1892, Page 1

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Bakersfield Daily Californian (Newspaper) - January 12, 1892, Bakersfield, California Vol. Iii. No. 9.Bakersfield, Kern county Cal. Tuesday january 12. 1892. Lira n a Hunter pedagogue. One Eye the other out scholars for game. The All the latest news As receded by Tete a a a a runway where wild Deer. Scampered near the school House and graph by the daily californian up to 4 clock today. The wires Are working poorly and consequently very few telegraphic dispatches have been received today. Lindsly Don t want office. Frankfort ky., Jan. 12.�?judge win. Lindsly so it is stated Here by friends who claim to know positively will not accept tile interstate commissioner ship tendered to him by the president. The judge was appointed for Hie unexpired term general Bragg going Down for three years with an almost certainty reappointment for seven years. The office was tendered him by tile president without solicitation a recommendation. In fact this is what Lias induced tile judge to d reline. World s fair commission. San Francisco Jan. 12.�?at a meeting the worlds fair commission held this afternoon the . Thompson Tulare was appointed superintend j always got a Deer if Dent californians exhibition at Chicago and John Craig this City Secretary. His last drama. San Francisco Jan. 12.�?george t. Knight actor has been seriously ill for some Days and it was reported last night that he was dying. Market report. Jan. 12.�?wheat easier. Chic ago May d2. New York Jan. 12.-jun., too feb., lo2j May 1033. Wheat easier. March 102 to a w Uund modern Iai Lieut Ion Ducute one Tho greatest disadvantages an exclusively College education is that it is Apt to Foster what Macaulay Calls a a chinese cast mind a that stupid contempt everything beyond the Wall the College Mau s celestial Empire. The defenders ii College education claim As their own every Man distinction who has attended College whereas these men became eminent authors lawyers statesmen Etc., in spite the fact that they Bjk it several the most valuable years their lives at College and were Only saved from the obscurity the majority College tired men by systematically neglecting the Dull routine prescribed studies and spending bedtime in desultory Reading. Bacon Dryden Sheridan Byron Scott Wellington Aud Many other illustrious men went to College but disdained to subject their intellects to the antiquated course studies prescribed. Who were the senior wranglers at College when the men just mentioned were cutting the classics and Reading history poetry and fiction the very names the successful scholars Are unknown but the a Idle Young men who refused to lie tied to the mental Corpse a dead literature made their names immortal a no name Magazine. Why some Cork Arn made by hand. The reason for making Champagne corks by hand is curious and interesting. The Cork machine is provided with circular knives razor like Edge. Now the crude Cork is so rough and hard that if it were applied to Cue these rapidly revolving knives the knife would at once be ruined. So crude Cork that is to be Cut by machinery must be softened in a steam vat. It comes out almost Pulpy and cuts like cheese. But the steam takes the a a life out tile Cork. Its elasticity is gone next to be recovered and when the machine Cut Cork is driven into a bottle the Cork tends to shrink Aud permit leakage. Furthermore the machine made Cork is mathematically round while the necks bottles Are More less irregular. As the machine made Cork has lost its elasticity its smooth round surface cannot swell out to fill any irregularity in the neck the bottle Aud Here in another source York Sun. Wanted Tho Telegraph it Luu fired. There is a Story going that a business manager recently proved himself strangely ignorant. He went to the managing editor and complained. A Are you aware sir a said he a that your Telegraph editor is grossly neglecting his duty and wasting our time a a Why no a was the reply a what is the matter a a Well for several successive mornings now i have been watching him and i notice that the first thing he does when he gets Down in the morning is to begin Reading the morning papers. I done to wish to be cautious but it appears to me he had better attend to his work first and then if he has time to read Tho Walters he can do a Telegraph editor s first duty is to read tile morning the teacher constantly watched both it and the mischievous youth. Nicholas Church one the oldest Hunters in the Pocono mountains said to the writer the other Day a sixty six years ago i went to school to Alexander Dunbar in a Little log school House Down in the Pocono Valley near where Tannersville now is. An Odd character Dunbar was. He stood Over six feet in his socks he was lean As a Crane and he could run like a Deer. He always kept a loaded Rifle standing by his chair in the school boils.,. A few Yards up the Road there was a runway where Deer crossed the Creek. During school hours Dunbar alow us seemed to have one Eye the runway. He was crazy for Hunting and whenever he saw a Deer dash across the Road heard a hound baying in the Woods he appeared to forget All about his school for the time being. Without saying a word to any tile scholars he would grab his Rifle Rush out the House bareheaded and away