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Bakersfield Daily Californian Newspaper Archives Jan 11 1892, Page 1

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Bakersfield Daily Californian (Newspaper) - January 11, 1892, Bakersfield, California Vol. Iii. , Kern county Cal. Monday january la 1892. Price 5 cents. Ii t vim Olio girl steals horses sets fire to nil flip amps. Aid la Grippe at Paris Mckinley sworn in yellow fever All the latest news As received by Tele graph by the daily californian up to 4 of clock today. Last rites to rear Admiral Rodgers. Washington Jan. La. A funeral services Over the remains of rear Admiral Rodgers were held this morning. A Large delegation of officers represented the Navy department. Episcopal services were read and at their conclusion a glowing tribute was paid deceased by Bishop Leonard. The body was then borne from the Church to a Hearse and taken to the Pennsylvania Railroad station and placed upon a special car for conveyance to an a Napolis. _ Market report. Chicago Jan. easier. May 921. New York Jan. easier. June., 101 a feb., 102 March 102$ May 103l san Francisco Jan. Llu wheat quiet. Buyer season 182g. Barley quiet. Buyer season 113j. Postponement for same a of Posen. San Francisco Jan. trial of j m. B. Curtis charged with the murder of Pollee officer Grant was postponed j this morning until next week monday. I governor Mckinley sworn in. Columbus Ohio Jan. Mckinley took the oath of office at 11 30 i this morning. I e. W. Baker the photographer Lias returned and will remain Here about two weeks longer. Those w Ishing pictures will do Well to Call at once. _ Deal def new today. Assessment notice. It to Bravo Vineyard and Raisin com a Pany. Location of principal place of by i Ness san Francisco California. Location of works Kern county California. Notice is hereby Given t Bat Ai a meeting of til directors held on the St ii Day of Jan uary 1892, an assessment of five Dollar per share was levied upon the capital Stock of the corporation payable immediately to Octav g. Do by. The Secretary of said corporation at the office of the said company room 32, no. California Street san Francisco California. Any Stock upon which this assessment shall remain unpaid on the Lith Day of february a Sta will be delinquent and advertised for a Sale at Public auction and unless payment is made before will be sold on the Lith Day of March 1892, to pay the delinquent assessment together with costs of advertising and expenses of Sale. By order of the Board of directors. Octave Ltd Dupy Secretary. Office room 32, no. 60s California Street san Francisco. California. Paull in to miscellaneous. Advertisers miscellaneous ? then place an Ai Gay Hertisen in the daily to weekly californian. The weekly ban the largest circulation in the county the daily is the Only daily publication in the county. The pulse of Trade the Best Advisee. The first in Enterprise. The Peoples paper. It is of course you have heard of mastiff plug Cut but have you tried it yourself it is making new friends every Day indeed it disappoints nobody. It is always even better than people expect. Bell Jacobson never ending. San Francisco Jan. Llu Emile Loupe of Gilroy Santa Clara county has made an affidavit which lends additional interest to the Jacobson Case. He says that he Mas personally acquainted prior to August 1st, 1890, with Perry Williams a Man of about 31 years of age whom he believed to 13 a Gambler. In october 1890, lie met Williams in a Barber shop at Seattle. The shooting of Jacobson was under discussion and Williams took part asserting that he knew More about the Case than anyone else. Among other tilings he said a i am solid with the Ami he kept at work. Or. Batty Tutere the eminent Edinburgh psychologist had a laughable experience the other Day. A scotch labourer was engaged in the grounds of the doctors Asylum near Edinburgh and had received injunctions to pay no attention whatever to the remarks of the patients who noticed him. Borne Little time after or. Tutere looking at the Progress of the work mildly suggested an alteration. The Workman dug stolidly on and never lifted his head. The doctor raised his voice tile Man dug energetically the doctor threatened stormed and finally thundered out a do you know who i Ain a the son of the soil straightened his Back looked at him for a minute and shaking his head sorrowfully exclaimed a a pair deleterious Crater in a sorry for Ching Wing restaurant i j St., Bakersfield. Best of meals. Experienced Cook. Open All night. Girl Harriet later Loupe yes a and went on calmly with his work met Williams at Tacoma where wh-1 a London tit bits. Hams told him that he was scared to electricity in artus making. Death being afraid that he would be arrested As a witness in the Jacobson the electric current has been utilized since 1889 at the Small arms factory at Case. Loupe is unaware of Illi Ains Etienne for annealing the steel wire resent whereabouts. Of