head go after the Deer like an Indian. Sometimes we would see him coming Back Iii less than an hour with a Buck a Doe Slung Over his shoulder and then again maybe we would t see anything him till the next morning. Dunbar he had to stay the Trail till dark. While he was off one his exciting Hunts the children generally staid in the Little House and i had a great play spell. When it was time to go Home if Dunbar did no to make his appearance we dismissed ourselves. After a while some the parents found out How Dunbar was neglecting his school and they hauled him Over the coals for it. Cut they break Dunbar in mania for chasing Deer. Nothing could and after that Dunbar told one the big boys to take charge tile school when lie dashed out with his gun a narrow escape. Quot one Day Dunbar had a terrible fight with a wounded Buck Pocono Creek. He came within an Ace losing his life but he was just As crazy to Chase Deer after that As in was before. I la show you what kept Dunbar from being killed a continued . Church and he brought out an old Bent and Rusty Rifle barrel that had once sent bullets flying after game from a Flintlock. A Dunbar s gun was out resumed the old Hunter a and i took this Rifle to the school House for him to use. It belonged to my father Aud Dunbar got a Chance to use it before night. That afternoon he saw a Buck Trot Down the runway and he seized the Rifle and gave Chase. The Buck was taking it easy and the Lou legged schoolmaster banged away at him near the Creek. The Buck plunged Forward and slowed in the Snow and Dunbar ran up to Cut his Throat. Just As Dunbar got to him the Buck roused up Aud pitched at him savagely. He had been shot through tile nose and he was As full fight As a wounded Panther. There was no charge in the Rifle and Dunbar dropped his knife and went to beating the angry Buck off with the gun. He soon broke Stock and then he fought the Buck with the barrel bending it in Tho fight As you see it now. Every time the Buck pitched at him Dunbar knocked a Spike from his Antlers and when it was All Over Dunbar had trimmed every Spike from his horns. A he finally stunned the Buck Long enough to Cut his Throat and when he lugged the Buck to the school House he was the ragged est schoolmaster i Ever saw for the game animal had torn his Homespun suit into strips with his Sharp hoofs. Dunbar declared that he enjoyed the fight Arni was ready for another the same sort. Scholars liked Dunbar. A every other saturday there was no school and Dunbar took Tho whole Day for Hunting. He got in the habit coaxing a tame Buck that belonged to my folks to follow him into the Woods when he went after Deer. I be Buck soon got so that he was tickled to go with the schoolmaster and before Long he formed the habit wandering away from Dunbar making friends with wild Deer and leading them around where Dunbar could get shots at them. Dunbar thought the trick was very cunning and so did we boys but my father did no to think so. When he found out what Dunbar was doing with the Buckho put a Stop to the fun by fastening the Buck in a pen whenever Dunbar had a Holiday. While i think about it ill Tell you what an ingenious Way Dunbar had to Stop whispering in tile school. He had a yarn Ball and every time he caught one us whispering he threw the Ball at the whisperer hitting him her. The scholar that was hit had to stand in the Middle the room with the Ball and throw it at the first one he caught whispering Aud so All Day. We liked the Way Dunbar tried to keep a still Cor. New York Tribune. Mrs. Oliver Grenville Corner Cheater Avenue and 27th Street has six rooms to let furnished unfurnished As desired. Jyl Lotf Board by the Day week at the Ingleside the place formerly occupied by the late a. O. Thorns. Or. And mis. R. Seymour. Plod new today. W. H. Walker leading merchant tailor miscellaneous. Advertisers Price 5 cents. Miscellaneous a the song that touched heart the in Kern Valley. Ust received a Complete line a Spring and summer suiting then place an advertisement in tile daily k weekly californian. The weekly has the largest circulation in tile county. The daily is the Only daily publication in the county. I Rita Ninor and re Iai Rinir a specially none in first class workmen employed it is ja2dtf Wall w. H. Walker. Greet near Chester Avenue. The pulse Trade. The rest adviser. The first in Enterprise. The Peoples paper. Taken advertising mat Nick Britz. Proprietor. Headquarters Lur iou and fresh lager commercial lunch served at All hours. Everything pleasant Aud agreeable. Niederaur Block. Cor 19th and l its. Jazz def contracts made and entire charge ter if desired tit regular rates. Apply for space and position tit the office the californian. J. M. Reuck. A in time peace prepare for War which Means if it Means anything Flint i have in hand 59 stoves amp ranges w ii id i is More than i have room for. A pure Sweet lasting smoke. A Universal favorite among pipe smokers because its absolute purity. Packed in Patent Canvas pouches. I j. I. Pave tobacco co., Richmond Virginia Southern hotel Barbershop the finest Baths Iii town with rooms reserved fur ladies. Ladies hair dressing a specially a mtg j. Goldstein. Laid can be assessment notice. Dio Bravo Vineyard Ani Raisin Compau. Location principal place Busi Ness ban Francisco California. Works Kern county California notice is hereby Given that at a meeting the directors Beld the Sib Day january 1892, an assessment five dollars per share was levied upon the capital Stock the corporation payable immediately to octave to. Do by the Secretary Saki corporation Al the office the Suid company room 82, no. >08 California Street san Francisco California. Any Stock upon which this assessment shall remain unpaid the Lith Day february 1892, will be delinquent and advertised for Sale at nubile auction and unless payment is made before will be bold the Lith Day March 1892, to pay the delinquent assessment together with costs advertising Aud expenses Sale. By order the Board directors. Octave ii Dury. Secretary. Office room 32, no. 608 California Street san Francisco California. Janell in id Union meat Market j. H. Patten. Can have them at your own Price Tho pedal by Foh the eth tit 30 a Model Eureka a a Beautiful six Hole Range made Enfin the California Trade is guaranteed to Wear longer Ami do better work than any stove in the Market. My hardware and tinware Stock is Complete As usual. A Lotf b. A. Hayden Galtes Block. Kern county improvement co. Bakersfield Kern co., Cal., de a it in Choice beef pork veal Mutton amp Salt meats All kinds. Families supplied at lowest prices orders delivered to All parts the City a a def free charge. Strictly first class for Salk. Guaranteed True to name Ami warranted. Address fully offers for Sale improve laude Orchards m vineyards at Low prices and easy terms. Tine Kern cot Sty Imit Kook mint company u the Only reliable company in Kern county that makes a business planting and taking care Orchards and vineyards for non to. We will sell you land Plant it to Vine Ami tree and bring it to full bearing at Price that will net you too a r cent the investment after 3 year. We handle Only the beat lands for fruit growing and non resident buying without a eng the lauds can rest assured being treated fairly Ami Cholee lots la Eling selected for them Ami the very last care Ami attention Given to them. This company i under the direct management the Hunt Brothers who Are Well known in the fruit business Tiev arc also proprietor the Kern. Trailer ttiaxser37-, situated nineteenth Street Bakersfield California and carry a full Stock All kind Trees and vines fruit Trees Shade Trees ornamental Trees roses Etc. Of every description at the lowest Market rate. Tree guaranteed True to name and free from pest. For particulars apply at the Nursery address Kern county improvement co., Bakersfield Cal. Alkali neutralized by using Lani plaster Nevada Gypsum amp fertilizer co., Telephone building sail Francisco Cal novl2d Imam j. S. Drury druggist Chester Avenue Corner eighteenth Street next door North former site. A wholesale Ako Kuta in dials in pure drug Patent Medicine chemical and toilet articles paint Oil varnishes brushes window Olath Etc., Etc. Kitner it o., Helma stating Quantity Winner. S. W. Wible president. 1. A. Mack cashier. Tile Tali if Bakersfield do Ltd for Sale. Si. pm Ca Itta i., �2 a it it too. A k Busfield Cali Fohn i a. M ust he old Korty head horse mar one and two year old Ami Colts at Narguiz. No offer refused. Apply to this thee. Jas def 4 i a bargain a ukr extra Kini government i my Clait Sou band i lose claims must a disposed this week apply to Philip Klas i. G Box 41, Bakersfield a Al a Genera sell Exchange a i it event i banking Busine transacted. That a by uni y for x by. Mine ton wheat and Barf v Hie at the lowest Market Price also ires. Apply to c. Yiuman Alcazar jaidt8 lost. Principal place Iii the w orld. Vin term last hotel for Sale. T tue native Ball a i circa Lur Ladik profession a l Ca rus. The l a enter a i. Hoim main Street opt my Ltd Tho lion Iii town. Hrs it cans a fit. Hotel Corner Linker and Southern Pue Fie depot. Dent Loco run by the door. It cover four lot Era building containing 2g room All Fiorni had la comparing the earlier description fruits with Modem account it is Well to remember that Hie High Standard by which fruits Are now judged Are recent establishment. Fruits which would once have been esteemed excellent would today be passed by As unworthy g. L. Goodale in popular science monthly. A. Haralson attorney door West at Law. Kern Val j. W. Wiley attorney and Counselor at Laker ii unit Ai Law St if a i Idof it Bakers town throughout. I Laving my Home in to to Rica South America i have concluded to Ali till Fine property before i return for the aum fib i. The pro Yerty will i for Gale until it Liri to mum. Ii. Vigne Sumner. For further particular regarding payment Etc., inquire a. C. Maude Bakersfield. Prescription acco Ratky Prip Abid. Do jewelry watches and clocks precious Stone silverware. Al nos Diamond lace pint stud Emblem Etc. In Dukat variety Favary thing Quarant it aug a Nick Unk Blank books amp stationery a at Maude 8 jewelry store if kit Eli Avn Pic Naab we Lek a Argo exc Khz office. C. O. D. Cd Stork. I Helling Ollie Lulli Iilma at astonishingly Low prices. T. A. Baker. A Dlf f dissolution notice. I Phi Copartnership heretofore sex i i lug Between i. Ii Mccord and my i hereby Naif r i hat declared do solved. I will not bold my-p., for aay by debt. J. Trullinger veterinary surgeon. I Bakersfield dec. 28,1891. De 2ml i Ai
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