which the Hammer Springs of the Rifle 1886 pattern Are made. These Springs yellow fever. New York Jan. steamship moorish Prince arrived in quarantine yesterday morning. The Captain reports that on november 26 chief officer Hughes and win. Fisher were taken Down with yellow7 fever while the ship was at Rio Janeiro and both died. The second Engineer James Carncross became ill on november 28 and died december 3. Root Richardson third Engineer was taken on december 2 and died a Day later. Since leaving Rio Janeiro there has been sickness but no deaths. The health officer will not allow7 her to come into the Bay until it is Are manufactured of steel wire 7 Millimetres thick Cut in lengths of 3.20 meters the w7ire is rolled spirally and a current of Twenty three amperes is passed through it. Heating is rapidly effected when it is judged sufficient the circuit is closed and the Hammer Spring is dropped into a water tank. One Man can anneal Twenty Springs in three minutes equivalent to about 2,400 per Day. Electric annealing being clean in operation and cheap will no doubt soon be applied in numerous cases analogous to the one transcript. Board 84.50 i it or week. Meals a la it arte. Ja9dtf Union meat Market j. H. Patten Lea leu in Choice beef pork veal Mutton amp Salt meats of nil kind. Contract made and entire charge taken of advertising matter if desired at regular rates. Apply for space and position at the office of the californian. J. M. Reuck. A. 11 a. I Kern county improvement co. Bakersfield Kern co., Cal., offers for Salt improved Leeds Orchards a fio Yards at Low prices and on easy terms. The i Kra Lunk ii nov improvement company ii the Only reliable company in Kern county a a a Busine of planting Ami taking care of Orch a Kus and Vin Eya ads for hint families supplied at lowest prices orders delivered to All parts of the City wafd of free of charge. Gun and Locksmith i have established a repair shop no on . I we will sell you land Plant it to vines Aud Trees and bring it to full bearing at prices that will net you too per cent on the investment after la it ears. We Bandle Only the Best lands for fruit growing and non residents buy lug without seeing the lands can rest assured of being to ated fairly Aud Cholee lots being selected for them and the very Best care and attention Given to them j tills company la under the direct management of the Hunt Brothers who Are Well known in the fruit business. Trey Are also proprietors of the t j. P. Pace tobacco co., Richmond a. Southern hotel Barbershop the finest Baths in town with rooms reserved for ladies. Ladies hair dressing a specially a we j. Goldstein t. A titty an be reclaimed Alkali neutralized by using land plaster Nevada Gypsum amp fertilizer ce., Telephone building san Frau Euco Ca a Obj mum a in gun connection with my hardware and business Ami having secured a i p St class a it in pm a Nam prepared to do All kinds of Gnu repairing key making Etc., in n manner. Sewing Mac Hines overhauled and repaired. All work is guaranteed. B. A. Hayden Galateo Block nineteenth Stree j. S. Drury druggist do Joti Zee Rex t7"a,ll<337 tu.xsex3r, i situated on nineteenth Street Bakersfield California and carry a full Stock of All kinds of Trees and vines fruit Trees Shade Trees ornamental tree roses Etc. Of every description at the lowest Market rates. Trees guaranteed True to name and free from pests. For particulars apply at the nut cry or address Kern county improvement en., Bakersfield Cai. J Chester Avenue Corner eighteenth Street next door North of former site. Kwh begin look rights i inve8t your 8 a Vinos in the citizens Mutual building and loan Assoc a authorized capital 81,000,000. Shares 8100 each. Strictly first class president Edward e. Elliott. Secretary a. L. Brown. Vice president John m. Keith. Treasurer John j. Mack. A wholesale and Kuta in a Salk in a i u re Druga Patent Medicine chemical Aud toilet articles i paints Oil varnishes brushes window Glass Etc., Etc. The doctor used a chisel. A Case like that in which the old Lin ascertained that there is no danger of directors a in. E. Elliott i David Hirshfeld k w. Ferguson j. J. Mack j. M. Keith j. W. Wiley atty. You an not afford i that had fallen Down Over a Many a head like a Hangman Cap and charged a fee of two dollars for it came up in Ells guaranteed Worth the other Day. A schoolgirls Finger became inextricably caught in a knot Hole and everybody was excited. Instead of sending for a Carpenter they got a physician who coolly performed a neat Job with a chisel and a bit without shedding a drop of blood while school a ams and pupils wondered at the resources of modern medical Lewiston journal. A fresh outbreak. A fiend. Charlestown w. V., Jan. the elopement of a married Man with a married woman of Calhoun county saturday almost ended in a murder. Abram Garretson tired his fathers House when the old gentleman was lying on his death bed and then abandoning his wife and children stole two of his fathers horses and eloped with a mrs. Marion Boyce who for her share in the transaction left two Young children to the care of her husband. Garretson senior was rescued from the burning building with difficulty and s but it takes a Clever person indeed to quell by expired. Make a proper use of the Money when it a is earned. Or. Johnson once said that Louii Ipoh a without Economy none can be Rich and insane or Devilish. Via it few fan ii Aud though Columbus Ohio Jan. La. Lydia his statement cannot be accepted As be Walker of Catamus 17 years old was Ling absolutely Correct there is still a caught setting fire to a barn yesterday Grain of truth in journal. For Sale. True to name and warranted. Fully address k tuner Goldsteyn co., Selma stating Quantity wanted. <l21tf a co operative savings institution. Our plan of operation matures Large profits and absolute Security to investors. To be without Stock in this company. It builds you a Home. It Marks you frugal and Thrifty. It will make you Money it a dam to your Independence. Stock can be subscribed for at the Bank of Bakersfield of e. E. Elliott or d. Hirshfeld. Send for a prospectus. A hint on Economy. The lesson which tax working people of our country need to learn is not so much How to get Money As How to save it or Spe fid it wisely. Most people can manage the first part of Home finance for Sale. S. W. While president j. J. Mack cashier. It week of m ust by sold forty la a def horses mares one and two year Olds Kiel olt. At to to Irgal no offer refused. Apply to tills office. Jas def hum Iii la capital $2f/ ,000. A f a bargain a pkg extra Fine a government land claim nod band. These claims must be disposed of tills week. Apply to Philip Klios p. O Box to Bakersfield it of. Bakersfield California. Ink say tons of whoa i and Barley the to apply t Hay fore ale at the lowest Market Price Al a Genera i banking she tried to run away and when he pursuers had nearly overtaken her Drew a Large knife and defied arrest. Two blows from a club were necessary to compel her to surrender. When put in jail she confessed to fifteen depredations within three months including mutilation of live Stock burning a school House and the destruction of other property. It is thought she is insane. That dreaded influenza. Paris Jan. Llu fight deaths from influenza occurred in this City yesterday. The announcement creates considerable uneasiness among foreign visitors to this capital. The brother did it. New York Jan. Llu mrs. Grace Field Lindley tile eldest daughter of gyrus w. Field died this morning. Xix Brood ii a tonner. Altzman Alex or ja4dt6 loll a filid. Papa Reading a a new kind of Cash Register has been invented which lops ill exc Fin ii ire tin All t id off tile fingers w7ith it. Small Sony what Mamma quietly for putting Iii in news. F those who meddle s a Cash Register its a contrivance a i jowls. A Good a lost. T the native son s bail a Ladik Iii i ii is transacts Rise pal i my com in the w on to interest fair on term by i wit fit id fray avy lit Der pie a a trip i circular with t and tied w Lea at at thu off cd wanted hotel for Sale. Pascai Roif accurately prepared Der jewelry watches and clocks precious Ston is silverware rings Diamond lace Pina studs Emblem Eto. In it he at Vahi Tkv. Vary thing our runt cd aug a Nick ump of Blank books amp stationery a at Maude s jewelry store Clolk Makr avenge Neak Koo i Pooh of a tax c. O. D. Or Otilea Cintra up f \ it xes x Viv jul a is sell no a Lethi if amp underwear cares of curb ii castings. They Art Trio arc carbons b porous. They Are Blo do not lose St the work from the than that it re now being used in made similar to elect Are softer and More to be very Durn ugh or shape and no finishes up better Kent mall v part profession a l caulks Fie Theja. In t Cam franc building i Kal my a Fine hotel Corner of Baker Southern Pacific depot Best Loca run by the door it a Over four containing Iii rooms All furnished my mob a. Haralson Orne i Law pm Val the government of Jan proportion of its Revenue Road and Telegraph owns and operates in gets a Large from the rail panics that it the question of Public taxation is always under serious consideration by tile statesmen Aud economists of Japan. J. W. Wiley attorney and Counselor Oak from eld Cai to c main strut lion in to town lots throughout. Having pm to i have Concio Hie sum if if Mas. For further particulars regarding payment Etc inquire of at a is Jungle Low prices. T. A. Baker. Ii a to bed my Home in a Outda Lii a South America Well thin Fine property before i return by the pro arty will be for Hale until Christ 11. Vigne Sumner splint dissolution notice. T Hearth Bank of a. C. Maude Bakersfield. Copa Btu eth flip heretofore Kex it Hig to twee a it. Ii. Record oat myself i y declared d lofted cad. I w ill not Boid Tuur if it a i my Lyle for any of Bio debt. J. Trullinger. Veterinary surgeon. Dated Bakersfield dec 28, ill deft dim
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